Zia – For A Year

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  1. wow, this song is really beautiful. i think bang yong guk and baro have a lot of potential for acting as well :D

  2. Honestly, at first I just watched the video because I knew Bang Yong Guk and Baro were going to be in it, but WOAH Zia can sing! I’ve never heard of her before but like WOW I was so pleasantly surprised! The video is soooooo well done and the acting is phenomenal. The effects that were used in the filming really complimented the video. This is really high up on my personal list of videos I want S & M to review. I just really LOVE this song and video!

  3. Come on people~!!! We’re moving up, but we’re not there yet. Let’s keep voting until we get this reviewed

  4. anybody2you

    this HAS to get reviewed
    I repeat, this HAS to get reviewed!!!

  5. Khadeza Begum
    Khadeza Begum

    This is an awesome song!! Not because of the three really hot guys but Zia is very talented! I loved how not only was the video powerful with the acting but also how Zia soft voice complemented the song.

  6. Elanor

    I thought that it’s gonna get closer to be reviewed thanks to Babyz, Banas and ze:a’s but I was wrong. I watched it because of Yongguk, as well and really love this MV.

    How i understand it: So basically the MV is showing how someone can change in a relationship… Siwan is the bright side when everything was okay.. then Baro is the moody, when you don’t really fight but don’t feel too well in the relationship. And Yongguk is the end when everything is annoys you and get angry very easily. I can relate this easily I had a relationship which had exactly this steps as well. This MV shows this in a very good and easy to understand way.

    i think it’s not really a personality change as a lot of people say but shows how you can feel in a relationship and how can it change.
    So that’s how i see it, of course i can be wrong. And sorry about my english, it’s not my first language.

    • harusameiro

      I was really surprised that it didn’t shoot straight up in the charts, but it seems like the charts have stayed virtually the same for the past week. I think it might be because there’s not going to be a review next week, so no one’s bothering to vote.
      That, or not many people realize that it has Bang Yong Guk, Baro, AND Siwan in it, or this page would have to be crawling in fangirls.
      Even Sunggyu’s new MV, I Need You, hasn’t reached the top 10 on the eatyourkimchi chart, and he had no trouble getting voted in for 60 Sec. :/
      I wish people would still vote…it still counts, even if we’d have to wait another week or two.

  7. I like the music video, but i dont really understand what happens there. Why was there 3 different guys? What was this video about? I really hope this would be review by Simon and Martina so that i can understand it.

  8. i looove this song and mv ._.

  9. AnMei Lee

    Lovely song and I’d love to see Simon and Martina give their take on it. The shot around 4.20 where they go from the dark, troubled room to the bright one is stunning, and how they continue to use light as a tool here, as well as the water vs fire thing… This is the kind of video I feel like I have to watch multiple times to get the full impact… REPLAY TIME!

  10. Seriously, how does this not have more votes? A beautiful song accompanied by an equally beautiful MV. I really hope it gets reviewed…

  11. Lately I’ve been voting for videos that just aren’t getting reviewed. I really hope that this one is, though. It is such a simple, but interesting concept. I would love to hear about all of the little things that Simon and Martina notice that I totally miss…plus I love Yongguk :) He was such a good choice!

  12. unicornsgalaxy

    Beautiful vocals. Pretty interesting video. I’ve seen the same concept before but I think this is the first time that I’ve seen it portrayed with 3 different people (I’ve seen the dual personality portrayed by 2 different people before).

    I love BYG but I think they made the right choice for him to be the ‘abusive’ one. I wouldn’t be able to believe of the other 2. Not that BYG strikes me as an abuser but he has the more hard look (although people who look sweet and innocent can be abusers too).

  13. I’ve never really listened to Zia before, and honestly didn’t really know who she was before I watched this video, but after watching this, I definitely want to see more. This video is stunning, and extremely powerful. To be honest, I first watched the video for Bang Yongguk, but I stayed for the powerful message and Zia’s beautiful voice. All of the boys did such a fantastic job acting this out, and I really like the transitions between the three actors that they used in the MV, they all flowed together perfectly. It was also really interesting to see each actor as their ‘stage’ in the personality changing process. I think they all fit their roles rather well, and I was very impressed with Yongguk, and how he portrayed the abusive role (I think it was very brave of him to let him be seen in that image!). This MV had a very cinematic feel to it, and I think it was perfect with the song. This is probably one of my favorite videos in a long time. I would really like to see it reviewed, because I’d like to see Simon and Martina tackle a serious video like this one!

  14. this should really be reviewed guys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. come on guys…we have to get this reviewed for the sake of art

  16. I love this song, the story plot was so real, anyone who watched it will feel it. It got me all teary eyes in the end. Zia’s voice is indeed beautiful & BYG (Yes, I’m a hardcore baby) , Baro & Siwan did an excellent job in bringing out the story.

  17. anybody2you

    Siwan. Baro. Yongguk. My life is complete.

  18. MidnightEkaki

    I watched it for my biases Baro & Yongguk, but the MV totally captivated me! What an intense story & use of symbolism. It’s a smart way of looking at a person’s change of personality (but why was Yonggukkie the bad one ;-;) And the ending really hit me hard, Siwan’s expression… D: Beautiful song too.

  19. waaaaaait, there are at least three men in here….a bap member, a b1a4 member and, someone else I semi recognize. What is going ON!? XD

    • it’s B.A.P’s Leader Bang Yongguk, B1A4’s Rapper Baro and ZE:A’s Siwan.
      The video basically shows a case of a multiple personality disorder.

      • OHHHHHH I was figuring this. So he was tripping so much that his other personality also gave her a ring also? Poor woman. This is a bit too close to home for me and now I just feel like crying. :(

        • Oh, I don’t thik it shows a multiple personality disorder. I think (as Grace Denney posted) it representes “three different aspects of the one guy…or maybe three different stages of their relationship”. ZE:A’s Sinwan is the happy aspect, B1A4’s Baro is a more depressed aspect and B.A.P’s BGY representes the angry aspect. Everyone has been happy, depressed or angry in their life, it doesn’t mean you have a personality disorde.

        • when you morph into different people it dose :)

  20. I don’t know too. This needs to be reviewed! :))

  21. Why does this not have more votes !!! it should be on the top 10 already …