Hellllllloooo everybody!

Hooray for more livechats! We didn’t get to do our regular livechats last week because we had to do the MFBTY Interview, and then fly out to Tokyo the very next day, but here we are in our hotel, finally with some free time, and we want to spend it chatting with you guise! Woohoo!

We don’t have much to show for our travels here, since we’re mostly doing work related stuff, so I hope you don’t find this too boring. I’m hoping we’re gonna get another free day soon to shoot some more stuff! I think we’re going to upload the MFBTY Interview tomorrow probably, and then we have a special video ready for Friday. Woohoo! I think during that time we’ll be able to shoot another vloggity video, though. We just won’t have any of those for the next couple of days.

Anyhow, a few things we mentioned in this livechat:

1) What the bajesus can we order at a Japanese restaurant that has vegetables? We can go for Bibimbap in Korea, which has lots of veggies. Here, we’ve been having Ramen, Sushi, and Curry. What else can we get? Okonomiyake? P.S. I always call it Obiwankinobe.

2) Akihabara has lots of sexy stuffs. Not that it’s like pornos spilling out in the streets. We’re just not used to seeing that kind of stuff around in Korea. Word.

3) We’re not abandoning Korea and making Jpop/Japan videos, so don’t worry. We’re here collaborating with other YouTubers for a YouTube project, and we’re talking to some interesting people in the meanwhile, like Asobi System from yesterday, for starters, as well as a few more that you might know that we won’t mention yet.

4) My Polish sucks. PLZ DON’T LAUGH K?

So, yeah! We’ll try to do another one of these, hopefully, before we leave Japan. We’ll be back in Korea on the 25th. Woohoo!

  1. the korean version of kimi wa petto, 너는펫, was soooo good omg. i’ve watched it like… twice OuO

  2. eat nabe!!! if you order an all you can eat nabe you can eat as many veggies as you want for 1 1/2 hours! it’s totally delicious and you’re getting tons of meat as well!

    and kimi wa petto, i want to rewatch it now~~~~~~ i love matsujun, arashi, arashi, for dream~ <3 sorry, lost my disguise here, i have no clue about k-pop actually, i'm just watching your stuff because my k-pop friend showed me your stuff and i think you're awesomly funny (j-pop doesn't have people like you .___.) and i missed you at harajuku eventhough i was there that day as well, noooooooo~~~

    i hope you have fun in japan <3 <3 <3

    and zettai kareshi had me crying for ages too *huggles martina*

  3. absolute boyfriend is a really good manga :)

    you should watch ouran high school host club and fruits basket and vampire knight. those are my favorite animes

  4. SMAP! lol theyre like the shinwha of japan :)

  5. super easy to be veggie in Japan, lived in Kyoto for 6 years and went to college there. You need to go to home-cooking style restaurants. We have banchan equivalent in Japan too…in fact I eat much healthier in Japan than in Korea because to me it feels like there is soooo much salt and sugar in everything in Korea!!! Ask your hosts for somewhere to get zensai, sosai, or okazu…

  6. ha ha….I totally did my hair like Head (far right) in high school too!!! Yeah my high school music was Tool, NIN, Korn, Limp Bizket, Slipknot, Static X…and so on…but my favorite was Rage Against the Machine. So funny that now I listen to kpop…how does that happen?? Martina we would have been the best of buds in high school for sure…I didn’t have pink fluffy pants but that sounds awesome!!!

  7. I hope one of you guys read this! Martina, do you want to see what you’d look like speaking Japanese fluently? Because you look exactly like this actress Naka Riisa, in this drama called “The Japanese that Even Japanese Don’t Know”. Search for 日本人の知らない日本語01on YouTube, just the first 4 mins in and you’ll see. I swear, the actress looks just like you because she’s a Harajuku gyaru, with short blond hair. She’s part Swedish too, so she doesn’t look 100% Japanese. Thanks for all the time you put into your videos.

