K.Will Interview and Miscellaneous Thoughts

Hurrah! We got the chance to sit down with K.Will and interview him!. Here’s the video, in all it’s glory! We’ve been talking about this interview a lot over the past week. We made an announcement video for it, hinted at it in the KpopCharts Update, and mentioned it in our Music Monday on K.Will’s “Love Blossom” as well. This definitely seems like K.Will week and we sure have been hearing his newest song “Love Blossom” being played all around Seoul.

Well, the teasing is now over. Here’s our interview with K.Will! He came over to the studio on Friday night, answered some questions, and took some pictures with us. Woot! We were really lucky to have him stop by, since he JUST released his new song, and is surely going all over the place for his promotions. I like the idea of K.Will stopping by the studio as part of the promotional circuit, by the way. Maybe one day every band will stop by when they’re promoting? That’d be pretty freaking cool!

Also, Martina feels really disappointed about this interview because she was really sick that day. Something she ate did NOT go over well…I think it was the shrimp noodle soup she had. We weren’t going to cancel the interview but she just didn’t feel her normal energetic self but she tried to be as chipper as possible! If you noticed that she seemed less energetic than usual, that’s why. My sweet wife is such a trooper!

These interviews do take a while to edit, though, because there’s so much footage to go through, usually. It’s not just a matter of “film video upload video boom!” We gotta cut around things here and there, and make this video look good. K.Will doesn’t speak a lot of English, so Soo Zee was on the side translating. Putting up hard subs isn’t a breeze, either. Also, we’re not complaining here, we just know that a lot of people are like “Y U NO POST VIDEO RIGHT AWAY!” It’s because a lot of work has to go into making the final product :D

Here’s how it looks behind the camera:

K Will Interview Behind the Scenes

Oh! And some of you might be a bit confused by the intro sequence. We found his promotional video for “Love Blossom” to be hilarious, and wanted to recreate it. Here it is, if you haven’t seen it:


Ha! Now THAT’S a teaser. You get to hear some of the song and get some lols out of it. Super effective, in my opinion, as opposed to other teasers which we shall not name but I’m sure you’ll think we’re talking about though we might not be thinking about the teaser you’re thinking about. Oooh you so sneaky!

Lastly, we’re sorry if we didn’t pick your question and it didn’t get answered for the interview. We do scour through all of your suggestions, pick the top rated ones, and then send a whole slew of them in to the management to approve, so they get the final say in what we can talk about in the interview. Some of you had awesome questions, but we just couldn’t get them all in!

K.Will “Love Blossom” Signed CD Giveaway!

We had K.Will sign some CDs so we can give them away to you guise! It’s what we do for all of our interviews, and this is no different. It was awesome timing that K.Will got voted in for Music Monday since we were able to give away one for our Music Monday on K.Will’s “Love Blossom”. We’re giving away two more for this interview. And they have been signed all in different colours! OooOOooOooOH! We kept the one signed in blue, cause we love blue. Woot! If you want to win, here’s what you gotta do!

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Also, we’ve got some behind the scenes footage. I’d like to say that there’s footage of K.Will playing with our dog, because we say that as a lead in to all of our blooper footage for interviews, and then we never show it. Ha! So, we’ll just tease you by saying maybe you’ll see the Spudgy, maybe you won’t :D


  1. I loved the Love Blossom video. I honestly believe that he should appear in more of his videos!

  2. I’ve loved K.Will since his debut in 2006. I was looking through some links and I actually stopped on his because I thought he was the most handsome guy ever! Lucky for me, I not only discovered a handsome guy, but also a guy with an incredible, unique voice. When he sings sad songs, there’s such sadness in his voice that it pierces my heart. The happy songs automatically make me smile. His voice is so magical. Also, his smooth voice in Love 119 has helped me relax and stay strong through my hardest times. He has had a personal impact on my life and my dream would be to let him know that! He has such passion in his singing and you can tell that he really has emotion when he sings. I’m so happy he’s finally getting the attention he deserves! I love you K.WIll!<3

  3. I LOVE YOU K.will and EYK :D

  4. I definitely love K.Will’s warm and sweet voice BUT the most crazy part of him l love is his SHOULDER!!!!!! He got the sexiest shoulder in the world *melt* Everytime I see him on the TV, I can’t stop looking at his shoulder constantly!!!
    Sweet voice + Sexy shoulder = Perfect.

  5. i love this, k.will seemed so fun and eager to do the interview :) bahaha the moment of realization that you two were married, he’s a funny guy :)

  6. Thank you so much for interviewing him SimonandMartina!! I made my YouTube channel a while back to I could comment and like your awesome videos! hehe apparently my comment got lost on all the crazy comments on YouTube but since there is less here THANK YOU!!! and I must post my YouTube comment from before here too!

    Thank you for all you do! Love from a Nasty fan!!

    What I love most about K.Will’s music is not only his breathe taking notes but he relaxing music. He does not use all the hard drop beats that make music popular these days and it just makes me happy whenever I listen to his music. His songs are songs that no matter how many times you listen to them they make you feel happy and warm inside. Also no matter what feelings you have K.Will seems to have the right song. His smile is so honest and seems his heart is to because of his passion!Love him<3

  7. K.Will’s voice is soo smoothing… god i love it :D

  8. Padra Yang

    K.Will is awesome and the intro of the interview was very funny xD Loved it <3 :D & it was funny, how he didn't know you two were married, thinking that you two were chingus who were very weird o.O xD

  9. K.Will is absolutely amazing. What I really like about him is that his music is different from other K-Pop artists. You can tell that he puts a lot of emotion into each of his songs making them more meaningful and special. His vocal tone adds to his great music. He displays a lot of emotion and power in his voice making his voice very unique and easily recognizable. Besides this, his music videos always have interesting plots that reveal true human emotions. He is able to really connect with his fans making us love him even more!!

  10. i love his voice of course! i’m a huge fan of his songs and his style of singing, but also that he also seems so down-to-earth and friendly!! :)

  11. Bottom line, I just love his voice. There’s nothing that can top that because he sings so wonderfully and I’ll never get tired of it. I wish him success in the future.

  12. Kaila Peters

    I love how K. Will is so casual in the interview, like he is actually incredibly interested in what his fans have to say and suggest. He all around seems like an amazing person and has INCREDIBLE talent! (All while being humble about it.) On top of that he is strikingly handsome. Hehe ;)

  13. K.Will is an amazing singer. I can’t say I’ve been there from the beginning, but when I discovered him I loved his voice. He had something there that other artists don’t. His style isn’t your typical K-Pop…it has a…I’m not even sure what it is? Jazzish? Blues-ish? I can’t say. His emotions when singing songs gives me chills like the break in “Please Don’t.” Everytime I hear it, I can feel myself melting a little. I wish K. Will the best in his future and continue to support him! >:3

  14. Not going to win but here’s what I got to say :)
    The first time ever I saw/heard him was in a video, where he performed with Hyorin “Whenever you call”. I was so into Hyorin’s voice, her looks, her everything… she became the greatest female singer for me. I didn’t pay much attention to the guy she was performing with, I really liked their chemistry and talent but I was just blinded by Hyorin.
    Later on, I started to get more familiar with who is who in the Korean music industry and when I finally found out that this guy is THE K.Will I love and admire so much, I was pretty amazed and dumbfounded. Thank you Hyorin and Gikwang, you made me love K.Will xD
    About K.Will himself, this sir is born with an amazing talent that I envy so much. His singing is AMAZING, can’t deny that but he also composes and writes songs, this is what makes me really think that he’s talented. He’s the kind of singer I’d definitely love to see at a concert, his voice is just… I could describe it with words but it’s nearly impossible, he just has the IT, that makes people listen to him with their eyes closed feeling the emotion he gives on with his singing. He’s one of those people I’d like to meet in person and just talk about life (of course after some time of praising him how talented he is :D). His music is very enjoyable and even though I can’t speak Korean or understand it, I can’t stop singing along to his songs. Even though I’m not a die hard fan of him, I really wish him the best of luck with his work and personal life.
    K.Will you rock! Thank you for making your dream come true and sharing your talent with the rest of the world. You give me inspiration <3

  15. K.Will is my favorite singer. Period. His smooth, powerful voice instantly lifts me out of whatever awful mood I’m in, and that smile that stretches all the way across his face is infectious. I went to see him in concert (even splurging for front row!) and it was definitely the best concert I’ve ever been to. He made every penny, every hour I had to work to earn it, so worth it. He always seems so humble and grateful for his fans that you can’t help but be happy for how far he’s come. (Youtube username: Maliyuki)

  16. I like K.Will because he has such an amazing voice and listening to his
    songs is like a delicious piece of chocolate melting in your mouth. I
    also like that he sticks to singing and doesn’t venture out into the
    market like idols do.

  17. I like K.will because of his deep voice (like many people) but also for the messages that his MV send. I feel like he wants to show us many things in a little time and I like it because I think that his messages speak to everyone. He’s telling us to try hard, to believe in our dreams, in ourselves… I really like him for it

  18. kwills voice is soooo beautiful!!!!

  19. Let’s keep this concise lol
    I like K.will’s music because it’s so different and so quirky, sometimes i may not like his songs at first but it grows on you (said many alcoholics) and when he hits those long sustained notes, it just pierces into my heart. The soft tones he has also make me feel warm, like literally warm! it’s amazing. His Mvs …. ohhh lordy lordy lord… so different and so quirky… takes time to understand which draws me in to listen to it some more and completely fall in love with the songs! Regardless of what people say he has talent and he stands out. Argh if only my voice was high enough to sing along with him without sounding like a cat being neutered with a shrimp fork….

  20. I love K.Will’s music because it puts a twist on the usual Kpop formula. While he does write love songs like a lot of artists, his ability to sing ballads make him stand out. I also like the fact that his music videos are heavily plot based and even then are unorthodox. StarShip, I would have to disagree about your reasoning why you haven’t put K.Will in his mv’s much but I do like how it forces people to think outside the box. Lastly, I love K.Will’s music because he sings ALONE. There’s so many idol groups that it’s a bit tiring to keep track of but there’s only one K.Will I have to care about. Hopefully coming from a non fangirl stance will also get me to stand out!

  21. I just feel like he’s a really friend-type man, but girls like Simon said, there is a chance to get out of a friend-zone! Pssst. I would slap K.Will on his bum too. If i really had a chance to do it.

  22. Thanky you very much for the Interview with K.Will <3
    I really like his voice, he sings so emotional and great. I usually don't hear ballads so often, but his music *.* I could hear it all day long xD
    Greetings from Germany <3

  23. Loved this interview, sorry to hear that Martina wasn’t feeling well! But she still looks great, it doesn’t even seem like she was sick, she’s so professional! Thank you for all the hard work you put into making these great interviews, they’re like the delicious frosting added to the already delicious EYK cake (kimchi-cake?).

    As for K.Will, his smile, his voice, his humour, his gentle personality, and especially his passion for singing, all captivate me and make me want to search all over YouTube for any video with K.Will in it.

    Now I’m off to show my father one of his live performances for “Love Blossom,” since my dad plays trombone and will surely appreciate the fact that the choreography that K.Will’s dancers perform incorporates trombones. :) Can’t get enough of K.Will!
    Love to K.Will & EYK,
    Aiyana from the U.S.

  24. I love that K.Will has a unique voice and is definitely getting the attention he deserves lately :) His music videos are always fantastic and I love that each one has a plot and storyline that draws viewers in !!

  25. I love the interview it was so unique just like your other interviews

  26. I still remember when K-WIll started out and people kept bringing up his looks, and he’d talk about his looks on shows and how difficult it was for him to break through. Thus, I’m delighted to see that he’s finally getting the attention he well deserves! He’s such an amazing artist, yes not idol, ARTIST! Creating beautiful music and sharing it with us is something so intimate and wonderful and I’m so thankful that you guys will help him reach out to his international fans! Much love!

