Hey guise!

We’re staying home today because Martina’s juuuust about done with her cold. So close! But, you know, we like filming things from home. We recently filmed our TL;DR from home, and we realized how much we missed filming at home. Though it was a pain in the butt with having our gear everywhere, it was nice this time around.

So this week’s LiveChat is from home as well. We filmed another video from home, and we figured it’s best to do our LiveChat here as well. The small problem is, we usually get your packages delivered to our home, and then we get them to the studio, and we date them in order of being received, so we can open the oldest ones first, out of fairness. Since we filmed this at home, though, the older packages are at the studio, rather than in our home, so we opened the newest batch. AH! Sorry guise. I can’t remember what’s in the studio, except for an awesome looking package from Barbados. Yipes!

On that note, thanks to all of the awesome people who sent us awesome stuff, including:

Cyrie from Oregon
Krista from Helsinki, Finland

We only opened two packages today, but they were pretty huge and we got lots of awesome stuff today. Whoa! We’re going to sort through it all today, but – let me just say – KITCHEN SUPPLIES! We’re such dorks and we love that stuff. Freaking Kitchen supplies! YAYYY!

Side note: umm, it turns out that the LiveChat was live for, like, three minutes before we actually started filming, and that’s freaking terrifying. Turns out I swore and stared at the camera and fiddled with my eyebrows. JEBUS! This new version of the software sucks! So embarrassing! In case you’re not sure, we always joke with each other and call each other dicks. We adapted it from something we assume Spudgy says to Meemers. It’s part of our joke language with each other. Point is, that’s not something that we usually share on camera, because it’s difficult to explain when we call each other dicks. Double side note: for some people who are concerned that we swear a lot on camera lately, you have noooo clue how much we swear off camera. We’re really trying to be more family friendly on camera, but whooooaaa we swear like sailors :D

Ok, so I’m gonna go run in shame now and try to forget that you saw us for 3 minutes beforehand. AWKWARD!

Side note, if you’d like to never miss a LiveChat again, you can subscribe to our bonus channel. Yay!

  1. Simon, they actually have a tv show called taxi that is pretty much what you described. I think it’s on tvn.

  2. Meemers has the night crazies plus kitty pot. My Timmy gets those and will run across my keybaord and on my ukulele that I keep on the bed so I can practice. Right now he’s using the ukulele as a pillow. I’m typing this and I heard “nipple removal” I’m going to finish this!

  3. Either this is the best livechat ever or everything is hilarious at 1am. Probably both.

  4. Po-Sta o as on octopus a as in under

  5. I think the conversation about idol reactions and personalities is kind of hilarious, since you were describing essentially a lot of their common zodiac Sun Sign traits (I know not a huge amount of people believe in Western Zodiac/astrology, but it’s kind of a huge thing I pay attention to. It helps me personally not tick off a whole bunch of people whenever I talk to them T.T’ ehehehe~)

    But yeah G-Dragon – Leo Sun – tends to be into the arts and fashion and hair (which is kind of his whole life) along with liking to be in the lead and is a Fixed sign (much more steady and inclined to stay on his path).

    T.O.P would have trouble with fame, since he’s a Scorpio Sun and while a lot of ‘power’ (fame in this case) is very intriguing and sometimes a want with Scorpios, they tend to override that with a sense of just not liking a whole bunch of people (small friend circle types) and would rather just spend some time either alone or with a few loved ones and just not have to deal with all the crap that comes with fame and being loved by tons of people.

