Woohoo! We’re back to doing LiveChats in the studio, with Soo Zee and (almost) Leigh. Leigh’s in Texas now until Mid-June or so…so there’ll be a couple more LiveChats without her for a while.

Anyhow, we only got to open three packages, because the last one was so massively huge and we didn’t have enough time to open any more. We’ve got nine more boxes to open. Hopefully we can get through them next week. For today, though, thanks to:

Hollie from England
Kate @ekimiss on Twitter, from the Philippines
Mev From Pennsylvania


Also, we’re giving away two MIB CDs, because they’re cool guys. We did our interview with them, briefly, for our LiveStream in Singapore, and then we did another small one with them for HP, and then we were on the same flight as them on the way back to Korea. They gave us a couple of CDs, so we figured we’d give them to you. Want to win one? Here’s how:

Just head on over to our LiveStream with them, embedded below, and show MIB your support in the comments. That’s all! We’ll pick two winners and announce them in next week’s LiveChat. Huzzah!


  1. Regarding the EYK flag. Everyone in the US should send a flag of their state. Because there’d be too many USA flags. But there’s 50 states, 50 diff flags to represent the people in all the states.

  2. It would be awesome if you added the etsy links to your blog posts so we can support other Nastys! :D

  3. Oh Martina I wished you had had the chance to talk more about the k dramas you’re watching right now (be damned those awesome mugs!). I really want to know more about Cheondoong’s drama called Paris Nail Salon (I think?). Is it good? Some nasties watching it?

    I started watching Iris II today to get some distraction of finals and geez it’s so good already! (With some actors who speak fluent English!) (Waiting for Joon to show up hehe) I recognized some actors from School 2013 and Big. That might be an indication that I’ve seen too many k dramas already. And didn’t know Beast’s Doojoon had such a nice voice. Anyone who has seen Iris II?

  4. Those “magic mugs” are thermochromic mugs, they change colour usually having print underneath the black colour, they change colour from the heat and change back to its original state when cooled down. It’s pretty nifty, they’re developing stuff for milk cartons where it tells you when it will be out of date by the colour change. They also have toilet seats where the seat changes colour from when the previous person has been sitting on. Oh the perks of studying textiles product design that give me *SIMON’S DOTHRAKI MAN WARRIOR VOICE* UNLIMITED KNOWLEDGE OF UNNECESSARY THINGS IN LIFE

  5. Hahahaha u guise are so cute saying Tagalog (btw that’s the proper term for the actual language they shared because Filipino has different dialects… Pretty sure that’s accurate ^^’ I’m an expat Filo, Aussie slang for a Filipino) I especially like Martina saying ‘gusto ko pa’ ^v^ btw those are awesome mugs!!!

  6. nasties r dying to know the ‘evil’ room in ur studioooo

  7. S&M….u should bring henry to the studio since his debut next week….

  8. You now, the reason you guys were so food crazy in Singapore (beyond the fact their food is awesome) is you guys had been denying yourselves of those fantastic food items on your diet beforehand. It might be better to let yourselves have a little bit of such good things all the time (and really stick to a little bit) than perhaps you wont feel like you go so food crazy when you come off of a diet?

  9. Now I’m really upset that there are only 5 episodes of Nail Shop Paris out right now. ; A ;

    • I was wondering if Martina was asking if anyone has been watching it because of the nail art on the show, she mentioned nail stickers and stuff later in the live chat.

      I have been watching the show and it changes from week to week. It may be a mystery-of-the-week-supernatural-or-not-story-of-a-romance-between-a-girl-disguised-as-a-boy-and-one-of-two-possible-boys-working-in-a-nail-shop-staffed-with-people-who-sure-get-involved-with-their-clients-business-and-there-might-be-a-gumiho-and-there-is-a-psychic/occulty-looking-guy-at-the-“Where’s Wally?”-restaurant-they-hang-out-at-kind-of-show. I’m sure they have them all the time. But I keep watching it.

      • I think Martina might like it because of it’s similarities with Ouran Host Club.

        As for what type of show it is, I have no clue. There’s an obvious love triangle involved and I really hope she chooses Kay. The first 5 episodes really focus on the different customers, though I think they’re going to start focusing more heavily on the love triangle in the coming episodes, judging from the last preview.

        I’m pretty much hooked now.

    • only 5 ep? i think i should watch it

  10. One of my cats, Tye tye, is getting fat. She’s the youngest and she already weighs almost 15 pounds -.- and she has issues… she gets jealous, sees us petting one of the other two cats, she goes and eats food; she comes to us wanting to be pet and we ignore her, she goes and eats food; she does something bad and we punish her (just yell at her and give her a spank), when its done she goes and eats food. So we nicknamed her Chubb Chubb, which she actually tends to listen to more than what we actually named her.. And she’s a picky eater too. We try to give her treats even, and she looks at us like we’re crazy and walks away from it..

