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LiveChat on a Rainy Friday Night

July 12, 2013


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Whoooa. The weather is extra poopy tonight. We’re supposed to film our WANKs and FAPFAPs on Friday, but we’re so totally trapped inside because of the monsooning outside. So thanks for hanging out with us on this ultra mopey night. Bleurgh! But, there’s nothing like chatting with you guise and opening up awesome packages to get our spirits up. I’m about ready to give up on the weekend and just stay home and stare out the window and look sad!

Special thanks to:

Susan from Ireland (just found out from your note that honeycomb was especially found in your area)
Chris and Angie from Brisbane, Australia
Rick and Cathy from San Antonio, USA
Phillip from Oklahoma, USA
Jenna from Wisconsin, USA

We got some awesome packages with some super cool stuff. Thanks for all the Nasty shirts and for the healthy snacks. We’re totally digging dark chocolate lately, and people have been sending us really cool stuff, like the Ginger-Sea Salt-Wasabi chocolate. Whoa. That was intensely awesome! We also got some cool new mugs (which we will fight over to the death), delicious Oklahoma condiments, and special edition Timtams! Whoa.

Side note: HAY AMBER! I see you watching our LiveChats. (If you guise don’t already know, Amber -who you might know from the group f(x)- is a legitimately cool person.) We thought that on a Friday night you’d be laying in bed while hot shirtless Korean dudes feed you peeled grapes. Instead, you got this:

Well, that’s kinda close. We’ll give that to you, Amber. We’ll give that to you.

Anyhow, we’re gonna get back to finish everything for the weekend now, we’re not sure if we’re going out tonight. So…rainy :( WHy does rain make everyone mopey?

OH! One more thing: did you see the thumbnail for this week’s LiveChat? Story behind it: on Saturday we did a charity event thingy with LiNK, and among all of the awesome Nasties who stopped by was one really cool girl who gave us a portrait of us that she drew. It’s really, really, good, so we shared it. And then she’s drawn some more pictures of us since, which is what you see in the thumbnail. Holy smokes. It’s amazing, so we wanted to share it. Check it out and check her blog for other cool pics. Whoa!



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