Whoooa. The weather is extra poopy tonight. We’re supposed to film our WANKs and FAPFAPs on Friday, but we’re so totally trapped inside because of the monsooning outside. So thanks for hanging out with us on this ultra mopey night. Bleurgh! But, there’s nothing like chatting with you guise and opening up awesome packages to get our spirits up. I’m about ready to give up on the weekend and just stay home and stare out the window and look sad!

Special thanks to:

Susan from Ireland (just found out from your note that honeycomb was especially found in your area)
Chris and Angie from Brisbane, Australia
Rick and Cathy from San Antonio, USA
Phillip from Oklahoma, USA
Jenna from Wisconsin, USA

We got some awesome packages with some super cool stuff. Thanks for all the Nasty shirts and for the healthy snacks. We’re totally digging dark chocolate lately, and people have been sending us really cool stuff, like the Ginger-Sea Salt-Wasabi chocolate. Whoa. That was intensely awesome! We also got some cool new mugs (which we will fight over to the death), delicious Oklahoma condiments, and special edition Timtams! Whoa.

Side note: HAY AMBER! I see you watching our LiveChats. (If you guise don’t already know, Amber -who you might know from the group f(x)- is a legitimately cool person.) We thought that on a Friday night you’d be laying in bed while hot shirtless Korean dudes feed you peeled grapes. Instead, you got this:

Well, that’s kinda close. We’ll give that to you, Amber. We’ll give that to you.

Anyhow, we’re gonna get back to finish everything for the weekend now, we’re not sure if we’re going out tonight. So…rainy :( WHy does rain make everyone mopey?

OH! One more thing: did you see the thumbnail for this week’s LiveChat? Story behind it: on Saturday we did a charity event thingy with LiNK, and among all of the awesome Nasties who stopped by was one really cool girl who gave us a portrait of us that she drew. It’s really, really, good, so we shared it. And then she’s drawn some more pictures of us since, which is what you see in the thumbnail. Holy smokes. It’s amazing, so we wanted to share it. Check it out and check her blog for other cool pics. Whoa!

  1. I’m kind of wishing it would rain here.. the past few days its only been cloudy, but really humid. Right now it is 104 degrees(or around 39 in Celsius), after weeks/over a month of it being past 110(about 43 C).. so we in Phoenix, AZ could really use some of the rain, it would be really nice..

  2. I’m so sad, I never know when you guys are going to do a livechat.. how do I find out? Because I know that the time difference is about 12 hours I think(I live in Arizona. I checked it before and I think its between 11 to 13 hour time difference).. I really want to start watching your livechats!! I’ve only been able to watch one, from before you were doing them on youtube.. Could someone help me maybe? :(

  3. I LOVE OHSHC!!!! It’s my favourite anime of all time! I’ve watched it twice, read the manga, watched the live action drama AND movie – it’s awesome :3 <3

  4. Couldn’t watch you guys live cuz my internet was being temperamental but I can watch it now but it loads super slow and I have to pause it every 3 minutes so annoying but I love u guys! ^^
    cute how Spudgy is all calm and well behaved in front of the camera but then behind he’s ripping into boxes.
    Martina love the watermelon nails and am going to attempt to do them myself

  5. Martina! You have to tell us who your nail artist is! Your nails are so pretty…

  6. LOL SIMON “WaterMAILON nails”

  7. One day Amber will write her memoirs and the chapter about ya’ll will be “My twerking Flaming Hot Cheetos Dealers.” XD


  9. Just saw Coopers beer on Magnum P.I.

  10. I agree Ouran was best watching dubbed. If you watch The Wallflower like someone posted, the subtitled is best. The dubbed voice was too girly & didn’t fit the character in my opinion. Ha ha while Simon was teasing about the mugs I kept imagining what if he accidentally smashed them together when he was swinging them and broke them both xD buah ha ha ha ha!

  11. See now, it rained for 19 days straight in Ohio. This has been the first day it hasn’t rained in a while.

  12. You should like… invite Amber to the livechat sometime ^^

  13. Glad you two liked my package! I’m so happy that nothing broke. Honey-sempai survived!!!

    Jenna from Wisconsin

  14. lol, i always miss the live chats because I work at night and right when you guys do the chats I am uber busy at work and cant watch, and on my days off i am sleeping hardcore and forget to get on for the chats, :( im still holding out that i will one day get to watch a live chat LIVE!!!!

