So this is a kind of random post about SUPER CUTE BUNNY CELL PHONE CASES!!! Cell phone cases are so huge in Korea, both in size and popularity. I’m feeling really happy because we were sent these for free (FREEEE, FREE I TELL YOU! FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! *Martina happily dances and rolls around on her cell phone cases*) and I actually really love them. There is something that’s going to sound cheesy about this…but I especially dig them because they’re designed by a Korean artist and made in Korea. You can see it printed on the bottom of the case! I get excited whenever I buy clothing in Korea that has a little “made in Korea” tag because I feel like I’m buying something special. I can’t remember the last thing I bought that was “made in Canada”.

Anyhoo, there are two different cases, but the big one that holds up your phone so that you can watch stuff is especially cool because it’s really lightweight (I thought it might be a heavy hard plastic) and you can actually push the buttons through the case. It’s like a foam. I also really like that you can store your headphones inside the case or keep your headphones wrapped up around the ears. The second case is a lot smaller and thinner but still has those cute trademark bunny ears plus, the pompom tail can be used to hold up the phone, or it’s removable but WHY WOULD YOU REMOVE IT!?!?!

I’m waiting patiently for the new iPhone to come out because my old ancient Korean cell phone has kicked the bucket and Simon promised to give me his old phone when he gets the new iPhone. In retrospect…what a crappy promise! That’s okay, I’ll force Simon into getting a couple bunny case. I have to check if they have this case in blue…anyhow, check out their site here I don’t know if you can buy them from there or what, but if they ship to your country, WE can have matching cell phone cases!!! EAT THAT SIMON!!!

  1. :( tried the website, it doesn’t work. anyone know where to get it for the big bunny one?

  2. martina,force simon to use a diffie cat series case…he’ll hate it LOL

  3. Martina why did you show this uber cute case! I just found out that in the US they are only sold online at kitson. AND Kitson doesn’t carry the chubby bunny (that sounds kinda dirty huh), only the one with the fluffy tail… And they only make them for iphones! Damn you apple! I guess I’ll have to buy an iphone.

    Better yet, you guys should make an Eat Your Kimchi cell phone covers with Spudgy & Meeemers!

  4. I like the phone case a lot :D

  5. awww i have one those -the one with the buffy tail *.*- it’s for my iPod tho xD

  6. I have that thin case in a lighter pink! The one I use now is a blue kitten. I don’t mean like blue kitten ears, I mean a full small kitten clinging to my phone and nomming on the corner. Mine is made in Korea, but I got it at a local mall in Toledo, pretty cool

  7. ahhh thats so weird! i have a friend who got that case in teal around may (the smaller one with the tail) but SHE REMOVED THE TAIL BECAUSE SHE COULDN’T FIT IT IN HER BACK POCKET. WHICH MAKES NO SENSE TO ME, BECAUSE THEN YOU’D BE SITTING ON A SUPER EXPENSIVE IPHONE ALL THE TIME.
    the weird thing is she’s not into korea or kpop at all and judges me hardcore lol (not really though because she’s freakishly obsessed with one direction, way more than i am into kpop)
    i guess it’s just some sort of strange coincidence o_o

  8. i love those covers!! so cute!! i’ve actually seen them….quite…a LOT….

  9. the one with the removable tail you can put on its side and it holds it up

  10. Your eye makeup and bandana remind me of Kraeyshawn.

  11. Asian people are the best at designing a million designs for small things like this! I got a bajillion phone cases in China that are all bejeweled and sparkly and gorgeous that you’d never be able to buy in North America :D

  12. Just discovered emk, and I’m addicted already : I refresh youtube 10 times a day even though there’s no new video planned to be uploaded that day ; I’m late on my schedule because I’m watching playlist or TL;DR or Wank or Fapfap ; I make my friends sit through at least 3 or 4 video if they don’t already know you ; even dream about you at night o_0…

  13. what went on in my mind:pink bunny
    Bunnies Are Puffy~~

    ;A; i want to have a case like that but i have no phone to fit that..
    my phone is cheap and functions with a technology that is dated 5 years ago.
    i cant afford those kind of phones :(

  14. I have the smaller one in blue but it got kinda dirty and is hard to clean :(

  15. Martina, the cut of that shirt fits you perfectly!

  16. sadly i dont have a cellphone (never had one,im 19) not even a crappy one…. but i do have tons of pretty cool cell phone cases given to me by younger and older immediate family members. like forget me right?!

  17. OMG i see my korean sunbaes have these all the time and i soooo want one >x

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