Hey guise! Sorry for the epicly lame livechat this week. Martina just got her root canal done, unbeknownst to her, and she’s not feeling too good after having a terrible night sleep after her root canal. We were hoping that we’d come in today and do this livechat and it would make all the sads go away. We definitely do feel a lot better than we did before! That’s for sure! We just didn’t have the usual amount of energy that we usually have for these livechats. Sorry guise! Next week’s livechat will be infinitely better, and we’ll make sure to get through all of the packages next time! Here are all of the packages and letters that we got for this week, though we only got through a small selection of them:

Brittany and Kaleigh from California
Leonie from Germany
Meagan from Virginia
Tina from Chicago
Kaitlyn from Japan
Vanessa from Florida
Jenae from Montana
Sherry from Maryland
Sydney and Julie from Oregon
Kiel from Devon

Side note: HAHAHAHA! Tina! You are a woman of your word. Back in our MFBTY Interview Announcement Video we saw this comment, and accepted the challenge:

Irritable Vowel

So, when we saw the letter, we had no idea what it was about or who it was from, because there was no name on it. So we wanted to open it so that we could thank the person it’s from. We still didn’t know who it was from, until we saw the $20 and howled with laughter. Ha! Tina: that was a joke. You didn’t have to send us money. Hahahahaha. But we’re amused that you did. I’m not sure what we’ll do with it now, though. It’s such a special 20. I want to keep it around as our lucky 20. Ha!

  1. Does anyone else think Martina sounds like a muppet at 34:04? Just keep replaying it…SO FRICKIN’ FUNNY!

  2. I am not going to lie Martina if i was you i would have screamed at them and told them i want pain killers or i am going somewhere else or back to canada. I hate dentists they scare the shit out of me. I have one dentist and i trust him. I would probably just fly to canada if i needed that done. thats just me, yes i am nuts but i don’t care.

  3. I can’t stop watching Martina’s version of “Meemers in the morning” over and over again :D

  4. OK, so when the hubs and I were vacationing in Seoul two weeks ago I had an emergency bowel strangulation surgery. Talk about odd times! My surgeons were just like your dentists in that they didn’t tell me what was going on or why, and oh……NO PAINKILLERS!!! What’s with not giving us pain medication Korea?!?! Seriously! haha.

  5. I’m sorry you didn’t feel to good. But the livechat was worth it just to see Martina act as Meemers. I’ve copied that sound now.

  6. Maybe I shouldn’t say anything because Ive never sent anything to Martina & Simon (although Id do it if I could afford it…anyway), but I’ll never understand why, since S&M started their diet and everything, people keep on send them junk food!

    I mean, even if I wasn’t on a diet I wouldn’t need people sending me bags of chips…. what’s the point? If you really wish to send them food, at least send healthy snacks, but try giving them ‘real’ gifts, books, dvds, I don’t know…

  7. Martina, I get the feeling you might be a Crocodile Dundee fan.

  8. Aaaaaaah! All of the Oregon love in this video made me happy. I might not be in Happy Valley (Willamette Valley represent!), but it was still exciting!

  9. I had a root canal and they numbed up my mouth but while they were getting to my root and I guess doing other things cause the numbness wore off a bit. They hit my nerve and I almost bit the dentist’s finger while jumping out of the chair. He was like “Oh the Novocaine wore off” and I was like “Ya THINK!!!”. But at least they had some cool goggles I could wear and watch a movie. Unfortunately, the movie I got stuck watching was Zoolander….

    • El Tigre! Blue Steel! Magnum!

      What is this?! A school for ants?! It has to be like twice this size!

      Derek Zoolander’s School for Kids Who Can’t Read Good and Want to Do Other Stuff Good Too.

      I swear I’ve only seen the movie 2 MAYBE 3 times and I don’t own it. But it does have some hilarious parts.

      • For a second there I thought you had gone completely bonkers and just started typing random words together! I only saw the movie the one time and that was quite enough for me. It had some funny parts but for the most part I was like “meh” …of course having a root canal done while watching it might have had something to do with my dislike. I guess the movie never had a chance!

