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LiveChat PreWANKage!

March 22, 2013


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Hey guise! Sorry for the epicly lame livechat this week. Martina just got her root canal done, unbeknownst to her, and she’s not feeling too good after having a terrible night sleep after her root canal. We were hoping that we’d come in today and do this livechat and it would make all the sads go away. We definitely do feel a lot better than we did before! That’s for sure! We just didn’t have the usual amount of energy that we usually have for these livechats. Sorry guise! Next week’s livechat will be infinitely better, and we’ll make sure to get through all of the packages next time! Here are all of the packages and letters that we got for this week, though we only got through a small selection of them:

Brittany and Kaleigh from California
Leonie from Germany
Meagan from Virginia
Tina from Chicago
Kaitlyn from Japan
Vanessa from Florida
Jenae from Montana
Sherry from Maryland
Sydney and Julie from Oregon
Kiel from Devon

Side note: HAHAHAHA! Tina! You are a woman of your word. Back in our MFBTY Interview Announcement Video we saw this comment, and accepted the challenge:

Irritable Vowel

So, when we saw the letter, we had no idea what it was about or who it was from, because there was no name on it. So we wanted to open it so that we could thank the person it’s from. We still didn’t know who it was from, until we saw the $20 and howled with laughter. Ha! Tina: that was a joke. You didn’t have to send us money. Hahahahaha. But we’re amused that you did. I’m not sure what we’ll do with it now, though. It’s such a special 20. I want to keep it around as our lucky 20. Ha!



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