  8. After watching this I really want Martina to do a K-Drama/Asian Drama segment… I think it would be so fun if you had another girl that would come do just that segment with you. Maybe if she was a native Korean she could explain all the parts that make us international fans confused sometimes (like the titles sometimes/ nosebleeds from studying too hard?!?/ other cultural references). I love how you went into your super excited girly “OMG! That’s my favorite!” mode when the Nasties started in on the conversation with you and it reminds me of me and my friends when we all watch dramas together.

  9. kawaii_candie

    yeah… it’s pretty hard to be a vegetarian in Japan, mostly because they don’t understand the concept… if you tell them you don’t eat meat, they’ll bring you fish… though actually, it’s not *that* hard cuz there are a lot of things that come with tofu, but often they’ll have pieces of meat in it so it kinda defies the purpose… i’m not a vegetarian, but i have vegetarian friends who have told me stories ;) it’s true though that there aren’t a lot of veggies in Japanese cuisine… often, vegetables are pickles on the side, or a tiny salad…

    hmm… your comparison of foreigners i think is a little bit flawed, because i live in Japan, in Tokyo, and i hear “gaijin” all the freakin time… it’s also not as bad in Tokyo as it is in other provinces… like, the further you move away from Tokyo, the more people will stare at you like you’re an alien…

    the one time that i’ve been to a maid cafe, there was a foreign girl who worked there! she spoke English, Spanish and Japanese and she was a student, and she was doing it as a part-time job and not really making much money… so i think you better stick to your day-job, Martina!

  10. OMG I was so happy when you read two of my comments >3< I was the one that got candy from an old lady, and I was the one that was like "OMG THERE WERE BUTLER CAFES?" XD (daretobelate)
    I was seriously stupid happy. Helps that it was five in the morning so I was like OMG at anything at that point.

  11. If you ever reviewed J-dramas you need to review Tumbling . . best Jdrama ever!!!!!

  12. j-drama daisuki! did you watch or read Wallflower? (i think its called Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge) thats how i found out about Kat-Tun….. i love that girl character!!! hehe ^^
    i just had an interview to teach in japan next year, so if all goes well hopefully ill attend a nasty meetup in asia!

    • also on the Korean Hana Kimi…. i thought sulli looked more like a girl that horikita maki, funny enough. hehe. both versions are cute! but the japanese one is definitely more playful and funny ^^ (BEST PART SPOILER ALERT : cheerleading to avril levine episode)
      and the best friend (nakatsu) is Ikuta Toma! suuuuch a good actor! everything he does is wonderful!

      • yanagiba yusuke22

        i think korean hanakimi was based on hanakimi remake 2011… im didnt like the version though even mny ppl said that the 2011 version was 99% from the manga… i like hanakimi 2007 more….with my fav role, nakatsu… p/s: i like the cheerleading part!!!! :)

    • I’m in the process of watching Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge ^^ I started the anime ages ago, but because of issues, I had to quit >_> When I found the drama, I was intrigued by the concept being done in live action format and so far, I haven’t been disappointed. The only drawback is that the episodes are an hour long and my interest kind of wanes at around 20ish minutes in XD I’ve been watching anime for too long >_>

  13. Simon, have you played The World Ends With You before? It’s a square-enix game from like 2007 for the DS. I think you’d like it, I think you can get it for iPhone or iPad now? I dunno, I don’t do apple products >_<

  14. What I would like to see the most is a kdrama review segment. That would be epic!

    I also think that a weekly video on some form of Japanese pop culture would be cool. Like, “This week we are going to talk about manga!” or “This week we are going to talk about jrock!”. Then it could be switched up every week with whatever catches your fancy and you wouldn’t feel the stress of having to stay current or anything. Just a suggestion.:)

  15. Lessons learned from this livechat:

    1.Martina needs a Kdrama and Jdrama segment it must happen

    2. Even Polish guys get cornrows… so I must stop the hate over Taeyang’s hair

    3. Simon wont fit in that tub.

    4. what God has made can not tear…. under? WTF

    5. K-pop style romancing…

  16. Actually, I’ve heard that the best sushi and sashimi comes from Vancouver. While Japan has the best sushi chefs (obviously), the water near Japan has been so over-fished for so many centuries, they either have to use smaller fish, or go further out to sea so the fish isn’t quite as fresh. However, in Western Canada, fishermen are able to bring in bigger fish closer to shore, so they can get it to the restaurants when it is much more recently caught.

