Younique Unit – Maxstep

  1. Bonnie Mounier


  2. u guys have already won so y r people still voting ? :D

  3. Lorenzo Garcia
    Lorenzo Garcia

    Woah, it’s like a group full of biases! Awesome.

  4. Leanne Pichay

    pretty pleaseeeeeeee <3 <3 <3

  5. Camila Carvallo

    woop woop! im looking forward to this c:

  6. Aubrey Marie

    I seriously can’t get enough of this song.

  7. I really wish someone from Fx would represent

  8. nottelling

    all of my hubbies kno each otherr :O well dis is awkss….hyoyeons pretty cool here too :D :D :D

  9. Cottenswabs

    I love this! I love the MC Hammer pants–totally going to buy some and party like a rockstart in Korea! This is a great club song!

  10. kai taemin <3

  11. Lovesinging23

    Wait…I don’t get it. Why is this at number 1 and yet it’s not getting reviewed?



  14. Taemin, why you have no eyebrows?

  15. Shawols, Exotics, Sones, Strings/Elves !!! we can do it! we can hold out for one more day!!!!

  16. did we win already?

  17. For Taemin being hot as hell and Kai for that super cool smirk! And for the song, because I just love it!

  18. ryansgirl050400

    The song reminds me of TVXQ’s catch me.

  19. Barry Adams

    Found a way to not see the unremovable everysing ad: pull up the ads by google one that comes with youtube to cover it!

  20. I really hope this gets enough numbers in the next few hours to stay above BAP. Their numbers are really getting up there, and I’m guessing that if this doesn’t get reviewed this week, it won’t get reviewed at all.

    And Unfortunately I already exhausted my votes through twitter, google, fb :(

    • lunibelle

      I don’t think BAP has a chance anymore, Stop It has been on the charts longer than Maxstep. ;)

      Seeing the song title makes me think, that we might hear some maxtime jokes :D

      • I knew time was working against the BAP video but it was still at 40,000 votes last night, I was hoping it wouldn’t pick up enough votes to take over, and it didn’t, YAY! :D Bring on the Maxtime jokes! <3

  21. best ever dont even noe where to look when i watch the damn video so awsome

  22. kelkelbunny

    It’s all about Hyoyeon now!!! woohooo

  23. Sonia St-Germain

    I want this to win Music Mondays so I am voting agan :D

  24. to be honest, i think the dance could be SO MUCH MORE than this. i mean, those people are the best ones in the industry, when it comes to dancing, there are some moves that are extremely hard to follow, but the rest is just meh. still, it’s a great song and a great vid, but i still think there are lots more to show.

  25. Aubrey Marie

    They definitely need to release a dance only video for this song….. unless they already have and I’ve just been oblivious to it…… I MUST learn and cover the dance!!!!!

  26. ryuuseisoul

    K, can someone tell me how this voting system works? How is Younique Unit – Maxstep in first place when BAP – Stop it is clearly higher in votes in all categories?

    • bap s video it’s older

    • Hi there. The charts are calculated with a mathematical algorithm. For the first 8 days, 100% of the points are counted. After that, the percentage drops. At the moment Maxstep has been on the charts for 9 days and 90% of the votes are counted. B.A.P has been on for 17 days and only 40% of the votes are counted. They are a few thousand points behind really because of the percentage of decay.

      If you have any questions, just ask and a mod or a nice Nasty will help.


    • sasha092398

      well, the charts are calculated not only by votes, but by days as well. So if video X has 30 votes in three days, it will be below video Y which has 25 votes in 2 days. It divides the total votes per total days the video has been out, so you could say that video X has an average of 3 votes per day while video Y has an average of 12.5 votes per day. Therefore, video Y must be more popular. This is the case with BAP and Maxstep. Stop It was put on the charts earlier than Maxstep, so it is lower on the charts.


  28. Emily D.

    Come on, let’s vote for the ultimate mishmash of K-pop stars mwuhahahahahahaha XD

  29. I wish there was more Hyo in the video!

  30. ik its promoting hyundai but why would u put car sounds in a music video didnt they use the car they showed it like twice or something or is that not it

    • JustDense

      I think you are answering to me right?
      If it is the case, I said that because sometimes SM puts random car sounds or cheesy sound effects that just make the video seem not-so-proffesional.
      I was kinda joking with that.

  31. this the dream team this song is amazing the dancing is awesome overall smtown you should do this more often vote for this song

  32. JustDense

    You know what I find silly on this song?

    It has no FREAKING CAR SOUNDS. It is a song made for the specifical purpose of promoting Hyundai. Hyundai makes cars. Where are the car sounds SM ENTERTAINMENT, WHERE?!?!?!

  33. OMG!!! Simon & Martina.. you got to make a review for this… its daebak!!!