  27. I love his voice and his style. It just… melts your heart and your guts and your whole entire being.

  28. Why I Love K. Will’s music? At first, i listen to K.Will’s songs because my favorite actor, Lee Min Ho is such a big fan of K. Will and Lee Min Ho is also K. Will’s best friend. At first i was curious why Lee Min Ho like K.Will’s songs so much and i start to listen to his old Ballad songs “My Last Love” and “Miss Miss Miss” and then i realize why so many people love his voice, and his music. I love it when the sing for Korean Dramas, such as Cheondamdong Alice and The King 2 Hearts. His Sorrowful voice is perfect for romantic-melodrama scenes in Korean Dramas, but yet easy to listen at catchy, not to mention that i am a very huge fans of Ballad Songs.
    On the other hand, He has a unique but yet voice and creative mindset, different from any other K-Pop singer. His voice can be youthful and sweet (as in Love Blossom) which can make us smile but yet his voice can be sorrowful (as in Miss Miss Miss and Please Don’t) which used for ballad songs. His voice is very easy listening also, and i never got bored listening to his songs. When i watch “Please Don’t” when it was release last year, i realize that he is such an amazing and creative person, supported by an amazing voice, not to mention the uniqueness of that MV.
    Furthermore, when i watch his current comeback of Love Blossom in Music Core, etc, he didn’t Lip-sync at all!! how many singers can do that?? except professionals of course. Then when i watch your interview with him, i realize that he is such an amazing person also!! he is so humble!!! he admit that he do feel embarrassed if he sing in the shower, and i guess he is friendly too. He doesn’t count on his looks, but instead his quality of voice. He’s probably what i called not an idol, but an artist.
    Finally, i realize that he’s not a perfect singer, which makes me love his music more..even though he’s a bright-highly-talented singer, he’s very humble to admit that it’s embarrassing to sing in his bathroom and he’s so kind and down-to-heart,. In my opinion, he’s the kind of person who can always receive critiques and always trying to be better (a better singer, of course), which i think should be another reason why i love his music.
    Simon and Martina, please let me have that Autographed CD, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! T_____T

  29. I love K.Will and his music b/c of his sweet voice and ad libs that don’t sound too overly done but just enough to really polish the song off into K.Will standard ;) Also, he seems to pull off both sad and lighter/happier songs.. I was surprised somewhat, to hear his low/rap-like portion of “Please Don’t.” His songs for soundtracks are absolutely captivating as well!!

    From what I watch on shows and the EYK interview he also seems like a nice guy, easygoing, funny, and respectful! :) pleasant man… his image as “someone who shouldn’t be in his mv’s” are uncalled for b/c I think he looks cute like lots of other int’l fans.. heh heh. I think it works like a funny story/image he can talk about on variety shows so I guess it works for him sometimes!!

    As for international support… I was really surprised to find friends who are from overseas, in a Canadian university (woo hoo) appreciate K.WIll music b/c most times when someone says Korean music is pretty good.. it’s most of time time only idol music. I love that K.Will is going to the more popular scene to lead international and domestic fans to discover old time classics etc. through his work on shows (e.g. Yang Hee Un’s song cover).

    Thanks so much Simon, Martina, and K.Will for this treat!!! :D

  30. I love K.Will and if there was any solo artist i could see in concert it would definitely be him. its a shame that the idol industry overshadows the real gems who tend to have much more of a passion and talent for singing/performing, not that i dislike kpop but it would be nice to see people like K.Will gracing the headlines and Tv shows more often.

  31. about the video …. caught my attention! until now It which flavor it was the ice cream! did u know guys…!!

    also when he appears … very very little hope that our dear still appear more often in the videos I beg you please!!1 thanks

  32. What I love about K.Will is absolutely EVERYTHING, k-pop needs more artists like him. A real artist! Reminds me of Seo Taiji a little. I don’t know what’s the deal with him considered to be not good looking?! Anyways sending love&support from Hungary! =^.^=

  33. omg i like the part when k will speak in spanish omg ………………about the … the video i like it and also i can not stop to watch thanks so much guys…. hello from peru… gracias

  34. Kwill is <3. How I wish I have a voice like his, a voice that can reach out to the hearts of all of us

  35. What I like about his music? Whenever I’m feeling sad and blue I listen to his songs. I don’t know how to explain it, but it sounds honest. At the start I can be like “I hate my life and everyone around me, I just want to lie here and do nothing” but as the song goes on I start to think more about the situation and at the end of the song I get more energy and getting the “hwaiting” spirit. I don’t understand what he sings, since I’m Norwegian but it’s the way he sings. K.will is simply amazing!

  36. I love his sexy voice and his talent..i wish he would appear in his mv’s more. >.<

  37. kpopfan123

    Such an awesome and fun interview!! ^____^ I love how in the beginning you re-enacted K. Will’s teaser for “Love Blossom” :) and how he reacted when you told him you’re married :D

    Great work EYK crew!! :D

    ♥♥ ♥ ♥

  38. for me K.WILL is one of the most talented male solo artist right now. His voice capture the listeners hearts and i love how his Music Videos are always different than the others and have his own unique trademark. I totally love “Please Don’t” , the song is amazing and suit his sweet amazing voice really well. and the MV it self is unique and have a plot twist which is thrilling! and now he’s back with Love Blossom , with a different kind of song that give a different vibe from before. and again his MV is totally killing me, MyungSoo looks super cute and handsome there. Park Min Ha is a cutie. and eventhough i was freaking jealous i gotta admit DaSom is super pretty!! hahaha it’d be amazing if i can win a K,WIll autographed albums <3 i'll keep it preciously haha thanks for the chance <3

  39. I saw this video a week ago, but i just had to watch the intro to this again. lol…

  40. K.Will is just so talented and amazing, it makes me want to cry from overexposure to his perfection

  41. For me, when I become a major fan of a group or an idol is when their personality wins me over. I watched an interview with K.will before I even heard his music, and from just that interview he won me over with his gentle voice and dry sense of humor (then I heard his music and became an even bigger fan…^^). He is, in my opinion, one of the most talented solo artists in Korea right now, and I want nothing more than for him to make his dreams come true….^^….K.Will Hwaiting!!

  42. Hey! I found this clip on how he does “hwaiting! ” before his performances. Reminded me of the interview. It starts at the 4:18 mark. He’s such a trooper! You can do it!(*^﹏^*) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qs4YSja08ig&feature=youtube_gdata_player

  43. So since you guys got K.Will… You could get Sistar or Boyfriend too… Right? :D

  44. Ohhhh! K.Will!! I really adore him XD such a good singer and person :D Thanks simon and martina !

  45. “We never go alone” – inspiring
    “Love Blossom” – absolute adorable, funny & charming
    “Please don’t…” – so heartbreakingly & alluringly touching

    Even K. Will’s TEASERS are so original and hilarious.

    Even just his music and professional work brings out ‘the feels’ in me and he has such a charming, lovable and admirable air to himself as an artist and individual to boot. I don’t compliment artists and them as people lightly; I sincerely love and respect K. Will as an artiste and person <3 I pray with all my heart that I'll have the chance to see him live or afford his album one day, but for now I just want to thank you guys for the AMAZING interview and chance to possibly have a signed album. <3

  46. Have you announced that winners already? Or when will they be announce? :) If not hope I’m not too late! A lot of times when I hear singers with beautiful voices that’s all I think is “what a beautiful voice.” and that’s that. But K.Will is one of those singers who puts sooo much emotion into that beautiful singing. I don’t understand Korean so since I don’t know the meaning of the songs and I don’t really know if the song should be happy or sad, but when I hear him singing… MY FEELS T_T haha. With the emotional input of his voice, I don’t have to understand the song to understand how the lyrics should make me feel. And of course, he’s not bad to look at ;)

  47. I love K.Will!!! His voice is really awesome!!!! It makes me want to stand up and dance to it. *dancing*
    *brother and sister looking at me weirdly* *Me: what!!!* I love all of his song from Left Heart to Love Blossom. I don’t know why he can’t be in his own music video. That’s just weird. Why do people say that he’s ugly? I mean he’s good looking. I hope he can be in his own music video. He very handsome. Love you K.Will <333
    Youtube Account: MyOnlyStarDream

  48. I hope I am not too late for the giveaway ;)

    I love K.Will’s talent. He is not only an excellent singer (even when he sings live it sounds amazing – unfortunately not every singer is able to do so), he is also humerous and of course handsome :D But I hate the fact that he does not appear in his own music videos :/ But then, when I thought he is finally appearing in one, he gets assasinated. Like.. Really ? :O I mean, if he would have been assasinated by Top (like in Iris) then I would be ok with it, but otherwise I am not ! And I don’t understand, why some people are calling him ugly, but maybe that’s a korean thing – I can’t see why and same goes for Daesung but fortunately both are doing well in the music industry :)

    I also love that he was nasty enough to meet you two for this awesome interview :) (And thanks to you two too for making this happening)

    And I hope he will come to Europa one day (Austria would be perfect) :>


  49. I love K.will because is voice is really lovely ! I first knew about him
    because my sister showed me the PV of ‘Please dont’ and I just
    LOVEEDDDD the concept of this video. So I just kept on listening to this
    song and I began to listen to his other songs too! I would love him to
    be more in his video because it was really funny to see him in Love
    Blossom!!! I hope he will do a lot more singles !!!! He became my
    favorite solo singer for sure !!!!

  50. I love K Will´s voice, the lyrics of his songs that actually make sense in a kpop world were many songs only need to sound catchy. And I appreciate that he places so much accent on his voice and story of the song in his videos, not just how handsome he is- and that´s a hard thing because he IS very handsome. Thank you for this interview EYK and Martina, don´t feel bad at all, no once noticed that you weren´t feeling alright. You´re so passionate, i admire and envy you:D both of you.

  51. A little late, but I’ll share this anyway. I like K.Will because he’s so real. He’s known for being a “not as handsome” idol, but the fact that he was passionate enough about singing to push through that tough barrier in an industry like Korea’s is truly inspiring. Even the little things about him, like the acne scars and the darker skin, make him a real person that doesn’t seem so far out of reach. While I still think he’s one of the most handsome men in Korea, it’s still nice having an idol that is perfectly imperfect.

    tl;dr I’m a fangirl for K.Will, even if there’s a twelve year age difference, hurhur.

  52. I love how he showed alot of personality on this interview :) I love how he is

  53. The intro of the interview was hilarious, keke. You guys never fail to make me laugh.~

  54. KATHyphenTUN

    My favorite part was when k.will had his first appearance! *Gasp* but then he forgot his lucky ring, jinxed it, and got assassinated! T.T

    Youtube: puppichu

  55. K Will is amazing, i love his music, (though i would like to see him in more videos). He is so talented and so unique and blessed by God.He is truly amazing at what he does. He’s actually very very cute, and i don’t see why he would think he’s not “gorgeous” enough to be in his own videos lol. Through his music we can all relate and understand the feeling perfectly. I can see from this interview and other interviews that he has a great personality, has a good heart, and is so sweet., I love the photo shoot!! you guys are adorable!

  56. K.Will is so fun and sweet♥ I like you guys having fun together on the video. Thanks for nice shots and stories!!

  57. On the sidenote, i read the blog post in a bus while travelling.. for some reason, i read the whole post with Simon’s booming DOTHRAKI MAN VOICE!!

  58. I fell in love with K.Will’s voice ever since his album “Dropping the Tears” came out. I will admit, at first I looked at the MV b/c of SNSD’s Yuri…but oh man ever since then he has become one of my favorite solo male singers OF ALL TIME!!! I ALWAYS look forward to his comeback/new songs b/c his voice is so soothing and his songs always hit me in the heart and mind (in a good way)! My favorite thing about K.Will’s music is that I never get tired of his emotional and husky voice, whether it is a sad or happy song! His voice is SOO versatile! Also, I’ve never doubted his good looks or style so I don’t know why it’s such a hot topic right now haha. He really looks like a laid-back and friendly MAN~ “I don’t need a man~I don’t need a man”-prettier-than-a-girl =P Anyways, I LOVE YOU K.WILL! KEEP UP THE BEAUTIFUL MUSIC! HWAITING~~! Lastly, thank you VERY much Simon and Martina for interviewing him even though you weren’t feeling your best! >.< I appreciate your hard work and it paid off!!! ^o^

  59. It’s hard to pick up just one thing what I love about K.Will, because he’s such an interesting, intelligent and charming person, with beautiful, soft, chocolatte voice… If I wouldn’t love Alex with my whole heart (I truly do), K.Will might be my favourite solo artist :) I love it that he doesn’t show off, he is just himself, despite the fact that he is on the music scene for so long and has been awarded many times, but he seems to be such a normal, kinda shy guy, who maybe thinks – what’s all the noise about? It’s me just singing. I love watching tv shows with him, he’s so natural, not pretending anything. And besides that, he is handsome guy. So if his company will hear out the voices of K.Will’s fans – please – put him in next music video for more than few seconds, the best would be whole music video of course. It’s a pleasure not only to listen to his awesome voice, but also to look at his charming person. ^^

    PS I really enjoyed this interview (although Clazziquai’s interview will be my No 1 forever – sorry, can’t help it ^^ ). Thank you Simon and Martina for great job (which of course you always do :) ). I was smiling all the time while watching it. And the idea with intro is fantastic! I loved the teaser for “Love Blossom” as well!

