We go to Lotte World this week for our WANK and have a buttload of fun! Wahooo!

Gosh! We haven’t been to Lotte World in a looooong time! Probably…two years or so, we think. We don’t go to amusement parks that often. We did a video when we went to Everland a long time ago, but we never did one for Lotte World. TODAY IS THAT DAY!

Lotte World is cool in that it’s both an indoor and outdoor amusement park. The major roller coasters and attractions are outside. But, if it rains, then you can go inside. Your day won’t be completely ruined! It rained on us yesterday – not too hard, but still enough to make you uncomfortable – so after our last ride on the Gyroscoping Scream Machine of Monster Doom (that’s what it should be called) we spent the rest of our time indoors.

There were a bunch of rides and things we couldn’t show you in Lotte World. We just didn’t have time enough to get to everything. There is one thing, though, that we wish we figured out beforehand: there’s something called “Magic Pass.” I think – supposedly – you can buy individual tickets for individual rides. You don’t necessarily have to do that, because you can buy a pass like we did that will get you access to all the rides in Lotte World, but this Magic Pass does the glorious, glorious feat of letting you skip the line. HELLS YEAH! I’d totally pay more money to skip the line! Well, I’m not sure how much it cost. I could be wrong about it as well. When we went to the info booth to ask about it, they said that it’s only until 6PM, which we had already passed. Next time we go, we’ll try these out. For…science of course! Not for our own selfish, lazy reasons!

Lotte World Pro Tip: going mid-week is AWESOME! Last time we went was on a Saturday, and we waited in line for TWO HOURS for some rides. TWO HOURS. This time, the lines were smaller. We still waited, like, 30-45 minutes to get on the rides, but it’s better than two hours! Another tip: don’t go to that 3D Haunted land. IT SUCKS MONKEY BALLS. We went last time. We waited in line for over an hour for it. And what was in it? A really crappy 3D movie in really crappy seats. The movie was about a kitty going through a haunted house, except the animation looked like it was made in 2002. Nowadays, 3D is a lot better than that. Save your time! Don’t go there. Last pro tip: if you’re above 190 cm like I am, and they try to measure you up: DON’T STAND UP STRAIGHT OBVIOUSLY! Spread your feet a bit, stick out your groin (not in a sexy Kpop way, of course. There is a time and a place for that, and this isn’t it), scrunch in your neck. Those few centimetres will get you on that ride, like it did for me. YAY! (Little did I know that I could get my feet and head chopped off on these rides. Oh well!)

Another thing we wanted to mention: you might notice how the camera quality isn’t too…crisp. We tried something different for this week’s WANK. Remember last week when we went for Patbingsu? We brought out most of our gear for that. Anyhow, the coffee shop actually has its own blog, and took pictures of us filming our FAPFAP there. We’ve got our DSLR, our different lenses, battery pack, Zoom H4N, Tripod, and two Wireless lav mics. NOT FUN TO CARRY AROUND! That’s kind of a pain in the butt for us when we want to go places, because we always gotta worry about how we’re gonna bring everything with us. So, for this week, we knew we wouldn’t be able to get on the rides with our big gear, so we tried to just shoot on the iPhone. We brought our wireless mics as well, to try to get some decent sound quality, but we left the big guns at home. Hopefully it’s not too noticeably awful!

Anyhow, we’ve got a couple of bloopers this week. Not too many. We were set on doing a whack-a-mole challenge, and started doing the whack a mole, but then it turns out that the machine wasn’t counting our score at all. LAME!


  1. no challenge!!!? 0-0
    guess you must have been really tired

  2. yeah!!! SHINee dances are awesome!!!
    i really wanna go there!!! especially after seeing it on Running Man!!! but even more now that i got to see you guys having fun there and seeing more of the place!!
    gyro fantastic elastic!!!!!!!! (that’s right, i WILL spazz over every SHINee related comment)
    that gyro swing….i hate that ride!!
    the gyro drop, i can handle that!! ‘cept the one i went on didn’t spin!
    oh my gosh Martina!!!! i was gonna say that whole Protect the Boss thing!!!
    honestly i can’t choose between them!!

  3. When I saw where you were going all I could think about was Full House and wouldn’t you know, but it seem Rain even showed up too.

  4. i dunno if it’s the same but in Tokyo Disney, you can get a “fast pass” and you don’t even have to pay extra. at the entrance of each right they have these fast pass machines and you just have to put your ticket in, and then it gives you this receipt with a time slot on it (example from 4 to 5 pm) and then you can go and do other rides, and return to that ride in that time slot and you can skip most of the line. it’s probably a similar system.

    but anyhoo… Lotte world looks cool ^^ it’s a lot bigger than i expected and the rides look fun. Martina totally wins, Simon. you may have 2 extra members, but she’s got one DBSK… that trumps everything else. lol.

  5. Sorry Simon, but I’m going to have to vote for jaejoong. ^_^;;

  6. Jaejoong! Always keep the faith! :D

  7. Don’t worry about the quality of film! it was just awesome to see!! I can’t wait to see it in person next!! and Sorry Simon but I’m going to have to go with Jaejoong, but that was a tough battle!

