So I felt really inspired by Lee Hi’s makeup in her music video for “Rose“.

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There is something about that dreamy orangey/pinky panda eye look that I can’t quite pinpoint. It makes you look like a blushing natural beauty yet it’s still obvious that you’re wearing a strong eye colour, so I don’t get how those two things come together. I feel like, if I was a unicorn and I was turned into a human, that’s the kind of makeup I’d be wearing with perhaps a touch more glitter. Although, I admit I did sneak a little glitter into this tutorial in the form of light glitter cream. Cause…I love glitter. Oh oh! I recently bought a glitter glue last time I was in Canada that helps keep loose glitter adhered to your face longer than five seconds (don’t you hate when you use glitter and it ends up on your nose, cheeks, and chin but nothing on your eyes) and if I would have added anything to this video, it would be the addition of a fine iridescent glitter under your lower lashes before applying mascara, but it would require glitter glue first. I have two favourite glitters, one is Etude House Tear Drop Glitter Powder which is really fine and one by Make-Up Forever which is a little bit more defined but still not chunky. I posted photos below.


Makeupforever 303holodiam001

I own both the glitters shown above, but I also have a whitish-blue one and a gold one from Make Up Forever and a pinky-white one from Etude House. I think they would all work great! GREAT I SAY!!! MOR GLITTAR! MORE I SAY! I’m sure as the spring arrives you’ll see more glitter appearing in my videos. What I also love about this look is that you can honestly use it as an everyday look. Some makeup looks are really best suited for nighttime, a party, or a fancy dinner but this look is great for anything. It also looks really springy and fresh, but if you want it to look more intensely doll, I suggest the addition of circle lenses, as per Kpop tradition. Lee Hi’s contact lenses were intense in this video, and that dark purple look while she was speaking made her look like a vamprie from Twilight.

Anyhoo, if you haven’t watched the tutorial yet, I really struggled with trying to come up with a name for this look. Unicorn peachy look? Cherry blossom ballerina eyes? I just don’t know. Please help me out and please post pics if you feel inspired to try this look out! I think I’m going to try and set a new goal for myself, which is to copy the makeup look in the music monday video we review, whether it’s a boy or girl group, and then if you guise like the look I can do a makeup tutorial! What do you think? Let me know! Martina outtie.

But not really, my bellybutton is an innie.

  1. “What are you called…. ‘made in Germany’
    … Whatever. It’s pink!” XDD

  2. “Unicorn Drunk on Champagne” is a work of genius!

  3. what make up care package is martina talking about? i wanna buy it :'(

  4. Yes more makeup tutorials! I’m curious to see how the makeup looks male idols have on in videos would look on Martina. :)

  5. I know for eyeshadow bases, Urban Decay’s primer is the best thing….EVAR. I’ve had days where I walk in the rain, sweat, cry, rubbed my eyes, everything that ruins makeup, and it’s still looked perfect. You can get it here at Sephora. http://goo.gl/MxbKu

  6. Can you please leave the names of all the products in the comments? I didn’t quite catch the name of your enormous palate that you used and is clearly awesome!

  7. i want a make up care package.. how do i get :)

  8. While I really love the idea of you imitating the make-up from the video for KMM and possibly doing a tutorial, isn’t it more fun if you say “Maybe I’ll do it” and then people would have fun looking and guessing and be surprised if there is a bonus video (like this time), rather than to put more expectations/work on yourself?

  9. I love “Unicorn Drunk on Champagne”!!! But maybe something lighter than champagne, because champagne makes me think it’s a look with darker colors. Maybe something more like “Unicorn Drunk on Apple Wine” or “Orange sangria” … or “Unicorn Drunk on Orange Sherbet” (because you can totally get drunk from eating orange sherbet “”>.> You can probably tell I’m enjoying this too much)

  10. Martina, your make-up tutorials are one of a kind!

  11. I never knew what Ouran Host Club was till you talked about it last live chat. Two days later i have watched all of it and the manga. LMAO.

  12. I’d name it “Cherry Blossom Sprinkle” or “Unicorn Delight” (LMAO that one sounds like a food xD)
    And it would be AMAZING if you did a tutorial for every KMM ^o^ YAY~~~~~

  13. Love the idea of recreating the Kpop music monday makeup look!!! Brilliant. Maybe do a quick Open the Happy tutorial as you’re applying it?? Thanks for every makeup video you make!!

  14. MARTINA MARTINA!! SUGGESTION HERE!! heh. try out the NYX jumbo eye pencil in the color milk! its GREAT as a matte white base for making your colors pop more! plus – its super cheap and excellent quality! warning though – if u use it and like it, buy like 2 at a time cuz ull be using it AALLLL the time~~ and it sells out a lot! (they have other lovely colors too!! i think the color strawberry milk would look great on you too!) i hope you see this!

  15. SIMON! Please do post videos of you playing games, I watch tons of Youtube channels devoted to play-throughs of different games, like Diablo III, Starcraft, Assassin’s Creed. I love watching new games and particularly questing. There is an audience out there! ForceSC2strategy is one of the most popular but I like some of the smaller channels myself. Anyways I read the youtube description and thought I’d let you know. Also I play Settlers of Catan online too and sometimes just watch games. Usually the commentary is what makes watching games on youtube really fun… ah the death rage!

    • I recently watched Simon’s Starcraft 2 video – laughed so so hard, you should totally do it!

