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ZE:A – Phoenix

  1. im loving this song
    i feel like ZE:As underrated.
    i wish theyd get more attention.
    hopefully this song gets reviewed one day…

  2. I think this is their best song yet

  3. I kinda wish ZE:A weren’t dropping, but unfortunately I’m witnessing the sad descent just as I did BoA’s “The Shadow.” /sighs

    I think my favorite part about this MV are the little movements the members do that match the short, transitive beats in the song. Example: When Kevin says “Like be-fore,” he points to the camera and it coincides with the beats (~0:24). I think it’s little details like those that make a video more interesting and connect artist to viewer beyond the scope of the video itself.

    Of course, I can’t help but be a Kwanghee lover and adore his small parts as well. He annoys me to heck, but I can’t help loving the dude! <3

    Did anyone notice – or think that – in the Japanese version, the filters are a LOT brighter? I mean, when they're in the shiny, aluminum foil tunnels especially, the blues are much richer. Dunno, just something I picked up on that I sort of wish they'd replicated here. The videos are already so similar, couldn't have hurt!

    I really hope this video can be reviewed one day. Graah, being a Nasty is such a difficult job. Well, aside from loving Simon & Martina, that is. That part's easy-peasy. XD <3

  4. Please please review. i love Ze:a and this song!!

  5. I’m absolutely in love with this song

  6. i brought one of ze:a songs, but i never actually really listened to it, but now that i have totally addictied, really hope they make it big they havent had a really big hit since they’ve debuted but this song and entire mini album is really good! VOTE IT ZE:A’S

  7. ZE:A should win cause they always work so hard and have some seriously badass songs

  8. woow this song is quicky becoming my favorite song. ZE:A well done! ^..^

  9. I really liked this comeback song, hope it can make it :/

  10. On a second thought, this is kinda addictive isn’t it?

  11. This intro really sounds like Daft Punk’s old stuff…

  12. Vote for ZE:A! Please support t-ara and secret as will! Vote for all three groups and show you’re love! ♥,♥ ZEA Fighting!

  13. I dont know why their ‘individual-talent’ gain more popularity than themselves as a group :/


  15. YAY ZE:A! I’m trying to be more diverse with the kpop groups I listen to and ZE:A is one of my growing top boy group (but it’s mostly because of Dongjun, Hyungsik, and Kwanghee). I listened to most of their songs already though and they’re all pretty catchy. I find myself singing Mazeltov a lot these days and doing the head dance :D

  16. Kwang Hee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  18. I’m new to them, any kind Nasty out there who would like to point out who’s who? (Besides Kwanghee, I know him very well! LOL)


  19. I would really like to see this video reviewed. They have never reviewed a ZE:A vid before, and it’s about time, LOL…

  20. I have never heard of this band but this song is great! I love how catchy it is!

  21. ZE:A! Please~ >.< You never did Music Monday of them! T-Ara has enough!

  22. definitely one of their best songs.

  23. ZE:A ZE:A ZE:A come on this really needs to get reviewed. Even thought the set is not the best its still an AMAZING song

  24. Totally Like a phonix

  25. ZE:A’s up to 3 now.. Yayyyyzzzz. <33333

    Anyone seen the "ghost" dancing to "Phoenix"?


  27. They have to review Phoenix because the song and the dance are awesome!

  28. I can’t stop listening to this! :D and it helped me learn how to spell phoenix properly xDD

  29. Hey! I really love this song, and would love to see it reviewed. Maybe you guys should think about reaching out to Loves (Nu’est fans) or Babys for help?

  30. Whenever Gangnam style is played (which I had) one of my friends hands me her iPod so I can listen to a song I enjoy. However, everytime I get the chance to in a moment like this I listen to this song because my mood turns up awfully much. ^^

  31. I just LOVE this song! It’s the first non-SJ song that got me so addicted after The Chaser! These two are the songs that kind of make me wish SuJu sang them LOL AS you might guess this is the biggest compliment an ELF can ever say :DD

    • It would be sort of interesting for SJ to sing this song… Who would sing what part?

