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WTF – Lie Detector Hand Zapper

July 12, 2014


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A bit of a disclaimer: this isn’t really a Korean product. The box and packaging is all in English. However, we’ve seen this thing pop up in a few Korean shows lately, and we found it while browsing Gmarket, so it makes sense for us to talk about it because it’s somewhat relevant!

More importantly, this was fun to play with. However, it’s not all too relevant for us, because we’re honest people. Ha! What have we to hide? I’m literally the most honest person you’ll meet, or at least I’m tied for first, because I never lie. I’m batting 100% on the truthiness scale.

I mean, why lie? I’m married now: I’ve got Martina for life! Buahaha!

No, but for real, I know I was supposed to lie because I was supposed to be embarrassed by some of the questions, like if I sniff my armpits or not, but – hell – I don’t get embarrassed. Some people ask us about that as well: how are we not embarrassed when we’re out in public and we’re being silly in our videos. The answer, ladies and gentlemen, isn’t confidence, but indifference, which look the same on the outside. On the inside, though, confident people are showing the world proudly what they can do. In our case, though, we’re not proud or confident: we’re just not phased by other people’s opinions of us. We’re married! We’ve got all we need for the rest of our lives!

Ok so this is turning into a weird discussion about life and meaning and marriage and stuff. Bottom line: we’re honest people :D

On another note, we put Soo Zee into the lie detector afterwards and asked her some questions, but she never got zapped. We even made her tell lies and she never got zapped. She’s got ice water in her veins. Nothing cracks her. She’s a machine!

I think it’s just the machine detecting your pulse and seeing any spikes if you’re uncomfortable. Soo Zee never got uncomfortable, so it never spiked. We noticed, though, that if you scare someone while they’re strapped in, they’ll get spiked even if they don’t lie. So, pro-tip here: if you’re with a friend and want to zap them, have someone else sneak up behind them and shout. They’ll both get a zapping and a bit of ear damage. Hooray for friendly abuse!

I got zapped because I was ambivalent towards my beard, which I like some times, and others I don’t. The zapper picked up on my ambivalence and shocked the blue Jesus out of me. It’s hard to describe the zap, though: it doesn’t feel like getting electrocuted, which I had happen once when I stuck my finger into a broken outdoor Christmas light (stop judging me!). That was a numb convulsion feeling that hurt my heard. This was more just like a really rapid vibration that was more surprising than painful.

Anyhoodledoodle, you can buy this lovely toy on Gmarket, and, if you had fun watching this WTF (we’re having lots of fun with our WTFs lately, if you can’t tell) and want to subscribe for more, click on the pretty button below for more. Yay!



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