A bit of a disclaimer: this isn’t really a Korean product. The box and packaging is all in English. However, we’ve seen this thing pop up in a few Korean shows lately, and we found it while browsing Gmarket, so it makes sense for us to talk about it because it’s somewhat relevant!

More importantly, this was fun to play with. However, it’s not all too relevant for us, because we’re honest people. Ha! What have we to hide? I’m literally the most honest person you’ll meet, or at least I’m tied for first, because I never lie. I’m batting 100% on the truthiness scale.

I mean, why lie? I’m married now: I’ve got Martina for life! Buahaha!

No, but for real, I know I was supposed to lie because I was supposed to be embarrassed by some of the questions, like if I sniff my armpits or not, but – hell – I don’t get embarrassed. Some people ask us about that as well: how are we not embarrassed when we’re out in public and we’re being silly in our videos. The answer, ladies and gentlemen, isn’t confidence, but indifference, which look the same on the outside. On the inside, though, confident people are showing the world proudly what they can do. In our case, though, we’re not proud or confident: we’re just not phased by other people’s opinions of us. We’re married! We’ve got all we need for the rest of our lives!

Ok so this is turning into a weird discussion about life and meaning and marriage and stuff. Bottom line: we’re honest people :D

On another note, we put Soo Zee into the lie detector afterwards and asked her some questions, but she never got zapped. We even made her tell lies and she never got zapped. She’s got ice water in her veins. Nothing cracks her. She’s a machine!

I think it’s just the machine detecting your pulse and seeing any spikes if you’re uncomfortable. Soo Zee never got uncomfortable, so it never spiked. We noticed, though, that if you scare someone while they’re strapped in, they’ll get spiked even if they don’t lie. So, pro-tip here: if you’re with a friend and want to zap them, have someone else sneak up behind them and shout. They’ll both get a zapping and a bit of ear damage. Hooray for friendly abuse!

I got zapped because I was ambivalent towards my beard, which I like some times, and others I don’t. The zapper picked up on my ambivalence and shocked the blue Jesus out of me. It’s hard to describe the zap, though: it doesn’t feel like getting electrocuted, which I had happen once when I stuck my finger into a broken outdoor Christmas light (stop judging me!). That was a numb convulsion feeling that hurt my heard. This was more just like a really rapid vibration that was more surprising than painful.

Anyhoodledoodle, you can buy this lovely toy on Gmarket, and, if you had fun watching this WTF (we’re having lots of fun with our WTFs lately, if you can’t tell) and want to subscribe for more, click on the pretty button below for more. Yay!

  1. While this was a hilarious video, you guise are CRAZY to let a cheap toy shock you, you never know what you’ll get (tingly? to ZOINKS!). I honestly thought that Martina would get away with not getting shocked, you are brave Martina! Simon, I think you *did* make a mistake with the facial hair, especially making this decision in summertime. It’s not so much the look on its own, it’s more that next to Martina, you tend to look a little……pedo? Boratz? Scruffy? It just doesn’t really match with your clean look image (you always dress very neatly, even when sporty). Maybe if you did a hair tattoo in it or groomed it more closely? Can there be manly-pretty-boy facial hair? Otherwise, it looks a bit like a Russian lumberjack wearing his little son’s clothing at times. Experimentation is fun! I can only image Fangurilla with all that hair…..eeepers…..brrrrrrr…….if we ever see Fangurilla again, I mean.

  2. Simon, I think you look very handsome with the beard. Sorry your ambivalence got you hand-murdered.

  3. “a numb convulsion feeling that hurt my heard” … Just what? xD

  4. Sailor Moon we luuuv you!!! :D Simon, I´m not sure if this makes you feel better, but I think the beard suits you :) Make you look like true European man ARGHHH! :D

  5. haha, i’d love to see Soo Zee’s reaction ;3

  6. I can never hate Sailor Moon. There is a remake of Sailor moon that just came out btw and the first ep. brought back so much memories of my childhood hehe :)

  7. The recent WTFs gave me good laughs. This one is very awesome too! Thanks guise! It seems like GMarket is a Big big big treasure chest! :)

  8. That was so hilarious! I loved the video, very entertaining! XD

  9. hi simon and martina i was wondering do koreans use coupons in korea or do they use something similar and simon loving the beard martina big fan of your makeup and sooozeeeee and leeeeigh love u guys to ;)ooohhhhh u so naaaasty

  10. Simon, there are face packs that I think you would like to try… or at least I would loooove to see you doing it :) They’re called hero transformers masks and they’re from Innisfree :) Soooooozeeeee, please buy it for SM :) Thank you ;*

  11. Poor Martina. This is off topic I really think you guys need to do an open the happy on the new Sailor Moon. I want to here Martina’s opinion on the new Sailor Moon Crystal. I perfer the old one myself but please I know its not korean but please Martina. Talk about the new Sailor Moon.

