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LiveChat from Akihabara, Tokyo!

February 20, 2013


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Hellllllloooo everybody!

Hooray for more livechats! We didn’t get to do our regular livechats last week because we had to do the MFBTY Interview, and then fly out to Tokyo the very next day, but here we are in our hotel, finally with some free time, and we want to spend it chatting with you guise! Woohoo!

We don’t have much to show for our travels here, since we’re mostly doing work related stuff, so I hope you don’t find this too boring. I’m hoping we’re gonna get another free day soon to shoot some more stuff! I think we’re going to upload the MFBTY Interview tomorrow probably, and then we have a special video ready for Friday. Woohoo! I think during that time we’ll be able to shoot another vloggity video, though. We just won’t have any of those for the next couple of days.

Anyhow, a few things we mentioned in this livechat:

1) What the bajesus can we order at a Japanese restaurant that has vegetables? We can go for Bibimbap in Korea, which has lots of veggies. Here, we’ve been having Ramen, Sushi, and Curry. What else can we get? Okonomiyake? P.S. I always call it Obiwankinobe.

2) Akihabara has lots of sexy stuffs. Not that it’s like pornos spilling out in the streets. We’re just not used to seeing that kind of stuff around in Korea. Word.

3) We’re not abandoning Korea and making Jpop/Japan videos, so don’t worry. We’re here collaborating with other YouTubers for a YouTube project, and we’re talking to some interesting people in the meanwhile, like Asobi System from yesterday, for starters, as well as a few more that you might know that we won’t mention yet.

4) My Polish sucks. PLZ DON’T LAUGH K?

So, yeah! We’ll try to do another one of these, hopefully, before we leave Japan. We’ll be back in Korea on the 25th. Woohoo!



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