Voting for Music Monday closes at 11:59pm Saturday (Korean time)

Yoseop Yang – Caffeine

  1. They mentioned G-Dragon in the vidio!!! :DDDDDDDDDDD I love every vidio that mentions G-Dragon in a not-bad-way! :D

  2. He is my favorite of BEAST (and the only one I know the name of) I love him, he is good looking! :3 The song is…okay :)

  3. nevermind Yang Yoseob awesomeness…….but …THE BACKUP DANCERS .. ;A; I SO FRIGGINLLY FRIGGISH LOVE THEM

  4. seobie <3 caffeine <3 #TheFirstCollage DAEBAK ~ !!!

  5. mandyseobs

    Wait, how is this not first?

  6. Hey there :) Congratulations! I wonder if there are some people here who’d help to vote for Secret now that Caffeine will be reviewed?? It would be awesome to have a non SM/YG girl group on KPMM once in a while. Thank you :)

  7. A new side of our cute member of batoost

  8. really hope simon and martina can review this
    and i am not a hater
    i just want to be fair

  9. EYK plisss be fair
    if already closed plis cant vote again
    why it can vote again ?
    pliss fair plis

  10. really dont understand how EYK rank the music video

    the vote facbook twitter gmail mv all win against secret

    but suddnely drop to rank 2 ? ? ! !

  11. Martina “why does everyone vote for male groups?!”….Could it be that most of of your views are women/girls/ gayboys? All of which that are extremely into sexy k-pop idols. :D LOL I mean were “nastys” for a reason :)

  12. I want to see this reviewed because I must know why Yoseob can fly. Did he become a magical wizard because his girlfriend left him!? Maybe he just got into black magic and that’s what that flame ritual was about.

  13. I didn’t really like this song since it’s not the type of music I usually listen to, but I’m excited to see what Simon and Martina will say about it^^

  14. Comeon (: One more hour left! :D :D we can’t lose now! (: Hwaiting B2UTYs! Let’s do our best for this last hour, okay :D GOGOGOGOGOGOGOGO!

  15. Kyaaaaan!~ Yoseob-oppa! My feels~~~ (❤∀❤ )

  16. I can’t wait to see this video being reviewed!! eeee XD

  17. Ok I’m going to say it beetlejuice beetlejuice beetlejuice. What the Micheal Keaton i didn’t want you to come out of the screen! hmmm maybe i should learn how to say it in Korean. btw he wants his suit back yoseop :D

  18. im so glad they chose caffeine as seobie’s title track vs look at me… smart move papa hong!!! im gonna bend over backwards in the hope that S&M will review this MV!!! please dont be bad to me so bad to me!!

  19. This really has to get reviewed, because
    1) This is Yoseob’s first solo album and we should show him some support
    2) Yoseob did an extremely good job with this album – the dance, the vocals, the acting. This needs to be recognized
    3) It’s no secret that Yoseob worked his butt off just for this. You can tell, and I think his effort needs to be applauded
    4) Junhyung produced the entire album, and the whole song. I thought he did a fantastic job with it.
    5) Caffeine has been up for awhile already, being beaten by 60seconds and Humanoids, wheras Talk That has only been up this week. I feel that Talk That still has a very high chance of being reviewed for KMM, wheras this is the final week for Caffeine to get reviewed. If it doesn’t get in this week, it’ll never get reviewed again, wheras Secret still has a high chance (they’ve only been up for a week. Caffeine’s been up for 3 weeks.)
    So please vote! We have to get this through! :D thankyou for reading this and hwaiting B2UTIES!

  20. Yaiiii, almost there, 9h left!!!!

  21. the video is beautiful, the music is beautiful and the singling is lovely but to me it really sounds like they are playing the voice track over the wrong music, the two just dont mesh.


  23. ktaeng

    Waiting for the voting to close is like slow torture. Secret, please wait one more week… Caffeine won’t last another week, I’m afraid…

  24. yoseob*yoseob*yoseob*yoseob*yoseob*yoseob*yoseob*yoseob*yoseob*yoseob




  25. Wait, is that Beetlejuice’s suit?

  26. Dear Yang Yoseob,

    You are an incredible singer, and you have one of the most amazing voices in Korea.
    I just want to say thank you.

    Thank you for becoming a singer.

    -Your Beloved Fan

  27. Thank you B2utys…
    I actually really hated this song/video when it came out but I figured I’d watch it again since it was on the top of the charts this week.
    Turns out it is more tolerable with each listen, soon I might start really jamming to this…

  28. yoseop yoseop yoseop
    review review review it simon and martinaaaa

  29. I flipped tables when a wild junhyung appeared. In all honestly, those glasses with the earring were a bit unflattering

  30. Aish, Yoseob, all my b2uty feels exploded with the string dance.

  31. Back again to vote for Yoseob. I think it’s a great song and MV hope Simon and Martina have good things to say about it. I love it different from the other of this year and yes they use wire ,but it made the video better I think it’s fine cause it’s a music video. Oh and the sheep well he finish counting them and still can’t sleep like CAFFEINE. BASOOT So B2ST.

  32. I really don’t know why this video doesn’t have many comments! there are lots of good things to talk about! for example Yoseobie showing amazing moves, the nice plot, the wierd things like the floating chair, the sexy appereance of Junhyung, yoseobie’s big shoes…. etc….. :D

  33. <3 this mv, I want to drink coffee right now! Yoseob has a new image! He is not only cute, but also knows how to turn on his sexy window :D

  34. Yoseob is very smexy…
    Yoseob is hot…

  35. review it review it plissss

  36. Please do review caffeine and be nice!

  37. Yoseob’s performance of Caffeine on Inkigayo:
    I like how the choreography is simple yet memorable. Also, how about that flip at the end?

    • unicornsgalaxy

      I so want to shrink him down and make a PocketSeobie from him. Just keep him in my pocket and feed him bits of food… like those sugar gliders that Martina thinks of when she see the twins in Boyfriend.

      The outfit here kinda reminds me of like a dark vampire. Maybe Seobie was a vampire and that’s why the girl left him?

      • The royal purple and black suit totally makes me think of Count Dracula. I actually looked for one of those bat pins that you see in cartoons, keke. His backup dancers are his masked minions that arise with him when leaves his coffin. His ending pose with his hand over his face even looks like a vampire settling back down into his coffin, lol.

        OMG, and the reason he starts to smoke is because he couldn’t sleep all night because he was thinking about the girl, right, so he stayed up all night until the dawn broke, and now he’s smoking and starting to go up in flames because the sunlight is burning him!! Yoseob’s a vampire, haha! :D

  38. I’m honestly surprised with how few votes this song has. I feel like this video has so much to talk about! The crazy outfits, the…obscure plot line (seriously, did Junhyung steal his girl?) The lighting things in fire. The cool bendy dance moves, the jazzy guitar. I’ll admit, when I first heard this song, it was, eh, but it really, really grew on me, where are you B2UTIES?

    • My question too .__.

      Well, i enjoyed Humanoid’s review, but still, this video has much more to talk about. Everyday i’ve voted for this video (but can’t always comment) and surprised to see how low the comments number D;

    • Yes, I think Junhyung did steal his girl, lol. My take on it is that she left Yoseob for Junhyung. That’s why she packs her bags. Yoseob tries to stop her by holding onto her luggage, but she leaves anyway. The scene that shows her giving Yoseob a heart is the MV’s way of saying that she’s returning his heart/affections to him since she’s breaking up with him and going to another man. Although the song lyrics make it sound like he’s still not over her, I’m hoping that the scene where he places his heart back into his chest signifies that his heart is his own again and maybe he’s starting to move on. I think that’s also why he burns her luggage, to erase memories of her.

      I’m also really hoping Caffeine hangs on and gets a review because there are so many cool things in this video, not to mention that Simon can say Batoost as many times as he can fit it in. :P Are there any major releases in the next few days? I think this is Caffeine’s third week on the charts, so it’s only operating with 50% of its total points. Maybe people aren’t realizing that and think it already has KMM in the bag.

  39. I really hope this gets reviewed! I love the song and MV so much. ^.^

  40. love lots yang yo seobie..

  41. Come on B2UTIES! Keep the votes coming :D we have to vote this to kpop music monday next week! Hwaiting! Can’t wait to hear simon and martina review it kekeke (: yayyy for yoseob being simon’s favourite in b2st :D

  42. If this song wins the KMM, I hope they give the CD away. That way I can comment “I already have the CD!” :D I can’t wait for it to finally get here from :) Until then, I will fangirl over the video, and hope that one day CUBE will have Dongwoon release a solo. :)

  43. love the song and the MV is also great .

  44. Did he just light his girlfriend on fire? And then light himself on fire? YOSEOB IS A HARDCORE PYRO
    Ya gotta admit, without the symbolism it really does look like they went a little fire happy

  45. plisss review it next week

  46. addicted to this song …

  47. I find the MV very well done and the song quite catchy…but I really hate…HATE..that pearly knitted suit. Still voting for it cuz I want to see Simon fanboy over Yoseob and the affluence of Engrish xD

    • unicornsgalaxy

      I wanna fly to Korea and light that thing on FIRE!!!!!!!

      • Do pearls have some traditional meaning that I’m unaware of, anything to help explain why in the world someone made such a horrendous suit in the first place?

        • unicornsgalaxy

          actually when this first came out, I had a conversation with dotdot about what the meaning could be.

