If you haven’t been to Jeju Island, you’re missing out on your Korean experience. Jeju is a tiny island located at the most southern point of Korea. It is known as the Hawaii of Korea, and it lives up to the name with palm trees, volcanic rocks, and gorgeous beaches. It is a totally different world, and you don’t even think you’re in Korea anymore…except for all the Korean people. Anyhow, Martina was lucky enough to go on a trip to Jeju Island with the entire second year grade of her school. They had only three jam-packed days of non-stop action in an attempt to see and do as much as they could. Of course, she documented the whole trip. Too bad she had to leave Simon and Spudgy at home! They got to enjoy some male bonding while she frolicked with her girls!

  1. That ending tune! It’s been in a few videos, but I can’t seem to find out what it is T_T

  2. Not available in Germany. Oh srsly? ):

  3. HAAA. Almost Paradise…. It was the perfect soundtrack for Jeju. 

  4. Anonymous

    loved the boys before flowers song lol

  5. I don’t know if you’ll see this comment, but I was wondering where did you go horse riding and how much did it cost? I’m going to Jeju in August and found a place for 12,000W but I heard there’s a lot of horse riding places and was wondering where you went to do it =]

  6. junam kim

    not a big hole, it's a crater i guess

  7. It's the Boys Over Flower soundtrack! ^^

  8. where u get the sound track ? i Love it

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