      /imagines Kyu’s smexy voice and all is fine with the world

      • I didn’t really think about the singing parts, though with Kyu’s and Yesung’s vocals I’m sure they can handle everything. I was thinking more of the super cool choreo they could make (not that ZE:A’s is bad, but SJ has it’s style and also SJ has Hyuk lol). I would also REALLY love to say that they could make the coolest video with Phoenix-fire effects, something similar to what SM did with EXO’s Mama, but saying that, unfortunately, would be a joke of the year and just my wishful thinking XD

        What I’m more interested in is: would people STILL make fun and look down on SJ if they released The Chaser – such universally loved song?

        • The choreography could definitely be spiced up, but I really like the moves for the chorus, especially the “We’re gonna getcha, getcha, getcha with the fire burn” part. I could totally see Hyuk doing that arms-spread-out-like-wings thing. xD

          SJ videos really need a face-lift.. Actually watching this video I was reminded of how SM is neglecting SJ’s video production as of late. But you did mention EXO, which is where all the company budget probably went… It’s just ironic that there’s no phoenix, but I think the song is more about heat and fire than the actual bird, lol. I agree with you though, majorly cool effects could be used for this kind of thing. Though saying that is like saying what “SPY” could have been, so yeah it is kind of pointless, lol.

          People look down on Super Junior? News to me.
          I know SJ gets a lot of crap because of their fanbase, the bias, and they’re criticized for every little thing, but.. That all comes with being a big-name artist, so actually, it’s a good thing. Take ZE:A for example – the video for “Phoenix,” though the song is fantastic, has less than 200,000 views. If this were a SuJu video, it would easily have over a million views by now. That largely has to do with the fanbase, which, as I mentioned, gets plenty of hate; but I don’t think Super Junior themselves deserve any. They work extremely hard every single hour and barely get any downtime – haters need to just get out. I respect Super Junior and I respect ZE:A – each work hard and each deserve more appreciation for their actual talents and not their looks. (Which is something I see a.l.o.t.)

        • I totally agree about the choreo needing spicing up (I think it needs a ‘big budget company’ touch^^) and that move at ‘fire burn’ is my favorite part :)

          As for SJ being looked down on, unfortunately, being a fan myself, outside of ELFs I rarely see anything good being said about them, Especially as singers and especially in Korea :( I have read such comments that I wish I have never seen! If they like them, it’s mainly as entertainers. That’s why I wonder how they’d be viewed if they released such universally loved song ;) And of course they don’t deserve the hate: they’re some of the nicest, hardworking, humblest guys, who are the greatest role models for for any junior group. I actually see a lot of similarities between SJ and ZE:A, who even said that they looked up to SJ the most and were motivated by SJ the most :) That’s why even without not knowing anything about their music I still liked them! But this song totally rocks!!^^

          This has a Japanese version? I didn’t know that! I’ll have to check it out as well, especially since it’s the original^^

        • ZE:A are fans of Super Junior? Totally awesome. xD

          Well, when I began to learn about Super Junior, the first thing I found out was that they are the largest boyband in the world (or were at one time). That in itself really impressed me. Super Junior have set a lot of milestones for boy bands and with so many members they have effectively distinguished each, whether by individual talents or charisma or personality. Their music is catchy, their dances are popular and complex, and their style is cool. They are also extremely nice to their fans, which, in my experience, doesn’t happen often with artists of such stature. More importantly, they have unity. Whenever even a single member is absent from a performance, it leaves a hole. Super Junior is not Super Junior because of one member; they are all ONE. That’s why I love them and that’s why I’m an ELF. It pains me that people would see that, even as normal consumers and not fans, and not be appreciative of their efforts.

          ZE:A seems like a humble group themselves – they boast 9 members, which, at first glance (at least for me watching this vid and experiencing ZE:A for the first time) looks like a much smaller number of guys. They handle it well though, and they do have talent. They have fun. xD This song has been stuck in my head for a week and the EP itself is really nice.

          I hope ZE:A and SuJu can collaborate one day! xD

        • Heidi Martin

          It seems like a smaller group also due to the fact that JunYoung is not dancing because of an ankle injury that he is recovering from. So in the group scenes there are only 8 dancers.

        • Oh, I see! Thank you for that info. Now I know who Junyoung is. xD

          Yeah, I think it’s also because the way the camera is angled during the dancing scenes, it doesn’t really look like 9, haha. :)

        • I fall in love with infinite bcuz ‘ be mine’ n dissapoint a lot with ‘the chaser’ :/ though i know they will get triple crown with it. :/

  32. i really love this song..
    PHOENIX <3 go go go

  33. I love this song! So powerful!

  34. LIKE A PHOENIIIIIIXXX!! omg this song stuck in my mind now. I wasn’t a fan of ZE:A fan before but this song is sure catchy. I wish it’s got reviewed.

