Youngjae and Sunhwa – Everything’s Pretty

  1. We’ve moved to the EYKA Warrior page – come join us for some more discussions and planning (how to get BAP to take a break)

  2. ChocoPandaa

    My friend’s annoying little bro asked if I was Korean and my friends were like “Yea she’s Korean” and he asked me to say something in Korean and I said “I meongcheonghan baboga jeongmal michin(This foolish idiot is really crazy)” and he actually believed me LOL but in the end I said I wasn’t Korean, then he kept saying “Are you sure? You look so Korean! Are you related to Choi(one of the “hot” Korean guys in my school)?” And instead of being flattered because he kept insisting I’m Korean, I became annoyed with his blabbering xD

  3. Just had to comment – S&M replied to one of my comments on the KMM of Standing Still xD
    *happy dance*

    • why was Jongup turned around the wrong way at the end? XD
      But wow, I really loved that. While it was dominated by Bang and Zelo, Jongup and Himchan had more lines!
      and is it me, or does it seem that BYG’s legs are less skinny than they are now? (from the small bit fo them we can see)

      • Yongguk lost weight since then. you can tell just by looking at his face

        • he needs to fatten up before he loses his beautiful smile

        • When they go on a world tour he should eat so many different dishes that he comes back healthy
          Actually no, he has to start now because he’s scary thin now

        • he should eat lots of ramen. lots. and Daehyun should share some of his cheesecake with him, before he gets any skinnier (i just don’t like it when the guys are unhealthily skinny – iit’s not manly or appealing)

        • it looks like just eating ramen isn’t doing enough though

        • he might not be eating it anymore :( i hope he doesnt think he needs to be skinnier, and i hope that TS lan to fatten him up )

        • All I hope for him is that they take a break soon, go home and his mom forces him to eat all the yummy homemade meals that she can

        • Yeah… it’s reasonable for idols to take a break before a tour, right?

        • Yes, so they are well rested and full of energy to show the world what they got

        • fingers crossed taht it happens

        • and some rest after the tour as well so they can also comeback with full energy

        • i’d love for this to happen… but whoever is pushing them (be it TS or BAP themselves) needs to clam down and take it easy for a spell

        • Maybe if we get all BABYS to tweet them to take a rest, just maybe they’ll listen xD

        • haha, if we organize it well enough, we could get it trending on twitter

        • You think it would work? :p

        • Well, it might get their attention… i wonder if it would be interesting for the kmedia to pick up on… but i think if we got all those BAP fan accounts on twitter and some fansites to put up the time – like 12:00 KST or something – and everybody tweet the hashtag… soemthing like #Break4BAP or #RelaxBAP with messages asking for our boys to get a breakand fatten up… look at how well #LiveonEarth2013 did… and most babys want them to take abreak

        • If we could just work it out here and then present our idea to all the others we might actually be able to pull this off.

        • we could :) what we need are a good time and date – i think midnight KST isn’t a bad time, as it’s about 3pm in ireland, and early morning in the US – but would it be too early/late for other fans? maybe 6pmKST would be better (the time they had the concert)… and either friday or saturday, so it doesn’t interfere with school…

          when does their japanese concert begin.. may? would we want to do this before or after?

        • Depends on what they’ll do before that concert. They won’t promote another song without Himchan that’s for sure so maybe they will rest now?

        • I don’t know… i don’t think they’ll rest the way we want them to

        • rest for us : be lazy and eat
          rest for them: stay out of the public eye but practice your ass of

        • exactly… Chaos looks to be the only option

        • Skully

          You know I think you should really do that! Or at least spam the guys twitter with that! And Yongguks with fatten up!

        • we’ll have to do it in a positive manner so that there’s no body image issue afterwards – kinda like “oppa, you look worn out – sleep and eat lots!”

        • It just has to sound as it is: We are concerned and worried about everyone’s health, we know they want to make it big but they can’t overwork themselves.

        • Skully

          guys the site broke for me!! I can’t open it! Can we go to Warrior already?

