Our 200th YouTube video! We had a lot of different ideas, but we decided on a simple day in a Life in Korea video. We didn’t choose a crazy day filled with bustling activity, just a simple one, but we hope you enjoy a little peek into our lives!

Friday night we stayed up late with our friends Brian and Whitney Ansan Answers who were visiting from Ansan. We owe them big time since they were willing to stick around the next morning and film us in Bucheon park with Captain Spudgy before they went to Seoul. If you’re in Ansan, or heading to Ansan, do check their site out. They know what they’re talking about :D

Everyone was pretty sleepy, but Martina especially hates getting up early, so trying to drag her out of bed was difficult. She fought back with an arsenal of various stuffed animals before giving up and making coffee. Martina really loves coffee and she grinds fresh coffee beans herself for her French press. We’re both huge fans of hearty breakfast but as many foreigners living in Korea will tell you, the lack of breakfast diners in Korea is a hard thing to get used to. There are few restaurants that offer a good foreign breakfast, but the price tag is a little much compared to what we’re used to back home. And so, instead of going out for breakfast, this weekend we spoiled ourselves by enjoying Bacon Breakfast Wraps…the eggs and processed cheese are the only things that are easy to find in Korea.

Time to walk the Spudgy! We are really lucky to live near Bucheon 중앙 공원 (Bucheon Central Park). Walking Spudgy on warm days is a treat because the park has a great dog community (even though the guards that patrol the area don’t want your dogs on the grass). Sometimes there’s a doggy flashmob and then the guards can’t say anything, especially with a dog the size of that monster one you saw in the video. Seriously: WHAT BREED OF DOG IS THAT? Brontodogosaurus? How does it even fit in a Korean home? Maaaan that was a big dog.

Time to work on the website! We frequent two coffee shops in our neighbourhood, Cafe Lua which we mention all the time, and Coffee Kitchen, so much so that you could mistake us for their employees. We love to work on our movie editing and planning in an artsy and bustling atmosphere, and we usually stick around for 3 – 5 hours before succumbing to extreme hunger and/or bum numbing.

Time to prepare for game night! We just recently bought a new game called Monopoly Deal–which was printed totally in Korean (good thing we read Korean!)–so we called up some friends to play. We enjoyed cheesecake from Costco, two pizzas from Pizza School, and an array of Korean junkfood from shrimp chips to sweet potato chips…and of course, Soju cocktails and beer. Let the games begin!

UGGGHhh!! Sooooo…sleepy….but we had an awesome night! We were planning to go to a Korean bar but everyone was too wrapped up in the game to leave the house and before we knew it, it was almost 3am. Time to call it a night and clean and edit tomorrow…

So that’s it! That’s a small slice of our Life in Korea. We’d like to mention that we know this day wasn’t really “OMG KOREA” exciting. Sometimes we go to Korean restaurants, bars and noraebangs; we hang out in Seoul and go on adventures to new places but there is one thing that never changes: a huge chunk of our weekend is dedicated to scripting Music Mondays, editing movies, making background music, drawing cartoons, and planning new videos. Thank you so much to our amazing audience for giving us the motivation to go on. If it wasn’t for all your comments, emails, pictures, and support, we probably wouldn’t be at our 200th video. So thank you all. YAY!!!!

  1. Hi!, How are you? What about supermarkets? Are cheaper or more expensive than grocery or shops? Thanks, Have a nice day :)

  2. i just want to say that you guys are my favorite traveling/kpop blog. this may sound cheesy but even when i’m feeling down you guys manage to make me smile.

  3. How much coffee did you guys drink?! 

  4. Where can I purchase a Korean M-deal? X___?

  5. Where did you buy Monopoly Deal in Seoul?? I really want it too!  I love that game, but I don’t want to wait and order it from Canada. Using a Korean version will be good too.

  6. Hey Martina , i really love that pink & white star bagpack you were carrying ~ Can you pleaaaaaaaaase tell me what brand is that ? xoxo ^^

  7. Martina I wanted to ask where did you get the hoodie you wear in this video? Its simple yet awesome.

  8. Siyo! Honestly, you guys rock!!! I think I have watched every video (guilty!) at least once, AND I pester my husband about all the new info I learn! You’re both adorable and photogenic and creative and I think it’s amazing that you’re out there doing your thing and taking life as it comes. Wado utsati tali!

  9. was wondering where you got those stickers for your laptop Martina?

  10. someone may have answered your question by now but the huge dog you saw was a Great Pyrenees Mountain Dog. Good guarding instincts, but very lazy and don’t need too much exercise (unlike labs or boxers). However as a large breed dog they need room to stretch or stressed out. lol. i got carried away im a huge dog person XD so NOW YOU KNOW CUZ ITS JISOOS SUPER SHORT SHOW! :D love where you live btw. I love it when I see great dog community in Korea :D

  11. Man… your videos are so lovely! (and Spudge too. Since I have a dog just like Spudgy, I know the charm of Pekis so well.)

    Please keep the videos comming!

    BTW, Where did you buy the little couch, the bule and gray one? It look so cozy.