  35. So, I’ve never really liked ZEA’s songs all that much. I think the only song I’ve liked was Here I Am. Other than that, I couldn’t get into their other songs. This song, however, I really like. It’s catchy. I’ve had the “like a phoenix” stuck in my head for hours now lol.
    Anyway, the “like a phoenix” sounds extremely familiar. It sounds similar to an older song I’ve heard before, like maybe from the late 90s or early 2000. It’s been bothering me for a while now.


  37. Although I’m not a fan of ZE:A I am in LOVE with this song!! Hope they get reviewed!!

  38. I love this song :D It’s so addictive >< Just got into ZE:A and they're all so talented. Hope this gets reviewed!!

  39. i like the song and the lyrics but it is kinda sad cause the video doesn’t really do just justice to the song in my opinion

  40. I don’t know this boy band as well as others, but I like this song. I hope it get review tough there’s no Phoenix (hehehe)

  41. ZE:A, oh ZE:A. I got addicted to them a while ago, and now this song. Playing this song over and over again! Want them to be on Music Mondays so bad! ;A;

  42. It’s actually because of eatyourkimchi that I say ZE:A correctly. I would say Z E A whenever I talked about them. :)

  43. Hope it gets a chance

  44. I love you ze:a phoenix deserves to be reviewed :DDD

  45. I didn’t really like any of their past songs but I’ve had this song on repeat for the past week and a half

  46. Super cool song that deserves more love…

  47. I love this video! Come on guys!

  48. My new ringtone :P

  49. I really love this song!
    I feel addicted to this song! The style, the music it’s just AWESOME!.<

  50. I like the beat to this video :) Ze-A has my vote this week… even thought they might not make it for Musc Monday… Sad

  51. COME ON ZE:A…You can get to the top of this chart!! Come on! lol

  52. I hate to even say this bc I love ZE;A ( and they don’t get all the love they deserve-great group)..BUT I am not feeling this song. I have no clue why either. It is not like I haven’t tried ( sometimes I have to listen to songs 2-3 times and then BAM! love it)– example SPY and SEXY FREE And SINGLE by SJ…but with this NOPE. It may be the rather blurry visuals in the MV or the dark, leathery costuming choices (which suit some members but not others).
    Don’t get me wrong the song has a catchy part midway but it is rather slower paced the rest of the song…hmm maybe that is why…. either way…sorry ZE:A…love the rest of your songs just not this one. ZE:A Fighting though!

  53. actually, this song goes “like in Phoenix” that’s why it’s not “fire bird” but “fire burn”, like extreeemely hot weather, and sand everywhere… exactly, as in a desert!!! got that?? *wink* *wink*

  54. It’d be awesome if this got reviewed. Simon and Martina already interviewed them a little while back and I can’t think of many other ways to get them noticed by other international fans than via EYK.

    This is one of their best releases to date. I think ZE:A do better with powerful songs like this, and Heart For 2. They manage to do really masculine/sexy concepts in a very classy way that doesn’t overpower the songs :33

  55. 제아 힘내봐!!!MAZELTOV!!!!

  56. I think that this song/dance totally fits Ze:a! And I,too, used to love the ‘here I am’ era but I like this concept even more, because you can see them… you know… LIKE A MAN!

  57. Yup awesome comeback! :D

  58. ZE:A ♥ I really hope they win~ Well… they can’t beat G-D of course… but maybe next week :3

  59. omfg i hope zea wins next week!

  60. I lovelovelove the Daft Punk-esque beat… Damn, ZE:A has captured my heart with this “fire burn”!

    Although.. Seems a little obvious to me that fire, uh… burns… ROFL

    Thanks for being informative anyway, ZE:A! <3

  61. I wish more people would vote for this song! ZE:A is amazing!


    I am officially impressed. *rapes replay button* /EARGASM

  63. Wooow, i didn´t like ZE:A´s previous songs but this new one is awesome!!!

  64. This is probably one of the best song from them, in MY opinion. Their debut song wasn’t that bad, but their songs afterward wasn’t so great. But, I hope they get reviewed. They deserve it!

