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LiveChat from Home!

August 17, 2013


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Hey guise!

We’re staying home today because Martina’s juuuust about done with her cold. So close! But, you know, we like filming things from home. We recently filmed our TL;DR from home, and we realized how much we missed filming at home. Though it was a pain in the butt with having our gear everywhere, it was nice this time around.

So this week’s LiveChat is from home as well. We filmed another video from home, and we figured it’s best to do our LiveChat here as well. The small problem is, we usually get your packages delivered to our home, and then we get them to the studio, and we date them in order of being received, so we can open the oldest ones first, out of fairness. Since we filmed this at home, though, the older packages are at the studio, rather than in our home, so we opened the newest batch. AH! Sorry guise. I can’t remember what’s in the studio, except for an awesome looking package from Barbados. Yipes!

On that note, thanks to all of the awesome people who sent us awesome stuff, including:

Cyrie from Oregon
Krista from Helsinki, Finland

We only opened two packages today, but they were pretty huge and we got lots of awesome stuff today. Whoa! We’re going to sort through it all today, but – let me just say – KITCHEN SUPPLIES! We’re such dorks and we love that stuff. Freaking Kitchen supplies! YAYYY!

Side note: umm, it turns out that the LiveChat was live for, like, three minutes before we actually started filming, and that’s freaking terrifying. Turns out I swore and stared at the camera and fiddled with my eyebrows. JEBUS! This new version of the software sucks! So embarrassing! In case you’re not sure, we always joke with each other and call each other dicks. We adapted it from something we assume Spudgy says to Meemers. It’s part of our joke language with each other. Point is, that’s not something that we usually share on camera, because it’s difficult to explain when we call each other dicks. Double side note: for some people who are concerned that we swear a lot on camera lately, you have noooo clue how much we swear off camera. We’re really trying to be more family friendly on camera, but whooooaaa we swear like sailors :D

Ok, so I’m gonna go run in shame now and try to forget that you saw us for 3 minutes beforehand. AWKWARD!

Side note, if you’d like to never miss a LiveChat again, you can subscribe to our bonus channel. Yay!



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