So, this is something rather cool! Martina was invited by the makeup artists over at Jung Saem Mool, who you might remember we did an interview with a while ago, to play around as a model for Lee Hyori’s newest makeup concept. Jung Saem Mool is responsible for a lot of the makeup concepts for Kpop artists, both in music videos and album art, so…they really know their stuff. They asked us if we’d be interested in coming to their studio to record the new look for Lee Hyori’s “Bad Girl”. Initially, I didn’t want to do it, so they settled for doing the look on Martina instead. Ha! Get it? That was a joke. Though, interestingly, they also suggested doing a video for male makeup, which I’m not sure if it would make a good video for. Thoughts? I think you’d be more interested in seeing me awkward than in the info from the video, more than likely!

We’ve got a bunch of photos from the shoot which are the final look so you ca check those out as well, and sad embaressed bare faced Martina will be all over the Jung Saem Mool makeup page.

We found it rather interesting how the day went. The filming wasn’t in their makeup studio but rather in a rented studio that has makeup mirrors and proper lighting set up and ready to go. There were a couple different models doing different looks, so it was a very busy room of buzzing people. And there was a surprisingly long process. First, the cleaned Martina’s face with like a million products. We have a funny stop animation that we’ll hopefully get to upload later of the whole long process. After that, they did the whole makeup look, and paused to take photos of it step by step, but then they washed it all off and did it again, this time for video itself. I understand that there’s different lighting for photos vs videos. We were just surprised the idea of doing it twice. It seems like such a waste of makeup, like “noooo! It’s already on! No need to take it off! It looks great!”

We actually have a lot more footage we want to put up of the eyelashes going on as well as some behind the scene footage, but because we’re currently in Singapore, we didn’t get the chance to finish editing those, so expect some more footage next week! Also, it was really great to work with the makeup artists that were there, they were really friendly and encouraging even though Martina was very self conscious and nervous.

Funny side story, you see the Bad Girl shirt Martina is wearing in the end of the video? Yes, that is the same shirt that Hyori wore in the video. So, yes, that means that Martina’s and Hyori’s boobs technically touched. Ha, no it doesn’t. I know we were really surprised when they wanted Martina to put the shirt on because, well, Martina is a lot bigger than Hyori. Martina, with the help of SooZee and another girl, managed to squeeze in to it in the end though. Great success! And great success at getting Martina into a kindof turtleneck shirt. She was grumbling like a vampire forced to eat garlic. Hahahaha! NEVER FORGET THIS EPIC DAY!!!

Anyhow, if you want to see Jung Saem Mool’s video for it, you can see it in the playlist above, or in the video embedded here:


  1. Chola style!

  2. MARTINA! Please do a Nail Salon Wank or Open the Happy! <3 <3 Or idk just write about it. I wanna get my nails done in korea but im afraid i wont know what to ask for and have my finger chopped off or something LOL JK but seriously, it would be awesome! Thanks! <3

  3. Watching videos like these makes me realize why these people are called makeup artists. It’s amazing how different they can make you look with only cosmetics.

  4. Simon should to the make up video too, because it’s hard to imagine what kind of make up the boys really use apart from the obvious eye liner …

    Martina, you look gorgeous without make up! With it you look so different, good different but just so different! You’re face looks slimmer too!! O_O

  5. VERY cool! THIS is soooo much more, I dunno, of what I really believed EYK could and hoped you WOULD do with the full time awesomeness! :D Like… K-pop reviews… yeah. It’s your staple. WANKS and FAPFAPS are awwwwwwwesome… But I really hoped more new, cool connections and videos would occur, and I LOVE this idea! Not just makeup inspired by idols, but THE makeup the idols wore!? Amazing! and YES, I want to see Simon do a makeup look (or more!) too! Men’s makeup is very interesting (in my opinion) and I think it’d be interesting for fangirls to see how much makeup can effect their K-pop loves! XD Kekeke… Also, Simon, you’re practically a model anyway, you tall, gorgeous man! I wanna see you rock some high fashion looks! XD Ooh! It’d be sooo nasteh~! Well, no, I think it would just be great. <3 :D DO EET! :D

    I LOVE these videos with this makeup team! :D Hope you keep doing collaborations with them! :D

  6. GURL you look ah-may-zing! and so cool to see you in a professional makeup tutorial – i learn so much every time i watch a jung saem mool video, and i’m not even white/korean – the techniques the artists use are so cool and useful, so good to learn :) i’m going to try the eye look using just one color of eyeshadow!