  65. I love ZE:A and really want them to be reviewed!!

  66. WAIT! I just realized, they must be talking about Chanyeol’s Fire Eagle! Hahahaha.

  67. I’ve never heard of this band, but this song is AWESOME! I voted for this, and liked it, and shared it on google.

  68. omg I love this song I hope it will make it to first position next week!

  69. Добрый день! Я очень надеюсь,что вы возьметесь за обсуждение этой класс ной песни и очень интересной группы!

  70. AWESOME~! The best sound on the chart right now, gets stuck like… Well, I don’t remember the other stuff because this stuck ^^’

  71. thrs awesome right thr. . .

  72. Ummm…I was wondering if this is where I post to request a song be put up?….BAP just came out with a new song named Crash but I don’t see it on the charts….^^…can i request this be put up?…..
    Anyway I am totally in love with this comeback from ZEA….SO CATCHY…Like a Fire Bird!! Holla!!

    • To the right bit of your screen, where it says ‘Post A Video’ in pink, you can submit a link for the video on youtube! Make sure it’s from the artist’s OFFICIAL youtube channel.
      And as much as it pains me to say this, Crash won’t be added because it is just backstage footage so there is nothing for Simon and Martina to really talk about.
      Hope this helps!

      • OHH! Thanks…^^^..I feel stupid because I have been following Simon and Martina for like two years and I still didn’t know this….^^….poo. That sucks.

  73. it looks alot like tvxq keep your head down from the sets

  74. I really hope this gets reviewed!!! I wanna see what Simon has to say about the English because I think their pronunciation was absolutely flawless!!!!! It could have been really bad, but it was amazing!! xD and this was just a freaking amazing video that deserves to get reviewed!! xD

  75. Like a phoenixxxxxxxxxx :) cmon ZE:A u are deserve this to be reviewed :)

  76. This song is so addicting! Can’t help going around everywhere belting “LIKE A PHOOEEENIX!” LOL.

  77. Hareem Siddiqi

    Ya! Ze:a is 8! we might have a chance…….but then there’s g-dragon (whom i also love). But I really think ze:a deserves it with this song, I honestly like it better than one of a kind and That XX.

  78. one of their best songs to date! I’m very proud of ZE:A :D I hope this will eventually get reviewed, it would really help them get more attention

  79. This song is flipping amazing!
    It’s really the first song from ZE:A that I just couldn’t keep myself from repeating! It’s addictive and.. LIKE A PHEONIIIIIIIIX1

  80. I already love the fact that they released another song^^ It’s good enough for us! This song already has some recognition from other companies, and that this song made it to the first page of the K-Charts is awesome as well! I’ll keep voting for it though it will probably never get to #1. At least it’s getting noticed ;)

  81. go high up sky zea *crying* lost their rank..again+_+

  82. Cmon ZE:A!!!!!!!!

  83. Please include this in some sort of way in a kpop chart update, because it really deserves to be known a lot more! One of their best songs yet!

    ZE:A, ZE:A’s fighting!

  84. these guys are so underrated…hopefully this song does well in charts and on youtube…after aftermath this is such a change and since mazeltov (autotune with those voices) nothing bad has come from these guys

  85. after 3 years..plz let them get sth meant..plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  86. Waiting today on mubank :) like a phoenixxxxxxxx

  87. Hareem Siddiqi

    Keep it up Ze:A’s like this we might make it, xept for the fact that g-dragon is releasing another mv :(

  88. captain kevin kekeke hot pink..neon back->sexy his new hairstyle..much much better than bout 3 weeks ago=))

  89. I do have to say, this is the FIRST song I have ever liked from ZE:A. This really deserves to be higher on the charts. They DID go the way of random rooms that just look cool though. >_< Still love the song and they are definitely cute! :D

  90. Lets vote everyday

  91. i really hope ze:a wins!! this sing is sooo addicting

  92. ZE:A deserve to be review for this MV… it just freaking awesome

  93. I love this song. it is such a different feeling from their previous songs. I hope things goes well for them!! Cause it is definitely time for ZE:A to shine!

  94. they did a really good work on this song ! they deserve to be so much under the spotlight. i really hope with this song, they’ll show the world how talented they are.