  15. I have been to nb2 twice now and had no idea it was across from your studio! This is because I am super observant. Also, can I just say that nb2 is the creepiest place to go as a foreign girl without any guys in your group? So creepy. But I went with a mixed gender group and it was fine. Seriously though, to any foreign girls considering going to South Korea and hitting up clubs: you need to go with guys in your group or you encounter some really inappropriate and creepy behavior. If you want to have a girls’ night out at the club, the earlier the better, but I still can’t guarantee that you won’t encounter some completely inappropriate behavior. Repeatedly. Aghh.

    Also, watch your drink at all times, especially in Itaewon because that is where I personally encountered an issue. I am no stranger to the drinking game and luckily I noticed the second I started feeling not right. I was sitting at a table, watching my friends dance for a bit, not looking at my drink which was behind me at that angle. Someone put something in my drink when I wasn’t paying attention and this obviously could have ended badly. Like I said, I am used to drinking socially and noticed that something was definitely not right. I booked it out of there without the group I went with because I had lost track of them at that point and took a taxi back to safety. I was fine for the first half of the next day because I wasn’t hung over, but the second half of the day was spent throwing up once an hour for five hours and the bottom halves of my arms and legs went numb. It was so severe on my left hand that there was a period of time when I couldn’t even move my fingers.

    I am sure not every club is 100% creepy and that the chances of you getting drugged at a club in Itaewon are probably not super high, but these were my life experiences and I felt like sharing them here on the off chance they will bring some awareness to the fact there is some really creepy shit happening in the Seoul nightlife. You need to be careful, especially as a foreign girl because there are plenty of men who suddenly find that aspect very, very enticing with enough alcohol in their systems. But other than that, my experiences here have been really awesome. And even with the creepiness at the club last night, it was so ridiculous that I was able to find some humor in the situation. Every time my group moved so I could avoid a guy dancing with me, another guy would come up and try to dance with me. I was so uncomfortable at one point that I had the most amazing look of awkwardness on my face akin to as if someone had put fifteen tarantulas on various points of my body. A foreign guy about five people away from me saw my face and abruptly burst into laughter. It was the best and I started laughing, too.

  16. Amber is seriously such a lovely person~^^ I wish she could stop by for a live chat someday~!

  17. may i know who is other 3 girls with S&M in the vid still above? is it rainy season in korea now? i remember both of u had a vid of typhoon in korea early yr of EYK long time ago…

  18. So rainy! Hope it stops enough this week so you guys can film some stuff.

    I usually don’t make people try vegemite… but I did bring some to Korea when we were there earlier this year. My husband and I were being filmed by EBS for the human documentary program thingy and the camera man is like “we need something more interesting to happen.” I was already so tired and just fed up… but remembered I had vegemite so suggested my husband’s parents try it. His mother gave such a good reaction (running to the kitchen to wash her mouth out) that the camera man was like “Yes! That’s it! That’s the shot!”

    • You know, I want to be vegan, but I just can’t. I’ve been too corrupted. I was vegetarian, and I felt lovely, but I went back to the darkside. I miss the days of meatlessness.

      • You know ~ I used to be vegan too. But what my hubby and I do now is~ we always try to have at least two meatless meals a day. :) Then we just have a little meat for dinner. Other than that~ I try not to touch any dairy with a ten-foot-pole… lactose-intolerant… :( My vice is chicken…. :( If only I could stop eating the chicken…

        • My vice is chicken tooo! I was vegan for a few months for medical reasons, but once I got better I couldn’t stay way from grilled chicken. Now I’ve basically become a vegetarian who can’t give up chicken. There has got to be a word for this. Chickentarian maybe? XD

        • I was curious if there was a term… and the best one I found was POLLOTARIAN.

          …in my opinion, CHICKENTARIAN sounds much cooler. :D :D :D

        • HAHA the spanish version of Chickentarian XD I agree Chickentarian is much cooler.

        • Chickentarians unite! <3 xD I love this new word. I shall use this word in the future! xD When I was in Korea.. I couldn't resist the amazing super delicious Korean Fried Chicken and Korean Beer! xD

        • It just sounds like the perfect description for us chicken lovers. You know every I read articles or see videos about Korean fried chicken I just want to jump on a plane and go buy myself a bucket. It looks so delicious and the descriptions I read are salivation worthy. I envy you lol.