    Seungri has a Sagittarius Sun (like me!! Haha) and quite a few of people with this Sun are kinda into the whole sexy times, especially men. I’m personally not that way, but I have a bunch of Earth in my chart that seems to override that tendency. Junsu is also a Sagittarius, if that helps ;)

    Taemin has a Cancer Sun, and that definitely gives a sense of wanting to “settle down with a couple acres and have a family” kind of thing. Better with fame than a Scorpio could be, but at the end of the line Cancer can be quite happy settling down. Not as likely to go Seungri-style :P

    (Disclaimer time: I was just mentioning Sun Signs and traits here, so I could be wrong on some points. Zodiac is at it’s most accurate if I have their whole chart, which sadly I don’t at this time *sobs in corner* but yeah. Not everyone believes in astrology but it’s helped me personally and I love it. I’m not asking anyone to believe in it if they don’t, I just wanted to share) Have a lovely day everyone! :)

  6. I absolutely LOVE that you have a Bob Ross decal or something on the back of your computer! Bob Ross is the bomb with is happy little trees, haha. Also super hypnotic and relaxing…

  7. Hi Martina, get well soon, alright

  8. LOLOLOL!!! Wilt Chamberlain of KPOP. Instead of 100 points a game, Seungri goes for 100 chicks a day :D

  9. 0_0
    I’m wearing that Marvel shirt in my indie request I did last week.

    Now if/when you accept my request I’m going to look like a poser. And now the end of my video is awkward.

    WHY?!?! :'(

  10. I think I prefer the livechats at your house S&M! I like seeing the animals, but mostly I like seeing your awesome expat life.

  11. You guys, your thoughts on Seungri are exactly the way I’ve always felt about him. XD He reminds of guys I know, and they are exactly like that. If it moves it can be humped. Martina, I think your vision of T.O.P. is pretty close, but he wouldn’t be alone. He’s a mamas boy and is always with her, in fact if I remember correctly he doesn’t live in the dorms so he be at home with his mom. I remember when they came to the US for their tour last year, while the rest of BigBang stayed in LA the days before the NY (well NJ) show, T.O.P. hopped on a plane to NY to be with his mom.

  12. Also, ranch pasta salad: I use rotini, steamed California veggies (a mix of broccoli, cauliflower & carrots), a bit of olive oil and dry ranch dressing mix. That’s the plain version. To make it a one-dish meal, you can add chicken, olives and diced or shredded cheese (I like mozzarella). In fact, this dish doesn’t even have to be cold. It can be served hot, too!

  13. I totally need to set up like an e-mail alert somehow or something like that because I always JUST miss your livechats!!!! I know I can still watch them afterwards, but it’s so upsetting. :(

  14. Simon, about the mac n’ cheese: no, I don’t bother with 2 cheese packets; that’s what shredded cheddar is for! Or if you want macaroni italiano: add olives, canned Italian-style (w/ garlic & herbs) tomatoes and mozzarella. If you want mexican macaroni: olives again, hamburger or black beans, pepper jack cheese and salsa. That’s my husband’s favorite.

  15. Out of curiosity, if S&M ever have a child, Simon is going to need to deal with the nursing that Martina will do. Neepers are good for babies.

  16. I tried to apply your maknae logic to U-Kiss… it doesn’t really work. I was a little horrified thinking of baby Dongho that way, to be honest. But I laughed my ass off anyway!

  17. Wooo late night livechat! (Sorry I couldn’t post this earlier. KOed immediately after because it finished at midnight. You guise got some awesome Nasty fanmails last night ^^ by the way, some of us Aussie Nasties were wondering if you’re bringing some Snapbacks to Melbourne?

  18. Awesome Bob Ross laptop cover. “…and here we have another happy little tree…”

  19. Aww I missed seeing the unedited voyeurism lol. So many cute things though! Love that apron, Martina.

  20. I was supposed to be at work at that time but since we were not that busy, I was told to go home earlier and I could watch it live :D I missed the first minutes though, so I didn’t hear you swear. I don’t know why it felt like winning the lottery or something, but – great success! – Simon read my name when you asked where everyone was from.
    I just watched Seungri’s teaser… O__O This has to be the nastiest Kpop video I’ve ever seen. Like, whoa so NASTEEH.

