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Younique Unit – Maxstep

  1. u guys have already won so y r people still voting ? :D

  2. Lorenzo Garcia
    Lorenzo Garcia

    Woah, it’s like a group full of biases! Awesome.

  3. Leanne Pichay

    pretty pleaseeeeeeee <3 <3 <3

  4. Camila Carvallo

    woop woop! im looking forward to this c:

  5. Aubrey Marie

    I seriously can’t get enough of this song.

  6. I really wish someone from Fx would represent

  7. nottelling

    all of my hubbies kno each otherr :O well dis is awkss….hyoyeons pretty cool here too :D :D :D

  8. Cottenswabs

    I love this! I love the MC Hammer pants–totally going to buy some and party like a rockstart in Korea! This is a great club song!

  9. Lovesinging23

    Wait…I don’t get it. Why is this at number 1 and yet it’s not getting reviewed?



  12. Shawols, Exotics, Sones, Strings/Elves !!! we can do it! we can hold out for one more day!!!!

  13. For Taemin being hot as hell and Kai for that super cool smirk! And for the song, because I just love it!

  14. ryansgirl050400

    The song reminds me of TVXQ’s catch me.

  15. Barry Adams

    Found a way to not see the unremovable everysing ad: pull up the ads by google one that comes with youtube to cover it!

  16. I really hope this gets enough numbers in the next few hours to stay above BAP. Their numbers are really getting up there, and I’m guessing that if this doesn’t get reviewed this week, it won’t get reviewed at all.

    And Unfortunately I already exhausted my votes through twitter, google, fb :(

  17. best ever dont even noe where to look when i watch the damn video so awsome

  18. kelkelbunny

    It’s all about Hyoyeon now!!! woohooo

  19. Sonia St-Germain

    I want this to win Music Mondays so I am voting agan :D

  20. cinthia

    to be honest, i think the dance could be SO MUCH MORE than this. i mean, those people are the best ones in the industry, when it comes to dancing, there are some moves that are extremely hard to follow, but the rest is just meh. still, it’s a great song and a great vid, but i still think there are lots more to show.

  21. Aubrey Marie

    They definitely need to release a dance only video for this song….. unless they already have and I’ve just been oblivious to it…… I MUST learn and cover the dance!!!!!

  22. ryuuseisoul

    K, can someone tell me how this voting system works? How is Younique Unit – Maxstep in first place when BAP – Stop it is clearly higher in votes in all categories?

    • sasha092398

      well, the charts are calculated not only by votes, but by days as well. So if video X has 30 votes in three days, it will be below video Y which has 25 votes in 2 days. It divides the total votes per total days the video has been out, so you could say that video X has an average of 3 votes per day while video Y has an average of 12.5 votes per day. Therefore, video Y must be more popular. This is the case with BAP and Maxstep. Stop It was put on the charts earlier than Maxstep, so it is lower on the charts.

    • Hi there. The charts are calculated with a mathematical algorithm. For the first 8 days, 100% of the points are counted. After that, the percentage drops. At the moment Maxstep has been on the charts for 9 days and 90% of the votes are counted. B.A.P has been on for 17 days and only 40% of the votes are counted. They are a few thousand points behind really because of the percentage of decay.

      If you have any questions, just ask and a mod or a nice Nasty will help.


    • bap s video it’s older


  24. Emily D.
    Emily D.

    Come on, let’s vote for the ultimate mishmash of K-pop stars mwuhahahahahahaha XD

  25. ik its promoting hyundai but why would u put car sounds in a music video didnt they use the car they showed it like twice or something or is that not it

    • JustDense

      I think you are answering to me right?
      If it is the case, I said that because sometimes SM puts random car sounds or cheesy sound effects that just make the video seem not-so-proffesional.
      I was kinda joking with that.

  26. this the dream team this song is amazing the dancing is awesome overall smtown you should do this more often vote for this song

  27. JustDense

    You know what I find silly on this song?

    It has no FREAKING CAR SOUNDS. It is a song made for the specifical purpose of promoting Hyundai. Hyundai makes cars. Where are the car sounds SM ENTERTAINMENT, WHERE?!?!?!

  28. OMG!!! Simon & Martina.. you got to make a review for this… its daebak!!!

  29. I was just slightly disappointed that dancing wasn’t the main focus of the vid. I mean, I kind of wanted a dance version XD;;;

    HEY THEY BE DANCING MACHINES. MIGHT AS WELL. But it was a typical SM video D:. And I barely saw the car. Only when Tae was driving…it….?


  30. diamond22

    Can’t stop listening this song:) really, it’s kinda catchy~

  31. Lovess Kpop

    Just because i can’t wait to see what you guys will do about the embedded ads that wont disappear. The ads of doom have RETURNED, haunting yet ANOTHER sm music video ;)

    • Hey there, just a tip about commenting here on the charts. You need to keep your comment about the video or the artist. A comment like this is supportive, yes, but it says nothing about the video itself and would be considered spam, and deleted. Try to have comments that encourage conversation about the group or artist. Like for example, this unit is a supergroup of dancers, who else could have been added to this group?


      • omg Natz,,you became the mod? since when? but good luck :)kekek

        and hmm TKIR: the mv is okay for me i like it but the song some parts i like it but some uhmm i think its just too noisy!!thats what i think..hahha so don’t kill me :)

        • Natz

          Hahah too noisy. Dub step does have that kind of vibe. I think of it as Transformers music. Optimus Prime could so boogie down to some Dubstep.

          I got added to the crew on the same night/ day Obama was reelected, so not too long. Thanks for the good wishes.

  32. Still at the top, loving this song so much, hyoyeon is the greatest! Can’t wait until it’s reviewed!

  33. This vote is for HYOYEON, KAI, LUHAN and TAEMIN !!!
    This song was great and i love that dance … :)

  34. I’m curious who every ones favorite is this video, like which one is your favorite dancer , favorite singer or best looking???

    • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

      I guess Taemin since he is only one from a group I actually like lol.

    • JustDense

      Mine… let’s see… I think it’s Henry, specially because it’s been a lot since he appeared on a music video (and I missed his cute face), and gosh, he impressed me with that Changmin-ish high note.

    • unicornsgalaxy

      I”m going with Henry or Eunhyuk. Henry because I wanna shrink him down and put him in my pocket (he’s just such a little cutie), plus you never see him promoting in S. Korea (he’s mostly in China).

      Then Eunhyuk, because I don’t know…he is really charismatic and a good dancer.

    • Even though I’ve never gotten into SuJu as a band, I love watching them on variety shows because they are hilarious. Eunhyuk is a favorite of mine for this reason, plus he’s a good dancer, and, whatever Korean people seem to think, I think he’s good looking.

      Kai is a dancing machine, enough said :) So is Luhan, though I do think his dance style is a bit less aggressive than this MV calls for. (Style-wise, he suffers from those poodle-curls for half the MV.) I love Exo’s What Is Love, so he caught my attention as a vocalist way back in January.

      I haven’t seen that much of Taemin before, but from what I have seen, he seems to have a sweet, modest personality. I really liked him when he was on Shinhwa Broadcast. Also, him and Kai are friends, which is just cute (like a pile of puppies).

        • jas24

          Wow, ELFs can be crazy. I just read that they’re even writing a petition against IU. I don’t know too much about IU, but just from the shows I’ve seen her in, she seems all right (not haughty or spoiled like some I could name), so if Eunhyuk wants to date her, she’s not a bad choice. I doubt we’ll get a confirmation that they are dating, though, even if they actually are dating, and not just because the companies will want to keep it quiet. Eunhyuk himself (on an episode of Oh My School) said that if he was dating someone, he’d never reveal it because it would be hurtful to the fans. In my opinion, real fans don’t leave you just because you decide to date somebody like any other normal human being, so I don’t think he should consider publicly dating an act of betrayal, and I don’t think he should have to shoulder the burden of however many teenage girl crushes, but I guess he doesn’t feel that way.

        • jas24

          Yeah, that’s her famous 3-octave high note. As you know, I don’t follow that many female singers, but IU is so big that there’s no way I could have missed her considering all the Korean shows I watch. She’s earned the appellation “National” or “Nation’s ~”, like Yoo Jae Suk is the Nation’s MC; she’s the Nation’s Little Sister, like Moon Geun Young before her.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          I probably have already lol, I’ve watched more of them than I have not.

          (lol I thought u were saying u didn’t know anything about her…)

        • jas24

          I discovered Running Man in about April of this of year, and boy did it suck up a huge chunk of my time. I’d get home and the first thing I’d want to do was watch another old episode. I eventually went back to episode 1 and watched everything in order all the way to the present. That’s a lot of hours, but it’s just such a good show. Question: Is there anyone you’d like to see added to the permanent cast?

          Regarding IU: Not know as in I haven’t ever looked her music up, or sought out her performances, or watched a program solely because she was a guest. But because of programs like Running Man and Strong Heart I got a feel for her personality, and of course they always mention her signature high note and her title. Plus, you can see the way the other guests act around her.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Yeah I started watching it soon after I got into K-Pop because I saw Lizzy was on it. So I watched her episodes and liked the rest of the cast enough to watch a few w/o her and then I’ve watched most of them now and watch every new episode when it is subbed.
          Two people the past few weeks said they’d like to be permanents and they both were actually decent at the games so I’d be ok w/ that even tho idk either of them.
          Big Bang episode was great. I just want Lizzy to come back for an episode or all of After School (they were supposed to be on an episode but plans changed). Uee and Lizzy have been on, Lizzy was a temp perm lol and Nana and Raina were on an episode for a few minutes.
          I like guests that are funny or are actually good. Otherwise it’s like they’re just… there.

        • jas24

          One of those guests that said they’d like to be a permanent member is Ji Jin Hee :D (See the aforementioned episodes 76 and 77) He’s a top A-list actor. The juxtaposition between his serious actor mien and his adorkableness on Running Man just kills me. I’d love it if he was permanent. He’s competitive, but not single-mindedly so; he doesn’t forget that it’s also a variety show. Sadly, I doubt it would ever really happen because he’s just such a big movie and drama star and constantly working.

          My favorite part of the BB episode was how embarrassed they all were to say the summoning incantation over the rings, lol.

          I agree: Guests that are just there are not entertaining. I especially like the ones that decide to temporarily put down their image for the sake of the show and loosen up to surrender to the funny. Or the older male guests who are buddies with Suk Jin and Jae Suk. The most entertaining female guests are the ones that actually try to participate. Sometimes you get one that doesn’t seem to want to break a sweat (or a nail).

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Unfortunately Lizzy didn’t seem to do much during the name tag ripping parts at the end but she was pretty funny and it seemed like she did better the 1st few episodes she was in.

          I think the ones she was in are about two years old now tho so she was only 17-18, now that she’s older they should have her back for an episode. Supposedly I think I heard they said Lizzy and Song Joong Ki were welcome whenever they wanted so I guess she just hasn’t wanted to come back on, idk.

        • unicornsgalaxy

          Did you read Loen’s response to it? Worst cover-up ever! Like even worse than Watergate!

          Eunhyuk, you go on with your bad self! :)

        • jas24

          What a fail -_-
          Like I said, even if the companies themselves weren’t trying to cover it up, Eunhyuk would do it himself. Apparently he left the “how” and the “why” up to the company reps, though, lol. I can’t wait for SM to issue their version *rubs hands together in anticipation*

        • unicornsgalaxy

          Maybe SM is over talking to papa YG and getting some advice right now…cause you know papa YG is the Boss at “nothing happened”! ;)

        • jas24

          With Seungri in your stable of artists, you can’t help but learn some tricks ;)
          EDIT: I in no way meant any defamation of Seungri’s character. BB fangirls, please don’t hurt me, I like him too, I swear.

        • unicornsgalaxy

          nice caveat there. :)

          But really what more can SM say? If they go with a different story then it just makes things even more suspicious looking!

          This makes it much clearer…Loen’s story is much more believable now!

        • jas24

          Nice drawing. Loen should have said that Eunhyuk was the sick one, ha.

          Poor IU and Eunhyuk. The media and the netizens are going to be roasting them over the coals for this for who knows how long. Being an idol comes with a lot of cons.

        • unicornsgalaxy

          Yeah I laughed when I saw that (the drawing wasn’t mine…I can barely draw stick figures).

          I feel bad cause IU is going to get the brunt of the criticism… Personally I couldn’t care less if she had a fever from the flu or from a little bit of “bow chicka wow wow”.

        • Natz

          Somebody said Seungri? Where?

          Hahaha. I love Seungri and the fact that he is known to be a bit of a perve. However you are right about the Seungri fangirls. I have seen them wail and gnash their teeth at any semblance of impugning his character. Poor Panda, he is just trying to be a ‘Strong Baby’. I love how the others constantly out him for being a ladies man. Honestly once the members of his group are still joking about it I figure that they are ok, and they are keeping him in line.

          Oh, wow, this is off topic… You were originally talking about Eunhyuk and IU’s dating rumours right? Yep it always wows me how these guys have to hide and date. IU seems like an ok girl and it seems like everyone wants to date her.

