Wow. This was a bit of a whirlwind for us! We planned on doing a livestream just for ourselves, but when we found out that we could get some Korean artists in on it as well then we jumped on the opportunity. Woohoo! We had AOA, Spica, and MIB come by for a bit. Sweet!

Also, oh dear God! I’m so embarrassed. The last two guys that came into our chat we were unprepared for, so…I tried to shake a blind guy’s hand. I didn’t know! He had sunglasses on, but so did MIB, so I just figured he was cool! ERRRHH. Well, that was awkward.

Anyhow, we’re rushing like crazy now because Martina doesn’t have an outfit for today’s Social Star Event. YAARRRGGHHH! We didn’t think we were going to be part of it, but it turns out that we are, and we’re going to be walking on the red carpet. Is there any way to walk AROUND the red carpet? Red Carpet stuff is for celebrities, not dorks. We sooooo totally don’t fit in with this crowd, but we don’t want to look bummy while we’re there. YIPES. So nervous! To be honest, we’re mostly excited for the food. YAY FOOD! Oh God, how cheap are we? We’re all like, “FREE FOOD?! Sign me up!”

Ok off we go! We’ll talk about it more later. Maybe we’ll get video of the event? I don’t know. Who knows!

  1. So, I’m going to try and enter this, because I really do love the music that M.I.B puts out. I remember when I first started getting into K-Pop, I heard one of those debut/solo songs. I just couldn’t get over how cool the music was, and I really appreciated the music videos they made at that time. But it was “Only Hard For Me” (Pfft. The title always gets me) that really got me interested in them. I’ll cross my fingers, because I really do like this group, and I really hope I have a fighting chance in this.

  2. WOO HOO! Go MIB!! All the loves from Colorado!

  3. Aww, I love M.I.B so much :’) They’re so cute.. It’s nice to see such good and goofy guys doing rap and hiphop style. I remember when I first discovered them with their debut song.. TTuTT

  4. I recently got into M.I.B ever since I heard Nod Along (ITS SO GOOD listening to the album non stop /sob) and tbqh I feel pretty disappointed with myself for not noticing them earlier, but at least I have now /triumphant music They honestly have a special place in my heart but it’s hard to explain. I feel sad seeing how underrated they are in korea as well as abroad (just from what I see on tumblr and twitter) Hopefully people will really recognize their talents and appreciate their hard work but this goes for every other artist because they ALL work so hard. I hope M.I.B stay together for a long time.

  5. Went straight here after the live stream because I fucking want the MIB album badly! I am a big fan and a Buster!! They are one of my favourite hip hop artists and I wonder why this talented people is sort of underrated in Korea. But I don’t care cause they are really good! The harmonious voice of Kangnam plus the raps of 5zic, young cream and sims are really one of the best! Their new song, “Nod Along” is actually my phone ringtone cos it’s very upbeat! <33

  6. M.I.B Is On My Current Playlist On My IPod! I Really Love Their Music, They Are Certainly Fun To Watch During The Interview Since They All Spoke English Well! I Hope They Continue To Grow and Do Well In Their Music Careers! M.I.B Fighting!!! #M.I.B

    • I’d Like To Add Some Info On M.I.B a.k.a ‘Most Incrdeible Busters’ A 4 Member Group That Debut October 26, 2009 On M!Countdown With ‘G.D.M’ (Girls, Dreams, Money) . They Only Have 1 Released Album Called ‘Most Incredible Busters’. They Have 2 Extended Plays and 8 Singles. The 4 Members Are: Kang Nam- Main Vocalist, 5Zic-Leader/Rapper, Cream-Rapper/Vocalist And Sims-Rapper.

