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Friday Night LiveChat!

November 16, 2013


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Another LiveChat done! Thanks to all of the Nasties who sent us lovely packages to play with, namely:

Maddie from Houston
Kim and Shelby from Kentucky
Aneta from Chicago (sorry if this isn’t your name. I couldn’t read your writing!)
Nikolina from Croatia
Sara and Amal from California

Martina got ultra excited at the Bajadera, if you couldn’t tell, and didn’t really understand how the rest of the Eatyourkimchi Crew’s reaction to it was…middling. I’ve had Bajadera with Martina’s family a lot, and it’s alright, but not fantastic, IMO. Wait a second. I’m going to have to run away from Martina wielding a knife. BRB.

Ok now that I put her in a sleeper hold and she’s in dreamland for a couple of hours, let me finish the post. Let’s talk about other stuff:

1) Thank you to everyone for the packages. Really. We had a phenomenally poopy Monday and Tuesday, and were frustrated beyond belief. We managed to get through it, and to still film all of the stuff we wanted to film as well. Getting through it all today, and being able to chat with you guise at the end of our week and open your awesome packages and awesome art (seriously, that book was UNBELIEVABLY COOL!) really cheers us up. We’ll publish the SHINee video tomorrow, face whatever wrath comes our way, but we’ll stay happy with all of your guise’s support. Thanks everyone.

2) Spevin for Life!

3) Really amazed to see so many Loki fans out there. Martina’s really started digging him a lot more after reading Thor and Loki fanfics this week. I really liked him after reading a lot of the Thor/Avengers/Journey Into Mystery comic lines. Martina hasn’t gotten to those yet. I read comics more chronologically, while Martina will rip through an entire line till its finished, then start reading another line. I’m more like “ok, I have to finish all of the Fear Itself storyline from all comic lines before I carry on with other comics,” you know? I don’t want to miss any cross references.

Yeah! That’s it for this week, then. We’re gonna clean up now and get to hanging out with Leigh! She’s here for the weekend and we’ve got some stuff to talk about. We’re planning videos and future stuff, and it’s better talking to her in person rather than over the phone. Yay!

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