        • give it a moment, then refresh – it’s happened to me around the 8000 mark

        • yup. but we might want ot provide guidelines to some of the younger fans who might tweet stuff that could be misunderstood

        • Maybe if we make one comment that everyone retweets? So we make sure no one misunderstands

        • Skully

          Btw ppl say that with all the songs they promote in a short time there is no expectation for the new release. That’s a reason more to take a break but I don’t know if you want to include that.
          I still doeasn’t work, I’m using the dashboard and I don’t like it -_-‘

        • How about we move to the warrior EYKA page and start planning :p

        • ok – i’ll leave a message at the top saying we’ve moved

        • something like that would be a good idea.. or have a few templates for people to copy paste, and add a word or two

        • Yeah, that way we can also make sure no one says anything that might be hurtfull eventhough they don’t mean it that way

        • so we have a rough plan, now we just need to pick a time/date and contact the fan sites (twitter, facebook and tumblr)

    • Blueberries

      I haven’t heard that before either. It’s really nice cover!

  4. Blueberries
    Blueberries Do you guise like Sunny Hill? I don’t remember if we have talked about them earlier one. But I really love them :D This is my fav song from them. They should definitely give Janghyun, leader and only male member, more lines in their other songs too T_T

    • Skully

      I like some of their songs and MVs! The grasshopper song is really good and Pray is also really good, especially the MV!!

      • Blueberries

        I love them too but Pray’s mv is little too creepy for me XDD The Grasshopper songs is one of my favorite mv, everything is perfect and fits together :)) And I love the message!

  5. Skully

    LOL I’m watching an interview from Power era and they say Zelo needs the longest to get ready in the morning (pays a lot of attention to cloth and needs a lot of time to choose) Yongguk and Himchan are the ones that sleeps the longest (no wonder since Yongguk apparently goes to bed the last), when asked who’s the most popular YG, HC and DH point to Zelo, Zelo and JU to YG and YJ to JU (HC is/was jealous of Zelos popularity) when asked who is the coolest member everybody points to JU (cause of his dancing and body) and the maknaes to YG

  6. Skully

    Zelo: probably the only male idol that doesn’t want to grow! XD
    PS look at Jongup’s eyebrows at 1:40
    PS2 That woman lost a lot of weight!

    • Blueberries

      I wonder if there is many idols who are taller than him anymore..

      • Skully

        There was an article on AKP about tall idols and in the comment section ppl listed tall idols and there were a few. The question is who is lying (probably most of them) and what are their real heights! I know that Jungshin is 1.87 and Max is also tall and some from EXO (one is supposedly 1.90) and X5 is also tall…..

        • Blueberries

          Ah I saw that article. But Led Apple’s Kyumin wasn’t there although he’s giant maknae too! He’s actually taller than Jungshin so it’s weird that he wasn’t included.

        • Skully

          Well they probably just mentioned who came to their mind in that moment. Also ppl were mentioning more than 1 from a same group and I think they only mentioned the tallest of the group on purpose to have more variety…. (otherwise some groups would have more members there like CNBLUE Yonghwa is the shortest and he is 1.80)

        • Blueberries

          I guess it’s so. But it’d be nice if they did some research first XD

        • Skully

          I think so too. And if they had to many in their 180s than cut it higher!

        • Blueberries

          Yea. and Kyumin probaply is tallest along with them, 188 says bio and it seems like it’s his real heigh (or then he’s even taller).

        • Skully

          I wonder how tall Zelo will be….

        • Blueberries

          Yup, boys usually just start growing when they turn 15-16 o_O.

        • Skully

          LOL guys often look like 10 year olds until they are 14 and then they mature…. and they can grow until they are over 20!

        • Skully


        • Blueberries

          Led Apple’s Kyumin? I was talking about him whole time xD

        • Skully

          True you talked about him before LOL Since we’re also down there commenting + me loking things in the internet I didn’t notice :P

    • wth is Jongup trying to do ? xD

  7. Skully

    Did you really wait?

    • ChocoPandaa

      I prefer if they did Teen Top. There’s much more to talk about in their MV imo But I knew they wouldn’t stand a chance against U-KISS anyway >>”

    • Skully

      I knew they would do Ukiss but I kinda hoped they didn’t cause the MV wasn’t for a KMM imo. I like the dance in it but there is nothing major to say.

      • The song is good but for a good KMM you need a good or a weird mv

        • Skully

          True I really like the song and I even like to watch the MV sometimes for the dance and Soohyun (I didn’t say that ¬¬ ….) but for a good KMM you need more

        • i’m surprised there were no comments on Dongho’s hair..