  7. Whoa maybe you would want to upload smaller pictures, those were super HQ someone could use it illegally. Or some boy Nasties might hang it on their bedroom wall lol

  8. WOAH. the pictures provided are /REALLY/ HQ

  9. U look amazing martina, very beautiful~~ ^__^

  10. KATHyphenTUN

    Omg!! Your so lucky! I would love to have my makeup done professionally! It would be so much fun!
    And I would love to see simon get done!! It would actually help me a lot with my boyfriends cosplay makeup… I have no idea how male makeup works :S

  11. I’m a huge newbie with make-up, but I learned ALOT, thanks so much for sharing this.

  12. kawaii_candie

    so cool! i love makeup so this was a really really great video for me! and i imagine that Martina had a lot of fun! ^^

    also Simon, we would love to see a male makeup tutorial video… DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Annie

    I have been waiting for thisssssss!!!! So gorgeous and fun! The makeup artists were incredible.

  14. Jordan

    I am 100% for seeing Simon do a male make-up look. I think it would be pretty cool.

  15. Martina!
    Gurl you look so gorgeous!

  16. You look so pretty!!!!! Make up is an art form and well they have got it down!

  17. Love this look on you Martina! Do you think its anything you would repeat in the future?

  18. I love watching their makeup tutorials! I have definitely learned a lot.

  19. WOW… i just wanted to let you know… i’ve watched all of the eat your kimchi videos…. and you usually look cute… but WOW… you look SUPER BEAUTIFUL… like “model status” Martina! freakin awesome ;) i’ll try the look too… but WOW… you should totally do your makeup like that more often… STUNNING!

  20. Raine

    OMG MAKEUP VIDEO. I LOOOVE makeup videos. And you get a badass look. I never thought of contouring the nose like that. So cool.

  21. Simon, i think it would be SO cool if you took their offer up for a video!
    You could do an average male kpop guy look then ask for a superhero mask painted on or something, or a makeup tattoo!

  22. Wah! Martina looks really pretty bare-faced! She looks so young! *-* Those are amazing make up tips!..i would totally use them if i had the time ><' And Martina in a turtleneck!! This video is gold. I want to see Simon squirming with a smokey eye boy-band make up xD

  23. Infinite’s Sungyeol’s nickname is Yeolna Lisa because he has half eyebrows. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p3_67-UXdBw
    Though the stylists do a magnificent job because I had no idea about it until I really really got into Infinite.

  24. woaahh… i know doing professional make up is hardwork… but maaaaannnn… I didn’t expect it to be so complicated….. Very educational though… And Simon, I am waiting for you to wear guy-liner and BBcreams and foundation, etc….

  25. Martina! You look incredible!!! (you always look incredible, don’t get me wrong, but not very many ladies have the confidence and spunk required to pull off such dark makeup and look great doing it!) this was a really fun video to watch. i really like it when you guys have creative videos like this.

  26. Martina, you look great, but…

    how did you get into that shirt? You’re considerably more endowed in the chesticle area than Hyori. Must be magic O_o

  27. The makeup came out looking great. Shocked to see Martina in a turtleneck even if it was a mock style one.

  28. irritablevowel

    I love that the word “girls” goes right across, well, your girls.

  29. It looks so scary while putting the eyeliner :o Did it hurt?

  30. Tops eyebrows are my favorite feature. Oh wait! I’ve seen him without makeup and I still loved them

  31. PunkyPrincess92

    ahahaha in the description box for the Jungsaemool BTS video!!
    “One regret: didn’t have enough time to transform M into bad girl and to cover S as well…(sigh) may the day come soon when S embraces guy-liner and BB creams :S”
    ah man i’d love to see Simon do a male makeup video!! and yes i would watch it see Simon look awkward!! ahaha!!!

  32. Was it strange to put Martina as my wallpaper??(me being a girl)?? Like… she’s REALLLLLYYYYYYY beautiful!!

    You know! I don’t care! I’m a nastie so… Martina Wallpaper: Done!!

  33. kpopfan123

    “Though, interestingly, they also suggested doing a video for male makeup, which I’m not sure if it would make a good video for.

