HAY GUISE! We are back to doing livechats! Wahoo! We didn’t do one last week, because Martina was out of the country, but now that she’s back we can start playing around with livechats again. Hooray!

So, we revealed something super awesome today in our livechat: our new sticker booth! WE HAVE OUR OWN FREAKING STICKER BOOTH! Our plan with it is to have everybody that comes by for an interview to take pictures in our stickerbooth. It prints out two books, one of which will go to the interviewees, and one of which will stay with us. GREAT SUCCESS! It’s, like, a dream fantasy land for us now. All we need is a Noraebang now and we’ll pretty much never have to leave ever. OOH! Maybe we can get an arcade in here as well. Let’s just fill this place up with toys and play nonstop. Maybe we can make videos from time to time, but we should spend most of our waking hours just playing. Sound like a plan? DEAL!

Our only concern with the stickerbooth is that it’s a bit too small at the moment. Not that it’s small itself: it’s just that stickerbooths aren’t good for big groups of people. I’ve never seen one that can hold more than four people at once. What happens when we have a band that’s bigger than four people? How are we gonna get all of Girls’ Generation to fit in there at once? Not really possible, right? HA! I can’t really imagine them coming by to the studio. Would SM ever allow it? Jessica: I know you’re reading this now. Make it happen! Tell your bosses that you want to play in our sticker booth. They will listen to you, for shizzle.

Otherwise, thank you to everyone for sending us awesome fanmail toys! Thank you to:

    Jasmine from Florida
    Nastya from Russia
    Shannon from New Zealand
    Sheena from the UK
    Megan from Wisconsin, not Winnesota
    Taurian from Texas
    Jazmine from Columbus, GA
    Arta and Ilse from Latvia (I hope that’s how you spell your name!)
    Kenneth from New Mexico
    Magdalena from Poland
    A.Waymire from Texas
    Timothy from PEI, Canada
    Heather from Texas
    Gabriela and Victoria from Lithuania
    Showalter from Pullman, WA

And thank you to everyone else whose envelopes we can’t find and can’t read because we suck at opening heavily taped objects! We really appreciate it, and opening your awesome packages on camera and chatting with you guise live gives us so much energy and spunk for the rest of the day. We’re going out to film a WANK now, so hopefully we’ll see you in the Hongdae area if any of you are here at the moment!

  1. Martina says “malk”? Have you guys ever seen Jullian Smith’s video all about the pronunciation of “milk”?


  2. your interpretation of it is absolutely ok with me.

  3. I do the same with my socks as Simon! My friends all think it’s boring but it’s just really practical :D

  4. Hey, Simon and Martina! Thank you so much for loving my Taemin drawing! I saw this video this morning and it completely made my day. I was hoping to send it to you much earlier than when I did, but you were both busy moving from Bucheon to Seoul back then. Simon, I noticed that you pronounced my name perfectly in one shot! A million brownie points for you, sir! LOL! But yeah, technically, Taemin (in the drawing) is supposed to be a ninja with a giant Dorito as a shuriken, but your interpretation of it is absolutely ok with me. Thanks again for everything and enjoy the art! And sorry about the tape! Had to make sure it arrived in Korea safely. ;p (P.S.: I left a comment this morning, but it completely disappeared from this thread, once I came back to it. So, hopefully this time, it’ll work and you can see it.)

  5. Have you guys met Jessica before or something? O_o

  6. Pinapple Lumps are the worlds most delcious candy!
    If you put them in the freezer they are so tasty!!

  7. Hey, Simon and Martina! Thank you so much for you

  8. I’m putting together a package and martina’s side is done but now I need to find stuff for simon so that no one will feel left out ^.^

  9. Your black socks remind me of that one song….:)

    ~Black socks, they never get dirty the longer you wear ‘em the stronger they get~!

    ~~Sometimes, I think I should wash ‘em but something inside me keeps saying “not yet, not yet not yet”~~~~

  10. Your sticker booth is the coolest thing EVAR!!! And I love love love the dolls! :)

  11. Thats amazing stickers. OMG this is epic

  12. I am going to speak for the people who are SM Bias and of any of these bands bias. There has been weeks when there has been no music monday’s. I think if it’s an epic band like shinee, snsd, super Junior, etc. You should take the interview. you can do something like for example if you got shinee for an interview then the MV that they realise can be done for music monday. Shinee Fan’s across canada and the usa would freak out if you got an interview with them. i would make an exseption. I know lots of people would forgive you. so lets say SNSD next year comes out with a New single. then you should try and get them for an interview then review there mv as well. And if SM doesn’t give you interviews then i think there just not smart. There is hundards of thousands of veiwers all over the world watching Eat Your Kimchi. This is a way to get there groups more known. The companies that do give you interviews just watch them become one of the top three companies and watch SM cry saying why didn’t we put are groups on EYK. SM you will regrat this some day i just know it.

