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ZE:A – Aftermath

  1. happy 300,000! Subscribers nasty for life yeah congrants simon and martina

  2. this song is so beautiful especially the RnB remix of it <3
    i wish everyone would realize how special ZE:A are..


  4. andddd we’re down to 34th…………joy…………..;;;;

  5. Its such a shame that they didn’t get reviewed now its probably too late because the video is old :/

  6. This is the first time I watched or listened to a ZE:A song. It’s not my style, but the song is nice :)

  7. <3 ZE:A fighting ^^ I wish they would have more views but I really am proud for what they have~ <3 ZE:A will always be number one in my heart.

  8. Ze:a’s fighting!!!

  9. 12TH PLACE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? this is an outrage!!!!!!!! SIGHH
    we’re not going down without a fight!!!!! FIGHTING ZE:A~

  10. Why doesn’t this MV have more views?! The beginning sounds like Heart 2 Heart by 4 minute…..people loved that song….why don’t they love this song?….well who cares ZE:A FOR LIFE!!! I can’t stop playing this song…^^….ZE:A Hwaiting…^^

  11. waah! I love this song! ://

  12. i dont knw why theyre rather choosing nu’est :/

  13. Come on! Review this awesome song! =D

  14. Love the song! :D good dance and magic screen

  15. Lets make it happen! ZE:A for the next music Monday~

  16. Awesome how the song is still holding on to the first page! Maybe no KMM, but still some regocnizion!* :D

  17. Awesome how the song is still holding on to the first page! Maybe no KMM, but still seme regocnizion! :D

  18. I LOOVVEE THIS SONG!!! i’m surprised it’s not in the top 3 or 5!!! i think it’s really catchy like it’s literally all i’ve been listening to for the past 2 or 3 days?

  19. ze:a is finally in the top 10!!!!!! :D This video has to be reviewed

  20. I’m addicted to this song O.O

  21. ZE:A does have a lot of fans…it’s just that nobody knows that they’ve just came back with an awesome catchy song!!! I think they really deserve this KMM; they’ve been in the Kpop Industry for a while now, they deserve more!!!! Yet, I think that they should’ve POSTPONE the release of this music at a different time knowing that SJ, 2NE1, T-ARA, f(x), and BEAST were all making comebacks. -_- Seriously if they made a comeback at a different time, this music would’ve made top.

  22. I like the song alot… the dance isn’t bad either…

    But seriously their stylist should be shot… It’s like they robbed a clowns “nice clothes”

  23. This song is awesome,right ? ZE:A’S ♥

  24. ♥MinSikJun♥

  25. GO GO GO!!

  26. ZE:A!! ♥

  27. I love the upbeat dance part where the rose petals are falling! It adds a romantic feeling…..and just plain looks cool!

  28. finally out of 11th place!! thats more like it!
    come on guys lets get this song reviewed FIGHTINGG

  29. This group deserves more credit. I think eat your kimichi should do a special just 4 them. Who agrees??

  30. gahhhhhh 11th place?!?
    come on ZE:A’s, lets get this song to 1ST PLACE!!~

  31. My favorite part of this video is the solo shots in the walled-in-type area. I thought It was really cool, and I liked it. I also liked when the line ‘I wish I could turn back time,’ came up, there was the cool clock thing on the wall behind them. It was very fitting to the lyrics.

  32. REALLY LOVE this SONG, MV, and ofcourse, the DANCE!!!! ZE:A is really SPECTACULAR, like their album says! i really love this comeback ^~^

  33. They’re still build their popularity, we still have to be patient. I hope they will be bigger than Super junior at their 5th album :) ze:a fighting!! Thnks to martina n simon for the interview :) daebak!

  34. Where did all the styles go? D:
    THIS SONG IS AMAZING, and seems to have more depth than most of the other songs on the kpop charts at the moment. Can we please get this reviewed so that ZE:A will get at least a TASTE of the recognition that they deserve?

  35. I think it’s just normal to get addicted to this song.. :)

  36. Guys!! We have to get this reviewed!!! It’s so much better than SJ’s new song. Hate to see SJ win just because of their fame and ZE:A lose out with the better song. :(

  37. ZE:A forever <3
    fighting ze:a….

  38. Its sad that they are going to review a music video like Super Juniors without content and story and not this beautiful, creative music video by ZE:A. Don’t get me wrong SuJu are AWESOME and I’m forever a humble servant to these gods of Asia, but the music video just wasnt fun, cool or new. Its just Super Junior dancing around in a room (oh, sorry, three rooms) singing about how they are so sexy. C’mon, we’ve seen that already.

