So, I talked about a lot of things in this video about X-Men: Days of Future Past. There were a lot of spoilers in that video, so don’t watch it if you haven’t seen the movie yet, and don’t read this post either, because there are more spoilers. I talked about a bunch of points, but I skipped out on a few. They’re just quibbles, really, but here are some more things that stuck out for me:

1) Since when did Kitty Pride have those powers? In the comics, it’s Kitty that gets sent back to the past, not Wolverine. It’s not essential that she be there rather than Wolverine. I just didn’t understand how she could do that to both Wolvie and Bishop. Wasn’t what I knew her for.

2) Cyclops: do you have any other role apart from cockblocking Wolverine? No, but really: Wolverine should have been more forceful. He deeply loves Jean, and seeing her alive again was huge for him. He coulda said “Scott, the Professor will explain to you later, but please just give me a few minutes with Jean” and broke down crying in seeing her. Seriously. That reunion was rushed. I got all goosebumpy when I saw that they’d have a reunion, and whaddayaknow Scott’s a dick.

3) Apocalypse had no blue lips. He’s just Apocaface. His blue lips are as big a part of his look as Wolvie’s poofy hair floofs. Important!

4) Bishop can channel energy and shoot it back out. Not sure why he let all the Sentinels gangbang him till he explodes. He coulda been redirecting each blast as it came at him. As far as I remember, he’s pretty hard to kill.

5) You’re telling me that Magneto as an impetuous asshat can wrap railroad tracks in Sentinels and control them, but as an adult with far more maturity over his skills the best he can do for protection is pile a bunch of crap on the door? His death was rushed and he could have done a whole lot more.

6) Loved how Charles told Wolverine he was on acid when Wolverine was triggered by Striker. Charles was pretty clever there and I laughed.

7) Also awesomely badass: that airport scene where he had all of the people speak to Mystique. That looked really cool in the movie, but imagine if they put a dark filter on it and haunting music with echoes. That stuff is what nightmares is made of. Come and play with us, Timmy. Come and play with us.

8) I’ve got no idea why Mystique poses as William Striker at the end of the movie. Is it Mystique who then adamantiumizes Wolvie? I don’t know. I know that in the comics Wolverine and Mystique hate each other to death, and Wolverine even kills her (though no one ever stays dead in comics). I just don’t get the ending.

9) I thought that the guy that made everyone vomit in the army was Pestilence, but I was wrong. It was Ink. I thought it tied in to Apocalypse’s Four Horsemen at the end, but I’m wrong, it seems. Channing-All-Over-Your-Tatum is gonna be in the next X-Men, though, cast as Gambit, and I know Gambit becomes the Horseman Death in the comics, so maybe that’ll be the same.

10) I have no problem with the continuity errors from the first three X-Men movies. Charles is somehow alive and Magneto has his powers. Fine by me! I like to pretend those movies didn’t happen, apart from re-casting them into this movie, which I found a nice touch. Would have definitely loved to see more Rogue, though.

Yeah! So let me know what you think. I think about movies a lot. Kinda like how I think about music and music videos. It’s just what I do. Doesn’t mean I don’t like em, as I’ve said before – I really liked this movie. I just engage with them a lot.

And, if you like these movie rants, let me know and I’ll do more. I really wanted to do one on the Sherlock series after I finished watching Season 3, but I totally forgot the things I wanted to say. Click on the pretty button below and I might just remember :D

  1. I want X-men franchise to have a different director. I really enjoyed the movie. But it’s this kind of movies that after watching it you start to think about all the things that could have been much better. (This year I loved much more “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Captain America:Winter Soldier”. I was really thrilled while watching it and adored the relationships between the characters.)

  2. so I know it makes no sense that Charles has his body back but if you wait after the credits in X3 you find out that Magneto starts to get his power back sorta and Charles’s consciousness like inceptioned its way into a brain-dead guy that he was talking about in a lecture earlier on in the movie. I loved this movie but i did have quite a number of issues with it as well XD.

  3. I loved the movie. When Quicksilver mentioned his mom to Magneto, my friend and I burst out laughing. No one else in the theater thought that it was funny. I love that they re-wrote the plot from the first three movies. I thought that they were well cast and poorly written. Also, I completely agree with you on killing Storm.

  4. I agree! I really would have preferred if they had kept quicksilver in the movie longer than they did. I did not read any of the comics (i will now), so i didn’t catch any of the little hints, but i thought he was a great and hilarious character that i would hope to appear in the future! (i didnt like the man of steel movie either, it was really disappointing!)

