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LiveChat Funtimes with Fanmail and Stickers!

February 2, 2013


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HAY GUISE! We are back to doing livechats! Wahoo! We didn’t do one last week, because Martina was out of the country, but now that she’s back we can start playing around with livechats again. Hooray!

So, we revealed something super awesome today in our livechat: our new sticker booth! WE HAVE OUR OWN FREAKING STICKER BOOTH! Our plan with it is to have everybody that comes by for an interview to take pictures in our stickerbooth. It prints out two books, one of which will go to the interviewees, and one of which will stay with us. GREAT SUCCESS! It’s, like, a dream fantasy land for us now. All we need is a Noraebang now and we’ll pretty much never have to leave ever. OOH! Maybe we can get an arcade in here as well. Let’s just fill this place up with toys and play nonstop. Maybe we can make videos from time to time, but we should spend most of our waking hours just playing. Sound like a plan? DEAL!

Our only concern with the stickerbooth is that it’s a bit too small at the moment. Not that it’s small itself: it’s just that stickerbooths aren’t good for big groups of people. I’ve never seen one that can hold more than four people at once. What happens when we have a band that’s bigger than four people? How are we gonna get all of Girls’ Generation to fit in there at once? Not really possible, right? HA! I can’t really imagine them coming by to the studio. Would SM ever allow it? Jessica: I know you’re reading this now. Make it happen! Tell your bosses that you want to play in our sticker booth. They will listen to you, for shizzle.

Otherwise, thank you to everyone for sending us awesome fanmail toys! Thank you to:

And thank you to everyone else whose envelopes we can’t find and can’t read because we suck at opening heavily taped objects! We really appreciate it, and opening your awesome packages on camera and chatting with you guise live gives us so much energy and spunk for the rest of the day. We’re going out to film a WANK now, so hopefully we’ll see you in the Hongdae area if any of you are here at the moment!



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