K.Will Interview and Miscellaneous Thoughts

Hurrah! We got the chance to sit down with K.Will and interview him!. Here’s the video, in all it’s glory! We’ve been talking about this interview a lot over the past week. We made an announcement video for it, hinted at it in the KpopCharts Update, and mentioned it in our Music Monday on K.Will’s “Love Blossom” as well. This definitely seems like K.Will week and we sure have been hearing his newest song “Love Blossom” being played all around Seoul.

Well, the teasing is now over. Here’s our interview with K.Will! He came over to the studio on Friday night, answered some questions, and took some pictures with us. Woot! We were really lucky to have him stop by, since he JUST released his new song, and is surely going all over the place for his promotions. I like the idea of K.Will stopping by the studio as part of the promotional circuit, by the way. Maybe one day every band will stop by when they’re promoting? That’d be pretty freaking cool!

Also, Martina feels really disappointed about this interview because she was really sick that day. Something she ate did NOT go over well…I think it was the shrimp noodle soup she had. We weren’t going to cancel the interview but she just didn’t feel her normal energetic self but she tried to be as chipper as possible! If you noticed that she seemed less energetic than usual, that’s why. My sweet wife is such a trooper!

These interviews do take a while to edit, though, because there’s so much footage to go through, usually. It’s not just a matter of “film video upload video boom!” We gotta cut around things here and there, and make this video look good. K.Will doesn’t speak a lot of English, so Soo Zee was on the side translating. Putting up hard subs isn’t a breeze, either. Also, we’re not complaining here, we just know that a lot of people are like “Y U NO POST VIDEO RIGHT AWAY!” It’s because a lot of work has to go into making the final product :D

Here’s how it looks behind the camera:

K Will Interview Behind the Scenes

Oh! And some of you might be a bit confused by the intro sequence. We found his promotional video for “Love Blossom” to be hilarious, and wanted to recreate it. Here it is, if you haven’t seen it:


Ha! Now THAT’S a teaser. You get to hear some of the song and get some lols out of it. Super effective, in my opinion, as opposed to other teasers which we shall not name but I’m sure you’ll think we’re talking about though we might not be thinking about the teaser you’re thinking about. Oooh you so sneaky!

Lastly, we’re sorry if we didn’t pick your question and it didn’t get answered for the interview. We do scour through all of your suggestions, pick the top rated ones, and then send a whole slew of them in to the management to approve, so they get the final say in what we can talk about in the interview. Some of you had awesome questions, but we just couldn’t get them all in!

K.Will “Love Blossom” Signed CD Giveaway!

We had K.Will sign some CDs so we can give them away to you guise! It’s what we do for all of our interviews, and this is no different. It was awesome timing that K.Will got voted in for Music Monday since we were able to give away one for our Music Monday on K.Will’s “Love Blossom”. We’re giving away two more for this interview. And they have been signed all in different colours! OooOOooOooOH! We kept the one signed in blue, cause we love blue. Woot! If you want to win, here’s what you gotta do!

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Also, we’ve got some behind the scenes footage. I’d like to say that there’s footage of K.Will playing with our dog, because we say that as a lead in to all of our blooper footage for interviews, and then we never show it. Ha! So, we’ll just tease you by saying maybe you’ll see the Spudgy, maybe you won’t :D


  1. I loved the Love Blossom video. I honestly believe that he should appear in more of his videos!

  2. I’ve loved K.Will since his debut in 2006. I was looking through some links and I actually stopped on his because I thought he was the most handsome guy ever! Lucky for me, I not only discovered a handsome guy, but also a guy with an incredible, unique voice. When he sings sad songs, there’s such sadness in his voice that it pierces my heart. The happy songs automatically make me smile. His voice is so magical. Also, his smooth voice in Love 119 has helped me relax and stay strong through my hardest times. He has had a personal impact on my life and my dream would be to let him know that! He has such passion in his singing and you can tell that he really has emotion when he sings. I’m so happy he’s finally getting the attention he deserves! I love you K.WIll!<3

  3. I LOVE YOU K.will and EYK :D

  4. I definitely love K.Will’s warm and sweet voice BUT the most crazy part of him l love is his SHOULDER!!!!!! He got the sexiest shoulder in the world *melt* Everytime I see him on the TV, I can’t stop looking at his shoulder constantly!!!
    Sweet voice + Sexy shoulder = Perfect.