  39. After watching this I CAN SAY ” I’M PROUD ZE:A’STYLE” ! ZE:A amd ZE:A’S FIGHTING!

    Let’s meet again <3

  40. I am really proud of ZE:A for this song keep voting!

  41. i love this song very much!!

  42. I love Dongjuns grey hair style! The one in blue outfit is the best one imo.

  43. I wish Simon & Marina will review ZE:A :(

  44. I personally love this song too.. I mean Sexy Free and Single has the pull of Super Junior ( anything they touch is practically popular and will rack up votes) but this music video and group are equally talented and should get more attention. I am gonna vote for the purpose of truly loving this song right off the bat– to be honest I had to re-watch sexy free and single 2 or 3 times before I was convinced .

    Love you both (ZE:A and Super Junior) FIGHTING!…just lovin ZEA a bit more right now (:

  45. I LOVE THIS SONG! Want on my ipod right now

  46. I’m still voting for them, no matter what!

  47. Is it just me, or why there stands that there are no comments? O.o
    Anyways, I LOVE THIS SONG!!! Please, a Kpop Music Monday for this song~ >.<

  48. SImon&Martina, ZE:A needs to be reviewed, you know you can help them to recognize by people because lots of kpop fans watch you.. :)

  49. SM artists aren’t the only ones with a Genie add anymore…

  50. ZE:A JJANG!! ZE:A HWAITING!! <3 :D

  51. Ze:a fall from #5 to #24 on soribada… Plz anyoneee

  52. Love this song can’t stop playing it.

  53. ZE:A… fighting… Ajumony.. Love’s You From MEXICO…

  54. ;^; You guys never did a ZE:A review, even after all these years. /sob.

  55. ze:a you are the best !fighting!♥ ><'

  56. awwww I know it is going to be hard for them to win this ;n; ’cause they have a lot of strong competence this season… but I will keep supporting anyway no matter what ’cause to me ZE:A is the best T-T ♥

  57. They are aswome they deserve to win because they are really talented and its time for them to show people they can really Shine!:)

  58. Hey hey! They deserve better!!!! C’mon. Simon, Martina, we know they have too little chances to win k-pop music mondays but this group derves a review. Why don’t you make another kind of review for groups not too popular? This voting way will include always the same groups (super junior, 2ne1, big bang, snsd, etc wich are really great, we can’t deny it) and it would be good if more people get to know more groups.

  59. come on ZE:A’s now we are to be noticed!!! <3 fighting!

  60. C’mon ZE:A’s lets keep voting ! ^O^

  61. Да что ж это за издевательство над нашими мальчиками, почему они до сих пор 8-е Т-Т

  62. y are there so little comments? :(
    this song is AWESOME and ZE:A is AWESOME as well!! they need more recognition!!!!
    ZE:A FIGHTING!! love each and every one of u guys <33

  63. All i can say only.. This is MASTERPIECE

  64. ZE:A!!! SPECTACULAR as the name of the album fits so much!!

  65. It’s been a long while since I was this captivated–instantly–by a song made by a group I know nothing about. All I can say is, WOW. This deserves to be reviewed. Even as a KissMe, I would so much rather have this reviewed than Sexy, Free & Single. This is still a really new video, so maybe it’ll stand a chance against SJ for this week.

  66. K E R E N!!!!!DAEBAK,ZE:A HWAITING!!!!

  67. Junyoung wae you sit down there also look hot??

  68. 1. (Kevin’s wearing) Dara’s hat (from 2NE1 TV Season1 Episode 1 I think)!! :D
    2. The part at about 1:14 reminds me of SISTAR’s Alone. They even say “I’m alone” XP
    3. They must like foot dance stuff. (Mazeltov)

    4. THIS SONG AND MUSIC VIDEO IS AWESOME!!!!! I hope you get better soon Moon leader~!! <3

  69. for me this song doen’t sound like ZE:A’s another songs, but the dance hell yeah it’s ZE:A style~ ^^

  70. This song is so cool~ and their new album is GREAT!♥♥♥

  71. ZE:A !! I will vote for them everyday :D

  72. ZE:A’s remember to vote everyday!! ^^ get our boys to be reviewed for the first time ^^

  73. They deserve a review for this comeback! Please Simon and Martina :(

  74. everyon vote for ZEA!!!~ <33333

  75. I really like it!!!! Oh, my awesome boys ♥

  76. I really like the dance they do at the chorus! It’s like the suave love child of B2ST’s Fiction and JYP’s You’re The One. :D