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A Day in a Life in Korea

April 11, 2011


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Our 200th YouTube video! We had a lot of different ideas, but we decided on a simple day in a Life in Korea video. We didn’t choose a crazy day filled with bustling activity, just a simple one, but we hope you enjoy a little peek into our lives!

Friday night we stayed up late with our friends Brian and Whitney Ansan Answers who were visiting from Ansan. We owe them big time since they were willing to stick around the next morning and film us in Bucheon park with Captain Spudgy before they went to Seoul. If you’re in Ansan, or heading to Ansan, do check their site out. They know what they’re talking about :D

Everyone was pretty sleepy, but Martina especially hates getting up early, so trying to drag her out of bed was difficult. She fought back with an arsenal of various stuffed animals before giving up and making coffee. Martina really loves coffee and she grinds fresh coffee beans herself for her French press. We’re both huge fans of hearty breakfast but as many foreigners living in Korea will tell you, the lack of breakfast diners in Korea is a hard thing to get used to. There are few restaurants that offer a good foreign breakfast, but the price tag is a little much compared to what we’re used to back home. And so, instead of going out for breakfast, this weekend we spoiled ourselves by enjoying Bacon Breakfast Wraps…the eggs and processed cheese are the only things that are easy to find in Korea.

Time to walk the Spudgy! We are really lucky to live near Bucheon 중앙 공원 (Bucheon Central Park). Walking Spudgy on warm days is a treat because the park has a great dog community (even though the guards that patrol the area don’t want your dogs on the grass). Sometimes there’s a doggy flashmob and then the guards can’t say anything, especially with a dog the size of that monster one you saw in the video. Seriously: WHAT BREED OF DOG IS THAT? Brontodogosaurus? How does it even fit in a Korean home? Maaaan that was a big dog.

Time to work on the website! We frequent two coffee shops in our neighbourhood, Cafe Lua which we mention all the time, and Coffee Kitchen, so much so that you could mistake us for their employees. We love to work on our movie editing and planning in an artsy and bustling atmosphere, and we usually stick around for 3 – 5 hours before succumbing to extreme hunger and/or bum numbing.

Time to prepare for game night! We just recently bought a new game called Monopoly Deal–which was printed totally in Korean (good thing we read Korean!)–so we called up some friends to play. We enjoyed cheesecake from Costco, two pizzas from Pizza School, and an array of Korean junkfood from shrimp chips to sweet potato chips…and of course, Soju cocktails and beer. Let the games begin!

UGGGHhh!! Sooooo…sleepy….but we had an awesome night! We were planning to go to a Korean bar but everyone was too wrapped up in the game to leave the house and before we knew it, it was almost 3am. Time to call it a night and clean and edit tomorrow…

So that’s it! That’s a small slice of our Life in Korea. We’d like to mention that we know this day wasn’t really “OMG KOREA” exciting. Sometimes we go to Korean restaurants, bars and noraebangs; we hang out in Seoul and go on adventures to new places but there is one thing that never changes: a huge chunk of our weekend is dedicated to scripting Music Mondays, editing movies, making background music, drawing cartoons, and planning new videos. Thank you so much to our amazing audience for giving us the motivation to go on. If it wasn’t for all your comments, emails, pictures, and support, we probably wouldn’t be at our 200th video. So thank you all. YAY!!!!



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