  5. More please! I really like these movie reviews =D

    Can anyone help me with starting to read the comics? I’d really like to read them, but I have no clue where to start. There are so many! T.T I especially like the avengers :3

  6. i waited to watch your video until i could watch it in Germany (last week) and i have to say: yes YeS! Quicksilver was the BEST! and i couldn’t understand why he just went home in the middle of the film…-.-

  7. I Wikipedia-ed the movie after I saw it(not a comic book reader, but love X-Men): Rogue HAD a larger part in the movie, but was cut in the final edit. Kitty Pryde… I got nothing concrete. Something about her abilities and physics (not simply “walking through wall”, it’s intangibility.

  8. I loved the movie. I was actually glad that it didn’t have 50 minutes of continues action like most of the recent super hero movies. This allowed room for a story and character development. I had no idea magneto was quick silver’s father. Wow, that would have put the awesome jail break scene in a completely different context. I would be constantly wondering when they would find out.

  9. I was super confused about the whole Mystique as Striker thing too, which they better address in the next movie because otherwise it’s pretty random and just frustrated me. But I totally vote for rewatching Sherlock and doing a rant cause I watched all nine eps last weekend and I’m in serious withdrawal.

  10. I agree! This was by far the best installment in the X-Men series also MOTHERF*&^ING APOCALYPSE!

  11. Just watched it and I absolutely loved it, but I do agree with your points! Especially the Halle Berry one… I was actually happy that they killed her off for that brief moment. She’s a terrible Storm.

  12. I agree with you Simon. Loved the movie…I think BLINK could’ve destroyed or send the Sentinels to other places far away, but they adapted [wait this is not a BORG]…and the part were Cyclops appears again and Wolverine said this Douchebag didn’t change was funny…but Quicksilver OMG! He was the whole best part of the movie especially the music they used for him when it was slow speed..freaking hillarious. Keep making this videos i love hearing others opinion on the movies!

  13. Completely agree with all. Genius. Loved the movie…the small errors didn’t bug me enough to hate it. Huge comic nerd here. And Quicksilver was amazing!!! Shame they didn’t use him more. And these videos are awesome…love them…keep doing them. Love ya’ll.

  14. Thought you would pick up on this Simon but this movie has now made all the other x-men movies inept. Also, Wolverine doesn’t age so why does he have some gray hair? Does Wolverine have bone or metal claws now? Its also fucked up the whole x-men timeline. And I don’t think that everything should fit in as smoothly as it does.

  15. Spoilery comment:

    I agree with you on pretty much all of those points. What even was the point of having Scott there? For 5 seconds of Wolverine not getting to be happy, that’s the point. I loved Mystique and Quicksilver, though. Perfect casting, writing, and acting all around. Young Magneto was really annoying once he decided to go evil again. I was wondering where everyone thought he was. Shouldn’t they have been keeping an eye on the guy who’s been known to betray them? Just a thought. And I missed the after-credits, because my friends were ushering me out the door. Baaaaaaaaw.

    Overall, it was a perfect movie, though. The action was well-choreographed, the CGI was luscious, Trask was well cast (helloooo amusingly short villain) and played. Halle Barry played Storm pretty well, making me sad when she was staked. Pretty much, ten out of ten. Definitely will buy.

  16. Would love to hear your thoughts on all the previous X-Men movies. Ya know… cause it’s not like you’re busy with life or anything. Seriously, more X-Men talk would be awesome.

  17. Simon I totally love your movie rants (110% agree on Ironman 3) But just for debate sake, here is what I think how Magneto managed to get full control of the Sentinels: He did stole the schematics didn’t he? It probably contains information or even a manual book that he (or someone he knows) could use to reprogram all of the robots’ software. He only needed the metal from the railroad tracks to steal the Sentinels, there are a lot of things he could do when he has them in his possession.

    Also I don’t think that Magneto actually wants to prevent a war between the humans vs. mutants, he wants one where the mutants could win. He doesn’t want to kill humans (like Apocalypse does) and wants peaceful coexistence but he does think that Mutants are really Homo Sapiens Superior and should rule over humans (like in House of M which is his true dream). How can the Mutants win? First you need a grand gesture that will unite the ‘militant’ mutants & that is by destroying the symbols of their greatest threat: the Sentinels & the US government. Remember at that time he was the Osama Bin Laden for Mutants and wanted to recruit more mutants to his cause (which is depicted with the montage with Ink, Toad etc. looking at the TV). Basically he wants the humans to fear mutants and the mutants to fear humans. He wants the humans prosecuting ‘chicken boy’ and ‘Fart Man’ so they will fall under his banner for protection.