    Or so I’ve been informed. Does anyone know if this is true?

  17. I skipped school today! But only to finish my School Based Assessment which I need to pass my exams! It was nine in the morning here and I was just leaving the house when I remembered the live chat. Sigh… I ALWAYS MISS THEM! ALWAYS!

  18. speaking of square enix, simon did you read the news on playstation 4? arent you excited?! oooh so nasty!

  19. I would love for Simon and Martina to try the ‘Blue Curry’ at Nico Nico Headquaters building in Shinjuku, Tokyo!! That would be the best Japanese FapFap EVAR

  20. irritablevowel

    It doesn’t surprise me at all that in Tokyo people seem more comfortable with foreigners and also that more foreigners speak Japanese. Tokyo has been considered one of the big global cities for awhile now. Global city means a lot of foreigners and it means expats, which accounts for more fluent speakers. Also, there are many more Japanese companies with outposts in the U.S. than Korean companies. Just outside of Chicago there is a suburb that is homebase for several Japanese companies. There is a huge Japanese supermarket and many Japanese restaurants that are there to cater to the various company employees. My sister was an engineer for a small company, and after you worked there for awhile you would get to take a business trip to Japan. The company encouraged their employees to take Japanese lessons in case they wanted to go over and stay for longer. Mind you, this was a pretty small company, not even close to the mega-giants.
    Not only that, but in the 80′s and 90′s there was such a big push to learn Japanese as a way to get ahead in business. A lot of schools started offering it alongside the usual French, German and Spanish. Now they’re telling all the kids “Mandarin! Learn Mandarin!”
    Korea’s big business push into the U.S. really got going in the early 2000′s, so it’s still pretty new.

    There were a German flag in one of your videos.
    Or is Simon from Schlesien and kind of both?!

  22. I’m SUPER SAD that I was awake at 5AM (California) and didn’t actually know this was happening so I missed it anyway. :( :( :(

  23. irritablevowel

    This chat started right about the time I leave for work, and I was happily sitting there making myself late when Martina channeled my mother and gave the whole “school prepares you for the world!” speech, telling the school skippers to stop watching the vid and go to school. FINE, I said, I’ll go to school MOM…after all I am the teacher.

  24. Isabel Ruby

    MATSUMOTO JUNNNNNNNNN kimi wa petto is my fav, and Nakatsu is the BEST!!! gaahhhh martina please start reviewing dramas~~~~~

  25. funny story : I live in miami and the time of the live chat was at 8am , PS :Im in high school and in miami, high schools start at 7:20 am and Im a senior.
    so today was the panoramic picture in my school and they announced that the time they were going to take the picture was exactly at 8:00 am and i thought ” seriously ” . so i did not panic and started to watch the live chat while i was going down stairs. i arrived to the gym ( they were doing the picture in the gym) so i sat there with my friends and they took the pictures and everything was ok (all the time i had the headphones in my ears and was watching the livechat video from my phone). then they announced that in five minutes we had to dance to the harlem shake…………. seriously dance…… well i was not going to miss simon and martina’s priceless jokes ,so while shaking my body off dancing to the song i was still watching the live chat . when we finished i went back to class and my teacher asked me what was i watching that was more fun that hanging with my friends …… well simon and martina’s eat your kimchi….. i told her that its was super funny and i show it to her …………. my teacher loved it ……… thanks to simon and martina i got an extra credit A for the day …

    boooommm yeahhh

  26. Ahah, sorry-I’m commenting as I watch. I LOVE MATSUMOTO JUN AND KAME AMS IKUTA TOMA SOOOOOO MUCH! I haven’t been keeping up with my J pop culture as much lately in favor of Korean, but when I first got really into Asian pop culture, I was watching vast majority J dramas and listening to vast majority K music (actually, if I’m honest, it was majority YG music O_O) and I watched and loved almost all the dramas you named. ^^ I even watched KAT-TUN’s variety show religiously, hehe. Now as I get more into Korean dramas and culture, I haven’t been keeping up with Japan as much but this really reminded me how much I like it and miss it. ^^ Oh, and just to say-I love Kimi wa Petto so much that I do own it subbed on dvd, kekeke.

