Hello everyone! Welcome back to another concluded weekly LiveChat blogpost, where we write about stuff for the week, and about some stuff we did and talked about in our LiveChat.

For starters, Caleb, I forgive you now. I got your email and I understand. Anya, however, I do not forgive. I ran to the window and looked for you, and you weren’t there, and now I’m going to have trust issues with people. Thank you.

Also, hope you like the new color of the tattoo! You European Nasties, we’re going to get to see you soon, and you can see the tattoo! Though, I don’t think it’s tank top weather where we’re going. Norway supposedly is, like, 1 degree right now. That’s cold. Too cold. I’m not sure how we’re going to be able to pack enough clothing for the trip. Well, first, we’re not sure if we’re going to be able to CLEAN enough clothing for the trip. This week has been so crazy. We did the Crayon Pop interview, and we’re also doing two other projects that we haven’t talked about yet. Actually three. I just remembered the third one. So, after Music Monday, we worked on three extra projects, on top of our regular filming schedule. AH! Things are getting crazy around here. Hopefully things will settle down after November. But that’s not the point. The point is, we’re totally excited for this upcoming trip to Europe, and we have no idea what to expect…apart from it being too cold for us with our lack of clean clothing!

Back to the tattoo, we also did a short video of the tattoo process, similar to Martina’s first tattoo video. You can check it out here:


Also, special thanks to you lovely Nasties who sent us fun packages to play with:

Sarah and Bodhi (the Cat) from Australia
Med and Kajsa from Sweden
Carla and Luciana from Brazil

I think we need to get in the habit of eating before we do these LiveChats, because we just get too hungry and then have a candy dinner. Ha! That’s not good for us. But, wow, those Brazilian Cookies were DELICIOUS! And, whoa, that bottle of alcohol is STRONG. Does anyone know how it’s supposed to be drunk? Just straight up or mixed with something? I’m not sure, but I’m intrigued! I didn’t know that alcohol could be sent through customs. Can it? Who knows. Either way, we’re impressed!

Anyhow, we’re gonna get back to filming tonight. Yes, we have another segment we plan on filming. The night is young! And it’s our close friend’s wedding tomorrow! We’re pretty excited. They flew back from Canada to Korea for the wedding. We haven’t seen him for a while so we’re pretty stoked, which is why we’re so energetic today. But…question is…should we film…or should we do laundry? Hmmm. Tough choice.

We also wanted to thank Anna from Russia for dropping of an awesome care package at our studio! Sorry we didn’t open it up on camera, we were a bit excited. But we posted a picture in this post! ^^ Thank you so much.

Russian Nasty

Ok that’s it for real. If you missed out on the LiveChat and never want to miss out on one again, make sure you click on the pretty button here. It’s so pretty! I know you wanna click it. Do it!

  1. i cant wait to get my first tattoo! ANGEL WINGS ON MY BACK! SIIIIIIIICK!

  2. Oi guys, I want to drop off a package at your studio but where IS it? I gotta do it soon… The ranch kinda got eated already… But there’s still good stuff!

  3. HI! I’m Anna from the extra package…i missed the live chat(((:(((( but o well my package wasn’t really in it… but I was wondering if the skirt fit all right?? …. i would hate it if it didn’t n if it did not i hope my instruction on how to resize it are not to confusing… ( i wrote them in the harry before leaving Korea)…. any who i hope u liked it ))))) Also I love your new tattoo)) its gorgeous ))))

  4. hey guys
    in love with martina’s colored tattoos!!!!!!
    i just saw you guys in the korean 8시 뉴스 it was about spreading culture troughout youtube (i think….)
    please mention that in your outcoming videos pleas beg you!!!!
    anyways i’m still looking fowrard to your videos!!!!
    see you

  5. One of these days I will wake up at 5 to watch a live-chat, its a school day usually though :(

  6. I’m gonna miss you while you’re gone ;_______; … it’s raining ;____;


    P.S: おとうさん… if the eye keeps bothering you, please go and get it checked.
    P.S.s: the tattoo looks great so far :)

  7. Love reading & watching eyk!!! Your fan base & followers have grown so huge. Keep up the gr8 job. Will be following you, always…. much love. Continue posting your travels!!!