  95. I cant accept if people tell ZE:A is underatted, theyve been winning music bank, #1 on oricon n gaon.but i can tell, thyre not get love n attention that they deserve, ZE:A fIGHTINGGGGGGGGG!!!!!

  96. ze:a the best!!! 
    ZE:A fighting ^^ really love this song

  97. I hope ZE:A gets tons of recognitiong for Phoenix. Dongjun, Minwoo and Junyoung worked really hard to write it and it sounds absolutely wonderful!! More power ZE:A Fighting!!

  98. I Love ZE:A I’ve been loving them for almost two years… yes, is hard to belong to a fandom so small, so ignored… but I love them for the way they are, their talents, their humbleness… I think they’re the most noble idols U-U and I wil ALWAYS support them first ♥ 

  99. I really like this song! they deserve more attention, so I hope this can get reviewed so that more people can see this group! :)

  100. Hareem Siddiqi

    I didn’t think a song could be better than Love Coach, then Aftermath came, and just when I thought their could be nothing better…Phoenix popped up! honestly this song is AMAZING! It’s so powerful and addicting. I hope ze:a can b reviewed next week.

  101. I like this song! I like it much better than Aftermath to be honest. But I wish ZEA would return to their ‘Here I Am’ days. *sigh*
    Anyways, I hope ZEA continues to grow and make awesome songs like this. :)

    • Hello there :3 Hehe. Yes, ‘Here I Am’ is my first ZE:A song, it was so fresh ! ^^ The MV was really cute too, and unlike in this MV they weren’t just dancing in boxes.. But I think ‘PHOENIX’ is a great song, it’s a tad more powerful and it’s catchy.

       ZE:A deserves recognition. :p 

    • I think that “Daily Daily” from Spectacular has a really similar vibe with “Here I Am” as it is a really sweet and cute song.

  102. What i love from ZE:A is theyre always come with song that easy listening at 1st time i hear it, always….. I cant found that speciality on the other band… theyre deserve for more love <3 ZE:A FIGHTINGGGGGGGG!!!!!

  103. Wow! Finally a ZE:A song I really like! The music video is not that interesting but I think they deserve to be reviewed because I don’t think they have been reviewed right? :)

  104. i only became a fan after watching dongjun at dream team. i didnt regret it though ! they’re really awesome and i love this new song ! ZE:A FIGHTING ! LOVE YOU DONGJUN !

  105. Love this song! I was surprised by ZE:A, never really liked much of their stuff – Aftermath grew on me and now I like it. But this song gets stuck in my head all the time!

  106. Honestly, before this I’ve only heard one of ZE:A’s songs–Spectacular–but this one has some incredibly catchy music and dancing. Color me impressed. Kwanghee’s the only one I recognize, because he’s appeared on Strong Heart. I don’t think I’m a fan of this to the point where I’ll activelly search for their shows or appearances, but I’ll be voting for this MV on EYK at least.

  107. kekeke theyr really interesting XDDDDDDDDDDD 

  108. I really like ZE:A though I have to admit I wasn’t initially drawn to them by their songs. More like I saw Kwanghee on Strong Heart and thought he was hilarious and this lead me to search out ZE:A. Their songs have always been standard, none have really stood out to me, I kept thinking, Who are the managers? Why put so little effort into finding a good catchy song? Aftermath was my favourite song of theirs just cos it felt like the management had put a little more effort into finding a decent song. But now I have to say this is good, I’m impressed. I really really like this song, after just one listen (it takes me ages to like a song, normally at least a couple of listens). I hope they do well with this song and get some love. I feel like they work so hard and get no recognition. I mean they’ve been around for 2 1/2 years now.  

  109. I really hope that ZE:A does well with this song, because they seriously deserve more love – and this is an amazing song. And they’re finally coming back at a relatively advantageous time (not at the same time as SJ, 2NE1 etcetc for once….)

    Good work on your first number one ZE:A! Keep it up!

  110. this song is pretty amazing! ZE:A suprised me, I don’t really like any of their past songs, but there’s something about this one……

  111. ohhhh!! this is so good!! & they’re all so handsome >.<

  112. Honestly, I’ve never really been that into ZE:A’s music in the past. They’re just not the sort of thing I normally want to listen to. When I listened to Phoenix, however, I was blown away. The feel of the song is just so different from everything else I’ve ever heard from them, and I really hope they make more music of the same sort in the furture. If they do, I’ll most certainly be on board.