          After a quick (and half-hearted) google search I found that pearls symbolize purity, honesty, wisdom, innocence and integrity,
          etc. So I thought Maybe the suit symbolizes that he was honest and pure in his
          intentions and acted with integrity towards his girlfriend and she stole
          his innocence by leaving him all sad and broken like that. Which was a ton of BS

          dotdot found found: “Pearls for Tears: Pearls are considered unfortunate for those in
          love and if worn by the married signify “torrents of tears”. For this
          reason pearls are seldom used in engagement rings, even at the present

          So then I theorized that Yoseob wearing that god awful pearl suit symbolizes his unfortunate love where the little hussy girlfriend ran off with his friend the jerk.

          So If we go with the “Pearls for Tears” theory, we can say that the horrendous suit symbolizes how hurt and upset he is over his GF running off with his friend.

          …or we can just go with that he seriously pissed of his cordi-noona and the suit was her revenge.

        • Normally I would go with the non-BS theory that he pissed off his cordi-noona, but it might actually be harder for me to imagine cute little Yoseob pissing off his coordi than for me to believe in the deeper meaning of the pearl suit. XD I think I’ve heard around the threads that Cube artists usually get really weird outfits, so maybe Cube just has a stable full of crazy designers?

        • unicornsgalaxy

          yeah I can’t see cordi-noona being mad at him…I mean who can get mad at that cute wittle face?

          I can go with the stable full of crazy designers.

    • That god-awful pearl suit looks even worse on stage. It makes Yoseob look even shorter than he already is and bulks him up, too. Who the heck came up with that outfit???

  48. I genuinely like this song, but the poor pronunciation of “caffeine” and also the “girl you’re like a” that precedes it kind of hurt my soul. It makes me think, “Girl, you’re like one caffeine. Not several. Just one.”

  49. Go Yoseob! Beautiful mv :-) I’m s&m want to do coffee prince pt 3

  50. Ahh Please keep voting! Song, dance MV is awesome!!!!

  51. ktaeng

    Are people still voting for TVXQ or was Caffeine just that far behind. o.O

    • unicornsgalaxy

      newly reviewed videos always stay in first place for a few days. Then they will drop down to around 5th place and hang out there for a bit. It’s a way to make the KMM reviews easily accessible to people.

      Yoseob is currently first and I’m hoping he stays that way (this video really interesting). Only a percentage of its total points are being counted because of the age factor though.

      • ktaeng

        Thanks for explaining. ^^ I’m still not used to this system even though I’ve been using it for a long time. XD
        Hopefully Caffeine can hold off Talk That for a few more days… >.< I think there's much more interesting stuff going on in Yoseob's MV than Secret's. I liked Secret's song and the video was pretty, but it was also kind of boring… Not much to talk about that I could see. :/

  52. Since TVXQ is getting reviewed for this week, we should keep voting for Caffeine so that it could win next week’s. Hopefully a popular group won’t release their video next week


  54. This song seriously needs to be reviewed. Pleassseeeeeee, next week ok?

  55. Let caffeine be reviewed!!!!!

  56. Caffeine is so addicted!! so are Yang Yoseop and the Mv!!! it is awe to the some!!!!!^^

  57. His live version of this is freakin’ amazing. Yoseob! Way to go!!!

  58. I really like a lot of things in this video. But I guess my fave would have to be him calmly sitting down while his body starts smoking.

  59. Anyone else just /loving/ seobie’s new hair cut for this mv?♥♥

  60. yoseob jjang!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. I love the MV version, but Yoseob really nails it in the live versions as well. I wish the wire-assisted dance parts were possible in real life too, but alas. xD

  62. Next week will be ours, Yangyo!

  63. oppa fghting!!! hhh i just love using the word oppa x))

  64. Did Yoseob just spontaneously combust?

  65. YOSEOB has such a soothing voice!!!! Ahhh please please review this video:)

  66. Oppa! You better win!!! :)

  67. B2ST always winds my vote. Especially if it’s Yoseop.

  68. Even though he is only Yang Yoseob, but he is able to came out with amazing song! Soft yet strong vocal ability.


  69. FIGHTING OPPA! B2uty always support you :) This is a great song and we will try our best to made it win!!!

  70. When Yoseob first debuted, I always wanted a solo song from this wonderful singer and voice. And when his solo OST “Happy Birthday” came out i was so elated!! though it wasn’t a genre that i liked, i still supported it all i could cause it was the first ever yoseob solo! sure he sounded absolutely wonderful in beast(batoost i mean haha!!), but hearing him alone in a solo track was pure heaven for me. and when his ost track for Poseidon “I can’t” came out, I was beyond elated. Just no words could describe how awesome i felt and how much feels i got from such a ballad <3

    I always knew Cube had something bigger installed for him. His voice was something not to be buried :) and so when knews of a possible solo project had me jump around in joy <333 and at last, the release of Caffeine and The First Collage had me once again at a state of joy. :) and how more glad can i get knowing that junhyung was behind seob, working together for this project? ;DDD Junseob ftw!!!!! ^^ Supporting Beast and Yoseob since 16 Oct 2009! ;)

  71. I’ve always been a fan of Beast since they debuted and my bias have since been and will always be Yoseob!! Really love his voice so so much <3

  72. I would love to hear S&M’s take on this MV, there are a lot of interesting things to talk about!

  73. Yang yoseop , his voice is beautiful


  75. please review this!!! this is the first time yoseob hyung had a solo mini-album!! PLEASE??? i beg of you. :(

  76. This is such a fantastic, artsy fartsy video that is PERFECT for KMM.
    So proud of Yoseob >_<

  77. i love the song and the MV and i want SIMON and MARTINA to make it even better

  78. i wanna know what simon and martina thinks of the special effects of the mv…

  79. So amazing we can see a cube boy get to debut as a solo. I thought only Hyuna get to be solo. So glad to see Yoseob here! His vocal is so amazing!

  80. Yoseob <3 love the M/V!!!!!!!

  81. Hope this video gets reviewed!~
    Yoseob’s solo album really deserves more attention!
    the mv was really cool! even though the kiss scene was soo unneccessary! ><

  82. Hey Yoeboes! :) Do you know how many votes you need to gather to beat TVXQ this week? :) I’m voting for both Yoseob and Secret and I’m pretty sure that he will win next week, if we can’t beat TVXQ. But I don’t have much hope left for Secret getting reviewed if TVXQ wins the upcomping KPMM and Yoseob the next. If you’re really close in votes to TVXQ I’d ask the people in Secrets comment section to help Yoseob win this time, so Secret fans might have a chance for the next. TVXQs video might be too old by then and the votes might decrease enough for us to win. If Yoseob has no chance winning this week, I understand, if you don’t wan’t to. :) I just had the idea that we might be able to help each other out.

  83. ktaeng

    Ugh why does he have to be up against such tough competition?

  84. plissss review this simon and martinaa
    this is a great song and nice videoo

  85. me encanta yoseob es tan dulce y lindo. temí que una imagen mas madura no le quedara bien. pero mi miedo fue infundado ^_^ en este video de puede ver a yoseob como a un hombre y es una imagen que le queda muy bien ^_^

    I love yoseob is so sweet and cute. I feared that a more mature image does not look good. but my fear was unfounded ^ _ ^ in this video you can see yoseob as a man and is an image that fits very well ^ _ ^

  86. I hope he gets to be reviewed!


  88. hay q votar !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  89. come ooooonnnn ppl, yangyo needs to be reviewed!

  90. I really love the MV!! so beautiful, so painful, so fitting with the song.. and the song itself is so amazing!! Junseob collab!!
    n I can’t stop myself to make a mv review n interpretation: enjoy :)

  91. I just cant explain what I feel with this. ALL OF THIS. MY FEELS OMG I CANT. YOSEOB IS FRIGGIN SMEXY AND ALL BENDY AND I should really stahp now. Okays, the only thing I dont like is the girl and the touch-touchy. All in all this vid is AWESOME 8D

  92. I want Simon to dance on the countertop too hehe. But seriously Yoseop Yang’s dance is smoooth. Really like it :D Go Batoooooost! –gonna start following them from now on. All because of this beautiful song.

  93. Please review this video!!! I want to see Simon try Yoseob’s gliding on the kitchen top. I wonder what will be going up in flames…ehehe Yoseob is soooo kool!

  94. I don’t know why, but i really like the cup/ice clinking sound in the beginning of the song. lol

  95. please review Yoseob’s solo debut songggg <3 c'mon you know you love batoost :P

  96. yummy guy singing about a yummy drink~ what’s there not to love??
    great mv and awesome song~

  97. its a great song
    yoseop Fighting !!

  98. this MV is amazing but it is sad that not many people know about it, i hope more BEAUTY will know about this song and come to vote for Yoseob , this is his first solo from the group , he is really worry and he work hard for it , hope this will get reviewed, BEAUTY please keep voting for Yoseob so this MV can get reviewed <3

  99. TBPH, I much prefer this song and its accompanying MV to “Humanoids”. I love TVXQ to bits but this is by far more interesting, not gonna lie.

  100. yooooooooooseob, you must get reviewed!

  101. I really want S & M to review this! <33

  102. this song is ripe for KMM plus simon can say BATOOST for the whole time

    PS how many times can you say BATOOST in a minute? (and BILASA)

  103. Can’t wait ’til this is on iTunes! <3

  104. What the… I’m voting for this because it has some really bizarre parts to it. Simon and Martina, why is he smoking?

  105. You know what? Honestly, I don’t even like B2St that much. Or Yoseob. At all. Sure, he’s cute sometimes, but he’s not my style.
    I wasn’t a fan, so I avoided watching his solo debut MV.

    Until now.
    WHY HAVEN’T I SEEN THIS BEFORE. This is an AMAZING video and song. Oh my God, the DANCING. The special effects! The legit displays of affection!

    I take everything bad I ever thought about Yoseob back. My respect level has risen up so many notches that it’s not even funny. Yoseob, I hope this wins. You and whoever directed the MV deserve it.


