We haven’t done a Korean food post in a while, and so we thought we’d do one on one of our favourite Korean foods: mandu. We’ve got a mandu shop right beside our new apartment, and we’ve been going to it so often that we figured that we should make a video about it…so here it is!

We might not have done justice to explaining Mandu in the video (Professor Whatsherfrigginname isn’t really a good lecturer), so we’re going to try to be as thorough in this post as possible, in hopes of convincing you to eat these delicious masterpieces of Korean food.

Korean Mandu

OMG Korean Mandu is so freaking delicious!

Mandu falls into the dumpling category, but we’re not talking about the Southern USA style of Chicken and Dumplings; this dumpling is more like the Chinese Dimsum or Japanese Gyoza. They actually reminded Simon of his Polish roots and of all the perogies he ate as a child, even though the mandu dough itself is very different from perogies.

Mandu is most commonly stuffed with minced pork and green onions in the Kogi Mandu variety, or spicy kimchi with the pork and onions for the Kimchi Mandu kind. Also, there are lots of different kinds that you can get; not all of them look like the giant bread type mandu we held in this video. The most common ones we find are as follows:

    Mul Mandu: these are boiled dumplings usually filled with pork and green onions. They’re usually quite small from our experience: a one bite experiences.
    Jjin Mandu: steamed mandu. They’re larger than the mul mandu: usually two-three bites, depending on how civil your table manners. There are specialty shops (such as Mapo Mandu) that serve more than the original Kogi and Kimchi Mandu.The shape can let you know if they’re home-made or out of a store bought bag. Round balls that pucker at the top? Hand made! Looks like a giant tortelline? Probably out of a bag. You’ll also find these in your Tteok Manduguk that you have during Lunar New Year.
    Goon Mandu: Simon’s favorite kind of mandu. They’re panfried or deep fried. They’re similar to potstickers or Japanese Gyoza, but the filling is not as dense as the later. They’re more in the traditional perogie shape, except they’re a lot longer and thinner from our experience. Yeah!
    Wong Mandu: Pronunciation is somewhere between a “wang” and “wong”, and these are the ones we showed in this video. The King Mandu. They’re most commonly found at subway stations or busy school areas. They’re huge, usually the size of your fist if not bigger. The texture is more like steamed bread and it reminds me of Chinese BBQ Pork Steamed Buns that I used to buy in Chinatown downtown Toronto. Think of them as Mandu sandwiches!

At the mandu shops like the one we were in today you can also find Jjin bbang. It’s actually bigger than a Wong Mandu, and it’s for dessert! It’s filled with a sweet red bean paste which looks suspiciously like chocolate to the untrained eye. It’s also sooooo delicious and every shop has their own taste, so if you didn’t like it the first time, don’t give up! Everything we mentioned in this post is delicious. Just…delicious.

Another thing we didn’t mention in the video: the price of these giant mandu. One of these bad boys will be the size of your fist, be completely stuffed with delicious meat and stuffing, and cost you only 1000 won. ONE THOUSAND WON THAT’S IT. Put that into your currency converter right now to see how much that costs in your country. In Canada, that’s 90 cents. No tax, no tipping as well. Seriously, this is like a meal for 90 cents. Korea, we sure do love you sometimes!

Mandu Shop

The Mandu Shop we go to

Anyhow, the location of this shop is right beside our apartment here in Bucheon, but we think that maybe it might also be a franchise. We’re not sure. The logo looks familiar, but that’s maybe just because we go there so often that it’s seared into our memories. If it’s not a franchise is should be! All we know is that we go there so often that we should start being on a first name basis with the owner. If you ever do decide to go to this place, you just might see us walking away with bags full of mandu. Ha!

  1. Looks so delicious!! They remind me a little bit of 生煎包 (ㄕㄥㄐㄧㄢㄅㄠ, shēngjiānbāo).

  2. There’s a lady who sells these a block from my school…I love love love the kimchi mandu!

  3. a wang mandu looks like a Chinese bao zi! LOL how interesting

  4. but those aren’t mandus!
    those are chimbbangs

  5. ha~!! it seems that i’d love those mandu thingies xD cuz i adore polish pierogi xD

  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jzG5CXE0hfo&feature=channel_video_title
    here is a website on how to make mandu’s for whenever you guys want to make any at home! ^_^

  7. I think its time to do another Korean food video please. I love em!

  8. Just wanted to say I love you guys for converting it into CAD!!! Very nice!! Go Canadians!! :)

  9. this is the worst video to watch when you haven’t eaten all day

  10. I’m getting my wisdom teeth out today and I can’t eat anything before (or after, really) the surgery. Why, oh why, did I watch the epic deliciousness of this video??

