We’re going out to WANK with some Cherry Blossoms today. We gotta get them before time’s up and they all blow away. Before we go, though, we wanted to party with you guise for a bit. Woohoo!

Also, side note: remember a while ago we did a video for myISH about the Top 7 Bizarre Kpop Videos? That was back in our apartment in Bucheon. Anyhow, we’re working on a new video with them! I think it’s going to be up today. I’m not sure. Sending files between Korea and the US isn’t easy. We use DropBox, but it’s really slow in Korea. Damned Korean ISPs! They’re always throttling non-Korean sites. That’s why YouTube speeds in Korea are SO SLOW. Fastest Korean in the world, but probably the slowest YouTube. I can watch a video on YouTube in Canada faster than I can in Korea, though the average speed in Korea is like, 24183489 times faster. POINT IS: we’re doing another fun video with them. As soon as it’s up, we’ll let you know. We just wanted to get you ready for it!

As for the awesome packages we opened: special thanks to:

Shelby from Texas
Jennie & Nemo from Sweden
Kielley from Las Vegas
Hayley from Australia
Jessica from Indiana
Stephanie from UK
Aiko from New Zealand
Carmen from Connecticut (I’m so so so sorry to hear about your brother. I can’t even imagine what you’re going through but I’m happy we can add even a little tiny bit of joy to your day.)

Thanks for taking the time to send us fun stuff and snacks. We feed your candies to the people who we interview. So, your candies make them fat! Great success! Side note: we’re going on our diet again this week. We’ve gotten a little bit softer since we started working in the studio. We don’t have access to healthy food in this area the way we did when we were at home. No supermarkets here to buy fresh produce. Point is, we love all that you send us, but if you want to send us a package, we’d ask kindly to not send us candies. Our self-control is abysmal. I’m eating candy as I write this. We’d love healthy snacks! But we’re trying to not become tubbies again :(

Now, we got a few more packages, but we didn’t get a chance to open them, so I’m not going to write their names here like we usually do, because I feel bad for the people who we name in the blog post, and who might read the post first and be like “Yay! My package is opened!” and then we don’t open it. That would suck!

So, yeah! That’s it for this week’s live chat. See you guise next week! OH! And we’re looking into improving our video quality. It’s so…webcammy at the moment. Doesn’t look good. Soon, though, we’ll find a way to make it better. We’re looking into different options :D

  1. Don’t feel bad, Martina. I usually smell my food, too, before I eat it :) It’s a habit. Though I try to hold it when I am eating at my grandmother’s house cause she gets offended when I do it, thinking I would check if it’s still edible or past the best before date :P

  2. Glad you enjoyed the Cadbury cream eggs I sent you, Martina!

  3. Martina, admit it, the B.A.P. poster isn’t really up there on your window to keep the sun out. It’s up there so you can secretly stare in awe of Bang Yang Guk all night without Simon being the wiser ;) Don’t worry I won’t tell him.

  4. I studied abroad in New Zealand last year, it was the best! My favorite way to eat pineapple lumps is to stick them in the freezer <3

  5. I have one of those rice grain keychains with my Chinese name written on it. It’s amazing. The person was writing it right in front of me. I mean, my Chinese name has a freak bunch of strokes so it was magical seeing everything written out so clearly. 8D

    And oh golly your myish video. Why was I not surprised to see the milkshake song in there? OAO I’d forgotten all about SHINee’s cover of Just Dance. It’s been so longgggg since then!

  6. I tried the Chicken and Waffles potato chips and it was a bad idea. I tried them again and it was still a bad idea. They had been consigned to the pantry to await garbage day when I saw the live chat. Simon’s reaction was similar to mine and identical to my husband’s. I swear I heard Martina say “They taste like mashed potatoes and gravy” and girlfriend, they do not. I tried yet again using all of my imagination and nope nope nope nope and nope. They do not. They taste like salty maple syrup and not in a sausage and syrup kind of way either. The End.

  7. What is it like having a cat in Korea? I heard that cats are kind of unpopular, so it’s expensive to take care of one. Also, have you guys ever travelled with Meemers?

  8. You can buy Ikea furniture and stuff on Gmarket. At least it was on there last time I checked :<

  9. In the description, you guys said, “Fastest Korean in the world, but probably the slowest YouTube.” … Did you mean internet instead of Korean? LOL. XD

  10. you guise should wank the shire!!