      Here Is My M.I.B Playlist Id Like To Share With You All Nasties To Help Spread My Love For These 4 Gentleman :)


      Sims, Cream and 5Zic Like Writing Lyrics. Sims Likes Writing Rap Lyrics. Kangnam Likes Composing. Kangnam, Sims and Cream Like Watching Movies. 5Zic and Cream Like To Listen To Music. Cream and 5Zic Specialities Is Rapping. Cream’s Speciality Is Beat Boxing. 5Zic Likes To Exercise. Kangnam Likes To Do Vocal Exercises, Web Surfing, Snowboarding and Sports. Kangnam Speaks English, as well as the others do to; He plays The Guitar and Piano. Kangnam Is Half Japanese and Half Korean :).

      Get To Know How They Are With This Video Below


      5Zic Is So Serious At The Beginning :) They Are So Cute and A Laugh!! Beautiful Day, Do U Like Me and Only Hard For Me Are My 3 Top Favorites! Do U Like Me Makes Me Want To Go To A Club and Go ‘Aye Gurrll Can I Buy You A Drank…’ For Me, Personally, I Absolutely Love That All Four Members Showcase Their Vocals In Beautiful Day, Do U Like Me, Hands Up and Say My Name. It Lets You Get To Know How They Sing Individually So That When They Are Together You Can Tell Them Apart Instantly :) Helps You Put A Face With The Voice :)

      I Hope This Helps More Nasties , and Kpop Lovers In General, Become Enlighten With M.I.B and Suport Them By Becoming Fans and Buying There Goodies So That They Can Continue Singing! :)

      P.S. Sorry If This Comes Across As Spam or A Rant :( I Just Want Simon & Martina, Everyone That Does Not Know of Them, To Know More About Them :)


  7. oh meh gawddd I love M.I.B. they havebeen boosted up to my second favorite group along with Big Band and just under Lunafly

  8. This is really great! Loved it! :D Me right now ↓! ^^

  9. This is really great! Loved it! :D

  10. Oh my goodness, MIB! <3<3<3<3

  11. Oh my gosh, Martina. Managing that iPad looks so challenging with those nails.

  12. You guise are too awesome for having k-stars on your livechats!! :D *I missed it of course* I can only watch the weekend ones :( AOA – I don’t remember if you had them for your kpopchart update but I think “Get out” is an ok song… and Spica – you guise talked about “I’ll be there” from them right? I wasn’t that into it. The k-pop scene has so many artists so I think it would be best if the companies allow the artists to write the lyrics to their songs… that way the audience and artist form like a certain bond. no?

    Out of the four groups I like MIB the most…well I’m not like a big fan… I just got to know them through TigerJK(who contributed to the production of their “Nod Along” song, which is awesome!!!). Waiting to see them in another comeback :). You should have them for an interview. :)

    Who were those last guys?

    Maybe next livechat you could talk more about what you’ve done in Singapore and open packages at the same time :)


  13. *Screaming* *A* SIMS likes Epik High!
    We’re like practically best friends!

  14. Soo… I swear I’m not a crazy fangirl or anything *shiftyeyes* but when I saw S&M replied to my comment on YouTube about how amazing it was that Kpop idols apipeared in a livechat I’m pretty sure my week had been made haha…. especially since they said they may have something similar happening again soon! @simonandmartina:disqus, you guise are just way too cool!

  15. that awkward moment when Simon tries and waits for shaking hands with the last guest and then realizes that he is blind… EPIC FAIL!

  16. Wait…i wasnt sleeping!!! I was in school taking exams you know!!!

  17. :O Many times when someones blind the way he moves his or head is different from someone that isn’t blind. It’s more like when you are blind that you aren’t searching for eye contact. This man that was blind did the same thing actually.

  18. When are these live chats??!! I miss every single one!! T-T

  19. I could see you guys having so much fun with MIB in your studio. Also AOA are so adorable, I’ve never really seen them before. Just heard their name. Spica, I don’t know any of their names (actually I don’t know the names of anyone who stopped by only the names of their bands) but the girl in the middle with the blonde hair has a very beautiful voice! Call them all up to go to the studio!