  27. omg you mentioned Absolute Boyfriend and that reminded me that there are Taiwanese and Korean versions both rumored to be in the making!!!! i remember hearing that they were considering TOP to play Night in the korean version and the Taiwanese version is supposed to have one or two of the guys from Fahrenheit (who played the two lead male roles in the Taiwanese version of Hana Kimi, which is my favorite version of that series)

    oh and if you like japanese music, i’m don’t know anything about the pop scene but the japanese rock bands are AMAZING!!!!! Seriously, you have to check out the Gazette because they are SOOOO GOOOOOOD! especially if you favor kind of a medium metal sound.

    • Hahaha you don’t know how giggily I got when I read the GazettE <3 My loves! As well as Alice Nine I think would be of Martina and Simon's tastes ^^

      • i’m personally a huge Malice Mizer fan (seriously, everything Mana touches is gold) and i really like Versailles’ sound, but i don’t think Simon and Martina would listen to them as much. Alice Nine i could see though, and maybe some of Ayabie’s stuff. And the Gazette are freaking amazing. Kai is just the cutest goof and Ruki is just hilarious

    • the taiwanese version for absolute boyfriend is out. stars GU HYE SUN as well.
      Hayato the combat butler is also out. TW production. stars PARK SHIN HYE.
      Skip beat. TW production. stars Si Won and Dong Hae

  28. Oh my God Zettai Kareshi !
    Martina you have to see the Taiwanese version !
    That was the thing of the day !

  29. I would totally love more talk about KDRAMA, MANGA, and JDRAMA. :)) music is nice and all but it would be interesting to see your opinion on its ^^

  30. Used to be a huge fan of KAT-TUN… then Akanishi left the group taking me with him. And then I discovered K-pop. :D

  31. martina knows kat-tun and arashi and ikuta toma!!! (omg, she’s a closet JE stan? O:)

  32. YES! Matsumoto Jun is the love of my life! And I love Kame from KAT-TUN!

  33. KATHyphenTUN

    Martina – The “dreamy-mcdreamerson who is in every drama…” from kat-tun would be kamenashi kazuya!!
    You should watch “tatta hitotsu no koi” (it has kamenashi kazuya, and tanaka koki from kat-tun) it has a really good love story!
    And yes, nobody can beat Toma at that role!!

    Simon – You should do a video game review! and you should play League of Legends!! haha I would love to see that!!

  34. I was in school when you guise were doin this -___________-” Darn you U.S. time zones!!

  35. Oh Martina Martina!! If you truly want to go to a butler cafe you both should travel to Ikebukuro to ‘Otome Road’ and they have butler cafe’s there and a lot of other girly stuffs!!!! If you have the time that is~!!

  36. i’ve noticed Seungri’s husband is always one of the first twitter people to respond xD

  37. Props to the Californian who made it to 5 in the morning for you guys. I couldn’t hang. > _<

  38. I was so scared when I was in Akihabara, just wanted to get out of there quickly ><

  39. you acknowledged my sister (starrubybear from NYC) and made her morning! she called me like six times to wake me up. If you guys get the shorty and come to new york we cant wait to see you!

  40. Your livechat was on same time as Shinee’s showcase livestreaming. How dare you making me choosing between you and them? D:
    Anyway, I chose Shinee and completly failed. I couldn’t watch them in glorious HD and even at 480p. it still was lagging. I hope some people will be nice enough to upload it.
    um… yes. that was my story.

