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X-Men Days of Future Past Review

May 27, 2014


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So, I talked about a lot of things in this video about X-Men: Days of Future Past. There were a lot of spoilers in that video, so don’t watch it if you haven’t seen the movie yet, and don’t read this post either, because there are more spoilers. I talked about a bunch of points, but I skipped out on a few. They’re just quibbles, really, but here are some more things that stuck out for me:

1) Since when did Kitty Pride have those powers? In the comics, it’s Kitty that gets sent back to the past, not Wolverine. It’s not essential that she be there rather than Wolverine. I just didn’t understand how she could do that to both Wolvie and Bishop. Wasn’t what I knew her for.

2) Cyclops: do you have any other role apart from cockblocking Wolverine? No, but really: Wolverine should have been more forceful. He deeply loves Jean, and seeing her alive again was huge for him. He coulda said “Scott, the Professor will explain to you later, but please just give me a few minutes with Jean” and broke down crying in seeing her. Seriously. That reunion was rushed. I got all goosebumpy when I saw that they’d have a reunion, and whaddayaknow Scott’s a dick.

3) Apocalypse had no blue lips. He’s just Apocaface. His blue lips are as big a part of his look as Wolvie’s poofy hair floofs. Important!

4) Bishop can channel energy and shoot it back out. Not sure why he let all the Sentinels gangbang him till he explodes. He coulda been redirecting each blast as it came at him. As far as I remember, he’s pretty hard to kill.

5) You’re telling me that Magneto as an impetuous asshat can wrap railroad tracks in Sentinels and control them, but as an adult with far more maturity over his skills the best he can do for protection is pile a bunch of crap on the door? His death was rushed and he could have done a whole lot more.

6) Loved how Charles told Wolverine he was on acid when Wolverine was triggered by Striker. Charles was pretty clever there and I laughed.

7) Also awesomely badass: that airport scene where he had all of the people speak to Mystique. That looked really cool in the movie, but imagine if they put a dark filter on it and haunting music with echoes. That stuff is what nightmares is made of. Come and play with us, Timmy. Come and play with us.

8) I’ve got no idea why Mystique poses as William Striker at the end of the movie. Is it Mystique who then adamantiumizes Wolvie? I don’t know. I know that in the comics Wolverine and Mystique hate each other to death, and Wolverine even kills her (though no one ever stays dead in comics). I just don’t get the ending.

9) I thought that the guy that made everyone vomit in the army was Pestilence, but I was wrong. It was Ink. I thought it tied in to Apocalypse’s Four Horsemen at the end, but I’m wrong, it seems. Channing-All-Over-Your-Tatum is gonna be in the next X-Men, though, cast as Gambit, and I know Gambit becomes the Horseman Death in the comics, so maybe that’ll be the same.

10) I have no problem with the continuity errors from the first three X-Men movies. Charles is somehow alive and Magneto has his powers. Fine by me! I like to pretend those movies didn’t happen, apart from re-casting them into this movie, which I found a nice touch. Would have definitely loved to see more Rogue, though.

Yeah! So let me know what you think. I think about movies a lot. Kinda like how I think about music and music videos. It’s just what I do. Doesn’t mean I don’t like em, as I’ve said before – I really liked this movie. I just engage with them a lot.

And, if you like these movie rants, let me know and I’ll do more. I really wanted to do one on the Sherlock series after I finished watching Season 3, but I totally forgot the things I wanted to say. Click on the pretty button below and I might just remember :D



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