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LiveChat (not LiveCat)

April 5, 2013


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Hi ho! We’re off to go WANKing, but not before we publish our livechat! You know, I was thinking: YouTube comments are difficult to handle during the livechat: what if we tried hosting the livechat via embedding the video on our site? Would that be ok? I don’t know if it would crush the server or not, though. Disqus seems like an ok commenting system, but can it handle real-time commenting? I know that whenever we’re on our site commenting, we see “One New Comment. Click Here to View it” or something like that, rather than having it automatically update. Hmm. Not sure. I’ll have to look into it!

Anyhow, this was an easy week for fanmail. Last week we got packages almost every day. This week we barely got any. Not that we’re trying to sound sad about it! We’re just saying that because this means that we get more of a chance to chat with you guise during our livechat, rather than focusing solely on opening packages. You know, we do these LiveChats just for fun, but we’d really like to do a better job of them. Get a proper camera that we can hook up, rather than just using our laptop’s built in camera; get a couple of cameras, in fact, so that we can switch angles all professional like, and have it fade between both. That’d be sweet. Maybe one day. Who knows! Maybe we’ll even have different idols and artists stop by for livechats! We’d like to pose that to different groups as possible suggestions: we just need to make our livechats look a bit better before we can pursue that option!

^^Those two paragraphs we wrote yesterday in preparation for today’s licvechat, but that was before we filmed the livechat. Now that we’re done filming it, thank you all for sending us awesome stuff. WE’RE SO SAD THAT THE OURAN MUG DIDN’T MAKE IT! You’ve all watched Ouran Host Club, haven’t you? It’s the best anime ever. The best. No fighting or gravity defying boobs. Just great characters in funny situations with fantastic editing. We like it a lot. Honey Sempai was the best character.

Also, thanks for all the jellybeans. Whoa. We mentioned jellybeans before and now we’re getting ALL THE JELLYBEANS! SO MANY OF THEM! I hope K.Will likes Jellybeans. Or, at least, I hope his staff likes them, because they’ll probably devour them all during the interview. Ha!



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