AWW HELL! YouTube did it again! We did what we were told to do, and it still died. But we noticed that it died at the 30 minute mark or so, which is roughly where our last LiveChat died as well. I’m thinking this is a new bug YouTube has, maybe?

BUT WE WON’T BE DETERRED! We decided to keep on filming, but we couldn’t do it live, unfortunately. We just didn’t edit it. WE MUST OPEN THE PACKAGE! ARGH!

So, we filmed this on our camera and uploaded it as its own video.  We’d feel terrible if we didn’t open the rest of the package, and we’re so upset that YouTube keeps on crapping out on us.  Ah!  We’re really sorry, guise. So, here’s part 2!


We’re actually thinking that, hey, maybe we should do this with the rest of the packages before we go back to Canada.  We’re going to be gone from the 18th of December to the 10th of January, and then we’ll be heading somewhere else in January, so we won’t be filming anything proper in the studio until February.  That’d kinda suck to leave the boxes there for so long.  Why don’t we film a bunch of separate videos for each box?  By February, YouTube should have its LiveStream stuff settled, no?  But, wait – I’m sure we’ll do a LiveStream in Canada, won’t we?  Or can the internet handle it?  I’m not sure!  Ah!  We haven’t planned much for Canada apart from a few random videos we had in mind.  Hmm.

Thanks to Ken and Paula for the awesome package.  It was a lot of fun, and felt like Christmas with us opening a lot of different toys.  That whirly balloon stick is utterly mesmerizing.  And the ziplock bags!  SO EPIC!  Though they weren’t the main point of the package, WOW!

Ok, back to work for us!  We’ve got a lot we want to film before Canada, so we’re getting back to it.  It’s our Last weekend with Leigh and Soo Zee, so we’ve got to get as much done with them as possible while we still can.  GOGOGO!

  1. When it started meowing, I was like,” MAKE IT STOP, MAKE IT STOOOOOOOOOOOOP”!!!!!!!! Poor kitty.

  2. (Rardnas = Sandra R) Your welcome…! :) The first candy you ate was nature candy (directly transalted)! Glad you liked it!!!! Its fun to se you open up the package and makes me happy!! :D Next time I will try to send you even more!! :))

  3. i never watch your livestreams live anyways, so i think it would be nice if you just filmed the opening of the packages without necessarily being live and uploading them after. i always enjoy watching them even if it’s not live, so i’m sure other people would too!

  4. Really glad you guys continued filming the opening of the second package. It was a bit like seeing you guys on Christmas morning and that last goodie back was like the Christmas stocking. I about died of laughter seeing Soo Zee play with the paddle ball but kept hoping someone would help her out before she broke something XD Have a very safe trip guys. Very curious what your after vacation trip will be hmmmmm. Enjoy a wonderful Christmas in Canada with your families!

  5. I love that Simon started making cat noises and then the sharpener actually made noise. His face was epic.

  6. That package was an epic package to end all packages. Amazing slice of Texan America.
    There’s also several meeting streaming options as well, we used to use them at a company I worked for back in the day.

  7. I don’t think all the Nasties would mind if you just filmed opening the packages like you did today for part 2. That way they won’t have to wait so long to see you open them. Also, you can get caught up on all of them.

    That cat sharpener was awesome! I nearly died with laughter. The whole package was amazing!

  8. It would probably be fine if you opened the packages and then posted a video or photos of that. Though a video would be more interesting because we can see your reactions to it. Who knows maybe some of those packages have some treats that need to be eaten soon!

    By the way Martina Puppy Chow is soooo good! Leigh’s reaction was great! :P

  9. Having mail openings under the Open The Happy banner does seem like a natural fit. It does suck when you can’t do live openings, but doing them pre-recorded does give you opportunities to do the opening in unusual locations, have EYK characters turn up (more Fan Man please!) so something good can come out of the live YouTube suckage.

  10. Haha that would definitely freak people out!! But you would probably get some funny looks too :p
    Have you seen the towel holder version of the same thing? I think Simon and Martina definitely need some of these too now they have the pencil sharpener!

  11. Haha that would definitely freak some people out, although you may get some questionable looks as well :p
    Have you seen the towel holder version too?? I feel Simon and Martina need a few of these too now to go with the pencil sharpener :D

  12. Wow those were two really amazing packages!!

    It’s so annoying that youtube keeps freezing and dying but I think they must be having a laugh when they told you it’s because you are trying to do it in high quality…. youtube live streams lots of events like awards shows and concerts, I watched one once and it was really high quality with absolutely no lagging or dying! That is a poor excuse for them to give you.

    On the flipside though, I enjoyed the part 2 video just as much if not more than part 1. It was nice to see you just opening the package and not having to worry about whether you were freezing, it definitely flowed a lot better. Although I completely understand why people like seeing the packages being opened live I think you recording yourselves is definitely a viable option as well…. for example I have sent you a really small package and would be totally fine with you recording opening it rather than doing it live. Maybe it could be an option, people could indicate on their package or in an email whether they would like to see it in a livechat or a recording and that could help you get through all the packages quicker?? I don’t know >.<

    Anyhoo… I hope you guys have a great time in Canada (not long to go!!) and a wonderful Christmas and New Year!~~~~ ^^

  13. Hey guys I won’t mind if you open my package and just make a video about it. You should have it by now cause I sent it in October. It’s the grey box with a lot of hello kitty stickers. Hope you can open it before you go cause the food will be spoilt if it is going to take much longer.

  14. The package on the live chat part 2 was hilarious ! How do people find stuff like that?

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