HAY GUISE! We are back to doing livechats! Wahoo! We didn’t do one last week, because Martina was out of the country, but now that she’s back we can start playing around with livechats again. Hooray!

So, we revealed something super awesome today in our livechat: our new sticker booth! WE HAVE OUR OWN FREAKING STICKER BOOTH! Our plan with it is to have everybody that comes by for an interview to take pictures in our stickerbooth. It prints out two books, one of which will go to the interviewees, and one of which will stay with us. GREAT SUCCESS! It’s, like, a dream fantasy land for us now. All we need is a Noraebang now and we’ll pretty much never have to leave ever. OOH! Maybe we can get an arcade in here as well. Let’s just fill this place up with toys and play nonstop. Maybe we can make videos from time to time, but we should spend most of our waking hours just playing. Sound like a plan? DEAL!

Our only concern with the stickerbooth is that it’s a bit too small at the moment. Not that it’s small itself: it’s just that stickerbooths aren’t good for big groups of people. I’ve never seen one that can hold more than four people at once. What happens when we have a band that’s bigger than four people? How are we gonna get all of Girls’ Generation to fit in there at once? Not really possible, right? HA! I can’t really imagine them coming by to the studio. Would SM ever allow it? Jessica: I know you’re reading this now. Make it happen! Tell your bosses that you want to play in our sticker booth. They will listen to you, for shizzle.

Otherwise, thank you to everyone for sending us awesome fanmail toys! Thank you to:

    Jasmine from Florida
    Nastya from Russia
    Shannon from New Zealand
    Sheena from the UK
    Megan from Wisconsin, not Winnesota
    Taurian from Texas
    Jazmine from Columbus, GA
    Arta and Ilse from Latvia (I hope that’s how you spell your name!)
    Kenneth from New Mexico
    Magdalena from Poland
    A.Waymire from Texas
    Timothy from PEI, Canada
    Heather from Texas
    Gabriela and Victoria from Lithuania
    Showalter from Pullman, WA

And thank you to everyone else whose envelopes we can’t find and can’t read because we suck at opening heavily taped objects! We really appreciate it, and opening your awesome packages on camera and chatting with you guise live gives us so much energy and spunk for the rest of the day. We’re going out to film a WANK now, so hopefully we’ll see you in the Hongdae area if any of you are here at the moment!

  1. Your black socks remind me of that one song….:)

    ~Black socks, they never get dirty the longer you wear ’em the stronger they get~!

    ~~Sometimes, I think I should wash ’em but something inside me keeps saying “not yet, not yet not yet”~~~~

  2. They announce the live chats on twitter ( @eatyourkimchi ) and on Facebook ( https://www.facebook.com/EatYourKimchiPage?ref=stream ) usually the livechats are on Saturday Korean time. So if you check those pages on Friday and they might have announced a livechat.

  3. oh my god eeewww!!!! the magnet in the stomach thing is gross!! poor guy!!!
    wow those doll minime’s are beautiful!!!!

    hehehe that’s exactly what i think if you ever interview SHINee!!!! would Taemin even know about this whole Dorito thing!!!
    i’ll painterly wait for the day you interview SHINee!!!!

  4. Love the dolls and superhero Taemin. The sticker booth just made me want to viist you guys more and I even started trying to see if there were anymore here. There is and I made it my mission to go with friends, hopefully before they close because there’s only one. So is it gonna also be a thing when fans come and visit there has to be nasty picture taking?

  5. I lose a lot of bobbypins, but I’ve started to put them in a little bag that I carry in my purse and in a little box at home. I lose less now, but still… Hairbands is more easy since I always have 2 on my wrist until they’re too loose, than I put them in the bobbypin box. So I use hairbands until they’re not good anymore.

  6. If you guys interview a Kpop band, you should DEFINITELY offer up some stickers as giveaways :)

  7. Really?! Cool! Do you have a preference? I think the European marshmallows are firmer and easier to eat as a snack, but the american style marshmallows are really sweet and I prefer them in hot chocolate or baked goods.

    • When I have a huge cup of tea on my side and can sit down and enjoy that what I’m eating I prefer the European ones. you just cannot stuff them while walking home or during a break at school or university. at least i can’t. I can’t eat them without tea either. water or juice just don’t do the right for the taste.

      And as for the american ones. I like munching them whenever I’m “low on sugar” and I need sth super sweet to fill my mouth. Also I really like them with hot chocolate (as you mentioned) and also in my Macchiato. ^w^

      So I’d say it’s 50-50. It depends on the situation and my stomach’s desires at the moment.

  8. wow i was not expecting the surprise to be a sticker booth.. do you guys have to replace the sticker paper thing it prints out and the plastic book yourselves??

  9. gahh i tried to stay up til 3 but the textbook i was reading while i waited made me too sleepy x< never being a good student again~!!
    And i hope that when you guise do get to interview SHINee, you find out what flavor Doritos the members like best :)

  10. Haha I haven’t worn matching socks in 5 or so years. It’s just a drawer full of colorful socks and whenever a sock gets worn out it gets tossed. XD

  11. Does that Simon sticker smell like ranch?? lol Cx

  12. OMG! I can’t wait till you get U-KISS in that sticker both. I don’t think they will ever leave it they’ll and y’all will be having so much fun in it!