  107. I love this song and MV SOOOO BADLY! Yoseob have grown up ;__;

    Damn that he have come awesome dancer!
    I really wish to hear what Simon and Martina think about this ^^

  108. Almost there!!!!!! We just need to beat DBSK!!!!!!! As mush as I love them but you know what, I think this song is better.

  109. Come on B2uties!! Lets show Yoseob some support! We can do this! Fighting!


  111. I am sooo curious with your review about this MV. I know some parts are just indescribable; but, still, I love this MV, despite the fact Yoseob is not the best in acting. But, then again, he is my top bias anyway. XD

    Vote for Yoseob and Caffeine! Let’s be addicted to Caffeine! XDDD

  112. I really don’t understand why some people say that Yoseop can’t dance!!!!!! >:( I hope this song will open their eyes!!! Yes, he is the main vocal but that doesn’t mean that he can’t dance! HE IS A GREAT DANCER! b2uties let’s support our Oppa! :)

  113. The Best of Yang Yoseob….

  114. I wanna know how Simon and Martina will interpret this :D

  115. love the effects in this video, can’t say the same for the engrish. i find myself humming this song a lot these days, though i’m trying so hard to overcome my cringing over the engrish in this. WHY, BUT I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, BATOOST, WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO MEEE?!

  116. I rather vote his up because I want to understand the music video better than TVXQ humanoids which only contains TVXQ dancing at sets…

  117. I hope the song wins. :) I’m very hopeful that we’ll get this to the top of the charts!

    The song is really relaxing to me. It’s a chill-song :D I like it, I can listen to it and just wrap myself in a blanket with a cup of hot chocolate and think about nothing at all. ^^ It’s very easy to get away from all the stress like this.

    The only thing that “bothers” (not really that much, but if I had to find something I don’t like about the song) it’s the “like a caffeine” line. But Yoseob and Junhyung kinda pronounce it like “Caffey” :D which sounds similar to the word we use for coffee in my country (Kaffee).

  118. This needs to win. It took me a few watches to get the deeper ties this mv has with the song. SO GOOD. Also, Simon’s gonna have so much fun with the English.

  119. I bet the review for this video will be hilarious!!!! cant wait for it!!!!

  120. Anyone else thought of Mary Poppins at the scene where he was floating in air in the chair? Cause I did. LOL.

  121. I also checked his dance practice video and his comeback performance. HIS DANCE REALLY GREAT *O* CUBE AND PREPIX ARE REALLY AWESOME

  122. Here’s an excellent reason to vote for “Caffeine” instead of “Humanoids”
    Do we really need another video describing SM’s box sets and annoying ads and awesome dances and catchy meaningless songs and have yet mentioned those box sets that I will go and DESTROY???? I’m beginning to wonder if it’s just one giant green screen. That would be so much cheaper. BOX SETS MUST BE DESTROYED. At this point, I don’t even bother to watch the music videos anymore. There’s nothing to make them interesting. So, fangirls and fanboys, put aside your voluntary blindness and vote for a song that will give us an interesting Music Monday. Or rather, vote for a song with a music video that is more interesting than ‘dance.’


  124. this mv are full of hidden message that aren’t so hidden..i bet martina n simon can make lots of thing with this mv, especially the smoking yoseob part.. :)
    really hope that this mv gonna be review for next kpop music monday…

  125. i think this is one of the best MV this year.. ^_^

  126. Please, keep voting for Yoseobie!!! *u* ❤

  127. I’ve never been a Yoseob fan, but this song is really good!

  128. B2UTIES !! Please vote our Yang Yoseobieeee <3

  129. Not the biggest fan of Batoost, but honestly, HONESTLY, this is AHMAZING. I love this. I’m totally SM biased, but something that SM definitely lacks is great mvs. This one was…WOW. I didn’t expect too much other than your average kpop video/song, and I was totally proven wrong. I’m very glad to have been proven wrong. Hope he gets reviewed and wins lots of awards for this.
    The choreography blew me away. I expected meh choreo since Yoseob is a WOW singer. But man. That choreo. BEAUTIFUL. WONDERFUL. WOW. I WANT TO LEARN IT SO BADLY.
    Anyways. This is really good stuff. Including his engrish where it sounds like he’s saying “like a coffee” kekeke

    Yang Yoseob FIGHTING!! Totally supporting B2st and all the B2uties!

  130. I hope this will make it for Music Monday! Yoseob has such a beautiful voice. :3

  131. Yoseob is good looking. I like this, and producer Junhyung his good guy …

  132. ktaeng

    I don’t know if this’ll be reviewed considering what it’s up against, but I’d love to see it happen… There’s definitely enough going on in the MV for Simon and Martina to talk about. ^^

  133. why hasn’t it won music mondays yet ppl, vote!

  134. I love your voice. I love your smile………Pls be my BF!!!! XD

  135. Okay not a huge B2UTY but love love love Yoseob, ever since he featured on I Remember with Bang Yongguk (like, my favourite song EVER) <3. And this MV is just amazing <3 he just looks so suave in his suit!!!! Gahhh…and I love how it actually has a plot. I like MVs with plots. And I love his incredibly amazing bend thing. And just the dance in general. And I can see myself singing this chorus for a while. So…yeah :) I hope this gets reviewed! *votes*

  136. This is such a great song – really like the rhythmic groove/awesome video.
    This is certainly deserving of more votes…

    PS//Check this out!

  137. This song needs more votes :( Yoseob FIGHTING!!!

  138. the ‘returning-ur-heart’ scene was ouh soo cheesy but i’l let it go since it’s yoseob..hehe

  139. So I feel bad that I haven’t had time to watch many of the live performances of Caffeine, but today they released the dance practice for it –
    I have to say they have some pretty awesome moves, but I wonder if those hats would get annoying. The bit at 3:50 reminds me of the scorpion dance by Infinite and the dance break at the end is really cool.

  140. The dance is PERFECT!!…. even the 2 different dance-breaks during live performances..ouhhh so smexy!!

  141. Those epic dance moves. Whattif they weren’t all string?

  142. plaaaase!!!!!!!1 YOSEOB HAVE TO WIN HE IS SO HOT !!!1 LIKE CAFFEINE

  143. I really really loved it!!! this song it’s been playing in my head since it was released!!! come on b2uties let’s support Yoseob Oppa!

  144. I can hardly handle the epic artsy-fartsy-ness of this video. <3

  145. All of my feels for the dance omfg |D

  146. I was so happy when this video was released! I love the song but I love the video even more! Is that even possible? The video was just so refreshing LIKE A CAFFEINE! Lol. Anyways, the video was very unique and creative. The effects were just amazing and Yoseob is just too cute! I wastched it in HD and I spazzed out! What am I going to do when the album comes out?! I just bought Sunggyu’s new album 3days ago and another two albums before that. Then I went and bought 12 posters fo $20. Being a K-Pop fan is making me go broke… The worst part is that I don’t regret spending my money on it. Therefore, I never learn my lesson.

  147. song interpretation through seobie’s wardrobe :)…

    in the beginning of the song where it shows flashbacks of their relationship when it was at its peak… shows seobie wearing soft textured clothing (sweater) and ‘some’ color ~ red pants >.<!! and grey sweater.

    as their relationship begins to take its turn (shown by the machete of a knife cutting through layers of pomegranate <- rep of female/love… shattered picture frames ~ reflected in the bg shadow…and just like caffeine~ well in this scenario~expresso permeating throughout the entire cup), you see the black coloring slowly takes over his wardrobe… as well as the mv .

    towards the end of the video as their relationship ends, you see seobie wearing now a full bl suit (w/ now hints of white coloring (girl) ~ remnants of their lost relationship)… and finally as the mv ends, you see his harsh clothing reflective of his stoic expression of their lost love….

  148. song interpretation through seobie’s wardrobe :)…

    in the beginning of the song where it shows flashbacks of their relationship when it was at its peak… shows seobie wearing soft textured clothing (sweater) and ‘some’ color ~ red pants >.<!! and grey sweater.

    as their relationship begins to take its turn (shown by the machete of a knife cutting through layers of pomegranate <- rep of female/love… shattered picture frames ~ reflected in the bg shadow…and just like caffeine~ well in this scenario~expresso permeating throughout the entire cup), you see the black coloring slowly takes over his wardrobe… as well as the mv .

    towards the end of the video as their relationship ends, you see seobie wearing now a full bl suit (w/ now hints of white coloring (girl) ~ remnants of their lost relationship)… and finally as the mv ends, you see his harsh clothing reflective of his stoic expression of their lost love…

  149. Why aren’t b2uties voting alot? Are they jealous he kissed the girl? ^^

  150. The song: Wonderfully composed and produced. I especially loved how it starts off slow and mysterious, then it builds up to the more upbeat chorus. And Junhyung’s rap just added on to the song’s awesomeness. Amazing…
    The dance: Really unique. I’ve never seen anything like it. And it really seems to match the message and lyrics of the video. E.g come back to me – Yoseob slaps his hand onto his chest, signifying ‘me’
    The look: HOT, SMEXY, PERFECT <3
    I am officially hooked onto this song like caffeine

  151. unicornsgalaxy

    Did you guise see his music core performance? I want to fly to Korea and BURN that GOD AWFUL pearl suit! Who’s with me?!?

    • I tought the pearls weren’t that big because the video never shows a close up of the suit. Gosh, I was so wrong. I’ll go get a flamethrower!!


  153. This DEFINITELY needs to be reviewed. I’d love to hear S&M’s take on this video.
    I, for one, loved it. The dancing was mindblowing, the song awesome, and Yoseob adorable. Even when he’s a little creepy. So we need to vote as much as possible! >_<

  154. I was looking forward to this video… After I watched it I was like D@mn he’s sexy! I love all the oarts of the video exept the parts where he was with her. haha! I hope this gets more votes!

