HAY GUISE! It’s time for another livechat! Woohoo! We wanted to take the time today to put out a couple of announcements. In case you like reading more than watching, here are the announcements again, but this time with a bit more details!

1) Vote for us for the Shorty Awards! We didn’t say that in the livechat, but we should have. We’re in first place and we need to keep it that way so we can go down to New York and Nastify the place. Woohoo!

Nominate Simon and Martina for a social media award in the Shorty Awards!Nominate Simon and Martina for a social media award in the Shorty Awards

2) IT’S MY BIRFDAY! Well, not yet, but it will be on January 20th, which is only a few more hours away! Woohoo! The point of this is, we work everyday, but I refuse to work on my birthday. REFUSE, I TELL YOU! So, to compensate for the day we missed, we had to film a few things in advance, like the KpopCharts update, which is why we didn’t include Jaejoong’s video in the update: we filmed before it came out. Also, Music Monday’s gonna be late because we usually get a lot of work done on Sunday. We’ll have to double down on Monday, but we already always double down on Mondays, so I’m not sure if we can quadruple down, but we’re gonna do our best to get the video out ASAP.

3) Martina is going to be out of Korea for a week or so, to be with family. Thank you all for your support and wishes for Martina’s grandfather, but he didn’t pull through, and she’s going back to Canada to be with her mom and dad for a bit. So, when she’s gone, I’m gonna:

a) Be miserable. We’ve never been apart for more than a day since we got married. If we’re apart for more than a few hours we feel terrible. How will we last so long apart? We have no clue.
b) Be filming by myself. We’re trying to get stuff done in advance, like TL;DRs and WANKs, but there’s only so much we can do, you know? So, some alone-time sad videos coming your way!

4) We’re gonna be interviewing CLAZZIQUAI PROJECT! Woohoo! We’re gonna make an announcement video for it soon, where we’ll be taking your questions for them, but we’re super excited that they’re gonna be coming by the studio and hanging out. SWEET! Stay tuned, because we’ll be giving more info soon :D You can check out their latest video here, if you haven’t seen it yet!


  1. Question. When is the interview going to be posted?….i Know you work hard and that it takes times to do these kinds of thing, im in no way saying this to pressure you guys, I just want to know about what time I can pop around here and find a wonderful surprise that the video is posted :D

  2. I subscribe this video
    I love it!!

  3. Simon, has been trolled! haha!.. in 19:05, Simon says: “More importantly, ‘El Puta Madre’..” hahaha!.. El puta madre means, ‘The motherfucker’! hahahaha!

  4. Martina,
    I’m really sorry to have heard about your grandpa. My great-grandfather passed away just last week while I was away for school, and it was really tough to be away from my family. Luckily, I was able to make the trip home in time for the funeral. I can only hope that spending time with your family will bring you as much comfort as it did me. I’ll be keeping you and your family in my well wishes.

  5. ahahahhahah

    i can’t believe Simon said

    ”el puta madre’ on camera! XDDDD

    oh wait i can, SIMON, Y U NO UNDERSTAND SPANISH?!


  6. I’m so sorry to hear about Martina’s Grandfather. It sucks to lose a grandparent. My Grandpa died from complications with cancer in 2011, so I can relate a little. My condolences. Reminiscing with the family will help make it hurt a little less (at least it did for me).

  7. I’m going to Korea in Feb. Could you please post your information of your tattooist? I really want to get one while I’m over there!

  8. Hey, Simon! Happy Birthday! I didn’t know about the deal with what day birthdays fall on either! :P

  9. Happy Birthday Simon!!! I’ll be having mine in 4 days on the 24th also sooooo woo hoo for January birthdays!! Thank You Guys for making this soon to be 30 year old not feel alone among teenagers and earlier 20 year olds in liking K-pop!! You Rock!!

  10. Simon! I have songs for you – You and I and Don’t Cry by Park Bom

  11. My condolences, Martina!! To you and your family, I wish you all the best. And happy birthday, Dothraki Man Warrior Simon!! Hopefully this will be the only birthday you spend without Martina!!

  12. ERMAGHERD!! Its so well decorated, all your stuff is cool, like the robot wall! Can you give us a video our of your studio and apartment now they are decorated? And maybe you can introduce the interns!

    • heheh mismatched socks! This is the closest i ever get to matching, similar color, but usually they are mismatched pattern too ,OH and they are all neon and bright colors!
      Thats my giant music room # 1, filled with all meh instruments (band director family = everything you can name i own and most likely can play……)

  13. Happy Birthday Simon!

    Martina, my condolences for your loss.

