Let us just say, this day was one of the most frustrating taping days of our lives! Really quickly, so this doesn’t seem like a complaint fest: we were supposed to go WANKing. We brought all of our camera and audio gear, took a taxi into Hongdae, and started filming. Boom! It was great. Then, all of a sudden, all of our batteries died. Just…poof! The weird thing about it: we charged them overnight. HOW COULD THEY HAVE DIED? To try to save the day, I (Simon here) took a taxi to the Canon shop to try to buy some extra batteries for the camera. Well, whaddayaknow: the shop shut down. ARRGGHH!

So, we went home with our tails tucked between our legs, and thought that the universe was giving us a sign to not film that WANK. We were so grumpy! What were we going to do? Well, we did one of our favourite things to do to make us feel better at the end of a night: go out for Samgyeopsal and Soju! And so, we figured, why not show you what our favourite Samgyeopsal place is like? Two birds with one stone! Yes, it’s not a WANK, but it’s a FAPFAP, and we kinda sorta did a WANK last week. So this fits!

Now, for those of you who have never seen Korean barbecue before, I’m worried that this video isn’t really the BEST representation of what the experience is like. See, we go to this place often. Like, all the time, because it’s open until 4am, so no matter when we’re hungry or up late editing, we go here. So the staff knows us very well. They know what we usually order, they know what we like, they even remembered not to bring us any rice because we don’t eat rice anymore, even though we were in Canada for a month. YES I KNOW IT’S WEIRD NOT TO EAT RICE IN KOREA! We went to the wrong continent for us NOT to eat rice. But it’s part of our diet right now. Nothing white, essentially, apart from cauliflower…and heavy cream…and marshmallows…wait, that last one wasn’t right.

Anyhow, our diet isn’t the point: the point is, since the staff here knows us so well, we didn’t really get a chance to set up our cameras and to order properly on camera. I’m sure they were really confused when they saw us come in with our camera gear, but that didn’t stop them much from walking right up while we were in the middle of setting up and taking our orders. Ha! You know, I don’t even think they know what it is our jobs actually are. They asked us if we were teachers before, to which we said no, and tried to explain that we’re bloggers, but PFFFF that didn’t work. We can barely explain what we do to people in ENGLISH: we’ve got no chance of explaining it in Korean.

Long story short: we were rushed, and if you order food it’s probably going to take a bit more effort than what we just showed you. We’ve got the menu memorized, while you might hmmm and hmmmhaahhhmmm for a while, but really, Korean waitress and waiters don’t really expect you to hrrrrm and humm, most shops will either bring you ONE single menu (no matter how many people are at the table) or no menu at all (since it’s on the wall) and right away be like, “what would you like” even if you JUST sat down. It’s a “quick quick” culture! But we don’t mess around when it comes to ordering meat. MEAT! Oh: in the middle of filming this as well we realized that we were supposed to do a vegetarian FAPFAP, but totally forgot about it. Sorry to you vegetarians! We will do Korean Vegetarian food one of these days! I SWEAR!

If you haven’t had Samgyeopsal before, the best way to describe it is MEGA BACON that hasn’t been smoked. Think of it this way: Bacon is to Samgyeopsal the way Bruce Banner is to the Hulk. The former is scraggly, weak, insipid; the latter, MEGA HUGE MANLY OVERWHELMINGNESS. Yeah. That’s a fair analogy. I’ve never seen Samgyeopsal prepared the same way bacon is prepared, as I’ve only seen Samgyeopsal prepared over a grill and a live fire in Korean restaurants. I can’t imagine what the equivalent of Bacon and Eggs would be. Maybe Samgyeopsal and Ostrich eggs? Do people eat Ostrich eggs? I don’t want to Google that…

Soju, on the other hand, is not nearly as enjoyable as Samgyeopsal is, though it seems kind of tradition to pair the two, like…like what? Is there any food that you have to pair with an alcoholic drink? Chicken and beer? I’m sure there’s an equivalent out there. Help me out, readers! Problem is, Soju doesn’t really taste good. It’s super effective, in that it has a high alcohol percentage, but I haven’t met a single human on this earth who drinks Soju because they fancy the taste. I’d imagine it’s what cleaning chemicals taste like, if you were to distil them. Windex, probably. Or nail polish remover. But Martina has learned to make a pretty awesome Strawberry soju…this must wait until another video. Oh and BTW, we didn’t actually end up drinking that soju (due to tiredness) or the cola (because of our diet) but doesn’t it seem like Simon is really really drunk in this video? I (Martina) edited the video and as I watched Simon talk to camera I was like, “Geeeezzzz Simon looks really drunk…but we didn’t drink anything before the video! Hahahaha!” I chalk it up to jet lag. It takes a day for every hour of time difference to recover, so we’re looking at 14 hours = 2 weeks. We are on day 10 or so. *falls asleep abruptly* HUUZAHH! *wakes up abruptly* I’m hungry….

