Wow. This was a bit of a whirlwind for us! We planned on doing a livestream just for ourselves, but when we found out that we could get some Korean artists in on it as well then we jumped on the opportunity. Woohoo! We had AOA, Spica, and MIB come by for a bit. Sweet!

Also, oh dear God! I’m so embarrassed. The last two guys that came into our chat we were unprepared for, so…I tried to shake a blind guy’s hand. I didn’t know! He had sunglasses on, but so did MIB, so I just figured he was cool! ERRRHH. Well, that was awkward.

Anyhow, we’re rushing like crazy now because Martina doesn’t have an outfit for today’s Social Star Event. YAARRRGGHHH! We didn’t think we were going to be part of it, but it turns out that we are, and we’re going to be walking on the red carpet. Is there any way to walk AROUND the red carpet? Red Carpet stuff is for celebrities, not dorks. We sooooo totally don’t fit in with this crowd, but we don’t want to look bummy while we’re there. YIPES. So nervous! To be honest, we’re mostly excited for the food. YAY FOOD! Oh God, how cheap are we? We’re all like, “FREE FOOD?! Sign me up!”

Ok off we go! We’ll talk about it more later. Maybe we’ll get video of the event? I don’t know. Who knows!

  1. WOO HOO! Go MIB!! All the loves from Colorado!

  2. Aww, I love M.I.B so much :’) They’re so cute.. It’s nice to see such good and goofy guys doing rap and hiphop style. I remember when I first discovered them with their debut song.. TTuTT

  3. This is really great! Loved it! :D Me right now ↓! ^^

  4. You guise are too awesome for having k-stars on your livechats!! :D *I missed it of course* I can only watch the weekend ones :( AOA – I don’t remember if you had them for your kpopchart update but I think “Get out” is an ok song… and Spica – you guise talked about “I’ll be there” from them right? I wasn’t that into it. The k-pop scene has so many artists so I think it would be best if the companies allow the artists to write the lyrics to their songs… that way the audience and artist form like a certain bond. no?

    Out of the four groups I like MIB the most…well I’m not like a big fan… I just got to know them through TigerJK(who contributed to the production of their “Nod Along” song, which is awesome!!!). Waiting to see them in another comeback :). You should have them for an interview. :)

    Who were those last guys?

    Maybe next livechat you could talk more about what you’ve done in Singapore and open packages at the same time :)


  5. I KNOW RIGHT!!! *dances around the room* (^o^)/

  6. I could see you guys having so much fun with MIB in your studio. Also AOA are so adorable, I’ve never really seen them before. Just heard their name. Spica, I don’t know any of their names (actually I don’t know the names of anyone who stopped by only the names of their bands) but the girl in the middle with the blonde hair has a very beautiful voice! Call them all up to go to the studio!

  7. ahaha when AOA found out you guys live in Korea!!

    yeah i do wish i could watch your livechats…..but it’s not at a great time for me these days!! and i have a deadline coming up so….yeah i shouldn’t even be watching this but hey it’s you guys!! you guys make me so NASTY!!! (so glad this was only half an hour long!!)
    ahahahahaha Amy’s Baking Company!!!!

    wow….that ended very suddenly!!!
    free food, the only reason i go to weddings!!!

  8. Awesome sleuthing. I was so curious when he said he said he played harmonica. My grandfather used to play the harmonica and bounce me on his knee to keep time when I was a little girl so I have a fondness for harmonica/blues/bluegrass related music.

  9. That was fun guys, even though it was cut short due to the Internet breaking. I was watching live as well. I thought it was hilarious that it only started breaking when the person asked for a photo and you said that you couldn’t right now because you were live streaming. And then the Internet went down immediately.

    You should so create a playlist linked to this video with videos from the groups which visited, especially Park Ju-won and Chun Je-duk since the viewers most likely have never heard their music before. ( and it might make up for the awkward handshake. :-p) I did actually wonder if you had realised that he was blind and then someone complimented his glasses. Lols.

    Someone in a comment just below me had linked to videos of them performing on MBC.

  10. lol yea, it’s still in development though, hope you’ll like it :D

  11. Really excellent job on doing interviews on the fly. MIB was quite witty and really did show impressive amount of english/understanding from just their school system…I wish my high school spanish was half as good….gah. When will america teach foreign languages in elementary school to high school…most other countries do…honestly, it can’t do us any harm….only open another part of the world for one.

  12. i went to the star count awards website and here’s what it says…

    “With the international A-list on the red carpet and the VIP Social Star Awards experience beginning with an exclusive pre-Awards champagne reception featuring a bespoke menu of signature gourmet bowl food, The Social Star Awards will have sealed its place as the ‘Oscars’ of social media.”

    Simon and Martina are INTERNATIONAL A-LIST! ooh u so nasty.

  13. I finally made a live stream but the freezy lags caused me to get distracted with Mark Hamhill on Criminal Minds. He could have been better utilized but was still great as a bad guy. Anywho, OMG the gwiyomi dances!

  14. I couldn’t get the live-chat to work :/ so thank you so much for uploading it so fast! AOA were absolutely adorable! SPICA were AWESOME!!! M.I.B.!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are hilarious!!! And that would be daebak if they came by the studio for an interview!!!

  15. Awesome live chat guys! The Idol group surprises were great! It was really fun despite the internet cutting out. Thanks for all you guys do!

  16. Wow so that was SPICA?!! lol I didn’t recognise them without the girl with short and curly hair. :$

    I was watching it live, but it was on my phone (hidden behind my laptop screen), with earphones (hidden behind my hair), in the middle of my lecture…..plus the internet was crap so it would only load 60 seconds of video every 10 minutes OTL

    That was such a cool live stream!! AOA was really cute, SPICA was really energetic, and MIB likes Epik High *O*
    I haven’t heard of the last two guys, but harmonica sounds interesting :D Shall check out!
    Oh Simon. That shaking hands thing….I’m feeling second hand embarrassment, aiyaa :p
    But I think it was all really fun and professional in spite of the impromptu-ness of it all. You did well!! Good job!! ^^b

  17. GUISE… The time I miss you ask questions for newfies hahaha. As soon as you said “law” at the end of the sentence I was like omg luh.

  18. That was an awesome chat! It was a decent time for me, so I was so happy to see this was a special chat. And wow, I felt the awkward with the hand shaking. Still, you guys were cool about everything.

    AN YES FREE FOOOOD. But I get embarrassed really easily when i get free food. You know, you should go shopping in Singapore for a dress, if Martina needs one.

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