  19. Simon you should start getting other into anime like now!!! Here are some recommendations
    1. Shingeki No Kyojin (Attack on Titan)
    2. Code Geass (Lelouch of the Rebellion and R2)
    3. Fullmetal Alchemist/ Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
    4. Death Note
    5. Cowboy Bebop
    6. Neon Genesis Evangelion
    7. Claymore
    8. Monster
    9. Hellsing
    10. Gurren Lagann
    Martina and Simon yes Vegemite is made of yeast and it’s amazing. But it’s definitely an acquired taste. No everyone enjoys it and you should never put a put a spoon full of vegemite in your mouth unless you want to like die.

    • I think either Cromartie High School, Azumanga Daioh, and My Bride is a Mermaid should be added to the list too. Eva might be tricky…I can see Simon hating it because Shinji is a whiney baby, nevertheless that anime is awesome.

      The movies are amazing!

    • As an example of a good shoujo manga, I’m currently reading Lovely Complex, which is very good. It starts of a bit cliché, but it doesn’t stay that way. The characters are very likable, especially the main girl. Usually girls in manga irritate me, but she definitely doesn’t. I’d recommend it!

    • Should add Fullmetal Panic (and Fumaffu) For serious kicks and giggles.

      Clannad & Clannad After Story

      Angel Beats

      Clannad and Angel Beats are hard hitters on the feels. Extreme happys and sads but both really really good. Probably since they come from the same production company ^-^

    • I liked Fullmetal Alchemist. Also I liked Blood+.

    • YES. Attack on Titan is THHEEE BEESSTT! <3

    • Loving all those animes, u should also include Inuyasha and Kenshin, they are kinda old school now but they are my favourites.

      Plus, i usually eat my vegemite like the last “those who want to die” pic…. guess im just a weirdo…

      Also alot of those animes are long as heck…… :/

      What about nice fluffy fun animes, they did like Ouran :>
      I think they’d like Hetalia.
      I dont watch that much anime, someone list some more cute ones.
      (also, I know Martina reads shoujo, so awesome, you should talk about manga <3)

      • there mostly shounen anime because personally i haven’t watched a lot a shoujo to do a recommendation list. the last shoujo i watched was during like 6th grade and it was an anime called pretear. im pretty lacking behind in this category. i have been trying to get into more shoujo lately.

    • Soul eater is pretty good also.

    • I most definatally think Durarara and Yu Yu Hakusho should be added to this list. :)

    • Totally agree with your list except I recommend to watch only hellsing Ultimate.ONLY Hellsing Ultimate!!The first version sucks and if you hadn’t watched the one i recommended it’s like you never watched Hellsing at all.

      Oh,and I agree with Paranoia Agent as well.And if we’re talking about mind-fuck i would choose Ergo Proxy,I still haven’t figured it out yet.

      Oh,Oh,and just remember an awesome anime that has the same hilarious feel like Host Club:

      The wallflower aka Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge

    • I totally agree with Fullmetal Alchemist (both versions), Shingeki no Kyojin and Death Note.
      Though I must say that watching Evangelion might be tricky. in the end it gets really slow since the production team ran out of money. I myself watched it just so that I could watch “Neon Genesis Evangelion: The end of Evangelion” The movie was really great. I Loved how the author ended everything.

      Also I would like to add some anime to the list. I am a Huge fan of “mind-fuck” genre, so here are 3 slightly confusing anime those I love: Paranoia Agent, Serial Experiments Lain (it is old, slow, but totally confusing…) and Kara no Kuoukai 7: Satsujin Kousatsu (Part 2) (This one is a movie/ova)
      and also I must mention “Psycho-pass” and “Durarara” ^w^


  20. Great Live Chat … I’m sad i didn’t win :(… BUT HEY theres always next time :D i love it that you mentioned my name soo many times YAY MONIQUE MONIQUE MONIQUE!!!! and my TWIN sister was getting soo jealous but she got soo surprised when you mentioned her google name bellakins1995 about if Martina is watching dating agency cyrano THANKYOU!!

  21. There’s a super ‘phoon here in TW, so I feel you about the poopy weather :S

  22. Awesome live chat today guys! My first one after missing 10 of them. LOL
    PS. Please come to Sydney Australia soon! Pleasepleaseplease.

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