    PS: sorry for the bad grammar & counter-rant :)

  18. I really enjoyed this movie because it wiped the slate clean and now they can return to the main X-Men because they kind of dug themselves into a hole with the third main series one where they killed pretty much everyone. Also as much as I like Wolverine, his solo movies made him look like a whiny bitch and that gets really old really fast. I also liked First Class but not enough to want an entire movie series based off of it. I love X-Men and this movie really redeemed the movie series for me since it kinda lulled

  19. I actually find it really annoying that Blink couldn’t just use her powers and make the sentinels attack each other or themselves, also the movie was missing a lot of things from the comic and threw off the last few movies as well. But it was still a great movie.

  20. Moar movie rants please.You have not done enough.

  21. Oh my GOSH YES!!! I thought the movie was so good too! i couldn’t stay through the credits to watch the after credits scene, so that was a bit of a spoiler, BUT I DON’T CARE –FOUR HORSEMEN, YES!!
    And Channing Tatum as Gambit?
    Okay. I can dig it. I hope Rogue and Gambit finally get together in the movies like they are in the comics.

    Also, I agree. Far too less Rogue in the movies. She was always my favorite character in the comics–but the movie Rogue hasn’t absorbed Ms. Marvel’s powers yet so she’s kind of lackluster anyway.
    And I … agree but disagree with the whole ‘action/story line’ part. A friend I saw the movie with said the same thing, and I can see your point–it is totally valid. But I loved all of the story, psychological stuff–then again. That is my major in school so I am biased towards it.

    Kitty Pride was probably just given that power so that she could be included in the movie since she had a huge part in the comic version.
    I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU ABOUT QUICK SILVER what a waste!! Why didn’t he come along!? I mean. yeah. I know. There were already a lot of characters in the movie, but who cares!? And the little nod to the fact that Magento is his dad. xD LOVE IT.

    As for Charles being alive and Magneto having his powers back, I have two theories:
    1) This ‘future’ that we’re watching is different from the storyline of the first 3 movies (and it would be, because of the Sentinels) or whatever. [something to back this up; at the end of Wolverine he doesn’t have his metal claws, but bone claws and in Days of Futures Past he has metal claws again].
    2) At the end of the 3rd movie there were two mid/post credit scenes. In one Magento is shown to slowly be getting his powers back, IE: The serum faded away. He had them at the end of Wolverine post-credits scene. The other scene showed that Charles’ consciousness survived the attack from ‘The Phoenix/Jean/Dark Phoenix (whatever)’ and he had taken over the body of a man who was brain-dead/vegetable (as I have never actually seen that second one, I may be totally wrong about it. It is just what I have heard).

    I totally agree with you about Logan and Jean’s reunion. Very rushed, HOWEVER if it wasn’t the one from the first 3 movies that he had had to kill at the end of the 3rd movie, and was tormented about during the entire “The Wolverine” then …. their reunion didn’t mean much. It’s just a woman he really likes.

    LAST THING I WANTED TO POINT OUT! Didn’t Wolverine make a comment about how he ‘hoped’ he wasn’t a dad? Wouldn’t it be great if his son showed up in the next movie? Squee~

    (anyway, I’m done now)

  22. Wait….did I hear ‘Charlie The Unicorn’ references here???

  23. Man! I so wanted to see this movie and now I want to see it even more. Thanks for the review Simon, it’s great to hear it from someone who’s read so many of the comics but isn’t all hard core about canon and such not.

    Cyber_3 – can FINALLY comment again. Stupid cookies and plugins.

    • Glad to see you back! I’m always worried when I don’t see you around for a while. New commenting system coming soon (this week, hopefully!) Mods are testing it out on the test server now. Here’s to hoping they don’t find too many bugs!

      • Aw, you say the sweetest things! But seriously, there have been A LOT of firefox updates this last month and every second one breaks my disqus and I have to check my plugins for duplicates, wipe all my cache, cookies, history, the works and then *sometimes* I can comment again. I have a feeling from some of the posts I’ve seen that I am not the only one with this problem. I hope that the new commenting system improves this but even if it doesn’t, I think I’ve got it down to a system now, sigh. Maybe.