    Now off to watching this~

  41. Martina, i recommend a wonderful jdrama: PRIDE (katakana: プラヂドromaji: puraido). So great, so lovely!

  42. sulli looked more like a guy then. then ashia most of the time! i liked the Korean one better.

  43. absolute boy friend haha yes Martina lol

  44. SIMON Your Polish doesn’t suck, it’s actually quite adorable! xD The only thing is that you say “ja” (I, me) a lil’ bit too often, you can omit it if it’s clear that you’re talking about yourself, because the verb form already tells it :D

  45. omg i watched a couple episodes of alf like 3 months ago i love that show!

  46. wee~~~~ MatsuJun, Oguri Shun, Toma, Kame~~ wee~~~

    btw, SMAP is a boyband too… if you know Takuya Kimura (the hairstylist dude in the awesome Jdorama- Beautiful Life), he’s part of the band.. ^^ ,

    Since Im such a JE (Johnny’s Ent) freak, ill add this too as a bonus, SMAP is a senpai to Arashi, Kat-tun and Toma.

    p/s: Toma and MatsuJun went to Oguri Shun’s wedding in Hawaii, and …………… they performed Arashi’s – One Love( Hana Yori Dango OST) at the wedding XD

  47. I loved the moment when Martina started to talk about J-dramas!!!
    I’m not very good at English so maybe I understood something wrong. Martina when you said that Matsumoto Jun is your favourite, right after talking about Absolute boyfriend, you weren’t talking about this drama right?

    Just in case, the actor who’s the boss (I think that he was her boss, I don’t remember) was Mizushima Hiro. He and Matsumoto Jun really look alike, when I stated with dramas I wasn’t able to distinguish them XD

    By the way, he’s going to start acting again, yuuhuuuuu!
    And Ikuta Toma was absolutely hilarious at Hana kimi,

  48. is dreamy mcdreamerson Kamenashi Kazuya of KAT-TUN?? if so, i agree xD

  49. Simon, if it makes you feel better, I haven’t braided my hair since I was 14 because when my mom used to do it I would always cry.
    ALWAYS. And since I’m guessing your hair is thinner than my hair usually is, they had to grip your hair extra tight to make sure the braids stay tight.

  50. Your polish is so adorable ! My cousin in germany also talks like you ^^, so don’t worry because We can understand what you want to say.
    Please talk more in polish in the futureeeee ^______________^ !

  51. Please go to a Maid Caffe, or try to get permission to film. I have been in many, and MaidDreamin Heavens Gate is the best one.
    It’s right next to the Akihabara station when you exit. (dont remember which exit it was, but it’s next to/ above a big arcade. And they usually have maids on the streets that can guide you there. Another one worth trying is @Home Caffe, but MaiDreamin is the best. (They got 3 or 4 caffe’s in Akihabara)

  52. Hey Simon, your Polish doesn’t suck, you just have a little bit of accent and English syntax, but that’s inevitable when you normally communicate in English. I chociaż nie piszesz po polsku, to widzę, że z czytaniem nie masz problemów :)

  53. FriedChickenOnew

    I read the boys over flowers manga after watching the Korean drama…the Korean drama did not do it service:’( though the Japanese manga was much more mature…

  54. maybe you can review korean dramas and/or movies…or talk about your “fav” korean dramas and what you think about the acting…

  55. My younger brother goes to the Tokyo School of Music and lives in some dorms and there is a vending machine full of vegetables outside the dorms.

  56. yanagiba yusuke22

    im totally excited when martina started to talk abt jdrama…but suddenly it was already the end of live chat…:(… my fav jdrama ever was hanakimi 2007…n i also like nakatsu… even more than sano… n i also cried when watching absolute boyfriend aka zettai kareshi…. i like jdrama more than kdrama lately…bcoz kdrama sometimes bcome predictable in the ending of the story

  57. Cyber_3

    I just clicked on the link from the twitter feed last night and youtube set me up with the window it would be in and a countdown timer. My bedside clock was off by 2 minutes so when I came down the stairs it sounded like Simon and Martina in my living room – LOL! You were already talking but we caught all but the first minute of it – yay! No school here (near Stratford, ON) either (due to snoooooooow) so my 6-year-old watched too, though he got a bit bored. I loved the rambling (always funny) myself but I would have loved to hear more about how you were enjoying your time in Japan. I know it’s hard to get out and about on work trips but those few times are usually awesome.

