ZE:A – Phoenix

  1. Christine Tran

    im loving this song
    i feel like ZE:As underrated.
    i wish theyd get more attention.
    hopefully this song gets reviewed one day…

  2. I think this is their best song yet

  3. spiralyte

    I kinda wish ZE:A weren’t dropping, but unfortunately I’m witnessing the sad descent just as I did BoA’s “The Shadow.” /sighs

    I think my favorite part about this MV are the little movements the members do that match the short, transitive beats in the song. Example: When Kevin says “Like be-fore,” he points to the camera and it coincides with the beats (~0:24). I think it’s little details like those that make a video more interesting and connect artist to viewer beyond the scope of the video itself.

    Of course, I can’t help but be a Kwanghee lover and adore his small parts as well. He annoys me to heck, but I can’t help loving the dude! <3

    Did anyone notice – or think that – in the Japanese version, the filters are a LOT brighter? I mean, when they're in the shiny, aluminum foil tunnels especially, the blues are much richer. Dunno, just something I picked up on that I sort of wish they'd replicated here. The videos are already so similar, couldn't have hurt!

    I really hope this video can be reviewed one day. Graah, being a Nasty is such a difficult job. Well, aside from loving Simon & Martina, that is. That part's easy-peasy. XD <3

  4. Cassandra

    Please please review. i love Ze:a and this song!!

  5. I’m absolutely in love with this song

  6. i brought one of ze:a songs, but i never actually really listened to it, but now that i have totally addictied, really hope they make it big they havent had a really big hit since they’ve debuted but this song and entire mini album is really good! VOTE IT ZE:A’S

  7. Vishvak Rangarajan

    ZE:A should win cause they always work so hard and have some seriously badass songs

  8. woow this song is quicky becoming my favorite song. ZE:A well done! ^..^

  9. Absamaranth

    I really liked this comeback song, hope it can make it :/

  10. On a second thought, this is kinda addictive isn’t it?

  11. This intro really sounds like Daft Punk’s old stuff…

  12. Vote for ZE:A! Please support t-ara and secret as will! Vote for all three groups and show you’re love! ♥,♥ ZEA Fighting!

  13. I dont know why their ‘individual-talent’ gain more popularity than themselves as a group :/


  15. xxMelodyxx

    YAY ZE:A! I’m trying to be more diverse with the kpop groups I listen to and ZE:A is one of my growing top boy group (but it’s mostly because of Dongjun, Hyungsik, and Kwanghee). I listened to most of their songs already though and they’re all pretty catchy. I find myself singing Mazeltov a lot these days and doing the head dance :D

  16. BaekSeungJoFan!

    Kwang Hee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  18. spiralyte

    I’m new to them, any kind Nasty out there who would like to point out who’s who? (Besides Kwanghee, I know him very well! LOL)


  19. I would really like to see this video reviewed. They have never reviewed a ZE:A vid before, and it’s about time, LOL…

  20. I have never heard of this band but this song is great! I love how catchy it is!

  21. ZE:A! Please~ >.< You never did Music Monday of them! T-Ara has enough!

  22. lildevilx

    definitely one of their best songs.

  23. ZE:A ZE:A ZE:A come on this really needs to get reviewed. Even thought the set is not the best its still an AMAZING song

  24. Sandy Thao

    Totally Like a phonix

  25. spiralyte

    ZE:A’s up to 3 now.. Yayyyyzzzz. <33333

    Anyone seen the "ghost" dancing to "Phoenix"?

  26. Nik smith


  27. They have to review Phoenix because the song and the dance are awesome!

  28. I can’t stop listening to this! :D and it helped me learn how to spell phoenix properly xDD

  29. Hey! I really love this song, and would love to see it reviewed. Maybe you guys should think about reaching out to Loves (Nu’est fans) or Babys for help?

  30. Whenever Gangnam style is played (which I had) one of my friends hands me her iPod so I can listen to a song I enjoy. However, everytime I get the chance to in a moment like this I listen to this song because my mood turns up awfully much. ^^

  31. I just LOVE this song! It’s the first non-SJ song that got me so addicted after The Chaser! These two are the songs that kind of make me wish SuJu sang them LOL AS you might guess this is the biggest compliment an ELF can ever say :DD

    • spiralyte

      It would be sort of interesting for SJ to sing this song… Who would sing what part?

      /imagines Kyu’s smexy voice and all is fine with the world

      • I didn’t really think about the singing parts, though with Kyu’s and Yesung’s vocals I’m sure they can handle everything. I was thinking more of the super cool choreo they could make (not that ZE:A’s is bad, but SJ has it’s style and also SJ has Hyuk lol). I would also REALLY love to say that they could make the coolest video with Phoenix-fire effects, something similar to what SM did with EXO’s Mama, but saying that, unfortunately, would be a joke of the year and just my wishful thinking XD

        What I’m more interested in is: would people STILL make fun and look down on SJ if they released The Chaser – such universally loved song?

