Another LiveChat done! Thanks to all of the Nasties who sent us lovely packages to play with, namely:

Maddie from Houston
Kim and Shelby from Kentucky
Aneta from Chicago (sorry if this isn’t your name. I couldn’t read your writing!)
Nikolina from Croatia
Sara and Amal from California

Martina got ultra excited at the Bajadera, if you couldn’t tell, and didn’t really understand how the rest of the Eatyourkimchi Crew’s reaction to it was…middling. I’ve had Bajadera with Martina’s family a lot, and it’s alright, but not fantastic, IMO. Wait a second. I’m going to have to run away from Martina wielding a knife. BRB.

Ok now that I put her in a sleeper hold and she’s in dreamland for a couple of hours, let me finish the post. Let’s talk about other stuff:

1) Thank you to everyone for the packages. Really. We had a phenomenally poopy Monday and Tuesday, and were frustrated beyond belief. We managed to get through it, and to still film all of the stuff we wanted to film as well. Getting through it all today, and being able to chat with you guise at the end of our week and open your awesome packages and awesome art (seriously, that book was UNBELIEVABLY COOL!) really cheers us up. We’ll publish the SHINee video tomorrow, face whatever wrath comes our way, but we’ll stay happy with all of your guise’s support. Thanks everyone.

2) Spevin for Life!

3) Really amazed to see so many Loki fans out there. Martina’s really started digging him a lot more after reading Thor and Loki fanfics this week. I really liked him after reading a lot of the Thor/Avengers/Journey Into Mystery comic lines. Martina hasn’t gotten to those yet. I read comics more chronologically, while Martina will rip through an entire line till its finished, then start reading another line. I’m more like “ok, I have to finish all of the Fear Itself storyline from all comic lines before I carry on with other comics,” you know? I don’t want to miss any cross references.

Yeah! That’s it for this week, then. We’re gonna clean up now and get to hanging out with Leigh! She’s here for the weekend and we’ve got some stuff to talk about. We’re planning videos and future stuff, and it’s better talking to her in person rather than over the phone. Yay!

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  1. i made this because i coulding stop thinking about making this


    simon and martina were having a wank. They were walking in a park to there destination when simon looked and found a banana.martina realized it was a junsu trap but it was too late junsu trap them and took them away.

    They needed help so they used the sozee alarm.


    Back in the EYK studio…

    Sozee and leigh were vigiously playing video games.sozee yelling at leigh and leigh yelling sozee.



    all of a sudden Sozee quicky looked at the window.

    “do u hear that?”

    “Hear what?”

    “THE SOZEEE ALARM, IT’S SIMON AND MARTINA. I think they need help”

    “let’s go!”

    Back at home……

    Spudgy was sleeping and meemer’s was being lazy.all of a sudden spudgy woke up looking all around “mum!!” he sniffed out the smell of simon and martina. he got up turned himself in to a flying dog and flew out the window. meemer lift his head to see spudgy but he got lazy and went back down.

    spudgy was flying but he got distracted and went for the bacon instead leaving the mission. sozee and leigh running for there life to find them. they got to a house were they heard the sozee alarm from. leigh knocked down the door and ran in. the searched everywhere for them but could not find them. sozee was so hungry from searching she begin eating everything in their that when she grabed the banana’s. both sozee and leigh were randomly zap in a weird lair. it was junsu’s lair. sozee and leigh begin exploring the lair were they fell. they begin to here sounds of a man. they had no idea what coming for them.

    they were slowly approching the sound of the man. they both were shocked to fond junsu. they went into a fangirl mode and forgot what they were doing. still they were captured and put in the same room as simon and martina.

    they eat tour kimchi crew felling hope less. they alll looked sad.

    “no ones coming,”said martina

    simon then knew what he had to do. he was trying to concentrate to let it out. everyone stared at simon with his constipated face. junsu came in staring as well. simon evolved into fangurilla attak junsu. luckly all got out safe except for junsu.


  2. http://gingerhaze.tumblr.com/tagged/Loki has some great Loki drawings. I made one of them as a Valentine´s card for my husband last year :D

    I think you will find that there are lots of more Loki fans (mostly fangirls) on the internet than Thor fans. For example we had some fun Loki/Tom Hiddleston appreciation posts on ONTD, but I´m not into the fandom on tumblr because they can be scary! But Tom is an IRL angel and you should totally watch the interview with him by Tiffany: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JxcHDdOApk8 He is such a good sport :)

  3. Leigh your haircut is totes adorbz! It really suits you. The comic was so cool. That is amazing. The pillow fights was cray cray. Wow I think this is the best live chat so far. So fun! Also I ship Spevin 4 lyf!

  4. Question, did anyone else automatically finish the phrase when Leigh sang, “The stars at night, are big and bright”? I did, and it distressed me to know how I, as a life long northerner have been so successfully brainwashed by the Texans. I shake my mittened fist at you! You and your catchy tune!

  5. tq for a simple review abt miss a-hush…:)…i believe u like this song b4 heard ur comment abt the song..

    now, when ppl talk abt Loki…i will remember mr kyucumber….

  6. life lesson #325: Endeavor to not choke on happy spit during live chatz <3… this is only surpassed by #324: SPEVIN 4 LYFE!

  7. Not a t-shirt person and I wear conductor hats and berets and bretons but not baseball hats, but I would totally wear a black zip up EYK hoodie.

    Just saying.