    As for reviewing other things, trust me, as much as you would rock it, you don’t have time. Keep doing the thing you do well, and do it awesome. If you want to do something else later, it will likely require a paradigm shift, plan out your work week and then see what you’re able to do. As it is, you guise seem really overworked, you should build more flex into your schedule or hand off more editing. BTW, I bet there are lots of Nasties with skit ideas and willingness to do artwork (t-shirts?) for you if you just ask. You’ve made a great community, people will only feel more a part of it by helping, it’s not a crime to let them. Are Nasties fans or family? That’s up to you.

    Cyber_3 – loved Hana Kimi manga (except the end :/), don’t know if I could stand it in a drama…….9_9

  58. Martina, we must have a girls only (guys too if they like this stuff hehe) live chat session sometime! Then we can talk about hot guys, manga, drama’s, anime, oh my gosh, so fun. *claps hands* But seriously that would be awesome. :)

  59. whaaaaa I missed it! :/ But Simon, don’t be ashamed of your polish, bardzo ładnie mówisz : D

  60. Martina, you should check out Tomoko Kawase She is the lead singer of the band the brilliant green (they had a song on Gundam 00 called ash like snow if you cared to watch the show) and she has two alter ego type characters named Tommy February6 (who does retro sounding bubblegum pop material) and Tommy Heavenly6 (who does punky pop/rock Avril Lavigne-ish material). I think you guys would love her and her awesome music videos and her really great engrish.

    • i love her so much omg! her voice is really nice. man all this talk about japan makes me wanna get back into j-pop and j-rock. lol.

    • Omg is Tomoko still active in the music industry? I love the Brilliant Green and have been trying to find some of her solo stuff.

      • She released a double album last year featuring both her alter egos and in 2010, she released a CD with the brilliant green. I like her stuff a lot because of how polarizing her two alter egos are, but she pulls off both with ease. Sometimes her performances and videos have her looking real disinterested and it amuses me to no end, because I know it’s intentional XD

        • Thanks, I found some of her stuff on youtube. Hmm… Now to find the albums. Usually I get some of the older CDs from Book Off in NYC but I don’t know when I’ll be getting back to The states. I will have to see if they are available on Amazon or yes Asia.

  61. PunkyPrincess92

    oh…my…god…..Simon had cornrows…..
    hahahahha Simon was gangster!!!

    Martina eating in the back was cute!!
    yeah the guy in the elevator was Noh Hong Chul!!

    Matsumoto Jun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I LOVE IKUTA TOMA!!!!!!!!!!! my fave Japanese actor!! he is absolutely hilarious!!!

  62. Some videos like Scream by 2NE1 and Dazzling Girl by SHINee aren’t up on Youtube in their full version; it’s really annoying because I love both songs -_-

  63. Next time you’re at sushi, order a kyuri maki, which is a cucumber roll, you can ask for salads サラダ at most restaurants (and that’s the katakana you’re looking for Martina) and if you’re really hurting for veggies, hop into any combini and I can assure you, you will find pickled vegetables and something that might be kimchi but I’m fairly certain that if you showed it to a Korean they would explode in a geyser of rage and declare, in no uncertain terms, THAT IS NOT KIMCHI!!!!

    Sadly you’re here during the winter so there’s a lot of heavy food that’s basically been thrown in a pot and cooked on low all day. Nikujaga is essentially just meat and potatoes served in kombu stock and for the life of me, I don’t remember what Oden is cooked in. I love the pickles in Japan. Lovely, crisp and with just the right amount of salt and they all started their life in some vegetable form or another.

