Woohoo! Thanks to everyone for hanging out with us for our weekly livechat. We’re about to go film this week’s FAPFAP, and there’s nothing like livechats to help get us pumped up and excited to go. Yay!

It’s not the best time for Martina at the moment, because she just had some dental surgery done yesterday. Poor girl! We have to wait a week to see if everything’s ok: if not, she’s gonna need a root canal. Yay! Root canal’s are the best!

Anyhow, the point of this isn’t to complain. We just want to say thanks to you guise for coming out and playing with us, and getting us in great spirits for the rest of the day. We kinda wish we could do these everyday, now. But wouldn’t that be boring for you afterwards? I dunno. Let’s keep it at once a week for now.

So, thank you to you awesome Nasties for hanging out with us today, and thanks for the awesome packages from:

Jessica from Florida
Synnove from Norway
Chloe from Singapore
Leigh from Mississippi

So sorry to Synnove for butchering your name! Seriously: I’ve only seen the special o’s with crosses through them in writing, but I never tried pronouncing it out loud. PFFFFT! People: please teach us how to say that letter, so we don’t feel like embarrassed dummies next time.

  1. Martina! Your hair reminds me of GD in fantastic baby :D

  2. I wanna livechat too!!! But i never know when it is :( HELP!! D:

  3. …I wanna LiveChat too :( But is never know when it is :( TAT

  4. OMG Simon! When I go into college i’m taking Astronomy!!

  5. Wait, you guise watch The Layover??? With Anthony Bourdain???????? :D
    OMG! I love him! Been a fan of No Reservations since I was in middle school! Which was like almost ten years ago!
    ….dang. I’m getting old. :/

  6. How do you get into livechat and how do you figure out when it happens?

  7. When I first heard about this I immediately thought of Simon and Martina. But now I know that Simon’s dream is to go to space, I have to share it.


  8. Just realised the thumbnail photo was taken in your kitchen. How long has it been since we saw anything filmed in your apartment? Seriously guise :(

  9. Martina your hair is PRE~~TTY!!!!!
    hahahaha loved it whenever Simon popped his shirt open!!!! (ahahaha i nearly posted that as ‘pooped’ his shirt open!!!)
    Simon and the bean boozled game!! i think that was the most of ever seen you hate doing something!!
    O_O the US has a ban on kinder eggs??? how come???
    …oh!!! haha okay you guys explained!!!!
    me too! i never got anything twice from them!!
    ooohhh i want a CD!!!!!!!

  10. Actually, I watch so many K-Pop videos that I’ve been served ads in Korean. It was a rather interesting experience to see an American horror movie trailer be narrated in Korean XD

  11. Every time you guys tried to get soo zees attention I about died laughing I am so glad that my new roommate isn’t moving in till Tuesday she would have been up all night with me laughing soo hard.

  12. I have a big bag of Kinder eggs toys! In my childhood we even exchanged toys for collection. And now I’ve got this huge bag and don’t know what to do with it ))

  13. Martina, your hairdo was very pretty! It was the first thing I noticed when the video started :) Hope everything will be OK with your tooth!
    The way you were calling Soo Zee was hilarious :D

  14. Oh, you should play “bean boozled game” with the idols in your future interviews!!! It will be fun )

  15. Here in the states we don’t have Kinder Eggs but we DID have something similar called a Wonderball. kind of a 90’s kid thing. they got banned when i was pretty young (under 10) because someone wasn’t watching their kid and they almost choked on a piece of candy -______- really the biggest difference was that the prizes weren’t actually separated from the chocolate like they are in the kinder eggs. i remember one time biting into a wonderball and a bunch of the little hard candies inside fell out :(
    you might ask kevin about them sometime, he might remember them.

    • I really want to try kinder eggs x-x I hope Simon’s right about the ban being lifted. Were wonderball’s seriously banned? I LOVED those. It was candies on the inside, if they banned wonderballs why don’t they just ban all small candies because it’s the same thing @_@

  16. Bellingham is right south of the boarder from B.C. in Washington. (or at least that’s the one i know of… there could be others!).
    ALSO! you should make an entire livechat of eating those jelly beans! I would love to see that! XP

  17. My name is pronounced as Syn-eu-ve^^ I’m so glad you got my package! :D so excited at the moment! :D Did the T-shirt/Tank top fit? :o

  18. Come to Florida! You can visit NASA, Disney World, and Harry Potter World. Oh, and have a Nasties meet up :D

  19. OMG you got my box! I’m Synnøve from Norway! :D So excited now! :D

  20. I missed this one too :( … I ques it was about 07:00(am?) here in Finland (not sure but that’s what I calculated) and that time I was going to school. Anyways I did enjoy whatching it afterwards and it was funn like always :)
    And so much congratulations for that you soon have 300,000 followers, I became so excited when I heard it. :3