    PS2 And big big thanks that you make your guests saying “I love you” in different languages ♥ Hearing them saying “Kocham Cię / Ja Ciebie kocham” makes my heart flutter ^_^

  60. Lovin’ how polished the videos are looking (YAY LEIGH!) Also, LOVED his reaction to the shower comment. HEHEHEHE. But even more than that, he seems so sweet and down to earth. And lastly, why I likes me some K.Will. Said it on youtube (raine dichotomy), but as a musician, I really appreciate the musicianship that is SO obvious in his work. The technical finesse, phrase endings, great pitch in live performance (and tone!) He’s also got the ‘it’ factor live, which is such a draw. I LOVE live performance. Can I also mention that I think he’s wicked hot? Is that a good reason????

  61. I love K.Will oppa because he has an amazing voice and a great personality! He’s actually my favorite solo artist and I’ve been listening to his music for years now, even before he was popular. I know that he had a rough time in the industry before he was popular just like a lot of groups and solo artists so I respect him so much for putting through the trials he had to get to this point and inspiring us with his beautiful voice and songs. Also, he is such a humble and sweet guy so I really like him. ^_^ ALSO, I have no idea why people say he is not good looking! In my book, he is very handsome and charming. :) Thank you so much for interviewing one of my favorite people! <3

  62. K.will’s songs are amazing, his voice is awesome, he’s handsome too can’t believe he never appear in his videos :/ unfair!
    he’s on my most played list <3
    love from Venezuela

    thank you simon and martina for the chance ^^

  63. The Interview was just great especially when K. Will thought that you’re showering together :p ㅋㅋㅋㅋ. Thank you so much for this moment^^ K. Will I’ll suport you in whatever you’re doing! greets from Switzerland

  64. Thanks Simon for teaching him ‘Ja ciebie kocham’ I died in front of my computer when he said that ^^

  65. For me K.Will’s music is a big inspiration. Thanks to it I can start my day with a big
    smile on my face. I listen to his songs every day because they are just purely
    perfect. His music harmonizes with my mood very well regardless if I’m sad or
    happy. K.Will’s strong voice makes me shiver sometimes. Usually when I’m riding
    in a bus to my school I’m singing K.Will’s songs in my head, or even moving my
    lips to the rhythm of his song, so sometimes people laugh at me. K.Will said
    that he likes to hum in the shower, but I like to sing his songs while
    showering, probably my neighbors hate me for that because they can hear
    everything and I’m not such a good singer XD At the end I want to say that
    polish HyungKnights really love K.Will and they hope that he will have concert
    in Europe soon~~

  66. “Some things I like the most about K♥Will is his passion and soul (and of course his voice but that’s a given). The first time I heard K♥Will was actually live at one of the Korean Music Festivals at the Hollywood Bowl. I didn’t know much about him and his music (I was seriously debating is his name was pronounced “kay-will” or like “quill” ( ̄□ ̄;)) but when he came to perform none of that even mattered. I was awestruck as he sang with the depths of his soul, every note was filled with raw emotion. I, personally, have very trained ears, due to my upbringing, and it makes me cringe at the smallest mistakes. Yet on that day during that performance I couldn’t bring my focus to mistakes (let alone notice any… He has such amazing technique.) as I was brought down to the basis of music through the raw emotion he gave off in his singing. From his voice alone you could tell that this was a man who is passionate about music. His voice shown like a shining diamond, a representation of his clear-cut vocal quality, and was the perfect tool in laying out the feelings of each song he sang. My only regret would be not having a better seat and sitting up on the top of the hill… That experience ended up leading to me to do more research on him and I ended up being a really big fan. I ended up liking his song “My Heart is Beating” so much I had a playlist with only that song and listened to it non-stop.

    His collaborations are some of my most favorite things though. Of course when he sings with Hyorin it’s just bound to end up
    asfdjkasdfjalskfjsdfafsadf-amazing, but listening to him in a performance where he featured in Brown Eyed Girls’ “Sign” is truly a magical thing. It gives me the happy-rainbow shivers to this day (。◕‿◕。✿)*・.。゜゚・*:。.:*・ I can’t even begin to describe the sparkle-unicorn-everything-in-the world-is-right-and-wrong feeling I gotwhen he was on KBS’s Immortal Song 2. K♥Will, or rather Kim Hyung-Soo, has a voice and a powerful presence that just welcomes his audience into a world of wonder and I guess the thing I like the most about him is that someone as wonderful as him exists in this world (that and his eye smile d(^◡^)b. He just has such a warm look that is so …asfjkasfjlsafjsa-feeling.) KIM HYUNG-SOO THANK YOU FOR EXISTING!! ٩(>////.> This is probably the longest non-academic thing I’ve ever typed on **facebook…

    So to K♥Will (and eyk of course) I send you my love (via fan sign):

    [♡Lᵒᵛᵉ ᵧₒᵤ♡]

    For those who actually read my rainbow long rant, thank you:

    [♡you sooooo nasteh~♡]
    .٩^=°ㅅ°=^۶٩() -ㅊ- ()۶.
    dr.meemers & thespudgey”

    This was taken from **my previous facebook comment, however, I would like to say something in particular to this video. I would like to thank eyk and K.Will for what they do. I had a pretty rough day today (I’ve been sobbing for a while but oh well… bad things happen :/ I’m not trying to gain pity) and you guys really cheered me up (like right from the beginning with the teasers :)). So to eyk, thank you for always making videos that brighten my day and to K.Will, thank you for making wonderful music that always cheers me up. 정말 감사합니다!

    youtube: xXoORukiaOoXx

  67. I wanna see the marshmallow booth photos:O

  68. Not only do I like him but I LOVE him! He has a stunning voice! It’s so calm & relaxing to listen to! He doesn’t need strong background music to make a great song, his voice alone is enough. I’d like to be able to sing like him one day & make great music. He never disappoints me with his songs. They are filled with so much emotions & passion in them. I wish you the best of luck in everything & hope promotions goes well with “Love Blossom”!! K.Will oppa is JJANG! Hwaiting~~ <33! Love from Canada!

    Loved the interview Eat Your Kimchi!! ^^~ <33 Thank you!!

    Youtube Username: DalmateCathy

  69. nice interview:-) great great job! i love k.will very much! the reason why is that his voice is so awesome, like i never heard of such awesome voice. i like most about k.will is his passion towards music! i admire with his attitude! also, his smile melts our(fans) heart ^.^////
    Louise from Hong Kong


  70. You know what is hot… You know what did come out… I know… Its time for my interview sequence caught me off guard. Cute and Funny ^^

  71. What I love most about K.Will is his perserverence. Despite the fact that things may be hard for him, as it always is for musicians, It’s clear just how hard he works when it comes to doing his best and putting his best face foward. Regardless of the ridiculous ‘ beauty standards’ held in korea when it comes to him not even being ‘ handsome enough ‘ to appear in his own music video, he still showed his strength through making a humorous comment about the subject to let the fans know that something like that won’t get him down that easily. Also how he says he often gets tired and lonely being a solo artist especially, he never stops working hard for everyone wle heartedly loves and supports him and his music. I love every song he releases because I feel that whenever he sings, you can truly feel the heart and soul he put into making it the way the did, no differently than a grandmother making cookies for her loved ones. K. Will has that secret ingredient that makes him one of Korea’s best artists today. Everything from his artistic and passionate music videos ( whether emotional or comical ) and his voice which seems to be that of an angel is so beautiful and filled with emotional that sometimes I feel likes crying from it, it makes him so pleasant to listen to as well as providing an inspiration for me to always do my best especially when it comes to my own dreams of becomming a singer. K. Will fighting! <3 <3 <3

    Youtube name: ciellepuff
    * thanks so much for the interview Simon and Martina ^^ He really is great, and as always I love that sticker booth section XD And I really cannot get over that shocked face when he discovered you guys are married! ' You've seen him in the shower?! ' Omggg

  72. What I love most about K.Will is his perserverence. Despite the fact that things may be hard for him, as it always is for musicians, It’s clear just how hard he works when it comes to doing his best and putting his best face foward. Regardless of the ridiculous ‘ beauty standards’ held in korea when it comes to him not even being ‘ handsome enough ‘ to appear in his own music video, he still showed his strength through making a humorous comment about the subject to let the fans know that something like that won’t get him down that easily. I love every song he releases because I feel that whenever he sings, you can truly feel the heart and soul he put into making it the way the did, no differently than a grandmother making cookies for her loved ones. K. Will has that secret ingredient that makes him one of Korea’s best artists today. Everything from his artistic and passionate music videos ( whether emotional or comical ) and his voice which seems to be that of an angel make him so pleasant to listen to as well as providing an inspiration for me to always do my best especially when it comes to my own dreams of becomming a singer.
    Youtube name: ciellepuff
    * thanks so much for the interview Simon and Martina ^^ He really is great, and as always I love that sticker booth section XD And I really cannot get over that shocked face when he discovered you guys are married! ‘ You’ve seen him in the shower?! ‘ Omggg

  73. I became a fan of K Will when I first heard him while watching A Love To Kill in the 7th grade (I’m in the 12th now) with his song Kkum/ Dream. His voice intrigued me with it’s raspy, husky, sexy quality to it. Oooh K Will you so nastayyy. I am so glad that you guys interviewed him. :D

  74. It goes without saying that he’s an amazing singer–he’s managed to enthrall so many international fans without every once using his image as leverage, whereas most other KPop artists rely, at least a little, on their image. It’s amazing to me that he’s managed to do so well, and I think this reflects well both on him as an artist and on the fans, as well as on his management company, who, despite not having him star in his own music videos, still took the chance and invested in him.

    Hand in hand with this is his amazing modesty, and his sense of humor. He was so attentive during the entire interview, and seemed to care very much about his fans despite having, perhaps, not as close a relationship with them as other idols may. Nothing he said was contrived, which was amazing to see–his reaction to Martina’s classification of aegyo in music videos was priceless.

    And of course, on a personal level, he just seems to be such a wonderful person to know, and hang out with on a nice day.

  75. i love K.Will !!! Ever since, My heart beating, i fell in love with his voice. I love his ability to sing soft and gentle and rise so strongly! It’s so addicting!!

  76. lulu_infinitelyshineestar

    I think K.Will is MORE than a talented musician, he is also such a sexy and charismatic artist, and that is why I LOVE him!!!
    I am attracted to the kind of performer that he is, not only for his unique commanding voice but also for the charismatic artistic persona he presents on stage (since I dont know him personally, that is all I can comment on TT___TT).