        Cyber_3 – also losing a lot of free time lately to sweet cuddlins with the hubby *^.^* not that I’m complaining ;)

        • That one firefox update that made your tabs on the top (and other stuff) bleeped up all my super modified beautiful firefox add-ons ;-;

  24. I watched this in 4D and was a bit distracted with that thingy poking at my back but I totally agree with a lot of points (especially the point, how magneto was pretty stupid hahaha)

    Anyways… PLEASE DO MORE MOVIE RANTS! I love movie rants *^* Probably wont be too much into series rants since the only american series I’m watching is glee (YES I ADMIT!) and suits XD And I’m already pretty far behind at both of those lol (too many episodes to be talked about and spoiler alert, so I probably wouldn’t watch it lol)

  25. Please do more movie rants like this I’d love me some of those!!!!! I’m a girl but I much prefer watching your movie reviews than Martina’s makeup and hairy tutorials (cos I hate makeup euuggghhh) so pls do some more!! <3

  26. I love your movie rant and yes please also do on the sherlock series! (Season 3 sucks though ._.)
    The continuity errors, i just thought they would explain them later, but i forgot about magneto not having powers.
    But Charles died in x-men and hes alive in days of future past, ok but what happens in the comic books then? he didnt die?

    I want to read the comics too but i dont know where to start or where to read ;_; any tips?

  27. Umm Sir Ian Mckellen and Sir Patrick Stewart sharing a a touching moment was the second highlight of the film for me. They have such chemistry together and legitimately are really good friends.

  28. Point no. 2: I LOVE CYCLOPS OK but seriously though, I thought The Wolverine (though that movie was mostly loldiculous) did a good job showing that Logan was finally getting over Jean’s death…I never bought his ‘deep love’ for her anyway, how long did he know her before he got infatuated? Combine that with the fact that he was glad to see Scott alive and I bought that scene as was.
    5. Magneto could use metal wires to manipulate first-gen clunky baby sentinals…if he tried that with the later ones, they’d probably just go red-hot and melt away the wires as soon as they got close.
    8. I’m pretty sure the ending meant that Logan never got adamantized but was instead saved by Mystique; that the changed timeline sent her on a path of simply going around getting mutants out of trouble rather on a more Magneto-like RARGH MUST KILL HOOMANS. Actually if Logan was saved from Stryker that would have changed a lot; possibly he never got shot in the head and lost his memory, and maybe he’s teaching history at the end because his memory goes back uninterrupted into whenever his original life was. That would change good-timeline Logan significantly and thus his interactions with all the staff and students. (at the end Xavier seemed really happy that bad-timeline Logan was back…Wolverine being through as much shit as he did, being through part of it WITH the X-Men…I could see that giving him a deeper connection with Charles and the others.)

    • I don’t know, I agree with both you AND Simon on Cyclops. He can certainly be a doush and I never really thought of him as Jean’s type but maybe she needed a big contrast to Wolverine to help get over him. To me, Jean did her job, but she really did fall for Logan but she tries to be strong so that he can get over her since what she did would never lead to a healthy relationship between the two (think about it, they get back together, can he ever really trust her again no matter how much he wants to? It’s not in his character and she knows it). Cyclops is jealous and it makes him really a jerk towards Logan, without provocation at times. As for Wolverine, there wasn’t a lot of time, but Jean’s power made Logan fall for her harder than he ever could on his own, it allowed him to open up (because she already knew) like he’s not able to with other people, that’s why he can’t forget her, even if he moves on.

      Cyber_3 – goes off to nerdyland…….

    • I think you’re the first person I ever met who likes Cyclops. Both of us have a deep antipathy towards him. #TeamLogan

  29. 1. This is an adaptation so obviously things will be changed but for the most part they will stay true to the source material.
    2. I guess Logan knew first and foremost that everything around him isn’t the same and doing something weird could probably surprise or whatever to people. But yeah, Cyclops is a dick,
    5. They weren’t in a place where metal is everywhere. So he had to destroy their ship just to have something to use. The sentinels themselves aren’t made of metal and aren’t as cheap as the old sentinels. That was the future after all.
    8. Well the past has changed so everything from then on is pretty much gonna be different, so who knows what really happened.
    10. The better question is why is Trask suddenly a midget when he was a black man in X-men 3. Magento regained his powers in the ending of X-men 3 but yeah Charles put himself back together. lol.

  30. On #10, in the 3rd Xmen movie…it ends with us seeing that Proffesor X transfered his brain and consciousness into his twin brother that was brain dead…it was alluded to throughout the movie. And it’s also shown that Magneto still had his power; his powers were lost, but it seems like the “cure” wasn’t permenant.

  31. Just saw the film two hours ago. I read all the X-Men comics back in the late 80’s.
    Logan even mentioned it to Magnus/Eric on the plane; “So you’ve always been an ass”
    Magneto / Eric Lersher is a megalomaniac. That’s totally his character in the comics, and it’s consistent in the film. Picking up and entire baseball stadium and using it as a border around the Whitehouse, and threatening all of humankind on international TV genuine “shock and awe” violence that will ( in his head ) get the opponent to cower and capitulate. … these kinds of things would seem to be a good plan to him.

