TL;DR! Remember these segments? Where we answer someone’s question and we talk for a long time about stuff! We didn’t do these for a while. We were doing the K Crunch Cocktail instead. Well, now we’re back to doing TL;DRs and we’ve stopped with the Cocktails. Sorry Cocktail fans! We miss this segment a lot, and we already have two other playlists throughout the week.

Also, we’re dropping Google Moderator. It kinda sucks at letting us do what we need it to do: moderate comments. It lets people vote comments up and down, but no…moderation, which – to me – also means the ability to delete comments. So, no more Moderator. Comments now are the name of the game. Leave a comment either here or in our YouTube video’s page and we’ll pick some questions from there. Not everything has to be serious or a long question. Fun questions are permitted as well.

So today’s question comes from Spudgy, who was a mega sissy baby when we were out for the day. He kept on calling us, leaving voicemails like “HEY MOM COME HOME MOM PLZ MOM FRUM SPUDGY” Not even sure how Spudgy learned how to use a phone. That’s one clever dog. So, we explain what happened for Martina’s birthday. TL;DR – I took her to the W Hotel as a surprise. She had no clue. We got couple massages where a couple of odd things happened, had a great dinner, then were about to have cocktails when Martina’s birthday hat got spotted by a party of people celebrating someone else’s birthday. Their generosity resulted in lots of champagne and shots for Martina, which in turn related to her being grossly hung-over when we were supposed to go WANKing.

Anyhow, we got some footage of the birthday singing by them. Supposedly celebrities were there but we’re too out of touch with the Thailand & Singaporian fashion/celebrity scene to know who’s who. Maybe some of you will know who these people are? Hopefully! We were able to speak with Chan from 8eight, who was there, though. His English was awesome! He was very modest, though, but very nice. Frank Cintamani was really nice as well, and too important in the fashion world for us to possibly fathom. Long story short: we were definitely the biggest dorks there!

Anyhow, here’s the video of the fun times and Happy Birthday singing. Yay!


  1. Hi! For a travel video, it would be really cool if you guys went to the DMZ line on the border between North and South Korea. I know they let people take tours there and such.

  2. i’m with ya! i’m from Louisiana, soooo many redneck jokes i can’t even begin to count.

  3. Is Kpop as big in Korea as it is made out to be? I have read that Kpop mostly appeals teenage girls and the average Korean would not know who most of the idols are. Is that true?

  4. Ah, you got the reference! The humour as well, seriously the best.

  5. they already answered that question some time ago^^

  6. I know you guys are dying to answer this question;

    How much hate/hate mail do you guys get from Koreans, fans, and just people in general? Has anyone ever threatened/approached you guys out on the streets? Did anyone ever go to your house? What are/has been the most hurtful and offensive comments/acts you received? Did any ever make your cry or very, very angry? :( And what do you guys do in response to all of your haters?

    <3 Sarah

  7. I found this article about the party…maybe martina and simon can recognize some of the people in here

  8. So wait, does this mean no more discovering of korean indie? =( I haz to find it all by myself? =(

  9. My wife and I just had an argument about whether or not a massage should hurt. She claims that you should be sore the next day, which is completely the opposite of how I want to feel when I am done with massage lol.

  10. It’s not difficult to source for such information on the web but regarding immigration to S.Korea…I hope you’ve at least experienced the culture first hand for a couple of years before even mentioning it.

    (How do I delete comment? This is not my acct.)

    • Well honestly I did try sourcing on the web but I didn’t have much results, if any. And also thanks a lot for your advice, but right now I’m not in a position where I can check it up personally or ‘experience the culture first hand for a couple of years’. Yeah. So I guess it would be much easier for many of us if a foreigner already living in South Korea (like Simon and Martina) to address this dilemma through their TL;DR. :)

  11. I sincerely wanted to see Spudgy typing his question for the TL;DR. Do you have a video? lol

  12. Ye its kinda true.. i dont like Kcrunch cocktails~

  13. Love you, Martina! >.< … (& Simon..& Spudgy)
    Ooh, girly hug & Happy Birthday for a few days ago! xx

  14. Hi guys, happy birthday to Martina!
    I want a TL;DR special about driving in Korea, I know you commented already some things but it will be very funny/instructional for us “weigukin” when visiting Korea as pedestrians or drivers. :)

    I was very worried after seeing some short videos on YouTube (seems real footage) from the user MrRoadWorrier (Crazy Korean Driving Part 1 to 6)

    I know Italians and mainly the Romans have a traffic a little bit disorganized, when I was there was very funny to others seeing us running in the zebra crossing including with green light XD
    I want to know what to wear, how to move, safety devices I need and other things of interest for my travel to Korea in the next future. Thanks.

  15. Hello =) I do not know if these questions fits to TL;DR but I’ll ask anyway because I’d love to find out the answer.

    1. How do Koreans counting their age? (For example: a Korean boy was born in October 1994. Which means, he lived 17 years. But he says he is 19 years old. Why do they add themselves another two years?)