  77. Good job on this interview guys,and a million thanks for putting it up! :)
    What do I like about K.Will? LOTS OF THINGS.
    I’ve been listening to K.Will for almost 3 years already,and I’m a huge fan.
    “I Need You”,”I Hate Myself”,MY Name is Will”,”Bluffing,”Please Don’t”,etc.
    I have a whole list of K.Will’s songs that I adore.The Third Album Parts 1 AND 2 were AWESOME!
    I have his music on repeat for hours straight! >.<
    I started following him during the "My Heart is Beating" promotions.
    He's a good looking and VERY talented ballad singer. *psst,he's my #1 BIAS* ^0^
    K.Will,thanks for being a singer.Your voice is indescribably perfect.I just love it.
    I really hope I get to meet you or at least see you in concert.
    Te quiero K.Will ♥ ^^

  78. Martina it was seriously epic when you ran after kwill for the golden spuggy and then evily ranaway super funny

  79. K.will is so sexy and his voice is like an angel 0:)
    I love ur guys editing skills!!!! <3 love ur videos
    -lots of nastiness from Los Angeles

  80. Wow you guys got to post this interview up really fast! Not that I’m complaining, I’m just surprised that management was so fast this time haha. Congrats on another successful interview! K.Will seemed like a cool guy and how y’all did the intro was terrific hehe ^-^

  81. This interview was awesome ! K.Will is so adorable and talented ^u^
    and I LOVE YOU all for “Ja ciebie kocham” <3333333 (Simon you're my hero~!)
    (by the way as I said before "Kocham cie" sounds better than "Ja ciebie kocham")
    Hugs from Poland !!! <3

  82. Thank you for another awesome interview! These really help me to relate to artists and it makes their music more interesting. I had a bit of constructive “criticism” although it isn’t a complaint, just something I noticed. I may be the only one here, but I felt as though there were a tad too many camera view changes. I love how you’re branching out and trying new things and I know you’ll find your interview groove soon. Especially in interviews that have subtitles, the constant angle changes averted my gaze and disrupted my reading. I kept looking up and down from captions to switched views, and then I would miss some reading and have to rewind a bit. Perhaps save the camera switches only when the person speaking changes? Again, not really a criticism but I just wanted you to know in case it helped you perfect your new, awesome camera tricks. Also, I loved how you “stroked” K.Will with the sexy camera view up his bod in Part 1…so nasty! Love you guys and I look forward to your next posts :)

  83. I don’t even know where to begin to describe his awesomeness~.

    K. Will has one of the most incredible voices among South Korea’s group of talented and well respected musicians.
    And it’s just not my basis talking, when I force my non-kpop friends to listen
    to his songs, even they agree.His music and vocals are always very heartfelt,
    conveying the notion of romance and soul in every line. You can hear his skills
    and techniques in singing and see his dedication to music. I feel like it takes
    a lot hard work and skills for a musician and their songs to move the
    audience’s heart profoundly. I really believe that K.will has that ability. If listened
    carefully, his music might just make you sway. Woman or man. ;)
    To top it all off, he’s also one handsome,
    charming, and entertaining fellow. Honestly even though he’s quite humble, I think he’s got some hidden “nastiness~” in him. Some of concert videos shows him so sexy and witty ^^

  84. I just had a brilliant idea! A collab between K.Will and Lee Hi. Wouldn’t it just sound amazing? Both of great talent, both with unique voices. Oh, I would just love to hear it. <3

  85. I’ve been loving K.Will’s voice ever since he sang the OST for A Love To Kill drama in 2005/2006 (?) *not very sure*, called Dream. For me, he is one of the best male OST singer until now. Even before I get obsessed with KPOP, I’ve been a loyal K-Drama and K-Movies fan, and I’ve known K.Will name long before I get to know groups like Big Bang or SNSD or Super Junior. He is really good in singing with full emotion. When he released his single ‘Present’, I was so addicted that I kept playing the song everywhere, in school, at home. Ahh and before that, he did sang an OST for Shining Inheritance drama which I also love. Not to mention the ‘I-died-laughing-watching-the-MV’ song, which is Please Don’t. I just love love love love that song so much, even my ‘not interested in KPOP’ siblings know that MV plot very well because I kept playing it on our TV. And the latest song, Love Blossom, although the MV is a bit different and unexpected, I still love the light feeling I get every time I listen to that song. And the collab song ‘White Love’ he did also makes me fall in love. In short, I really like K.Will voice and songs and I will always look forward his work. I always love Ballad songs and I feel like K.Will is one of the best ballad singer in Korea Music Scene. (well, next to Kyuhyun..hihihihi ^^) SO PLEASE PLEASE SIMON and MARTINA, LET ME HAVE THAT PRECIOUS SIGNED CD!! I WILL BE YOUR NASTY FOREVER THEN!!!!

  86. The thing I like most about K.Will is his unique sound. And of course his looks is awesome plus too ;) I’d love to see him in his music video some day. Whaiting!

  87. I like how his voice complements his songs since it’s so full of emotions. I like how he doesn’t do any drastic changes in is music. There’s change, just enough to be interesting, but not so big that he suddenly have dub step dance sequences.

  88. Hi!! I’ve entered all the possible entries and thought id check in on your site just in case. Yay an extra chance ? ^^ lol.

    I really am a sincere fan of K.Will and his music. I first heard “Love Is Punishment” in a Korean drama and fell in love with his vocals immediately! I had been a fan of Korean Pop for 7 years before then, but I had been exposed to only boy groups and Se7en. When I heard of K.Will I wasn’t used to Korean ballad solo artists. It was a unique experience from the norm.

    As a singer, K.Will gives us QUALITY music. Music that could be listened to without it getting old. I love his powerful vocal chords. Even though he sings ballads there’s this ‘thing’ in them that makes them just as refreshing and ‘upbeat’ as any pop song. I don’t know if that’s extactly how I woul describe it,… but yeah >.<. I think its like soul music. Moves you to sway with a rhythm that unique to your circumstance.

    (Even my sister likes his music and she was one of the ppl that called me crazy for listening to music I don't understand! Haha.)

    Thank You Simon and Martina for this opportunity and for the interview, I've been waiting for it since ur ask questions video, lol. I went crazy when I saw it on my feed! =)

    감사함니다 ♥

  89. YukiRed

    I think K.Will is very handsome. I know by Korean standards his looks aren’t considered at the top, but even so I’m sure all his fans would like to see him appear in his music videos!

  90. YukiRed

    I keep replaying the part where he asks, “You’ve seen him shower?” LMFAO!! his expression is just O_o’

  91. …”Also, Martina feels really disappointed about this interview because she was really sick that day. Something she ate did NOT go over well…I think it was the shrimp noodle soup she had. ”- hmm …

    No Excuses Please! You Are a Professional! Right?! Then:” Rock ‘n’ ROLL! – The Show Must Go On! ” and ”Don’t Worry, The Nasties love You, so : Be Happy!” :-)

  92. that video was awesome!! :D thanks simon and martina for this great video! :) love the oment when he realized that you are both married,he´soo cute! XD And I love his voice so much!! Probably next time K.Will you be the main star of your own MV. you have your own special charme,that we fans love soooo much! :* K.Will HWAithing!
    You got such a awesome voice,so full of emotion, always makes me cry or feel totally lucky every time you sing. :3
    also when i hear your music it makes me occasionally smile and comforts me! ^^______^^
    And Love Blossom is such a pretty song~ :) the video is so funny and phenomenal > even GACKT recommented to watch his new MV!! >__<
    thanks for your great performances and your timeless music! Can´t wait for Part 3 :P

  93. Loved it! K.Will and you guise are the best! Thanks for your hard work :)

  94. There is so much I love about K.Will! I love his amazingly beautiful voice and he is by far my favorite singer. You can ask any of my friends I am ALWAYS talking about K.Will (recently his amazing new song “Love Blossom”). Plus, not only is he beautiful on the outside but clearly he is just as beautiful on the inside. His song plots are always amazing and so unique and I can’t wait for what is to come in the future. I love you K.Will!!!!

  95. Nice interview! The married part and the ending were soo funny! =D Oh wait, the beginning was also funny ! :O oh. and the photobooth. hmm, anyhow, I really liked this interview! =D

  96. it was great for you to interview K.Will…..and what??? how come he’s not suited to be the “model” in his own videos for his songs… I mean, come on, he’s got the looks….he’s cute, he’s got a nice voice, nice songs….and he’s good looking, really really good looking….whatever….you can’t “beat” netizens way of thinking, right?, or those mind that decided to exclude him from his videos…

  97. Katie Reed

    I’m digging the interviews. Very cute! I should add, I wasn’t even a KPop girl until a few weeks ago. I was strictly Kdramas. So good job EYK, you have recruited a new one.

  98. I really loved the song, and enjoyed watching the video, actually a Korean actor that I like posted on his twitter page that he’s listening to K.Will song and I was curious about it so i tried it too…it was fun watching !!! ^_^ yey, i love it !

  99. Simply put, I think K Will has one of the most distinct voices in kpop that I’ve heard. Love Blossom could have been a conventional pop song, but his voice and the music lends a quirkiness that is awesome. youtube: Ilbakee

  100. He seems like such a great fun guy! Loved the interview.

  101. * I ♥ K.Will (케이윌) !!!
    케이윌really did a 360 degree turn in my life!!
    When I first listened Love Is Punishment (Shining Inheritance OST) , I felt a special connection with him. I’m his fan about 4 years!I’m so proud to be an K.WILL fan!
    I love all of him : his personality, beauty and voice!
    Definitely,I love K.WILL because He is a artist that is unique.He has his own uniqueness,that what’s makes him interesting to watch.His concept always stands out and what impresses me the most is his vocals skills.K.Will has a great deal of collaborations and drama soundtracks to his name, and has proven his ability to rap and dance.Also,He compose their own songs.Almost all the lyrics are so touching.This is evidenced by his latest album release. “The 3rd Album Part.2 – Love Blossom” is so addictive!DAEBAK!Simply spectacular,all album is a treasure! I can’t stop replaying his songs. specially► ♫ “LOVE BLOSSOM”♫… ! In the MV, L show a lot of funny scenes and it always leaves you wanting more( I adored the part when Myungsoo shot K.Will and then he smiles When he saw his bosses suffer ..x). He and Dasom look like a beautiful – strange couple -i love them-… “K.will oppa!! I’m so happy to finally see you on your MV!!! Hope on the next, You will appear a lot longer” I love this MV! Definetely, This is my favorite Track List ever!

    01. 봄날의 기억 (Spring Memories)
    02. Love Blossom (러브블러썸)
    03. Bon Voyage (Feat. Beenzino)
    04. Lay Back
    05. 추억이 울려 (Memories Ringing)
    06. Marry Me
    07. 신호등 앞에서 (Fade Out) —->”For your comeback 축하해!”

    케이윌 is working so hard~It shows his commitment and passion for music.~
    Really,I love how adorable He is.I love how He inspire me to be more than i am.

    “My dear K.WILL~~
    Sincerely, I really really love you. ^-^ Your POWERFUL VOICE ,style , looks , personality , everything of you is just perfect!
    ~I love My lK.WILL with all my heart ! I hope there will be a chance in the future to see you in PERÙ -SOUTH AMERICA! 케이윌는 페루에 오세요!
    Please take heart to come to Peru and Latin America will be waiting with open arms and with much love as You deserve because You are a Extraordinary singer.
    I wish you good health and a strong and secure future!! !My best wishes for you!!”

    —>If I can win ,I would be the world happiest girl !!!
    ~~ Plz, I really hope to win with all my heart !!The best gift ever!!I would be an even greater honor to receive this fantastic present.! Please, pick me!!
    Thanks for the opportunity and nice interview! 감사합니다! Eat Your Kimchi
    Don’t lose faith!!~계속 기도해요!
    SI SE PUEDE!! 아자 아자~화이팅!=)
    ~ http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.238716419604071.1073741826.100003971442477&type=1

  102. K.Will’s voice is really nice to listen to :D And he’s also very down-to-earth and a nice person in general. Remember when he made a video of thanks for winning the Golden Spudgy for Best MV Plot? That was awesome! :) Hooray for acknowledgement :)

  103. OMG the last part of the video was hilarious. I was like, what the hell are you doing Martina?! /raise my eyebrow/

  104. What do I like the most about K.Will?
    His amazingly magical breathtakingly beautiful voice!!!
    Although, I feel a bit mean at saying that because he seems like such a lovely person and the thing I like the most about him is his voice? Well, it’s true. I listen to his songs and like him because he is a singer who sings fantastically (baby) – so that’s what I like about K.Will; his voice just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside :)

    Youtube name: laURen00pris
    oh and thanks for putting in all the effort for this interview – you guys are awesome!

  105. simon your moobs are busting out of your shirt :P

    moob pride

  106. it’s hard to tell what I like the most about k-will because he is so awesome:) I’m in love with his amazing voice, his songs make me fall in love with it the first time I hear it. it got the misterious feel in his voice that get you attached to his song:) I just can’t explain this feeling. I love the fact that he can do different things like sometimes he will do bright song with a dance or a sad song and making me cry because he lives his songs. And the best I like about him is definately his personality, funny, charming and you that he likes his fans and what he is doing. So k-will oppa, fighting and I will support you from France:) much love. Sabrina ♥

  107. orange caramel pls

  108. I just love K.Will’s voice especially with them high notes. To me he’s an awesome ballad singer, a cute dancer even if its little movement as seen in his Love Blossom live performance, and he’s a very handsome fellow ^_^ I know he’s been in the kpop industry for a while and i’m glad that he still makes wonderful music. However, it is sad that he hardly ever features in his own music videos. I really hope he shows up more because I’d like to see his face :D

  109. The intro was so funny :D And aww you did a great job although you’re sick Martina. /internet hug/ Thank you so much :) Anyways, I love K.Will’s music and songs. He have an awesome voice and can be considered good looking. His music videos are always interesting and will draw my attention. Although I was hoping for him to be in his own music video but at least I can enjoy his songs/music/voice right? with the fantastic music video.