  14. Are you guys going to be doing the live chat s at the same time every week?? I would to join you guys but i have no idea when you guys do the live chats. And happy birthday Simon!!!!!!

  15. Happy Brithdaaaaaayy! ^^

    Btw we saw Martina’s foot tatoos when you made the video on the painful korean foot massage.

  16. This might be a stupid question, but I missed this live chat because I didn’t even know there was going to be one. Do you guys announce them somewhere?

  17. Where can I get your adress to send fan mail? I can’t seem to find it (or maybe I’m not looking really well).

  18. Take your time, Simon and Martina! The Nasty-ness can wait! *unless you can’t release it >~<

  19. Hello to you guys from Mexico!!!! I hope it’s not too late, Happy Birthday Simon!!!! I hope you have (or had) a great day with your family and friends :D!!! (Martina, I love your dress, it’s so cute n_n!!!!)

  20. What does Simon’s tattoos mean?

  21. I’m sorry to hear about your grandfather, Martina. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  22. 1)Martina l’m so sorry to hear about your grandfather! I lost my father-in-law last month. It’s always hard to lose people you love. Safe travels.
    2)My husband and I were talking and I think we’ve had about 2 mos apart in 11+ years, mostly weekend trips with friends here and there. I married my best friend, but if we don’t have time apart sometimes we go a little crazy :) When he’s laid off, the first month is awesome, the next 2 weeks, our differences in schedule start to bother us, and at 2 mos I start asking, ” So when are you going back to work?” lol We couldn’t do what you do.

    3)I hope you win that shorty, cause you deserve it with all the hard work you guys do.

  23. If Hoya from infinite comes, he will love your couch

  24. Sorry for your loss Martina. -huggles-

    And happy birthday Simon. ^^

  25. I just got my foot tattoo today and it hurt like crazy, but I manage not to cry >.< I was wondering how you guys did while you were getting yours done?

  26. Happy B’day Simon, may all your wishes come true. May this year, you become wilder and nastier?!? lol. Long Live Simon, GBU o:)

    And my condolences to Martina and families, May God grant you all the fortitude to bear the loss.

    And to Martina’s grandfather good bye and rest in peace ToT…

    Really hate these kind of feeling, now i’m happy and sad in the same time @_@… , have a safe flight Martina, and please come back soon, buh bye

  27. Sorry about your grandpa Martina :(

  28. 1. Happy Birthday, Simon! I hope you and Martina do something special and fun to celebrate this event. =)
    2. Martina, I’m sorry about your loss. I hope you have a safe flight to Canada.

  29. The birthday thing doesn’t always work because of leap years!

  30. Happy birthday Simon! spend it well!
    Martina, I’m sorry for your loss and Simon is gonna be all alone for that time span that she’s gone :( But you guys should feature the intern in the next few videos!

  31. I have a couple of things to say….
    - Martina I’m sorry for your loss
    - Simon HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope it’s NASTY (>.<)
    - I would love to see Simon doing an MBLAQ- Cry part 2
    - I love your tattoo Martina honestly Sakura is my favorite flower/plant/tree (what?)
    - That thing your doing for your friends is it like Eat Your Sushi ( Eat Your Kimchi Japan)?

  32. Happy Birthday, Simon, love you both!!

  33. My seven year old sister loves you guys….

    Because you guys are the best influence :D

  34. random fact : 50% of our DNA is the same as a banana……

  35. Simon!! Your really gonna be alone for a few days? D;
    I feel so sad for you :(
    And Martina… Sorry for your loss! D;

  36. LMAO!!! OMG Simon you said a bad word in spanish on the live chat today when you pronounced someones screen name when Martina was showing us the Polaroid pictures. You said this word (Urban Dictionary Link)—> http://tinyurl.com/3sfug8t

  37. my deepest sympathies Martina. At least you spent some time with him and I hope that you were able to say farewell (just in case), before you left to come back to Korea. If not, then Im sure he knows now by sensing it from your heart.

  38. happy birthday simon and sorry for loss martina

  39. 1) Happy Birthday Simon!!!
    2) I’m sorry for your loss Martina. Sending you lots of positive vibes.
    3) YAY on Clazziquai Project interview. One of my favorite groups!!!