  5. i love this, k.will seemed so fun and eager to do the interview :) bahaha the moment of realization that you two were married, he’s a funny guy :)

  6. Thank you so much for interviewing him SimonandMartina!! I made my YouTube channel a while back to I could comment and like your awesome videos! hehe apparently my comment got lost on all the crazy comments on YouTube but since there is less here THANK YOU!!! and I must post my YouTube comment from before here too!

    Thank you for all you do! Love from a Nasty fan!!

    What I love most about K.Will’s music is not only his breathe taking notes but he relaxing music. He does not use all the hard drop beats that make music popular these days and it just makes me happy whenever I listen to his music. His songs are songs that no matter how many times you listen to them they make you feel happy and warm inside. Also no matter what feelings you have K.Will seems to have the right song. His smile is so honest and seems his heart is to because of his passion!Love him<3

  7. K.Will’s voice is soo smoothing… god i love it :D

  8. K.Will is awesome and the intro of the interview was very funny xD Loved it <3 :D & it was funny, how he didn't know you two were married, thinking that you two were chingus who were very weird o.O xD

  9. K.Will is absolutely amazing. What I really like about him is that his music is different from other K-Pop artists. You can tell that he puts a lot of emotion into each of his songs making them more meaningful and special. His vocal tone adds to his great music. He displays a lot of emotion and power in his voice making his voice very unique and easily recognizable. Besides this, his music videos always have interesting plots that reveal true human emotions. He is able to really connect with his fans making us love him even more!!

  10. i love his voice of course! i’m a huge fan of his songs and his style of singing, but also that he also seems so down-to-earth and friendly!! :)

  11. Bottom line, I just love his voice. There’s nothing that can top that because he sings so wonderfully and I’ll never get tired of it. I wish him success in the future.

  12. I love how K. Will is so casual in the interview, like he is actually incredibly interested in what his fans have to say and suggest. He all around seems like an amazing person and has INCREDIBLE talent! (All while being humble about it.) On top of that he is strikingly handsome. Hehe ;)

  13. K.Will is an amazing singer. I can’t say I’ve been there from the beginning, but when I discovered him I loved his voice. He had something there that other artists don’t. His style isn’t your typical K-Pop…it has a…I’m not even sure what it is? Jazzish? Blues-ish? I can’t say. His emotions when singing songs gives me chills like the break in “Please Don’t.” Everytime I hear it, I can feel myself melting a little. I wish K. Will the best in his future and continue to support him! >:3

  14. Not going to win but here’s what I got to say :)
    The first time ever I saw/heard him was in a video, where he performed with Hyorin “Whenever you call”. I was so into Hyorin’s voice, her looks, her everything… she became the greatest female singer for me. I didn’t pay much attention to the guy she was performing with, I really liked their chemistry and talent but I was just blinded by Hyorin.
    Later on, I started to get more familiar with who is who in the Korean music industry and when I finally found out that this guy is THE K.Will I love and admire so much, I was pretty amazed and dumbfounded. Thank you Hyorin and Gikwang, you made me love K.Will xD
    About K.Will himself, this sir is born with an amazing talent that I envy so much. His singing is AMAZING, can’t deny that but he also composes and writes songs, this is what makes me really think that he’s talented. He’s the kind of singer I’d definitely love to see at a concert, his voice is just… I could describe it with words but it’s nearly impossible, he just has the IT, that makes people listen to him with their eyes closed feeling the emotion he gives on with his singing. He’s one of those people I’d like to meet in person and just talk about life (of course after some time of praising him how talented he is :D). His music is very enjoyable and even though I can’t speak Korean or understand it, I can’t stop singing along to his songs. Even though I’m not a die hard fan of him, I really wish him the best of luck with his work and personal life.
    K.Will you rock! Thank you for making your dream come true and sharing your talent with the rest of the world. You give me inspiration <3

  15. K.Will is my favorite singer. Period. His smooth, powerful voice instantly lifts me out of whatever awful mood I’m in, and that smile that stretches all the way across his face is infectious. I went to see him in concert (even splurging for front row!) and it was definitely the best concert I’ve ever been to. He made every penny, every hour I had to work to earn it, so worth it. He always seems so humble and grateful for his fans that you can’t help but be happy for how far he’s come. (Youtube username: Maliyuki)

  16. I like K.Will because he has such an amazing voice and listening to his
    songs is like a delicious piece of chocolate melting in your mouth. I
    also like that he sticks to singing and doesn’t venture out into the
    market like idols do.