Ah! That’s enough rambling for now. Hope you liked our video, and hopefully when you come to Korea you can enjoy the awesomeness of Samgyeopsal and Soju together, outside on the patio of a restaurant, on a warm summer’s night…

…though, seriously: WTF was everyone doing up on a Wednesday night at 1:30 AM?!?! Don’t they have to work the next day?!?!

Lastly, we’ve got some bloopers, and we were supposed to include some of the extra tips we recorded in those bloopers, like different games to play with Soju, but something went off with the mics, and we sounded like robots. You can notice it starting during Simon’s cola + soju tutorial. WAIT! MAYBE IT’S THE SAME THING THAT KILLED OUR BATTERIES IN HONGDAE!!! Are we being haunted?!! DA DA DAAAA!!!!!


  1. thank god there’s directions this is Def on the list of places to visit when we hit Korea up in September

  2. By the way that samgyeopsal does not taste the best. That is just your opinion and your making it sound like a fact. You are fat and ugly and you are not even pretty. You do not deserve Lee Hyori’s make-up artist to do yours. Also you say you dieted but truthfully you look like a pile of Sh*t. Also you are a DISGRACE to ALL of NORTH KOREA and SOUTH KOREA! Just stop uploading on Youtube! By the way it is called go to Korea yourself. F*** off!!!!!!

  3. OMG! This place was AWESOME!!! Thanks Simon and Martina! It was worth the venture out there from where we are staying (Gangnam). We have been eating at several different Samgyeopsal places, and this one by far had the thickest slices, and easily melted in your mouth! For those visiting Seoul, Google Maps hasn’t updated Line 7, and I was having the hardest time trying to find how to get to that part of Bucheon. Line 7 now goes through Bucheon. Take Line 7 to the Sinjung-dong exit. I didn’t catch which exit # it was, because I overshot and went to the City Hall exit, and had some walking to do. When you exit the train, you should see signs for the Lotte Department Store. Follow them, and it will dump you into the Food Court of Lotte. Walk through the Food Court (follow the signs for the “Way Out” from the subway). Eventually, you’ll get to escalators that will take you to the street level. When you walk out those doors, you will be facing the “street” you need to walk down, passing the McDonalds on the right (the one Simon/Martina mentioned above). Keep walking about halfway of this block, and on your right, you will notice the place because it’s 2 to 3 times wider than most the other places… has large windows, and if you look inside to the back, it has a patio. The tables (as shown in the video) have the rectangular openings for the grill, as opposed to the round ones everyone else has. These rectangular ones grill Samgyeopsal much better, because they fit! Happy hunting!!

  4. Hey Simon, I thought you were going to make your version of one of those Soju commercials?

  5. may i know where is this restaurant? Is it in hongdae? Cuz i’m planning to bring my family to this restaurant^^

  6. this is my favorite bow you’ve ever worn, martina. it looks so cute with your hair! haha, i love how my comments are always about martina’s fashion. XD

  7. What kind of diet are you on?

  8. Bratwurst and beer! It was the only combo I could think of since I don’t drink alcohol. …at least not yet. I’m going to be studying abroad in Japan for a year starting in September, so I may be an alcoholic by the time I get back. Probably not, but who knows~!

  9. Hello Sartina and Mimon! when you order soju in restaurants in Korea, do you get to choose your own soju brand? and whats the soju brand in the video? Thanks!

  10. my aunt made samgyeopsal for me! i love the sesame leave wraps and the meat. its DELICIOUS!! omnomnomnomnom

  11. Do/did you guys ever feel awkward while this is cooking on your grill? My boyfriend and I had it once and we weren’t quite sure what to do… do you wait for your waiter to cook the stuff for you (I am guessing no, although when a waiter came around he would flip some for us). I dunno, maybe it’s just us that is awkward but I feel weird having someone cook at my table :p

  12. its funny cause as a kid growing up my parents used to describe samgyeopsal to me as korean bacon. I wouldnt touch it though because it looked so gross to me. It turned out to be my favorite type of korean meat when I got older though! Before I turned vegetarian, Also, yes soju is gross. Its delicious the first week you drink it, and then its just disgusting. ew.

  13. What is your diet? Are you playing with the paleo?

  14. Haha. I feel like eating some now, but i’m not in Korea :'(

  15. Future WANK suggestion: one of those summer rock festivals. Jisan Valley and Pentaport are two I can name top of my head.

  16. Love it. But please, I like seeing you guys cook your own Korean food… another installment of Korean ramen or something. I like your FAPs and WANKs, but come on — I want to see you guys cook in your new kitchen!