  155. I love the dance with wires and the part where he puts the heart in himself and the part where he start to burn at the same time the luggage went up in flames . So much symbolism.

  156. Omonaaa Yoseob oppa you’re such amazing boy that i have known. seriously, you’re cool, handsome, cute, perfect as usual. i love u so much much much opaa. you are great singer even without background music. u can sing very very well. in caffeine mv you are so hooooootttttt!!! totally man and beautiful!!!!! i’m proud to be b2uty oppa. you make everything perfect. no one rejected!! can you believe that you are amazing?? you are beautiful?? you are really really make my world complete. you are the perfect combination. and I LOVE that!!! hug and kisses just for Yoseob oppa and B2ST always and forever…..

  157. Yang Yoseob hwaiting!!!

  158. yoseop ‘voice real daeeeeeebak !!!
    ys absolutely goooooooood in singing!!
    you’re bad to me, so bad to me, oh girl u like caffeine :))
    yoseob arr…u really caffeine 4 me><

  159. why didn’t simon and martina do music mondays last monday?

  160. Plenty of things to review in this video Simon and Martina. 1) Song- A pretty catchy, groovable song; easy to sing with 2) Dance- ‘Epic’ wire work; simple, yet classy moves 3) Clothes- Only in Kpop will you see a man wearing a suit with lace overlay, but he pulls it off. 4) Acting- Great opportunity for a skit there. 5) Engrish- Get ‘em Simon 6) Nastiness- Did anyone else catch the sexy leg wrap around on the counter? “Oooooh, Yoseop Yang, you so nasty!”
    There you go guise. I just wrote the whole Music Monday review for you. I know you guise are pretty tried from all the traveling. Maybe this will take some of the load off. You’re welcome :-)

  161. He looks so good in suit!

  162. Please review this music video :D The music video is very interesting, especially when Yoseop starts doing his awesome dance moves, the box which contains his ‘heart’ and the sudden appearance of Junhyung :D

  163. Very catchy song! Great work, Yo Seob!

  164. vote for yoseop ><


    we support and love u

  165. Vote people vote!! We miust get this MV to numer 1, three more to go, fightiiiing!!!!

  166. Choose this!! It’s amazing!

  167. love you Junseop <3 Caffeine

  168. “Caffeine” is really like caffeine !!! Yoseob’s voice is so perfect. He has the angel voice, can sing the perfect high note !!! Junhyung is the best rapper in my opinion . This is the best song and I hope you vote for him more and more xD

  169. Wow, Yoseob. His voice can do wonders. The way he sings it gives a very emotional feeling.
    But the clothes. I’ll say it for the 11th time: CUBE, why you have to make your artist wear such “unconventional” outfits?
    You bed to me, so bed to me oh gurl you’re like a caffeine~

    Bringing my (very long) share of analysis of the video:
    We see at the beginning a depressed Yoseob because of the breakup, and using coffee as a way to fight the effects of being sad.
    Then he starts remembering how the story with this girl developed. Though it looks as a happy scene, the illumination seems very… eerie? dark? (Which I see as some sort of foretelling us what will come next)

    Then we see them having conflict because Yoseob probably found out that she was cheating on him (Hence Junhyung appears)
    What I understand from the “returning the heart” part is that maybe she wanted to leave because he didn’t seem interested anymore? Like emotionless or bored? (since people that are cold are often told that they don’t have a heart). Then you could have an explanation of why she cheated, she looked what Yoseob stopped giving her in someone else (Now the illumination comes into play again, the room where Junhyung is seems more illuminated than Yoseob’s). So she broke up with him. (meaning she would return to him the love(his heart) she was given). When they’re on Junhyung’s room, I think she could be saying “I’m happier with him now/I moved on, you should do the same” And the fact that she’s vanishing into the smoke is like telling him “understand this is over, I return to you what you gave me”

    Then, when he stops her because she needs her to feel alive (the song makes an analogy to caffeine addiction, comparing it to the feelings a relationship can create, it hurts but it makes you feel “good” in some way), but then, at the end she lets her go because of the feelings of hatred he developed upon discovering the truth.
    Then all the rage afterwards, while burning her stuff, could be like the withdrawal symptoms from giving up an addiction? (continuing the caffeine-love analogy). And as he places his heart back into himself, he starts to feel progresively better without her.

  170. YEAHHHHHHHHH MY BIAS IS OUT WITH IS SOLO ALBUM WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! :))))))))))))))))

    the video’s pretty good and Yoseob is just tooooo perfect <3

    though there wasn't any flying and jumping on tables on his debut stage but it was AMAZING~
    the choreography suits Yoseob a lot~
    -totally not threatening people-

  172. It’s just soooo darn good. I was totally expecting a cute, upbeat video and song, so this totally blew my mind. Just that alone would have made the video and song great for me, but it’s so fabulous that I love it for the songs itself, not over the fact that it beat my expectations. :)

  173. few more hours left, i really wanted this to get reviewed, but if it isn’t this week i hope it can get reviewed next week because this is Yoseob’s first solo and the dance is so awesome so i really wish his video can get reviewed <3 Yoseob and Junhyung Fighting <3

  174. yang yoseop~~Caffeine Daebak!! yo!!

  175. yang yoseob daebak <3 this is perfect! simon and martina would have so much fun doing this mv haha. i was shocked by the mv myself XD wouldn't expect something like this from seobbie <3 i thought he would've gone with 'look at me now' cuz it matches so well with him :3 but 'caffeine' is not bad. not bad at all. SEOBBIE HWAITINGG!

  176. oh come on b2uty vote for yoseob please make it no.1

  177. wow yoseob’s MV Cafine is daebak!!yoseob is so cool and good actor,really like this mv and songs in the album ‘The First Collage’.Yoseob’s voice is really nice and he is also a good dancer.Genius yoseob!!!Fighting yoseob and beast!!!

  178. i really love this song
    yoseop fighting

  179. I saw people talking (actually they were fighting) about some similarities between Caffeine video and GD – That XX . Whatever. I’m a VIP. Yes there are similarities like they use a room *WOAH*.

    Some people don’t know how to enjoy a freaking good song. This song is amazing the more you listen the more you want to hear. It’s addictive! I love how Yoseob sing like talking at the beginning. The music is make you move but still calm. The lyrics simply tells us pain of love! Joker did well ^^

  180. KATHyphenTUN

    My little Yoseop sparrow has grown up and left the nest *Sniff* so proud! ^.^

  181. I was so freaking stoked when the album came out but even more excited and happy when the mv came out!!! WHoo!…BEAST IS BEST!!!

  182. finally the mv of caffeine by yoseob is released….i wait every single days!!! just now i’m so busy with MNET ASIAN MUSIC AWARDS… even beast did’nt get any awards.. but still enough for me when one of beast’s member (hyunseung ) get one award…congratulation to hyunseung..and also to beast… and for those beast member who came to support my dear yoseob at music bank just now..a lot of thank you to all of you and also your parents that give their support too ..kamsahamnida!!! BEAST…….FIGHTING!!!!!

  183. yoseopppppppp


  185. I extremely excited when YoSeob’s MV,Caffeine was released!!I heard it from my friend that the MV will release on Monday,26 Nov..
    So,I am waiting..but it didn’t have!!Then,i was told that it will only release on Wednesday,28 Nov..So,i have to wait again…
    Finally, it was really released!!When i found the MV that day,i was very happy until jumping!!My parents told me that i was just like a ”crazy monkey”… =.=|||…but i don’t care~~~ =)
    Oppa YoSeob,you had done a good job because the MV,Caffeine, is very amazing,awesome,nice and other…. =))
    YoSeob DAEBAK…!!Hwaiting…!!!!!!
    I will always support you FOREVER!!! ~~FOR SURE~~ =D =D =D
    <3 <3 <3

  186. I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH. WE REALLYREALLY HAVE TO VOTE FOR IT B2UTIES! PROMOTEPROMOTEPROMOTE! (: I’m sure it’ll be worth it once simonandmartina review this awesome song :D hwaiting B2UTIES!

  187. i wonder how will he do this awesome dance in live performances *A* looks amazing, but need to use wires, so cant wait too see him live :D
    song and vid are so pretty >w<

  188. Such a cool mv… it kinda reminds me of GD’s That XX. Both smexy and amazing

  189. actually I HATE the kiss scene, but I DO LOVE Yoseob’s perfect voice <3 This song sounds so awesome and sweet. I cant count how many times I've replayed it. Just fall in love with it and listen again and again without tiredness. Perfect voice of Yoseob + talent production of JunHyung = perfect album. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. How can I express my giant love for this song??????? love love love

  190. Hullo again from Texas. I’m afraid this little Owl is still quite busy with her studies, so there’s not much time for a proper review, but those darned Koreans keep coming out with music and videos that I just can’t refuse a quick comment! Curse them and their quality works! *shakes fist in their general direction*

    Whereas I can’t say this song is one of my favorites, it is still quite good and enjoyable, only overshadowed by Kim Sunggyu’s ’40일’ when it comes to my writing music as of late. (They both have such spectacular, albeit different, emotional tones.) Yoseob has never been one of my vocal preferences, but I can certainly appreciate him for the talent he so clearly has. From what little I gleaned from the lyrics I’m dying to pick the rest apart. No real reason why, I just like what I can understand of the song’s theme. As a side note, they also had what was, in my opinion, very good pronunciation of the word ‘caffeine’.
    The video, on the other hand, is positively breathtaking. There were so many things that caught my eye; I could watch it over and over and always find some new facet to it, I’m sure. I can’t get over how amazingly intricate the main room of the set is. Symbolism oozes from every last surface (I was particularly drawn to the knife through the pomegranates. What a beautiful detail.). Given half the chance, I would gladly spend a week in that room, just to dig through everything and see what other thoughts and trinkets they had hidden in there.
    And the ending? Those gorgeous smoke effects? My toes curled. (Please don’t take that strangely. : I know what you’re thinking. Sicko.) They hit my soft spot, what can I say? To me, there is almost nothing as organic and artistic as smoke.