  13. Don’t worry Martina, I kind of pronounce words like you do. I think it might have to do with where you are from or something. For example, in Wisconsin, we often pronounce milk as ‘melk’. We switch the vowel sounds around a bit.

  14. I’ve been staying in Hongdae for almost a week and haven’t seen you… :'( I’m coming back for one night on the 6th before I head back to Beijing, will I be able to say hi and express my love for you?!?!?!

    Wow that sounded really stalkerfannish. I really mean, just say hi. Is it possible?

    (<3 하트)

  15. Hi! It’s Kenneth from New Mexico!! yeah.. about that card.. you opened
    the package 2 live chats ago.. I was the package that had the sour
    warheads candy that you challenged each other, then realized it was more
    sweet than sour.. I guess I got too excited about sending the package
    that I forgot to put the card/letter inside… I’ll be in Seoul in
    early May, and one of my goals is to take a picture in front of the EYK

  16. OMG I love zefir! I think its meringue in english? Anywho its awesome, i feel like buying some right now buts its late at night.

  17. Those Russian marshmallow things are so good! I’m not Russian but my really good friend is. I’m currently living in Korea and I had them here!! You can actually buy some in Dongdaemun, there’s a small Russian neighborhood in that area. They also have other yummy delicious Russian food in the restaurants and bakeries there. And so jealous of your sticker booth, it looks freakin’ awesome.

  18. I want to see you intewiev SHINee too! ;)

  19. Bucheon Woochaegook Saseoham #38 / Jung-1 Dong, Wonmi-Gu/ Bucheon-Si, Gyeonggi-Do, 420-600/South Korea

  20. Luv the Sticker Booth! How about using the stickers from interviews as a Giveaway!?! PRETTY PLEASE?

    And… I’m so glad your back Martina. Simon was soooo sad without you. (;_・) Watching the videos I just wanted to hug him and tell him it would be okay. Anyway… think about the sticker giveaways!!!! Lots of warm wishes from Florida!

  21. Dis seriously suxx guise… I stood up really early so i dont miss the livechat, and guess what…. Youtube went all “NOPE.jpg” on me and didnt let me see the stream… Apparently YouTube + Living in Germany = NOPE.jpg to most videos out there <.<' Can you imagine that im not even allowed to watch most of the stuff you post in your K-Pop playlists cause then i see a "This video is not available in your contry, we're sorry." screen D: BUTOHWELLWHATEVA, at least i still got to see it once it was done. Also Martina…. seriously… picking your nose is TOTALLY NOT LADYLIKE! Be ashamed. ASHAMED I SAY!

  22. What is these doritos your talking about? hahahah I loled so hard. Imma tweet the dorito video to Jonghyun just to let him know about that :3

  23. With the Spudgy and Meemers cushions and now the Simon and Martina dolls, the family is complete!

  24. that sticker booth is amazing!!

  25. Those dolls are amazing. If you ever have to be separated again, you will still have the dolls to keep you company, too.

  26. So jetlagged Martina makes her wake up early and get tired at night? In other words, jetlagged Martina puts her on a normal sleep schedule!

  27. Hi! I’m Nastya from Russia! I’m so glad that my package arrived to you guys )) And sooo happy that you liked it! )

  28. The sticker booth is soo awesome!!!~ So when Nasties visit you at the studio… can we also take some pictures with you? :D ♥

  29. Oh noes I missed it again ;___; But WOW two Finnish people beside me! If you can see this, plz contact! It would be so fun to talk to other Finnish people that like kpop :))

  30. Lovely live chat as always guise! and good luck on the W.A.N.K. I hope Martina doesn’t become too jet lagged and you have a fun time. If/when I go to South Korea, my plan is to use your videos find some of these amazing places you guise visit. I’m hoping that I don’t get completely lost too many times *coughCoffeePrinceRound2:LostInTheWoodscough* though the journey is half the fun! You never know what you’ll find when you get a little lost, that’s how I found my favourite cake shop xD

    Oh my gawsh those plushie dolls are AMAZING! Props to the Nasty who made them! You have awesome skills my friend. I’m in awe.
    aww Martina, you forget the socks? Maybe if you win the Shorty Awards you can find some in NYC~

    So jealous, I love sticker booths! What are you going to do with the little booklets? they are tiny! and so cute. I hope you’ll scan at least one or two of the photos so that we can see them too :)

  31. Wow. Poland is everywhere ; > I’m from Poland too~! ^^ Greetings =(^.^)=

  32. That sticker booth is awesome! But it is actually the perfect size. Any bigger and it would not fit! Unless you had more room somewhere else?

    Edit: and Martina, the Mr Lova Lova song is Mr. Boombastic by Shaggy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lutqplLMvfk

    The Shabba Ranks song is Mr. Loverman.

  33. Martina your hair is so cute :D

  34. Your own personal sticker making machine, jealous is an understatement. ^^

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