        • MG

          IU seems very cute, sweet, pretty and Innocent. I can see why there might be a lot of Idol’s wanting to date her. I just can’t wrap my mind around what the big deal is if an Idol or actor is dating in Korea. I think she’d make a better couple with Taemin.

      • awe cute that’s a great description “a pile of puppies”.

  35. So since Both Henry and Eunhyuk are wearing boxing gloves if they were to box each other who do you think would win? And if not in a boxing match how about a dance off?

  36. CyntiMinti

    I really hope this gets reviewed because it’s like the best music video ever made!! Many people are gonna watch this (Shawols, Exotics, Strings, ELFs, Sones xD)

  37. I really hope this gets reviewed because it’s like the best music video ever made!! Many people are gonna watch this (Shawols, Exotics, Strings, ELFs, Sones xD)

  38. interisting mix indeed. it’s nice to see henry again. I don’t know why I haven’t seen him in a while :(

  39. PunkyPrincess92

    yay! i hope this awesomeness get’s reviewed!!!
    i’m SO confused though!!! is Hyoyeon saying ‘throw it in the air’ or ‘growling in the air’?
    cos since i first heard it i always thought she said ‘throw it’ and have been constantly singing that….but when i looked up the lyrics some said ‘growling’…..

    it still sounds like ‘throw it’ to me though!

  40. I’m voting mainly for Eunhyuk and Taemin lol but it seems like everyone likes this for their favorite member. wise move, SM Entertainment, wise move…

  41. can i ask a favor for the people who are voting for this video if maxstep wins the KMM can u plzzzzz vote for boyfriends janus i want it to win badly and simon and martina never did a KMM on boyfriend
    I know this has nothing to do with this song but i really want boyfriend to win :(
    I am really sorry if a bothered u or something :)
    good luck !

  42. Marisa simpson

    I really hope we can get this to win this weeks k-pop mondys! Lets keep it up everyone!! On another note, someone mentioned that some of the dance moves mirrors driving a car. And they’re totally right. I didn’t realize that til they mentioned it. And I do love how they introduced Hyoyeon in the vid. She’s absolutely stunning. I think it would have been cooler if they hinted that she was there throughout the MV. But i’m not complaining. lol. And the guys did a great job. Taemin’s so grown upp ;-; Anyways, VOTE!

  43. I’m really curious to see what their English score is. One one hand, there’s Henry’s flawless English, but then there’s “Growling in the air”. What does that even mean? Lol

  44. Apparently BAP is pretty close to this song so we have to try harder to keep it up.

    Is the statue between Henry and Eunhyuk a gorilla…?

  45. I love LOVE the clothes they’re wearing. The colour coordination, all of it!! They look amazing.

  46. I’d rather Simon and Martina review Hyuna’s ICECREAM than this Bullsh*t

    • unicornsgalaxy

      Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but there is no reason to come to this video and try to incite fan wars and conflicts. Please don’t bash other groups on the charts. If you want Hyuna’s Ice Cream to win, go to that video and vote and comment relevant comments about the video.

      I personally think that some of the best reviews that Simon and Martina make are when they have little to work with in the video itself. It allows their creative juices to flow and I’m sure that they will come up with something hilarious for this video if it wins.

      • are you blind or something? I don’t bash anyone, I said the MV and the song are Bullshit, that’s all

        • Natz

          Ok, you are entitled to your opinion but please remember to keep your tone civil. A comment like this is inflammatory. If you want to comment about what you do not like about this video, give examples of why you think so to validate your opinion. Otherwise a comment like the one above would be considered spam, and would be deleted.


        • MG

          They could wear really shiny bright clothes in a equally bright lit room so bright that S&M just blend into to the back ground so well that they disappear while mimicking the dance steps.

    • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

      Then get out of here!
      Thanks for the points though!!!


  48. Elfish95

    Please, let’s keep voting for this! It deserves a review! <3

  49. Syahindah Hamzah


  50. Lauran Ostberg

    At first I saw this and didn’t realize it was comprised of all these kpop stars. I just thought wow, a great new group… I love how this is almost dubstep in a way…I could be totally wrong, but that is what it sounds like. I really love this song. I do think a kpop group should come out that was dubstep(if there is let me know)….for example: ChiChi’s song Love Energy had a dubstep part, which i liked a lot. Anyways have a great day, or night!

  51. NOTE: I LOVE SM. Yeah. Love the dancing, love the concept, but seriously, this is just an sponsored overproduction jam-packed with SM’s best dancers. It doesn’t feel like the music has any of the individual artists’ touches.

  52. my bias forever KIM HYOYEON the GORGEOUS DANCING QUEEN>333

  53. I like hyoyeon but I think I would like younique more if it was just the guys…I guess I’m just more used to all boy and all girl groups.

  54. I love when Hyoyeon Rap part but I notice she has a little bit of a hard time Keeping up with the boys foot work during the dancing.

  55. kelkelbunny

    i love hyoyeon in this video!!!!!

  56. OMG!!!! We need this on music monday!!!!

  57. Lexi_Lee

    Luhan sounds a little like Infinite’s Sungyeol, without the lisp.
    I freaking love Hyoyeon. It kind of makes me disappointed when I look in SNSD videos and see people comment that she’s ugly. I think she’s really pretty, and so super talented. People are just blind. And I’m not even a SONE.

  58. This is one of the best songs I’ve heard in awhile!! I love this song so much!
    Also, is it just me, or does the guy sitting on all the gold bars at the end of the song resemble Guu Joon Pyo from BOF very strongly?

  59. Yixiing

    I love this song. I love the beat & everything. But, there’s really nothing to discuss about this song. All you basically see is idols in bright rooms, dancing. That’s it. I love Taemin, Henry, Luhan, Eunhyuk, Kai & Hyoyeon. SM does these kinds of videos all the time, & it’s too predictable.

    • Well I noticed Eunhyuk is wearing boxing gloves wrapped around his neck, and I think he looks good with the red streak in his hair and I love his coat. Also I just noticed some of Kai’s gold bars are shaped into car speakers. All I can come up with right now , lol.

    • and S&M always come up with some hilarious story for these kind of videos! Look at Lee Hi’s 1234 and GD’s latest videos, so overdone and flashy. Don’t you think YG’s getting a little too predictable.

      • how is it over done? They are telling you a story behind the words to their song. You might not like them but at least they spend some money and creativity in creating their videos. It’s great to show of you dancing skills too in a video but why does it have to be in a box? Spend some money SM your artists deserve it. I’d actually like to have seen this Unit dancing in the sets that Lee Hi had in her video they were awesome.

    • Hey there. Just letting you know since you are a first time commenter that all comments have to say something about the video. One word comments like this would be considered spam and would be deleted. You can edit your comment and say something specific about this video and why you are voting for it. For example: This video is great because it is a co-Ed group of awesome dancers.

      • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

        Hahaha, isn’t it fun being a mod?!

      • Whoa there! Heyhey fellow mod! Welcome to the club^^

        tkir: Honestly, what are they going to talk about in the video? Sorry, but I actually like nothing about this one.

        • Natz

          * waves* I am the newest addition to the crew. Thanks for the welcome. Hope I solve more problems than I create. :-p

          TKIR: I honestly watched it once. Errr… They can talk about…. Coed units? Since they are rare? And the gigantic monkey statue? Look I have no clue. I am glad it is them and not I that have to create something for this.

        • MG

          They could wear really bright clothes in an equally really bright lit room so bright that Simon and Martina just blend into the back ground so well that they disappear while mimicking the dance steps.

  60. Henry is going to make this group so awesome, I swear. I mean, they’re all awesome individually, but my love for Henry won’t let me say anything else. Is that really him screaming at around 3:07?! I’ve never heard him do high notes like that before. *swoon*

    And Eunhyuk’s Key-like hair is so epic I can’t take it.

  61. AdenPark

    Let’s get this. I actually like the song but I don’t like the MV. It kind of sucks and cheap looking and not forgetting….SM artist in a box….again and some standing in something smaller than a box….a cage…that lights up…but at least they have nice blingy thrones. /shrugs

    • agree for the dance. There is here ones of the best dancers from these days so I was expecting something more badass.

    • lokifairy

      for SM this is a really bad choreo :/

    • The video is perfectly fine for a collab, the dance is great for the style of music. How about you just give up listening to kpop? Stop whinging.

      • AdenPark

        You must be a whiny little ryarli to accuse a person you DONT KNOW to be whinging.

        Do I sound like i’m whiny? I only stated my oppinion. And it’s obvious that i’m not alone in them.
        You really commented in the wrong timing cause I really want to curse at you but I won’t cause i’m that nice.

        Seriously. Who are you to ask me -rudely that is- to stop listening to Kpop? Are you my friend? Nope. Are you god? Nope. Are you…….no…you’re just….no one.

        Have a nice day. ^^ hehe

  62. OMG…. Taemin’s fierce look before I even click play is just… O_O *joygasm*

  63. MidnightEkaki

    I love this MV but… there isn’t much to talk about for K-pop Mondays? I think many people vote for an MV without thinking about whether it’s actually worth reviewing : I don’t think S&M would really want to review it. Its just dancing…

    • Agreed. This isn’t much of a video to talk about. :/

    • I guess so. They did beg us to vote for Ice Cream, after all.

      But for me, I don’t want to see them cringe and lament about B.A.P. just because it’s aegyo-y, and I don’t like Hyuna’s Ice Cream AT ALL, so I’d rather have Younique voted in, since it has a good chance of winning. Besides, I guess they could talk about the group itself in addition to their MV, since this is their debut. They’re all great dancers and it’s even co-ed, which is super unusual for a K-pop group.

  64. I really like this song and it’s a great collaboration song for SMTOWN! However, I’m not sure whether or not I got my hopes up too high, but I felt like the video was a letdown… I thought it was a bit too speedy and the shots weren’t that great… Some parts of the dance were a bit discombobulating and out-of-sync… PLEASE DON’T KILL ME!

    • I agree with everything you said great song and collaboration but I feel the choreography was all over the place and they didn’t focus on them enough dancing and even the close ups were shot to fast.

      • We lost out on shots of them dancing because they wanted to focus on close-ups, but the close-ups go by so fast I barely get a grip on who I’m looking at before it changes again (and I’m used to recognizing four of the members).

        • MG

          yes it’s like one shot took away from another and left you unsatisfied. But I guess I want it all. I want to get a good look at them and still see great dancing.

        • jas24

          I’m still hoping they’ll release a dance practice video. Maybe then the choreography won’t seem as underwhelming as it does in the MV. Which is just sad since these are some of SM’s top dancers and I really want to see them do some kick-ass dancing.

        • MG

          Yes that would be great, even a practice video would be nice.

  65. mangalene

    Woo I hope this wins :3


  67. Yes we’ve got the number 1# spot, just got to keep it for 3 more days! Come one guys get voting!

  68. Candice Chu
    Candice Chu

    all my favourite sm folk! is this heaven??

  69. Carolforlife

    I don’t even like this song that much but the dancing is pretty cool. lol :)

  70. Need. To. Get. This. Reviewed!!!!

  71. ryuuseisoul

    Whoa first place already! Sweet; my short term dream of watching this video get torn apart will come true :D

  72. NANAandLIZZYfanatic

    #1 now, woot!

  73. plzz vote for Younique maxstep come one Shawols, Exotics, Sones, Strings/Elves keep them in first pleace intill next monday

  74. Taylor Wang


  75. kelkelbunny

    hopefully they win !!!!!!

    • Hey there, a tip to help them win while using your commenting power is to speak about something related to the video or artist to encourage conversation, example: hyoyeon is a great dancer and it would have been awesome if they had used her throughout the video instead of just at the end.

  76. unicornsgalaxy

    Want to share some of my favorite clips of Henry and Eunhyuk (so happy cause you hardly ever see Henry!) These are from a Strong Heart Episode…(plus it has the added bonus of GD & Seungri (Big Bang), and Dongwan (Shinhwa!!!!!!).

    1st clip:

    2nd clip:

    Henry was really cute in this especially talking about the first time meeting SuJu and learning Hangul from them.

  77. keep voting for this awesome that is this music video. not sure what S&M will talk about but i’m sure they’ll find something.

  78. unicornsgalaxy

    So I love the little dance solo thingy that Taemin does at around 2:16 …but why don’t the others have one too?

  79. i continue my opinion that there should have been one more person involved in this MV. I think that it would have helped Hyoyeon stand out more because she’d actually be in the middle, with 3 on both sides and not 3 on one side and 2 on the other side.

    • Hmm, I hadn’t thought of that, but you’re right. It would be more balanced. Who would you have added?

      • After talking with a bunch of people, I can now only say that it would have been nice to have someone from f(x). I REALLY would have liked Amber, since she has the boyish and so could wear white like the guys without people thinking that it looks off or what ever and I think she would have done the rap better.
        On the other hand, I’ve also heard that Luna would have made a decent addition and Victoria would have made an awesome addition. But I don’t know enough about the two that say “No. You’re wrong.”
        I still think Amber should have been in it though.