  8. Spevin is such an perfect OTL. They are both incredibly adorable and both never get angry, cute grumpy maybe but not angry. Man, I really want Kevin as a little brother. Lol, it’s sounds funny but it’s true. He’s the little brother I never had XD

    Loved all the Loki talk. In the past few months I have learned so much about Loki, Tom Hiddleston and his real life friendship with Chris Hemsworth (Thor). It turns out that a new co-worker I befriended this summer is the founder of the Free Loki petition/campaign. While I already loved Loki, she has gotten me to love him on a whole new level. She even convinced me to take off from work early so we could catch the Thor marathon in the theater near work. It was Thor, Avengers, and Thor 2. So much fun.

    Lol I’m not pushing her campaign or anything but if you (or any Nasties) want to check it out here’s the link for the petition:

    Loved the live chat guys, and I’m really happy it cheered you guys up. I’m excited for the SHINee interview, just don’t want you guys to get into an trouble with their parents, I mean SM.

  9. i am totally sending you guise korean junk food box when if i get a boyfriend (i promise, but never gonna happen kkk)

  10. I tweeted kevin frm ukiss SPEVIN 4 LIFE!!!

  11. Don’t do anything that will get you sued or blackballed!

  12. I am also reading Thor fanfiction right now! But I am a slasher and ship FrostIron aka Loki/Tony Stark.

    I always pronounce Tale of Xillia similar to “Shillia”. I’m not sure of the official pronunciation though.

  13. lol where are the fun stories? I WANNA READ!!

  14. to maddie in Houston:
    I’m in Houston too!!! did you get that stuff from FIT??? haha that store is one of my fav places to shop. ^_^

  15. Well, Martina loves pink and hello kitty as well as Wolverine! :-p. Simon apparently is a fan of the Chicago **cks

  16. The problem is that they switch up the times a lot. All we know is that live chats are usually on Fridays in a korea. They promote the times on Facebook and on youtube about a day or so before the life chat starts. Another way to be informed is to subscribe to the simonmartinabonus channel on youtube where the livechats are usually held.

  17. Would it be possible to do a scan or photos of the EYK comic you were sent? It looks fantastic and an unbelievable amount of work.

  18. Sucks that I was in die schule……=(

  19. My kitty has that patch of fat on his belly too. It jiggles when he walks or runs and I do sometimes play with it (wiggle it back and forth) which most of the time results in some scratches and bites because I am taking away the good belly rubs. I looked it up and yes it can be because of overweight or it could be what termed as ‘spay sway’ where they say that cats that have been fixed get this (I’m not a vet so don’t know for sure). Or it can be both. I know for my kitty it’s a little of both because he had the saggy belly shortly after he got fixed and when he was skinny. I do realize he is a bit fat now and I need to work on not spoiling him so much.

  20. Love the hair, Leigh! You look like the Snow White character from “Once Upon a Time”.

  21. I’m sure SM’s commands were something like: “More lens flares! Add a 360 degree camera view! Not enough fluorescent bulbs! Wait- you can’t have our artists in the open air! To the box with all of you!”

  22. Did Martina just spoil Breaking Bad for me? TTATT Why!?!?!?!?!?!?
    I know it’s been over for a few weeks now but I’m watching it through Netflix (since its the only way I am able to follow shows) and they are a season (or two?) behind. And amazingly I have managed to avoid spoilers….. up til now.

  23. Oh god, this is now the first and only hashtag I will use #Spevin. Bromance for life!!
    Leigh your hair looks awesome! Excellent job making epic lemonade out of poopy lemons. By the way, I call you “Other Leigh” in conversation because my name is Leigh too!

    Fanfic can be difficult to read. I do recommend getting together with your lit-snob friends and having a dramatic reading and/or drinking game with the bad ones. It’s totally hysterical and so worth it. By the time you’re a few pages in, you’ll be too sloshed to care about silly things like logic, plot holes, awful ‘ships, Mary Sue-ing or terrible life choices! Martina, do you read it online? I used to read mine on fanfiction.net it was full of epicness.

  24. I opened the livechat ~4hours before it started, but then I (totally accidentally) fell asleep. It’s great, because your voices saying ‘It says we’re live!’ woke me up (totally normal to wake up at 3pm) :D It was really nice to watch the livechat ‘live’ again. Usually I have lectures at this time.. :(

  25. *fast-forwards through video* *suddenly Martina is wearing the biggest sombrero I’ve ever seen* Did, did someone mail that to you guys once? Or was that a single piece of checked luggage from your trip a few years back?

  26. What’s that shooting across the ceiling at about 9:34?? o.O

  27. Grr it wouldn’t let me comment! TT So here are my comments! Haha

    Simon: My kitty also had a weird saggy fat tummy! It would swing back and forth and hit her in the sides when she ran, teehee
    Leigh: So sorry to hear that guy butchered your hair, but it looks awesome now! Pixie cut ladies unite XD

    And… then I had to leave for work and missed the rest. Going to catch up now ^^

  28. I guess SM is a big jerk to deal with if it made you guise that frustrated. T-T I hope at least meeting SHINee was a pleasant experience but I certainly don’t want any wrath coming your way. We will definitely be supporting you no matter what! Glad you got to end the week happily with your fans and I am excited about your future videos!!
    Lots of love, hugs, and positive thoughts! =^-^=

  29. Did I REALLY just miss the livestream AGAIN?! *curls up in a ball and cries* x x x

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