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LiveChat Before Cherry Blossom WANKing!

April 19, 2013


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We’re going out to WANK with some Cherry Blossoms today. We gotta get them before time’s up and they all blow away. Before we go, though, we wanted to party with you guise for a bit. Woohoo!

Also, side note: remember a while ago we did a video for myISH about the Top 7 Bizarre Kpop Videos? That was back in our apartment in Bucheon. Anyhow, we’re working on a new video with them! I think it’s going to be up today. I’m not sure. Sending files between Korea and the US isn’t easy. We use DropBox, but it’s really slow in Korea. Damned Korean ISPs! They’re always throttling non-Korean sites. That’s why YouTube speeds in Korea are SO SLOW. Fastest Korean in the world, but probably the slowest YouTube. I can watch a video on YouTube in Canada faster than I can in Korea, though the average speed in Korea is like, 24183489 times faster. POINT IS: we’re doing another fun video with them. As soon as it’s up, we’ll let you know. We just wanted to get you ready for it!

As for the awesome packages we opened: special thanks to:

Shelby from Texas
Jennie & Nemo from Sweden
Kielley from Las Vegas
Hayley from Australia
Jessica from Indiana
Stephanie from UK
Aiko from New Zealand
Carmen from Connecticut (I’m so so so sorry to hear about your brother. I can’t even imagine what you’re going through but I’m happy we can add even a little tiny bit of joy to your day.)

Thanks for taking the time to send us fun stuff and snacks. We feed your candies to the people who we interview. So, your candies make them fat! Great success! Side note: we’re going on our diet again this week. We’ve gotten a little bit softer since we started working in the studio. We don’t have access to healthy food in this area the way we did when we were at home. No supermarkets here to buy fresh produce. Point is, we love all that you send us, but if you want to send us a package, we’d ask kindly to not send us candies. Our self-control is abysmal. I’m eating candy as I write this. We’d love healthy snacks! But we’re trying to not become tubbies again :(

Now, we got a few more packages, but we didn’t get a chance to open them, so I’m not going to write their names here like we usually do, because I feel bad for the people who we name in the blog post, and who might read the post first and be like “Yay! My package is opened!” and then we don’t open it. That would suck!

So, yeah! That’s it for this week’s live chat. See you guise next week! OH! And we’re looking into improving our video quality. It’s so…webcammy at the moment. Doesn’t look good. Soon, though, we’ll find a way to make it better. We’re looking into different options :D



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