Yoseop Yang – Caffeine

  1. GLAMcomeshere

    They mentioned G-Dragon in the vidio!!! :DDDDDDDDDDD I love every vidio that mentions G-Dragon in a not-bad-way! :D

  2. GLAMcomeshere

    He is my favorite of BEAST (and the only one I know the name of) I love him, he is good looking! :3 The song is…okay :)

  3. Makabrohoho

    nevermind Yang Yoseob awesomeness…….but …THE BACKUP DANCERS .. ;A; I SO FRIGGINLLY FRIGGISH LOVE THEM

  4. seobie <3 caffeine <3 #TheFirstCollage DAEBAK ~ !!!

  5. mandyseobs

    Wait, how is this not first?

  6. lunibelle

    Hey there :) Congratulations! I wonder if there are some people here who’d help to vote for Secret now that Caffeine will be reviewed?? It would be awesome to have a non SM/YG girl group on KPMM once in a while. Thank you :)

  7. A new side of our cute member of batoost

  8. joker yeo

    really hope simon and martina can review this
    and i am not a hater
    i just want to be fair

  9. joker yeo

    EYK plisss be fair
    if already closed plis cant vote again
    why it can vote again ?
    pliss fair plis

  10. joker yeo

    really dont understand how EYK rank the music video

    the vote facbook twitter gmail mv all win against secret

    but suddnely drop to rank 2 ? ? ! !

  11. Martina “why does everyone vote for male groups?!”….Could it be that most of of your views are women/girls/ gayboys? All of which that are extremely into sexy k-pop idols. :D LOL I mean were “nastys” for a reason :)

  12. fatesjourney

    I want to see this reviewed because I must know why Yoseob can fly. Did he become a magical wizard because his girlfriend left him!? Maybe he just got into black magic and that’s what that flame ritual was about.

  13. I didn’t really like this song since it’s not the type of music I usually listen to, but I’m excited to see what Simon and Martina will say about it^^

  14. Audrey Chua

    Comeon (: One more hour left! :D :D we can’t lose now! (: Hwaiting B2UTYs! Let’s do our best for this last hour, okay :D GOGOGOGOGOGOGOGO!

  15. Kyaaaaan!~ Yoseob-oppa! My feels~~~ (❤∀❤ )

  16. I can’t wait to see this video being reviewed!! eeee XD

  17. Ok I’m going to say it beetlejuice beetlejuice beetlejuice. What the Micheal Keaton i didn’t want you to come out of the screen! hmmm maybe i should learn how to say it in Korean. btw he wants his suit back yoseop :D

  18. im so glad they chose caffeine as seobie’s title track vs look at me… smart move papa hong!!! im gonna bend over backwards in the hope that S&M will review this MV!!! please dont be bad to me so bad to me!!

  19. Audrey Tan

    This really has to get reviewed, because
    1) This is Yoseob’s first solo album and we should show him some support
    2) Yoseob did an extremely good job with this album – the dance, the vocals, the acting. This needs to be recognized
    3) It’s no secret that Yoseob worked his butt off just for this. You can tell, and I think his effort needs to be applauded
    4) Junhyung produced the entire album, and the whole song. I thought he did a fantastic job with it.
    5) Caffeine has been up for awhile already, being beaten by 60seconds and Humanoids, wheras Talk That has only been up this week. I feel that Talk That still has a very high chance of being reviewed for KMM, wheras this is the final week for Caffeine to get reviewed. If it doesn’t get in this week, it’ll never get reviewed again, wheras Secret still has a high chance (they’ve only been up for a week. Caffeine’s been up for 3 weeks.)
    So please vote! We have to get this through! :D thankyou for reading this and hwaiting B2UTIES!

  20. Yaiiii, almost there, 9h left!!!!

  21. the video is beautiful, the music is beautiful and the singling is lovely but to me it really sounds like they are playing the voice track over the wrong music, the two just dont mesh.

  22. Marissa Tan


  23. ktaeng

    Waiting for the voting to close is like slow torture. Secret, please wait one more week… Caffeine won’t last another week, I’m afraid…

  24. yoseob*yoseob*yoseob*yoseob*yoseob*yoseob*yoseob*yoseob*yoseob*yoseob




  25. Wait, is that Beetlejuice’s suit?

  26. shiningb2uty

    Dear Yang Yoseob,

    You are an incredible singer, and you have one of the most amazing voices in Korea.
    I just want to say thank you.