  12. Where did you film this? Could it be at the new coffee shop?

  13. you guys should totally have soozee and leigh do this sometime.

  14. I hate getting electrocuted, it’s one of the top most horrible worst things ever.

  15. Hahahaa! Did you have a cupcake? Aaa, Martinas face, so so funny! I want to see the whole EYK crew do this together! Man, you guys just get funnier and funnier ^^

  16. Turns a simple game of Truth or Dare into Sadomasochistic fun for the whole family!

  17. I burst out laughing during my french class once because I was watching Simon’s EXO-lent meltdown. Something about how he’s basically rolling on the floor dying while Martina is just shaking her head is somewhat hilarious to me.

    Seriously though, why can’t Simon’s laugh become the new laughtrack for everything.

  18. I feel so bad for laughing at your pain. I’m so sorry lol. But now I know that that thing is legit I have seen it a lot on variety programs and I thought the celebrities were overreacting (which they have a tendency to do), but now I see that the struggle was real lol.

  19. I’ve seen this on many variety shows, that would scare the heck out of me. I’d be so nervous about getting buzzed, I would keep getting buzzed…^^’ And oh my gosh, the Sailor Moon Crystal animation is really beaauutifull! I cried when I saw it…

  20. HAHA! This might be my favorite WTF! So funny! And I love that Soozee was just able to lie her way through haha. She’s like Azula defeating Toph!

  21. I just, I don’t even know what to say. Wait! I DO know! Simon, I respect you and all, but your reaction was the most unique thing I have seen! I mean, your face it was like a straight face! Plus to add to that your scream was the most manliest *cough* NOT *cough* that I heard…. Any who. I have this thing and I know what you went through Martina! My friends asked me a question that I HAD to lie to because I am a good person and I didn’t lie! But my question was about NU’EST and Hello Kitty! NOOOOOOOOOOOO! Not my REN!!!!!

  22. Oh my gosh! I jumped in my seat from being startled by Simon’s reaction. Then I could not stop laughing.

  23. Yay I can finally comment again!, well now we know how comfortable Simon is with everyone at the studio

  24. Oh, Simon’s reaction, so funny! WTFs are really treasures! I’ve seen this game played on Korean variety shows and wondered if their reactions were all a show. Now I know the truth! Thanks for getting zapped for science (sorrybutnotsorry)!!!

  25. ahaha that was fun!!!
    man that lie detector is on EVERYTHING!!!! variety shows, dramas, interviews…other kinds shows…and probably more!

    so you must totally be watching Sailor Moon Crystal right Martina?

  26. My brothers and I would play with this when we were younger. It might have been a different brand because it was like 10+ years ago.

  27. It sounds like touching an electric fence. lol

  28. I just saw this thing on Jessica and Krystal’s reality TV show, where Tiffany asked Jessica if they were friends for life and it shocked the shit out of Jessica when she said ‘yes’ :D

  29. I bought exactly the same thing in a Toy Store and it did not work at all :(

  30. SooZee you got them! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Loved Simon expression when he got shocked!

  31. wow I’ve seen this thing on variety shows and in videos from fan meetings with kpop idols but I didn’t believe it actually works, like it actually picks up on lies/nervousness, I thought it was just random…
    another amazing WTF, these just get better and better, the flashback clip made me laugh so much (again)

  32. YES! Finally! This thing has been on Korean TV for YEARS and I’ve been wondering when you two would get around to it. Go Soozee!!! Haha- I remember someone bringing it to school years and years ago (I think it may have been our Biology teacher, actually), but I was too much of a chicken to try it. I’m also a very honest person (even though I have not yet managed to find my other half!), but because I knew that this thing detects your pulse, I thought it might zap me anyway if I got nervous. So no. Not ever gonna do it.
    Martina’s reaction was beautiful though. Thank you guys for getting zapped for us!

  33. Awesome! WTFs have been some of my favorite segments lately. XD

    JYJ used this in one of their Japanese fan meets and it was HILARIOUS!!!

  34. seriously, i wanna see soozee and leigh play this too

  35. IT WAS AWESOME!!!! Aaand, speaking about Sailor Moon… Martina, are you watching the remake? *wink wink* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eUiewJt80eQ

  36. Jajajajaja this WTF was awesome, I laughed a lot XD Now I want one of those. Gmarket should pay you by now.

  37. I am sure Sailor Moon forgives you Martina! That is pretty funny. I kind of want one, but I might be too chicken to try it on four. Also, Martina has the funniest laugh, but Simon’s scream kills me, that shriek is hysterical.

  38. I am still so glad this segment got brought back. lately WTF has been a very good work out for the abs. ;) I’ve seen the lie detector on a lot of dramas and Korean variety shows as well. thanks for throwing your selves on the line for our entertainment. As usual and thank you SoooooooZeee for making them do it lol.
    keep up the awesomeness.

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