    You might stumble upon a korean restaurant or even another type of cuisine since Tokyo is the food capital of the world. (True story bro) There used to be a little tiny hole in the way in Shibuya that made wonderful pho. Aaaaaah! I know I speak for a lot of Nasties when I say I wish I could show you guys around to all the places I loved in Tokyo. (Should you all lose your minds and decide you want to play in the snow and come to Sapporo I AM THERE. I volunteer to be your translator, guide and luggage carrier, employment be damned!)

    I hope you guys get a chance to go to Asakusa while you’re down there! It’s awesome!

  64. “I’m looking at the different wifi networks and one of them is I can see your fapping”
    … WTF Japan

  65. Please do it on a weekend next ime. T.T I missed it. But anyways I hope you guy have a good week in Japan! ^^

  66. japanese food has loooads of veges! stuff that should be really common:

    Tsukemono(comes as side dish or on top of the meal, i LOVE this,basically pickled veg, so the variety is similar to kimchi),
    Vegetable tempura is basically japanese yachae( haha feels like a strange sentence, to me yachae is korean tempura if you get what i mean),
    Any kind of nabe(hot pot) is absolutely loaded with veg,
    Oden which you can get from everywhere, even convenience store ones are nice, has daikon radish, carrots, cabbage
    Hiyashi Chuka is like a cold noodle topped with veg and meat, looks like bibimbap
    and yes okonomiyaki has lots of veg, you should try the hiroshima style kind if you can find it, its like okonimayaki chicago deepdish pizza style, sort of… its very fat

    and im sure theres alot more one off dish style vegatably food but i dont know the name of those, just know there are from seeing them on menus before

  67. Simon never really finished saying what he was trying to say about the sushi @_@ I’m curious~

  68. Kekeke, they cancelled school so I actually managed to watch one while you were doing it! As usual, had a lot of fun watching, and discovered Martina knows KAT-TUN! :D

  69. Simon, I’m black (if you couldn’t already tell) and I’m here to tell you that it hurts getting my hair braided too XD

    • Seriously?!?? As in, does it seriously hurt, not, “are you seriously black”? Everyone I knew who got their hair braided wouldn’t wince. Don’t tell me that everyone’s just acting tough. That ain’t right!

      • I do have a lot of mixing going on in the genes (not gonna divulge my entire family’s genealogy since I don’t know it all, but let’s just say that a lot of people in my family enjoy the multiculturalism banner XD), but I am mostly black. It actually depends on the person and how curly their hair is (since people with curlier hair have more sensitive scalps); mine isn’t kinky curly (not like Corbin Bleu when he used to be a Disney Channel star), but it’s curly enough that I have an afro when I grow it out (so like a medium curly :3). As for how much it hurt, it didn’t hurt so bad that I was crying, but I did wince and I’m pretty sure those guys were playing Dominoes to have something to concentrate on XD

        • Yes, having something to distract you usually helps. That’s why usually hair braiding time for children is usually coupled with a movie or some type of game they can play with.

          When I get my hair braided now I usually distract myself by talking a whole lot with whoever is doing my hair or, if we aren’t friends I read a book or magazine. Still hurts sometimes though.

        • I’ve only had my hair braided once, but never again Y_Y It was an odd feeling to get used to and idk if I can really handle it over a sustained period of time

      • *cough*

        Dude… It hurts. I actually stopped my mum from cornrowing my hair when I was old enough because every time she would do it, I’d end up wincing in pain. I started doing my own hair when I was like 12 and I guess because I can gauge my own pain, it hurt less. It even sometimes would hurt when I got my locks palm rolled and pinned up because they would sometimes pull them too tight.

        It depends on how sensitive your scalp is to pain. Some people I know are completely find with getting their hair pulled, but I am not one of them. My mum likes to say I have a ‘tender head’.

  70. :( stupid youtube told me that it will be at 10PM (usually it gave the exact time, so I’ve never checked the time zones) and I was like yaaaaaay I can watch it, but I missed it, as I haven’t double checked it :(((

  71. can’t believe i missed it! and i won’t be able to watch it until after school T^T (lol AfterSchool)

  72. I forgot!!!!!


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