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K.Will’s Thank You Speech

January 8, 2013


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The Eat Your Kimchi Awards came out at the beginning of January, and we’re really quite happy with them. We put a lot of work into setting up the awards, the Epik Nasties put in tons of hours in setting them up as well, and after we filmed for nearly three days and edited for two, we put up something we really liked. We’re happy to say that some of the winners of the EYKAs were happy as well. U-Kiss won the Best Male Band of 2012 award, to which Kevin Tweeted

To top that, though, we actually got a video from K.Will thanking you all for voting in “Please Don’t” as well. AMAZING! K.Will’s video definitely deserved it. If you haven’t seen the awesomeness of that video yet, check it out here:

It would have been great to have K.Will stop by the studio, but everyone’s got such busy schedules lately, and we also let his label know pretty late (OUR BAD!). We’re happy, though, that K.Will was happy with winning the award. Woohoo! Also, make sure to vote in his next music video when it comes out, and we might just have him in the studio to talk about the video. OR, even better, we’d love to have him act in a skit with us. OOOH that’d be awesome.

More importantly, we’re just happy that artists and labels are paying attention to our Kpop Music Mondays and to what you guise are interested in. That video got a lot of support from you. Starship Entertainment – which is also the label for Sistar whom we interviewed a while ago as well – sees that you liked the video a lot, and are getting a better idea of what the international crowds are interested in. Thanks guise!

Anyhow, the video’s awesome and the song’s awesome as well. Make sure you check out the album on iTunes or pick it up at YesAsia. And hopefully we can see K.Will in the Eatyourkimchi Nasty studio when his next video comes out! Woohoo! K.Will’s will be checking out this video as well, so make sure you give him your support in the comments, because – really – that video was pretty damned awesome, and such a fresh idea for a Kpop video.



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