    Thoughts? I think you’d be more interested in seeing me awkward than in the info from the video, more than likely!” I don’t know how it would look on you Simon … but you should experiment *for science!* they’re makeup artists so they’ll know the makeup that would fit you the most :)

    “We were just surprised the idea of doing it twice. It seems like such a waste of makeup, like “noooo! It’s already on! No need to take it off! It looks great!”” Yeah I think the same…

    “And great success at getting Martina into a kindof turtleneck shirt. She was grumbling like a vampire forced to eat garlic. Hahahaha! NEVER FORGET THIS EPIC DAY!!!” I think the “bad girl” look when Martina is looking at the camera with an angry expression, it’s thanks to the turtleneck :)) (I don’t like turtlenecks either)

    Btw you look great Martina! :D (your bare face is so pretty!! *_____*)



  35. I had the scare of my life. LMAO. I was just zooming in the photo and BAM, a judging-you Martina welcomed me. You’re very pretty though. :D I just… peed myself a little.

  36. Martina, you kind of look like Christina Aguilera in these pictures!

  37. Looking forward to Simon’s makeup tutorial

  38. OH.MY.GOODNESS. Beautiful eyes, darn! I’m JEALOUS!

  39. Everyone! Vote for Lee Hyori – Bad Girls for Kpop Music Mondays! http://www.eatyourkimchi.com/kpopcharts/lee-hyori-bad-girls/

  40. “I think you’d be more interested in seeing me awkward than in the info from the video, more than likely!”

    I felt so busted XD

  41. Martina you look really amaizing in this kind of make-up *_* so beautiful and sexy ;)
    I wish I was 1/10 as good at putting make-up as this make-up artist >.<
    And yeah! They made you wear Turtleneck shirt!!! This people should burn in the flames of your terror LOL
    And if some Kpop Groups will come for the interview in turtlenecks then it would be an epic footage xD I would like to see martina interviewing TOP when he's wearing turtleneck :D buahahahhahahahahahhahahahaha

  42. I want to see Simon in a make-up tutorial!!!!Tho it would look weird if he did dramatic smoky make up or eyeliner, it would be perfectly adorable if he did K-Will love blossom-type fresh-faced make up… Don’t think we’re not distracted by those neon-blue circles under your eyes, Si!!!!!

  43. And just as Simon seeks to claim some of the OpenTheHappy channel views for the male demographic, Martina snatches them back!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA~

    *ahem* I have no idea why I find these makeup tutorials so fascinating. I am (somewhat) anti-makeup, but I actually love watching people put on makeup. I guess the “transformation” is what fascinates me? It’s weird XD I know I’m really gonna have to get used to wearing the stuff eventually (because I wanna be a singer, and I have horrible acne :D), but… It’s so weird XD


  44. The whole look suits you!

  45. so cool, Martina! You look great in that look :D

  46. i’m sorry you had to wear turtlenecks martina… but you really look awesome though!

  47. THOSE ARE SOME SUPER HIGH QUALITY PICTURES MANG I can see like each pores wtf

    and Martina so pretty 8DD

  48. lol the day Martina was forced to meet her mortal enemy face to face…the Turtleneck, of DOOM! BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Love the makeup by the way! <3

  49. Martinaaaa! You look absolutely gorgeous!!! <3 <3 <3
    I was subscribed to Jung Saem Mool before you first interviewed her so seeing you on her channel is awesome!!
    By the way, Do you watch Lisa Eldridge's youtube channel? (she's a famous british makeup artist)
    I think you might like it.

  50. You look stunning and all, but gosh your poor boobs. :( That must have been extremely uncomfortable.

  51. hapagirl

    Very cool. I loved the videos. Seriously, that is talent. Simon, I’d love to see what they’d put on your face. I didn’t watch Lee Hyori’s video before this, but god I am so happy I did. Did Martina have to wear a binder or something? She may be tinier than me, except in the chest area, but wow. That’s something that they’d let you wear the actual costume. Oh no, Simon in kpop clothing. Might be a bit snug and small in some places.

    I do have a question. Why does it say Open the Happy when it’s on your main channel?

  52. Martina, you look amazing!! You are so beautiful :)
    I am a newbie with make up as well. Lol my mind was totally blown by this make up tutorial. Gonna go try to re-enact it now *runs to make up*

  53. I just watched a youtube makeup video. Never thought I would… first time for everything I guess…

  54. Ohhh I love me some Open the Happy!! Martina you are so pretty in any look! I love it! :D

  55. You look gorgeous Martina!! :D

    p/s: Woah at those super HD photos! Wow…

  56. Wow, the detail in those HD photos…. *O*


  58. Martina looks pretty as always here.
    Very edgy. I like. :)

  59. ahhh soo cool!
    martina, you look gorgeous!!! (as always :))

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