  10. Martina – I feel so sorry for you! I have like the worst fear of going to the dentist… when I was younger I had to take out four of my teeth, and the problem there was the actual shot they had to give me. After the – as the called it – “like a mosquito-bite”-shots I got, I have the greatest fear for dentists. Always skip the anesthesia if I need to drill! Anyway – was thinkin´about the question that someone asked you about wisdom teeth. Some years ago I got the information about my wisdom teeth :( They told me that one of my wisdom teeth was growing in the wrong direction, where they had to cut a part of my skin open and then drill the tooth in two pieces to get it out – I almost cried of fear…. The easy part was actually the “take it out-part”! The worst thing was the shoots before and the freakin pain after. Couldnt´ eat for two weeks :( (- my tip for anyone in this situation = rice). Hugs you the most for the pain and because dentists are the worst :/ *HUG*

  11. i’ve noticed whenever you guys mention Shinee and start to sing one of their songs, it’s always Juliette!!WHOA!!!!!!!! that skrillex and korn song ‘Get up’ was performed LAST YEAR by Taemin!!! you only saw it now!!!?
    but then again i understand you can’t keep up with everything like fangirls!! hahahaha!!

    you know when you started talking about that Martina i thought you were about to talk about Onew and the recent radio show thing!

    hehe i noticed that you guys swapped couch sides!!! but cos i have bad memory i thought maybe this wasn’t the first time!
    hey!!! Martina sang Electric Heart!! heehee!!!
    Simon…your calf scares me!!

  12. simon and martina please please do a video on a dog cafe. and is it true some cat cafes you get to take the cats home forever for free if the cat love you i dont know about dog cafes but apparently there is one in hondae so pleaseeeeeeeeee

  13. You can buy button presses and all the materials that you need to make buttons (backs, pins, button-covers) — several of my friends have them. They can be pricey at the outset but if you’re selling buttons you’ll make the money back eventually. Plus they are SO FUN. So.. yes.. get one!

  14. You should use the warheads as a prank on Suzy ^_^

  15. An Andrew Jackson I did promise and an Andrew Jackson you did receive! Use the $20 to take the whole Eat Your Kimchi family out for toast (the yummy kind). Toast for everyone! Simon, I’m super pleased you were wearing the hat that Rahm, Kanye and Michael don’t like. Their looks of judgement are more effective that way. Okay, I’m trying to write this quickly before I leave for work, which is where all of my Andrew Jacksons come from.

  16. They do have Snickers in Korea ^^ I’m eating some right now~~ but it’s not as big at the giant Snickers (sob) :'(

  17. That was the best handshake! :D Feel better guise!!! > . <

    ♥♥ ♥ ♥

  18. i knew i was gonna miss this one….. damn. stupid finals getting in the way of everything fun and worthwhile in my life ;^;

  19. My best friend Randy said that that’s how the Nasties are gonna greet you now with the secret handshake

  20. I just watched 1 third of the livechat this time >_< and lol at the $20 story. xD

    by the way, Simon did the warheads look like the one below in the pic?
    If it does, i used to eat it in year 4 or 5 (im in my early teens now) and i don't remember spitting it out. :P it was sour but after around 30 seconds, it becomes sweet and nice. the only sour part of the lolly (or candy however u say it) is the powder on the outside.

  21. HAHA! i love it how she sent you guys $20!! ((: hilarious~ ^^

  22. There are actually two Vancouvers: one in Washington, right on the border with Oregon near Portland, and the other one is of course Vancouver B.C. I’m guessing all those Nasties near Happy Valley are from the Washington Vancouver.

    I hope you guys feel more energized soon! I’m not feeling too chipper myself, so watching the live chat was a bit like looking into a mirror.

  23. Really wanna send a package over from China, but apparently I can’t send food TTxTT You can just have telepathic gifts! haha

  24. Man, the one time I was able to tune in, I got less than 5 min. :(

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