    Aannnd now I think I’ll get back to studying, before I get completely off track and give into the temptation to pick this video apart piece by piece.
    In short, the song was good, the video was beyond beautiful, and I’m a horrible, horrible procrastinator.

    Until next time!

  191. I absolutely love this song! it is so addictive. the photography of the MV is beautiful and the dance is quite refreshing for kpop videos! thumbs up for Yoseop!!

  192. This MV is only on here for like more than 2 days and it is already on 4 th place :) so proud of BEAUTY <3 Hope this MV will get reviewed because Simon can have a chance to fanboy about Yoseob the whole time and i would really love to see his reaction because he didn't have the chance to do that last time on " I Remember" .

    P.S i hope Simon and Martina can talk about Junhyung and the girl as well, i wonder have Simon and Martina noticed that Cube's MV after FICTION start to let people disappear or reappear using smoke a lot

    Ex: Fiction, Volume Up, WOW, Caffeine

    maybe all CUBE's members are Vampires or Witches (just kidding) <3

  193. a, yo ơi yo à, yo cute quá đi yo ơi,cố lên nha yo

  194. this is AMAZING… Yo Seob is adorable

  195. really good song :) on repeat!

  196. I can’t tell, is she like a coffee, or like a caffeine. It sounds like coffee, but the title is caffeine.

    Ha! I think this is the first time I’ve heard love compared to coffee. Bad for you, but oh so addicting once you start consuming it. :P

  197. YOSEOB FIGHTING B2UTY COME ON VOTE yoseobie oppa had been working hard with junhyung and it his first time to act on video so he deserve it cuz his first kiss is taken on this MV so it sopcial to us and even junhyung it his first responspel on his first album making <3 yoseob had turn from cutie pie to cute hot sexy dangerous <3 and don't care what other say it not their site it open comment to say what you want <3 b2uty fighting yoseob fighting caffiene fighting ' The First Collage ' fighting junhyung fighting lastly B2ST FIGHTING <3

  198. Hi Yoseoppers….Yoshippers? Yappers? (sorry do you have a fandom name? xD)

    Just reminding you of the commenting guidelines here at EYK:
    Be Respectful
    Don’t Spam
    Stay on Topic
    Mods are Watching ;p

    So try to refrain from posting multiple ‘yoseop fighting’!! ‘go cube’!! ‘vote vote vote’ and similar short, spammy posts ^^;

    Instead, discuss the song, video, or artist! What did you think of the pearl suit, or the black and white striped suit – how would you feel if you or your friend had to wear it? :p

  199. I readlly like the song , but watching this MV I like it a lot more. Congrats to JH and YS great job love the whole album love Look At Me Now.

  200. me encantó ^_^ yoseob se ve tan maduro, lo adoro.

    ^ _ ^ I loved! yoseob looks so mature, I love it!

  201. please please !! review Yoseob’s MV!! <3



    ————- <3 <3 B2UTY!! <3 <3 ————



    ————- <3 <3 B2UTY!! <3 <3 ————

  204. This video has to be reviewed! It is so artistic *-* the concept, the dance, the song and the MV everything was just perfect! :D
    C’mon b2uties! let’s vote for our Yoseobie! fighting! <3 :D

  205. ;3; My seobie. Where are all the b2uties? /sobs

  206. Kami Sawekchim Morgan

    Us b2uty’s need to support yoseob. Thank you everyone for voting but please come back everyday to vote at least once. Its not just about the total votes and shares and comments that get the video to the top. It’s also about how constant people are voting. If everybody comes back at least once a day for yoseob. I’m sure he’ll be at the top.

    • unicornsgalaxy

      Well you can only vote once per day per ip address. But you can comment as much as you like but the comments must be related to the video or artist. It’s best if you can start a discussion with some people like some of the ones below. That helps to not only increase points through comments but can keep the comment section fun and interesting to see everyone’s points of view about the video.

      For instance, what is your favorite thing about the video? It’s hard to choose mine (other than the obvious of Yoseob), I really like how this video was shot. It kind of reminds me a bit of Soom. The way that its more darker.

  207. llove it :D as i expected its an awesome song, but the mv *A* omggg so pretty

  208. B2ST ><

    i really love this song

    it so cool


  209. love you forever and ever and ever

  210. We’re getting closer!!!! Keep going B2UTIES♥♥♥ Get Yoseopie to #1~!

  211. Despite the lack of an elaborate plot, this MV was quite absorbing and surprisingly pleasant to look at. The sets are absolutely beautiful and mime-like backup dancers fit nicely to the overall eerie feel, along with the levitating chair, the whole hanging-in-the-air deal and giving-back-your-heart sequence (great, now I have Last Christmas stuck in my head).
    For once, instead of walking away from the explosion (which, really, is just a form of running away), the protagonist actually FACES it, sitting unflinchingly in his chair, even when he starts to emit smoke himself. Like a badass.
    It wasn’t very smart of the girl to just leave her suitcase like that.
    That being said, an awesome video alone is not enough to make me want to rewatch it. While it’s not often that a slow song appeals to me, this one does it all the way. I enjoy listening to his voice very much.
    Also: COFFEE 4LYFE.

    • LOL I didn’t even think about the Give back your heart – Last Christmas connection. Now I have it stuck in my head too *le sigh* Whose version do you have stuck in your head? Cascada for me >_<

      And I have never thought about walking away from an explosion as a form of running away, but I do see what you mean there. (Of course as a semi-pyro, I'm usually just distracted by all the flames anyway…) Yeah, basically I agree with all point made here.
      Though, I was thinking that with all the imagery… I don't know how to describe it as anything else other than simile in moving pictures (you know how similes in poetry are something representing something else… all metaphorical and not literal) Anyway, the burning of the suitcase and the red scarf could just be him burning the memory, like he's not just trying to block it out (running away), but accepting that it happened, but destroys the memory so it doesn't affect him or something like that.

      For example, with the red scarf, it's something that he relates to her, so normally he'd probably think of her every time he sees someone with a red scarf, but he's 'burning the memory' of it, so it doesn't affect him if he sees a random girl with a red scarf…
      *done ranting* ^_^""

      • Every version of Last Christmas makes me equally irritated an/or nauseous. The worst part is, the Christmas season thankfully hasn’t yet come to radio stations and I hoped I’ll be spared the horror of the classic Christmas songs set for a little bit longer.
        As for the explosion, it works only by way of comparison. In the end, what is more impressive: leaving the blazing hell behind you, one could say: AFRAID of even looking back at it, or sitting comfortbaly in the immediate vicinity of explosion and not even flinching?

        • That’s a way to see it. Though, I don’t think I would say “sitting comfortably,” calm maybe, but not relaxed or comfortable.

          (And I’m not so lucky on Christmas music. I work as a cashier and I’ve already been listening to it for a couple weeks.)

        • (You have my deepest sympathy)
          Well, he has his legs crossed and during the explosion he’s resting his head on his hand. That’s pretty relaxed in my books ;P.

        • Meh. Good points. Probably just me and my eyes then.
          I don’t know I just felt like he had a sort of tension about him at that part. Sure, he’s trying to play it off acting cool and everything but he just doesn’t seem relaxed to me.

    • unicornsgalaxy

      Since we are all getting analytical… The scene where he is wearing the god awful pearl suit… It’s all cavernous and empty. That could signify that he feels empty without her and it’s like there is a great big gaping hole inside him.

      • Most probably. Doesn’t that structure look a bit like a cathedral or some kind of church? Might signify his soul, as you said, now hollow and without hope.

        Hey, aren’t pearls somehow associated with tears? If so, the god awful suit would serve a certain purpose there ;P. Or does that only work with picking gifts for women?

        • unicornsgalaxy

          yeah it did remind me of a cathedral.

          I don’t know if pearls are associated with tears. I haven’t heard that before. I did a quick google search and some of the sites I found say that pearls symbolize purity, honesty, wisdom, innocence and integrity, etc. Maybe the suit symbolizes that he was honest and pure in his intentions and acted with integrity towards his girlfriend and she stole his innocence by leaving him all sad and broken like that.

          …Ok even I think I over-BSed on that one! ;D

        • Naaaah, come on, there’s no such thing as over-BSing. And we’re doing so well!
          Check out what I found: “Pearls for Tears: Pearls are considered unfortunate for those in love and if worn by the married signify “torrents of tears”. For this reason pearls are seldom used in engagement rings, even at the present day.”

        • unicornsgalaxy

          Oh then that makes sense with the story line. So Yoseob wearing that god awful pearl suit symbolizes his unfortunate love where the little hussy girlfriend ran off with his friend the jerk.

        • I seriously doubt that was the motive for choosing thatgod awful pearl suit, though.
          (It’s like its official name now :D)

        • unicornsgalaxy

          I earlier dubbed Yoseob as Sir Bendy of Bendsalot because of his dance. Now he can be Sir Bendy of the god awful pearl suit clan in the kingdom of Bendsalot! :D That’s a really long nickname!

        • It’s beautiful. Is it possible to also incorporate his pyromaniacal inclinations?
          Oh wow, I just thought about Firebenders. You know. Firebendy.
          Or Sir Bendy the Ablaze.

