Woohoo! We’re back to doing LiveChats in the studio, with Soo Zee and (almost) Leigh. Leigh’s in Texas now until Mid-June or so…so there’ll be a couple more LiveChats without her for a while.

Anyhow, we only got to open three packages, because the last one was so massively huge and we didn’t have enough time to open any more. We’ve got nine more boxes to open. Hopefully we can get through them next week. For today, though, thanks to:

Hollie from England
Kate @ekimiss on Twitter, from the Philippines
Mev From Pennsylvania


Also, we’re giving away two MIB CDs, because they’re cool guys. We did our interview with them, briefly, for our LiveStream in Singapore, and then we did another small one with them for HP, and then we were on the same flight as them on the way back to Korea. They gave us a couple of CDs, so we figured we’d give them to you. Want to win one? Here’s how:

Just head on over to our LiveStream with them, embedded below, and show MIB your support in the comments. That’s all! We’ll pick two winners and announce them in next week’s LiveChat. Huzzah!


  1. Oh Martina I wished you had had the chance to talk more about the k dramas you’re watching right now (be damned those awesome mugs!). I really want to know more about Cheondoong’s drama called Paris Nail Salon (I think?). Is it good? Some nasties watching it?

    I started watching Iris II today to get some distraction of finals and geez it’s so good already! (With some actors who speak fluent English!) (Waiting for Joon to show up hehe) I recognized some actors from School 2013 and Big. That might be an indication that I’ve seen too many k dramas already. And didn’t know Beast’s Doojoon had such a nice voice. Anyone who has seen Iris II?

  2. Hahahaha u guise are so cute saying Tagalog (btw that’s the proper term for the actual language they shared because Filipino has different dialects… Pretty sure that’s accurate ^^’ I’m an expat Filo, Aussie slang for a Filipino) I especially like Martina saying ‘gusto ko pa’ ^v^ btw those are awesome mugs!!!

  3. I was wondering if Martina was asking if anyone has been watching it because of the nail art on the show, she mentioned nail stickers and stuff later in the live chat.

    I have been watching the show and it changes from week to week. It may be a mystery-of-the-week-supernatural-or-not-story-of-a-romance-between-a-girl-disguised-as-a-boy-and-one-of-two-possible-boys-working-in-a-nail-shop-staffed-with-people-who-sure-get-involved-with-their-clients-business-and-there-might-be-a-gumiho-and-there-is-a-psychic/occulty-looking-guy-at-the-“Where’s Wally?”-restaurant-they-hang-out-at-kind-of-show. I’m sure they have them all the time. But I keep watching it.

  4. nasties r dying to know the ‘evil’ room in ur studioooo

  5. S&M….u should bring henry to the studio since his debut next week….

  6. only 5 ep? i think i should watch it

  7. i kind of wish you guise would heed the content lists when people include them… i mean, like with the watches, the list probably said which phrase was intended for which EYK Crew member. that way e’erone could open the box meant for them :(

  8. Regarding the dry and wet food debate; it is especially important for cats to have access to fresh water because of their extremely efficient kidneys. Without sufficient water to accompany their dry food, they tend to go into kidney failure as they age. So a dry food diet is fine, but make sure he drinks enough water. If not, wet food is better.

    • Apparently the whole “dry food wipes tartar off their teeth” is highly debated by vets. To be safe we are supposed to brush our kitty’s teeth anyway. My Himalayan gets salmon flavored toothpaste using a brush that fits over your pointer finger. If they’re not used to it from a young age though, it’s a lot harder to manage :(

  9. i want to know the creepy room story so bad…..

  10. Your package was awesome! Super cool job and I loved the special instructions and cheat sheet!

  11. Those bacon things are like frazzles in the Uk. They are so awesome and I always wanted them when we went to the shop :D

  12. I should have checked youtube earlier, missed out on the first 40 minutes of the live chat. ;_; Glad you guys upload these so fast afterwards !

  13. kinda out of topic, but HOLY SMOKES! the video playlist in the blog post has 100 videos?! time to grab my snacks and sit in front of my computer all day

  14. so sad I missed this… :( oh and great news. I converted my sister into a NASTY! mwahahaha

  15. Whoohoo!!! Awesome!!! Thanks guise!!! ❤

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