The Eat Your Kimchi Awards came out at the beginning of January, and we’re really quite happy with them. We put a lot of work into setting up the awards, the Epik Nasties put in tons of hours in setting them up as well, and after we filmed for nearly three days and edited for two, we put up something we really liked. We’re happy to say that some of the winners of the EYKAs were happy as well. U-Kiss won the Best Male Band of 2012 award, to which Kevin Tweeted

To top that, though, we actually got a video from K.Will thanking you all for voting in “Please Don’t” as well. AMAZING! K.Will’s video definitely deserved it. If you haven’t seen the awesomeness of that video yet, check it out here:


It would have been great to have K.Will stop by the studio, but everyone’s got such busy schedules lately, and we also let his label know pretty late (OUR BAD!). We’re happy, though, that K.Will was happy with winning the award. Woohoo! Also, make sure to vote in his next music video when it comes out, and we might just have him in the studio to talk about the video. OR, even better, we’d love to have him act in a skit with us. OOOH that’d be awesome.

More importantly, we’re just happy that artists and labels are paying attention to our Kpop Music Mondays and to what you guise are interested in. That video got a lot of support from you. Starship Entertainment – which is also the label for Sistar whom we interviewed a while ago as well – sees that you liked the video a lot, and are getting a better idea of what the international crowds are interested in. Thanks guise!

Anyhow, the video’s awesome and the song’s awesome as well. Make sure you check out the album on iTunes or pick it up at YesAsia. And hopefully we can see K.Will in the Eatyourkimchi Nasty studio when his next video comes out! Woohoo! K.Will’s will be checking out this video as well, so make sure you give him your support in the comments, because – really – that video was pretty damned awesome, and such a fresh idea for a Kpop video.

  1. K.will I have never seen this type video in the states. I just want to say Thankyou, smart and clever video! Thanks EYK for showing it. It’s like real life awesome. Will be listening out for K.will in the future. FIGHTING!

  2. Oh god I totally cried when I saw that it was the guy it makes it twice as sad I know how he feels ;~;

  3. It was like music to my ears when he said “And I would be grateful if my song could be reviewed for KPop Music Monday one day.” <— How freakin' awesome is that?! :D

  4. OMG! That was awesome!! Just wanted to thank you guys for making it easier for international fans to show their love to Korean artists! And thank you, K.Will, for being simply AMAZING!! :) The video was great, the song was beautiful, and the fact you sent a video response was super awesome! Thank you!!

  5. Oh ma Gawd… Do you realize… that K-WILL IS A NASTY TOO (maybe) ?

  6. Hopefully this year you guys can make a couple of Golden Spudgies to give out to the winners.

  7. Do you think you guys can ever review “Please Don’t?” I’ve been wanting a music monday for it ever since it came out C:
    PLEEEAAAASE review it? Or do two in one week so you can fit in the one that got voted in too?

  8. This is sooo feakin’ awesome! I am sooo looking forward to the 2nd part of his album, and of course, his visit to the EYK-Studio!!! ; D

  9. This is really awesome! It’s so cool to see Kpop artists responding to what you guys do, and to see the success of eatyourkimchi! Your studio is really exciting, too! It came out so cool~

    edit: it’s also really cool because it shows that the Kpop artists care about their fans! That’s always cool :)

  10. Haha my phone works okay!!!! and again, thanks for finding my phone!!!!!!

  11. i love the plot of this song! I didn’t expect the ending but this is a great song!!

  12. WAAAAAAAAAHHHH K.Will Oppa, kamsahabnida :D Such a nice thing to know he pays close attention to these kind of things :D HWAITING! <3

  13. Why is it that whenever I listen to K.Will speak, I just can’t stop cheesin? He really speaks well. Anyways, as a huge fan, of course I will continue to support him and vote in his videos for KMM. This was a nice way to start out my day.