  17. I like K.will because of his deep voice (like many people) but also for the messages that his MV send. I feel like he wants to show us many things in a little time and I like it because I think that his messages speak to everyone. He’s telling us to try hard, to believe in our dreams, in ourselves… I really like him for it

  18. kwills voice is soooo beautiful!!!!

  19. Let’s keep this concise lol
    I like K.will’s music because it’s so different and so quirky, sometimes i may not like his songs at first but it grows on you (said many alcoholics) and when he hits those long sustained notes, it just pierces into my heart. The soft tones he has also make me feel warm, like literally warm! it’s amazing. His Mvs …. ohhh lordy lordy lord… so different and so quirky… takes time to understand which draws me in to listen to it some more and completely fall in love with the songs! Regardless of what people say he has talent and he stands out. Argh if only my voice was high enough to sing along with him without sounding like a cat being neutered with a shrimp fork….

  20. I love K.Will’s music because it puts a twist on the usual Kpop formula. While he does write love songs like a lot of artists, his ability to sing ballads make him stand out. I also like the fact that his music videos are heavily plot based and even then are unorthodox. StarShip, I would have to disagree about your reasoning why you haven’t put K.Will in his mv’s much but I do like how it forces people to think outside the box. Lastly, I love K.Will’s music because he sings ALONE. There’s so many idol groups that it’s a bit tiring to keep track of but there’s only one K.Will I have to care about. Hopefully coming from a non fangirl stance will also get me to stand out!

  21. I just feel like he’s a really friend-type man, but girls like Simon said, there is a chance to get out of a friend-zone! Pssst. I would slap K.Will on his bum too. If i really had a chance to do it.

  22. Thanky you very much for the Interview with K.Will <3
    I really like his voice, he sings so emotional and great. I usually don't hear ballads so often, but his music *.* I could hear it all day long xD
    Greetings from Germany <3

  23. Loved this interview, sorry to hear that Martina wasn’t feeling well! But she still looks great, it doesn’t even seem like she was sick, she’s so professional! Thank you for all the hard work you put into making these great interviews, they’re like the delicious frosting added to the already delicious EYK cake (kimchi-cake?).

    As for K.Will, his smile, his voice, his humour, his gentle personality, and especially his passion for singing, all captivate me and make me want to search all over YouTube for any video with K.Will in it.

    Now I’m off to show my father one of his live performances for “Love Blossom,” since my dad plays trombone and will surely appreciate the fact that the choreography that K.Will’s dancers perform incorporates trombones. :) Can’t get enough of K.Will!
    Love to K.Will & EYK,
    Aiyana from the U.S.

  24. I love that K.Will has a unique voice and is definitely getting the attention he deserves lately :) His music videos are always fantastic and I love that each one has a plot and storyline that draws viewers in !!

  25. I love the interview it was so unique just like your other interviews

  26. I still remember when K-WIll started out and people kept bringing up his looks, and he’d talk about his looks on shows and how difficult it was for him to break through. Thus, I’m delighted to see that he’s finally getting the attention he well deserves! He’s such an amazing artist, yes not idol, ARTIST! Creating beautiful music and sharing it with us is something so intimate and wonderful and I’m so thankful that you guys will help him reach out to his international fans! Much love!

  27. I love his voice and his style. It just… melts your heart and your guts and your whole entire being.

  28. Why I Love K. Will’s music? At first, i listen to K.Will’s songs because my favorite actor, Lee Min Ho is such a big fan of K. Will and Lee Min Ho is also K. Will’s best friend. At first i was curious why Lee Min Ho like K.Will’s songs so much and i start to listen to his old Ballad songs “My Last Love” and “Miss Miss Miss” and then i realize why so many people love his voice, and his music. I love it when the sing for Korean Dramas, such as Cheondamdong Alice and The King 2 Hearts. His Sorrowful voice is perfect for romantic-melodrama scenes in Korean Dramas, but yet easy to listen at catchy, not to mention that i am a very huge fans of Ballad Songs.
    On the other hand, He has a unique but yet voice and creative mindset, different from any other K-Pop singer. His voice can be youthful and sweet (as in Love Blossom) which can make us smile but yet his voice can be sorrowful (as in Miss Miss Miss and Please Don’t) which used for ballad songs. His voice is very easy listening also, and i never got bored listening to his songs. When i watch “Please Don’t” when it was release last year, i realize that he is such an amazing and creative person, supported by an amazing voice, not to mention the uniqueness of that MV.
    Furthermore, when i watch his current comeback of Love Blossom in Music Core, etc, he didn’t Lip-sync at all!! how many singers can do that?? except professionals of course. Then when i watch your interview with him, i realize that he is such an amazing person also!! he is so humble!!! he admit that he do feel embarrassed if he sing in the shower, and i guess he is friendly too. He doesn’t count on his looks, but instead his quality of voice. He’s probably what i called not an idol, but an artist.
    Finally, i realize that he’s not a perfect singer, which makes me love his music more..even though he’s a bright-highly-talented singer, he’s very humble to admit that it’s embarrassing to sing in his bathroom and he’s so kind and down-to-heart,. In my opinion, he’s the kind of person who can always receive critiques and always trying to be better (a better singer, of course), which i think should be another reason why i love his music.
    Simon and Martina, please let me have that Autographed CD, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! T_____T

