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Lee Hyori “Bad Girl” Makeup with Jung Saem Mool

May 25, 2013


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So, this is something rather cool! Martina was invited by the makeup artists over at Jung Saem Mool, who you might remember we did an interview with a while ago, to play around as a model for Lee Hyori’s newest makeup concept. Jung Saem Mool is responsible for a lot of the makeup concepts for Kpop artists, both in music videos and album art, so…they really know their stuff. They asked us if we’d be interested in coming to their studio to record the new look for Lee Hyori’s “Bad Girl”. Initially, I didn’t want to do it, so they settled for doing the look on Martina instead. Ha! Get it? That was a joke. Though, interestingly, they also suggested doing a video for male makeup, which I’m not sure if it would make a good video for. Thoughts? I think you’d be more interested in seeing me awkward than in the info from the video, more than likely!

We’ve got a bunch of photos from the shoot which are the final look so you ca check those out as well, and sad embaressed bare faced Martina will be all over the Jung Saem Mool makeup page.

We found it rather interesting how the day went. The filming wasn’t in their makeup studio but rather in a rented studio that has makeup mirrors and proper lighting set up and ready to go. There were a couple different models doing different looks, so it was a very busy room of buzzing people. And there was a surprisingly long process. First, the cleaned Martina’s face with like a million products. We have a funny stop animation that we’ll hopefully get to upload later of the whole long process. After that, they did the whole makeup look, and paused to take photos of it step by step, but then they washed it all off and did it again, this time for video itself. I understand that there’s different lighting for photos vs videos. We were just surprised the idea of doing it twice. It seems like such a waste of makeup, like “noooo! It’s already on! No need to take it off! It looks great!”

We actually have a lot more footage we want to put up of the eyelashes going on as well as some behind the scene footage, but because we’re currently in Singapore, we didn’t get the chance to finish editing those, so expect some more footage next week! Also, it was really great to work with the makeup artists that were there, they were really friendly and encouraging even though Martina was very self conscious and nervous.

Funny side story, you see the Bad Girl shirt Martina is wearing in the end of the video? Yes, that is the same shirt that Hyori wore in the video. So, yes, that means that Martina’s and Hyori’s boobs technically touched. Ha, no it doesn’t. I know we were really surprised when they wanted Martina to put the shirt on because, well, Martina is a lot bigger than Hyori. Martina, with the help of SooZee and another girl, managed to squeeze in to it in the end though. Great success! And great success at getting Martina into a kindof turtleneck shirt. She was grumbling like a vampire forced to eat garlic. Hahahaha! NEVER FORGET THIS EPIC DAY!!!

Anyhow, if you want to see Jung Saem Mool’s video for it, you can see it in the playlist above, or in the video embedded here:



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