    Thank you for becoming a singer.

    -Your Beloved Fan

  27. Thank you B2utys…
    I actually really hated this song/video when it came out but I figured I’d watch it again since it was on the top of the charts this week.
    Turns out it is more tolerable with each listen, soon I might start really jamming to this…

  28. yoseop yoseop yoseop
    review review review it simon and martinaaaa

  29. I flipped tables when a wild junhyung appeared. In all honestly, those glasses with the earring were a bit unflattering

  30. Aish, Yoseob, all my b2uty feels exploded with the string dance.

  31. Back again to vote for Yoseob. I think it’s a great song and MV hope Simon and Martina have good things to say about it. I love it different from the other of this year and yes they use wire ,but it made the video better I think it’s fine cause it’s a music video. Oh and the sheep well he finish counting them and still can’t sleep like CAFFEINE. BASOOT So B2ST.

  32. I really don’t know why this video doesn’t have many comments! there are lots of good things to talk about! for example Yoseobie showing amazing moves, the nice plot, the wierd things like the floating chair, the sexy appereance of Junhyung, yoseobie’s big shoes…. etc….. :D

  33. <3 this mv, I want to drink coffee right now! Yoseob has a new image! He is not only cute, but also knows how to turn on his sexy window :D

  34. Yoseob is very smexy…
    Yoseob is hot…

  35. review it review it plissss

  36. Please do review caffeine and be nice!

  37. Yoseob’s performance of Caffeine on Inkigayo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Je56c5ojDK4
    I like how the choreography is simple yet memorable. Also, how about that flip at the end?

    • unicornsgalaxy

      I so want to shrink him down and make a PocketSeobie from him. Just keep him in my pocket and feed him bits of food… like those sugar gliders that Martina thinks of when she see the twins in Boyfriend.

      The outfit here kinda reminds me of like a dark vampire. Maybe Seobie was a vampire and that’s why the girl left him?

      • The royal purple and black suit totally makes me think of Count Dracula. I actually looked for one of those bat pins that you see in cartoons, keke. His backup dancers are his masked minions that arise with him when leaves his coffin. His ending pose with his hand over his face even looks like a vampire settling back down into his coffin, lol.

        OMG, and the reason he starts to smoke is because he couldn’t sleep all night because he was thinking about the girl, right, so he stayed up all night until the dawn broke, and now he’s smoking and starting to go up in flames because the sunlight is burning him!! Yoseob’s a vampire, haha! :D

  38. Studio_Starkid

    I’m honestly surprised with how few votes this song has. I feel like this video has so much to talk about! The crazy outfits, the…obscure plot line (seriously, did Junhyung steal his girl?) The lighting things in fire. The cool bendy dance moves, the jazzy guitar. I’ll admit, when I first heard this song, it was, eh, but it really, really grew on me, where are you B2UTIES?

    • Yes, I think Junhyung did steal his girl, lol. My take on it is that she left Yoseob for Junhyung. That’s why she packs her bags. Yoseob tries to stop her by holding onto her luggage, but she leaves anyway. The scene that shows her giving Yoseob a heart is the MV’s way of saying that she’s returning his heart/affections to him since she’s breaking up with him and going to another man. Although the song lyrics make it sound like he’s still not over her, I’m hoping that the scene where he places his heart back into his chest signifies that his heart is his own again and maybe he’s starting to move on. I think that’s also why he burns her luggage, to erase memories of her.

      I’m also really hoping Caffeine hangs on and gets a review because there are so many cool things in this video, not to mention that Simon can say Batoost as many times as he can fit it in. :P Are there any major releases in the next few days? I think this is Caffeine’s third week on the charts, so it’s only operating with 50% of its total points. Maybe people aren’t realizing that and think it already has KMM in the bag.

    • dianda prime

      My question too .__.

      Well, i enjoyed Humanoid’s review, but still, this video has much more to talk about. Everyday i’ve voted for this video (but can’t always comment) and surprised to see how low the comments number D;