    CRAYON POP INTERVIEW?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  9. Watching your livechats feels like I’m skyping with you guys…. until I start talking to the screen and realize that it doesn’t work that way.

  10. Weather in the Netherlands (Amsterdam)

    In the Netherlands the weather is always unpredictable because one moment it rains the other moment it doesn’t and there are also days where it stays dry. Right now we enjoy our last days of summer and it starts to get colder. Right now it’s still around 15 degrees.
    If the hotel where your staying gives you wifi then it’s possible to see on buienradar.nl when it’s going to rain or not.
    The site is in Dutch though so maybe you still understand the site.

    Clothes: For warm and cold days because you never know what kind of weather it could be. Also something for the rainy days. Other then that enjoy yourself in Amsterdam.

    Also try to find out how you could travel the cheapest and easiest way in Amsterdam. Witch I don’t know because I’m not living there but in the eastern part of the Netherlands.

    Also the Holland vs Netherlans topic.
    This explains it all:

  11. ACTUALLY, Holland is different from the Netherlands. CPGrey did a great video on it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eE_IUPInEuc
    Yay Geography!

  12. I’m meeting you in a week!!! I’m SO EXCITED!

  13. Its soooo unfortunate that North America is so ABSOLUTELY on the other side of the world from you, because then I’m stuck with choices like Sleep or EatYourKimchi at 3am…gah

  14. Nooooooooo! This was at 5 AM from where I live in California, while I was sleeping and mentally preparing for school tests. :(

  15. And from this day forth the bug from Simon’s phone was called Anya!

  16. its been a long time since u received cool ranch doritos in fanmail…

  17. Oh my gosh… Being constantly stabbed with a needle for 5 hours… That’s like, seriously, my worst nightmare… D:

  18. I know very little about X-Men, so maybe someone can answer this for me. Wolverine’s costume looks like the school colors of the University of Michigan (aka, the Michigan Wolverines) was that on purpose?

    • Wolverine’s colors are blue and yellow. I’m not familiar with university colors, but Xman is pretty old, so maybe the U of M got the idea for its colors from there? I’m not sure.

      • Ha! No.
        Wolverine the comic Est. 1974
        Wolverines the team, Est. 1817

        Despite X-Men being old, the University is a bit older ;-)
        I appreciate your theory though!

        I just looked it up. Apparently the creator has been asked this question many, many times and it turns out it’s just a big coincidence. However, so many people have thought the same thing that it’s become a common false origin story. Personally, I think it must have been a subconscious thing, because really, Wolverine’s early costume is very reminiscent of the UofM football uniform. I bet his brain associated the word Wolverine with those colors and Michigan’s helmet “wings” and he didn’t realize he’d incorporated it into the design until people started pointing it out.

  19. I hope you liked the Brazilian package, we only send you the things we like :)

  20. I has a couple quick questions and I figure this is the best place to ask them!How can I find out when the Livechats will be and how do I participate in them? Secondly, do I have to do to send Simon and Martina a package?? I found the address but are there any shipping regulations I should watch out for when sending things to S.Korea?

    • LiveChat times are usually posted the day before (LiveChats of late have usually been Friday nights KST, sometimes on Saturdays, or Sundays. These will change if and when they do them in Europe). The Korean Postal Service isn’t terribly picky on what comes into SK, but just be careful when sending meat products (jerky, biltong) – they will check the package. They will also beat the crap out of the package, so bubble wrap any breakable items (for some strange reason, the boxes sent from Australia are usually unharmed. The ones from Europe/US tend to be a bit battered when they arrive).

  21. The desert soup had both the Swedish and Finnish name on it. Simon read the Swedish first and then the other side was in Finnish. Btw, I was so confused when I first saw Eli’s twitter, because I read it as kiisseli, thinking about the desert, and was like does Eli know Finnish?!

    Aaaand Martina’s tattoo looks wonderful! Can’t wait to see how it looks when it’s all finished.