  29. I love K.Will and his music b/c of his sweet voice and ad libs that don’t sound too overly done but just enough to really polish the song off into K.Will standard ;) Also, he seems to pull off both sad and lighter/happier songs.. I was surprised somewhat, to hear his low/rap-like portion of “Please Don’t.” His songs for soundtracks are absolutely captivating as well!!

    From what I watch on shows and the EYK interview he also seems like a nice guy, easygoing, funny, and respectful! :) pleasant man… his image as “someone who shouldn’t be in his mv’s” are uncalled for b/c I think he looks cute like lots of other int’l fans.. heh heh. I think it works like a funny story/image he can talk about on variety shows so I guess it works for him sometimes!!

    As for international support… I was really surprised to find friends who are from overseas, in a Canadian university (woo hoo) appreciate K.WIll music b/c most times when someone says Korean music is pretty good.. it’s most of time time only idol music. I love that K.Will is going to the more popular scene to lead international and domestic fans to discover old time classics etc. through his work on shows (e.g. Yang Hee Un’s song cover).

    Thanks so much Simon, Martina, and K.Will for this treat!!! :D

  30. I love K.Will and if there was any solo artist i could see in concert it would definitely be him. its a shame that the idol industry overshadows the real gems who tend to have much more of a passion and talent for singing/performing, not that i dislike kpop but it would be nice to see people like K.Will gracing the headlines and Tv shows more often.

  31. about the video …. caught my attention! until now It which flavor it was the ice cream! did u know guys…!!

    also when he appears … very very little hope that our dear still appear more often in the videos I beg you please!!1 thanks

  32. What I love about K.Will is absolutely EVERYTHING, k-pop needs more artists like him. A real artist! Reminds me of Seo Taiji a little. I don’t know what’s the deal with him considered to be not good looking?! Anyways sending love&support from Hungary! =^.^=

  33. omg i like the part when k will speak in spanish omg ………………about the … the video i like it and also i can not stop to watch thanks so much guys…. hello from peru… gracias

  34. Kwill is <3. How I wish I have a voice like his, a voice that can reach out to the hearts of all of us

  35. What I like about his music? Whenever I’m feeling sad and blue I listen to his songs. I don’t know how to explain it, but it sounds honest. At the start I can be like “I hate my life and everyone around me, I just want to lie here and do nothing” but as the song goes on I start to think more about the situation and at the end of the song I get more energy and getting the “hwaiting” spirit. I don’t understand what he sings, since I’m Norwegian but it’s the way he sings. K.will is simply amazing!

  36. I love his sexy voice and his talent..i wish he would appear in his mv’s more. >.<

  37. Such an awesome and fun interview!! ^____^ I love how in the beginning you re-enacted K. Will’s teaser for “Love Blossom” :) and how he reacted when you told him you’re married :D

    Great work EYK crew!! :D

    ♥♥ ♥ ♥

  38. for me K.WILL is one of the most talented male solo artist right now. His voice capture the listeners hearts and i love how his Music Videos are always different than the others and have his own unique trademark. I totally love “Please Don’t” , the song is amazing and suit his sweet amazing voice really well. and the MV it self is unique and have a plot twist which is thrilling! and now he’s back with Love Blossom , with a different kind of song that give a different vibe from before. and again his MV is totally killing me, MyungSoo looks super cute and handsome there. Park Min Ha is a cutie. and eventhough i was freaking jealous i gotta admit DaSom is super pretty!! hahaha it’d be amazing if i can win a K,WIll autographed albums <3 i'll keep it preciously haha thanks for the chance <3

  39. I saw this video a week ago, but i just had to watch the intro to this again. lol…

  40. K.Will is just so talented and amazing, it makes me want to cry from overexposure to his perfection

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