  21. On a unrelated note (somewhat), does anyone know a forum about either Korea in general, or either Kpop, Kidols, maybe even Kdrama, where there’s a large community of people talking to each other about present and past stuff? I know there’s the soompi forum, but it’s more like a “comment forum” than a real one, so there’s not that much “talking to each other” going on… I’m really searching for something like that since the last one I was active on closed. + I’m looking for some specific information that I cannot get by regular search on Google since it’s been too long.

  22. I’m pretty sure Seungri’s gonna challenge Junsu’s Royal Nastiness with his new video…let’s see!

  23. I freaked out when you said my name. I’m Deb from Minnesota! ^___^ I was so excited for the livechat, since they’re usually at, like, 2 in the morning for me. Eight in the morning was sooo perfect! And I loved seeing Spudgy and Meemers for so much of it! It feels like we don’t see Meemers as often. So, yay to animals in the morning!

    So glad that you’re feeling better Martina, and I hope that you’re fully recovered soon!

  24. Wait? Did Martina say “I serve to live you?” Oh your Engrish!
    Sorry, another BTW there is an OREGON flag taped to the flap of the box, I don’t think they saw that ‘-_-

  25. I said I didn’t have an Etsy account…Not technically true. It’s called ‘ABBYandCASSIE’ but there’s nothing up for sale yet….. I was going to make some more (Martina’s) aprons, but that takes time, and I’m still recovering from surgery. BTW Simon and Martina: You can cut the art off of my box, I don’t mind at all.

    • Loved your package! I was thinking of sending French, other condiments and deodorant to S&M too! But you beat me to it. ^-^ At least now I know that Martina likes the Secret brand. I wonder if the Dothraki man warrior will use the Old Spice kind. ^_^ I want to send a unique package like you did! Wow, that must have taken so much time and energy to make those aprons. Thanks for sending that to S&M. :D Hope you are feeling better soon!

      • The thing with condiments is you eventually run out! (OH NOZ !) So I don’t think they would mind getting more. I didn’t know Martina liked ‘secret’ brand, but I saw regular ‘old spice’ in 2 of their videos, one of the videos was about what to pack for Korea, so I assume Simon uses regular old spice. I watched a bunch of older live chat videos, to see what they might find useful (I didn’t want to send silly stuff or stuff they couldn’t use).
        Don’t worry about making a package ‘unique’ because no matter what you put into it, it will be unique!

        • Cool~ Thank you for the reply. :) BTW… may I ask you if it was expensive to send that box to Korea? And did you send it through the Post Office, FedEx or UPS? I’m trying to gauge how much it *might* cost to send them a package. ^-^ If my box is too heavy, it might be too expensive to send. Maybe I’ll send just a little bit. Problem is~ I just want to send them so much since they give me so much happiness from watching their videos. I’ve been watching them since forever and I think it’s time to send them fanmail. :) Have a good weekend.

        • WARNING: I am defiantly not an expert at sending packages abroad (from the USA). But I will try to help give you an idea what to expect.——> My package (the Meemers one) weighed 20lbs and it cost me $96.50 to send, but it had free online tracking. I used USPS; only because I live in a small town without FedEx or UPS. If you have those options I’d say shop around. Try calling for an estimate using the address and weigh of your box. I put a lot of ‘FRAGILE’ stickers on my box to help it survive, and not get beat up like some of the boxes they receive! I had one for every country I thought the box might pass through (USA, Japan, Korea) just search Google image for some, the Korean one is below.
          When you ship a package abroad; you will have to fill out a ‘Customs Declaration’ form. You will have to put down what is in the box, the quantity of each item, how much each weighs (guess!), and how much it’s worth (guess this one too!). I’m my case, I had a lot of candy and stuff for the kitchen. I wasn’t going to list every single one! So try to group things into categories. I put ‘Kitchen Tools’ quantity: 5 (the purple kitchen set and cupcake set). ‘Hygiene Products’ quantity: 3 (2 deodorants and the aspercream). ‘Candy’ quantity: 20. Get it? Pick up a few forms and FILL THEM OUT AT HOME. Another thing you will have to fill out is the address. They want to know street address, city, etc. I couldn’t really figure out which part of their address when were on the form, and don’t expect your post office to help! Mine didn’t know! Here’s what I did: I printed out an address label separate the customs form. Here is what I put on the Customs form: Address: Bucheon Woochaegook Saseoham #38 Post code: 420-600 City: Jung-1 Dong, Wonmi-Gu, Bucheon-Si State/Province: Gyeonggi-Do Country: South Korea. I can’t promise that everything was put into the right category BUT it still got there didn’t it?
          Hopefully you will find this helpful.

