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Martina’s Birthday Story – TL;DR

May 4, 2012


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TL;DR! Remember these segments? Where we answer someone’s question and we talk for a long time about stuff! We didn’t do these for a while. We were doing the K Crunch Cocktail instead. Well, now we’re back to doing TL;DRs and we’ve stopped with the Cocktails. Sorry Cocktail fans! We miss this segment a lot, and we already have two other playlists throughout the week.

Also, we’re dropping Google Moderator. It kinda sucks at letting us do what we need it to do: moderate comments. It lets people vote comments up and down, but no…moderation, which – to me – also means the ability to delete comments. So, no more Moderator. Comments now are the name of the game. Leave a comment either here or in our YouTube video’s page and we’ll pick some questions from there. Not everything has to be serious or a long question. Fun questions are permitted as well.

So today’s question comes from Spudgy, who was a mega sissy baby when we were out for the day. He kept on calling us, leaving voicemails like “HEY MOM COME HOME MOM PLZ MOM FRUM SPUDGY” Not even sure how Spudgy learned how to use a phone. That’s one clever dog. So, we explain what happened for Martina’s birthday. TL;DR – I took her to the W Hotel as a surprise. She had no clue. We got couple massages where a couple of odd things happened, had a great dinner, then were about to have cocktails when Martina’s birthday hat got spotted by a party of people celebrating someone else’s birthday. Their generosity resulted in lots of champagne and shots for Martina, which in turn related to her being grossly hung-over when we were supposed to go WANKing.

Anyhow, we got some footage of the birthday singing by them. Supposedly celebrities were there but we’re too out of touch with the Thailand & Singaporian fashion/celebrity scene to know who’s who. Maybe some of you will know who these people are? Hopefully! We were able to speak with Chan from 8eight, who was there, though. His English was awesome! He was very modest, though, but very nice. Frank Cintamani was really nice as well, and too important in the fashion world for us to possibly fathom. Long story short: we were definitely the biggest dorks there!

Anyhow, here’s the video of the fun times and Happy Birthday singing. Yay!



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