  12. Boy you have a bilingual dog! Good job teaching Spudgy English or Korean!

  13. congrats on video #200!! that’s just awesome!!

    i noticed that it looks like you didn’t always have spudgy on a leash – like around the 4:50 mark. so it’s relatively safe to walk a dog in the city with no leash? (i’d be afraid here. people in ontario are maniacs!) and you can bring him into stores, too? what are the rules in Korea regarding pets in general? what are Korean people’s views on pets?

    love you guys. give spudgy a big squish from me and my little “boy”, Monster.
    here’s to another 200 videos!!

  14. You guys are AWESOME!
    seriously you guys inspire me lol
    One question: What video editor do you use?

  15. Waaa! 2tally awesome! I love your videoes so much and I do have a dream coming to Korea, and you guys makes me even more exciting. Thnx a lot for this vid..
    Many greetings from Denmark! Annyong! :-)

  16. This video was simple but awesome! I hope I can live there like you. Your apartment is really nice~! I love it! I enjoy so much watching your videos because you seems to be very nice people, you express your feelings very natural and funny =) Greetings from Spain and kisses to Spudgy <3

  17. Congrats on posting your 200th video! It really is quite the milestone! Your blog is by far my favorite… I wish I could go on and explain all the heartfelt reasons why, but I mostly wanted to let you know that I think that the big dog in the dog park was likely a Great Pyrenees. My family has an Owczarek Podhalanski that is commonly mistaken for a pyrenees since that breed is more common. But still, it is unusual to see that dog in Korea…

    Have a great day and thank you for all of your amazing videos!

  18. ”baby goodnight” Yay GD & TOP right ^^

  19. So the dogs and owners who hang out together at the park have their own naver cafe page, for those off you who understand some Korean. They have dogs of all sizes, from mini pins to that bear! They're a really friendly group if you're looking to socialise your dog, or just want to play with adorable puppies!

  20. AWESOME! but one question… Martina, did you tattoo your feet? (refers to the front part of the video)

  21. I'm in Dublin Ireland when I watch your video clips I feel homesick! ㅜ ㅜ wanna go to Korea back!

  22. Simon and Martina, you guys continue to amaze me…and Spudgy too!

    What I wanna know is: What is breakfast in Korea like? I know you mentioned they eat meat one time, but that's still a bit vague. I can't eat meat first thing in the morning, it hurts my stomach, but I'm not a big egg/American breakfast food kind of person either.

    • Breakfast in Korea isn't really that distinct from lunch in Korea. Like, we're used to Bacon, Eggs, Taters, and distinctly breakfast foods. Here, every time we've had a Korean breakfast, it involved rice, kimchi, fish, soup, and other such foods that we love otherwise, but don't really suit our breakfast needs.

  23. LOL. "Look, little humans. You should like them too."

  24. Yeah, that's it. We can read it perfectly fine, and understand a good portion of it when we hear it, but we can't really converse, unless it's for basic, basic stuff.

  25. congrats! love your guys' videos
    and the fish for breakfast is a bit much eh! i couldn't do it


  27. Congrats to the 200th video and cheers to the many more – 200th, 2,000, 20,000 x …

    I was wondering if you could direct me to a few areas that might sell the Monopoly deal (Korean version) as I'm thinking of getting it as gifts for friends when I visit Seoul next month. We're totally into Monopoly deal + KOREAN! Imagine owning an apartment in Apgujeong. Hehehe.

    Thanks so much!!

  28. Congrats on 200 videos! Your videos are so entertaining, I hope there are 200 more!

  29. Vids like this make me fall for Korea even more… OH and that big ass dog was a Great Pyrenees (spelling could be off?)… we see them sometimes in the grooming salon where I work. They barely fit on the table usually and some don't fit at all… there's a Newfie named Glover that i've always groomed on the floor.

  30. WOW already the big 200?! congratulations!!!
    you guys seem to live such a fun life!!..(and you called it one of your simpler days..lol)
    i hope one day when I'm done with school I could live like that too XP

    What are you guys going to do after Martina's done teaching in June??

  31. Seeing this video, it truly shows just how much you work for us all to enjoy your amazing videos. The Music Mondays, and now with the WTF's, not to mention all your other videos, it's completely amazing how motivated you are. I stumbled upon your videos on YouTube around a year ago while searching for K-Pop songs, and honestly, that might have been the best stumble I've ever had. I'm truly hooked on your videos! All of them – the editing is applaudible, the scripts are all hilarious, and the fact that you actually make your own music? Wao! Really, you two (and Spudgey, of course!) are my first and foremost link to everything Korea. All in all, thank you very much for taking so much of your time to making these awesome videos!
    love from a Japanese American~ Eatyourkimchi fighting! ヽ(;▽;)ノ

  32. You have the cutest dog everr!!!! =)
    hes sooo cute <3

    always love your videos ^^!

  33. ME WANT MAC KEYBOARD STICKERS!!!! where oh where did you get those?? congrats on the double century. you guys rock. period.

  34. wow!! really you do all this things in one day?? O_o i just go to the school and then go home and do my homerwork
    but, do you miss your home, Canada??? i mean to your old house and your traditional food

  35. monopoLy deaL ftw!!! my friends and i wouLd frequent boba and coffee shops and bust out our packs ALL the time, it's so addicting and i Love it cuz it's so much faster than a normaL game of monopoLy! :D

  36. Congrats on your 200th video!!! I love your videos. I wait for Music Mondays all the time and your WTF Wednesdays too.

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