First of all, sorry it took so long to get this video up guise. We were in Singapore when Lee Hyori released her Bad Girl music video and we had to rush to edit the Lee Hyori makeup tutorial in time, but our flight was leaving that day and I didn’t get the chance to do the eyelash video. BUT HERE IT IS! Enter epic success music! Also, if you have no idea what makeup tutorial I’m referring to, we teamed up with the amazing Jungsaemmool makeup artists; in fact, the exact artist that did Lee Hyori’s makeup, and they did it on me! We divided up the videos, so if you want to see the professional foundation and shading tutorial you can check Jungsaemmool’s channel, and if you want some chipper Martina commentary, we have the eyeshadow and eyebrow tutorial on our channel. But for today, we’re looking at the final video of how they did my crazy huge eyelashes.

Okay, so let’s all take a moment to acknowledge the FACT that makeup can really change your face. Like whoa. And I think eyelashes are the most important point of makeup adjustment. When I have no mascara on, I really look super plain, but adding mascara and fake eyelashes makes me look 3940134901829% better. And I hate all you guise that are like, “OH MY EYELASHES ARE SOOOOO LONG THEY BUMP INTO MY GLASSES…” Feel that? No? Well I just threw a small feather pillow shaped like a grumpy honey badger at you. Yeah. That just happened. DEAL WITH IT.

The point of my (bitter) ramble is that eyelashes change your face. So imagine my excitement when I got to wear TWO pairs of eyelashes! It’s like the double rainbow moment for makeup! I expected to feel weighed down by the addition lashes but it surprisingly didn’t bother me. I think because they were using a higher quality eyelashes made from light weight material rather than a cheap plastic one. What amazed me the most about this look is that they used one pair as normal, but the second pair of lashes started halfway down my eyelid and extended past my normal lid line creating the illusion that I had bigger eyes. It was actually glued onto my smile line zone! Pretty cool! I’ve always wanted to try those paper cut out tattoo fake-eyelash things that have shapes instead of just simple lashes but I thought they were too dramatic for normal use, but now I think I’m going to buy a pair and cut them in half and use them as the second eyelashes were used. I think it could replace the use of winged eyeliner, you know what I mean?

  1. Video does not exist? What is this trickery, YouTube?!

  2. I’ve learned more about fake eyelashes watching an EYK video than the half a dozen beauty bloggers I follow on Youtube. I never would of thought to add the second pair like she does but it really does change the eye so much it is quite striking.

  3. Is it wrong that I’m not familiar with this paper eyelash thing? I don’t follow much on make up or buy more as it’s an expense I can’t really indulge in. But I hope to see Martina do an Open The Happy sometime soon to show off the tips and tricks she picked up. =)

  4. ILLUSION, Martina, not allusion!

  5. I will treasure this grumpy honey badger pillow with all my heart.

  6. I won a pair of those paper eyelashes you’re talking about from Michelle Phan once! They’re so cool!

  7. You made a typo in your last paragraph^^ was instead of saws~

    Now I’m going to look forward to tomorrow evening, when I can try out the two eyelash trick \^^//

  8. Lol and suddenly Martina steals the lens cleaner for another purpose :P
    The double eyelashes trick blew me away!!! Will definitely be doing that with my next cosplay!!
    Thanks for the tips!! <3

  9. Hands up if you just got a honey badger pillow chucked at you! >.<

    But now as fake eyelashes get more popular and people start wearing thicker and longer ones, my natural eyelashes don't cut it anymore…..Its so sad. :( My pride gets torn down every time I see someone with awesome fake eyelashes that mine could never become, not matter how much mascara I put on them….*cries in corner*

  10. I had never noticed my eyelashes bumped into my glasses. Huh. But my eyelashes are the exact same color as my skin. To the mark. If I take pictures without mascara my already small eyes look even tinier (and kinda weird) because of no eyelashes. Mad props to whoever figured out the double eyelash thingy. Seriously one of the best ideas ever. To the store to get eyelashes!!!!

  11. I’ve heard of using two pairs of eyelashes before! But i always thought it would look strange of obvious – the Jungsaemmool make up artists have shown me the error of my ways :D

  12. eyelash curlers scare me so much. I don’t like things going near my eyes. O_O

  13. My eyelashes bump my glasses….:P That was badass. I used to wear fake eyelashes for my dance recitals and I was always baffled by how it changed my face. This was so awesome. I’m jealous.

  14. Since you guys were English majors I’m gonna be that person D: in the last paragraph, I think you meant “illusion” instead of allusion.

    Effie Trinket’s make up in the Hunger Games uses those cool paper lashes. It would be cool to see you wearing those in a video some time!

  15. Because of the blog post I started blinking like crazy to check if my eylashes would bump into my glasses. They didn’t :|

  16. Thanks for the reminder of Paperself. I couldn’t find the peonies ones but those were really cool. I could go for maybe even just a little butterfly in the corner of my eyes for casual day wear. You could even glue a tiny piece of tissue paper in there for colour if you didn’t want to do it with makeup…..as long as it wasn’t windy – awkward.

  17. ” It saws actually glued onto my smile line zone!” Whoa! Sound like it would hurt! Looking pretty is not for the meek – LOL!

    I really enjoyed this tutorial, the double fake eyelashes was very glamourous. Does that mean that if I have long lashes and just cut one in half and use it on the outer, that will be enough? Hmmmm……. I’ve never used fake eyelashes, how do you get them off? Nevermind two levels? Aren’t they glued on?

  18. i think it’s funny that above your video, there is an ad for regrowing eyelashes :P

  19. I think i might have to try this I pretty new to makeup so I am learning as I go along thanks for your awesome make up videos Martina

  20. I was wondering where this video was.. Thought I was going crazy when you guise mentioned it but it wasn’t in the playlist.. (I’ll admit, it was late and I was sleepy, but no less befuddled.) Happy to see it up, I really love this tutorial (JSM, srsly. Srsly. GENIUS) and think Martina looks so gorgeous. It’s almost unfair. Almost.

    On another note, Martina… Making it hard for Simon to edit at night, huh? You so nastay. xD

  21. I’m so happy that I knew the double fake eyelashes trick before Martina did! +1 for me!

  22. They make it look so easy to attach. You have pretty eyes Martina.

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