        • Skully

          Well it’s a big improvement from the seewead XD

        • I suppose… i wonder does he pick the hairstyles himself, or if the hairdresser has it out for him

        • Skully

          Hmmm I don’t know how much say they have in it. It probably depends on the company also. For example with 2ne1 for I love you one had to shave and CL didn’t want to so she asked Dara to do it (I’m not sure if it’s true or just a rumor)

        • hmm, so styles might be predetermined… that kinda sucks :/

        • Skully

          Well it makes sense so that it fits with the concept! It’s like the clothes, they are also predetermined
          And that also means that Yongguks acorn hair was probably not his idea thankfully :P

        • i understand wanting it to fint in with a concept, but it seems a little to rigid IMO

        • Skully

          Well Dongho is also in movies and dramas often so maybe he needs the hair for that?

        • Blueberries

          I wonder if GD comes up with his hairstyles..

        • Skully

          Hmmm I think that maybe he doesn’t come up with them but that stylist show him different crazy styles and he chooses from there

        • Blueberries

          That makes sense, I guess it’s like that.

    • I agree with them that the song is good and the MV isn’t as good as it… and with the ranch bottle, I was thinking “any excuse for ranch, Simon”.:) I would have liked if they’d talked more about the outfits/hairstyles, but maybe they’re just use to it by now..

  8. What do you think of EvoL’s comeback?
    I’ve just listened to it for the first time and I think it’s okay. Maybe one of those songs that if I listen to it a few more times it will grow on me but for a first listen it doesn’t really grab me.

    • Blueberries

      I like low voice of one of their rappers and also like the bollywood feel in chorus xD The mv could be better, i’m not fan of dance mv’s that much.

    • Skully

      It’s not bad….but not that good either. I might listen to it if it’s in the playlist…
      The backround music reminds me of a song I listened years ago but can’t point out right know…something bollywood like?
      But why is it so short? Like D-Units last song, it’s also only 3 min (the first 30 sec don’t count)
      This is the girl group song I’m addicted to right now (thanks to nanaandlizzyfanatic)

      • I really like Girl’s day’s new song. This concept fits them really well

        • Skully

          I think it specially suits the redhead and the one with darker brown, they look more adult than the other 2

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Sojin the redhead here is 26, dark brown Yura is 20, Minah black hair is 19, Hyeri (yeah you know who that is lol) is only 18.

          Edit: But yay, I at least got you to like 1 out of the 10 songs I mentioned at different times lol.

      • Blueberries

        Hmm I’m not fan of sexy concept nor dance mv’s so not quite my style ^^; I guess their vocals still are quite nice.

        • Skully

          I like the more adult style music rather than cute and I don’t mind sexy dances if it’s not too exagerated or slutty.
          But what I like about this is the actual song. I listen to it while doing other things so I don’t really care about this MV^^

        • Blueberries

          I actually like more cute than sexy XD But yup the song is pretty good ^^

        • Skully

          LOL I know we are opposites there, you like cute and I like everything except cute XD

        • Blueberries

          Seems so :)

    • I think the song is pretty good, I like it :)

  9. Woooooot it reached 90 000 members …. :D :D

  10. Skully

    Is it me or is KMM taking longer than normally? *sigh* I have to go out soon, I don’t wanna miss when it comes out so that we can comment it together!

  11. Skully

    *sigh* Disqus is breaking again more often, it was ok for so long. Maybe it’s cause we’re reaching the 10 000 comments lol

  12. Skully

    What it says “ZE:A5 releases jacket images for ‘Voulez Vous’!”, me automatically “Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir, aha” XD

  13. Skully

    I’m happy for hem :D I felt a bit bad when BAP had their concert since they still didn’t have one….
    *sigh* they are getting so thin now…. I liked them more before tbh

    • I know teh outfits are supposed to frame their figures and make their waists look more waspish and whatnot, but I on’t like them :/ it’s a bit too busy. and they should have their own individual colours.
      but still, good that they’re having their own concert (i get why they are later than BAP – it’s easier for guys to get fans IMO)

      • Skully

        Internationally, definitely guys! And also in Korea I guess, at least with girls….

        I think girl groups are really in with 30+ year olds (wich is kinda disturbing considering the age of some girls and that there are a lot of guys over 40 that like them and they are like twice the age of the girls often and that they like the cute girl concept often, which makes the girls look even younger o_O)

        • that is really creepy :/ it’s one thing to just like their music, but for the most part it’s for their looks – and it’s kinda gross how in teh military, the preferred girlgroup of the unit or whatever, they’ll have guys monitorin the TV for ita nd if they come up, they call their friends and what not. didn’t Psy say something like SNSD being the girlgroup of his time? they’re basically treated as porno material :(

        • Skully

          Didn’t AKP mention that Secret and Sistar are the fav girl groups in the military now?
          Well It’s not like girls wouldn’t look also at guys… I’m sure you enjoy seeing a guy strip on stage :P
          What creeps me out the most is that these 40+ year olds like the really young girls doing aegyo, which in the end is behaving like a kid! That’s disturbing imo.