        • Wow! Thank you so much for your help! <333 I will have to save up quite a bit more money before sending a package to them. You're so wonderful for all the good advice.

    • Oh my gosh, I loved your Avengers apron! That was seriously amazing! I hope the surgery was nothing too serious and that you recover well from it!!!

      • Thanks.
        The surgery was only semi-serious. I was sick for 5 months, before they realized I needed to have my gallbladder removed. It was ready to burst!

        • Oh my gosh I feel your pain, it took doctors two months to figure out my gallbladder was making me sick. You are a super trooper for dealing with and handling all of that for five months! I just want to hug you. Glad they figured it out and got it out of you, especially before it got any worse. You will honestly feel sooooooo much better ie normal once your are fully healed from surgery.

          You package to them was really awesome, and I love Martina’s apron that you made!

        • Oh my gosh! Thank goodness they figured out what was wrong! Make sure to get plenty of rest.

  26. I am so glad you are getting better. I haven’t been able to watch the video yet, but I wanted to respond to something in the blog post. First off, thank you so much for trying to be family friendly. As a person who likes to watch this with her family, it means a lot to me. I am one of the ones that as politely as possible have asked for editing for language. However, cussing in a live chat doesn’t bother me. It’s live, that is the nature of the beast. But I want you to know how greatly appreciated your editing of profanity is of the videos that are already edited are. I know that it is a lot of work. I just want to make sure you know how grateful I am.

  27. So the reason I called the Ranch Pasta, “Poor boy pasta” is because it cost us less than five bucks to make it for the group of 7 of us that would usually hang out in high school. We didn’t use the box though. We used Bowtie pasta, half a bottle of Ranch, and a few pieces of Chicken breast, shredded. If we were really broke we would use a can of chicken. lol… Good times…

    *Side Note- My last name is pronounced “Alice”. Doesn’t matter really, but since Martina pronounced it two different ways, I figured- for funzies- I’d clarify it. : P

  28. Lets add to my previous comment that it took like 7 tries to post that with a bunch of this telling I’m not registered but I am but I’m not -_-…. Sorry probably shouldn’t post these but who else will I express this to? Probably my giant stuffed zebra named Sheldon.

  29. Normally I don’t have any interest in aprons, I live my life in the kitchen wildly, but I think now I’m going to start looking at apron patterns at Jo Anns….

  30. I have to rematch for bits because anytime I tried to leave a comments my computer crashed. That happened 4 times. It was super upsetting/annoying stupid old computer.

  31. You’ve mentioned some candies called Moomins. They are characters from finnish book written by Tove Jansson. There’s been many cartoon based on it e.g. polish one :)


    Here’s link to one episode in english: http://youtu.be/lmvRXUR7Xus

  32. I actually tried to let you know a couple of times but Simon didn’t look at the tweet feed or at any of the comments :P .


  33. There are lots of meese and reindeer in Finland

    CARAMELS (the soft candies, not the sauce) = sugar + butter + milk/cream + heat (firm ball stage). TOFFEE = sugar + butter + heat (hard crack stage).
    There are some variations of course, but that’s in general. Candy making is so much fun. Maybe when I have money I’ll send you some of my practice sugar pulling and marshmallows and chocolates (I’m practicing for pastry school)

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