  21. Aijdfgjndokn you got our package (Florida/Space package) so quick! I did the Spudgy/Meemers cross stitch~ I’m glad you guys liked it :D I should have been able to watch this live but I went to sleep about 2 hours early because of illness D: The person who put the package together has family who work for NASA (My mom’s mom also worked for NASA before she passed, and my uncle still works for NASA as well, but I didn’t contribute the awesome NASA stuff). You might have read this in one of the notes but we’re a Nasty group for our university :D There’s more than just the 3 of us but a lot of people couldn’t contribute to this package ^^

  22. Okay, so if you subtract all of the anime Simon and Martina seem to watch the exact same shows I do. The Layover? Check (I’m personally fond of the Chicago episode) Downton Abbey? Check (Downton Abbey 4 Lyfe!!!!)

  23. simon and martina your are so awesome and so funny
    i miss you live chat today because here was 6 am so i have to go to work so see now with my friends and martina we love your hair so much
    big love for all nasty here in cyprus

  24. Is it just my pc or does Spudgys coat look somewhat gray…? O.o

    I guess I need to check my pc -.- …

    Fun live-chat ^-^ i like how Martina did her hair , it looks cute and pretty ^^

  25. Simon and Martina!

    Here is my 100 % failproof way of pronouncing the Norwegian/Danish O with the cross through (my keyboard doesn’t support Danish/Norwegian letters, meh) and the Swedish Ö, which is pronounced the same way.

    One simple rule.

    Both are pronounced phonetically similarly as i in bird.

    So whenever you see the ö or Danish/Norwegian counterpart, think of bird.

    OK, and fo the remaining 2 letter you might want to know about.

    There is Å, the a with the ring over it, which sounds a lot like eau in the French beaux… as Canadians, I hope you have heard that sound before.

    There is also Ä and the Danish/Norwegian counterpart which looks like a A and E mashed together, which is quite similar to E is best… currently I cannot think of any other word to say, so forgive me fellow Scandinavians, I know some of you will disagree to this last one.

    Oh, and an interesting note. Denmark and Norway has the same alphabet, because Norway has been historically much closer to Denmark than to Sweden. Funny thing is, most of the people I know here in Sweden understands Norwegian better than Danish (unless you live in Scania, the souther part of Sweden). Also, few truly understands Finnish, even if Finland literally was a part of Sweden for around 800 years. But even if Finland is no longer Swedish since the beginning of the 19th century, still some schools want Finnish kids to learn Swedish.

    Ps: If anyone from Finland reads this, know that no Swedes that I have heard of regards learning Swedish as a necessity, if you’re not living in Sweden.

    PPs: I hope, in regards to all Northern countries, that you will forgive this poor Swede if I got my history lessons

    • Hey Nina!
      Thought I’d help out as as I have a norwegian keyboard. Hope you don’t mind! ^^

      Hey Martina and Simon!

      The O with the cross through. In capital form: Ø lowercase form ø (Indeed the vowel sound used in bird, just remember to not pronounce the R coloring as it is a pure vowel sound ;)

      the A with a circle on top: Capital from Å lowercase form å (Similar to the sound used in dog just slightly rounded of the lip. It is similar to the ɔ vowel sound,)

      And the mash up of A and E: Capital form Æ loøwercase form æ

      For the final letter, as you can see the symbol is the same as the IPA symbol for the vowel sound found in the words
      ‘Cat’ and ‘pat* and the sound is kinda similar though you open your mouth slighthly wider. Almost like when you pretend to shout/scream “aaaaaahhhhh!” is that makes sense XD

      So the norwegian/danish.alphabet is the same as the english just with the three extra ÆØÅ at the end :)

      Hope it helps :D

  26. o with the slash kinda sounds like an o with umlaut, the two dots above it.

  27. I’m Swedish but the Norwegian ø should be pronounced the same as the Swedish ö. It’s pronounced kind of like “eu” in French, like in “deux”.

    • This might sound random, but I assume from your profile picture that you’re a fan of Joo Young? I love his album! You’re the first person I’ve encountered who knows of him. ^^

      • Your assumption is correct :) I love him too! Ok that’s an understatement, I’m kind of obsessed with him and his voice and his music haha… I hope he’ll be releasing something new soon. And yeah, it’s not often I meet someone else who knows of him either. Hopefully he’ll get some more publicity in the future :)

        • I was actually contemplating making a request video for the Indie segment for From Me To You. Thing is, I already made one request video that got chosen, and that was embarrassing enough, lol. There’s also one other indie band that I’d love to see get some attention, so if I did make another request, I’m torn about whether to ask for Joo Young or the other band. Or maybe you could request Joo Young… *hint hint* ^_^

        • Haha, that is a good idea… I’ll think about it, and try to think of something creative to do… hmm…

    • Bra exempel!