        • Blueberries

          In one AKP article IU’s fans were referred as uncle fans. So yup it’s pretty weird..

        • Skully

          The weirdest thing is that it’s seen as something normal there!! :/

        • Eww :P

        • yeah, which is great IMO as they’ve a really womanly concept going on, not really young and cutesy, even when they aegyo, it’s clear that they’re grownup women
          and of course i like seeing guys strip :D sexxxy heyyyy!
          yeah, it’s when it’s the ahjussi’s liking the cutesy girls, who act like their 14.. bluergh!

        • Skully

          Yeah that’s the thing. I understand why they would like those groups, specially after Poison and Alone!! That’s adult and sexy!

          With the aegyo, well it’s not like I don’t see some young cute guy do aegyo and think “Ohhh he’s so cute”, but the thing is, I don’t find it sexually appealing! I may like them when they don’t do aegyo if they are adults and my type, but when they do aegyo I either find them cute or funny, but not sexy

        • With aegyo, i see it more as a comical thing – ‘haha, let’s make this idol feel awkard by having teens squeal over their impersonations of a cute child’ – I never really see it as something to make me attracted to the idol in a sexual way.

          and if other people view aegyo like us, I scratch my head over why so many ahjussis like the aegyo – is it like the surrogate, perfect kid for them? i hope so, otherwise it’s just creepy :/

        • Skully

          Most of the time the aegyo I like is the one I can laugh about! And often it’s connected with the embarrassment of the guy doing it lol (perfect example Yongguk, his (m)aegyo makes me laugh a lot) Aegyo often looks really fake, and it reminds me of kids and teens when they want their parents to buy them something!
          I kinda like when idols do aegyo, but not as much as they do, more like a casual thing here and there, cause it’s funny.
          Well one thing is ahjussis (like in real grandpas) liking cute teens cause they think of them as kind and polite kids, and another adults that find it sexual.

        • I love Yongguk’s aegyo – it’s perfect and hilarious
          i hate when they mind aegyo sexual… same with school girland lolita :/

        • Blueberries

          I see it mostly comical and the cuteness of it comes when idols are embrassed about it XD But usually when used in mv’s etc it looks really fake.

        • yeah, i love when they’re embarrassed over it (i’m so mean:P) it’s just cute thenin MVs i really dislike it (though it wasn’t too bad in Stop It)

        • Skully

          I think that’s one of the reasons that most of the aegyo MVs I like are the stupid funny ones!

        • Skully

          I edited so refresh!

    • Blueberries


    • Skully

      LOL his sis helped them and she knows him well XD

      • I didn’t know that – and she most certain does xD
        I can’t make out the signatures of the others – they look like random squiggles to me, and I’m just seeing a few B shapes :P

        • ChocoPandaa

          Well to me… I think the one with that moon is Jongup’s (since his surname is Moon haha) Daehyun’s one is the one that says Jung(?), Zelo’s one is the one on the bottom right(idk, I saw the smiley face and for some reasons Zelo came to my mind xD), and there’s Himchan’s one. First one’s probably Yongguk and that leaves Youngjae xD

        • Skully

          LOL you’re right about Jongup! Didn’t think about that….
          Yongguk I’m sure of his since I have his photocard from One shot :D

          Btw when will you’re free album arrive?

        • ChocoPandaa

          OMG I was freaking out the past few days because of this.. It’s been like what? A week already with this being the 2nd week.. What if the delivery guy actually came but I wasn’t home(in school or something)? :O I honestly don’t know when it’s gonna come since I’ve never won anything before.. :C

        • Skully

          LOL I was freaking out too cause my album took almost 3 weeks to arrive….
          Don’t they leave a paper so that you go to the post office to take the packet?

        • ChocoPandaa

          I don’t really know how this works xD I thought they’d just throw it over the gate or something if no one was home LOL.. They leave a paper? Gotta ask my mum about this then. But when I was sending my info to the kbs hotmail, they told us to put a phone number so maybe they’d call? >>”

        • Skully

          Hmmm well here the normal post service doen’t bring packages home, they leave a note so that you know it arrived and go to the office. Just special post services bring them home!