  11. Cute video! Thanks for this post – as a fellow mandu fan I appreciate the publicity about one of my all-time favorite snacks (and meals…) – I actually wrote a (not as fun but hopefully informative) mandu post of my own a while back, trying to decipher the different types: http://culinarylinguist.blogspot.com/2010/01/korean-food-encyclopedia-mystery-of.html

    Have you found Galbi mandu anywhere besides Mapo Mandu?

  12. OMO Simon you really spoilt me with the “LIKE A MAN(DU)”
    There is no day i’m NOT using it…
    but German people start to look like o.O at me… like i’m a freak… or… an alien XD

    Btw i had a big time with Italian & Slovenian girls at SM Town Paris… when we talked about how you said that SuJu dances teaches you somethin for life ;)
    Also you teached us to do the Bonamana dance with that… so thanks *sings: Manly Sweaping, Manly Sweaping*

    Have a nice day… hugs from Germany for both of you ^^

  13. I have to eat my mandu… like a mandu (hahaha :D)

    I’ve tried those little dumplings like gyozas. They’re good! 

    Those big ones look like our steamed meat buns here, the siopao. :D

  14. The one near us, you can get 6-10 Mandu (depending on what type you get) for 3,000W !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You can feed a party for 9,000W !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (I love Mandu)  ^.^

    My blog: Kim’sKorea  http://kimskorea.blogspot.com

  15. o_0 It looks so much like the siopao in the Philippines..

  16. nom nom nom ^^ looks good. and made me hungry… too bad its so late here >.<

  17. it look so good, I want to eat my laptop :D

  18. I’ve been trying to figure out for a while now, but what kinds of mandu are vegetarian? No to fish and also no to fish oil.

  19. I’ve been trying to figure out for a while now, but what kinds of mandu are vegetarian? No to fish and also no to fish oil.

  20. 저왕만두보니까, 나도열라먹고십당~~~ ã… .ã…œ 군침돈다….

  21. I love Mandu~! I agree that the fried variety is number one delicious….but all see rather delicious. Manduguk is also really good, have you guys had it? (Granted I imagine you have, being in Korea forever and all :D)

  22. After watching this I made myself a couple of Uzbek mandu. But they’re called not mandu, but very similar – manteu :)

  23. “Stop focusing on my mustache!” — Lmao, you caught me, Martina! ^^ Awesome whipping sounds as well haha!

    Yet another food to add on my list of foods to try… :( So hungry.

  24. That 왕만두 looked pretty legit… the place near me serves the “out the bag” variety (5 for 2 chun and a half) — pretty good and cheap, but definitely lacking in the quality.   Next time I’m in Bucheon, I’ll have to hunt down “All White King Dumpling & Steamed Bun” Shop…

  25. “LIKE A MANDU!!” 
    also, that looks soooooooooooooo yummy!! SO getting some next time i trip over to highway 7 in markham! ^___^

    mmmm….pierogies…..yum yum yummy!! i miss my grandma’s. :( she made the best EVER EVER EVER!!! nothing is better than pierogies from an old polish woman!!

    i love pierogies. i love gyoza. i love BBQ pork buns. so i would assume that i’d love mandu, too….which means i must go and try some very very soon!!!

  26. You have successfully made me HUNGRY!!!!!  Sad Keighlynn is sad……I wants noms!!!

  27. You have successfully made me HUNGRY!!!!!  Sad Keighlynn is sad……I wants noms!!!

  28. LIKEE A MANDUU~ >:-{D bahha love proffessor - Whatsherfrigginname- dont focus on my moustache focus on that cute picture of mandu ~ >:D

  29. oh it looks like “bánh bao” in Vietnam but this one is just…. DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Are there any without kogi? O.o

  31. Just looooove the Angry Bird reference! Those stupid piggies! hahaha
    And those mandus [what’s the plural form again? hehe] sure look tasty :)

  32. For those of us craving mandu and not in Korea, I found this recipe through some light Googling: http://mykoreankitchen.com/2007/02/15/steamed-kimchi-dumplings-jjin-kimchi-mandu/ 

    I haven’t tried it yet. As for the filling you can probably make up your own if you can’t get ingredients – a mixture of veggies (cabbage, carrot, spring onions) and some kind of meat (pork or chicken) or tofu for the vegetarians would probably work. Good luck! 

  33. i love kogi and onions !! i wish i could have tat mandu 

  34. I got sacred when she mentioned dont stare on my beard. Coz Seriously i was staring hard on that beard. xP

  35. i want =(

    argh watching this video has made me so hungry

  36. we call it momo . and i just made this with beef and green onion. yum it taste good.

  37. we call it momo . and i just made this with beef and green onion. yum it taste good.

  38. The word “부천중동점” on the card shows that it is a franchise. It implies that it is one of many Mandu shops with the same name.

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