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Younha – Run

  1. She’s one of the only artists I follow in K-Pop :).

  2. It dropped again. Too bad the video didnʻt get enough votes. Iʻm still glad it was added to the charts. Now Younha, when will you come to the UK?

  3. Ah, this song gives me shivers. I laugh like crazy at the E.T. part though. xD

  4. Anyone living in Toronto going to see Younha on Aug 18? I’m so excited :D

  5. News: Younha is joining “I am Singer 2″ and her first recording would be in August 6th!! I hope with this she receives more love from the public. She’s the youngest member by the way. I so want to write a thank you letter to that PD that persuade her and wanted her to be in the show in like that first season.

  6. don’t forget to share guys.

  7. They must review this

  8. people don’t forget to share as it’s like two points or something and comments I think are like a point or something. keep voting.

  9. Younha needs more attention!!

  10. I’m afraid even if this mv gets to the top 10, the review would not be able to discuss the meaning behind each scene with enough appreciation. Do Simon and Martina follow Younha?

    • I’m not sure, but I do know that they’re massive Epik High fans – so they would know her name at least.

    • you know what’s even more surprising is that they don’t even know huh Gak!! How could they not know if they live in Korea!!Isn’t he famous in Korea, I live in the state and I’m familiar with all his songs. they might have heard of her name but I doubt they follow her.

      • Regardless of whether or not S&M follow Younha – Huh Gak has nothing to do with this video. You can comment on their K-Indie update if you want to talk to them about that. But for the Kpop Chart comments, try to stay relevant yo. :)

  11. This video deserve more votes and views !!! :D

  12. Out of her new album, what is your favourite song?

  13. They should add a link to itunes on their youtube account too.

  14. Let’s hold this here as long as possible

  15. Amazing! i love her entire cd. she brings rock, into the kpop sphere. Love it! :)

  16. I’m really am having a hard time with the G+, anyone having trouble with it.

  17. I’m sooooo glad Younha’s back!!! It’s just too bad that she’s so underrated and her video got included into the chart so late. :/
    But then, YOUNHA HWAITING!

  18. Her voice is so beautiful. I want this video to get reviewed, it remebered me some japanese MVs.

  19. I’m sad this was added so late to the Chart list xD I tweeted EYK a day after it was out but it didn’t make the list until much later. Too bad. The song is so awesome, but it’s not getting the exposure it should get.

    • Yea I’m pretty sad too :( I think the problem was nobody was submitting the official video. I had to go find it myself :p

      • I submited it too but it took a while to come up :(

        • me too, but it looks like younha fans are getting here a bit slow. I’ve post this on soompi forums and some younha youtube videos and I’m surprise like not that many people are coming here.

          By the way how many times a day can you vote?

        • It seems you can vote only once per day. Each comment count as one vote, you can post as many times as you want as long as itʻs not spam. Spam gets deleted.

      • Ehhh… It’s much nicer in black & white though…

        • I think they choose the official video so
          1. We can support the artist where it counts
          2. It’s less likely to be taken down.
          Shame though. :(

  20. They should review artists not reviewed before

  21. Younha is an amazing artist. Please keep voting her up!

  22. Check out Woodkid’s Run Boy Run and Woodkid – Iron music video after this, might have been where the idea came from ~ EPIC sound and their MV’s are lord-of-the-rings-ish!! /watch?v=lmc21V-zBq0

  23. more then anything I’m really curious how they would analyze this because it’s not your topical kpop mv, how would Simon make fun of this mv. hope that’ll be in the top 10 at least.

  24. Love this song ; 0;
    I’m so happy that Younha is back!

  25. Thank you so much for finally adding it!

  26. Wow. Why isnʻt this MV in the top 10? The lyrics and Younhaʻs voice are so beautiful.