  110. I seriously love his voice too much, it just compliments his music so well, and makes it even better :D youtube username:curubb86

  111. K.WILL has a good voice.. His song is awesome..so, l’m a big fan of him..>< Thank you for having an interview!!. Thanks~:-)

  112. K.WILL has a good voice! His song is awesome…>< Thank you for having an interview!!! I love K.WILL♥♥

  113. I love that K.Will seems to be so humble and down to earth even though he’s so talented. His voice is so good with expressing emotion with makes his songs very easy to listen to but yet they have a meaning to them.

    His expression when he found out you guys were married was seriously priceless! :D

  114. Great interview!! Lol the intro was fantastic (and so was his original teaser!)
    Of course I watched it with my family, and afterwards my dad asked me to show him ‘Please Don’t’.
    Then, after we saw Please Don’t, he asked to see the KMM for it – which doesn’t exist. And he was shocked!! xD

    Hahaha I bet you never expected to get a ‘Y U NO REVIEW’ from a 60 year old Caucasian dad :p

  115. not true! K. Will was in Love119 with MC Mong! I fell in love with him when I saw that video. K. Will has an amazing smile. I also miss MC Mong!!! Speaking of MC Mong, maybe for a TL;DR–what do you think about the strictness of Korea’s penal system and the treatment their celebrities like Kang Ho Dong and MC Mong receive for breaking the law?


  116. ;A; don’t be sad k.will ,we can form a duo so you don’t have to be lonely anymore :)

  117. Wow K.will is so easy going and comfortable in this interview. You guys are awesome at making people feel like if you’ve known each other for a long time. K.will looks so handsome just standing there during the bloopers at 0:45. He is attractive in many ways. From charming to style of dressing. I totally melted on the “Te Quiero” part. K.will is simply my one and only favorite solo singer. I love how his voice ranges from deep to high. Ex: When he did a cover of mariah carey’s songs and boyz II men. He’s just so awesome! His music is so uplifting. People look at me like I’m crazy when I’m smiling while listening to his songs. I actually spend hours with his songs on replay. His romantic voice makes me watch any drama he osts’ for. I’m glad to be a fan of such a great singer. I think I’ll go crazy the day he gets a gf or gets married. Sigh*

    Thank you guys (Simon and Martina + eatyourkimchi staff) for making it possible for fans to get closer to their idols.

    PS: I noticed you guys were wearing slippers, If I were you guys, I’d the ones he used and put then on a shelf with a sign saying “K.Will wore these! do not touch” =P

  118. he isnt very showy or in other words he doesnt show himself off like some people might and his music is really smooth and easy to listen to. hes aweeeeesssssooooommmmemeeeee!!!!!!!

  119. Magdas S

    Why do i love Kwill? Let me count the ways!

    He likes simon, martina, and spudgy.

    Hes smart (only one who doesn’t get on the scary rickety dangerous spinning ride of doom in his last video,)

    He likes ice-cream

    He has a gorgeous voice and face.

    He was nice enough to thank you guys with a video.

    His hat is COOL!

  120. Oh my gosh.. K.Will is sooooooo funny!His face when Martina talked about Simon in the shower, He was like ‘wait,, what?! huh?’ AHAHAHAH I died. Anyway, I love K.Will because he is a unique artist, he has an amazing voice and he and he is original!! I admire him because he is popular for his music and originality, not just his looks.

  121. I first discovered K.Will through hearing the theme of 이 죽일 놈의 사랑(2005). Since then I’ve loved everything I’ve heard him sing. The raw emotion in his voice is so incredible it almost feels like my heart stops when he holds out a note. His voice holds a sweet beauty and strength that so truly expresses love and longing. His speaking voice is wonderful as well~ The interview made me smile a lot^^

  122. I love K.Will’s music because he just works super duper hard to get recognized since he is not a pop singer in a group. I AM A FREAKING HUGE BALLAD LOVER!
    And his voice is ONE OF A KIND yo~ I.LOSE.MY.PANTS. every time I listen to his songs! It’s this softness in his voice that I love^^ He’s one of those rare singers that has true vocal talent~
    I’ve actually heard him sing live & it sounded EXACTLY like it is recorded! It was crazy! IAlmostFaintedNoJoke! I got too excited…I’ve been a huge supporter for a long time now^^ K.Will is my #1 ultimate bias for the reason of his voice, music, personality, looks so thank you for doing this interview!
    -케이윌’s wife^^

  123. I’ve been too busy with school that I didn’t notice the interview was uploaded. -__- I waited so long. Now I’m debating on completing my hw or watching this first. Gahh! I’ll be back in a bit =P

  124. This was such a fun interview. I love that K.Will was down for the funny intro sequence. His management may have approved the questions, but he still seemed so candid. I like that he gave his us a glimpse at the person behind the star. Thanks to the whole EYK Crew for all the hard work in getting this out so quickly!

    I know I’m going off-track here, but I have to thank you, Simon and Martina, for turning around my opinion on “Please Don’t…” Although I liked the song (omg, his voice!), I was less than impressed with the video. After watching Reply 1997, having Seo In Guk’s character in the MV be the one in love with his guy friend just felt fan-service-y. But after hearing your guys’ review, I thought more about my reaction and realized I should be giving the MV major props for being so thematically gutsy.

    That said, “Love Blossom” grabbed me immediately. Such a catchy song and fun music video!

    Anyway, thanks, Simon and Martina. And K.Will fighting! Hope to see him act in – and live through – his next music video!

  125. I love K. Will because he’s different from other kpop idols. The fact that he is a solo artist even makes him even more different. Many of the kpop groups and singers do agyeo and other things that get boring after watching many that look the same. K. Will has interesting music videos and like Ailee, they are true talented singers who can actually sing.

  126. What’s not to love about him! Regardless of what he or others say he’s extremely cute! Now, I love me some kpop boy bands but its awesome to have artist like him around. There’s no need for crazy clothes or videos or dance moves when it comes to him. All you need is that amazing voice and smile (omg fan girl moment!) after seeing this interview I love him even more! He seems like such a sweet guy. How lucky that you guys got to hang with him!
    P.s the intro was great! It was cool of him to play along ^__^

  127. The thing I like the most about K.Will is his innocence and honesty. He’s a truly amazing singer and wins my American heart all the way. Watching this interview confirms in me that he is a truly awesome and funny person who deserved his EYK award, no question, and will go far with his passion and talent for sure! Keep sharing your love and passion K.Will!!!

  128. K.Will is Music.
    I love his strong presence on the stage, even if he is one, it’s as if a lot of K.Will are singing on the stage. His voice is simply wonderful. Is it possible for a person have this amazing voice? Yes, with K.Will this is possible.
    And now, with this song, I can appreciate the Spring more!

  129. K.Will is devilishly handsome ;)

  130. So, because I love K.Will, I’m entering on a bunch of different platforms. :P My comment is too long to post on youtube (hehe), so here it is! To make sure I’m subscribed though, my account is KAZ1167. You guys actually picked my indie video request a few months ago (the MC Sniper song) so that’s one way to check my account and see that I’m subscribed to you guys!

    Obviously, K.Will has a fantastic voice and I, personally, find him attractive. But one of the things I find so compelling about his work is how innovative he is, both with his songs and his music videos, for being a mainstream KPop celebrity now. Love Blossom, for example, is so refreshing to listen to across both Kpop and American pop, based on it’s light, jazzy, upbeat-pop style. His music isn’t just one-note pop and I honestly find myself unable to skip his songs when the come up in my iTunes shuffle. :P And his videos never disappoint. Love Blossom? Hilarious. Please Don’t? BRILLIANT. I also really respect his decision to convey such a complex story line in a kpop video with “Please Don’t”. You don’t typically get deep, meaningful story lines in Kpop videos and he really took a risk in picking that plot rather than using a hackneyed boy/girl story. It was so clever and intelligent! I think too, that a big reason I’m a fan was his response video to winning a golden spudgy! Haha. But seriously. He didn’t have to make a response video to winning the award, but he took the time to craft one for all the fans who voted for him. HOW AWESOME IS THAT? :) Also, that outfit he was wearing during the interview was hella snazzy. Props to anyone that makes a blue suit, check shirt, and paisley tie work.

  131. Cyber_3

    This was a great interview and the intro/epilogue were so so so funny.

    I’m not really good with names so I was surprised to find out that a video I really liked: “Please Don’t…” was by K.Will, maybe because he wasn’t in the video so that I didn’t recognize the “singer/main character”? It’s too bad that he isn’t in his own videos. I did really like “Love Blossom” as well. He was at least in his own teasers this time. I can see that he has a fair bit of make-up on him (for acne scarring?) but I think that even Korean beauty perfectionists would have a hard time finding fault with the made-up version of his face. Get over it already. His wiki page says he can dance, it would be interesting to see him do that in a video. He also looks more….hmmm….what’s the word……friendly? and less machine-like even in his perfected state and perhaps this is why his fans adore him so. The announcement video, kpop chart update, and KMM gave me the impression that his looks and not being in his own videos would be talked about more in the interview but I guess that he had to stick to the company line on that one. Ah well.

    Martina certainly looked peppy in the sticker booth, I guess that even if you’re not feeling well, it’s fun to look forward to that part ^_^. I did find that the side view of K.Will on the couch seemed a little out of focus and there was a largish finger smudge on the lense of the camera while in the sticker booth but I’m sure you knew that and neither had much of an impact on the overall enjoyment of the video.

    Cyber_3 – hopes that you are only mildly inundated with “nasty” questions for next time to catch the guest off guard – LOL!

  132. Loved the interview! Thank you everyone who contributed into making it happen!! :D

    I first knew of K.Will from the program Immortal Song 2, which is a show I watched when I first got into kpop and honestly watched because of FTIsland’s Hongki. After weeks of watching the show for the idols I liked, K.Will became a fixed guest and I immediately loved him! His personality was so funny, cool, and awkward (hehe) and his voice and performances were amazing!! He was able to pull off many different styles and even dance unexpectedly well! I couldn’t help but groove to his jazz songs, be serenaded by his R&B songs, and melt by his ballads. He is truly an amazing artist whom I have grown to love! He still remains my favorite solo artist of Korea. ^^

    Youtube Account: MNKYMNKYMNKY

  133. Oh my goodness gracious! I love K.Will so much because his songs have so much emotion, and it’s also relateable to international fans as well. His voice is just absolutely amazing! Also, his music actually targets something that everyone has gone through, and isn’t similar to other artists in the K-Pop industry, and I really admire that about him. ^-^ Thank you SO MUCH for interviewing him and giving us a chance to win his CD. Love you, Simon and Martina! :DD

  134. Hello everyone,

    First I would like to say that I really love Simon and Martina. I look forward to watching your video’s and they always make me smile. I would like to ask a favor though to all the nasties. I am currently a graduate student doing a research project on why people like celebrities. I have a quick 6 question survey that would require no identifying information from you. If you are willing to help me just check out the link herehttp://www.surveymonkey.com/s/FG2R6DR. It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!!

  135. freakin loved the cheesy intro :)

  136. I absolutely love his voice and I really like that even though he is very talented he is so humble. Keep up the good work k.will. And thanks so much eyk crew for bringing in such awesome talent and for introducing us to great kpop and indie groups! I honestly don’t know what I would do without fabulous kpop music to listen to. Now I’m going to get some gelato.

  137. Hello everyone,

    First let me say that I love Simon and Martina and always look forward to your videos. I have a favor to ask everyone. I am a currently a graduated student doing research on the reasons people like celebrities and have a quick 6 question survey that I would love if people could fill out. Don’t worry you don’t have to tell me any identifying information. Here is the link http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/FG2R6DR. Thank you to anyone who is willing to help.

