On Thursday we published Day 1 and 2 of our Sydney adventures. Right after we finished with the Party on the Park, we pretty much packed our bags and rushed off for our flights to Melbourne. We barely made it to the plane on time. We landed close to midnight, and then did the only thing we could logically do…EAT PANCAKES!

Oh…damn those pancakes were good.

Pretty much the entire day afterwards was spent at the KWAVE Festival. We began with a Photoshoot for YesStyle. They were sponsors for the event, and had sponsored our outfits for the event as well. Cool! So we did a photoshoot. We don’t know how to do photoshoots. We’re not sure what models do when they photoshoot. We’re not models, so we, umm, just did the same bizarre poses we usually do with people in photos, except we did them without people. We also imitated a bunch of poses from our other Photoshoot for Groove Magazine a while ago because we, again, don’t know how to work the camera. Boy are we ever awkward!

Afterwards, it was all KWAVE Festival for the rest of the night. It’s really hard to explain what happened at the festival because it’s all an emotional blur. Celebrities and entertainers are prepared for this kind of stuff. They thrive on it. They live for it. I remember reading that after every concert Beyonce does she gets a DVD of it within half an hour and rewatches it, and tries to learn how to improve for her next show. For us, we look at this footage and think “were we…were we just on stage? What were we doing on there?” It’s not something we’re comfortable with. We rewatch the footage and don’t know what to improve, because we don’t really know what we’re doing to begin with. It’s not something we prepared ourselves mentally for. Every time we meet big groups of people it always feels like the first time.

It also feels really special for us in a way that we don’t think is necessarily special for, say, musicians. For them, they’re putting on a show. They go out there on stage and entertain. People are paying for a good event. For us, we have nothing to offer. No one’s there to hear us sing Eatyourkimchi Like a Man. We’re just there to meet you guise, to say hi, and just to see the faces behind the online personas. It’s a family reunion is what it feels like, and we can’t help but feel emotional. You’re not there to be entertained. You’re just there out of kindness and love, and it’s so damned touching that I’m all emotional again just writing this.

Ok I’m gonna stop. You can see photos from the event here, in case you missed it:

On a cool note: we met Miryo in the green room at the event. We told her that we’re big fans of her music, and she told us that she watches our videos. WHHUUUUT? We didn’t even introduce ourselves. She…knows our videos? And, what’s more, her English was great! When I spoke to Ga-In a while ago, she was terrified and couldn’t even speak to me when I spoke in Korean. Maybe because of my overwhelming size and sexiness. But Miryo had no problems speaking with us. She was going out for dinner afterwards, and we were invited to come along, but we were about to go on stage, and turned down dinner with freaking Miryo of freaking Brown Eyed Girls and that’s an opportunity that’ll never happen again AGGHHH! If it was just an hour earlier! Or a day later! We would have loved to! YARGH! We got a photo with her instead. Check it out:

The day after the event we did a few interviews, which we put in the Playlist for the day. You can also see some cool pictures from the event in the AU Review, who we’ve seen a bunch of times now, and whose photo we used for the thumbnail here. They’re good people. We did an interview with them as well but it’s not up yet, I don’t think. Once it’s up you can see us talk about more stuff. We did five interviews that day. WHOA.

Otherwise, we’ve got a couple more videos from the Australia event we want to put up, namely, our FAPFAP with the Australian treats you gave us, and our free day in Melbourne in which we traveled around and did non-festival related stuff. We’re not sure when we can put it up since we’re going to Singapore in a few hours. We should probably finish packing. OH GOD! But stay tuned for more. The best way to do so is by clicking this button here:

  1. Aw I watched the videos in playlist mode and seeing the interviews that included the footage of the UKiss interview made me wish for more interviews! You guise rocked your Australia interviews by the way, I love that you are so honest and real, true to your own standards.

