Hay guise! It’s livestream cool-chat funtimes time! Woohoo! Gotta think of a better name… SUPERHAPPYFUNTIMESCHATGOGOSUPER

So, we’re trying to do these on a weekly basis. We did them regularly a while ago, but then the site we used couldn’t handle the overwhelming nastiness, and then we tucked our tails and ran for a few months. But now we’re using YouTube as a platform and it’s great! At least, we think it’s great. The comments swim by rather quickly on YouTube, and we have to refresh it once in awhile to catch up to everyone, but Twitter’s good for us answering people too, I think. Let us know your thoughts if there’s anything we should change up! We’re just happy to be able to chat with you guise and interact!

Also, I’m sure we won’t be just opening packages all the time. We’ll be able to do other things, too, surely! We’ve just stockpiled a bunch of packages and wanted to open them all because we felt bad for those of you who didn’t see us open the packages. Ah! Also, I know a lot of people are asking where to send us stuff. Thanks for wanting to send us stuff! You can send it here if you’re interested:

Simon and Martina Stawski
Bucheon Woochaegook Saseoham #38
Jung-1 Dong, Wonmi-Gu
Bucheon-Si, Gyeonggi-Do, 420-600
South Korea

Yes, it’s our old PO Box from Bucheon, but they’re nice enough to forward all of the mail going there, to us here in Seoul, so…Yay! We tried to find a new PO Box here in Seoul, but it seems like it’s almost impossible because once people claim a PO Box it’s hard to kick them out even if they aren’t getting any mail. Poo poo! But we haven’t given up!

Anyhow, thank you so much to everyone who sent us fun stuff! We got stuff from Israel, Germany, UK, Newfoundland, P.E.I (Caaaanada), Baton Rouge, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Indiana

So a very big thank you to: Cindy, Kateyln and Candice, Michal and Opal, Louis, Sanya, Natalia and An, Hali, Robyn and Maria, Timothy and Teresa, Alexa and Whitney, Macy and Lily, Madeline, Maja and Samantha! I hope that was everyone (we took your names from the fan mail after we read it, thank you for the super thoughtful handwritten letters).

We got some beautiful fan art! This is perfect for us, because we’re really trying to fill up our KpopCharts/K Crunch Indie wall with fan art, and we filmed the segments yesterday and had some blank spots, but now we’re gonna be full! Woohoo! Not to mention, the awesome and artsy plush toys of Meemers and Spudgy! Props and art all in one.

Thanks for the potential Kpop Music Monday skit props. We love moustaches. We have so many, but the problem with moustaches is that they lose their stickiness, so having more moustaches in storage is HIGHLY USEFUL! Not to mention, the sperm and egg toys. So many uses.

And, one last thing: we love all the snacks that you’re sending us, but, umm, that’s how we got fat before. We used to eat it all. Now, we share it with our friends. You know, we should have shared it with our friends before, now that we think about it. Maybe we wouldn’t have got so fat, but that’s besides the point. We like other things, too! Not just snacks! Fun props, coffee beans, healthy snacks like nuts, and other such non highly sugary things…not that we don’t like it, we just are trying to avoid putting weight back on. :o

Last thing: vote for us for the Shorty Awards! If you like our show and like what we’re doing here at eatyourkimchi, tweet a vote for us! If we win, we will go to New York City! OMG! That’ll be awesome!

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  1. haha, my dog was sleeping until Martina squeaked that toy. He totally perked up and looked to see if I had his toy. (we hid his squeaker toy so he doesn’t drive us nuts :D )

  2. Perhaps it is your browser? I k ow that Google Chrome is a browser that EYK usually works on. But I guess it is fine to watch it on youtube. I often forget to go check the comments there. The site comments keep me so busy.