        • BlackHunnie

          but i also think that its not really amber’s forte, i know she can dance but can she keep up with these dancing machines..?
          i would prefer Luna but it will be hard for two girls to share spotlights you know and may create wars because of comparison…

          maybe they put Hyoyeon, the only female, to catch more attention because, one girl to stun and be surrounded by hot guys.. and shes a dancing queen…trained with guys and learned many types of dances so maybe, SM think she would suit here the most..


  80. Hands up in the air! MAX STEPPPP, can’t get enough of this song! So good!

  81. I’m voting for Younique!

    • Hey there, just a friendly tip about commenting on the charts. It is usually good to say something specific about the video, or artists that you like or don’t like. Comments that don’t speak about the video are considered spam and will be deleted. Thanks for commenting. I know it can be confusing sometimes but just ask a questions and one of the mods ( or the super friendly Nasties) will help you out.

  82. BlackHunnie

    KIM HYOYEON <3 The Boss!



  83. I’m a String/ELF (Also a Shawol and a bit of an EXOtic, but not really a S<3ne) and so glad Henry is finally getting some more recognition; he deserves it! Let's get this video for next week's KMM!!!! :D

  84. Im voting for my bias <3 Hyoyeon *0* she is a dancing queen and she has a bauty infinite <3 *0*



  86. BlackHunnie

    it is said that Maxstep will be performedn in SMTown Jakarta.. arrghh…. so JEALOUS!!

    HyoHyuk <3 HyoKai <3

  87. Gosh I can’t get enough of Max Step, over and over again it gets me every time!

  88. Amazing!! to be honest…i kinda hoped to see BOA there too… but still awesome

  89. Loveeeee this group!!! =D voting everyday!!

  90. I swear Henry in this video literaly almost gave me a nose bleed!!

  91. xxSilverEchoxx

    Anything that remotely relates to Taemin I support. <3 Shawol for life!

  92. Odeteee

    Just voted for this :D Awesome song, awesome people, awesome dance :D

    But I can imagine this video will be pretty hard to review as nothing is happening in the video, save for dancing xD

    • unicornsgalaxy

      Mmmm…Idk…Simon and Martina are pretty creative. I bet they will have lots to say about all the different artists from the different groups coming together to create a song like this. I know SMEnt does something like that every year in the winter (at least I think they used to) but that is with every artist I think. Plus they will have a lot to work with with the dance.

      And I’m sure they will come up with some really funny skits! :)

  93. Vote vote vote VOTE!!! Gosh they’re all my biases.

  94. Savannah Spencer


  95. this was so awesome it has to win this week! =]

  96. if this gets reviewed, half of it will be about the dancing…i think…

    Holy crap SM… did you… did you just have an english phrase that made sense????!!!???

  98. MAXSTEP HAS to be the next video to be reviewed! <3 all the lovers of this MV fighting =)

  99. EunHyuk, my bias <3 SUJU's dance machine, oh yeah, you are so awesome <3

  100. Hyoyeon <3 <3 <3 U are the BEST!!! go dancing queen <3

  101. this is one badass song song and danceeeee.

  102. can this still be reviewed in next MM?

    • unicornsgalaxy

      For next week’s KMM? Yep, but at around day 8 that a video is in the charts it starts loosing a percentage of it’s points (that will be in about 2 days for this video). So we will need to work extra hard at voting (can vote once a day per ip address), sharing (share on FB and Google once only), tweeting (not sure of the time period for tweets), and commenting (comments must be relevant to the video/song/artists). Don’t be discouraged though. It’s been done many times where an artist won even with the point deduction.

      It may be just cause I love Eunhyuk, Henry, and Taemin, but I would so love to see this get Simon could wear his Sombrero finally!

  103. KPOP LUVA


  104. SM best dances all in one mv. i find that amazing.
    Keep voting :)

  105. Kai’s scream at 0:29 scared me o.o but Henry’s at 3:08 was cute >.< lol

  106. I’m very interested in what Simon and Martina will say about this video ^.^ so keep voting ya’ll!

  107. proudexotic

    EVERY SMTOWNER IS VOTING so epic,we are one now. Guys don’t forget to vote for SM artist on MAMA awards please vote every day and search on DAUM and NAVER .


  108. a votarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • unicornsgalaxy

      Hi Ale! It looks like you are new to the EYK comments. Just as an FYI, we have some lovely mods that come around and delete out all spam since comments also count as points. In order to not be considered spam, your comment must be relevant to the video and/or artist. Also comments that have repeated letters are a pretty good indication of spam. You can edit your comments though. Post something about the video or song or ask a question.

      For instance, what did you think about the choreography? A lot of people are slightly disappointed in it because these are some of the best dancers in SMEnt but it seems like the choreography isn’t as awesome as we were expecting.

      • (I’m so tempted to reply to “Ale” with “Oh. What’s that in the distance? I think it a gigantic hammer…. Oh God! RUN!!! It’s an EPIC BAN HAMMER!!!!!.” but it feels kind of mean and I don’t know if that person would get it… :/ )

        TKIR: ummm….. SM should continue with this trend of having English phrases that make sense *cough*andspelledright*cough* Maybe Henry helped!

  109. :) hyooooooooooooooooooo

  110. Hyo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  111. Yana Rodriguez


  112. David Kamal

    omg i love this song so much <3 :) it grows on me more and more everyday, when this song comes i am just waiting for the part 'This is specialist HY' <3 they all are great i just love Hyo here, but everything is great (not saying that it couldn't be better :P i mean seriously i think they are the best dancers out there :P they could have got a more difficult choreography but not complaining i love them)

  113. We have to keep voting another week guys!!!
    ELFs, SHAWOLs, Exotics, SONEs….UNITE!!!!!!!

  114. Mariliini

    Ah, so much awesomnes. I know it’s just another in-a-box video, but I really want to hear what Simon & Martina have to say about this. Soy Un Dorito!

  115. I love this video and i think its a really great song. However i don’t even get why Hyoyeon is in it. She is just added randomly. I think they should have brought her in at the beginning. Other wise i really hope that this group stays and i hope that SM uses Hyoyeon more effectually. Because i think she is just placed in the video so randomally. I really like that Henry is in this video because he is never seen. I think the group is also better then any SM group they have. All the singers really go will together

  116. Seelahh

    makes me sad to see such low views! why isnt everyone joining up watching the heck outta this mv! am i the only one!?

  117. Seelahh

    i really really want them to review this!!!!!!!!

  118. ryuuseisoul

    I look away for 2 days, and when I look back, Maxstep jumps from 6th place to 3rd place.

  119. MrsKpop

    Luhan, why are you so angry ??

  120. LunaRoseValentine

    It’s like someone took my biases and put them all in one group! Love!

  121. HANDS UP IN THE AIR! HAGGU HAGGU MACHI HADA! Oh how I love my fake Korean~ :) Great song!

  122. Can’t help it: I spy Key hair. XD

  123. kirsten

    Honestly not too sure what Simon and Martina will be able to say about this… but the song and the dance are SO amazing, and this is the first new thing Exotics have had of Exo since their debut… so I hope it gets reviewed… but it’s lagging on the charts so i don’t think it will make it. Especially since it looks like b1a4 is going to comeback next week.

    • unicornsgalaxy

      I”m sure Simon and Martina will find lots to say about this video if it gets reviewed. All these different people from different groups coming together to make a song will provide enough for them on its own. Yeah, there isn’t as much going on as there is in some other videos, but S & M worked with a lot less and made good KMMs (Spy was one of my favorite KMMs and they didn’t have much to work with on there). It would be good to hear what they think about all the different people combining though.

    • Apparently Boyfriend has something coming out this week (?) too. And from the teaser, it’s not one of their usual cutesy MVs.

  124. Like the dance, not really certain I like Eunhyuks hair though.

  125. maknaegirl

    I love the people in this mv

  126. Everyone keep voting for this awesome song!!!

  127. Katelyn Lemron


  128. Emily Tran


  129. MyForeverPeace

    I love this song!!! I was doing math homework and humming this at the same time LOL

  130. SparkolZ

    I really hope they get a chance to get reviewed :(

  131. Megan Palomo

    and hyukjae

  132. disqus_5USJXBlqMT

    Hope this isn’t just a temporary sub group meant to just advertise the cars. SM should take this golden opportunity to do something special. I mean, so far there’s no sub group that has members from different groups. Hope they do more stuff like this in the future :)

    • Me too!! Though, it’s more like a collab group rather than a “sub” group, because they’re not from the same group. Just saying (don’t kill me!)
      But I do agree with you, I really like how they put together this pretty amazing group, though, if I’m going to honest I really wish Amber and Key were in this. At least Amber, because there isn’t an f(x) member.
      I’ve also read a bunch of people that think Victoria would have been a good one to put in the group too, but I can’t really say anything for or against that because Amber’s my bias and I don’t know much about Victoria.

  133. layimnida

    I want them to review this so bad~~! It’d be so cool if they interviewed a mixed (in several ways) group! ><

  134. Shooster

    I’ve been listening to this NON-STOP– it’s ridiculous. They just sound so good,

  135. Melissa E

    all my feels for smtown <3

    luhan and henry really stepped it up as chinese kpop stars :) saooo proud

  136. let this get reviewed <3 love it soo much but wish f(x) was included too(theyre so underrated) :C they ARE part of SMtown family too </3 anyways imma keep voting everyday c:

  137. Jelly Kelly

    AWESOME MUSIC VIDEO. amazing. i mean really, the dancing is so freaking cool! i just wanna dieeeeeeee. just kidding hehe

  138. I actually really love the song/dance. It is really nice and fresh :]

  139. I SO LOVE THIS VIDEO! They’re all great dancers, though Hyuk’s the best, but it’s just awesome! I’m so happy for Hyoyeon to get her chance to shine a little, she’s so beautiful!

  140. disqus_Woz3vqa8bk

    SMent.Y U have awesome project?!?!?!
    you got me fangirling for Taemin when he was in SHINee and now…I take Fangirlling to a whole new level!It’s a perfect combo in the mv!I was fangirling in every milli second!

  141. disqus_Woz3vqa8bk

    Me:Dude you gotta check this out
    My cousin:woah!Asian Nicki Minaj!
    Me:And you call yourself a GG fan *shakes head*
    my cousin:She isn’t in SNSD!I know all the members names and looks and she’s not apart of them
    Me:Babo!That’s Hyoyeon,you know!Your Bias!
    my cousin:That’s her?Daym_____!

  142. disqus_Woz3vqa8bk

    OMG TAEMIN!!!!’

  143. It seems that many people didn’t like Hyoyeon’s rap, but i really liked it, especially the first line. But after the second line, the rap started getting too fast to fit in perfectly. Also, i love the way they show hyoyeon entering. Its shot from different angles so she’s always the center!

    • I don’t know. It’s not so much that I didn’t like her rapping, but with her voice that note (?) it just seemed out of place and random to me. It might have worked better in like, another song or something. I feel like it would have been better if Amber was in this and did that rap part. Besides, having the extra girl would have had put Hyoyeon more in the middle.
      Amber with her boyish girl image could have worn white like the guys and then Hyoyeon would have been in the exact middle with 3 on both sides, rather than 2 on one side and 3 on the other.

  144. unicornsgalaxy

    So here’s a pretty fair review of the video. I’m glad that I wasn’t the only one who thought that the best individual shots were the ones with Eunhyuk and Henry. (I thought my semi-bias was showing)

    • “My biggest fear was that the editing would diminish enjoyment of the dancing, and this did occur.”
      I found this to be true as well. Too many close-ups that detracted from the dancing. If you’ve got that many of SM’s best dancers, please let us see them dance! I’m hoping they might release a dance practice video.
      Also, as the Seoulbeat’s review also mentioned, the choreography seemed a bit recycled. *sigh* SM, you create one of the best Frankenstein dance groups and you don’t splurge for unique choreography? foea;fioefn;ekjn <— Yeah, that's how disappointed I am when I think of what could have been.

      • unicornsgalaxy

        I know! There were some cool parts to the dance, like that whole gear shift move and when Henry does his “shift it into drive thing”, but for the most part it wasn’t what it could have been…and even though I’ve grown used to it and kinda like it now, that wierd backwards suffle is just wierd!

  145. Taemin looks like such a man here! I love it :D

  146. I know SM don’t like it when….SM (huh) put their artists in oddly lit white rooms for the whole song. No plot or anything. But in this case, it really makes sense. The point is their dancing, and that’s all. A plot would….kinda get in the way of that. So while it really annoys me when SJ or SNSD have another MV where they just stay in one room the whole time, I think it’s justified here.

    • Barry Adams

      The funny thing is, SM sometimes puts out a Dance version and a Story version. The only difference is that the Story version will have some close-ups intermixed with the dancing in a box version.

  147. diamond22

    i like the song and the dance a lot, and OHMYGOD why so perfect, Hyukjae?:DD HyoHyuk <3 too

  148. I love this . The Song. Their dance ! ♥

  149. i still feel like f(x) should have been included in some way here

  150. disqus_Woz3vqa8bk

    Now I get it…ot’s a project under SM.Well now that I get I will use these few minute to fan girl.