    But seriously. After your Europe tour I’ll be hoping for more idol interviews because it’s been a while, don’t you think? I think your sticker machine misses being used ~_^

  2. The interviews were the best! I loved them! Great job to everyone!

  3. Wow stop being so pretty Martina….just so gorgeous in these pictures!!! Oh…you too Simon… (;

  4. Martina, how long were you able to go undercover until the three Nasties spotted you?

  5. Emo Jaejoong XD
    But now i really wanna meet you guys. Come to Texas! ^-^
    You guys are really awesome.

  6. Martina, if you guys ever come to Michigan, I will point you to the little cafe with the best chai latte I’ve ever had in my life!

  7. Loved the interviews, but it was weird hearing Simon’s quiet voice. I’m so used to the shouty shouty camera voice nao xD

  8. Oh Simon I love your endless Junsu bias ;) I really hope you guys get to do another interview soon, it seems so long now since the insanley wonderful uBeat interview.

  9. I like the interview by Kmusic. It’s great to see both you honestly expressing your opinions without being limited by your usual scheduled vlogs!

  10. WOOOOOOOAHHHHHH! U DER SEXY MARTINA AND SEXY SIMON? u guys are awesome! thanks so much for coming to Australia…THANK U~

  11. I wish I was able to see you guys in person when you came to Australia- I live on the Gold Coast, about several hundred kilometres away from Sydney & Melbourne. You guys should totally come here for your next Australian tour- I would like to see how Simon handles our themeparks. >:-D

    A tip for when you find that you cannot take all of your goodies on the plane with you- friends of mine went to Japan and bought too much stuff, so they posted the items to themselves back in Australia. I know it’s not cheap, but it’s cheaper this way in comparison to having to pay for luggage being overweight with the airline.

  12. That awkward moment when Simon describes Jaejoong as emo the day after your friend shows you this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xr3JRlbb788

  13. Australia…you so nasty!!
    Guise you totally have to have the Brown Eyed Girls in for an interview…then you could go out to dinner :D
    Also, Simon and Martina, what we love about you is that you are so real. And you’re able to bring out that realness (Is that a word?) in all the artists you talk to. I’m so much more interested in who the people in my favorite groups actually are versus just the image they portray. Much love from California! Jealous of all you lucky people getting EYK fan meets TT

  14. Ohmygosh! It was absolutely wonderful to see you guys at Kwave :D Will you guys come back to Melbourne in sometime? It was so amazing to see you in real life, instead of on a computer screen.

  15. Wew, mission accomplished: Get in EYK video (even if it was for literally a second)

  16. I’m just half way through the k-wave interview and I have to say that I’m happy that you turned down those interview proposals. It wouldn’t be EYK if you did an interview like that – so stiff and formal, with no humour whatsoever! So even though it feels a little sad that we didn’t get to see you interacting more with kpop artists I definitely respect your decision! People can watch those kinds of interviews anytime.

  17. I think y cry a little, you guys are awesome, you are famous!

  18. Heh, my name is Helen and I had clicked on a different tab for a second so when I suddenly heard Simon start saying “Helen” I was a bit freaked out. XD

  19. What? What :o did you say you’d totally move here? Yes please! Eat you vegemite (yuk maybe a different name haha).

    But now the big question – Melbourne or Sydney?

  20. arrrgh “bug on my screen @ 1m59s (photoshoot).. but noooo a “bug on your lens: (now I got finger prints on my monitor)

  21. Awww I almost got teary eyed watching these vids. Ya’ll are so great. The nastyy love is real.

  22. Ohh, I see the flip glasses, that won me meet and greet tickets!

    I’m curious as to to how may of the gifts you could keep, There is no way you could carry it all back.

  23. OMG I’m in the video at 3:49! 대박~ㅋㅋㅋㅋ ^^ It was such a great day :D

  24. Also, KWave WAS AMAZING!! I’m amazed at how many Victorian Nasties alone there were (I’m also amazed at how TALL both of you are xD)! Sad that we didn’t get to chat for longer, but the experience of meeting you in the flesh is something to treasure.

  25. Aaaaaah~ KWave was so fun. I wish I could have gotten meet and greet tickets to see you guys, and my friend and I had to leave before you would see people afterwards because it was dark and we had to take public transport. *pout* But it was still really cool! I’m glad I saw your video on going else I never would have heard of it.