  138. thisisjustforfunval

    I never imagined something would take my attention away from staring lovingly at K.Will and then in the middle of watching this for the second time I noticed the Doctor Who adipose in the background! OH MY GARD! I want one of those! K.Will can just steal your’s and bring it to me, that’ll work just great! XD

  139. What I like about k.will is that he has such passion and emotion when he sings… You can really get into the beat and mood of the music while listening to his songs ^^

    His songs are completely unique and really catchy, while his MVs are compelling, because they all have their own distinct concept. I also like how his songs and MVs match,instead of contrasting, because sometimes i watch MVs that have no relation to the song what so ever..

    Anyways, lastly he is a really gifted singer ^-^

  140. K.Will’s music complements his singing in many ways. I think his singing style is very unique compared to other Kpop singers out there.Also in addition to his music, the MV’s that go along are very interesting and make me love him and his music that much more. Whether he has his videos or not his voice is very powerful and moving and that is what keeps me coming back for more.(lets not forget his good looks!)

  141. Why do you guys want me to say why I love him? I love him becase how the heck do you not love K.Will?! I may sound a bit teatrical here, but his voice… how can I explain what his voice does to me? I could hear him for years without stopping and never get tired of it… and when he said “te quiero” and “je t’aime” *-* gooooosh!!!! I could hear those single lines with his voice forever <3 He's so freaking talented, and sweet, and though some may not find him attractive, I think that's what makes him even more valuable: he has earned a name for his skills, not for his looks (although his smile…asdfghj)

  142. I really love his dimples! His voice is beautiful he has so much talent. He seems really nice. And really prepared he didn’t stumble on any of the questions very professional. I love his voice and he seems to have very interesting videos that tell a story. I’ve always loved videos that tell me stories , that make me cry or laugh and think or even have a social statement to make to their audiences. I also think KWill is very handsome and should act in his videos. I don’t care if I win even tho I’d love one of his CDs. I wanted to come on here to Encourage Kwill to appear in his next or future videos In this international fans mind and heart You K Will are very handsome and I miss seeing your face in your videos, but love to see you on your stage performances like Inkigayo where I can see you sing. Thank you for coming on EYK to talk to us international fans. And Thank you Simon and Martina for bringing this to us.

    you tube: Maribelle Garcia

  143. WHAT I LIKE ABOUT K-WILL would be his super amazing voice… He is one of my favorite Soloist apart from Lee Hi… His voice just gives me the chills as he conveys so much emotion in all of his songs and I hate it that he doesn’t come out as the Lead in none of his videos because he should … He is super Handsome and Amazing and HOT lol… This video helped me now more about him and his personality and I love the beginning haha to funny … YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING AND LUCKY TO MEET HIM AND HE IS LUCKY TO HAVE MEET YOU GUYS LOVE YOU GUYS

  144. What I love about K.Will is that he doesn’t sound super kpop-y. Yes, there are the regular pop beats in some of his songs, but they always have a small jazz touch to them or are just happy sounding. I love it! Plus, it’s super amazing how he got to be with you guys! :D He’s a nasty xD

  145. I love that K.Will is a beautiful person. Not just physically (although he seriously is) but the way he speaks, holds himself and sees things is truly beautiful. And he seems to be humble and have a good sense of humour. Can’t go wrong with that

  146. Shamelessly copying from my youtube comment – Well I know I’m probably with the 80 million other people who say his singing, but specifically what really strikes me is how he reaches for the higher notes. I find that it stands out for me compared to others as it’s a climb, not like he suddenly got kicked in the family jewels. Just feels related to how we talk in that we’ll heavily emphasis the words we want noticed. So, it has different layers of subtlety (and not so subtle moments) that doesn’t disconnect from the lyrics. Kind of nice to not have that “Aaaaaeeeeyyyyyy” thrown in. I also do kind of like the fact he’s not in the videos as it is easier to concentrate on the plot set up in the MVs. Otherwise I’m distracted looking for him haha.

  147. I love how K.Will seems so nice and that he even thinks about his international fans and that’s really amazing. I think kpop artists should be like this too. my youtube username is Sheepyangel.

  148. What I like most about him is his nice voice. He just sounds so
    friendly! I just can’t help but like people with friendly voices AND his
    music is always beautifull. His MV’s are also THE most interesting to
    watch because they have a plot.
    And last but not least he’s a genuily nice guy and I like him :)

    forgot to post my youtube name: ZeroZafira

  149. What I like most about him is his nice voice. He just sounds so friendly! I just can’t help but like people with friendly voices AND his music is always beautifull. His MV’s are also THE most interesting to watch because they have a plot.
    And last but not least he’s a genuily nice guy and I like him :)

  150. My favorite thing about K.will is definitely his wonderfully powerful and amazing voice and his humor. ;D In addition to the way he goes about everything with a smile and how he never lets anything bother him. Even though his company doesn’t put him in his own video because he “isnt up to kpop standards in terms of looks,” he never lets it bother him and just laughs it off. I of course think his company is being completely ridiculous and that he looks extremely hansome and sweet and has a very michael buble vibe. Overall K.will is a fantastic musician and person and i love his music <33333 Saranghaeyo oppa <3333 Hwaiting!!!!!!
    youtube username: Jennifer Chiem

  151. On a totally unrelated note from my last post, I also wear the same jewelry almost every day and feel weird if I don’t. I’ve had three of the same rings for four or five years now.

  152. I don’t understand how people can say he’s not attractive. I think he’s beautiful. Besides, it’s his voice that counts anyway, right?

    Speaking of his voice, OH MY GOSH HOW CAN HE BE SO AMAZING?!

    Youtube username: breakingmyheart43
    What I like most about K.Will is that he’s so humble and sweet, his voice is phenomenal, and he always connects with his songs, and his fans. I know how the emotion in Please Don’t feels like, because I’m in that situation right now.


    I met him at the college. I was the first to meet him out of everyone in our group, actually. It’s almost cliche, but it was definitely “love at first sight.” Unfortunately, he started dating one of my friends, who I have known for six years. I tried not to hang out with them. Looking at them hurt too much. I went through a really dark time during this. It was late at night, I couldn’t sleep, I felt like I was going mad. I took a razor and started destroying things in my room. I came out of that, though. And I pretended like nothing was wrong. Two months later, they broke up. I felt this small hope inside of me that maybe, just maybe, he’d notice me. He already knew how I felt. But then, a few weeks later, he started dating my best friend of seven years. They’ve been together for six months now, I think. And they’re so obviously in love that it hurts. It hurts because I still have feelings for him, even now, almost a full year after I met him and fell for him. It hurts because I’m so glad that my best friend is finally in a happy relationship, but it happens to be with the one I love. It hurts so much more because she’s my best friend and therefore always wants to hang out with me, but every time we meet up, she brings him, and they’re always so lovely-dovey. I keep trying to…not love him. I keep hoping that my heart will change for someone else, someone who WILL love me. And I really hope it’s soon.

  153. I think the way you guys conduct interviews is so fun! XD the idols always seem to be enjoying themselves, and it seems much more comfortable than the kinds of interviews you see on TV. ;v;

  154. I love your guys’ intros. They’re so funny! =D

    And I think it’s crap that some say K.Will isn’t that attractive. Sure there are other Kpop artists who are more attractive than him, but he’s still a really attractive man! Well, at least in my standards. :)

  155. Obviously K.Will has an incredible voice. But I seriously don’t get the non-handsome thing. He is so handsome! 내 스타일이에요! And he seems like such a sweetheart. I know he’ll probably never come to Canada, but when I go to Korea I will make sure to take in a K.Will performance and will make sure to have a huge fan sign, cheer really loud and shower him with lots of Canadian love.

  156. What I like about KWill:

    The Voice:

    He has a really interesting timbre …. like you can recognize his voice from thousands. It’s quite unique! I remember when I first heard him sing on Immortal Song 2, the Vocalist special edition. He really captured my ears although to be honest at that moment *forgive me, Kwill oppa* I liked more Wheesung’s stage. Anyway, his voice was stuck in my head for a while.

    The thing with KWill in my opinion is that he has such a great ability to convey the feelings and the emotion of the song, whether it’s sadness, loneliness or happiness and the sweetness of falling in love. Good vocals are nothing if you can’t touch people hearts, but when you have both, like KWill, it’s WWWWOOOOOWWWW, Fantastic Baby (sorry for my VIP burst )!

    The Person:

    Unlike idols who go on so many variety shows, you can hardly see KWill on a TV show, even more when you don’t live in Korea and you have to be satisfied with what people post on the Internet , and more important what people sub … So yeah, the hard life of an international fan! Still, from the little time he was on IS2 I could see he is quite playful as he jokes both with his colleagues and his fans. From what I could see, I love his relation with the public, how he manages the stage and how he can bring together people of all ages. He’s a great artist!

    Having KWill answer my question was such a great gift for me, it is a moment I would never forget, a moment that I would tell my grandchildren about … seriously! And I gotta thank Simon & Martina for giving us the chance to know more about KWill, it was a great interview!!! Last thing, I’m happy to see that more and more kpop fans start to listen more to soloists like KWill and step outside the idol bubble for a moment (not saying that the bubble isn’t wonderful, full with bananas and puffy bunnies. I like the bubble myself! ;) But there are so many great voices that international fans are missing on :( ).

    This post is becoming tooooooo long! TL;DR KWill is a great artist and he deserves all the love in the world, so please

    K Will’s music 많은 사랑해요!

    From Romania

  157. I must say he’s one snappy dresser! Seriously awesome style. Great interview as per usual :)

  158. Daesung and K.Will really do look alike! No wonder I love them and adore them both :)

  159. This was a great interview (and Martina you did a great job considering you were sick). I LOVED your into so much because his teaser for his MV was so awesome.

    I think one of my favourite things about K-Will is that he seems to be genuinely surprised that we love him so much. It sort of translates into some great self-deprecating wit (which you could see on his CSI interview where he interviewed himself), and an adorable humble take on the idol scene. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n2lLTyi387Y

    And I think it’s silly that people don’t appreciate his handsome and unique look, and he has that gorgeous voice to boot. K.Will hwaiting!

  160. Love the end! “K.Will wait you forgot your golden spudgy…” lol 2 funny. This was an awesome interview yay! ^^

  161. Thank you so much for interviewing him~ he’s so awesome! >_< I've loved him ever since "러브119" because his voice is so captivating! It's so exciting to see him on your website!

  162. I love this intro so much! I was wondering what you guys thought about his teaser :PP And I love K.Will’s music because he’s got this jazzy passionate vibe that a lot of korean pop doesn’t have. And he seems super sweet :) Great interview guise! We love you K.Will and you’re a beautiful man so Starship Ent., put him in his own MVs yo!

  163. I LOVE LOVE LOVE his voice and how he turns all his music into his own wonderful style. I like both the song and the M/V and I wish that he can apear in his own video more without dying after a minute. Hope you do well K. Will, Fighting!! Saranghayo!!!

  164. Into was priceless. K.will has a angelic and unique voice. Simply exquisite. Every time I listen to his music, I swear I get goosebumps. Its pleasing to everyone ears. His lyrics are very meaningful and deep. He is an awesome musician. I just think that he needs to start appearing in his music videos more ;D Continue to shine and dazzle us with your warm, soothing voice and phenomenal talent Oppa!

  165. You guys did you a fine job, like always, no worries ;) I hope Martina gets well very soon and to the both of you, please do take care of your own well beings ;)

  166. ok, he is SO CUTE like, I want now to buy his cd just to support him >< he deserves *–* and of course i loved the song XDD

  167. Wow, this interview came out quite early as compared to some others! And I would have never guessed that Martina was sick.
    You guise have the best intros out there! And that reaction “you saw him in the shower?” before he realized you’re married – priceless!
    Good job, I’m looking forward to future interviews!

  168. Ever since I listened to k.wills’ song ‘I need you’ a year ago I have be fixated with k.wills’ song’s!!! The make me feel happy if I’ve had a down day!!! And for a year now ‘I need you’ has been on my favourites playlist (feeling a bit obsessive here…). But as I was saying he will always be a my favourite solo artist, even above all over singers from England, USA etc. You can feel all his emotion that he put in to each and every song he has sung.He is dedicated and passionate about wha he does and that I why I shower my love over K.will ♡♡♡

  169. I love everything about K.Will’s music, seriously. Whenever I revising english or animating at like 4am his music is so relaxing and keeps me from like flipping tables, it’s just so calming without being overly sad all the time. I just like everything about his music plus he’s one of my favourite singers of all time!