  3. I think you guys should get a big world map and put pins of everywhere you got fanmail from!

    PS: will you people stop eating so much candy on camera?!? i’m on a diet and it’s making me crave candy desperately… T_T

  4. no we do not have kinder eggs here in America but i know this one gas station down he street from my house where they guy that works their always sells them lol so it makes me happy

  5. Haha I sent them a couple of books. Possum Magic and The 5 Love Languages :p

  6. Hobos? Lack of furniture? o 3o . . . U-KISS…. <..>

    Still never had a kinder egg o 3o Never even heard about them until you guys mentioned them. ^^;

    I love those sunflower seeds! They’re beautiful!~ >w.>

    And pffft Hello Kitty dancing to Exo. xD

    Don’t worry about not knowing about your culture, Simon. I barely knowing about Chinese culture, besides a couple words. xD

  7. The moment I get a job (damn you, unemployment!) I’m gonna send you guys some Turkish Delight and definitely some Turkish Coffee to drink with. *(^-^)*

  8. it’s an egg shaped chocolate, milkchocolate on the outside, and white chocolate in the inside, you will find a littre toy inside. It won’t fill you up, but it’s fun assembling the puzzle/plane and it is quite tasty. I used to eat them when I was a child. You should try them!

  9. That CD was´╗┐ mine, I’m Maria :).. I have a stage name Rea. :) I hope you guys like it !

  10. Today I got rejected from Oxford university and was quite miserable and then I found out you guys were doing a live chat! You guys cheered me up so much, thank you :D

  11. I love that game. oh settlers I loose every time.

  12. What size shirts do you guys wear? I am thinking about sending over some shirts in my package but I don’t want to get the sizes wrong.

  13. Kinder Suprise!!!! i love those!!! i still eat them, then i make the toy and give it to my youngest sister!! i love making the toy!! although these days they don’t seem to be as awesome as they were when i was younger!! making the toy is so much easier since there are like only three different parts to put together!! i used to love how there were so many little parts before and even putting on the stickers!!! i even used to get excited just looking at the instructions!!
    and i LOOOVEEE those mini cereals!!! aawww we sometimes get it these days but they’re for my youngest sister….so we can’t have one…..and i actually get a little sad about it! haha

    RDD!!!! you know what? you guys should have a doorbell to your studio that sings SHINee’s RDD!!! that’d be one fantastic elastic doorbell!

  14. I am from germany and i always watch the chats when they are online.. but never the real life stream T__T

  15. My house is dead silent at the moment, because almost everyone is asleep. But I laughed so loud when Martina popped the bag of coffee beans, that it woke my dog up and he ran down the hallway because he was so startled! hahaha
    I’m in awe, really! There are some really talented Nasties out there! Those pieces of fan art were AMAZING! I wish I could make something like that.
    So. Many. Snacks. I hope Simon is not on a sugar high after all those Jelly Beans. If he is, it is sure to make Settlers of Catan game a whole lot funnier XD
    oh and assuming the fans who sent the items don’t mind… You should share the snacks with the people you interview and anyone who comes to the studio! I don’t think they would not have seen, let alone tried 1/2 of the snacks either! and with some the American treats, it might remind them of home or their childhood ^_^ I could imagine some of the K-pop groups doing the Sour Warhead Challenge or being really intrigued by the different lollies from around the world!
    Anyway, Thanks for doing the Live Chats they are always a lot of fun! and YouTube seems to work quite well (minus the YouTube chat box). Hope you win your game of Settlers of Catan! :)

  16. I loved watching your Live Chats. I actually saw it live this time…yeah! I was wondering…where do we mail things to you? I am from the state of Virginia here in the USA and I would like to share some neat treats and things, but I have no address. Could you please supply one? Thank you.

    Also, a question for you to answer. Since I am an older woman…relatively speaking…(50ish) I was wondering what do women my age do? I know that is an open question and you mainly speak on the younger crowd, but the life of someone my age would interest me.

    And, are you two planning on having children and if you do will you stay in Korea and raise them as Koreans or return to Canada and raise them as Canadians? Personal question I know, but I am a mom and I am just interested.

    Okay, thank you once again…

    Mrs. Sharon Beale

  17. If you have live chats regularly that’ll be awesome! >_< I just hope you change the time a bit every time so people who have different time zones can attend :3

  18. Just for you guise, I’m gonna create a twitter account to vote for y’all.

  19. The livestream was fun to watch. ^^
    You wanted a proof of Germans watching your Livestream. I made a screenshot. :) (I’m from Southern Germany)

    Having to use a proxy is really annoying, as there is no senseful explanation of why youtube is blocking livestreams here in Germany, ’cause you are not infringing any GEMA-related or other copyright-issue related stuff.

    Oh well, but as long as there is a way to watch your livestreams :D

    Thanks for taking the time and making those <3

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