    Omo omo Omo!Taemin-sshi Saraghae!*makes a heart with hands* Taemin-sshi!*hold a banner that says,’Saranghae!’*

  151. disqus_Woz3vqa8bk

    Oh wait…maybe it’s because he’s featuring or because of his sick dances

  152. disqus_Woz3vqa8bk

    0:25 Taemin?!What’re you doin’ here?!Aren’t you in SHINee?Don’t tell me your too cute so they kicked you out!No,no,no,no,no,Minho thinks you ruin his image as ‘Aegyo King’ doesn’t he?

  153. lol the maknae is on a golden throne

  154. this video is amazing

  155. oh my god!! Hyoyeon freakin’ cool in this maxstep mv

  156. c’mon all fangroups let’s do this!!!!!

  157. i love how hyoyeon is d climax of this mv

  158. We need to spread the word about this on videos! I’m really curious and interested about this review :D

  159. sharon li

    <3 Must have music monday on thisss! Was sad that TVXQ just missed out and i'm am determined to get this to number 1 lolz vote vote vote

  160. Junmyeons

    Thi should be review after 1234 :3 BEST BEST ^___^

  161. Okay, so Taemin is my ultimate ultimate bias. But when they did the close ups of his face, I was like “go away, I want to see you dance!!” Only time that will ever happen, in my entire life. It takes a lot for me to say no to Taemin’s face

  162. i’m really happy this video made it up to 4th place, finally!! after being in 6th place for so long, i was starting to wonder where all the SM fans (ELFs, SONEs, Shawols, and EXOTICs) were. We still need to do quite a bit of voting to get this up to 1st place next week, but since Ice Cream and Stop It are pretty old by now we should be able to win!

    {the curse of the 6th place song}:
    Personally i feel that on EYK any video that stays on #6 for a day or longer never gets voted in as #1 even though they may get as close as #2 or even #1 for a while before some other video comes through and wins. (for example, T-ara’s Sexy Love or Orange Caramel’s Lipstick) But i’d say this song has a pretty good chance of winning next week! Let’s keep voting!

  163. SHINeeGirl101


  164. I want this to be reviewed badly, because it’s such a unique idea to be reviewed. It’s not a music video, but it’s a music video. It’s main focus, for the first time, is the dancing. Hwaiting Maxstep!

  165. Its got all the best dancers!! I love this sub-unit! :)

  166. totally buying this song on itunes!!

  167. Tiffany

    There is going to be a smtown on Nov 23rd. Hopefully they would perform this altogether. Because i am ready for the fancam videos to be up.


  169. Finally, Henry appeared! Even though their voices sound touched up too much, the song really makes me dance! I like the beat! :)

  170. Camila Carvallo

    yaaaaay~ <3 i love this song and dance and everythiiinggg!!

  171. Are we able to vote more than once cu i keep refreshing but the number doesnt change

  172. Are we able to vote more than once inkeep refreshing but the number doesnt seem to change

  173. OMFG HOW MANY TIMES CAN I LIKE THIS!!!??? I mean… FINALLY my dream has become true! I thought about this thing more than a year ago already! All the best dancers together in one dance group, consisting of EUNHYUK, Taemin, Henry, Kai, Luhan and Hyoyeon!! And they’re even named Younique, that’s a part of my name!!!

    Rap+dance+dubstep+eunhyuk= AWESOME

  174. okay so not only is my favorite two dancers Taemin and Eunhyuk in this but the new loves of my life Henry and KAI!!!!! Then there’s noona Hyo and Luhan who are also amazing!!!! For anyone that didn’t like this they are crazy!!!! <3

  175. I am SOOO glad no one is talking about how they’re in boxes, because WHO CARES. THEY ARE AWESOME WHEREVER THEY ARE!!!

  176. I open like 15 tabs just to vote for this video. Everyone vote!

  177. There’s so much to review with this song. SM delivers in that sense!

  178. If I could ‘Like’ this more than once, I would..,come on keep voting!

  179. Proud of them <3 this is why i am A Taemint, Shawol, Elf , Sone and Exotic Voting Everyday

  180. Sandeul Baro

    So is this band made up of people from all different bands? because i hear taemin is in this band???

  181. severely

    I like the MV for what it is: a chance to show off how great their dancers are.

    But I think I’d like to listen to the actual song more if it wasn’t so heavily processed. They have some really amazing singers in the group, but they don’t sound their best. (Hyoyeon sounds REALLY off in particular. I know she’s not the best singer in SNSD, but she isn’t that bad either.)

    • unicornsgalaxy

      I kinda agree… I wish the backing track was toned down a little. I mean it’s a pretty good sound but it can be a little gating and loud, especially at the end (at least for me).

      • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

        If it’s too loud then you’re too old!

        lol I don’t even rly know what ur talking bout. (On Disqus)

        • unicornsgalaxy

          Seriously dude!?! Did you eat a big bowl of stupid for breakfast? You do not call a chick OLD!!!

          I was talking about the heavy and loud backing track for the this video. On my laptop the sound just gets to me…but thinking about it, I’ll probably love it in my car with the bass turned up… yep might just be my laptop…

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          HAHAHA! Well in my defense… idk w/e lol. I just said if it’s too loud you’re too old, you can say it’s not loud and become not old again… (._.)

          Well it sounds pretty coolio on in my headphones on my ipod but yeah idk w/e lol.


  182. Martín José Luis Cistenas Mari


  183. this is amazing and I really wanna see you do this!

  184. Lorenzo Garcia
    Lorenzo Garcia

    Oh, I just noticed they were saying MAXSTEP……I thought it was MAX TIME 0.o

  185. summerdayseve

    Awesome dancers, I tell ya!

  186. Franci Lalala

    god they have to review this. is just pure glory!!!!

  187. It’s like… A MULTI PARADISE!!!! <3<3<3<3<3

  188. Bubbles

    refreshing the page and voting again doesn’t work is it? the vote count doesn’t seem to be increasing :(

    • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

      You can only vote once a day. You can FB like and G+ share once total, tweet once a day, and comment whenever you want (as long as it is on topic and not a bunch of one word posts).

  189. Bubbles

    love the song, dance and video so much! hope this gets to the top of EYK charts ><

  190. Love the song and dance and video so much! Hope this gets to the top of EYK charts ><

  191. starryhananite

    so many fandoms together because of this mv, please vote everyone no reason why we shouldnt win

  192. David Kamal

    The level of talent in this video is off the charts <3 :) :D

  193. y is this still on number six….!!!!

  194. I want to watch the awesome dancing but it’s a bit hard because they’re dressed mostly in white in front of mostly white backgrounds, and even when they aren’t there are so many flashing lights and camera shaking and zooming in and out, maybe my eyes aren’t evolved enough for this…

    • Tiffany

      lmaoo, i think my eyes aren’t evolved enough also. The zooming in and put keep getting me distracted, and i keep loosing focus on who i was look at that particular time! I wish they would’ve posted up a dance practice.

    btw it sounds amazing with beats :P

  196. I think the ‘driving’ moves they incorporated in the dance routine are pretty cool, considering that it’s a Hyundai commercial thing in the first place. I see a lot of gear changing, turning, pedal pushing and so on – the whole choreo gives me the ‘car’ impression, which is probably the main idea! We know they could’ve easily pulled off a badass poppin routine, but that would’ve beat the purpose ;)


  198. Barry Adams

    Must vote for this. 6th??? I can’t believe it!

  199. I’ve been talking with a few people about the complexity/non-complexity and the awesome-ness/non-awesome-ness of the dance and I tried looking at the video like them and finally, yeah, I agree with them.
    When I first saw who was in the video I was hoping for like a “Yeah, we’re awesome dancers and we’re here to blow you away with complex moves you’ll never be able to pull even if your life depended on it!” kind of a thing, but it’s more like
    “Yeah, we’re awesome dancers. We took simple, stupid moves that you would look an idiot trying to do and made it look awesome. Oh yeah. Beat that. “

  200. unicornsgalaxy

    I finally figured out what is missing from this video! SM, did your 360 camera break? You’ve used it in almost all of your videos…awww you must be heartbroken! I bet you miss it don’t you?

  201. Biogirl364

    I thought the song was pretty cool and then Hyoyeon showed up and my excitement shot up because it’s so awesome to see a co-ed group in KPOP.

  202. As much as I love Luhan, I think Lay would have been better suited for this video.

    • I like both Luhan and Lay, but I do agree that Lay does have a more aggressive feel to his dancing that would have been a slightly better fit for this MV. I was thinking that maybe the reason SM picked Luhan instead is because his Korean language skills are more advanced.

  203. Michelle Chan

    I had no idea that this song was gonna be on here xD
    I love Henry!!! he is sooo under-rated and needs to shine more!! it would’ve been cool if he played his violin :)

  204. it’s like most of my SM biases decided to try and kill me by coming together into one group to make me go into heart failure because of the uncontrollable urge to fangirl my ass off.

    Hyoyeon is one of the very few female biases i have so to put her with them was like a cherry on top of an already awesome sundae on a hot summer’s day.

    now, about the actual song…..Jong In i love you but i had no clue you were speaking English at times until i read the lyrics. I thought it was a Korean word that i didn’t know. The lyrics in general aren’t my favorite, but the dancing and actual vocals make up for it. All of the members vocal ability is amazing and i don’t have anything bad to say about the actual voices. But i’m soooo used to hearing the song as “Dubstep” instead of Maxstep that it is taking time to get used to it.
    I hope this isn’t just going to be a one time deal, because i know they(SM) teamed up with Hyundai for this so……it could just end up being a one time thing.

    • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

      Well they are making an album tho.
      One song is BoA and another is Jessica (?). But idk if either of those songs have other ppl w/ them or if they’re solo.

  205. for some reason i can’t promote on facebook. my button isn’t working/showing up at all.

  206. So is Taemin going to be in both groups now?

  207. was i the only person who felt like a total boss when they first herd it i mean honestly i downloaded it and then i felt like a total boss walking to school while listening to this

  208. Jess Huang

    I love that line! And then Hyoyeon’s like BAM! Instant badass awesomeness.
    What are other people’s favourite parts of Maxstep?

    • Tiffany

      I totally loved when she came out, IT was like holy crap! For some reason i just like the whole song in general. Its really catchy, and grows on you. Atleast that is what happened to me.

    • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

      Yeah her rap is great but I think my fav part is the TVXQ-esque note towards the end lol.

      • Tiffany

        with henry’s scream? That was just pure amazing! I seriously never though a sound like that would come out of him!

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Yeah pretty sure that’s who ppl said it was. (I actually don’t know any of these folks besides Taemin lol.)

        • Tiffany

          lmao, all i know is eunhyuk, taemin, Henry and hyoyeon. Their looks make it easy for me to differentiate. With the remaining two, i just know they are exo members.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          I just know what I know from ppls comments. Think one w/ L name is dude w/ curly blondish hair.

        • Tiffany

          orangey-blond dude, i think that even though he is trying to look tough and serious, its not working for him. In the mv, he just didn’t looks tough to me.

  209. EVeryone!!VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!! hehe.. I love this grouping..

  210. TaeminLova~ =^-^=

    Taemin, Why u so sexy ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

  211. Camila Carvallo

    SHAWOLS/EXOTICS/E.L.F’S/SONES all loving the same video with our babies in it

  212. i’d share it on facebook for more points, but it wont let me. :(

    • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

      Shares are gone. But if you’re seeing nothing then try Chrome.

      • you know, that button that says promote on facebook. I dont have chrome, nor do I plan on getting it. I hate that some sites are like that. you cant do something because of a certain browser.
        erm…im not a huge fan of the big furry hats.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Yeah you have to use Google Chrome. I use Mozilla and 1 out of every 100 times it shows up.
          I DLd chrome just for that reason, only use it for that. Maybe when they get the new site up it will fix that problem.

  213. smtown fighting~! please please win!!

  214. helloSHINeeWORLD

    Vote for this epic sub-unit!

    • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

      Also tweet everyday if you have a twitter, and be sure to FB like and G+ share as those are worth the most points. Also taking part in discussions on here or trying to start discussions would get more comments, more comments = more points.

  215. I like this video, but I wish they wouldn’t zoom in so much – I want to see more dancing!

  216. Dubuhunnie

    Lu Han<3 I love his curly hair! It's so cute! And Hyoyeon looks so pretty! :)

  217. My least favorite part is… the scream. xD What’s yours?

  218. JustDense

    This should be getting more points with the Charts update I guess, I’m terribly liking this song (When Hyoyeon appears and does the rap-like thingy is awesome) and my inner fangirl wants it to be ranked higher on the charts so badly!!

  219. Sandeul Baro

    So i was glancing over the songs and i saw the word ‘Max’ and as soon as i saw that i yelled “MAX TIME!” hahahaha ^^ Good times Good times :D

  220. This is still so low on the list. If the fans don’t start a riot or something there’s not chance of it being reviewed *sad*
    Sad because the song is really cathy and for the first time the boxes do make sense. Oh well, kinda still have hope for the next week, but if B.A.P wins this time, the other will be Lee He probably.
    Vote ^^^

    • I still don’t think the box makes sense I mean it’s a car commercial they should be on a road or in a car or in a freaking garage!