    • Ryan, I’m sorry because you would probably look pretty cute in the Lee Hi make-up but I am rolling on the floor laughing my @ss off even thinking of the possibility – another scenario like that guy in the “Love Actually” by Sunny Hill and DayBreak video where you put on the makeup to impress a make-up artist. Okay, now I’m crying I’m laughing so hard, I’m really sorry………

      Cyber_3 – couldn’t help picturing it since you replied in this thread – please forgive me!

  16. I will vote for Orange extravaganza because orange is the theme of this….

  17. Love the waterfall braids! My sister taught me after seeing it on YouTube. Every time I wear it I get lots of compliments! Martina should put her spin on it!

  18. I agree! I think if Simon loses on the next WANK, his punishment should be to model for the next makeup tutorial!!
    Who’s with me on this? Guise? Anyone?

  19. Can you do a tutorial on the


    hair you did on the toast video??? (Not delicious toast T_T)


  20. You guys are really doubling down on Lee Hi, huh?

  21. I’d personally call it Twinkle Blossom Unicorn Field. Or Fairy Field, for the alliteration. Actually, I prefer Fairy Field. Twinkle Blossom Fairy Field.

    (Also, Simon, I would totally watch you play games. I like watching people play games because I don’t have money for games. I live vicariously.)

  22. I love this look! I wonder what other artists will inspire you next?

    As for the name, what about sunshine rose? Or maybe…Princess Peach? (I couldn’t help it).

  23. “When rose’s smell makes unicorn horny ” , how about THAT? ^_^

  24. Weird… I thought Lee Ha Yi has blue lens in this video so when I read the title I thought the make-up would fit you really well

    Martina :) … anyway purple is close to blue so works :D

    “Anyhoo, if you haven’t watched the tutorial yet, I really struggled with trying to come up with a name for this look. Unicorn peachy look?” I think “unicorn peachy look” would do :)) …oh or it could be the “elf peachy look” but then you’d need your hair to be down.

    “I think I’m going to try and set a new goal for myself, which is to copy the makeup look in the music monday video we review, whether it’s a boy or girl group, and then if you guise like the look I can do a makeup tutorial! What do you think? Let me know!” If it isn’t too much…you’ll already busy as it is… It would be really interesting if you did a boy group makeup tutorial. :D

    On to the video:

    I’ve watched a recent “Rose” makeup tutorial but I must say I like yours better, Martina :D

    …’and you probably meant to say “next” but you said “last” instead since you were too focused :))

    Nice work! :D


  25. why not just call it blooming rose? :/

  26. You look pretty no matter what you put on your face, Martina :o) Even with nothing at all on your face. Something with “kumquat” in it comes to mind as a name…just can’t get my brain to go farther than that. My head seems to be filled with strawberry jello right now….oh wait….that’s normal for me.

  27. simon, since martina has her make up tutorial videos, u should start making some video gaming videos like shooting yourself playing video games or doing video game reviews

  28. Dreamy Peach look???? Angel Baby Face???? Fantastical (my own word) Chibi Look??? Lolol idk x)

  29. Wow! Looks great! Thanks for the tutorial…… I’m not sure if I could wear this since I’m maybe a little too far from maidenly, but I’ll give it a try for kicks. If you don’t see photos, it’s because I look like a scary old ho’ :P.

    Serious name: Maiden’s Blush
    Not so serious name: Innocent Ninja – cause like, that’s how they lure you in with an ice cream cone then – judo chop!

    I really like your tutorials, is that white eye stuff from the beginning a cream or a powder?

    • Thanks for the reply. At first I read your suggestion as “Lady Ninja’s Bush” – LOL! I considered the “maiden ninja” idea but for some reason that just turned the luring into something more “ooh, you so nasty”, rather than innocent. I have a dirty mind , I guess ;)

    • Just a warning, I had to search deep DEEP into my makeup archives for some relevant colours and all of them were shimmery rather than matte like Martina’s but I said ‘what the hey’ and went for it anyways. For the love of Pete, do not try this look with shimmery colours unless you are 20 years old or under – it’s like putting a highlighter on every single crease and wrinkle – brrrrrrrrrr…….It looked decent in some lights but absolutely hideous in all others, like shining a flashlight on your face from below. I am sure that experts are laughing at me because this should have been obvious but I am self-taught and still trying to master the look of many layers…..got the skin down, now on to the eyes…..

      Cyber_3 – time to go makeup shopping…….

  30. So cute! I need new makeup so badly. Need to stock up when I go to Korea soon. Yay.

  31. i just realised that i watched every single 1 of martina’s makeup tutorial videos, but i dont even wear any make up. the only makeup i ever wore was stage makeup, and i only wore it twice in my entire life…

  32. An excellent glitter glue that i’ve used on clients, friends, and myself is the LASplash eyeliner/shadow base. It’s lasted all day and…ahem…all night as well ;) I’m not sure if it’s available in Korea, but I do believe they are available in Canada. They also have AMAZING glitter. Just some cheaper alternatives as I know MUFE can easily get insanely expensive. BTW. An awesome primer or base? Try MAC paintpots, concealer, Urban Decay Primer Potion, or again, the LASplash base.

  33. Dammit, now I want to try playing Ni No Kuni.
    I’d grab the 3 coins every time, cos I’m stingy like that.

    /oh wait this was a makeup video
    /damn simon and his video descriptions

  34. ahahahahahahaha love the thumbnail!!!!
    ….i’m waiting for Simon’s video!!!!

    T_T i need to buy Ni No Kuni!!!!

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