        • taylorkw1

          I fall in love with infinite bcuz ‘ be mine’ n dissapoint a lot with ‘the chaser’ :/ though i know they will get triple crown with it. :/

        • spiralyte

          The choreography could definitely be spiced up, but I really like the moves for the chorus, especially the “We’re gonna getcha, getcha, getcha with the fire burn” part. I could totally see Hyuk doing that arms-spread-out-like-wings thing. xD

          SJ videos really need a face-lift.. Actually watching this video I was reminded of how SM is neglecting SJ’s video production as of late. But you did mention EXO, which is where all the company budget probably went… It’s just ironic that there’s no phoenix, but I think the song is more about heat and fire than the actual bird, lol. I agree with you though, majorly cool effects could be used for this kind of thing. Though saying that is like saying what “SPY” could have been, so yeah it is kind of pointless, lol.

          People look down on Super Junior? News to me.
          I know SJ gets a lot of crap because of their fanbase, the bias, and they’re criticized for every little thing, but.. That all comes with being a big-name artist, so actually, it’s a good thing. Take ZE:A for example – the video for “Phoenix,” though the song is fantastic, has less than 200,000 views. If this were a SuJu video, it would easily have over a million views by now. That largely has to do with the fanbase, which, as I mentioned, gets plenty of hate; but I don’t think Super Junior themselves deserve any. They work extremely hard every single hour and barely get any downtime – haters need to just get out. I respect Super Junior and I respect ZE:A – each work hard and each deserve more appreciation for their actual talents and not their looks. (Which is something I see a.l.o.t.)

        • I totally agree about the choreo needing spicing up (I think it needs a ‘big budget company’ touch^^) and that move at ‘fire burn’ is my favorite part :)

          As for SJ being looked down on, unfortunately, being a fan myself, outside of ELFs I rarely see anything good being said about them, Especially as singers and especially in Korea :( I have read such comments that I wish I have never seen! If they like them, it’s mainly as entertainers. That’s why I wonder how they’d be viewed if they released such universally loved song ;) And of course they don’t deserve the hate: they’re some of the nicest, hardworking, humblest guys, who are the greatest role models for for any junior group. I actually see a lot of similarities between SJ and ZE:A, who even said that they looked up to SJ the most and were motivated by SJ the most :) That’s why even without not knowing anything about their music I still liked them! But this song totally rocks!!^^

          This has a Japanese version? I didn’t know that! I’ll have to check it out as well, especially since it’s the original^^

        • spiralyte

          ZE:A are fans of Super Junior? Totally awesome. xD

          Well, when I began to learn about Super Junior, the first thing I found out was that they are the largest boyband in the world (or were at one time). That in itself really impressed me. Super Junior have set a lot of milestones for boy bands and with so many members they have effectively distinguished each, whether by individual talents or charisma or personality. Their music is catchy, their dances are popular and complex, and their style is cool. They are also extremely nice to their fans, which, in my experience, doesn’t happen often with artists of such stature. More importantly, they have unity. Whenever even a single member is absent from a performance, it leaves a hole. Super Junior is not Super Junior because of one member; they are all ONE. That’s why I love them and that’s why I’m an ELF. It pains me that people would see that, even as normal consumers and not fans, and not be appreciative of their efforts.

          ZE:A seems like a humble group themselves – they boast 9 members, which, at first glance (at least for me watching this vid and experiencing ZE:A for the first time) looks like a much smaller number of guys. They handle it well though, and they do have talent. They have fun. xD This song has been stuck in my head for a week and the EP itself is really nice.

          I hope ZE:A and SuJu can collaborate one day! xD

        • Heidi Martin

          It seems like a smaller group also due to the fact that JunYoung is not dancing because of an ankle injury that he is recovering from. So in the group scenes there are only 8 dancers.

        • spiralyte

          Oh, I see! Thank you for that info. Now I know who Junyoung is. xD

          Yeah, I think it’s also because the way the camera is angled during the dancing scenes, it doesn’t really look like 9, haha. :)

  32. i really love this song..
    PHOENIX <3 go go go

  33. Heidi Martin

    I love this song! So powerful!

  34. jiyongyongvip

    LIKE A PHOENIIIIIIXXX!! omg this song stuck in my mind now. I wasn’t a fan of ZE:A fan before but this song is sure catchy. I wish it’s got reviewed.

  35. So, I’ve never really liked ZEA’s songs all that much. I think the only song I’ve liked was Here I Am. Other than that, I couldn’t get into their other songs. This song, however, I really like. It’s catchy. I’ve had the “like a phoenix” stuck in my head for hours now lol.
    Anyway, the “like a phoenix” sounds extremely familiar. It sounds similar to an older song I’ve heard before, like maybe from the late 90s or early 2000. It’s been bothering me for a while now.


  37. Although I’m not a fan of ZE:A I am in LOVE with this song!! Hope they get reviewed!!