      • Are you sure it’s a commercial? I thought it was colaboration for an album not just a commercial for the car.
        Dancing on the road would be cool, that’s for sure (I love S-E-O-U-L’s MV just because of Donghae dancing in that tunel at night and I don’t even like him that much).
        I mean it makes sense because it’s a dance team, they are there to dance and not act. It would have been stupid to have a MV that shows some kind of plot since everyone is there to see them move. For that the boxes are good.
        Actually if talking about upgrading it I’d say that it would have been cooler if all the solo shots would have dancing too. I think that’s why some people don’t like the dance so much – it’s all about blending in a team again. I would have been amesome if every one of them was doing a solo dance, trying to outstand the others. Nah, just dreaming ^^^

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          It’s a collaboration album for Hyundai. Three songs for three separate vehicles.

        • MG

          You can dance outside in the streets or in a club on a roof anywhere doesn’t have to have a plot. but you also can have awesome dancing and still have a great plot for your music video’s look at Micheal Jackson video’s Thriller, Beat it, Remember the time, Billie Jean, Bad and Smooth Criminal. I don’t believe boxes are good for dance videos it’s just a cheap way to make a video, it’s obvious they don’t want to invest in their artist.

        • yes that’s what I think too. I mean sm has a lot of money but don’t spend it for good things. I mean U-kiss dances a lot in mvs too, but they at least have some furniture which makes it different and I’m pretty sure nh media hasn’t got as much money as sm does, so why don’t they use it to make the mv more special?

        • MG

          I really wish they would they have some excellent artists. It’s all about money they have such huge fan base that they don’t have to put any effort in their video their fans will just go out and buy their albums and support them. And I’m guessing the artists have no creative control.

        • This is Korea. In short:
          Sponsored MV = Commercial
          (Just the other day I watched a commercial for some phone and it was an MV over 9 minutes long.)

      • unicornsgalaxy

        Oooooo! I could totally see them dancing in a garage…with nice shiny red tool boxes and the shiny tools!!! …um sorry, went to la la land for a second!

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Ruined perfect opportunity for a pun… smh
          SHINee tools and SHINee tool boxes.

        • unicornsgalaxy


          1) I just learned how to spell shiny right again!
          2) Don’t say the P-U-N word…else you might summon the queen of puns!

          P.S. Love you Fuuko!!!

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          You u folks were out of control last night.
          Well that would happen, she is gone when ppl try to get her attention for semi-important stuff but show up for puns lol smh.


        • LOL That’s Punny!!
          Reminds Me: I know one guy with this shiny coat and he’s Korean, so me and my friend call him SHINee Coat (No, we don’t actually KNOW him. We don’t even know his name. We just saw him around a lot on campus.)

        • No that’s exactly what I was thinking. I mean they could even have done a car related dance (like mr taxi just…coooler). I just don’t get sm. I’m so happy my favorite band isn’t in sm that would probably kill me. There is sooooo much they could have done but no…still dancing with shinee..i mean shiny clothes and in a room which makes no sense at all, great job sm

      • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

        How does a dance group dance in a car?

        Too many people and too small of an area. Just wave their hands around lol.

        • I have no idea..they could dance on top of a car or they could dance like those people in the bus in gangnam style….just something more creative than a box.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          So restrictive.

          They have like a car grill in the background.

        • MG

          yes, they don’t have to dance in the car to sell one. actually dancing around one would of been better advertisement. You could put the car in different Interesting locations.

  221. one2smil0

    I can’t take Kai and Luhan serious. I just laughed while watching this xD They always be my baby boos, no matter how they act. It would be good to hear what Simon and Martina think about a SM Dance group ^^

  222. If SM made another minigroup with different members in it, who would you want to be in that one?

  223. And so was Taemin? Whaaaat I’m flabbergasted

  224. Wait this is Henry ? From suju

  225. Barry Adams

    I’m shocked that this is soo low on the charts still. I guess the SM fans aren’t interested in a mixed group.

    • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

      SM super group getting whooped by a YG rookie debut. Pathetic.

      • that’s not pathetic. Yg is quite a big company and has dedicated fans. Also Lee hi was in a tv show so there are a lot of people who liked her since then.
        I don’t no why less people are voting for this, I thought this is going to murder all other mvs because fans from Suju, SNSD, Shinee, and exo would vote together, but I’m kind of glad they don’t. Don’t get me wrong, I was really happy to see Henry again and Iove all members and making a sub unite is a great idea (Anyband was great), but again it’s a odd dancing mv, so what should Simon and martina say about it? On the other side there is a lot they can say about a rookie, namely Lee Hi.
        I watched this mv once and I think it’s boring, but that’s probably just my opinion.

        And can somebody tell me why there is no one of f(x) and TVXQ, I mean Yunho is quite a great dancer.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Well I found Lee Hi’s song, video, and her herself in the video; boring soooo… yeah.

          TVXQ was probably still doing their own promotions and I think they only wanted one female.

        • Actually, I personally didn’t really like Lee Hi’s MV. Some people have been saying that she doesn’t have a very strong stage presence and that might be it, but I couldn’t even finish watching the MV.
          And I would love to know why there wasn’t anyone from f(x)! I was thinking that Amber should be in this, because I think she would have done a better job at the rap than Hyoyeon.

    • Enchanted Rain

      No, SM fans are just no longer interested in eatyourkimchi…

      • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

        Why is that?

      • Barry Adams

        Really? Cause the last Korean releases SM groups have done all have won.

        SJ – Spy
        SJ – Sexy, Free and Single
        f(x) – Electric Shock
        TaeTiSeo – Twinkle
        Exo – Mama…

        The one exception is TVXQ which would have won if S&M weren’t overseas.

        If the SM fans aren’t interested in EYK because TVXQ’s video wasn’t reviewed, then it’s their loss.

  226. like the Idea behind putting this Unit together and I’m starting to love this song and I’m voting for it, but have you looked at Lee Hi’s video and the sets they used? They are amazing. You have to love YG’s commitment to their artists and the effort they put to showcase them. I wish SM would do the same.

  227. Tiffany

    We have to get this reviewed!! Lets click away!

    • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

      You can only vote once a day (unless you also use phone, dif computer, etc.)
      If you haven’t yet you should FB like and G+ share. Those are the most points.
      Also if people would engage in conversations then that would help too. Commenting gets points but thre are going to be a lot less comments when they are all one liners. Don’t Hate Me’s points are mainly comments because they have never-ending convos in there.

      • Tiffany

        yeah i understand that, and what i meant was not only click the vote button, but others as well. But its really hard to have a convo when there isn’t much going on, to make an interesting conversation.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Yeah I know, we’re just getting raped right now and it’s lame…

        • Tiffany

          yeah, i can tell your participating a lot in the comments section. I might follow suit, if time allows me.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Well also if you know any other SM fans or like groups of SM fans, inform them. Because I’m new to K-Pop so I don’t have those kinds of connections lol.

        • Well, it helps to make some observation and make some sort of analysis on it. There are some points/observations that people have started some conversations on:

          * Hyoyeon being the only girl in the MV
          * Hyoyeon’s rap segment (I didn’t really like it, but some people do)
          * Whether or not another girl should have been added (and who?)
          * Why isn’t there someone from f(x) in this MV? (especially since there’s one person from each SNSD, SHINee, Super Junior, Super Junior M, EXO, and EXO M)
          * Taemin’s apparent ‘lack’ of eyebrows (I saw them pretty clearly. I don’t know what everyone else is talking about)
          * Other SM artists (especially the good dancers) that really should have been in this MV

          Psst. Or you can make up some symbolism or something and we’ll help to carry on the conversation. In my opinion, the craziest conversations are the best conversations.

        • Tiffany

          I also didn’t like hyoyeon’s rap. I found that it was a bit out of place. It didn’t flow well. But I agree about the timing of when she comes into the music video. It like BAMN! I also saw taemin’s eyebrows. Its not just you. :D

        • Yes! Finally talking with someone that SEES Taemin’s eyebrows! Of course, maybe it’s ’cause of where I live. I’ve seen a lot of girl that (in my opinion) pretty much overpluck their eyebrows, so it didn’t really bother me. Apparently, Hyuna’s eyebrows were barely there too in the Gangnam Style MV. I didn’t notice until someone pointed it out to me!

          But yes. I do like when she came into the MV. She ain’t the Queen of Dance for nothing! Her and Miss A are my favorite female idols in all the world, with all the sass and power and everything. 2NE1 would be on the list too if they did more dance, but they don’t soo…. I still really like them, but just not as much.

      • Hella yeah!! For the Epik High fans with our crazy never-ending posts!!

  228. This song has an amazing rhythm and has some of the most amazing dancers from SM in it, so why the heck are we still so low on the charts? *confused face*

    • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

      Because SM fans suck!

      (Hopefully they will get mad and prove me wrong.)

      • I’m trying T_T I’ve voted on 3 different computers today!! ^_^

        (Being in all cap doesn’t mark it as spam does it…?? *a little worried*)

        • fuuko4869


          oh did I say SPAM? I meant SWAG


          TKIR: It’s interesting to compare their heights, since I’ve never seen all these people in one shot before. Either the guys are quite tall or Hyo is way shorter than I expected……..

        • I don’t know anything about the heights of the other people, but all I know that I’ve heard somewhere that Taemin is supposed to be really tall now or something. I don’t even know if he’s the tallest in SHINee… I usually don’t pay attention unless it’s really obvious (Like when Miss A was on Weekly Idol, Suzy in boots was taller than Min in HIGH heels. Or when SNSD’s (I think) Soo Young and Sunny are put next to each other.)

  229. is it me or was the car that taemin was in the one they used in lucifer?

  230. omg i really want this to be reviewed…..

  231. All the groups lets show them our Power, SONES EXOTICS ELFS SHAWOLS lets make this video to KPOP MUSIC MONDAY. SM Unite!

  232. The part where kai screams right kinda sounds like …… r@pe

  233. Really catchy tune and fabulous choreography. Love it!

  234. So after watching this video a few times to let it fully sink in, I’m still feeling underwhelmed by the choreography. These are some of SM’s best dancers, and they dance wonderfully here, but I feel that the choreography itself is somehow lacking. I keep waiting for some move to really jump out at me, and impress me with its awesome innovation, but nothing does. That’s disappointing to me since this group has several of my favorite members from SM groups in it, and they’re all fantastic dancers. Video, why aren’t you as epic as you should be?

    • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

      Maybe it’s because during the chorus it mainly goes to zoom ins. During chorus is usually when you have memorable dance moves or you begin to associate them w/ certain lyrics.

  235. missylalawhite

    I know if we all get together and spread the word, this video can win. I really want to see what they have to say about this video.

  236. I actually had no idea that anyone had put this song up for potential review for quite some time.

  237. Everyone vote! The amazing choreo needs to be reviewed!

  238. NANAandLIZZYfanatic

    We are getting our butts kicked. SM super group is going to lose to a YG rookie debut.

  239. Where the fans at? As soon as a super junior, EXO or SHINee song comes out you all get a big too excited and the songs number one. This one not special enough for you?

  240. silentmoon

    I really want them to win but they’re really far behind :(

  241. Simon and Martina, I know you guys are going to complain again about the dancing in oddly lit rooms, but the concept totally fits with this group. They’re the best dancers of SM Entertainment, their music video should be a showcase of their dance!

  242. Can we call this a dream team?? everyone is amazing, they need to release more songs!


  244. Annika Robinson

    Did you know this was for the Hyundai Motor Company?

  245. I have so many mixed feelings about this song/video/group …

  246. Wasn’t this number 1 yesterday? How is it all the way down to number 6?? This should be a piece of cake, with Shawols, Elfs, Sones, AND Exotics working towards one video!

  247. Ansleythegreen

    I’m like in love with all the dancers (if you couldn’t tell I’m a dancer), Taemin, Kai, and Eunhyuk<3. I absolutely love this song, not just because of the people in it, I'm not really a fan of Hyoyeons rap though.

    • Same. I feel like a lot of people just aren’t too impressed/don’t really like Hyoyeon’s rap. I think it has something to do with it being too high? I mean, that (those?) note(s) in the middle of all the guys voice just didn’t mesh well. I liked her voice when it appeared in the beginning. That worked out really well.

      I’ve said this on a million comments, but I’ll say it again because that’s how much I believe it: I think Amber should have been in this. I feel like her doing the rap portion would have been perfect.

      A lot of people have been saying that Hyoyeon was probably the only girl on purpose, because it makes her stand out. They even pointed out that her clothes clashes with that of the guys. BUT in my opinion, Amber’s image is pretty much solidified as “The Boy-ish looking Girl” She has sexual-orientation confused fangirls with crushes on her. She pretended to be Donghae during one of Eunhae’s “Oppa Oppa” stages. She does pretty much look like a boy, the same way Kevin, Heechul, or Taemin looks like a girl. She could have been ‘one of the guys’ and worn white. That way Hyoyeon still get her spotlight and we can be not-bothered-by-the-rap, because i know Amber would have sounded much better. It’s a win-win situation.