  170. I love how K.will goes along with all of the great EYK shenanigans and really made me smile. He seems to be one of the most humble singers I have seen recently interviewed.

  171. The reason I like K.Will’s music so much is a combination of
    things. He’s got a very clear and mellow timbre and gets just the right amount
    of breathlessness when he hits higher notes.
    Also, even though his music videos have AMAZING plots his songs weave so
    effortlessly into the action that you still hear the song while you watch.

  172. I play this song, praying for spring because….ITS FREAKIN’ SNOWING IN APRIL IN TORONTO!

  173. When K.will reacted to the showering part I kept thinking ‘inappropriate’ in Simon’s voice! That part was just too funny.

  174. looooooooove the intro. K.Will is amazing. u guys are amazing. everything is amazing.

  175. The intro just kill me XD I just hope someday K.will will be the star in one of his mv´s, he deserve it. He is handsome and great singer, he deserve be more famous. And with that, He and more singers with this kind of music of music will be know and maybe, more people will know k-pop is just not the “generic” music.

  176. bigbangfosho

    Ahh! I love your interviews! This is so cute aahhaha The intro is hilarious, and I really love how he didn’t know you guys were married LOL and please :DD reveal the spudgy footage!

  177. There’s a person at 5:35. That person disappears later. That person has magic :O
    You should set up a security cam and watch the staff take all the food.

  178. love the interview! and the intro lol <3 K.will
    I love that his music is memorable, effortless but still amazing
    his songs are emotional but also enjoyable I can listen to it all the time
    and then I just fell in love with his voice – I'm a fan!

  179. The thing i love about his voice other than it being perfect is that there is just so much emotion put into it. I love the way thw songs just tug at my heart strings(omg kdrama reference). I dont have much to say about it other than that because its simple: i love his voice.

  180. I love K. Will because he has an awesome voice is so sexyyyy~ he can say he’s not good looking, but he sure is!!! Love all his songs and his lives are all awesome!!!! <3

  181. the teasers were hilaroius!!! <3 K.Will

  182. Hmm… What do I like most about K. Will..? I absolutely love, LOVE! his voice. But everyone loves his voice so that’s not really anything that I have to say more about. I love that he can do both deep emotional songs and cute happy ones that makes you really excited for spring. And I can’t help but love and have the outmost respect for him after seeing “Please Don’t”. That was the first time I ever heard of him and since then I’m hooked. It’s such a beautiful and realistic depiction of love and that it’s about a guy loving a guy, especially since it’s from Korea, makes it even more special. Since sadly homosexuality still isn’t as accepted as it should. But now I’m just rambling… Anyway… My youtube name is: MrsKaulitz97

  183. te amo is i love you in spanish….

  184. when /do we get to see the photos from the photo booth? :)

  185. first, I heard K.Will ost song for I Love To Kill… and was captivated by his wonderful voice.
    then I saw him in Immortal Song 2.
    this is the main reason why I love him now.

    he can create and send very precise and, at the same time, beautiful message with tone, volume and pitch of his voice.
    the message that goes through everything and doesn’t care for language or cultural barriers.
    I laughed, I cried, I swooned listening to him singing, all the time without any understanding of the korean lyrics!

    his talent is simply international and it knows no boundaries.

    when he released his 3rd album, part 1 – I was sold, completely sold :D
    listening to him talking in my language, in Polish – Kocham Cie…. awwwwww! O.o

    (my youtube acc.: bupuk)

  186. I love a lot of things about K Will. His voice is amazing; he has husky voice but still get the nice ringing voice for some music genre, not to mention also his technique for hitting the high notes. His music videos always have a nice plot with a good casts. My fav (plot and casts) so far: ‘Miss, miss, miss’, ‘Please don’t’, ‘I need you’, and ‘Love Blossom’ is gonna be next). From what I saw from his self-interview (http://youtu.be/n2lLTyi387Y) he’s a funny person. I was surprised when he rapped with Outsider in a show (http://youtu.be/IS3-Jjt-0Y0). You know how Outsider spits out his words… Yeah, he did it, spit out some words with Outsider (though he may be not as good as real rapper but I’m amazed on how fast he rapped). K Will, saranghae!

  187. What i love about K.Will is his voice! I absolutely love it, its smooth and sweet :) I find that i get really into his songs, they are great. He’s very talented, him singing live sounds like its to die for, but living in Canada its sorta hard to do lol. He seems like a very down to earth kind of guy and i can hear that he is passionate about singing. I also think he should appear more in his music videos, he is very handsom, who else is with me! :)

    I’m hooked on his new song Love Blossom! <3

  188. Will Simon teach I love you in Polish to ALL the future guests too? .__.’

  189. Ok let’s see….

    I like how K.Will music+voice makes me feel when I listen to his music. Like sometimes it’s so nice and smooth and soft and I feel like I’m riding on a herd of sheep and then when he gets all emotional the herd starts running and the wind blows my lion hair back and I’m just enjoying the breeze and….
    Yeah that seems accurate.
    ._. Yeah….the music is usually pretty chill like me ~.~
    I’m so happy you guys were able to interview him. He’s amazing b’.’d
    Thank you so much Simon and Martina!

  190. Awesome interview! So happy his new music is out and he’s out doing promotions! Yay K.Will!

  191. OH MY LORD, DAT INTRO!!!! It was too funny XD Oh Martina, your face…


    This was a very interesting interview; I wouldn’t really call myself a fan of K.Will, but I do enjoy his music. He has a very pretty voice, and as a lover of music (as well as being a singer :3), you can always appreciate that. It is rather depressing that K.Will hasn’t shown up in his own music videos (I was really surprised that that was really his first, since my first experience with his music was “Please, Don’t”); he might not be “hawt” in the Korean sense of the word, but he is still rather handsome. He also has such a bright smile that is really contagious (I cannot count how many times I cheesed at my screen when the dude smiled XD). And before someone says otherwise, I’m not trying to shame or insult Korean standards of beauty; you like what you like, and you should be allowed to like whatever you want. I am, however, saying that they shouldn’t be so rigid; there are many types of “beautiful” than the ones that you know. (I hope I didn’t sound so preachy, this is just something that’s really close to me) All in all, I want to give kudos and props to this guy; he is definitely holding his own in an industry of groups and people that are considered more attractive than him. Respect :3


    for me, i love k.will because he is all around such an awesome guy. he’s super talented and very humble. and when i say talented i’m not just saying it because he can sing so well; as a teacher this guy is AMAZING. i’m not sure who else he teaches, but he’s boyfriend’s vocal coach and they have improved in leaps and bounds over the past year and half after debuting. i swear, k.will with a student is like michelangelo with marble. as strange as it sounds, go listen to “boyfriend” and then “hitomi no melody” or “be my shine” and be amazed because holy freaking crap the improvement is mind blowing and you will agree with my strange simile. i know all of the members really look up to him too. in part it’s because they’ve gotten used to performing and singing, but you can’t deny that k.will has helped them. even from their second title song they sound so much more polished and mature now in all their music & performances, so for that thank you k.will! :D

    just one of the reasons i love him so much though! i could probably go on forever about his voice as well, it’s one of the most beautiful things i have ever heard. don’t get me started i’ll write a paragraph about it and how if i could marry a sound it would be his voice… -3-”
    anyways here’s “boyfriend” and their most recent song “hitomi no melody”:

  193. I loved this interview- although I’ve loved every interview you guys have done, so I don’t know if that really means too much. I feel like you guys don’t ask the typical questions and your interviews are really personable.I thought that the intro was hilarious and I died when Martina started talking about Simon in the shower. The look on K.Will’s face before you told him you’re married….priceless. I also find it kind of amusing that those of us who come here (eatyourkimchi.com) are part of a slightly different category of Nasties.

  194. daebak T_T K.Will is such an amazing artist! I’m so glad you guys got to interview him! :))

  195. The moment of sheer confusion and “Oh no she didn’t” on K.Will’s face at the Simon in the shower conversation may be the top best part of this interview!

    Great interview. I’m glad he is so down to earth and approachable. The interview felt that you were just catching up with an old friend on what they’ve been up to. Daebak!

  196. Loved the intro and his surprise at y’all being married – haha, his reaction was he best.

    I really enjoy his powerful voice – he’s got that rare ability to pull people into the emotion of the song. When the song was heartbroken in “Please Don’t”, I felt sad and remembered those kind of unrequited feelings, when the song is cheerful and bubbly in “Love Blossom” it makes me feel better and happier.
    K. Will’s proven to be so humble and he’s also really funny and handsome – I don’t understand why he’s not the lead in his own MVs.

  197. It’s not “Ja ciebie kocham ” ( non grammatical and sounds silly) Simon:) I love you in Polish is ” Kocham Cię”
    Great interview guys btw :)

    • I don’t care. I was so happy hearing him speaking polish. Yeeeaaah K.Will mówił po polsku. Huuura!

    • *takes down notes* Is that slang or average person talk? Also…how do I teach Korean people how to pronounce “Cię”… choouuww, chuuuewwww, cheeeiuuwww,…AGRH!

      • I’m not sure if this was a serious question but I’m going to answer anyway: nope, it’s not slang ;) Of course everyone will understand “ja ciebie kocham” but it has English syntax (unless we want to emphasize the subject, usually we don’t need this pronoun “I” because the verb’s form indicates the subject) and “kocham cię” sounds waaaaay more natural. As for the pronounciation of “cię” – just like “ciebie” but without the “bie” part ;)

      • oh I was about to write that….. “kocham cię” is the most common phrase used for expressing love in polish…it’s not a slang but a normal way of speaking I love you…..while “ja ciebie kocham” is kinda…hmm….unnatural? archaic? awkward? so yeah it’s better to use kocham cię instead (not that we complain about teaching polish to k-pop artist–we are super duper grateful!!)……and don’t worry about pronouncing ę…..because normally if such letter happens to be as the last one in the word you always pronounce it as usual “e” without adding any nasal effects…thats the rule…so problem is solved….. nad btw nice interview!!! hope to see more idols coming ( and speakin polish cause thats AWESOME!!)love you guys!

  198. OnigiriBunnie

    I think that K.Will is amazingly talented and versatile in both voice and style. On one had you have his catchy tunes like “Love Blossom” with its funky jazzy beat and its catchy lyrics. On the other hand you have his meaningful songs like “Love Like This” that was featured on the Cheongdamdong Alice OST. I think with his voice and talent he can tackle pretty much any style of music and make it sound great. I look forward to hearing more of his music. He certainly has the talent and drive to keep making some great songs! (my Youtube user is ezaffin)

  199. I love how smooth K.Will’s voice is, and his songs really highlight his vocal talent. Also, I think he does such an amazing job of conveying emotion through his songs, and I can’t wait to hear more from him in the future. Although I listen to a lot of different artists, there are only a few instances where I would consider buying an artist’s entire album , and K.Will is definitely one of those artists.

  200. I forgot to say the last scene with the golden spudgy was GOD, PURE GOLD!!!!
    By the way did he say something about the prize? Like where is my prize????

  201. it’s good to see you guys had fun with the introduction! I giggled a bit too much… (; And Martina, you didn’t seem sick at all! You did a good job! ^^
    And I’m shocked that K.Will doesn’t consider himself “attractive enough” for his MVs… I think he’s very handsome! And I adored his cameo in his own MV… that was weird to say, but okay.
    Thank you for the interview~

  202. The beggining was hilarious. He did a great job and it was very funny. Kwill is the best solo artist out there, period. There’s nothing he can’t sing, and he can actually rap really good as well. I saw on youtube his reditions of Fantastic baby, and Gangnam Style, and he’s really got it. Very talented, and good sense of humor. What is there not to love?

