For starters, let me say IM SO SORRY FOR SWEARING ON CAMERA! The livestream started a minute before it was supposed to go live. We were counting the timer, and we didn’t even press the Go Live button. Somehow, it went live, and I swore in front of everyone. AH! Sorry :(

But, on a chipper note: hay guise! It’s livechat time! And we’re not ridiculously exhausted like last time. Ohh, last week’s livechat was so…lame. We slept poorly, and forced ourselves to wake up in time for the livechat. Today, that’s not the case! Today’s livechat is at 9PM our time. We didn’t have to force ourselves to wake up for then! Ha :D

That doesn’t mean we’re not a bit pooped. We had a big day today. We filmed, edited, and uploaded the KpopCharts. We filmed a FAPFAP. We filmed and edited our upcoming interview announcement video (I think we’re going to upload it tonight as well), and wrote blog posts for it all. And that’s just studio stuff! We also had to wake up early today to get Dr. Meemersworth fixed today. Poor kitty! He’s wearing the cone of shame now, if you follow us on Instagram you’d already know that though :D FYI – we have Instagram, for those of you that don’t know!

So, we were feeling the hurt a bit, but we were so looking forward to this livechat, because you guise always cheer us up so much. Yay! You’re better than coffee. GIRL YOU LIKE A CAFFEINE! Oh man: that song was great, except for the chorus.

Anyhow, we’d like to thank everyone who sent us packages and letters. We’re getting so much of it lately and we’re totally amazed to see more packages just about every day. We got a trolly now to help us bring it all to the studio. Ha! Just wish we had an elevator in our studio. NoooooOOOoooOOO! But it’s good exercise, which will help in combatting all the junk foods you guise send us. PS: we have more than enough junk food. Thank you all, but please don’t let us get fat! We worked so hard to lose weight, and we’re trying not to gain it back, but you’re not making it easy :D

On that note, thank you to everyone who sent us letters and packages, including:

Trixie from California
Chrsti from Pennsylvania
Kaitlyn from Japan
Lisa from New York
Ana from Toronto
Angela from Colorado
Gabriele from Lithuania X2
H from Australia
Katie from Illinois
Joshua from Australia
Sherry from Maryland
Kathleen from Maryland
Kiel from UK
Jerna from Wisconsin
Vanessa from Florida
Meagan from Virginia
Lilly from Oklahoma
Casie from Illinois
Silvia from Switzerland

Yes, we mentioned some of these names from our last livechat blog post, but we never got the chance to open their packages from last week. And it seems like we couldn’t get through all of them today as well. We tried though, and we got through a lot. Thank you all for the awesome fun stuff. Leigh had a great time as well, with the Adipose and with Spudgy sneezing in her mouth. FYI: Spudgy sneezes in mouths. If he sees a mouth open he thinks of it as target practice. You’ve been warned!


  2. Oh my garshhhhh!! YOU GUYS THANKED ME. XD YESH!~ That made my day seeing my name on the list. AH ASDFGHJKL

  3. After this video, all the forever alone man-boys out there went out and purchased two of their very own fat babies. They are now, as we speak, jiggling them in their hands with their eyes closed and imagining boobs.

  4. guise, i live in U.S.A. and i tell you, it is not fun to miss out on the livechats and for the love of ranch dressing plz, plz, PLZ do a livechat when im available. seriously, u guise did a live chat when i was at school! do one at 2:50 to 4:00.

  5. I just got back from Korea and plenty of coffee shops do iced lemon tea or iced peach tea, it’s not iced tea how North Americans think of iced tea, I don’t think. I didn’t drink it, my friends did. I was too busy nomming on vanilla lattes and mint mochas to think about iced tea. If you’re ever in the Gyeongbokgung area, visit Cafe Minsuk-ssi! They make an amazing mint mocha and sometimes the guys behind the counter are really cute. ;]

  6. Oh man, I love Downton Abbey and Doctor Who! Just so you know, Downton was originally BBC, but Masterpiece theater in the US airs it after BBC does. Also, the Adipose are adorable!