  248. ohmygoodness<3 Henry! I've missed you! 我爱你!

  249. NANAandLIZZYfanatic

    I thought E.L.F.s were crazy voters, kind of underwhelmed.

    • this is one E.L.F. that has been voting like crazy because this song/video is crazy good.

      • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

        Well you can only vote once a day soooo yeah. And G+ shares and FB likes are worth twice as many points.

        I think Lee Hi got more support quicker than this has. Which is pretty sad lol.

        • where does it say we can only vote once a day?

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          You can keep clicking vote but the # ain’t gonna change.

        • unicornsgalaxy

          They are working on a site redesign that will have a link at the top of the page that explains the voting system. Fuuko, one of the mods has a nice diagram that she posts from time to time, but basically the vote will count 1 per ip address every 12 or 24 hours (I can’t remember which)…but since it doesn’t hurt, feel free to click vote as many times as you want. The facebook and Google+ are once, and I’m not sure if there is a time frame on the twitter shares (but you can share multiple times).

          TKIR: Are you as happy as I am to see Henry?

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          You know what…. I never said anything.

        • Michelle Chan

          yes!! Henry is sooo talented

        • I am glad Henry is in the group, esppecially for the english aspect. Though I must say, I kind of always considered him part of SuJu.
          It’s really too bad in a way that the votes are only counted once a day. But I guess on the other hand I understand that it would be hella crazyon the system if we were all able to vote all willy nilly.

        • unicornsgalaxy

          Oh I consider him and Zhou Mi part of SuJu, I just get upset sometimes because you NEVER hear about them (Although, I heard that they were both doing dramas in China). I wish that they would just absorb them into the main group. I mean they have both been there supporting and Henry has co-composed some of SuJu’s songs. They have both been really good about everything and Henry had said before that he has gotten to do a lot of things that he probably wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise (I think I read that he tweeted something like that).

        • fuuko4869

          Simon said you can only vote once per IP address per 24.

          Simon said it, so you must do it.

          SIMON SAYS!!! GET IT GET IT??!!!


        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Fuuko, you’re scaring people.

        • unicornsgalaxy

          I think this meme says it best :)

        • JustDense

          Your puniness is over 9999 (Get it? 99!!)
          HAHA :P

        • lol you so crayzee, but, if Simon says, then Simon says.

          TKIR: im happy that Eunhyuk is in this. He gets too much negative crap from people, including his bandmates. I really dont think he is the least attractive of SuJu.

  250. i cant help but notice TAEMIN….
    when did my dear dear maknae dongseng became a MAN?
    ughh….. *I should not cheat on ONEW*

  251. This song literally blew me away..

    Who should be the lead dancer here? LOLOLOL


    Who is the visual? EHEHEHHEH


  252. silverwish

    I love this song!!

  253. Hyoyeon’s feathery costume reminds me of a mix of The Boys and Run Devil Run~

  254. Goldenknight22

    More votes, people! Top 3!

  255. missylalawhite

    6th place….this needs to get reviewed!! Where are all the SONEs, Exotics, & E.L.F.s?
    Vote for MAXSTEP!! I know it can be done :)

    • and SHAWOLSSS
      dont forget that :D

      • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

        Well where are they all at? You’d think having those many fanbases that this would be doing better. I think Lee Hi got more points faster than this did.. Pathetic.

        • fuuko4869

          Calm down bro. Remember SM fans are raping the MAMA charts :p

          TKIR – I also wish Shindong was in this. SHINDOOONG

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          I shall not rest until Lee Hi is defeated! (Yes I shall, not much I can do by myself anyway.)

        • fuuko4869

          Oh? You mean you’re gonna “Barrack for this video Obama self”?!!!


          *copyright Tablo

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Ewwww… no

        • I don’t get you, Why don’t you want Lee Hi to win. I thought you just want big things to be reviewed so there won’t be something big when After schools new mv comes out. If this isn’t even 3 place why do you animate people to vote here instead of helping Lee Hi fans who could get B.a.p out so, because this mv won’t be first next week I’m sure so this will not be up against After school. At least that’s how I see it.

          TKIR: I think Henrys high note was epik (xD). He sounded a bit like Changmin. ^^

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          My plan was to get all males to win until AS, that already failed when Miss A won, and even if it hadn’t I wouldn’t have wanted Lee Hi to win (besides her being female). I want a song and vid that I actually like, to win.

          I find Lee Hi’s song&vid EXTREMELY overrated.

          Also I’d rather have BAP win then Lee Hi. Or HyunA but she has no chance.

        • Ah okay now I understand ^^
          I think her video isn’t that great to but at least there is something to talk about besides of the dance, but I guess we are in the wrong comments section to talk about her video.
          As for this video I don’t really know what Simon and Martina should say because we all already know that Younique unit are great dancers and besides that there is not much in this mv. i mean they could talk about how awesome the idea of a sub unit with most of the best dancers of one company is but what else should they say?

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          They can rant about the ads at the bottom again, explain that this all is for a Hyundai promotion, they’ll have no prob findin crap to talk about. lol They’re good like that.

  256. diannetopf

    DANCE SUPERGROUP! I had no idea who this was when I clicked on it…consider my mind blown!

  257. unicornsgalaxy

    You know, I thought the dance would be more…I don’t know exactly, just more epik maybe? I mean I know that Taemin, Eunhyuk, and Henry are A-MAZE-ING dancers (seriously, I always go back to Henry in Don’t Don, doing that dancing while playing the violin!). I just thought with all the dance powerhouses from the different groups the dance for this would just blow us away. Am I the only one thinking like this?

    On another note, I’m loving Hyukie’s hair in this. I think he looks best with black hair and with it pushed off his face, but I’m ok with it in this video.

  258. Seelahh

    man the dancing in so crazy!!!! but no in all seriousness where are taemins eyebrows? its like they are hiding with hyunas……….

  259. how come there’s no fx come on Sm

  260. RavenSanders

    The choreo is so good~

    • Really? I felt like it could have been better considering that pretty much all the most amazingly awesome dancers from SM are in this MV. I kind of expected something that would blow me away or something, but it didn’t…….

      • RavenSanders

        The first time I watched it I was extremely underwhelmed. For the people in this mv, it could have been WAY better, but when I went back to watch again (w/o being distracted by all the smirking and come hither looks in solo shots) I noticed that the level of difficulty looked pretty intense especially with certain precision parts and the “car” Henry drove during his line, and there were moments of insane flashy movement that got kinda drowned out by the metallic clothes on stark white background. I feel like it was their high level technique but not as fancy performance-wise. So I’ve decided to like it a lot, even if the Gayo Daejun performance was cooler to watch.

        • unicornsgalaxy

          Henry’s car scene was I think my favorite scene.

          Yeah I get what you’re saying about them precision wise, but I don’t know I was kind of thinking that we would get to see them really shine…and I don’t mean in those ridiculous shiny MC Hammer outfits :D

        • RavenSanders

          The more I watch the more I fall for Henry and his car. Just watched again and noticed for the first time that when he says “shift it into drive” they do this thing where it looks like he shifts gears.

          And yeah, those outfits looked like somebody ransacked the MAMA promotion reject pile. I really want a dance version that does not take place in the white room. I’d rather the darker background so I can see them move, even if that does mean dealing with Kai’s white knee highs and shorts for the whole song.

        • unicornsgalaxy

          Yeah, have you seen Suju’s Don’t Don? Henry featured in it and he was playing the violin (LIKE A BOSS) and dancing (LIKE A BOSS) and was amazing. He did this move where he basically went from standing to laying on his back all while playing the violin. He’s done the same move live before so it wasn’t even a trick of the video (you know, where they say yeah you don’t really have to play the right notes and stuff).

        • RavenSanders

          O_O I completely forgot Henry was in Don’t Don. Its been forever since I watched that video; I didn’t even think about the fact that I am fully aware of how amazing he is. Now you’ve done it, I can feel myself turning into a total Henry fangirl. My thoughts are so far gone I’ve decided that whatever that plaid thing is he’s got around his waist actually matches his puffy winter coat and boxing gloves really well and looks really really cool.

        • unicornsgalaxy

          Heee Heee! Don’t Don and Twins are my favorite videos of SuJu (they’re what got me into SuJu even though I was fighting it and that Heechul scared the living bejeesus outta me in Twins!)

          I can definitely say that Henry is on my list of idols that I would like to shrink to pocket size and take care of like an indulgent Noona! He’s such a little cutie! (way way way too young for me to be a fangirl of though).

        • RavenSanders

          I just wanna hold his face and feed him cake (along with Zelo, D.O., Dongho, and Jongin, actually) but I’m not sure how much claim I can stake on the “Indulgent Noona” title, considering Henry’s got a good four years on me.

        • unicornsgalaxy

          You can be the indulgent dongsaeng (I totally don’t know how to spell that…but you get the picture)! :)

          I’ld like to be the indulgent noona for Yoseob and Henry…maybe Zelo too :)

        • RavenSanders

          Oh goodness, Yang Yoseob is one of the cutest things in kpop. I’d like to set him the corner of a room and surround him with a bunch of stuffed animals. Is that creepy? lol

          Ok, indulgent donsaeng (I can’t spell it either) for Henry: I accept! Except he’s Canadian and I’m American (and not Asian in the slightest) and if we ever met it definitely be in the Western hemisphere of the world, so culturally it might be kinda weird at first. Lol he can just be an indulgent oppa/ge by allowing me to be the indulgent dongsaeng.

        • I guess so. I’m not much of a dancer myself, so I’m not very good at dance analysis. I’m just still hoping for a dance version so I can get a better look at just the dance itself.

        • RavenSanders

          Dance version definitely. I kept getting angry when the camera switched to a solo shot, lol. I want the choreography dangit. This is, like, the only time its okay to have an entire video in a box. THIS is what the SM box room was made for, use it!
          Lu Han and Henry were WAY more amazing than I thought they’d be. Since their in SM and have debuted, its a given that they’re good, but I didn’t know they were this skilled.

        • I knew Henry was amazing so I wasn’t too surprised by him.
          As for Lu Han, I still don’t know much about EXO, so I just didn’t know him until now, so I have that “That rookie’s pretty good” kind of a feeling. As for Kai, wasn’t too surprised because that ruckus about how he and Taemin are twins, even down to being amazing dancers.


  262. Tiffany

    Lets vote vote vote!!!

  263. Marisa simpson

    Everyone UNITEE! Love this song. Hyoyeonnie looks stunning. The guys are awesome. I love that she’s the only girl dancing with them. I’m happy SM made this into an actual song cuz i was looking for it ever since Eunhyuk, Kai, and Taemin danced to it at the SMtown concert!! Lets for for it various fandom lovers!!

  264. Pleaaase Let them review this! The choreo is amazing! Everything else is perfect to♥

  265. Probably the best sub uni SM has ever created! The dancers getting a chance to really shine – the song is awesome too!

  266. Come on guys keep voting this song is incredible, I just went on a run to it! Hyoyeon you’re my inspiration baby!

  267. So after listening to it all day, I’ve come to the conclusion that it sounds like TVXQ’s kinda tune, but with voices recognizable from other groups. Hyoyeon’s rap is amazing though, she sounds like some sort of terrifying robodemon!

  268. Patrycja Niewazne

    This song is amazing, it has to win !

  269. NANAandLIZZYfanatic

    lol I like the furry blinged out boxing gloves.

  270. Hailey Schurz

    Great MV! Let’s all rally up and vote this to the top! Taemin and Eunhyuk are my Favorites!!!! <3

  271. nariko chan

    Hyoyeon like a bosss :D love it !

  272. XiaoXian16

    I think Henry’s hair style never really change. It has always been like that since like forever, except during the earlier days when it was a bit longer.
    But I love it anyway. Clean cut. Perfect for showing off those adorable pinch-able cheeks

  273. ryuuseisoul

    i’ll be honest… I’m a fan of all the members of this subgroup, bubt I voted for this because wanted to see it being critiqued hard in a review.

  274. Why in the world did the stylist decide to give Luhan those poodle curls for half the MV?

  275. NANAandLIZZYfanatic

    That note at 3:08 sounds like TVXQ or somethin.

    • JustDense

      Dude! Do you still have the link of the Dancing King part 2?? I need it for some trolly purposes.

      TKIR: LOL yeah, It reminds me a lot of Changmin’s screamy high notes IN EVERY TVXQ SONG.

      • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

        Yeah it’s actually on here now, should be on newest a couple down.

        • JustDense

          Hahaha, yeah, at first I was only paying attention to the song while doing other stuff and inmediatly tought it was him but surprise! No.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Sadly this is one of the bigger convos in here… No1 wants to discuss, they just want to get their post in and disappear.

          This actually hasn’t blown up quite as much as I expected it to.

        • JustDense

          It seems nobody understands how voting works on this place, just posting a single comment doesn’t help that much.
          I was expecting yeserday that this would surpass Don’t hate me but it hasn’t. weird.

