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KWave Festival

September 15, 2013


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On Thursday we published Day 1 and 2 of our Sydney adventures. Right after we finished with the Party on the Park, we pretty much packed our bags and rushed off for our flights to Melbourne. We barely made it to the plane on time. We landed close to midnight, and then did the only thing we could logically do…EAT PANCAKES!

Oh…damn those pancakes were good.

Pretty much the entire day afterwards was spent at the KWAVE Festival. We began with a Photoshoot for YesStyle. They were sponsors for the event, and had sponsored our outfits for the event as well. Cool! So we did a photoshoot. We don’t know how to do photoshoots. We’re not sure what models do when they photoshoot. We’re not models, so we, umm, just did the same bizarre poses we usually do with people in photos, except we did them without people. We also imitated a bunch of poses from our other Photoshoot for Groove Magazine a while ago because we, again, don’t know how to work the camera. Boy are we ever awkward!

Afterwards, it was all KWAVE Festival for the rest of the night. It’s really hard to explain what happened at the festival because it’s all an emotional blur. Celebrities and entertainers are prepared for this kind of stuff. They thrive on it. They live for it. I remember reading that after every concert Beyonce does she gets a DVD of it within half an hour and rewatches it, and tries to learn how to improve for her next show. For us, we look at this footage and think “were we…were we just on stage? What were we doing on there?” It’s not something we’re comfortable with. We rewatch the footage and don’t know what to improve, because we don’t really know what we’re doing to begin with. It’s not something we prepared ourselves mentally for. Every time we meet big groups of people it always feels like the first time.

It also feels really special for us in a way that we don’t think is necessarily special for, say, musicians. For them, they’re putting on a show. They go out there on stage and entertain. People are paying for a good event. For us, we have nothing to offer. No one’s there to hear us sing Eatyourkimchi Like a Man. We’re just there to meet you guise, to say hi, and just to see the faces behind the online personas. It’s a family reunion is what it feels like, and we can’t help but feel emotional. You’re not there to be entertained. You’re just there out of kindness and love, and it’s so damned touching that I’m all emotional again just writing this.

Ok I’m gonna stop. You can see photos from the event here, in case you missed it:

On a cool note: we met Miryo in the green room at the event. We told her that we’re big fans of her music, and she told us that she watches our videos. WHHUUUUT? We didn’t even introduce ourselves. She…knows our videos? And, what’s more, her English was great! When I spoke to Ga-In a while ago, she was terrified and couldn’t even speak to me when I spoke in Korean. Maybe because of my overwhelming size and sexiness. But Miryo had no problems speaking with us. She was going out for dinner afterwards, and we were invited to come along, but we were about to go on stage, and turned down dinner with freaking Miryo of freaking Brown Eyed Girls and that’s an opportunity that’ll never happen again AGGHHH! If it was just an hour earlier! Or a day later! We would have loved to! YARGH! We got a photo with her instead. Check it out:

The day after the event we did a few interviews, which we put in the Playlist for the day. You can also see some cool pictures from the event in the AU Review, who we’ve seen a bunch of times now, and whose photo we used for the thumbnail here. They’re good people. We did an interview with them as well but it’s not up yet, I don’t think. Once it’s up you can see us talk about more stuff. We did five interviews that day. WHOA.

Otherwise, we’ve got a couple more videos from the Australia event we want to put up, namely, our FAPFAP with the Australian treats you gave us, and our free day in Melbourne in which we traveled around and did non-festival related stuff. We’re not sure when we can put it up since we’re going to Singapore in a few hours. We should probably finish packing. OH GOD! But stay tuned for more. The best way to do so is by clicking this button here:



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