Happy Lunar New Year everyone! Seollal is one of Korea’s two mega-holidays, right up there with Chuseok, which you might remember from our Chuseok dancing video we did a while ago. We didn’t go as crazy as we did last time and dance around the streets of Korea this time, though. We just relaxed, as Martina’s vacation is whittling down to its last few days, but we also made a video in the meanwhile to celebrate our favorite part of Korean Lunar New Year: tteokguk!

Now, there are loads of traditions when it comes to Lunar New Year. We celebrated it last year with one of Martina’s co-teachers and her family, and we got to experience lots of the cool traditions. We saw the incense ceremony, had a great meal, and played Yu No Ri (or however it’s pronounced). We didn’t get any footage from it, though, because we kinda wanted to be more respectful and less gawky-touristy. This year, though, we decided to keep the tradition of tteokguk. The idea behind tteokguk is that, on the morning of Lunar New Year, you should eat some tteokguk so that you can grow one year older. A student explained it to Simon before as Levelling Up, so to speak. Now, since Simon’s a bit of a gaming nerd (if you don’t remember from our Starcraft in Korea video), he kinda took that tradition one step too far. Level grinding like what!

Ahh. The joke turned out to be lame, so we made a lame joke video for it, in our attempt to wish you all a Happy New Year! One final note, though, because I’m sure some people might are going to mention this: we ate tteok manduguk, rather than just plain tteokguk. I’m pretty sure that does not invalidate the levelling up, though. Yeah! And, as always, lots of thanks go out to JB and Annie from [닉쑤] Enjoy Your Happy Life~* for still translating our videos, even when the videos are kinda…lame. Happy Seollal everyone!

One more thing: some people have been asking us to put our songs up, so we’re gonna try to share our songs as well. We’re gonna work on a music page. For now, here’s the song in this format, until we find a better way of sharing. Yeah!

tteokguk by simonandmartina

  1. wait. its year of the dragon!!!!!! O_O

  2. 새 해 복 많이 받으세요ㅎㅎ love your videos! + actually ‘mandooguk’ at new year’s morning is a northern Korean tradition and the southerners only have ‘duk’ in their soup:) so them together is sort of a fusion haha

  3. does simon make all the music?…..waaahhhh F.art……could totally work!!!…..own music, own singing, own dancing…..ehhh OSM! 

  4. happy new year~!get some saehae money everyone!

  5. :< This is last years video guys. They just reposted it. c:

  6. Isn’t it the year of the dragon this year? o.o

  7. Happy New Year! But it’s year of the dragon! LOLLL! I love new year’s food! Sooo delish!

  8. isn’t the year of the dragon? and not the rabbit?

  9. Nice song thanks for sharing….Happy lunar new year!! :)  

  10. Happy Lunar New Year~
    But I thought it’s the year of the dragon and not the rabbit (<-thats what my chinese teacher said)

  11. Sun Neen Fai Lok! Gong Hai Fat Choi!


  13. kkkkk I was laughing so hard …. cant stop watching so many videos !!!

  14. this is so freakin funny and awesome!!! luv it!!

  15. -also, just wondering, does anyone know of any goid korean restaurants in, or near Salt Lake CIty Utah???

  16. So great! My hubs and I especially enjoy your informational videos. Ddeok Mandu Gook is a personal favorite…good to know that it's a New Year's food! Maybe next year I'll remember to eat it in the morning;)
    (Does not eating it mean you don't get older that year?!)
    Also, Martina–love your dress! So pretty:)

  17. great song & info, u guys! luv all ur vids!

  18. Tteokguk IS SO YUMMY!
    But can you please tell me where you got the dino suit from?
    I want one…

  19. Maybe i should eat 3 bowls of it, so i can get a driver's liscense!!
    SHAZAM!! =D

  20. I love dragon time! didn;t simon do that a few times in the past?

  21. I'm Korean but I didn't even know why we eat 떡국 on 설날 hahah. Thanks for the info! : )

  22. Simon,
    If you'd like I could send you an FAQ on defeating couches while doing the legendary shazam dragon mode only challenge. I noticed you didn't power up using the JYJ window crack dance of power ups… (have to work on that last line)

  23. manduguk is pretty much one of the most delicious dishes on the planet. I am so jealous right now.

  24. happy lunar new year, simon martina + the spudge! :D
    that soup looks fantastic, i want it.

    *cheers* here's hoping your 90 year old back doesn't get thrown out any more during this rabbity year…

  25. I want to try that soup!

    Dear Simon, I can understand you very well :D I am also a gaming freak stuck with Starcraft 2 and everything!

    Happy Lunar New Year to both of you ^^

  26. You should have eaten OVER 9000 bowls

  27. I couldn't have Tteokguk this year , how shameful -_+,,, cuz I 'm living in Australia now
    I really miss my mum's Tteokguk.
    Thanks for the video,I love you guys~ ^_=

  28. Ohhh gotta try this now… after watching your vid, I wanted to try Dukkbokki, I had it in a restaurant first… and I actually made it home not too long ago, it's actually super easy to make! This looks really really good too…

    My boyfriend found a great place for korean food in Troy, MI – Korean Palace. Because of them i've fallen in love with Japchae and Galbi… getting hungry for it now :-/

  29. Um, I totally want to make that soup now. I hate you both! ;)

    unshazam.. lol XD

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