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          Well one person snapped on me because I said they were cheating for comments. They said somethin bout winning a cookie for most comments or somethni stupid.

          Yeah idt ppl understand the points even tho they are right at the top of main page. Unfortunately I think ppl get linked to the specific vids page and don’t see all of that.

        • JustDense

          LOL The concept of “spam” seems to be new for them.

          If people want this to win so badly why they don’t comment or or vote for it?!!?

        • NANAandLIZZYfanatic

          They don’t know anything bout site, ppl just link them and say “comment or vote!”

  276.! It usually takes me a bit to warm up to SM mvs, but this…love it.

  277. To be honest, I love the MV so much more than the song itself. Even though they’re practically stuck in the usual oddly-lit room that frequents SME videos, their dancing is impeccable o.0 I love how they gathered the main dancers of each group. Other than that, HENRY IS INCLUDED! GAAAHH I’M SO HAPPY XD

    I hope to see Simon and Martina reviewing this video xD

  278. this song and dance and everything about it is amazing its like they put most of my biases together into one group.SM SHIPPERS let us band together and get this song reviewed VOTE VOTE VOTE ONLY FOR THIS SONG!!! SM FIGHTING

  279. I’m a bit disappointed with the filming of the dance scenes… it’s so shaky and out of focus at times. You’ve got some of the best dancers in Kpop in the video, why wouldn’t you want to show off the dancing sequences?

  280. ryuuseisoul


    • True. When you have so many awesome people and badass dancers. I was hoping for something even more powerful and complex in the dance, and I was not expecting a random rap from Hyoyeon. I feel like having another girl (ie Amber) would have made it better. She raps really well too.

      • ryuuseisoul

        Exactly… SM obviously can get a hold of some awesome choreographers (Sherlock, Catch Me as examples), so why hold back for the DANCERS SUBUNIT? So sad…

        • I was also talking with some others and to sum it up, they might be showcasing their talent, but not their abilities.
          I was looking at it again more closely (and this MIGHT just be me), but though they’re not doing really complex moves, they’re doing moves that the normal people would look like absolute idiots doing, so No. It’s no Sherlock or Catch Me. But it’s more “We can take stupid, simple looking moves and pull them off while looking awesome!!”
          I’m still upset they weren’t pulling some crazy moves, but I can understand THAT kind of reasoning too.

        • ryuuseisoul

          Hmm, upon closer inspection, it’s possible that I may have thought the video was the underwhelming part as opposed to the dancing itself. For a group that is focussed on dancing, I think there were too many closeup lipsyncing shots for my liking, to the point that not much of the dance was actually showcased. When I went to go watch the DubStep version of this with only Taemin, Kai, and Eunhyuk, I found that watching the dance was so much better.

        • The last couple sentences gave me shivers (the good kind) I LOVE watching them during that stage! It was amazing! (And the first time I found out about Kai)
          And yeah I agree with your point too. And me and A LOT of other people have been hoping that they’d release a Dance version of this because of the bad camera work. I think someone actually commented something along the lines of “Is the camera broken?” I’m not holding my breath or anything for SM releasing a Dance Version but… *fingers crossed*

  281. hell yeah so exciting ! i love love this sub group ! so happy to see Henry again X3

  282. I have in super love with this song/video, it has almost all of my favorite SM group members except Hyoyeon but i’m glad they used the dance queen because i have never seen her do a solo part and this kind of let’s her shine. So great <3

  283. Soshiloveable

    lol simon and martina would not be able to imitate the dance if it is detailed as this

  284. I wish that Hyoyeon would have been in it from start to finish but I did enjoy getting to see her at all~

    • truthfully i was somewhat disappointed too about hyoyeon, but if you think about it, sment prob did that for a reason. being the only girl in the group, she already stands out. also shes dressed in contrasting colors to the guys. keeping her out of the mv until her part wouldve kept the visuals more balanced. the only thing id say they could improve on was at least flash her image during the chorus part where she does sing so ppl won’t be like where’s hyoyeon!?! like we all did here

  285. JustDense

    I have only listened to this twice and I now think that for the first time ever I like a dubstep song. It’s stuck on my head!! >_<

  286. I love how different it is from most of the other mainstream Korean songs. It has such a cool rock/dubstep vibe to it! It is so unique! LOL. (YO)Unique!

    Love it.

  287. Henry and Eunhyuk! <3 Kekekeke I can't wait to see what you guys can come up with for a music monday :)

  288. Goldenknight22

    Moar Hyoyeon!

  289. Simon Zhang


  290. mlcandylover23


  291. littlelynn19

    simon and martina have ruined me…all i hear in the chorus is max time ^^;

  292. PretttyHaeee

    I’m distracted by Taemin’s lack of eyebrows…

  293. Yay! I’m so happy Henry is in this!! He’s so talented! (Bias, obviously) But the whole team is just amazing. :) LOVE the collaboration

  294. I have an off topic question. I keep hearing about this magazine called Geek. does anyone know if they have a website? I tried looking it up but all I find is fansites.

  295. EviGishki

    All the SM Dance machines in one Group? :D This is a nice concept! :D Sounds funny! x)
    Haha hand Hyohyeons M/V present is just like.. famous xD

  296. This is like.. fangirl heaven.

  297. Totally love this song and yhe MV. Finally Hyoyeon get to shine. :D Can’t wait for them to promote on music programs. :D LET’S VOTE! ^^

  298. Barry Adams

    I first realized this was an SM group when the genie ad came out.

    • Of course, it’s the newest staple in every SM MV.

      *sarcasm* Haven’t you heard? It’s the newest trend! Only the coolest of the cool people are doing it! You’re MV is just not awesome unless you have a bazillion ads on it. The less of the actual MV you can see, the cooler you are!! Obviously.

  299. unicornsgalaxy

    “Stop…..Hammer Time” LOL at the MC Hammer pants. I just can’t not think of MC Hammer when I see those pants!

    And the fur! Every time when when I see fur I always think of the time Martina said on one of the WTFs “You know who would like this fur? …Super Junior” It’s so true too! :)

  300. Omg, love this. So many great S.M dancers. Pity no one from f(x) or TVXQ was here, but hey! Still awesome!

  301. Arielol

    This song better make it considering there are so many fanclubs that should be voting

    • I just hope that all these people come and comment wisely instead of spamming up the whole wall. I did that once. Learned my lesson. Not doing it again. >_<

      • Arielol

        LOL! Did you get banned?

        • Yeah. Unfortunately. It was during the promotion of Wooyoung’s solo song and I was KIND OF a little really overly excited and it was my first time actually really participating in EYK stuff. I might have posted 1 or 2 comments on their FB before that but nothing more than that.
          Let’s just say i went a little overboard. It didn’t help that I was an internet idiot and didn’t really know what spam was exactly >_<
          I know better now and have a better understanding of the internet, enough that I probably would have smack the younger me upside the head.

  302. lunibelle

    I don’t really love the song, but I love that Hyoyeon is the only girl the this group :) <3

    • Really? I kind of wish that Amber (or at least one of the girls from f(x) was in it too.) I’m not really liking her rap segment and I feel like Amber could have made it sound better. Though, of course, I can’t deny that Hyoyeon, the Queen of Dance, has mad dance skills.

      • lunibelle

        Yeah, Amber would’ve been cool, too. Especially since she’s an amazing rapper. I have to admit that I didn’t notice that there was no one from f(x) in it, but now that you mention it.^^” I really have soft spot for Hyoyeon though. I’m not really an SNSD fan as in I know all of their songs or something, but I like some of their songs and sometimes watch clips from reality/variety shows with them, and I always felt like she didn’t get enough spotlight or ended up with weirdest hairstyle/clothes compaired to the other girls. She’s so pretty and such an great dancer, and she seems so fun, so I’m really happy that she got to be in this group. :)

        • *gasp* Me too!! You’re the second person I’ve met on here that shares that opinion with me! I’m really not that big an SNSD fan either, but Hyoyeon is just plain amazing. (I will admit I do also harbor a soft spot for the adorable Sunny and the hilarious Soo Young.)
          (Have you watched the clip of when she was asked to ask a question in a sexy manner on some variety show?)
          Edit: Here’s the link if you haven’t

        • lunibelle

          :D Hahahaa, noo I hadn’t seen this yet :D:D:D But it’s hilarious “I can’t concentrate if you read it like that” :D

        • I loved her offended look after he said that. So cute.
          Oh, and that little leg lift in the beginning and everyone’s just like “What is that?!?!?!”

  303. i love the screen shot of this mv. Taemin is looking straight at us in a sexy scream and I’m like 0.0 yes? you want me to vote for this video? sure thing Taeminnie >.<

  304. awesome song, awesome video.
    However, I still think its like asia is like, 6 months to a year behind some music trends. While dubstep certainly isnt new, it seems as though its new for them. Whatever the case may be, it certainly works for this song. Not only is it dubstep, you simply cant ignore the heavy metal groove in the song as well. I love it.

  305. Katie Gilbert

    Though this is yet again another typical SM video in a crazy lit room, its freakin awesome! I really think if they did more with this group it would cause fans to go crazy, plus I mean it’s opening other fans to like other groups because of the one member in this group. Plus their showcasing their best dancing. It makes it really unique with hyoyeon cause she really gives that strong women vibe to keep up with the boys (which personally I LOVE) Awesome video and group.

    Katie out…
    P.S. I squeaked when Kai screamed >.< it scared me

  306. Henry ♥ finally getting more attention our talented mochi fighting !!!

  307. Great the view count is broken again. It’s only showing my views.

  308. On a final note, off to bed and Maxstep’s on my phone ready for me to love it all day tomorrow in my boring classes! Can’t believe this happened today, hasn’t even ready for such an amazing song, props to SM for creating it!

  309. Back to check up on you! Still can’t get enough of the poppin’ and lockin’ ahhh so good! Can’t wait for more~

  310. This is the unit I’ve been waiting for!!! Sooo happy right now :)

  311. Eliya Matz

    Kai is always touching his crotch.

  312. Honestly, aside from Hyoyeon’s awesomeness, I can’t find anything good about this video.

  313. Enchanted Rain

    kai is the king of smirks! he really knows how to pull off the sexy/cool face, i’ve never seen anyone do it better than him before and he’s not even my bias!!

    1. kai
    2. hyoyeon
    3. eunhyuk
    4. taemin
    5. henry
    6. lunhan

    and that’s an unbiased ranking because my bias list is:
    1. eunhyuk
    2. taemin
    3. kai
    4. luhan
    5. henry
    6. hyoyeon

  314. Jennifer Bilello

    I’m really happy they included Exo M and Suju M. I didn’t think they would since they’re Mandarin. I’m really happy to see LuHan and Henry. But why isn’t there anyone from TVXQ or f(x)?

    • XiaoXian16

      My theory for TVXQ is that they are still promoting for their album.

      I don’t have any theory on f(x) since they are pretty much free right now, so I’m still wondering why SME didn’t put one f(x) member there.
      I mean, Luna (though a main singer) is a great dancer, Victoria is the main dancer, and Amber (like seriously, this girl can do anything!).
      I kinda think there is this “logic” to only have one girl in this group to make her stand out and different. But I don’t know, just my hypothesis.

  315. i think i must have died and gone to heaven.

  316. Return of the fuzzy hats! I’m liking the song and loving the collaboration, but I gotta agree with others, for such dancing powerhouses, I was looking for something much more complicated for the choreography. I think the dance focus/dancing in boxes is just fine for this video, because, well, that IS the focus, but I’ll also agree, not much material for a Music Monday. Glad to see Hyoyeon doing something more up her alley :)

  317. Caitlin Uang

    Taemin ♡ Kai ♡ Luhan ♡ Henry ♡ Hyukjae ♡ Hyoyeon ♡

  318. XiaoXian16

    Henry and Eunhyuk wearing checkered clothing.
    They have been spending too much time with Donghae…

  319. star_dust

    This is one of the greatest sub units ever. ;_____; I love how they put Hyoyeon into this group- she’s such a great dancer~

  320. unicornsgalaxy

    Can I just say how incredibly HAPPY I am to see Henry!!!! Oh all these feels! Not that I’m a fangirl or anything (although I would shrink him down to take care of him all the time like a doting noona!), it’s just that you hardly ever get to see him and I feel he and Zhomi really got the short end of the stick!

    Anyway, when I heard the teaser I was kinda like…eh…I’m not going to like this. But I was so wrong! I really like this!

  321. Crystal Goh


  322. fuuko4869

    It’s been so long since I’ve just gone through all the recent MVs on the charts – but with the little free time I have now, I’ll start with this one :)

    - Welcome the return of the super furry outfits

    - I thought that white shape in the back looked kinda like a car, but knowing that it’s a car commercial, it all makes sense :)

    - . … that a gorilla?

    - That multigon made of neon tubes looks kinda cheap :S

    - Are most of the guys from EXO?

    - Hahaha they even sing about driving

    - Hyoyeon <3 <3 <3 :D

    - How come I didn't remember a single dance move after watching that? Twice, now? This isn't like you, SM….