    4. I agree, BIshop got owned way too easy.
    5. Magneto built ‘Asteroid M’, and a lot of other advanced tech in his day, so having an electronics background is consistent.
    8. My thought was that Mystique was doing him a solid by getting him away from the baddies, but that’s just a thought.

  32. magneto used the stadium to be a barricade to block out everybody when he wants to take out the politicians. simon, Y U NO SEE? what gets me is they had flat screen monitor, modern “behind the ear” headphones and biometric fingerprint lock in 1973… seriously?

  33. Magneto lifted the stadium so that nobody could come into the situation and destroy his plans. Or at least that’s what I think :)

  34. YES! all of these points! seriously when you mention channing all over your tatum my mind just fills with that song..GOSH PLEASE DO SHERLOCK to help us get through the two years wait

  35. I really don’t like their portrayal of Rogue in the movies. In the first xmen movies they made her into kind of a coward and sissy, and now they barely include her in the movie, when in the comics she’s so much more badass and kicks ass, which is why I love her so much. I just don’t like Anna’s portrayal of the character nor the overall movie’s portrayal. They ruined a great character in my opinion.

  36. Simon and Martina, I’ve always wanted to read the comics since I was little but I know that they are hard to find and since there’s so many volumes out there, I just don’t know where to begin! Wasn’t the first story published back in the 30s or something? I wanted to read the X-Men and Avengers story….where should I begin? Where can I find them? Please help! :D

  37. Mutant with epic farting powers?

    You obviously know my boyfriend.

  38. Finally, a movie I’ve seen! *Has seen virtually no other superhero movie than X-Men*
    I agree with everything you said. Holy shit the scene with Quicksilver was BADASS. My friends and I were laughing our asses off and really enjoying that part. This character had better come back in the next movie. And Link! Coolest power ever! More of her please!
    Kitty’s new power, WTF???
    Charles was awesome. I’m having a major crush on him. The whole “I gave up my powers so I could walk but I’m an addict now” totally worked for me. But that’s just me. I love those more human parts in a superhero movie.
    Agreed on Magneto! Why is he always the bad guy? And why does Mystique not shooting him enough of a reason to stop the Sentinel program? Why did Magneto just leave at the end? How was he convinced to let it all go? The final conclusion was really blurry to me.
    But it was a great movie.
    Since I haven’t read any of the comics (not a part of my culture) I didn’t understand the ending credit scene at all so thank you.

  39. 1) Re: Kitty and her sending Logan’s consciousness back in time, instead of *her* going back in time (I was wondering WTF about that too); apparently mutants can develop ‘secondary’ powers based off their main ability. So her being able to ‘phase’ thru material objects is a small ‘leap’ to phasing thru time? idk idk She couldn’t go back in time anyway, she would’ve been -20 years old in the 70’s. lol

    2) I LOVED McAvoy’s take on young Xavier. He’s not the sage, wise ‘yoda’ in the 70s…instead he’s got an acute case of manpain, with a side of addiction issues (omg). Also loved the mirroring of Logan ‘saving’ him, like how Charles ‘saves’ Logan in X1.

    3) Quicksilver was HILAROUS. Never though I’d say that. (was always ‘meh’ about him in the comics)

    4) The future!Sentinels were T2’s on acid. And how they killed off the mutants in the future was gruesome as f**k. Was NOT expecting that.

    5) The post-credits scene. OMG I squeed in the theatre and legit bounced in my seat when I spotted the 4 horsemen. Don’t care who heard me completely geek out. XD Apocalypse looked very femme though; didn’t realize it was him at first.

    6) I was kind of sad when Storm bit it? I can’t stand Halle’s take on her, but still felt sad. Lupita Nyong’o would be a wicked re-cast.

  40. I agree with you about the movie. I was like, “It’s a really good movie, but I’m disappointed.” It wasn’t a great superhero movie, but the storytelling was good, and it was great seeing so many Marvel characters. Blink and QuickSilver were awesome. Seeing Storm killed was kind of a thrill (sorry Halle).

    Sending Logan back in time before he was Wolverine kind of sucked. When his class came out as bones the first time, I was like, “…well that sucks!” and boy did it ever. He was kind of wasted in this movie. The fact that Magneto was still such an arrogant dick, was kind of disappointing. I was hoping to see more of what had made him and Xavier friends for a little bit. But God, what an ass.

    It was really great to see Jean again, not so great to see Scott. Overall a good movie, but still smarting over the lack of superhero satisfaction.

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