  7. I’m Meagan from Virginia! So glad yall got my letter :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8PWpLDidsqA

  8. I loved seeing your reactions to our charming British sweets ^_^

  9. It sounds kind of cruel, but if Spudgy goes into your chocolates again and eats too much, force him to drink some hydrogen peroxide (for example, fill a turkey baster with it or something). It’ll make him throw up, so he won’t digest the chocolate. But you’ll have to catch him soon after it happened so it’ll work. If he’s already digested it he’ll just throw up and it won’t help with the chocolate at all…

  10. That hopefully won’t be the last time you get books from a published author! =P I hope you like fantasy books.

  11. omg Simon you troll! I watched the 4minute video of them singing milkshake! :(

  12. My package is the one from Wisconsin!!! Man, I’m going to have to wait until next week! This week better go super super fast!

  13. I bet if you guise give your window dimensions and the color scheme you want, there might be a Nasty out there who is talented enough to make you curtains. Wrapping paper on your windows just seems so inappropriate. You both are too awesome for that!

  14. I’ll see your 4minute video and raise you a Jaejoong and Changmin singing, “Its Raining Men”.

    …its awesome.

  15. Just downloaded Ada Adams book… New Suggestion: BOOK CLUB!

  16. Omg. I’m wearing the same Hello Kitty necklace!
    And you guys should try the whistle thing with the polvoron!

  17. I will now Instagram-stalk G-Dragon. Thanks gaiz! XD

  18. Simon and Martina I think you’ll appreciate this as Canadians who live in Korea, I just left a restaurant that had Kalbi Poutine on the menu. It looked to be roughly 5 billion calories.

  19. Ohhh. I thought you were singing Electric Shock because of the Anna Kendrick/f(x) skit (http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/78b1d27dab/anna-kendrick-goes-k-pop-with-f-x). :)

  20. you trolled us simon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    why just why?
    omg that 4 minute milkshake song

  21. the filipino package from cali omg all those things are my childhood bless that package give it to me

  22. So close to you opening my package! SO CLOSE! But I’m so glad it got there, hopefully everything is in one piece!

  23. Martina looks like a fairy with her hair like that! So cute!

  24. I would send you guys baked goods if I thought they would make it in one piece and not end up in crumbles.

  25. you guize have got to try MILO DINOSAUR! :D just make an iced milo drink but before drinking, throw on a great big tablespoon of milo powder on the top of it. the chocolatey-ness is just awesome. :)

  26. IM eating those dried mangos right now cause i saw them…. SOOOOOO GOOOOOOOD!!!

  27. Simon why did you make me watch that? I demand some sort of compensation for my pain and suffering.

  28. Martina you make the cutest face when you try a new food! :)

  29. OMO why would you guys tell me to watch that Milkshake cover..
    I should’ve listened to Martina >< </3
    I can't believe you deceived me like that Simon </3

  30. Those ponies are AWESOME. I used to make custom MLPs (i did a horrible job compared to the ones you guys got!) and it’s a really long process, especially when you change the hair and add new things rather than just paint.

  31. Whoever the nasty is that is from Jacksonville, TALK TO ME!!!

  32. awesome couple – so happy togetherr

  33. is the eyk crew allergic to anything?

  34. Simon and Martina! Hi! Long time watcher, but commenting on the internet gives me hives, so I lurk! I love your humor, I love how in love you are, I love your animals, you guys are great fun. I have a suggestion on your book issue! You could get kindles (or another ereader), that way you can get all of the books you want and none of the weight. I know the nostalgia of owning a paper book is strong, but kindles are super useful. I’m not sure about Amazon’s shipping policies, but if nothing else you can ship them to your parents and have them forward them to you. :)

  35. Usually you are supposed to leave the flying saucer on your tounge and let it melt and then you get the taste of the sugar! :)

  36. I went crazy when you guys mentioned Yonsei as Martina skimmed my letter~! I’m so excited to go there~! Maybe I’ll see you guys next semester/year?

  37. I feel like with the name DR. MEEMERSWORTH he should have an evil villain voice with an evil villain laugh or a really squeaky evil chipmunk voice.

  38. Definitely understand how heavy books are when moving. When we moved house we had a total of 36 decent sized boxes filled of nothing but books. Two rooms for a library. When the moving guys finished one and went to another room to pack they had stopped in their tracks when they saw more books. We’re hoping to move over the summer and do this all. over. again.

  39. oh cool! BTW swearing on the first few seconds were not captured :D

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