  13. I think music monday can wait if you get shinee, snsd, or super junior.

  14. I so now what you mean by that. For me I live in Canada but i am around Korean people almost 70% of the time. So the only time i hear english is at work, or school. Even then i am listening to korean music or reading korean books. I pretty much live a korean life outside korea lol. almost all my korean friends speak korean to me. the odd time i don’t understand they say it in english then they countine. i don’t know about the changing countries part. but when ever i am in a cafe or something in canada i get weirded out by all the english and need to listen to korean.

  15. If I ever see Taemin eating Doritos at the EYK Nasty Studio, I think I will go Lucifer on everything.
    His Dorito-flavoured whisper is the Lucifer.

    P.S. Those dolls were so rad ERMAHGERDD A DOLLY KMM THIS PWEASE.

  16. Okay totally just got inspired by this live chat to do my first EYK fan art… PREPARE YOURSELVES FOR MY CRUDDY ART SKILLS!!

  17. Guys I know a fool proof plan to get Shinee into your studio.

    Convert your studio into a Chicken restaurant, Onew will instantly appear and the rest will follow.

  18. Those dolls are just adorable!

  19. Oh wow, you know they just banned a bunch of home office products with rare earth magnets in the U.S. because dumb people were giving them to their little kids as toys (ignoring the ginormous warnings all over the packaging saying DON’T DO THAT) and some dumb teenagers were using them to fake lip piercings and putting them in their mouth, so of course they’d end up swallowing them and ARGHHHH yes, horrible things. D: So, now, the U.S. government has declared both magnets and Kinder Eggs are too dangerous for us to have access to here, because dumb people.

  20. How do we know when a livechat is coming? I’ve never known when to watch them – just came to EYK.com and found out they did one. I’m up at weird hours, so it’d be cool to see them live! :D

  21. THOSE DOLLS ARE AMAZING! Jasmine, WAY TO GO, you did SUCH A GREAT job!! They are SO CUTE and BEAUTIFUL and the colours are SPOT ON!! ;O; WOWWWWWWWW~!!!

  22. OMG YOU GUISE! All those Russian candies you ate!! I’m so jealous! I’m Russian but I don’t live there anymore and I miss all that deliciousness so muchhhhh! Literally, my childhood was filled with those marshmellows you ate (they’re not really marshmellows because they’re not that gooey and they come in so many different flavors!) and the lemon slices and the other candies! Next time I travel to Russia I should bring some candy for you guise :)

  23. The stickerbooth is so awesome! I had to stop the video and put the cutest Elmo-doll (which was on my lap) away. Otherwise, it would have been to much awesome for me to handle.

  24. oh my god eeewww!!!! the magnet in the stomach thing is gross!! poor guy!!!
    wow those doll minime’s are beautiful!!!!

    hehehe that’s exactly what i think if you ever interview SHINee!!!! would Taemin even know about this whole Dorito thing!!!
    i’ll painterly wait for the day you interview SHINee!!!!

  25. oh my god! it was so great to see box “Почта России” on your background. I should send you something too. What can it be?

  26. Aaaaa i can’t believe i miss your livechat! please do it again any time soon :(

  27. Love the dolls and superhero Taemin. The sticker booth just made me want to viist you guys more and I even started trying to see if there were anymore here. There is and I made it my mission to go with friends, hopefully before they close because there’s only one. So is it gonna also be a thing when fans come and visit there has to be nasty picture taking?

  28. AAAAAAHHHHH OMG! You guys have your own sticker booth?! That’s like those purikura booths that me and my friends take pictures in, only we have to pay for ours! And ours can’t be folded into amazing little books! Where did you get that?
    The EYK studio is so awesome, idols and artists are going to be so amazed and filled with wonder and joy and warm-fuziness when they come to it :D

  29. Those dolls can be your stunt double XD.

  30. I lose a lot of bobbypins, but I’ve started to put them in a little bag that I carry in my purse and in a little box at home. I lose less now, but still… Hairbands is more easy since I always have 2 on my wrist until they’re too loose, than I put them in the bobbypin box. So I use hairbands until they’re not good anymore.

  31. So my brother and I went to a monster truck show tonight and we saw this one and inmediately thought of you guys, it even has Spudgy’s color :)

  32. YUSH~!My package finaaallyy arrived :)(: lucky last too! >.<

  33. i bought a pack of 80 bobby pins and 40 elastics, i lost them all in less then a week, and can never find them again until i vacuum and they all get stuck.

  34. If you guys interview a Kpop band, you should DEFINITELY offer up some stickers as giveaways :)

  35. wow i was not expecting the surprise to be a sticker booth.. do you guys have to replace the sticker paper thing it prints out and the plastic book yourselves??

    • Yes, we pay for those because it would be unfair if we just used up all the stickers on, let’s say, pictures of ourselves…and Dr.Meemersworth and Spudgy….and then asked them for more for free! So we must resist the urge to take pictures everyday. 0_____o

  36. Trinidad! ^_^ Our island’s so small I’m actually wondering if it’s someone I know hahaha

  37. I have a bowl for my hair stuff and then a bowl for my keys and change when I get home
    I dump everything there and that way only about 10% of my bobby pins and elastics go missing
    I also have a little box on my night stand for when I take down my hair before bed.
    Might help a little bit.

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