  8.  Oh, and I’m gonna vote for Jaejoong twice. Just because he’s that awesome.

  9. JAEJOONG~!! <3 hehe, sorry Simon

  10. JAEJOONG…..of course.

    And I don’t know what a magic pass is, but at the Disney resorts they have something called a fast pass where you go to a automated stand near the ride and take a ticket for the ride – on that ticket is a time – so you go do whatever you want and when your time comes you head back to the ride and go right to the front of the line.

  11. I went to Canada’s Wonderland yesterday (Wednesday) and you’d think it wouldnt be busy, but it was worse than the saturday i went a couple of weeks ago <_< FUUUUU 

    They also have the fastpass now to skip the lines, but they are $45!! and since so many people get them, you still have to wait 

  12. last time i went on atlantis, my back was sore ㅠㅠ

  13. Ooooooh what a boring job you guys have! You need to go to amusement parks and other fun places ㅜㅜ

    Btw, in the amusement park here in São Paulo/Brazil I’ve already spent 4 hours and half to go to a rollercoaster :/ And I even HATE rollercoasters :/ (what don’t we do for others, right? hahaha) The price is about the same, I thought it would be cheaper in Korea :O
    And I vote for Jaejoong! 8D /o/

  14. WOW!!! the prices are cheaper, compared to Sixflags and Disney Land! :O I just went to Sixflags and dropped bout 80 buck on 1 ticket….. Disney land was bout the same…. I want to go to Lotte World and EverLand! :D

  15. I’ve never seen the Everland video :O Wow really gotta polish up on your old archives huh. I thought I’d seen all of them, I guess not :p So that’s where you took that legendary couple photo (which was your profile pic for like everything) :D

    I found it strange and funny how different your voices were in the old vs new vlogs. Looking different is expected, but….you’ve changed your voices? I get the whole higher-pitched-voice-when-you’re-excited phenomenon, but can I just say, I have a great attraction to deep, low voices *cough*TOPBYG*cough*, so even if you don’t put on a funny squeaky voice, I still really love it ;)

    As for the camera quality, I don’t mind phone cameras, I loved the good ol’ vloggity look (I mean people loved your videos even back then, right?). But how come the Everland video seemed better quality, and you even could take it on the roller coaster? :O

  16. don’t think i didn’t catch that Emperor’s New Groove reference. ;) i LOVE that movie!

  17. Sorry Simon, gotta go with Jaejoong.  So totally appropriate!  Not that I’m biased or…oh wait.  Yep! Biased.

  18. I have it on playlist mode or whatever, either way it also played the bloopers and the old video where Simon was trying to sound like a giraffe. Just so you guys know, giraffes don’t have vocal chords. They don’t/can’t make a noise.

  19. Wank and FapFap are my favourite segments. I actually look forward to coming home and watching them after work. I love you guys, especially Simon because he is so beautiful and his make up is always so perfect. HE IS SUCH A FLAWLESS NAMJA. When I grow up I want to be just like Simon even though I’m 25 and a girl…. >_>

    Oh yeah…I vote Jaejoong because….well…Jaejoong 

    • HEAR THAT SIMON??!!! Someone said you’re beautiful and your make up is perfect!!! A FLAWLESS NAMJA!!!
      lol now you can’t complain that Martina is the only one who gets the compliments :p

  20. About the magic pass, even if it’s not 6pm yet, if the tickets for the ride ran out you can’t get a magic pass. and there’s only one chance of magic pass for each ride, so you have to be in time that the ticket indicates for riding the ride. Plus, if you bought the special pass, you don’t have to pay extra for the magic pass!!

  21. OMG i like the OLD wank soooooo much better!!! Everything about it! The photography, the editing, the sound arrangement, the sparsity of words, the positive attitude, the way it’s planned out, etc…

  22. About the magic pass, even though it is not 6pm yet, if the tickets for a certain ride run out you can’t get a magic pass for that ride. and if you bought spacial pass, you don’t have to pay extra for the magic pass!!

  23. JAEJOONG ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SIMON, YOU ARE FINISHEDDD!!!! 

  24. Jaejoong

    Did I hear cicadas in the background???

  25. Imma go for Jaejoong. The fact that you talked about Protect the Boss made me so happy. :3

  26. I missed the chance to go here T^T

    I am not sure how voting works, but I scrolled down a bit and saw a lot of people voting for their idol.
    I would like to join the mass of JAEJOONG voters~~


  28. A little more about magic passes. They are not special tickets you buy, but it’s basically a reservation system for the ten most popular rides in the park during the peak hours. You go to a magic pass kiosk, insert your ticket, and it spits out a “magic pass” that has your reserved time slot to enjoy the ride. I think you can only have one magic pass at a time though, i.e. you can only reserve time for one ride at a time. Although this means that you can’t get a series of reservations once and skip lines all over the park (which would be absolutely awesome), you can at least avoid mindlessly standing in line and instead do something else while you wait. I hear Everland has similar thing called quick passes.

  29. did you guys meet the lotte world mascots? ( if they were there) Like disneyland you can find mickey and minnie goofy and so on. The mascots are named Lotte and Lori i think.. Epic Fail if i misnamed them. sorry guys if i did …….

  30. Jaejoong! :D

    Did you know that famous korean drama Stairway to heaven was filmed in Lotte? The main character is the owner of the whole place!

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