    For now, all I can say is Phoenix is definitely going on my playlist when I get a chance.

  113. I really want ze:a to be reviewed this time

  114. I really enjoy most of ZE:A’s songs. I think I’m really biased, because i followed them since 2009, but it’s awesome to follow a group and see it growing and recovering from setbacks! This MV is again a step further for them and I’m really happy to watch a group having so much fun in what they’re doing! Now they even expanded to Japan by releasing 2 versions of this song! I’d rather listen to the Korean version of the song, but I hope the Japanese audiences likes the song as much as I do. ZE:A 파이팅!

  115. Their so cool!~ I’m lovin this song!! Jap and Kor versions!! :)

  116. I’m not super familiar with Z:EA, but I’m loving this song. Can anyone tell me who the secret ninja warrior assassin slayer at 2:41 is?  

    •  I noticed he’s got some random tubes on him when I watched the MV again (Japanese version this time)…so add robot, cyborg, Bane to his descriptor list. I’m really liking the Japanese version too!

    • I’m pretty sure that’s Heecheol. He’s the main rapper of the group and a 89 liner. :P Hope it helped :3

    • This is considered as a spam and it won’t count as a vote, so instead, why don’t you tell us why you like ZE:A ? I like them because they make greeeeeat, music and when they’re together they’re all so cute and look like a family :’) Also they’re  kinda underrated in Korea, which is sad because they definitely deserve the recognition.

      Who’s your bias ? Mine are HyungSik & Kwanghee. HyungSik is gorgeous and tall and has a nice voice & Kwanghee is funny and cute. ^o^♥




  120. ZE:A <3

    LOVE this song! It isn't all Dongjun hahahaha

  121. I think this will be a song that I will have to listen to a couple of times before making a decision. Overall I like it except when it slows down at 2:22, to me the rhythm changes, if that makes since. The video is simple in a box dance routine. Are they saying “Get you with the Fire Burn”? Is that a Phoenix bite? 

    • Ha! Looks like you beat me to this one :p
      This song isn’t too bad – at least I wouldn’t skip it if it were in my playlist – unlike some other songs on this chart *cough*U*cough*
      The chorus is a bit too repetitive for me…and it has a strong 90s feel to it with the ‘phoenix, phoenix’ chant throughout the song.
      But I think the English was pretty good. There was a lot of English in that (perhaps because it was originally a Japanese single?), and of the phrases that I could be bothered listening to, most of them were pretty clear. Although I’d agree with you that “We’re going to get you with the fire burn”….perhaps could have done just as well without the ‘burn’. Also, I didn’t realise they were saying ‘Phoenix’ – sounded like ‘feeling’ for a while.

      I should probably mention, though, that I have a soft spot for this group after finding out in S&M’s interview that Kevin is Australian. Aussies in the house!!! :D

      • I think they are saying ”Get you with the Fire Bird” not Burn…  Personally I think the song is good and catchy, I’ve been listening to it on replay since it got out. The chorus is a bit repetitive, yes, but that’s what make it catchy for me x) Anyways :P

        • AAAAAHHH yes that would make more sense. Awesome. :)

        • “Like a Phoenix tteugeoun nal gaereul bultaeugo,
          Like a Phoenix ganginhan ma, mame daraolla.
          neukkil su isseo, i dosieseo Tonight
          We gonna get you get you get you with the fire burn
          fire fire fire burn, f..f..f..f.. fire burn,
 fire burn f..f..f..f..f..f fire burn”

          “Like a Phoenix – I’ll burn up my hot wings
          Like a Phoenix – My strong heart will get very hot
          You can feel it in this city tonight
          We gonna get you get you get you with the fire burn
          Fire fire fire burn, f-f-f-f fire burn,
          F-fire fire burn f-f-f-f-f-f fire burn”

          At least, according to KROMANIZED. :)

        • Oh, ok… I heard ‘Fire Bird’ but if it says it’s really ‘Fire Burn’ instead… then. xD It kinda make sense too.. I guess xP

        • I actually didn’t consider “bird” until I saw it mentioned! But if you think about it, you can’t really get someone ‘with’ a bird… LOL