TL;DR! Remember these segments? Where we answer someone’s question and we talk for a long time about stuff! We didn’t do these for a while. We were doing the K Crunch Cocktail instead. Well, now we’re back to doing TL;DRs and we’ve stopped with the Cocktails. Sorry Cocktail fans! We miss this segment a lot, and we already have two other playlists throughout the week.

Also, we’re dropping Google Moderator. It kinda sucks at letting us do what we need it to do: moderate comments. It lets people vote comments up and down, but no…moderation, which – to me – also means the ability to delete comments. So, no more Moderator. Comments now are the name of the game. Leave a comment either here or in our YouTube video’s page and we’ll pick some questions from there. Not everything has to be serious or a long question. Fun questions are permitted as well.

So today’s question comes from Spudgy, who was a mega sissy baby when we were out for the day. He kept on calling us, leaving voicemails like “HEY MOM COME HOME MOM PLZ MOM FRUM SPUDGY” Not even sure how Spudgy learned how to use a phone. That’s one clever dog. So, we explain what happened for Martina’s birthday. TL;DR – I took her to the W Hotel as a surprise. She had no clue. We got couple massages where a couple of odd things happened, had a great dinner, then were about to have cocktails when Martina’s birthday hat got spotted by a party of people celebrating someone else’s birthday. Their generosity resulted in lots of champagne and shots for Martina, which in turn related to her being grossly hung-over when we were supposed to go WANKing.

Anyhow, we got some footage of the birthday singing by them. Supposedly celebrities were there but we’re too out of touch with the Thailand & Singaporian fashion/celebrity scene to know who’s who. Maybe some of you will know who these people are? Hopefully! We were able to speak with Chan from 8eight, who was there, though. His English was awesome! He was very modest, though, but very nice. Frank Cintamani was really nice as well, and too important in the fashion world for us to possibly fathom. Long story short: we were definitely the biggest dorks there!

Anyhow, here’s the video of the fun times and Happy Birthday singing. Yay!


  1. Hi! For a travel video, it would be really cool if you guys went to the DMZ line on the border between North and South Korea. I know they let people take tours there and such.

  2. TL;DR question: What are some major differences between the Busan and Seoul dialects or accents? Are there any stereotypes or particular things associated with these different accents? What do you guys think? And how about North Korean and South Korean differences? Can people understand each other? Are there many differences? Thank you.

  3. haha Simon you said FAPs und WANK WANKs instead of WANKs and FAPFAPs XD

  4. TL;DR question:

    Your favorite things about korea

  5. TL;DR question:
    What do koreans feel about dark skinned people ?

  6. Don’t know if anyone’s corrected you on this yet but just a heads up: *Singaporean :)

  7. Question: What is the general Korean attitude toward homosexuals? I never hear about stars being gay, like we do in the west. 

  8. TL;DR question!!
    What are the kpop fanboys like in Korea? Are there a lot, or is it a rarity, like in most international countries? 

  9. I hope Lil John’s “Shots” was played that birthday evening.

  10. TL;DR question! When are you guys gonna have babies? and if so..will you be moving back to Canada to settle down or stay in korea? 

  11. I can has a TL;DR question, maybe. I really want to go to Korea and study the language, BUT my parents are very against it because 1) it’s far away and 2) they think North Korea will start a war. So, as people who actually live in South Korea, what do you have to say – is it safe to visit and live in for a year or do you feel like North Korea could be an actual threat anytime soon?


    Was this the guy you saw there? If you can remember…


    I ask because seriously his music videos are some of the funniest stuff to me. I totally woulda asked for him in a K-Crunch if you still did it. I think he’s the one with the spiky hair in the back but idk maybe my 20/12 hawk vision is failing me.

  13. I only spotted Dr. Georgia Lee (Singaporean) out of the entire group. She’s nice, I’ve heard, but I think she looks kinda scary. 

  14. TL:DR Question: what are some delicious korean meals that are not spicy? I’ve been wanting to try korean food for a while and many dishes look delicious, but I can’t eat spicy food. Any suggestions?

  15. TLDR: For both of you
    I am vegetarian due to religious reasons. I have been dying to try Korean food but unfortunately a lot of the food I want to try, for example Jajangmyeon or mandu, has meat. What are some vegetarian Korean meals I can enjoy when I go to a restaurant or a street vendor in Korea?

    i’m done.
    p.s. i’m completely serious we really do have the same birthday, i had a strawberry cake with cotton candy frosting that looked like the sky which reminded me of you and i got eighteen yellow birthday roses… but your birthday sounded way better
    p.s.s. for our shared birthday you should answer my tl;dr question which is:You’ve mentioned some festivals and holidays before but I wanted to know what some of the biggest annual festivities there are in Korea and how they’re commonly celebrated and what are your most amazing memories from attending some of these festivities?

  17. TL;DR Question

    If you could show a non k-pop fan one music video which one would you show them? Then if you had a hour what other kind of things would you show them to help express your love for korea?

  18. Is Kpop as big in Korea as it is made out to be? I have read that Kpop mostly appeals teenage girls and the average Korean would not know who most of the idols are. Is that true?