      (translation: good example)

  28. Its supposed to be synnøve?
    Im from Norway and i hope this will help:-) btw its hard to explain how to spell norwegian names
    Syn is lilke the sin part in since just that you put presser on the y
    Ø is pretty hard but i think for people who dosent have this vocal so it isnt wrong to say o
    The rest is just like its written dobbel n and u pronuciat e at the end
    I hope this will help u guys and im a big fan:-)

  29. My friend and I discovered years ago that if you pour a pixie stick into a vodka and sprite it foams up in bright fun colours. Also it tastes pretty awesome. We nicknamed our drink the ‘Fairy Wand’ Geddit geddit *wink wink* *nudge nudge*… you know, because like, it’s a PIXIE stick and you mix it with SPRITE and, and…. nm.

  30. Kinder eggs remind me of wonder balls that we used to have. They had toys in them then it was switched to candy, after that they discontinued it.

  31. every time i leave the states, i like stock up on kinder eggs and i look like some weird kinder egg hoarding psychopath. but if they lift the ban, then i don’t have to! fab.

  32. I could be wrong… I *think* “Synnøve” is pronounced sih-NO-vay
    sih = short “i”
    no = long “o” (ō)
    vay = rhymes with “they” but with a v

  33. yay live chat!! I mailed you guys a letter about a week ago, so please look for it soon!! :) how many letters do you guys usually get?

  34. Second time I was able to sit and watch the live chat. It’s hard!!! The times never match up for me–but i still watch them afterward. I’ve watched so many of your videos I feel like we’re friends. u_u We’re NOT (I would like to be!) But that’s how I feeeeeelllllll… Maybe one day I’ll run into y’all in Korea or something~

    Anyhoo~~ I have a suggestion I tried saying twice during the live chat today. That. Y’all should get a better webcam for these things. >> The quality only comes through in 360p vs your normal videos which go up to 1080p. It gets all blurry ‘n stuff when I expand it to full size–and I’d love to be able to just watch it on my TV so I can tweet y’all from my laptop instead of my phone or ipad (just not nearly as quick!)
    ALSO!!! I have got two of the same things before in my kinder eggs. They weren’t exactly the same but they were like. siblings? from the same little family of things. It was surprising.
    But. I love kinder eggs. And I hope I can find them at our local gourmet candy store…..

    • We’re looking into options for this. We can’t plug in our DSLR to the computer for this, so we’re trying to figure out another way…

      • I know there are some good usb web cams… The one that I have is 5mp–not much, but possibly better than the one that is built into a laptop? I don’t know.
        It’s too bad that the DSLR doesn’t work as a web cam but I’m really not super surprised that it doesn’t lol.
        If I had the extra money… I’d buy you one and mail it to you. But I’m saving up so I can come teach in Korea~ :)

  35. Iwould like to point out in korea you have spoke and showed us about sharing food from the same pot but Simon thinks its gross to share a stir stick with his friends? the EYK crew ate a strew/soup from the same pot and all used different spoons at least with a stir stick it hasn’t been in anyones mouth before it goes in your drink (unless you like to like the foam off the stick first)

  36. Feelin’ the florida love :D I actually used to live in Titusville….it’s pretty boring T_T lol but I remember seeing all the shuttles take off up close when I was little :) That was cool. The first time it happened though, not so much. It was in the middle of the night and the windows started shaking real loudly. I had no idea what was going on. I thought it was an earthquake! I saw that my sister wasn’t there nor my mom, but the tv was on in the living room by itself O_O And the front door was open….I go outside and see that they’re there looking at the shuttle T_T

    • My grandparents used to live in Titusville and we always went to Cape Canaveral and NASA when we drove up to visit them :D I can see shuttle launches from 3 hours south of Titusville on a clear day, too!

      • I always go to Cape Canaveral National Seashore Park whenever it was beach time. You can certainly see shuttles from a far on a good day. I used to work in Melbourne right off of US 1 and I could always see them pretty clearly. I agree I’m lovin the Florida love too!

  37. You guys should try cheesy vegemite. I’am fine with vegemite but I like cheesy vegemite better. Cheesy vegemite is less salty and has cheese flavor. I find out the answer about the cds because it’s so obvious those cds are stacked but youtube comments are loading like a sloth.

  38. <3 the livechat and i didnt miss it! :D

    Simon, perfect timing? (look at the pic) and Martina, u have ummmm.. nice (?) . .teeth.

    by the way, i kept saying this on twitter, yesterday at school, I saw " I I I I lost my pants" written on a table xD

  39. I was so glad to watch this haha C: It was my first livechat with you guys too xD Loooove<3

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