  40. Big Hugs out to Martina and Simon also.

  41. actually for calenders it’s a lot of Math it depends on if there is leap year and how the days a line. So one year you can have it on a Thursday and then the new year it can be on a Saturday for example with me my birthday is the 27th of July in 2015 it is on a Monday but in 2016 my birthday will be on a wed. So Martina is right however it will skip that tradition pattern that your is talking about once in a while

  42. Martina! I hope you spend some great quality time with your family while you’re gone and I hope that your foot that someone used as a trampoline heals up quickly. Simon! I hope you have a really great birthday! Your lovely wife will return to you soon and meanwhile you’ve got Spudgy, Meemers, and all your lovely Nasties to help keep you safe, warm, and happy. To both of you, FIGHTING!

  43. Sorry about your Grandpa, Martina. I’ll keep your family in my prayers.

    Nice couch! I noticed it right away. It’s so pretty! Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIMON!!!! OOOH, YOU’RE SO NAAAASTY!!!

  44. bigbangfosho

    HAPPPY BIRTHDAY SIMON!! Thank you for all your hard work.

    Martina, I’m so sorry. Enjoy time with your family, but also celebrate his life. My prayers will be with you.

  45. had other songs, but for some reason I can’t post the rest, anyhow, have a nice day(again)

  46. honestly guys, take your time. you put your life on hold/spend so much of your time making videos for us and we appreciate it so much. please dont feel rushed or pressured – if things are not on schedule for one week or however long, we won’t die. we will sorely miss your videos but we’ll survive (some how, with a very sad, tear inducing song playing as our life’s ost till u upload another vid and then we can swan dance around :D )

    happy birthday !! i hope you have/had a great day and have a wonderful year too :)

    I’m sorry for your loss, Martina. If at anytime you just feel like needing to be cheered up, send out a tweet and we nasties will post things ot make u smile at the very least.

    and you guys are the cutest couple ever. you are so in love and adorable together and it just gives me the warm fuzzies and makes me believe in true love :)

  47. 1. Feliz Cumpleanos, Simon!
    2. Don’t worry about getting it out on time, We totally understand! Don’t rush anything, take your time.
    3. I love your plants, Just a random thought
    4. Your picture was Awesome!
    5. Have fun with your interviews!
    6. Can’t wait for the perk packages! I know you two have been working really hard with that since the fundraiser ended, and we really appreciate it! :D
    7. Have a nice time in Canada Martina, I am very sorry for your loss.
    8. Sad song suggestions for Simon, *getting my iTunes playlist up:
    Voice Message, Lie Lie, Rain Sound-BAP
    Not Yet, Fiction-B2ST
    Where Are You, Waiting…-BoA
    Severely, Missing You, Until You Come Back-FT Island
    Missing You, Without You-G-Dragon
    When I Close My Eyes-Taebin
    I Know But…-Xia
    Have a nice day you two!

    2. Martina I’m so sorry for your loss :(
    3. AN INTERVIEW WITH CLAZZIQUI PROJECT!!!! I’m so excited for that!
    4. Martina I love your glasses! They’re so cool!
    5. I’m getting the same glasses as Simon in my prescription! Oh yeah!!!

  49. “Also, Music Monday’s gonna be late because we usually get a lot of work done on Sunday. We’ll have to double down on Monday, but we already always double down on Mondays, so I’m not sure if we can quadruple down, but we’re gonna do our best to get the video out ASAP.” don’t worry about it guise… just take your time…

  50. I’m so glad someone mentioned WTFs today, I was wanting to mention them in the Livechat too…except when my alarm went off at 4:45am…I sort of…fell back asleep until 5:22am…

  51. first of all.. Happy birthday Simon!! *sends him a hug* btw we met in Mexico :D (just saying, i don’t expect you to remember me cuz there were so many people)

    I really liked this video, it was fun and ooh so nasty! too bad i couldn’t watch it live because it was like 4 or 5 am where I live and to wake up at that time is just not possible for me .. so yeah. I’m looking forward to Simon lonely videos and also, I EFFING LOVE THAT COUCH!! it’s just PERFECT! so if one day it mysteriously disappears, it wasn’t me :) hehe

  52. Having your live chat at this hour on a Saturday was very convenient for me in Europe.

  53. YESSSSSSSSSS 8D I LOVE CLAZZIQUAI PROJECT <3 and HAPPY 2 HOURS AWAY BIRTHDAY SIMON! 8D HAVE A NASTY DAY 8) singapore's an hour back from korea so yeah :3

  54. I feel kind of bad after reading the not so happy posts but then getting extremely excited about Clazziquai. ^^” It’s not my fault they happen to be my favorite-indie-but-not-so-indie-anymore band.

  55. vaxanne

    Discovered an environmentally friendly tool that helps ventilate laptops, ready, Cardboard Egg Cartons! You can customise the height, use one or a stack, voila…

  56. a sad song? Noel – I Miss you!!!

