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Lee Hi Inspired Make Up Tutorial

April 9, 2013


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So I felt really inspired by Lee Hi’s makeup in her music video for “Rose“.

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There is something about that dreamy orangey/pinky panda eye look that I can’t quite pinpoint. It makes you look like a blushing natural beauty yet it’s still obvious that you’re wearing a strong eye colour, so I don’t get how those two things come together. I feel like, if I was a unicorn and I was turned into a human, that’s the kind of makeup I’d be wearing with perhaps a touch more glitter. Although, I admit I did sneak a little glitter into this tutorial in the form of light glitter cream. Cause…I love glitter. Oh oh! I recently bought a glitter glue last time I was in Canada that helps keep loose glitter adhered to your face longer than five seconds (don’t you hate when you use glitter and it ends up on your nose, cheeks, and chin but nothing on your eyes) and if I would have added anything to this video, it would be the addition of a fine iridescent glitter under your lower lashes before applying mascara, but it would require glitter glue first. I have two favourite glitters, one is Etude House Tear Drop Glitter Powder which is really fine and one by Make-Up Forever which is a little bit more defined but still not chunky. I posted photos below.


Makeupforever 303holodiam001

I own both the glitters shown above, but I also have a whitish-blue one and a gold one from Make Up Forever and a pinky-white one from Etude House. I think they would all work great! GREAT I SAY!!! MOR GLITTAR! MORE I SAY! I’m sure as the spring arrives you’ll see more glitter appearing in my videos. What I also love about this look is that you can honestly use it as an everyday look. Some makeup looks are really best suited for nighttime, a party, or a fancy dinner but this look is great for anything. It also looks really springy and fresh, but if you want it to look more intensely doll, I suggest the addition of circle lenses, as per Kpop tradition. Lee Hi’s contact lenses were intense in this video, and that dark purple look while she was speaking made her look like a vamprie from Twilight.

Anyhoo, if you haven’t watched the tutorial yet, I really struggled with trying to come up with a name for this look. Unicorn peachy look? Cherry blossom ballerina eyes? I just don’t know. Please help me out and please post pics if you feel inspired to try this look out! I think I’m going to try and set a new goal for myself, which is to copy the makeup look in the music monday video we review, whether it’s a boy or girl group, and then if you guise like the look I can do a makeup tutorial! What do you think? Let me know! Martina outtie.

But not really, my bellybutton is an innie.



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