  203. Okay so what I love about kwill. This is going to be long.
    FINALLYYY HE IS GETTING THE LOVE AND ATTENTION HE DESERVES!!!!! First of all the thing that I love about kwill the most is that he is not just some pretty boy dancing with a good body. Let us ask ourselves how many of us
    would still spazz and scream over all these pretty boys if they did not look
    the way they did right now? The society has set the beauty standards so high
    that it is making it difficult for handsome guys like kwill to be considered as
    handsome! He is an amazing singer and he always comes up with something new. 이러지마 제발
    aka please don’t was shocking for everyone.
    And with having all these new bands shocking audiences and making everyone cry
    is a pretty damn hard thing to do. He has an amazing voice. I first heard his
    voice when I was watching this drama called a love to kill with rain in it,
    back in 2005. He sang this ost called “꿈” which in English would be translated to dream. His
    voice is truly amazing and he is not attracting fans with his visuals but
    singing abilities. The fact that he is not being widely recognized is very sad
    and shocking. He is my favorite singer !!!!!! He is always working hard to
    bring the best to his fans. And in my perspective we need more singers like him!
    He always make me cry with his music <3 I listen to him when I am sad, happy
    exited or any. When we listen to music we always skip songs but I have never
    skipped his songs. i would love to win this cd !!!!! k will is cute and just amazing !!!! i just love kwill so much <3

  204. why I love K.Will? BEcouse he is K.Will!!!! <3<3<3 And because he is making awesome music!<3 So Thenk you very much!!!!

    Youtube username: Alisa otaku

    P.S. OH my God! K.Will's face at minute 1:57 of part 2 "you've seen him shower?" O.0 You're the best, I tell you!!!!!

  205. K.Will seems so down to Earth, it’s great! It wasn’t forces, it actually looked like he enjoyed it. An the intro was the best!!!

  206. What’s up!!!

    How r u guys?

    You guys rock!!

    I love ur videos…

    I would like to ask u guys a question!!

    How’s life in Korea?

  207. What I like the most is the voice (kind of an obvious choice), specially that the voice goes like up-down and up (whatever that’s called…). That makes the songs so catchy ^_^ And what I usually like about groups with several members is that the combination och many different voices sounds so good, but K.Will somehow menages so well by himself. It’s impressive :D

  208. What I like about him? I like his voice. He could sing for me in every time of the day. But… the most that I like about him is his apperance. May be I have a strange predilection… If we look at him closer we can see a handsome guy with adorable smile…I think he is really mature, understanding, he can help with a lot of things, etc.I hope that I will find a boyfriend/husband like him.

  209. What I like about K.Will is he isn’t afraid to try new and interesting music video themes. His mv’s are unique and entertaining and he also seems like a really awesome guy :D

  210. Je t’aime was wonderful for us French fans! I love the interview! I couldn’t stop laughing when he discovered you were married. lol. K.Will is awesome!

  211. Thank you so so much for the K- Will interview! He is really handsome & beautiful man. I really love ballads and his voice really really nice and I adore it so much! I have to say all the songs are really good! I absolutely love his song. He never dissapoints me with his songs every time a new song comes out. The whole album is amazing! Love the Mellow beat another Successful song, love love love it :-) His fabulous voice of course. His voice is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard! I love the M/V. I adore the concept of his video! K.Will, you have the best videos to match the expressiveness of your wonderful voice. I have listened to at least one song of his everyday. K. Will… Beautiful voice, beautiful song, beautiful M/V! K.Will is the BEST!!! Everything about K. Will is just so perfect!!! He’s always amazing!!! Great job!!! ❤❤❤

  212. Although I’ve only learned about K.Will recently, I have to say that with every song I hear of his, I like him even more. I read comments where fans said he is so humble and funny, and I have to say that I totally agree! I’m sad to hear he has only just now been in one of his own music videos. That’s silly. :/ Love Blossom was amusing and enjoyable. It’s not like a lot of other K-Pop songs I’ve heard. A lot of the others sounds the same, very cookie-cutter, but K.Will’s was very refreshing in the way it was NOT the same as the others. It was totally unexpected (for me at least)! I love that K.Will is original, talented, and totally adorable! I’m glad you guys could do a K-Pop Music Monday on Love Blossom and interview him, otherwise I might not have heard of him~ K.Will 화이팅!

  213. That’s so sad that he’s not in his own videos! He’s very good-looking!

  214. My daughter who is almost 12, just loves K.Will! She was thrilled today to sit and watch this interview! Now she wants to tell you in her own words why she loves K.Will, so I’m handing her my laptop. Take it away Rachel: First of all i would love to marry K.will if i was old enough.I think K.will oppa has an amazing voice and I think he is handsome too.When I first heard I need you, I immediately fell in love.Ever since I have been a big fan of k.will oppa. So I will always support you. Saranghae K.will oppa ! Good luck on your performances.

  215. Loved the interview…K.Will is adorable as well as extremely talented.
    I think it’s a terrible shame that the *homogenous ideal beauty* of the Korean entertainment world excludes someone who is IN FACT — quite handsome. His composure/confidence and smile (AND bone-structure) all come together to make a charming, CHARMING man.
    He should be the *face* of his next video — it’s a great face. :)

  216. I love K.Will ever since I first heard his voice and it is plain fantastic how much popularity he is gained over the last two years. It was really nice to have an interview with him that we international fans can watch and it is subbed. I also found his reaction upon finding out you are married so sweet and funny.

  217. What I like most about K.Wills music, is of course, because of his superly amazing voice, and that you get a really good feeling while listening to it, and often ballady songs don’t have the kind of chorus that you can sing along with, but K.Wills songs have that :3 and he have a beautiful voice, have I said that already, well I don’t care it’s just so awesomely beautiful! LOVE It!!

  218. I don’t care what ANYONE says. K.Will is gorgeous. :D And with all do respect I think there are plenty of not-so-pretty boy artists out there but they get to be in their videos. xD I’ll continue to support him and hope he appears in his own videos. He’s so good looking ;-;

  219. I love that for a second he thought you guys had a very inappropriate work relationship! Awesome interview, he is so sweet.

  220. I always fall for the Spudgy trick… Will all the footage Spudgy being tummy-touched come out in a separate Open The Happy Special?

  221. About the interview: It. Was. Just. Amazing. He seemed very comfortable and I could see that Martina did her best (hope you feel better now!!). This was one of my favourite interviews made by Eatyourkimchi staff (I’m very biased here, but who cares? haha) I was laughing throughout the whole video… Thank you so so much ♥

    For the contest (youtube username sarmer914): K.Will is such a great person. It’s been a long time since his debut, and I’m so happy people outside of Korea know him more nowadays (probably thanks to his amazing song “Please don’t”). I just love his voice, it’s perfect for any kind of mood: if you’re happy, if you’re sad, if you’re bored: K.Will is there to make everything better! He is also such a funny and sweet guy. You can clearly see it in the interview, how he re-did the funny trailers with Simon and Martina, and how he answered all the questions (I really liked his answer for the shower songs and how he was surprised that Simon and Martina are married!). Also, he did an interview with HIMSELF for Loen En that is just hilarious. He never got to be in his own music videos until now, but he still seems to take it nicely. I hope we’ll see even more of him in the future! He’s my favourite korean solo artist, so again, I’m so happy to see him in the eatyourkimchi studio (and thanks again for picking my question!)

  222. I love how his music is different from the other Kpop that I have listened to, I really enjoy listening to his music and how I can listen to just his music and not feel like I am hearing the same songs over again, I also love that he is able to be a solo artist and keep up his great work as a solo, I also love how great he sounds when he sings, and how he is still really humble. I also love how he shares his talents with others too by helping them sing better.

  223. Fantastic interview. The intro was really funny and an excellent idea to put in before the start of the interview, its like a little intro before the actual interview. I laughed so hard when he asked if you saw Simon shower and didn’t know you two were married.

    I gotta say guys I am loving the quality of your videos, you put so much work into them and I really appreciate the little details I see each time. Keep up the good work!!!!

  224. thisisjustforfunval

    Thank you for such a wonderful video. K.Will had me smiling the whole way through. I really do love that man lol, especially his smile, you know right after his voice. I loved, loved the intro and play on his teaser. It was the most ingenious teaser I’ve seen in a long time. And OMG K.Will’s face when you mention showering with Simon was priceless. I’m still laughing about it. Thanks again guys. One day I would really love to see some of the pics that come out from the marshmallow!

  225. Admit it, you only do these interviews to be able to make photostickers with random artists! :D

  226. HE’S SO CUTE aww

    Thanks for interviewing him :D

  227. K.will’s voice is like the best thing that happened in my feelings after eating my first chocolate cake. Nuff said <3
    (username: Melina -chan)
    Whoah guys I didn't expect you to interview him, I'm a huge fan and I'm like drooling all over my keyboard (fml, unessecary info xD ) But anyway, thanks! Oh you so nastyyy~

    P.S. Could you interview any rookie groups that are becoming popular lately? Like glam or (members of) 9muses for example? pleeease~ *spudgy eyes*

  228. He looked so uncomfortable just before he realized you two were married!! *laugh* It would have never occurred to me that people didn’t know you two were married….so funny….

  229. lust him…..dang I love K.Will

  230. What do I like the most about K.Will? Well, like 15 minutes ago I liked his voice and smile the most, now I like the way he speaks “ja kocham ciebie”. Oh, it’s so nice to know that he kocha mnie :3

    yt: Arwenka92

  231. I seriously believe K.Will is really talented, I didn’t give myself the opportunity to know him until I had the chance to see him in a live music show in Korea and I was quite impressed by his voice and interpretation on stage! He made me get goosebumps and I love him since that day! I love Kpop in general but I consider him as one of the good ones among all. From Mexico :)

  232. Thank you so so much for the interview! I love K.Will!! =D

    I’ve known about K.Will for a while and I liked his music videos, but I didn’t become a super big fan of his until recently. But boy, when I fell, I fell HARD. I listened to Part 1 of this album and my mind was blown with the epic that was his voice and his music. K.Will’s voice is my favorite thing about him, it is just so beautiful and he uses it so masterfully. He is so multi-talented (he can sing, dance, rap alongside Outsider and is a fantastic vocal coach!) and wonderfully humble as well. There is not an ounce of vanity in him and I wish he knew he is loved by so many people outside of Korea =D One of the things I like best about K.Will is how passionate and amazing of a performer he is. When he sings, he takes me with him. He brings to life the emotions in his music with his voice and you can see how much he loves what he does. Passion like that is something to be respected and admired and my dream is to see him in concert. But a signed CD of his that I could listen to everyday in the car would also be amazing <3

    Thank you Simon and Martina for giving us international fans a chance to see K.Will and to show how much we all love him and how much support he has! Best wishes for this round of promotions and all other future endeavors of his =D

    My youtube account is the same as my name here: missdancingfool.

  233. For the contest: his music! his voice has a really different sound to it. as was said, he stays relevant amidst the younger idol groups and artists despite being older in age and a solo artist. also mentioned was how his music videos are really different. not only do they have a clear plot, the little twists and funnies make them stand out that much more. :’) plus his personality is really likeable! i loved how he joked a bit about not appearing in his videos, then being assassinated when he finally does. also the part when he realises you two were married haha

  234. omg i laughed so hard at the singing in the shower part. so glad i am not watching this later at night.

  235. At 3:02 in part one, spudgy is stalking K.Will. I see you there spudgy, i see you…

  236. haha love his realization moment of you two being a married couple – you can’t fake funny moments like that!

  237. PunkyPrincess92

    hehe loved the intro!!!

    hahahaha aaaawwww i was laughing so much when he was talking about appearing in the video and dying a second later!!! aaawww!!!

    BWAHAHAHAHAHHAHA he just realised you guys are married!!!!!!!!!

  238. I enjoyed the interview, but I think that Martina’s (lack??) of energy wasn’t too obvious.

    Perhaps it’s due partially to the language barrier, but K.Will seems to be more serene (vs. e.g. MFBTY) and the interview went very swimmingly.

    I look forward to your interviews more than anything! (except maybe WANKs or FAPFAPs for the nomz)

  239. Lol! Martina channeling her inner Smegal. Oh yeah. Suuuuureeeee you were giving K. Will his Golden Spudgy Award.

  240. the intro and the ending :’D the perfection of them is just beautiful

  241. Woah, Martina! Didn’t notice that you’ve been sick at all! (Read the post afterwards) I laughed out loud so much because of you! What a tough Lady you are, damn Simon! You’re lucky! :D

  242. Gabriel Shallsaur Enlightened

    Thank you for the hard work…
    Yea… I’ve done subbing myself and it definitely takes huge loads of time…
    Not to say u need to cut and edit the video too…
    Definitely a really speedy but good job if u ask me.

  243. Does Soo Zee translate for you guys?

  244. That intro…OMFG… I’m dying

  245. the intro was freaking perfect!! xD

  246. Jay park next right?! Please try get hold of Jay Park!

  247. Yeah!! Thanks for all your hard work!

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