  57. Just watch the video! Love the couch! Have always wanted a couch in that style!

    What size does Spudgy wear?
    In fact what size does the whole family wear?

  58. Hey, Simon & Martina!

    First off, I am so sorry for your loss, Martina. I hate that you have to be away from Simon, but I think about how your family could probably use a good dose of Martina huggles. I can only give virtual ones, but please know I’m thinking of you.

    Second, my husband and I have been married 7 years, and together for 14 (we met back in college). In all that time, we’d probably been apart a weekend at most. But in 2007 he left for the US (we’re living in Manila) and stayed for TWO FREAKIN MONTHS. It nearly killed me, I swear. I agree with Martina–my husband is also my best friend, and well, in 2007, online chatting wasn’t as up to scruff as today. Plus, you know, no online chatting can ever compare to a real-life hug. ANYWAY, when he came back home I said NEVER AGAIN. If he was going to be away that long I was insisting I come along with him. So I can totally relate. I pray the week goes by fast!

    Lastly, I am so so SO geeked up to have found sunglasses on the exact 8-bit pixel frames like Simon’s sporting! I found it in a tiny kiosk in a mall over here, so hee! :) Happy birthday, Simon!

    (and I can’t wait for more details on the Clazzi interview. Love their stuff!)

  59. happy birthday simon.

    its time u make use of your intern while martina is gone. get her to act in skits with u, who knows we may have a new character in future?

  60. happy b’day simon

  61. Finally I got to watch it live and yay, time flies so fast while watching you two! That half an hour felt like a few minutes.
    First of all: again, Happy Birthday, Simon!
    Secondly: I like how Martina’s tattoos are both decorative and meaningful. I loved your choice of “faith” and “passion” words!
    Lastly: Stay strong when you’ll be apart. And after all those sad sad sad songs, when Martina finally comes back, Simon can listen to Infinite’s She’s Back :D

  62. Happy birthday Simon! I hope it is as wonderful as possible!

    Martina, I am so sorry for your loss. I hope you can find closure and healing. May you celebrate his life instead of mourning him. And if you said don’t mention this in the video, please know I read and commented before I was able to watch. ( I can’t actually watch the video right now.

    I hope you survive, Simon. I know when I was away from my husband for any length of time, it is brutal. Luckily, that hasn’t happened in a while. My advice is keep busy and in contact whenever you can. Voice and video work the best.

    Also, if KMM isn’t uploaded until Tuesday U.S. time, we will understand. And might possibly survive.

  63. Oh and Simon Happy Birthday! My Birthday was the 17th. Do Koreans follow the zodiac sign? I don’t believe in
    it but I was just wondering, since the 20th is on the cusp, are you a Capricorn or an Aquarian?

  64. Hey simon and martina
    Happy Birthday simon its also MY birthday today too!!!!!!
    martina your so pretty,and meemers and spugy are just so cute
    have fun on your birthday simon!!!

  65. Sad song to listen to is ‘A Private’s Letter’. Here is a Junsu version of it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1JGBd69BLRk&feature=youtu.be

    It’s about going to do military service, so not exactly the same as being without your wife for a week, but it’s a great sad song to listen to.

    and Happy Birthday Simon!

  66. Martina I am soooo sorry for your loss! I know I can offer you no comfort with my words but you are in my thoughts and I hope being with your family will help lessen the pain! Take care!

    • Yes, Martina, and now he’s in a better place, with no pain, just looking at you all and being thankful for the people who loved him in this life :)
      Now it’s about giving yourself time and you’ll day-by-day feel better :)

  67. Why not let the interns try something while Martina’s away, to let Simon get out his sad faces off camera, or maybe a little change/project video while she’s away sorting her stuff, instead of the regular schedule~ :P It’ll be your week of independence Simon! You can eat whatever you want for dinner, hog all of Meemers and Spudgies snuggles and take melancholic walks alone in the snow reading a book of poetry. It’ll feel all deep and shizz ;) Now time for some noms and snuggle up on my sofa watching some EYK XD

  68. Happy birthday, Simon! ^_^ At least you’ll have Spudgy and Meemers while Martina is gone…

  69. I’m trying to remember now what I wanted to say while I was watching the live chat…

    1. Happy Birthday, Simon!
    2. Simon, how could you not have known that thing about birthdays and the day of the week? Martina was absolutely correct.
    3. Martina, I think your glasses are awesome and much better than other generic ones you could have bought.
    4. I see green living things behind you! Great plants.
    5. Love the couch. The color and pattern is great. (I have to agree with Simon, pink would have been a bad choice.)
    6. Sad song suggestion: MBLAQ – Cry. You can drown in a pool of your own tears, Dothraki man warrior style.
    7. Martina, your feet tattoos are so creative. Plus, how great of a coincidence is it that it spells ‘fashion’ if you put your feet together?
    8. I’m already looking forward to Simon dressed up as Martina doing Kpop Music Monday by himself. :P

  70. Happy Birthday Simon!

    January 20 that’s my birthday too which is in a few hours! I think we’re born the same year too if I’m not mistaken. It’s 1983..so I’ll be turning 30… yeah that old T.T.