        • unicornsgalaxy

          Sir Bendy “The Pyromaniac” of the god awful pearl suit clan in the kingdom of BendsALot? Wow that is a mouthful!

    • “For once, instead of walking away from the explosion (which, really, is just a form of running away), the protagonist actually FACES it, sitting unflinchingly in his chair, even when he starts to emit smoke himself. Like a badass.”

      It’s like he’s saying, “I’ll go down in flames, too. Just like our relationship.” Badass. I guess you could say he got burned by their relationship, haha :P

      *groans* I hadn’t made the Last Christmas connection until you mentioned it. Now I have Wham’s cover playing in my head. >.<

  212. KATHyphenTUN

    OMG! soooo goood!! I really hope we can get it in!! I wanna here what they will say!! :D:D

  213. Yang Yoseob, my man, you are just perfect.

  214. love uuu opaa

  215. I think yo seop has only cute!

    but the caffein is so sad and powerful

    yoseop~ I love you

    Thanks for give me some happy and love

    Thank you..

    Fight ting~~~so~beast!!

  216. DAAMMMNN!!! This song… is like… amazing.


  217. I love this MV so much. Yoseob so beautiful!!

    Let’s go voting for our cute boy! <3
    He is number 1!!!!! Fighting-fighting!!!

  218. can’t take breath when watch the music video >…,< addicted with this song (and the music video, if there is no that girl who always touch Yoseob, arrrgggghhhh!)

  219. B2UTIES, let’s support yang yo seobie. :) hwaiting!

  220. b2uty finghting.caffeine yoseob no.1!!!!!!!!

  221. his voice damn nice!!! awesome!!!!!
    yang yo seop always get my ♥!!!
    its finally released!!!!!!!!!! CUBE ald make us wait soooo damn long T T finally!!! SOLO singer-yoseop!!!!
    NEVER LET US DISAPPOINTED !!!! lets support our bias!!!!!!!!!

  222. Haven’t found an upload I can actually watch, but I listened to the song. :) And it’s different from what I expected, but I think it’s cool. It fits him well and I actually like that it’s not the typical ballad that main vocals would sing when they go solo.

    Does he sing “like a caffeine” or “like a coffee”? :D

    • I hear “like a caffeine” but I haven’t seen any SUBs for it yet.
      And the title is “Caffeine” so… I’m just assuming it’d be caffeine rather than coffee.

    • All the lyrics sites say “like caffeine”, but there’s definitely an “a” in there. I was really hoping it was “like a coffee” too, because at least that makes grammatical sense…

  223. Everybody pls vote for yoseob , finally this song is released, i felt like waiting for years~~~
    But this song is superduper nice, yoseob is soooooooo~~~ handsome
    Everyone pls help to vote for him ~~~~
    For all yoseob lover and B2UTY~~~~
    Love you yoseob~~~

    FIGHTING!!!!! x 1000000000000000000000000000000

  224. This song is amazing. Yoseob is menly (:
    I jealous with that girl (:

  225. Awesome song with awesome dance <3 The whole album is totally worth waiting.

    Caffeine is so addicting that I couldn't stop listening to it. ^^

    And the dance, make me fangirling all the way! <

    Good job and well done to Yoseob and also Junhyung, you guys are truly amazing! <3 =D

    Can't wait for the dance version! =P

  226. <3 Caffeine this song is sooo great!!
    Yoseob, fighting!! ^^
    B2ST is the BEST!!!

  227. So much love for this video and song and…ARGH!

    My favorite part has to be how they teased Junhyung. You only hear his voice at first, but then you start seeing snippets of his face and body, and then all of him!!

  228. This MV is really worth a KMM coz there’s just SO MANY THINGS to talk about!! therefore, B2UTIES GO VOTE!!! ;DDD

  229. WAHHHHHH!!!! Yesterday is and will always be one of the greatest and happiest moments in my life as a YEOBO!! The replay button was like destroyed by me while endlessly listening and watching the CAFFEINE!! Yoseob oppa and Junhyung oppa are really really daebak.. I LOVE YOSEOB alot!


  231. honestly i was a bit worried when seobie went solo…. didn’t know what to expect… was it going to be all ballads? and what would the mv be like? but once i saw the teaser and heard the album… my heart was quickly rest assured… and bricked myself for ever doubting our seobie!!! think this mv proves that he can be more than B2ST’s “main vocal”… but can safely stand on his own two footings as just “Yang Yoseob”…our 가수왕!! 홨팅!!

  232. YOSEOB! :) I’m so proud of you. This B2UTY here is supporting you 100%
    Because you’re like a caffeine~

  233. don’t you think yoseob is flawless?

  234. I don’t really know who this is but this MV is really nice. Love the benchtop dancing/gliding. And his suits are so coool, specially the pearl (?) embellished one.

  235. c: please let it win

  236. [email protected]

    I love Yoseob!! He looks so flexable and daebaek!!!!!! I admit I’m jealous but still love him!!! He looks mature more and more!!


  238. Yoseob is killing the charts, EYK will not be the exception ;)


  240. I am so so so so proud of baby seobie

  241. Done voting for the day, I’m gonna share the link to the other b2uties! fighting Yoseob oppa.,Caffeine Rocks.~~

  242. I’ve been waiting for thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssss~
    He’s so adorable! I love the song <3

  243. My thoughts whilst watching this video, in order
    1) Yoseob is smexy
    2) Yoseob drinks his coffee black, like man.
    3) there is a girl in this video, I’m not okay with that.
    5) I wonder if its actually possible to bend like that, or did they have to use effects
    6) did Junhyung just usteal Yoseob’s girl? He features on the album then steals his girl?! Jerk
    7) okay, this video is awesome,
    8) what is with that suit?? Is that…crochet?
    9) okay, this video is badass
    10) hot dang, stuffs on fire.
    11) Okay, this video is weird.
    Video ends
    12) okay, that video was awesome. And Yoseob is smexy.

  244. This is a really well done song by yoseob!!!
    good job Yoseob amazing!!!
    It was really well written great job junhyung!!!!!
    Awesome vocals
    B2UTYS continue to VOTE!!!!!

  245. the dance was awesome … this has to be reviewed !

  246. I think that this was a fairly awesome video. I’ve yet to see the ENG SUBS, so I can’t say anything there, but I can say that all the effects (like the snow and the smoke and the fire) and the back-up dancers made it look really cool.

    Also, fangirling!!! He looks so much more mature, but I can’t help but see him as anything other than cute. His face is still adorable and there is no way he can run away from it. (It’s like with Taemin. They’re both so freaking cute that I can’t take their ‘manlier’ or ‘more mature’ images all that seriously…)

    And is he singing “Like a caffeine”? Anyone else having OMS flashbacks? When Yoseob and Onew had the little ‘singing in English’ sing-off? Obviously Onew won, because he sang English and not Engrish, but if they were going for aegyo, Yoseob won by a long shot. XD

  247. With the bad grammar and the song being a ballad, do you guys really want to listen to Martina and Simon rip the song apart? I rather watch another song being ridiculed than this one, especially since Yoseob oppa is solo in this one.

    • i know that there is engrish in there, but it is just how they sing because the lyric actually have right grammar, anyway i think it is fun to hear they talk about the engrish part and i really want to see Simon fanboy over Yoseob, it’s also Yoseob debut so it would be great if he can get reviewed :) just my opinion because except the engrish part, i love everything about this song and this Beautiful MV <3

  248. I love the set, the dance, the story line and the song so much <3 The dance is so awesome and unexpected , i didn't expect the dance to be so special when i hear about it, but it turns out to be way more than how i expect, Junhyung appears in the MV also surprised me, he looks so cool in there, his rap and Yoseob's voice melted my heart <3

  249. love the song…. n his album is on repeat on my playlist….

  250. This song is just so different then what CUBE usually does, and the fact that Yoseob was the one to do it is really cool! I hope this wins, because I really want to see Simon fanboy over this video.

  251. ^^ Very rarely do i actually come here and vote but Yoseob is worth it!

  252. i dont understand why we vote here b/c their review almost ridicule ??? i still remember review for Beautiful Night and regret to voted >.<

  253. Just checked Melon and Yoseob is the top solo from an idol group. Hooray!!

  254. Come on guys, we should strive to get this reviewed now. Who knows what will happen next week.

  255. amazing!! ♥ i hope to see Caffeine reviewed =D

  256. Junseob Daebak! ♥ Seobbie had turned into a man , The Real Man ♥ & Junhyungg Ahhh ! The Lips x__X HAHAHA, So Handsome Inside The MV ♥-♥ i dunno what happen tonight xDD LIKE A CAFFEINE ! ♥♥ B2UTYS Support Seobbie Forever ! YANG YO SEOB , You Are Not Alone ! B2UTYs Will Always Be By Your Side ♥ ILY ♥

    • What? NOOOOO!!!!!! I don’t want him to be a “REAL MAN.” I want to keep him cute and adorable forever.
      I don’t know. I just can’t help but see him as one of the cutest anything in existence……
      *Cue OMS flashbacks*

      Though, I will say yes, he does look a lot more mature here than I have every seen him. But look at that cute face!!!
      *more OMS flashbacks*

  257. Making of Caffeine/BTS –

    I laughed at Yoseob behind Junhyun when he’s talking!

  258. omg i kept looking for this mv, i try to upload it myself, but it said it was alrdy up!!!
    whatever, doesn’t matter! i want to know simon and martina’s opinion!
    batoost for life!!

  259. B2UTYS please VOTE!!! ^^

  260. omggg finally ♥ my bby ! B2UTIES LETS DO THISSS

  261. yeah
    yang yoseop
    i really hope simon and martina will review this song
    Yoseob FIGHTING !!
    SImon and Martina FIGHTING !!