  11. For some reason the thumbnail gave me an idea for a shirt. “It’s me the Memmes” market this!

  12. watched it live. i hooked up my laptop to our TV and watched it on there with my mom and brother Jimmy. you guys are funny as always. plus both my bro and i were surprised when we heard Simon say my name and read my tweet at the end. lol. Can’t wait for next week’s live chat. :)

  13. ahaha aaawww know i miss those days of the whole class laughing at the student who got caught using their phone in lesson!! (sometimes the teacher would confiscate it too and they had to got back at the end of the day to get it back!!)
    i used to LOVE when we had laptops in lesson to study on sites the teachers told us to go on…..i used to have another window open and play games instead and when the teacher came near to check up on us i’d quickly put the other window up!! man those days were fun!!

    so cool that you keep seeing YG!!!! make a big sign to attract his attention!! flash lights at him like morse code!!! and if you can open the window (i didn’t notice if you can or not) buy a megaphone!!!!
    Martina i LOVE skulls too!!! not the serious kind but the cute ones!!
    aaawwww Spudgy has the best gwiyomi ever!!!!!!

    i wanna go New Zealand!!! ever since i found out LOTR was filmed there!!!
    oh and well i come from the actual city is was inspired by and wrote in mwahahahaha!!! and you can go on a tour around the places J.R.R.Tolkien was inspired by….but i haven’t…. but hey i already saw a few places while in a car!
    haha i think this was the third time you guys talked about your crackhouse windows!!
    wow….SK sound like they REALLY need an IKEA!!
    i remember the Myish video!!

  14. So excited for the ish list. I was so thrown by the first one you guys did with him i saw some of his other k pop lists saw another one. and was so surprised to see eyk. So much fan girling happened at that point.

  15. I got one of the rice things with my name wrote on it. My parents got it for me when they went on vacation without me :/ They told the guy what to write on it and he did it and put it in like a little thing like those only shaped like a shark tooth and its a necklace :3

  16. I’m pretty sure YG owns that School Food or knows the owner because there are always pictures of YG artists in there including most recently Lee Hi. YG owns a lot of building in the area, actually not far from you is Teddy’s cafe, Twosome + Studio which (as you might guess from the name) has a studio above it.

  17. where did i miss the announcement for them going to singapore??? when is this happening?

  18. simon totally sounds like edward..

  19. You guys are going to get fan mail from me soon!!!! :DDD

  20. I always miss them because of school.. -.-

  21. This settles it. Look forward to a completely healthy fanmail from me within the next week :D

  22. How do you get to the twitter feed… the one during your live chats to comment?

  23. YAY! LIvechats make my day happy! I get to see you all, but i have to go , only a few minutes left before school right now.

  24. Awesome Livechat :) I missed it again, I overslept -.- (didn’t hear my alarm clock today – nooooo).
    I love how you unpack stuff and the joyful look in your eyes when you hold the stuff sent by all those awesome nasties xD

    I am still planning on sending you stuff, I thought of messing with a music program (not garageband) to send you some cool beats on a cd or something, and maybe some healthy food, too :D (’cause you already know all the German “important” sweets like toffiffee or Kinder eggs or whatnot.) I should buy some packages of nuts ^^ and coffee. Sounds like a mission. Alright :D

    Have Fun WANKing ;-)

  25. What happened to Carmen’s brother? :(

  26. Another great livechat guise… eeeexcept Spudgy taking a piss on the carpet. Hopefully the smell doesn’t stay on the carpet. I like how you guise attempt to say my name, don’t worry, even if people call me by my 2nd name (Josh) they still get it wrong (someone called me Jordan once – wth?)

    Time to segway… The closest pronounciation in Hangul I can think of is 니콜 (like KARA’s Nicole) but to make it sound less feminine, I’ve adapted to calling me ‘Nickle’. But yeah 니코 sounds waaaaaay cooler.

    Now back to the livechat. Martina’s getting-to-sleep method is so cute :) and also, You should totally write ‘MOTHER FATHER GENTLEMAN, EAT YOUR KIMCHI LIKE A MAN! P.S. Can we interview YG?’ on your windows and then see what Papa YG does

    P.P.S. Did anyone think of Dr Who when Amelia ‘turned’ into the live stream??

  27. hi simon and martina~ :) i wrote a comment on the video but it probably got lost with the other comments, but if you guys are still looking for curtains, they have a lot in 동대문. it was like a huge building with little shops in that building. kinda like the 지하상가? i searched it online and here’s the directions on how to get there maybe you could get soozee to translate it for you? hehe http://k.daum.net/qna/view.html?qid=4BGd7 apparently it’s near exit 9 at dongdaemoon station. i hope that’s the right place x) i don’t really remember how expensive it was but you can bargain there :) i hope you can find some pretty ones there, i thought a lot of them were pretty x)

  28. fun chat! thank you for making my sucky day end with laughter!

  29. It’s my second time to watch your livechat and its fun!!! Hope to catch the next one =)

  30. You guise listed Aiko twice. :P

  31. I actually got to watch the whole chat live this time! ^_^ AND you answered/commented about one of my tweets. I think that makes a good night. Lol!
    Have fun on your WANK guise!!!

  32. Could only stay for 5 mins :( it was my study break. Final exam tmrw. Oh UofT. WWhyyy TT.TT

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