  19. If it was a fashion get together with models n stuff were you still the tallest there?

  20. TL;DR question for you : Do koreans think it’s weird that non-koreans are into kpop?


  21. Happy Birthday Martina (sorry I’m late^^’) Me and my friends are just celebrating my birthday and the fact, that they are now official K-Pop fans (^0^) 3 things to celebrate!  Hope you and Simon are happy and healthy for the rest of you lifes^^

  22. TL;DR question: Do Koreans like hispanics? and what are there views on them? (I’m half korean, half Mexican but I have never been to Korea and the area where I live has a very low amount of asians)

  23. TL;DR Question!
    I’m not sure if someone has asked this, but you guys have the cutest home decor ever! All the decals on the cabinets and doors and everything else, mind showing us where you got them from and where we could order them from?

  24. lol happy birthday martina.

  25. I just wanted to say ‘Happy birthday Martina’!!! What an awesome hubby you have. Simon give yourself a pat on the back (in private of course, no wife likes a showoff!) for those presents. And also.. I love having TL;DR back but I have no awesome questions.

  26. WHY, AGAIN, CAN’T YOU MAKE 2 SECONDS OF VIDEO WITHOUT USING YOUR RIDICULOUS VOICES? + we don’t really give a shit about what you did for your birthday, your blog is about your relationship with Korea, not about whether you poop once or twice a day
    + the picture for this article is really ridiculous

  27. I only wonder what’s vanilla bean? Did you mean vanilla pod? Or Canadians use the word vanilla bean instead vanilla pod. Aaahhh, sorry for my question. Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MARTINA!!

  28. Aww I like the panda iPad case! Is it available on gmarket?

  29. TL;DR 
    When will you guys have kids i bet they will be adorable and just as awesome as you guys <3 or will you ever have kids?

  30. Many people are praising Martina and Simon for their good relationship. I’m just gonna share something that I learned years ago. Martina’s birthday is on May 1 which makes her a Taurus. Simon’s birthday is on January 20 or is it January 19? Either way, that makes Simon a Capricorn. They’re a Capricorn-Taurus match that is why their relationship is so successful. A Capricorn-Taurus relationship is one of the most compatible pairings ever. :)

    TL;DR question:
    What was Martina like when she was in her gothic stage? What are the heavy metal bands that she likes?

  31.  lol… yea… partying in singapore is like crazy… you start to learn NOT to mix alcohols!!!! haha… Vodka, Beer, Wine and VSOP is CRAZY!!!! quick note… red bull works wonders when trying to keep sober hahahahahaha!

  32. TL;DR Question for the two of you! 
    I could listen to you talk about how much you love each other all day long. It really gives me confidence in my own relationship, that I’m not crazy for being so sure about how we stand so early on. Do you have any advice on how to keep a relationship strong or any stories about how the two of you got through some difficult times? 

  33. Martina!!! You look great! I love your makeup tutorials, and I was wondering: could you do a skincare video? I’m not sure how old you are exactly, and that’s AWESOME. I think we’re about the same age maybe? I’m moving to Korea permanently this year and I want my skin to look as great as yours. Any products to recommend? :)


    I really wonder allot about this…

    so, Martina, your hair is FAB. no doubt…


    Do Koreans ever approach you about it?
    What are some of the main differences in hair cutting/styling between a Asian Woman’s hair, and your hair?

    What about Simon?
    I totally am in love with the Mohawk/crazy-shit-on-the-side Red Hair look..
    Do people spazz about him too?

  35. I am interested in learning Korean and would like to move there once I graduate college. I was interested in possibly teaching English there, and wanted to know more about how you went to Korea and what it is like teaching there when you first start. How well were you prepared and how? I really appreciate what I learn from your videos, and would be very grateful and honored if you answered my question. Kamsamnida!

  36. I know more western people are getting into korean culture and music, but how popular is western culture, music, movies in Korea? For example, I know LOTR is a pretty big thing by western standards and you two love it, so have you ever geeked out together with korean people who know about it?

  37. This is a question I asked in the google moderator page but I’ll repeat it here since you guys aren’t using it anymore. :)  
    How does Korea deal with physical disabilities?  Just from watching different shows and dramas I get the impression that there isn’t much support or acceptance there.  Do they have things such as handicap accessible buildings, parking spots, or bathrooms like they do in North America?
    This may need to be a separate question but also how open is Korea to dealing with mental disabilities or even stuff like depression or bipolar disorder?  Is there support?  Are people looked down upon if they take medication or see a psychiatrist?  Thanks!

  38. I know you guys are dying to answer this question;

    How much hate/hate mail do you guys get from Koreans, fans, and just people in general? Has anyone ever threatened/approached you guys out on the streets? Did anyone ever go to your house? What are/has been the most hurtful and offensive comments/acts you received? Did any ever make your cry or very, very angry? :( And what do you guys do in response to all of your haters?

    <3 Sarah

  39. TL;DR question
    How did you guys learn korean ? Did you go to a school for foreigners there or how ?

  40. TL;DR question: Recently I have been getting into Boys befor flowers (mostly because of Martina’s refrences) and am totaly hooked. So I wondered would it be possible for you to compose a list of your fabourite korean dramas that you would recomend.
    Also ,simon, are manly eneuf for you to tolerate?

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