  262. excited to see the perf. :> Yoseob is just so awesome. :”>

  263. wow in last night 270 today1249.. B2UTY & Yeobos POWER

  264. YAY!!! YANG YOSEOB!!! XD
    this song is so cool!!! even one of the guys in my class loves it!!! even my friend!!! XD
    i was just squealing while watching the dance lol XD
    mostly when junhyung appeared in the mv XD

  265. COME ON GUYS!!! hwaiting!! :D

  266. <3 Love B2ST!! All the members are so talented and amazing!! ^_^

  267. Yaaaaay~~~ Love this song ~ ohhhh~ i was waiting for it to come out and i almost fainted when it did ^-^ lol Im a b2uty and forever will be ~ i also love all his other song. What suprised me was the flying, and stuuff…the kiss scene TT^TT but psssh.. im not jealous..LOL This song is amazing

  268. I CAN’T BELIEVE IT. . FINALLY. . CAFFENINE IS ON for voting on ^w^ AHHH B2UTIES ESPECIALLY YOBEOS! LET’S HELP YOSEOB OPPA WIN OKAY? Ahh ever since “Caffeine” came out. . I would listen to it all the time and I would rewatch the MV again and again ^w^ OH MY GOSH, YOSEOB’S VOICE IS B2UTYFUL ;) like usual and FINALLY HE ACTS IN A MV. . I’M SO PROUD. . SO LET’S VOTE VOTE VOTE B2UTIES FOR YOSEOBIE!! <3 ^w^

  269. Now we all know why Infinite had that box in “The Chaser”! They had to deliver Yoseob his heart!

  270. Beautiful song. Beautiful MV. Every time I watch it, I notice something new! I’m not a fan of the choices in suits, but Yoseob makes them look good anyway, so can’t complain :P
    Woke up this morning with this song stuck in my head and I’ve been singing it all day!
    Is it just me of does anyone else hear “like a caffeine”?

    • I do! But I also hear “like a coffee” (which would make sense with the ‘a’) instead of “caffeine.” It’s got to be caffeine, though, since that is the title of the song and so far all the online lyric sources say it’s caffeine.

      Lol, you think he makes even the pearl suit look good? I like Yoseob too, but that suit would be awful even without the pearls – ugh, that black and white striped monstrosity of a pattern XD

      • unicornsgalaxy

        The pearl suit has kinda grown on me. I don’t know if I should be scared or not. I think it’s kinda like how I’ll let GD get away with wearing really weird things. I’m starting to do the same with Yoseob.

        The black and white striped “monstrosity” suit reminds me of those striped clothes inmates used to have to wear in Jail. :D

        • That suit reminded me of beetle juice….no no no, Yoseob is too beautiful for that.
          I didn’t think of a Jail! Is it also because he’s imprisoned by being in love with her! :P

        • A prisoner of love? I like that interpretation :) Besides a prison inmate, it also makes me think of a suit that maybe the Riddler or the Joker wore in an older Batman movie. I think it was dark green and lime green striped.

        • unicornsgalaxy

          *sigh* I am probably going to get downvoted for this so bad…but I just couldn’t help myself!

        • hahahaha oh I love it! Poor Yoseob, but that’s what I was reminded of! I’ll up vote you, even if no one else does :P
          To any one upset by this picture: We’re here because we love him, but we don’t have like the fashion choices!

        • O_O Beetlejuice?
          is that you?

        • Oh my gosh, I totally thought of that too! Floating chairs, haunting scene, striped suit… wait a minute, did I just get sucked into an 80′s movie?

        • I guess I should have been more specific since there is more than one weird black and white suit in this video, ha. I don’t mind the black and white one without pearls, though it does remind me strongly of an inmate’s uniform, like from Oh Brother Where Art Thou. It was the pearl one with the pattern underneath it that I called the monstrosity. It’s like a really ugly curtain or furniture upholstery pattern. Yoseob is a pretty small guy, so if I’d been his stylist, I wouldn’t have put him in a suit with horizontal stripes like that because they make him look shorter and wider. The pearls also bulk up his form.

        • unicornsgalaxy

          Oh sorry, I read it wrong the first time. The pearl suit has grown on me so much that this time when I saw it I was actually like “Oh, it’s not that bad! It’s actually interesting”. Yoseob! What are you doing to me!

          And now thanks to @mognut:disqus I think of Beetle Juice when I see the striped suit! ..a much cuter beetle juice that is in no way creepy!

        • lol! I’m sure Yobeob could be creepy if he wanted to! but he’s not creepy in this MV so its all good :)

        • been in love with yoseob since forever..but yeah i hate that inmate-like-suit

      • hahaha I think I’m getting used to seeing B2ST in suits that I don’t like :P Some of the ones for Beautiful Night were horrible as well.
        I agree that I don’t like the pearl suit or the black and white stripped one, but I guess it could be worse? haha. For me its like when GD wore overalls for a while, I have to accept that I like Yoseob and GD and ignore their stylist’s fashion choices. :P

        • I don’t even bat an eye at GD’s fashion style anymore. He’s makes everything the latest trend anyway.
          And yes, some of the suits in Beautiful Night were bad as well. I think it was Ki Kwang or Dong Woon who was wearing that horrible gradiated purple suit.

        • Yeah, sadly I really don’t understand fashion, but at least it changes so quickly and they always have a new look, so even if you don’t like it, it doesn’t last very long. GD’s fashion surprises me occasionally, but within a week he seems to be onto something new.
          It will be interesting to see when Yoseob does live performances of Caffeine, if they have a different wardrobe for him. I’m hoping so~

        • My bad, they’re not actually purple, more like gray shading into pink. I guess gray + pink = purple? lol
          Were the suits for Midnight Sun during a live performance? I haven’t seen any of their performances of it.

        • ooo Yeah its not very attractive. hahaha even Dongwoon doesn’t look very happy in that picture! It must be because of the clothes :P

          They look very similar to the black and white ones, did you see them?

          I’m not sure what they were thinking during that promotion cycle. In comparison maybe Yoseob’s aren’t soooo bad, but I think that is mostly because there is only one of him, rather than the whole group in horrible outfits!

        • I think I just figured out what they were aiming for with those Midnight Sun suits: They were designed to match the album cover, haha. Just look at the similarities: white rays bursting into a black background.

          Poor Yoseob! There’s only one of him in Caffeine, versus a whole group of them in Beautiful Night; lol, it’s camouflage by numbers. There’s so many outfits on so many members to look at in BN that you don’t end up fixating on only one of the bad ones. I just went back and watched BN’s MV, and it really is chock-full of questionable fashion choices.

        • Matching the album cover, I didn’t consider that. Sadly they didn’t turn out as well as the album cover. There are just some patterns that shouldn’t be made into clothing…. like Boyfriend’s flower prints in Love Style, TOP’s table cloth in Don’t Go Home and that one :P

          But Junhyung’s outfit was alright, no problems there, but Yoseob >.< hahaha

        • i hate the black and white suit.. n with Midnight Sun normal edition album i got this poster..eurgh..hate times 2..

        • Did you watch the MAMA’s? GD dyed his hair before his performance! He’s definitely ever-changing.
          I liked the black lacey suit thing. And the striped one made me think of Beetlejuice. But the pearls were a bit much. Cool though.

        • Yes, I was half asleep at the time… but it finally occurred to me.. “wait GD’s hair was Blonde a minute ago… and now its red!!” *jaw drop*. Takes costume changes to a whole new level.
          I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought of Beetle Juice… but I liked Beetle Juice, so I don’t any problem with it xD
          Yeah, I still don’t like the pearls though, even during some of the live performances he did… I dunno, something about it just wasn’t right for me.

        • unicornsgalaxy

          Oh don’t remind me of the Beautiful Night fashion! I was ok if one piece was wild and crazily patterned, but when they wore the set…ugh!

        • yea haha normal suits are better, black and white stripped one was fine for me, but that pearl one just =___=
          but its B2st, so as long as they sing i will buy them in any version xD

    • unicornsgalaxy

      I hear both “like a caffeine” and “like a coffee”. Plus I hear “You bad to me” / “You bed to me” / “You better me”?

      • mmm all of the Engrish <3
        I originally heard 'like a coffee', but now I'm leaning more towards 'like a caffeine'

        • I think I hear “coffee” from Yoseob and “caffeine” from Junhyun. Either way, they both sound like they’re saying “like a” which means that it doesn’t sound correct with caffeine, but does sounds correct with coffee.

        • Well, i wonder if whoever wrote that part spent time with people with those fake italian accents:
          “Like-a this pasta est like-a this music. Mucho bello.”

    • I hear “Like-a caffeine” too.

    • i’m just guessing they emphasised on the “ke” or just “e” in “like” and so it sounds like “like a” but they’re actually singing “like caffeine”. anyway it sounds weird if you sing “like caffeine” without emphasising the “ke” or “e”. it sounds weeeeird.

    • it sounded like ‘like-a-caffeine’..but then i was being ignorant n just brushed it off as it is just how koreans pronounced ‘like’ as ‘lai-ke’..[not accepting the reality]..then still bickers with myself about it..sigh..

  271. I believe that Caffeine will be successful ♥♥♥

    Yoseob ♥♥♥ Fighting ♥♥♥

  272. though this song is not be BEAST, but so want to hear simon and his “BA-TOOST!”, wearing the batoost shirt!! hahaha.

    but otherwise, this song is awesome! love the singer, song, and mv. the flying and bending backwards parts look so cool! xD

  273. I love you Yoseob:) yay! Can’t wait for his video to get reviewed by simon and martina!!!


    please other people who wanna compare yoseob to other artist. GTFO!!! Dont comment here.