    2. How much awareness of animal rights is there in Korea? (For example: many countries have on the packaging of cosmetics a small drawing of a rabbit which means the company is not abusing animals. Is there anything similar on Koreans brands? How can I tell if the company is cruelty free?)

    • Koreans count their time in the mother’s womb of 9 months and round it to about a year. The additional year is probably because the person was born in October and merely rounded up. :/ not so sure of the additional year but hope that helps! :)

  16. OMG u went to the same hotel that TOP eats at?!?! luuuucky if TOP was there u coulda kept him company *wink wink* lol not in that way… sounds wrong…AAAAAANYWAY, my TL;DR question is: What do u think of all that illuminati stuff?

  17. I always swoon when I see you two in love with each other so much!!!!!!!!!!

  18. i was wondering do koreans like foreigners? my friend what me to ask

  19. How do korean kpop idols dating work.  Also I need a favor, I need to know how ticklish korean girls are and martina too, not simon just girls.  This is for a science project thx!

  20. TL;DR Question! I want to come to Korea and be a English teacher like you guys were! I wanna know more cause I’m still in high school and I want to know what I have to head for and what I’m getting into! If you can help, when I come to Korea I will hug you and bring things from New York! Cause I’m from New York ^.^

  21. Your relationship makes me all warm and fuzzy.

  22. TL;DR 

    Do you guys have tattoos? Are tattoos popular in Korea? Are they well seen?

  23. Guise Guise! I was wondering, since here in LatinAmerica is kinda everyday bussiness…How important are family relationships in Korea? How close are parents and their children after they’ve grown up? does the dysfunctional family concept apply there and how Korean society treats them? Is it weird to get a divorce? 

  24. TL;DR Question!!!

    Have you met any North Korean refugees in South Korea? Is North Korea (and specifically its refugees) a topic that is talked about a lot among the public and the students?

    Please watch this whole documentary! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3cVOrUMWaJ0&feature=player_embedded

  25. TL;DR question

    What kind of jobs can a foreigner get when they first move to korea to susstain them while learning more korean?

  26. Hey guys! I totally support your decision to drop the cocktail and put more time into doing TL;DRs. I know that a huge majority of your fan base watches your videos or started watching your videos because of the KPop aspect. I’m only mildly interested in KPop, I love the Music Mondays and really enjoy the Indie playlist but I would rather see you doing stuff in Korea and be funny and making me laugh! Good decision! Happy belated birthday Martina!

    How did you choose what color to dye Spudgy’s fur?

  28. Someone asked this earlier, but I would like to ask again. How difficult is it to be a vegetarian in S. Korea?

  29. Spudgy bit at the start was hilarious

  30. Does this mean no more playlists of older songs anymore?

  31. uhm.. yeah i’m SINGAPOREAN~~ yay! drink with me LOL

  32. need a husband like Simon  lol

  33. Happy Belated Birthday Martina! (wah, so many birthdays everywhere!)

    I had TL;DR question. This a very unfunny question. In fact, it’s a depressing question. You will probably not pick this depressing question but I will still go ahead.

    I love eating Korean food but as someone who is very interested in nutrition I’m really wary of Korean food due to the number of stomach cancer incidents in Korea. From what I read, it seems to be a combination of high-salt diet and grilled red meat. I still think about how kimbap has that pickled radish which has a label that says its been found to cause cancer in mice (probably due to the presence of sodium nitrate).  Of course stomach cancers happen everywhere in the world but it is more prominent in Asia (again because of the high salt diet and other diet factors) and the risk increases as soon as you move to that environment. I’ve been considering moving to Korea but it’s one of the issues that’s been weighing me down. So I guess my question is, how health conscious are people in Korea? Is the government/medical institutions raising awareness about diet and stomach cancer? Are there any efforts to combat it? And also how health conscious are you guys? Do you worry about your diet? How difficult would it be to avoid eating Korean food in Korea? In the same vein, I saw someone ask this question above me, is it easy to be a vegetarian in Korea?

    Sorry for too many questions!

  34. I love TL;DR but I’m very sad that you’ve just dropped K Crunch Coctail. it was so nice to hear something about old stuff and not only new stuff….
    and I’m no big fan of indie things…. so this part of K Crunch is not for me at all… Coctail was my favourite :(


    btw, on the other hand, Happy Belated Birthday Martina!

  35.  Hey Simon, Martina, and Spudgy! I have a really dorky  TL;DR question for Martina. Where Do you get your hair dyed and cut and where do you get Spudgy’s hair dyed? Thanks! :)


  36. Simon…”potato sack fabric” is otherwise known as Hessian fabric, which is the most irritating coarse fabric you could every wear and is rarely used for modern garments. Minus points to that spa! :P

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