  22. I’m so sad that I won’t be able to see you when you’ll be in Europe..Why is Europe so big ? é_è
    Why ? é__è

  23. It’s the second livechat Simon almost said my nickname (Kinimarisu 2 weeks ago and Kiniramisasu today xD) Close enough :D
    Poland is a bit warmer than Norway (12 ~17 degrees) but it’s rainy and gloomy :(
    Was Junsu with you when Martina coloured her tattoo? I saw a banana!

  24. Hi, I’m Carla, the brazilian girl that sent you that package.
    “Cachaça” is the name of that distilled beverage. You guys can use it to make “Caipirinha”, a famous brazilian drink. There are a lot of recipes on the internet so I hope you guys enjoy it. XD

    • Eu achei bem representativo vc enviar Bis, o chá matte, goiabinha e a cachaça :D!!! mas não foi muito caro enviar todo o pacote D:??

      • Fora o preço das comidas, custou 110 reais (o pacote tinha 3kg e alguma coisa) pra enviar no modo mais barato que demora um mês pra chegar. Já estava até com medo do pacote se perder pelo caminho, mas ainda bem que chegou, um pouco amassado, mas chegou rs XD

        • Estava vendo o vídeo de novo, eu fiquei TÃO mais TÃO FELIZ que eles abriram o pacote! vcs mandaram muitas coisas fofas de presentes :D!!!

          Toda vez que assisto live chats ficava pensando como seria abir um pacote do Brasil…
          Pena que custa muito MUITO caro mandar pacotes pra eles – principalmente pq eu iria mandar MUITA coisa HAHA(tentando representar cada estado do país pelo menos, ou seja, uns 26 ítens?)

          Iria colocar coisas como o chá matte, doce de banana, alguma coisa de geléia de fruta tropical (se bem q isso deve ser bem pesado T-T) se fosse possível refrigerante guraná , fitinhas do senhor do bonfim, Pirassununga 51 (pq o Simon aparentemente gostou da cachaça xD) se fosse possível também todo tipo de fruta tropical, esmaltes etc etc etc. É…. acho q é muita coisa :P

          Eu nunca comi os doritos de Ranch… aliás nunca comi o molho então… não sei se é bom :P, é gostoso? E WOW quanto chocolate *u*

          THIS JUST MADE MY DAY haha, quanta felicidade…

        • já mandaram um pacote do Brasil antes, eles já receberam o guaraná, nós enviamos a bananada e o chá matte, então vc poderia excluir essas coisas, assim fica mais leve de enviar :)
          Outra coisa q pode te ajudar, é juntar um grupo de pessoas, assim cada um compra alguma coisa pra enviar e ajuda a inteirar a grana pra mandar as coisas.
          Nós não conhecemos ninguém q assista os vídeos deles, ou que quisesse enviar alguma coisa pra eles, então ficou um pouco caro mesmo, mas queremos mandar mais coisas, e até esse dia chegar, quem sabe não conseguimos mais gente pra ajudar a mandar mais um pacote pra eles :)

        • Aii *-* q legal, vcs sabem qual o vídeo de guaraná ou o vídeo do pacote do Brasil?
          E putz tb não conheço ninguém q veja eles *assim tão fanática q nem eu pra querer mandar coisas e.e’*
          Vcs são do Rio né? Eu sou de Sp, bem q eu poderia ajudar com dinheiro (por meio de bancos) pq acho q mandar coisas daqui pra ir pro Rio pra ir pra outro país deve sair bem caro :(

          (random portuguese conversation between english comments o.o’….)

        • haha acabei de achar o outro pacote q eles receberam coisas para fazer Brigadeiro :) OMG e eles receberam Guaraná não somente um mas um MONTE D: O_O. E Sonho de valsa WOW I liked >-<

        • Wow. I can’t respond to any of this. Um. Hi!

        • hahaha they were talking how much it costed to send the package for you guys, and what they wanted to send but couldn’t and it seems it costed 110 reais, meaning around ~ $50 dollars to send it because it was heavy lol and Korea is too far from Brazil, they were glad the package wasn’t lost and you guys received it and were discussing what else brazilian fans sent you, like guarana and sonho de valsa, and other ways to send package without spending too much ^^

        • OMG vc também é do Brasil *u*?