  275. I’m wondering how he will perform this song…the dance looks hard! The
    song isn’t getting into me yet, maybe I should replay this! but the mv
    looks HOT!

  276. Why?… Why you are also PERFECT?? <3

    Just because of him, I cried in the video… because of its perfection :OO

    I LOVE YOU YOSEOB, your dance is perfect, your video is perfect
    (except the part of kiss,do not be angry :$), your song is perfect, your
    album is perfect, everything you do is perfect in my eyes.

  277. I wanna hear Simon said ‘Batoost’ again! Vote for our cutie pie YangYoseob(p). Lets united B2UTYs B2STLYs and the one and only Yoseob’s Yobeos! This song need to win no matter what! Come on.

  278. Come on B2UTYS! Let’s get this reviewed! The MV was so beautiful and magical, I completely loved it! Not to mention that ohmahgawd, the song is amazing ;)

  279. Please vote, share and comment! Yoseob needs us B2UTIES. Where are you now?

  280. i pretty like the theme of this MV, its kinda magical~ love the dance movements~
    n i think snm gonna talk abt the frame :p

  281. Just like people addicted to caffeine….I am addicted to this song.
    I really love that Yoseob finally gets his solo song. Caffeine is truly amazing!!! This video was filmed really well too. I loved the darkness of it and the smoke and flashbacks… It truly gives off the withdrawal feeling addicts get…. (not that I would really know but I’m just saying… haha).
    I really hope you guys get to review this one…. I want to hear your thoughts! :]

  282. mandyseobs

    Amazing music video!!! Yoseob defied gravity, for Pete’s sake!!!!!! He deserves this ^^” .. haha, but yeah, the MV was really very cool. Props to Prepix for the genius choreography too! ~ ajsgoiawigjae it’s just perfect.

  283. All parts of the movie, the light, stairs, the space itself, yoseob’s face expression, the coffee EVERYTHING has a meaning and I hope simon and martina can capture that and show them! I am really impressed with his work, he did a great job and I am just so proud that I am a b2uty!!!

  284. This is just perfect :X:X i love everything about it ^^

  285. Yeeeeeeee! Yang Yoseob’s Caffeine only been one day and is already on the charts ;D Simon& Martina you have to do this for Music Monday, for your nasties! xD

  286. I was sad when i first saw the teaser and i was scare that i may don’t like the MV, but NO, when the MV come out i totally love it ,it is awesome and beautiful, the scene is wonderful, the dance moves are extremely good and i am amazed of how good Yoseob is when he dance (i wonder what name will Simon and Martina give for the Yoseob’s dance) , Yoseob’s voice is beautiful and sweet as always, combine his voice with Junhyung’s awesome rap is like a dream come true for me, i have wish for a song like this since i heard their song :Thanks To. This song, MV and other songs in Yoseob’s album are so good that i fall in love and addicted with all of the songs(specially Just Do as You always Do and Look At Me Now) right away after i listen to them ( this is hardly ever happen because i usually have to listen to a song for more than one time to love it).Moreover, the reason make this more special because Junhyung write the song for Yoseob which show how close they are and i am glad that Junhyung did that because thanks to him and Cube that Yoseob has a chance to shine <3 Anyway, I really love this song and this MV so hope you guys can reviewed it .

  287. My take on the video is that he still likes her but she wants to leave (probably to be with the other guy, Junhyung). So she packs her bags to leave and he tries to stop her by grabbing onto her suitcase. She leaves anyway, without her luggage. As she goes, she gives him back his heart (literally) that he’d given to her (figuratively) when they were a couple. She no longer wants to be his girlfriend, so she can no longer be the holder of his heart/affections. After she’s left, he places his returned heart back in his chest to signify that his heart is his own again. I suspect he burns her luggage to destroy memories of her (which is also why he smashed pictures of them).

  288. B2uties, or Batooties vote !!! I would love to see their opinions on the MV because I personally loved it ^^

  289. This is sooo good. Really Junhyung is a great producer!

  290. Honestly I hope this video could make it up to the top and stay there until Simon and Martina are back to posting (which will probably be a long while). I would love to see their opinions on the music video because I personally loved it. Plus they can go ahead and make fun of the english :) If only they named it “coffee” because it sounds like he’s saying that more than “caffeine”

  291. such a good song I really liked the music video is also super! fighting YoSeob oppa love you!!!!

  292. Like many other B2uties, or Batooties as Simon would say, I’m so unbelievably proud of Yoseob! This song, with the help of our ever talented rapper, Junhyung, is fantastic! I think it’s the perfect song for his solo debut! I’m so happy with the direction they went with this title track and with the album itself. I was so scared they’d try to sell his cutesy side, but I’m so glad they didn’t. This album and title track shows a much more mature, and manlier side to him, along with the MV! I love the set, the little scenes that match up with the lyrics, the acting (he did good for his first go at acting!), and the choreography! With the beat and tone of this song, dancing may have seemed hard to pull off, but I think he managed to make it work! The dance fits the song well, and although the flying and leaps we a little crazy (I’ll admit I laughed pretty dang hard when he jumped onto the counter), I thought they did end up fitting nicely together with the music video overall. I absolutely love this MV, and I really hope it gets voted in!
    I hope Yoseob’s solo debut is a huge success, he deserves it!
    Caffeine & Yoseob fighting!

  293. unicornsgalaxy

    So Yoseob can do absolutely no wrong for me. I will forgive him pretty much anything because he is one of my favorites. I was totally prepared to like the song just because it is Yoseob. Thankfully, I like the song not only because of Yoseob. I’ll admit the very first few lines gave me pause (when it sounded like he was more story-telling singing) but after listening to it a few times it really grew on me.

    VIDEO: THIS is what I expect from B2ST! This video was visually stunning. The backgrounds, the lighting, everything was a treat to the eye. It was quite a bit weird but that’s one of the reasons I like it. I’d love to hear Simon and Martina’s view of the story line.

    DANCE: Yoseob, did you become one of those bendy dolls all of the sudden? Even with wires, I’m not sure how you managed to pull some of those dance moves off. I now bestow upon you the title of Sir Bendy of Bendsalot.

    OUTFITS: Well, they fit in with the overall bizarreness of the video. I mean he managed to make a suit covered in pearls look not only good but intriguing.

    OVERALL: As I said, Yoseob is one of my favorites and even if he did disappoint, I would totally forgive him. He didn’t disappoint though. I loved the video and I loved the song! Can’t wait til the album comes out!

  294. This video made me cry. I’m so happy that Yoseob did a song that Junhyung made for him. This kind of feeling only B2UTY can understand…

  295. MIND IS BLOWN! Amazing MV! The part with the heart at the end was awesome & creepy. Epic back-up dancers :D
    And the flying/dancing moves are amazing but… HOW IS HE GOING TO DO A LIVE PERFORMANCE OF THIS O_O

  296. SO proud of Yoseopie, this song is amazing, and I love the fact that Jun Hyung helped produce the album. B2ST sticks together even when one of them does something on their own, I love it!♥ Keep voting B2UTIES!! We need to make this video number 1!!

  297. Huh, this seriously needs to be reviewed….I’m so in love with this music video. It’s beautiful.

  298. I sooo love the little part of dance we see here! That one during a chorus? Amazing! Minimalistic like in Fiction, but so powerful at the same time! :)


  300. Yang Yoseob..!, Beast..! figthing..!! Caffeine DAEBAK..!!!! always love and supporting you guys..<3

  301. B2UTIES!! KEEP ON VOTES^-^ This song too amazing!!!!!!! ^o^

  302. I liked the video because yoseob was in it :D (amazing song )


  304. I gaped when he’s flying.. and dancing on the bar~!!

  305. I was SO excited when this finally came out!!! It’s a really amazing song, and the video is really great and I’d love to hear Simon and Martina talk about it. Come on B2UTYs, we can DO THIS!!!!! FIGHTING!!!!

  306. make this music monday next week!

  307. finally it is on the charts :D now

    B2UTYS where are u ??
    Fighting ! :D

  308. Mature Yoseob is so sexay :’D

  309. cause you’re the best and i love youuuu.

  310. maknae09

    This song and mv is totally amazing..
    I really want Caffeine in Kpop Music Mondays D:

  311. support yoseob!!

  312. This mv is so original Seobie fighting!!!

  313. Ice Cream lost :(
    Nvm lets support Cube !

  314. Great job cubeeee ;)

  315. YOU CAN YOSEOB!!!!!!

  316. I was almost like jumping around and shout to other people ” Yang Yo Seob’s Caffeine is released!!!!!”
    I mean like WOW, the song, the set, the choreography was so unique, he was jumping, flying, singing, dancing, and of course, smoking too :))
    Caffeine needs more votes T.T

  317. Both the song and the mv is great!! there are some random effects they used that can be reviewed. and their engrish xD

  318. i may sound biased, but all aspect of this MV is awesome. I especially quite interested at how the photo frames are cracking already before touching the floor in the teaser. well, having watched the MV then I realize that the photo frames are already cracked even in at the few seconds after the video starts… well I have no complain then. :”

    well, maybe not for now. haha.

    • in the begining of the MV , some part i think is when the photo frame already broke, the fighting part and hugging and kissing are just a flash back of Yoseob about the time when they together, but that is just what i think so i am not sure

  319. The song and the video is really awesome. I was like, “OMG HE’S FLYING. OMG HE’S DANCING. OMG HE’S VANISHING.”
    someone please hold me =A=

  320. Lorenzo

    Why does this have so little votes!? The song is great! :D

  321. Love it! The song the dance clothes! Everything is awesome.