        • ChocoPandaa

          Yeah… I’m definitely gonna ask my mum if there was any note.. I just hope it arrives somewhere around this week..

        • my mom was the same – ordered Kpop CDs for my sis for xmas, they didn’t come til January… lol

        • Skully

          Ahh that sucks! Did she order it late or was it released right before? Or did they simply take to long?
          I guess the time it takes depends on the site you buy it! This one was from Yesasia and took almost 3 weeks and when I bought them on ebay they arrived in one week to 10 days mostly!

        • I think she ordered a little too late, and they were also delayed – but my sis was fine with it, just happy to get her CDs.

          i think mom got them off amazon, but i’m not sure

        • it’s logical… damn, just going to have to go to a signing, get their autographs, and then I can tell which signature is whose

        • they have, but Panda was right about the Moon one for Jongup xD lol
          i htink the one i posted, they might have been tired/rushing

        • Skully

          Himchans stands out! Well I guess it’s supposed to be like that for the visual lol
          Btw I saw an article once on AKP I think, with the prettiest idol signatures and Himchans was included XD

        • It does :D and it’s not too difficult ot taxing either :)

          It is pretty xD glad he was on the list!

        • ChocoPandaa

          LOL my guesses were right! xD I’m still wondering how kpop idols make their signatures.. they all look so cool and crazy… >>”

        • Skully

          LOL you only got wrong Daehyuns, it was Youngjaes! :D

        • haven’t you seen the episdoe of Your Beautiful where Go Mi Nam tries to come up with a cool signature? XD

        • ChocoPandaa

          Haha yeah I remember that episode. But Shin Woo made the signature for her in the end(If I haven’t forgotten.) xD

        • Yeah, he did :D

        • Skully

          I think they are in order of age… at least I’m sure the first is Yongguk!

        • that would make sense :) and i thought the first one was Yongguk’s as well, but then I saw the other Bs and was less sure

        • Skully

          I think it has BAP written…. and another one has a J and I think that’s Jongup probaby….

        • I think it’s Jongup’s as well… when we teach them English, we might also work on penmanship :P

  14. we’ve seen some of these before, I just really like the captions beneath

    • Skully

      “Dae Hyun and Himchan pack Jong Up lunch, while Jong Up puts Zelo up
      for sale – if that’s not brotherly love, we don’t know what is.” XD

    • Skully

      LOL the comments are the best XD
      Everybody speaks about Himchan looking like Yonghwa on that pic and they talk about Yongguk biting his lips (I’m totally with them there LOL)

      • he does look a tiny bit like Yonghwa – it’s the slight wave in his hair and the clothes, I think
        and omg, the things BYG does with his mouth… it’s too much! xD

        • Skully

          I think it’s only the hair, the face looks nothing alike!
          And the other one with the sexy back? XD

        • well, like Himchan Yonghwa also has a long narrow nose :)
          and the sexy back – hells yeah! xD i think BYG doesn’t know how lethal he is to us fangirls :P

        • Skully

          Hmmm true! The nose may be similar….. well I think Yonghwa and Yongguks expressions (basically when laughing) are similar but I think I’m alone here… but I’ve seen quite a few ppl commenting it on YT!!

          Or he does it on purpose to make us crazy XD

        • if he’s doing it on purpose, then we can’t be held accountable if we happen to kidnap him. :P

  15. 130318 Zelo Twitter

    바보같은 내얼굴~~
    우습기도 하지요~~^3^
    [Trans] My face that looks like an idiot~~
    It’s also funny right~~^3^

    (cr: ProtectBAPSG)

  16. Guys, we came here 20 days ago, and we’re already almost at 10,000 comments… I’m amazed, though I probably shouldn’t be xD

    • Skully

      LOL tbh I thought we had to go to the next page by now XD
      We had almost 9000 comments on friday, I thought we’d have 10 000 by now XD
      But on weekends there is often no one here…..