        • kkkkkkkkkkkk ^ Yes, I’m from Brazil :) I thought I was the only brazilian around here, happy to meet you guys, sorry for replying in english but I prefer talk in english here since it is their blog :)

        • Ahh i understand :), but sometimes I prefer to write in my mother language rather than english. This only happens because I still don’t know much vocabulary to express all my fellings about it :( ….
          But, at the same time, makes me want to study more and more english to express myself with different people around the world :D!!

          (and I really didn’t expect from then replying my random coments in portuguese, HAHA xD)

          Sooo……. Would you mind if you help us to send another packge for then *-*? Just… because you know…. Send things overseas from here are quite expensive to do it alone… :/

        • bem, acho q esse ano não vamos mandar mais nada, mas talvez ano q vem sim, meu twitter: https://twitter.com/luciana_san
          quando formos mandar te aviso e se quiser ajudar, será bem vinda :)

  25. Tattoo looks gorgeous Martina! Wolverine rocks! Was that a giant cupcake on the underside of your arm?

  26. I’m gonna add another NEW flag to you world map! A country you probably never heard before. :D

  27. Oh, Simon, you’re such a sore sore loser. lol. When coming to Europe, I would say wear layers. Cause outside it may be windy/cold but inside the heat will be on. Also, you probably will want to bring a waterproof jacket because it will probably rain in one of the countries. It almost always rains in October. -_- Even though temperature wise it’s colder in Korea, Europe has the wet cold temperature that gets into your bones so it can sometimes feel colder than it actually is. I’m always wearing extra sockies and turtlenecks (yes I know…) with sweaters. Please still like me, Martina! lol. I just get cold easily. Maybe you guys will think the temperature is great though.

  28. Hi! I’m from BRAZIL and you said my name in the live chat :) I’m so happy!

    So… some explanation: those cookies is really good and it’s perfect with milk. (and those BIS cholocate cookies are very famous here as well )

    Hum… Simon made a question about what “assado” means… It is “baked” potatos!

    And the alcohol drinks here are REALLY strong. those are made almost of PURE alcohol, here in Brazil the alcohol it’s one of the most things to make a person go to the hospital (because os drunkness) or car accidents (unfortunately)… :(

    However, with it’s good with lemon and sugar / mix fruits and condensant milk (and for sure,a little bit of good sense for the size of the cup).

    I hope this explain a little bit :) and sorry for any mistake in english, I’m still learning @_@’

  29. I slept through it………. :( It was my first day off in a month. May I please be forgiven for missing the last two because of work and this one because of my sleepiness? Oh man guise I am so tired. Can you empathize and forgive me please?

    I tell you what. I’m finally making my own money now so I’ll be able to afford to send you a big ol’ package shortly, and hopefully that will make up for it. I have no idea how all these young’uns afford even the shipping to Korea, let alone the contents of the packages. I only ever got $5 allowance a week, if that, back in my day (like two years ago), and like a year of that would afford sending you an empty box. A nice box, but an empty one. What is going on? Where are all of these kids getting their money from? Idek. Is it from the drug trade? I hope not. Stay in school

    • Hahaha! I didn’t actually get an allowance! I know both Simon and I had part time jobs since we were really young. My first job was in grade 8 working in a deli and I didn’t stop since then. I worked at Starbucks, pottery studio, did data entry, a bread factory, babysitting, dog sitter, shoveling snow… SO many jobs! Anything extra I wanted, my parents made me buy. Clothing, concert tickets, cosmetics, comics, books, movie tickets…all my own money! Also, a lot of our audience is actually older! We get a lot of packages from University students and even other couples! :D

  30. lol Simon must keep grudges well, eh, Martina?

  31. Always remember: Your health is more important than anything else. SO, take care of yourselves kay? And I miss Leigh…

  32. Gah! I missed the end live cuz I had to go to work. Going to watch the rest of it now ;)

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