  17. SIMON!!! I have your shirt! ;D
    you have good taste…

  18. you guys should do a video on alcohol, i mean i cant be the only one curious about the different choice, and how to drink them, and the prices, and so on

  19. it looked kinda disgusting… >.<… I'm vegetarian by the way, but meat usually don't look disgusting to me… curious. anyway, please do the vegetarian fapfap :D looking foward to it ^-^

  20. So…you say soju tastes kinda like poison (lol) what do you think makgeolli tastes like?

  21. Hi! You guys are looking HOT! :P

    I’ve been thinking that you looked like you were losing weight!

    My colleagues and I have been on a health kick. Between us we’ve each
    lost at least 2 stone! Here’s a good Youtube video for exercise, once
    you get past the instructor who likes to work out without a

    Anyway, looking good and keep it up!

    FAPFAP forever!

  22. I just bought 처음처럼 soju from the korean market so I could be like rooftop prince & chase my shot with whipped cream! But I’m so going to try that coke shot! Food looks yummy! Now I know how to eat that a kbbq restaurant

  23. I’ve got a question here, i realized that u guys put the kimchi to barbecue..and i did saw my korean friend doing that also.. what’s the purpose of doing it? is it because u want to make the kimchi more…crispy? :D

    • Cooking the kimchi mellows it a bit. When I cook kimchi for kimchi fried rice or kimchi jigae it seems to get sweeter, a little less salty, and a little less spicy. Try it, it is yummy cooked!

  24. Loved this weeks fapfap/wank. Just wondering where exactly that restaurant was. I definitely wanna check it when im in korea. Is it in hongdae? Thanks.

  25. This samgyeopsal looks so yummy!!! and I would love to taste that awful alcohol XD
    “it seems kind of tradition to pair the two, like…” like cheese and red wine, like foie gras and sweet white wine!… Guess where I am from ^^

  26. If you find anything really delicious to eat that has apples in it, you can call it FAPFAPFAP- FOOD ADVENTURE PROGRAM FOR AWESOME PEOPLE FEATURING APPLE PRODUCTS!

  27. hello!
    I’ am Korean and i’ve been in korea for a long time now
    i have noticed that in your samgyeopsal and sojo video that you guys told us viewers that we dip the meat in plain salt.. haha
    most people add sesame oil to the salt
    i actually haven’t seen anyone who just dips it in plain salt
    i was just curious if you guys knew that or not

  28. In Maryland it’s very common to drink beer when you eat steamed crabs. Otherwise I don’t know any alcohol food must combo’s.

  29. QUESTION!Totally unrelated, but I was just wondering if there’s any truth behind the rumors and jokes that K-pop idols don’t make a lot of money. I’m just wondering why and if it depends on the company they work for. Companies like SM Ent. seem to have a negative reputation concerning things like this while YG Ent. seems to have a positive image in this sort of thing. Why?

  30. I bought an Eat Your Kimchi shirt a while back. I realized while watching this…I’m wearing it lol. I felt a little ridiculous there for a second :/

  31. Holy frick-a-frack but I want some of that magical stuff. *sigh* Thanks for this awesome FapFap, you guise–I actually did catch this when you first uploaded it, but wisely did not watch until I finished lunch today, because I knew it would make me hungry. Well, I’m full–but I still want Samgyeopsal. LOL

    Edited to add: OMG LOVE that last bit in your bloopers: Tu-weny Wan! :D

  32. I live in Koreatown Los Angeles and we have a few samgyeopsal restaurants. AND IT IS GLORIOUS. Granted, KBBQs also include it, but there’s a handful that specialize in just the porky goodness.

    I like it so much, I just buy it at the korean market and make it at home.

  33. Hey Guys!! The cartilage is a sign that the sam gyup sal is fresh and is 100% sam gyup sal… The bone is an identification that it is real.. If it does not have the cartilage then….. you should be suspisous…

  34. Love your fapfaps!! This looks so delicious. Wish there was something similar here. You guise make an awesome quality and variety of videos. Thank you!!

  35. gah I’m so scared to go to Korea! i wont be able to eat, as I wont be able to order food lol and is soju like sake ? cause i like the cloudy sake is soju the same?

  36. Hmmm, I don’t really like pork but I’m willing to try it since you two make it look yummy as a lettuce wrap. And as for the equivalent of alcohol and food combo, isn’t wine and cheese a thing? (:

  37. And is it just me or does simon have massive eye circles? i thought he got hit or something lol

  38. I have that exact same PAC-MAN nom nom nom shirt! except mine is a bit worn out from constant wearing…i only could get it in man sizes though :( they should have woman sizes…

  39. there is a diner near my house that sells ostrich burgers rofl i never tried it though.

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