      • True, weekends are quiet. I hope that it will still work, but if not, at least we’ve options :D

        • Skully

          LOL I posted the link to the new page in UP thinking we are gonna move today or tomorrow (which would have been 3 days after posting) but now it seems like we’re gonna take a while LOL They must think “why did they give us the link if they aren’t moving yet?” XD

        • haha, they mightn’t have seen it yet – they respond every day or two. :) and we’ll have reached 10,000 by today, definitely :D (if you want, I can make sure it happens :P)

        • Skully

          LOL I have 5 thumb ups for it so I’m pretty sure they saw it XD They go to the page every day I think, just that they live in different time zones so they are often not there at the same time
          I would be surprised if we didn’t have the 10 000 in 2 days if we are all here LOL

        • we’ll make it to 10,000 today, and see what happens xD

    • Skully

      LOL I know XD I’m not even surprised that we take over 50% of the comment section of all EYK XD

      • Lol, I am! That’s a big percentage..

        I wonder why discussions don’t seem to go on on other pages (especially those on the charts – no one seems to get that commenting is better than just a vote)

        • Blueberries

          Many voters just go to page, leave one comment without reading any other comments or even think of replying to them. Usually these comments are just: “I love this song/mv/artist”, “Please review” etc. I’m now voting for GLAM but there isn’t just other people commenting so even if I try to get conversation going and ask sth, people don’t reply. And you can’t disqus about mv alone..

        • Skully

          If I see that in a page ppl don’t talk to each other and there are only single comments, I don’t even bother to comment often and just vote….
          Btw I’m surprised you still have the muse avatar LOL

        • No, it would look odd… like you had multiple personality disorder :P

        • Skully

          I guess it’s like a chain reaction (do you say that in English?). If you see that ppl only post single comments and that they don’t reply to others you also stop doing so. And some may not know that comments count, and others maybe don’t have time to be there or get bored cause no one replies to them…..

        • Yeah, chain reactions works.
          still, it’s strange that they seem to have little to discuss.

          I think S&M need to have the points thingy clearly and permanently on display, instead of in a drop-down menu. some people are surprised to learn that only one vote a day counts

        • But you can’t react to those ‘ I love this song …’ I love …’ comments xD

        • Skully

          LOL I guess you could answer “I love them too, I specially liked…..” but those comments are gonna get deleted either way so…..

        • During No mercy BABYS found a way to go off topic and stay on topic by using TKIR :p Screw the rules ! xD

        • Skully

          LOL I didn’t know Babyz invented that until fuuko told me XD
          But I’ve seen the mods saying that ppl are to offtopic even if they use TKIR if there is a really long offtopic conversation going on (and it’s understandable)

        • If it’s just for a short conversation it’s okay but I would delete a long one too :p

        • Skully

          Me too. 2 or 3 comments with TKIR are ok but it shouldn’t be used as an excuse to have an offtopic conversation (I hope I didn’t do it otherwise I would look stupid now XD)

  17. BTW, just curious, but is it a bank holiday Monday anywhere else? Or just Ireland?

    • Blueberries

      Lol one week is nothing when it’s YG XD

    • it’s not even ‘ why is it delayed? what’s wrong?’ anymore just ‘ oh, ok whatever’ xD

      • Skully

        Ppl joke that it wouldn’t be YG if there wasn’t a delay XD

        • At first it pissed me of too but now it’s normal I guess xD

        • Skully

          Yeah but now I actually am not really excited for the new group anymore….. but that may change when they finally debut LOL

        • I never was to be honest xD It was said that they would be a new SNSD or something and I don’t like them xD

        • Skully

          Didn’t know that… I’m kinda dissapointed since SNSD is not my thing. I was wondering what they would come with since they can’t do a 2ne1 nº2 specially being from the same company….

        • let’s hope it’s a more 90s girl-power SNSD… id, even if people are saying they’re the new SNSD, I have a hard time believing they’re actually going to be similar to them

        • Skully

          But wouldn’t they be compared to Miss A then?

        • I suppose… but maybe more popular than miss A? or a mroe subtle kind of girlpower? idk… i hope it’s not the same sugary sweetness submissive i’m-a-fragile-female-save-me-oppa stuff.. (or if it does start out that way, that they’re allowed to growup and have a more mature sound later)

        • Blueberries

          I don’t know what to think about YG’s new girl group.. the SNSD thing doesn’t get me intrested. I think that they should promote new girl group as they are and don’t try take styles from other groups.

        • Skully

          Well I guess it’s the ppl that say they are like SNSD not YG themselves and ppl like to compare so…..

          Maybe they aren’t that cute, just cute compared to 2ne1?

        • maybe it’ll be a twist on the SNSD thing – perfect girlfriend, who has money to look after herself, and oppa doesn’t have to buy her stuff? (i can only hope)

        • Skully

          Did YG ever had that type of cute group?