    • wow you’re right it does look like a car in the background. ^.^

      also, 2 of the boys (Luhan and Kai) are from EXO. Taemin from SHINee is there too, as is Eunhyuk from Super Junior and Henry from Super Junior M

      and i agree with you about Hyoyeon! She made the video perfect. Especially the way she only showed up towards the second half of the video, but it was a really nice touch to the video.

      and i didn’t see any distinguishable dance moves either except, you know the part where they say “hands up in the air” and then they all put their hands in the air.

      • It does look a car! well, more like what ever that metal bumper thingie in the front is called anyway (in my mind…) (I think it’s called a grill in slang, but I don’t know…)
        And yes. I love Hyoyeon. I love her dancing! But I don’t really like her rap segment. I don’t know; it just kind of bothers me. I just didn’t like it too much. Even though her voice was thrown in a bit as like background vocals in the beginning, I think it has something to do with you have all the guys with their rapping and their deeper voice and then all the sudden she has like a solo rap thing.
        Some people have been guessing that they didn’t put in anyone from f(x) because they wanted only one girl so that they’d stand out, but I feel like they should have put in another girl to maybe balance out the vocals or something. (I don’t know music and music terminology all that well)

    • *super furry outfits* LOL
      Which is making me think that they totally threw a bunch of older SM concepts together to make Eunhyuk’s concept.
      The super furry outfits – SUJU M’s Perfection
      The hair – Key’s from some era or other (Can’t rememebr -_-” I really want to say RDD hair? with the red and sometimes multi-colored hair strand)
      Continuance of the tight jeans trend (shiny pants here -> SHINee pants >_<) (pastelpantsophilia kekekeke…..)
      I'm sure there are others that I'm not thinking of at the moment

      I feel like they only sung about driving for one small part a little after the 1 min mark. Other than that. I don't really understand how any of it ties in with cars and driving. They're like talking about being the best and doing a really awesome stage, which I guess they COULD be talking about how the cars 'the best of the best' and pretty and looks good on a stage??
      But if they're talking about themselves, then I wish they would have come up with better choreography to match the lyrics. (Agreeing with your point about not remembering a single dance move, though I didn't even notice until you pointed it out and I tried to remember at least a short, short dance segment. Not working and I've watched it more than twice) AND I wish the camera would stop moving around so much.
      Someone already said this, but yes. I hope they release a dance version of this because, though I'm flipping out fangirling over Taemin, Eunhyuk, Henry, and Hyoyeon, and I find the music/rhythm pretty catchy, I don't really like the MV or the lyrics all that much.

  323. Sonia St-Germain

    Wow just wow.. I hope this gets the Music Monday review SO MUCH THINGS TO TALK ABOUT!

  324. Demoncat

    The commentary for this video is going to be epic. Lols at the King Kong prop in the background.

  325. XiaoXian16

    Don’t any of you guys feel like some of the dance move is actually about driving?
    I mean, hand on steering wheel, then shifting gears, honking?
    It’s kinda relevant though, it is Hyundai

  326. why do korean record labels love creating music video’s that are using “indoor” backgrounds? You see it here and you see it in sooo many other videos. Why not go out into the open and create a real music video with real surroundings?

  327. PunkyPrincess92

    this is so freakin’ cool!!!
    and Taemin’s solo parts are killing me!!!!

  328. Can’t get enough of this, just stuck it on my phone, going to listen to it 1000 times tomorrow! ahhh yay!

  329. Maxsteeeeeeeep :) loved this hhaha. Please review this :D

  330. bubbleboss1022

    This is probably the one thing in the workd that could overthrow B.A.P… VOTE! Sones, ELFs, Exotics and Shawols! Vote like the wind!

  331. dcss453

    Eunhyuk and Henry really know dance, sing and rap, loved Eunhyuk rap and Henry scream *~* Love the song and choreo and the clothes were cool

  332. Even though you could hear Hyoyeon’s voice during the chorus before she even appears, she totally made the video when she did. Her rap was amazing! I never really like SNSD and i don’t listen to them, but seeing Hyoyeon in this video has officially made her my bias from SNSD.

    • She has always been my bias in SNSD (Though I do also have a soft spot for Sunny and Soo Young – So cute and funny!)
      But yes. I totally flipped out when she showed up. Though, I’m not too fond of her rap segment, I love watching her (break) dance!! With all that sass and power and just… well, She ain’t the Queen of Dance for nothing.

  333. They stole the name I planned for my girlgroup :D I wanted to call them uniQ and the fanbase uniT :DD

  334. I think that this song sounds awesome. It’s all like “Club Party Time! Break out on the dance floor!” vibe.
    However, I’m a little scared about just how much Simon and Martina are going rip it apart for the oddly lit rooms and the English. The lyrics just seem so random to me and the only part I can even relate it cars at all was the little portion at about 1:15. Other than that I’m just like: ??? O_o

    • XiaoXian16

      I don’t think they are going to go into full detail and nag on the oddly lit room. It’s like an SM thing or something.
      Every group in SM is like that.
      The English. I’m not even surprise. Again, it’s like SME’s characteristic.
      Group dancing, in oddly lit room with random English thrown into the song.
      They probably going to focus on the dance. LIke wow

      And I’m hoping they have a say on Henry’s high note (which up till now, only Changmin had managed to pull it off).

      • Enchanted Rain

        not really, jonghyun and chen can also easily pull off high notes. i don’t know if henry can pull off that note live or not but in the recorded version it was very auto tuned…

        • XiaoXian16

          Jonghyun and Chen’s high note is different compare to Changmin’s. Theirs are deeper I think. Slightly lower. I don’t know how to explain it.
          Maybe this one is auto tune, I don’t know, but seriously, that sounds so much like Changmin.

      • True, they’re probably not going to nag about the oddly lit rooms. They pretty much already washed their hands of having to point out stuff like that when they reviewed Suju’s “Sexy, Free, and Single.” They might have like one sentence for that or something.
        Pretty much the same goes for the English. But if they went into the lyrics, there might be more there, because it’s like “How is this even about a car?” Except for maybe a couple lines in the middle.
        From what I can see, the dance and the fact that this is a pretty awesome collab group are pretty much all they can go into real detail about. Maybe with their awesome brain powers we can dig another Nasty joke out of this.

    • i dont think theyre gonna rip into the oddly lit rooms cuz 1.) its a sment thing and 2.) it actually works for this mv. as for the english…i didnt think it was that bad….grammar wise….have to agree with you about it not really relating to cars though….

  335. Anyone else recognize that ‘breakdance’ portion that starts about 2:42
    I know I’ve heard almost that exact music somewhere before but I just can’t place it. Is this nagging at anyone else?

  336. …and here I am back to listen to this fantastic song, it’s still as good as the first time around! Definitely 100% sure that I need this reviewed, Hyoyeon you’re an angel and you deserve this spotlight!

  337. MrsKpop

    Taemin and Kai in the same video !!!
    My dream came true !!!

  338. Shawol, ELF, Sone, Exotic unite! :D

  339. anyesshi here’s the official MV without the annoying ads, released via Hyundai’s official Youtube channel :)

  340. Omg.. This is awesome! Everybody vote vote vote! ♥

  341. I find it funny that what is sort of an ad for Hyundai (since this is an album being made to promote the cars) is on the kpop charts! :)

    The dance is so funny to watch while thinking about Hyundai…..stepping on the brake/accelerator, turning the wheel.
    SMTOWN, you have your own way of being unique dont you? except its always got something to do with your marketing…..hmmmm(Does this company have the biggest marketing department in the world or something?? I mean really….now they are doing car promotions…with an album, and a music video….)
    But this stoll is still catchy and fun to dance to!! Damnit SM how do you do it?! :)
    *Btw thanks for your useless ads :)

  342. Beautiful faces, (really …truly…stunning)
    ….HOT dance moves..(super A++ for that) seriously…get it! There are some FINE dancers assembled here.

    ………………….meh. (yeah meh.)
    I see they have Kai doing the trademark Changmin (DBSK) High-pitch-scream and the SM stylists have once again dug deeeeep into Captain Jack Sparrow’s chest of coins and general what-the-fckery to explode with feather, sequins, faux-chainmail and golden MCHammer pants. (shakes head for the hundredth time)

    I give it a B…for the dance and eye candy, but the song seems like it was meant for a 5th track on a SuperJunior CD. SM….please DO SOMETHING ….NEW. (thanks)

  343. Hyoeon’s boots and pants, where can I get my hands on those? FANTASTIC.

  344. pakwanii

    this will be the vid on next week’s kpop music mondays. Your argument is invalid XD

  345. pakwanii

    This will be the vid on next week’s kpopmusic mondays. Your argument is invalid. XD

  346. Patrycja Niewazne

    This song is just too AWESOME! EXO, SHINee, SuJu & SNSD in one ! <3

  347. XiaoXian16

    This MV is basically showing how the filthy rich lives.
    Gold bars for seats and speakers. Bling everywhere. Endless jewelries and accessories. Metallic, silver and gold. Cars. Crystals. Fur. Leather

    Oh and a giant king kong / gorilla statue / paper weight!

  348. Henry!!! Omg I missed you! I’m gonna vote for this like crazy

  349. Can’t stop watching this it’s perfect! Hyoyeon is sexy and amazing and beat is killing it! Ahhhhh can’t wait to see this reviewed!

  350. xdreamerx

    When I first read the title of the song, I thought Changmin would be in it since it is called MAXstep xD

  351. Just an FYI for those who’d like to know–but please correct me if I’m mistaken :)

    - Choreographed by Greg Hwang–you can see the dance practice video with Greg, Eunhyuk, and Kai here:

    - Taemin, Eunhyuk, and Kai first performed to Maxstep at the 2011 Gayo Daejun “Sound of Hallyu” stage on December 29th: (starting at 3:18)

    - Taemin, Eunhyuk, and Kai also performed the stage during the SMTown Dance Break stage at SMTown Live World Tour III in Seoul on August 18th: (starting at 0:42). They also performed the same stage at SMTown Jakarta on September 22nd.

    - The “PYL Younique Album Vol. 1″ is a collaborative production between Hyundai and SM Entertainment. SNSD’s Jessica sings “My Lifestyle” as the theme song for the Hyundai i30, and BoA sings “LOOKIN’” for the Hyundai i40. “MAXSTEP” is the theme song for Hyundai’s Veloster, performed by SM’s “Younique Unit”. Members of the Younique unit include: Super Junior’s Eunhyuk and Super Junior-M’s Henry, EXO’s Kai and Luhan, Shinee’s Taemin, and SNSD’s Hyoyeon.

    - On October 17th, Hyundai held a “PYL Younique Show” where they first previewed the the MV:

    - On October 26th, SM Entertainment released MAXSTEP’s teaser video, seen here:

    - SM Entertainment officially released the MV via their official site on October 31st, and have released the audio version on Bugs! ( and Melon (

  352. yeeeeeeeeeeeee luhan, I love you :DDDDDDDDDDD

  353. Seriously the sexiest use of 360 cam yet, finally

  354. cantbeatthetaste

    I lost it at “THIS IS SPECIALIST H.Y” lololol

  355. Bob den os

    Sment should make more mixes like this.

  356. oh coome oon!! I hope they do Maxstep!!! SM <3

  357. Ohoho MAXSTEP entered the charts? With The Cream Of SM? Well, we have this week’s winner right here!! ;)

    ELF+Sone+Shawol+Exotic= … yeah, exactly! Can’t even put it into words! :DD

    Henry! I’m so happy to see you here, getting deserved acknowledgement!

    And I’m not even complaining about ‘box’ MV! I mean – these are some of THE BEST DANCERS of SM’s DANCE groups! I would be disappointed if this MV weren’t in a box and had more story than the dance LOL What’s more, I’m waiting for a full dance version of this XD

  358. Love when Kai screams while he’s sitting on a pile of gold bars, like a boss!!

  359. This is probably my favorite kpop song of the year. Granted, I enjoy dubstep, and my favorite members of each group are usually the main dancers, and I’m a sucker for SM groups, and… this video is pretty much directly targeted at fans like me. ^_^;;

    Well it hit the target, that’s for sure. It’ll be on repeat all day tomorrow at work.

    • millie102685

      When I heard this in the Sound of Hallyu at Gayo Daejun last year it was only like 30 seconds and it was my favorite part of the entire thing.
      … the only thing about this video that bothered me was some of the individual outfits that they were wearing in their individual shots… so much fur and feathers and fake gold chains.
      Made my head spin.

  360. Have KPop gone to Dubstep! DX and seriously…am i the only one that thinks Taemin’s eyebrows are like mostly gone? *jux saying* but over all….FREAKING LOVED IT!! ♥

  361. This was a perfect idea SM did! Henry was awesome, love his english solo and he went as high as Changmin does :D Luhan sounds awesome singing in Korean which we never hear, love Eunhyuks hairstyle here…I can go on and on saying how great this was. I was looking for more awesome choreography, but it was still epic.

  362. XiaoXian16

    You know, Hyundai released the same MV on their official channel, but WITHOUT ADS!