  14. Am I the only one that wanted to jump into my screen and hug the daylights out of him? K.Will, this video is the reason you are my ideal type……I’m gonna be honest. I was squealing the whole time…^^

  15. K.Wills Please Don’t was easily one of the best music videos of 2012 and well deserved this award.

  16. for the next K.Will video, I’m going to vote like crazy ! ^-^

  17. just bought this awesome song and supporting k.will. it sounds biased but any korean singer/band that recognizes eatyourkimchi gets immediate support from me :)

  18. Thanks for posting his video. Love to see his graciousness in acceptance.

  19. OMG hahaha i just watched the video NO WONDER THIS WON BEST PLOT. UGH SO GOOD. i was trying to guess what the ‘twist’ was and it never really occurred to me until the end. MANNNNNNN

  20. before i use to know about K.Will but never like looked or listened to any of his songs. and one day i herd this song on the radio and i thought his voice was so beautiful and i fell in love with his voice and music even though usually i would have to see like the mv or their face to make me like the songs but. oh my gosh his voice is so beautiful :)

  21. This made me so absolutely happy!!!! I also freaked out at Kevin’s tweet! XD I’ll definetely vote for K.Will’s next song!

  22. i teared when i saw that video from K.Will it was epic.

  23. AHHHH!! THIS IS SO AWESOME… you guys are legit :D Seriously though, when you guys get kpop celebrities to come to the studio, I really want to know what they think of it.

  24. OMG normally in a music video, i can feel the seconds tick by freakishly slowly, but i barely felt that in this video. It was awesome!! it was like a drama rolled into 3 minutes. I wish i had heard of this earlier.

  25. K.Will fighting *o/*
    Love you!!
    from Canada!

  26. FAOISDJHASO:IFHOIHA!!!!! OMG does this mean you guys will interview him soon?!!! I spazzed, gawd. He is comign to LA and I wont be able to go!! :0 Goddamnit! – Btw, im glad he reads the reviews!! (could be he is being nice) but who cares!! :0

    K.WILL SARANGHAE!!!! <3 I cant wait for the second part of his album! <3 <3 <3

  27. Waaaaaait. I just watched the music video. What just happened?!! So many feels at once!
    Anyway, I don’t really listen to his music but it’s great that he saw that. Really cool actually. :D

  28. Wow! It’s great to see an acceptance video for the EYKAs, it shows that more and more artists know EYK :D
    I know K.Will thanks to EYK and apparently he not only has some great voice but also is a nice guy :) The plot in “Please Don’t” video was really outstanding and props to Seo In Guk, I loved his acting, it made the video even more moving.

  29. KYYAAA SO COOL. This made my day. and Kevin’s tweet is super adorable^^^^ :3 K.Will is seriously amazing, I can’t believe he actually did this, I bet his next video will now definitely get a music monday no matter what haha Nasties will be like: must vote for K.Will, fellow nasty, he recognised us keke :P Which I’m extremely happy about because I love K.will!!!! His voice is…awfbdiabflq. Wow, more and more Korean artists are realising the power of EYK! Maybe in a few years Simon and Martina will have their own TV show with weekly interview haha. That would be awesome :)

  30. Hey fellow Nasties! We should all vote for Eatyourkimchi for the WebShow Shorty Award! They really deserve it! :D shortyawards(DOT)com/category/webshow

    Please help spread the word! They are in 14th place!

  31. Awwwww!!! It’s so cute that he tought about doing a video to thank us!
    Of course, I felt happy when he won, but as i saw his thanks you video, i
    felt really touched, because all that support, all those votes weren’t
    in vain :P it’s really cool that kpop artists recognize our
    international support (ukiss too!!!) =D ( big thanks to simon and martina) we love you
    guys!!! =)

  32. oh my goodness!! What a humble and wonderful acceptance! How wonderful that he took time (allbeit about 10 or 15 minutes) to tape his excitement. It’s so great EYK is getting so much attention these days!
    On a side note, I showed this MV to a few non-kpop fans, and they were in love with (at least) the video. (:

  33. wow that’s awesome that he made a video! i really really like the song, it’s catchy, and his voice omg! the mv is something special ^^ it makes me happy they went this way.

  34. GAH this made me love K.Will even more!!! He is so sweet and sincere! :D It was seriously a great music video too!

  35. I forgot that I liked that song. I totally went and bought it on Itunes now. :)

  36. k.will’s video is a combination of an AMAZING song with an awesome music video. he’s a great singer and should be more recognized for his work. let’s all vote on k.will’s next song for Music Monday!!

  37. And a tweet from Kevin?! This is effing rad!! Even the K-pop stars love eyk :) Simon and Martina you two are just fantastic!

  38. aaaaaaaaawwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!! that left me smiling so much!!!!!!!!

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