  71. The “Finger Touches of Love” thing is when two people wiggle their fingers together (Similar to Spirit Fingers, but towned down). You normally do this when you’re a certain distance apart from each other. Say you’re sitting together, but someone is sitting in between you guys, then it would be the perfect time to show you love each other by doing a FTL. Me and my sister do it in the car when one of us is in the front sear while the other is in the back. And when we’re on our bunk beds right before we go to sleep.
    It’s just a way of saying “I Love You” to the other person. It is in no way NASTY.
    P.S. Today is my Birthday. 1/19/96 is my birthdate.

  72. PunkyPrincess92

    WOW!!! that lightbulb glass is COOL!!!!!! i want one!!
    oohh Clazziquai!! (and haha now i know how to pronounce that name thanks to you guys!)
    and WOW!!! Shindong likes watching your videos!!!! how awesome!!!
    hehehe Martina you want pastel pants now!!
    Simon you can sing CNBlue’s ‘I’m and Loner’ by yourself!!
    aaww Poor Martina and her feet!!

    yay i was able to watch this live…..for a bit… i think about 10 min ahaha!! i came late and then something happened to my internet!! and when it came back on, you guys were finished!

  73. Aaaaah I really wanted to see this live.. it makes me so grumpy !

    Isaw yesterday that you were goinig to have another livechat at 8pm korean time so I counted when i had to go on youtube to see it live but my proxtube didn’t work so I couldn’t unlock it. I live in Germany so I have to unlock the video with proxtube zo see it live. I uninstalled proxtube and reinstalled it and i refreshed the page like a million times but it still didn’t work. Iwas sitting infront of my computer, your livechat was right on the of my youtubefrontpage, I could see that you were recording live and I could see how many were watching.. I really felt like going crazy !!! -.-
    Sorry for complaining, I know it’s nothing you can change :) I’m gonna calm down now and watch your live chat.

    Great news about the interview! I like Clazziqai Project’s music a lot so I’m really excited about it. :D

    • I read my comment again after watching the livechat and oh my god I made so many typing mistakes -.-
      Sorry about that I normally read things twice before I post them :)

      Martina I think the glasses you bought look super cool and I like the colour of your new couch :)

      And Simon: HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! :D

    • I live in Germany too and at first, my proxtube also refused to work.
      Then I downloaded the latest version, added it to google chrome and it worked fine (both on Windows xp and 7)

      Censorship in Germany is crazy :(

      Proxtube also exists for Firefox, maybe this works for you when your Chrome won’t work properly?

      • I use firefox and until now proxtube always worked fine. I already uninstalled it and downloaded the version they have on their website but it still doesn’t work. :(
        isn’t the one on their website the newest version because I thought so..

        • Hmm strange o_O.

          Maybe you should try it with google chrome. The latest version of Proxtube for chrome is 1.2.0

          I tried it with other proxyplugins like stealthy and youtubeunblocker too but they didn’t work at all (chrome). Proxtube seems to be the only thing that’s really working.

  74. Eeeeer, I’ve watched this but I still haven’t understand where we can tweet so that you can read it during the livechat… Please, help me and I’ll be ready for the next :D

    • Send us a tweet @eatyourkimchi during the livechat. The Twitter posts work better than YouTube comments at the moment, which are just too fast and go by in a blur. We try to read the YouTube ones, but it’s not as easy as reading the Twitter ones :D

      • OMG… it was THAT easy T___T I thought we needed something like “#ThisIsAHashtagForEatYourKimchiBecauseTheyAreTheBestAndILoveThemAndIWantThemToSeeThisTweet” but in fact, it’s much more simple ^__________^
        Thank you!

  75. hapagirl

    I expect a video of Simon on the floor drowning his sorrows in ranch with Meemers and Spudgy just staring at him.

  76. Oh, and Happy Birthday!!!

  77. I’m super duper excited about Clazziquai Project. I adore their music and I know the interview will be rawresome :D

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