        • Blueberries

          YG only had 1TYM (hip hop), Big Bang and 2NE1, now Epik High as well, so no cutesy there ^^

        • Skully

          That’s what I thought…. but I didn’t know about 1TYM

        • Blueberries

          They don’t promote anymore, I’m not sure if they have dismissed or not. One of main producers in YG, Teddy, who does 2NE1 songs and co-writes Big Bang songs, is 1TYM’s leader.

        • not that i can think of. most of their artists (that i know) seem to have their own flavour and stand out quite a bit from the korean norm. maybe they’re branching out. we’ll just have to wait and see

        • Skully

          LOL so they maybe don’t even know how to do real cute XD

        • lol, a Yongguk type of aegyo? :P

        • Skully

          LOL didn’t you imagine a girl doing this with Yongguks deep voice included while writing it?XD cause I did while reading XD

        • i did, but she had more of a pouty face, as if she was trying to act angry but a smile was breaking through xD

    • Either they’re crap at estimating release dates or they honestly think this marketing technique doesn’t piss off fans… *sigh*

      • Skully

        I’m not a fan and it kinda pisses me off…. and I’m sick of waiting for the new girl and boy group(s?) specially since the girls are featured in some of the others albums……

        • it seems like a bad habit YG has developed… it makes me think they’re procrastinators like me :P haha

        • Skully

          But they are pissing of some ppl, specially those who aren’t hardcore fans!

        • I wonder do they realise it, or think it raises hype… maybe once upon a time, but not now… YG are being silly

    • So cute xD Love the one with Himchan between Jongup and Zelo xD lmao

      and I love the random undressing in between all the ipads… unless that’s what they were looking up..? Oo

    • Skully

      Omo I don’t know where to start….XD
      Yongguk’s green hair (is there a performance with that hair?)
      Jongup’s skin exposure (I didn’t enjoy that…. ¬_¬’ ) XD Strange pic by the way, they are all from Crash and his is from Stop it? LOL
      They are all getting so nice toned arms >.<
      Now we have Himjae? LOL Or is that ummas supporting each other XD
      And the best for the last. Umma touching the babies butts XD That pic is awesome, the look on their faces LOL

    • Skully

      “Also, it seems like overseas fans also like B.A.P’s own strong and manly style as well.” Yep we deffinitely do LOL
      They know K-fans like sweet stuff and I-fans bad ass….
      They only mentioned the concerts when they were asked about 2013 plans… hope that means they are gonna take a break from promoting new songs…..

      • I hope they focus on the concerts this year and don’t promote a nw song in between

      • It’s cool that they’re catering to their international audiences as well…

        They mentioned that they wished to come to Europe >< Made me so happy~
        and I hope so too… they have enough song material as it is for concerts, and they can gain publicity from their world tour (it's probably going to be a success). still, I hope they don't get too worn out from travellling

        • Skully

          Yep the only thing that surprised me is that AKP mentioned the concert in Japan but didn’t say if they sold out or something….makes me worry a little bit, specially cause they didn’t promote there yet…. :/

        • Maybe they didn’t sell out – it doesn’t mean that there are a lot of tickets left… still, I hope they succeed (didn’t One Shot top the iTunes download there?)

        • Skully

          Hmmm I don’t now if they were 1st or just in the top 5, but they did well….. it would be sad if after selling out the tickets in Korea in 10 min they wouldn’t do it in Japan, has to be a let down…..

        • I don’t know… like you said, they didn’t promote there, so they might not have their expectations too high. Still, I hope that most of the tickets are sold (if not, I’ll cry over the leftover tickets that I couldn’t buy)

        • Skully

          But it would be bad publicity if they didn’t sold out the tickets…. They are rookies that do a world tour after their 1st year, they might apear as to fond of themselves, and if they don’t succeed they might look like idiots for some….. :/

        • I suppose… I hope people don’t think of them like that *protective fan mode: activated* it’s totally reasonable for rookies to not sell out,and they’re really just catering to what fans want (the germany vid) as opposed to being cocky. and it’s reasonable for BAP to do a world tour, especially since they have such a large fanbase (esp when compared to their popularity in Korea)
          but of course, those who criticize them or make fun of them if this flops won’t consider all this V.V

  18. My friend just send me this and I’m not sure why but I’m finding this quite amusing xD