  20. MIB is sooooo funny! Love their song Nod Along!

  21. oh maaan i was hoping this would be like the japan vlogs and livestreams with loads of awesome info on how you guys felt in the country, your experience of the day, random trivia comparisons to other asian cities youve been to, your experience of people and food! ma lovely hometown, youre finally there, while im away but thats okay spread the love like butter on toast i say! really hope you guys manage to squish in a little time for sharing about the stuff i mentioned, another livechat? cos once its back in korea itll be business as normal plus the onslaught of fan mail and ill feel all empty inside not knowing more about you guise in my lion city

    • True. Completely agree but it would be a shame if they passed up the amazing experiences/opportunities that they were presented with here. So I’m guessing they aren’t having much time to experience the culture with everything happening (I’m sure they’ll get to it eventually).

      • i know i know! i loved the flash interviews but cant deny i was actually really excited for todays live chat because i really miss the ol days when most of the live chats were them chatting casually about whatever whereas nowadays its just loads of fanmail, which is awesome(!) but makes me feel all nostalgic lol

  22. ahaha when AOA found out you guys live in Korea!!

    yeah i do wish i could watch your livechats…..but it’s not at a great time for me these days!! and i have a deadline coming up so….yeah i shouldn’t even be watching this but hey it’s you guys!! you guys make me so NASTY!!! (so glad this was only half an hour long!!)
    ahahahahaha Amy’s Baking Company!!!!

    wow….that ended very suddenly!!!
    free food, the only reason i go to weddings!!!

  23. Second hand embarrassment for you when you tried to shake his hand ohmygoodness but you didn’t know, it’s okay :)
    All the groups were so energetic and great and it was hilarious how baffled they were when they found out you guys worked in Hongdae. Hope to see a stream of interviews from you!!

  24. Hey! Just thought I would let you know know that SHINee’s Jonghyun is back!

  25. This must be so fun! But trying to shake a blind mans hand…awkward. hehe no worries, I am sure he is cool about it. AHHH I WANT TO BE IN SINGAPORE! but i am stuck doing GCSEs in rainy England :(

  26. Well…the ending was awkward. LOL. >.<

  27. That was fun guys, even though it was cut short due to the Internet breaking. I was watching live as well. I thought it was hilarious that it only started breaking when the person asked for a photo and you said that you couldn’t right now because you were live streaming. And then the Internet went down immediately.

    You should so create a playlist linked to this video with videos from the groups which visited, especially Park Ju-won and Chun Je-duk since the viewers most likely have never heard their music before. ( and it might make up for the awkward handshake. :-p) I did actually wonder if you had realised that he was blind and then someone complimented his glasses. Lols.

    Someone in a comment just below me had linked to videos of them performing on MBC.

  28. Lolz even you guys know about Amy’s Baking Company AHAHAHA

  29. I hadn’t watched a live chat non-live in a while, I don’t regret watching this one! It’s really enjoyable to watch you interact so spontaneously with celebrities, without cutting and editing! Their reaction when you tell them that you live in Korea is priceless! It’s a pity you didn’t say it to Spica too, they still think you’re “foreigners”! :-p

  30. OMG holy heck I had no idea AOA were such cutie patooties. I mean oh maaaaan are they cute. *dissolves into fangirling* Esp Jimin saying, “chili crab.”


  32. Really excellent job on doing interviews on the fly. MIB was quite witty and really did show impressive amount of english/understanding from just their school system…I wish my high school spanish was half as good….gah. When will america teach foreign languages in elementary school to high school…most other countries do…honestly, it can’t do us any harm….only open another part of the world for one.

  33. LOL, I think Kim Boa would be good at Pictionary. Also Blonde and Purple are awesome (that’s what I have ^^!)

  34. I so love the epic faces the idols had when you told them you’re from Korea. :D

  35. TT darn I missed it again…TT

  36. I know how you feel, Simon! I once tried to shake hands with a man with one arm which he was using to hold a clipboard…. ><;

  37. It’s so funny how they were amazed that you are from Korea, too!! :D

  38. I still can’t believe you guys saw my question! I’m xsotaxsora~. I’m so happy M.I.B. was able to answer it! Love how the singers were able to come in and do a quick interview! I hope you guys are having fun in Singapore!!

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