  11. You know how you were talking about giving away stuff on live chats? I actually really miss your wonderful treasure find videos – perhaps you could find some more stuff like that to mention and give away during live chats?

  12. GAAAH! Martina said Oregon wrong again! D:< You don't say it like it is spelled, Martina, it is Or-i-gin. D:<

    Sorry, I'm letting my Oregonian out…

  13. henry debut….S&M should bring him to EYK studio….

  14. i kind of wish you guise would heed the content lists when people include them… i mean, like with the watches, the list probably said which phrase was intended for which EYK Crew member. that way e’erone could open the box meant for them :(

  15. Martina! What were you gonna say about nail shop paris? I must know! I must!

  16. Regarding the dry and wet food debate; it is especially important for cats to have access to fresh water because of their extremely efficient kidneys. Without sufficient water to accompany their dry food, they tend to go into kidney failure as they age. So a dry food diet is fine, but make sure he drinks enough water. If not, wet food is better.

    • i have heard that wet food will contribute to tooth decay, though? is a combination of both best?

      • Apparently the whole “dry food wipes tartar off their teeth” is highly debated by vets. To be safe we are supposed to brush our kitty’s teeth anyway. My Himalayan gets salmon flavored toothpaste using a brush that fits over your pointer finger. If they’re not used to it from a young age though, it’s a lot harder to manage :(

  17. Make up samples is a great idea!! Same with nail art thingies. I love to wear make up/do my nails but I don’t have anything!

  18. i want to know the creepy room story so bad…..

  19. Woah, Jen from frmheadtotoe?!! I LOVE her! You’ve met with her? Gosh, that must’ve been exciting (mostly for martia) She seems like such a fun and sweet person, haha : D -so jealous-

  20. I KNOW THE WATCHES! I did a Maxtime in class – i walked in , turned the lights off and whispered MAXTIME. My classmates HATE me :) Also, I remember the Haunted Door from the studio tour in another LiveChat, but we have not yet seen it……

  21. KMTMTMBananas is kiss me touch me touch my bananas i think :)

  22. My Labradors are like hoovers and eat everything but tomatoes. As a Brit – I reognise all the treats – there are not only Percy Pigs, but sheep and cows and stuff – hehe i might send some over :)

  23. I can see you might be doing an EXO KMM next week. ‘OLF!

  24. Those bacon things are like frazzles in the Uk. They are so awesome and I always wanted them when we went to the shop :D

  25. Feels. Feels. Feels! haha
    The letters should be in the Magic Box — pink envelope with wooden pins. ??
    Or did I miss including them in the package? *gasp*

    Thumbs up for speaking Tagalog :] SALAMAT <3

  26. This is the most interesting livechat ever! ^^ I’m from the Philippines too! I was supposed to send you a package too but then I’m doubting my own package :'( Half of whats in my package is what you opened from Kate @ekimiss so yeahhh.. I must find some other things to amuse you mwahaha

  27. I should have checked youtube earlier, missed out on the first 40 minutes of the live chat. ;_; Glad you guys upload these so fast afterwards !

  28. Damn that package was awesome.

  29. Thank you for the MIB interview, I’ve watched it a couple of times already. I have to disagree with Cream though, SIMS is the sexiest. That voice when he is rapping and the blue & green hair, makes me want to fangirl!!

  30. kinda out of topic, but HOLY SMOKES! the video playlist in the blog post has 100 videos?! time to grab my snacks and sit in front of my computer all day

  31. Simon’s butchered filipino accent :))


  33. so sad I missed this… :( oh and great news. I converted my sister into a NASTY! mwahahaha

  34. LiveStream in Singapore was awesome support M.I.B the best^_^

  35. That was one epic Filipino package! Props to the Pinoy Nasty for sending you all those tasty goodies ^o^ btw, just out of curiosity, what are your T-shirt sizes, guise?

    • Hmm. Depends. I wear a Medium/Large (never an XL), depending on whether the shirt should be slim fit or not. Martina usually wears a Medium :D


      • Cools. Thanks Simon! I would say what I’m thinking of sending but I’d reveal too mcuh. Oh btw 5/5 stars for your Tagalog/Pilipino on your first attempt. Pilipino is sorta like Korean; it’s very syllabicated (is that a word?) and it can be a bit hard to guage where to break each word into syllables but it’s an impressive first go!

  36. Whoohoo!!! Awesome!!! Thanks guise!!! ❤

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