  26. SooZee: “I don’t wanna be here…” *dies from aegyo again* xP

  27. Lol, Martina in disguise. I’m gonna have to keep my eye out I see while you’re in Europe. :) Aussie Nasties are awesome!

  28. Geez Martina (and Simon too) you look fabulous! I never thought yes style would have clothes for ‘busty’ women! I want, no I NEED that mint dress you’re wearing!

  29. Uknow you guys should come here to America and when I say that I mean to D.C, New York, Uknow the east coast. You’d be surprised how many nasties are out here. I remember when B.A.P came to D.C as I was waiting to get into the concert I met so many members of the nasty family and we all rolled down our sexy windows and talked about losing our pants in rippito flippito sippi slow motion XD! I know you guys are pretty busy with other places you’re going to, but I really think you should consider coming here. Oh, and if not D.C come to Fairfax….or Manassas….or somewhere else in Virginia so me and my nasty friends can see you….just thought I’d throw that out there ^_^. I’m out….MAXTIME! *shuts of lights and leaves room* teehee X3

  30. Interesting interviews as usual, guise! The questions always remain quite the same, but it’s nice to hear your answers evolving!

  31. I was starting to have EYK withdrawl symptoms when you guise were in Australia!! So overwhelmed with the massive amount of videos…

  32. It was amazing to see you guys in Australia :D I went to the Sydney meet and greet but just as we were at the doors, after having waited nearly 2 hours, we were told we couldn’t see you guys D; I really appreciate that you came out and saw us, even though it was only for a few minutes. It really did make my day! Every person that walked out after having seen you guys had the biggest smiles on their faces ^_^

    By the way, YOU GUYS ARE SO TALL. Simon was like a towering pillar of light amongst us. Martina IS SO PRETTY IN REAL LIFE. Cameras don’t do you guys justice XD And Soozee was ridiculously pretty too!!

  33. I loved your interview! I agree on many of the things you said. You guys seem like wise people and you seem to have seen more than us of whats going on in the kpopscene in general. Thanks for sharing your thoughts^^I’ll se you in Norway

  34. Really happy to see all that love from Australian Nasties (: you guys deserve it!

  35. hahaha~ that yesstyle horned hoodie Simon had to wear, is always shown on ad photos on the yesstyle models as part of their ‘couple clothes’!! i was actually expecting to see Martina wear the pink version!!!
    Martina you looked so pretty in that brown wig!!
    WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!!! the presents!!!!! i mean i saw your pics on instagram and stuff…but whoa there’s so much more than i thought!!

  36. Oh Martina, dressing up as a volunteer…great idea!!! Loved it hehe =)

  37. watching these videos made me (without shame) bawl my eyes out… the energy and the love you received during your visits was palpable even through my compy :-D did you ever think you’d be as ‘in demand’ as you are now? you guys are gorgeous. you’re funny, intelligent and (this is extremely important) real… i’m so happy to have stumbled upon your channels and (yeah, i’m being dorky and weepy and stuffz) want to thank you :-D much love and nastiness… >^..^<

    • No, we never thought anything like this would happen. We still don’t think it’s happening. If everything stopped tomorrow we’d be like “yeah, it figures,” because none of it makes sense to us. We’re just so overwhelmed by all the support we’re getting that I can’t help but get all emotional thinking about it.

      • I think it does make sense, though. In one of the videos in the playlist, you talk about wanting to see/hear all the opinions that other people have (on kpop, or experiences of Korea, etc). Many of us are curious about others’ opinions, too – and your videos/commentaries are the best of the bunch (e.g. thoughtful and humorous) and that’s why so many people like them. You’re also friendly in person, which helps! :P (I didn’t make it to K-Wave, but I did run into you in the basement of QV in Melbourne. I was very awkward. I’d just like to say again: thank you so much for sharing.)

      • It’s interesting that you talked about being overwhelmed. I recall Sunye’s Washington speech where she said that she had the same feeling. http://youtu.be/5Exh8BlqkOU

  38. Wow, I just got tears in my eyes when you guys walked up on stage in the video. If all those people were there just to see me, I would start crying on stage from being overwhelmed.

  39. i really want to meet you guys someday. im still to young to travel myself so you should wait for me to grow up! ;)

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