Yes, this is a very random video, but we just had to do it. It’s the first thing we notice every winter in Korea. We don’t notice the snow. We don’t notice the change into big jackets. We don’t notice how cold it is. The clearest sign that Winter is Coming is going outside and hearing Korean girls say “Choopta” or “Chuwah!” in a very cute voice, which just means “it’s cold” and/or implying “I’m cold”.


If you’re a foreigner here, you noticed it as well! Don’t lie! Or, at least, all of our friends say the same thing. It’s funny, because Soo Zee didn’t notice what we were talking about until we explained it to her, and she laughed hysterically. She admitted that yes, she too used it a lot as soon as it got cold and that it was almost more of a reaction then a word. Kindof like going “BRRRRR” and shivering when you’re cold. And then we asked our part time staffer here, DW, what he thought, and he laughed at it as well. So we figured, what the hell, let’s make this short random video! It’s DW’s first appearance on camera as well! He’s a natural. Though he had only two lines to say, over and over and over again…but he had to deal with all the looks coming at him from the people passing by. Not an easy thing to do.

Anyhow, we find this interesting because in English, we can say so many things when it’s cold. Like “It’s cold!” “It’s freezing!” “It’s frigid!” “My balls have run back up into my stomach!” “I could cut glass with my nipples” “FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU” stuff like that, but in Korean there seems to be just two things people say. It’s the same thing with describing food as delicious in Korean. It’s never “yummy” “scrumptious” “mouth watering” “mind blowing” beautiful” “amazing” it’s just variations on the word delicious 맛있는 (ma-sheet-da) with the additional “very” 아주 (ajew) tacked on if it’s really good. Martina enjoys messing with the Korean language by describing things inappropriately, such as calling delicious grilling meat “pretty”, using the word “ice” to describe her jewellery, and calling herself “fire” when she’s angry. Note to self: don’t let Martina teach you any Korean.

Errm…yep. So, that’s it for this year’s totally random, completely out of the effing blue video. Subscribe for more random tech-song driven videos about the cold! Haha! That’s a selling point right there. *shifty eyes*

  1. I hope DW knows that now that we know he’s there, we will want to see more of him specifically us girls haha!

  2. As much as I watch your videos for the information, humor, and insight… I think I need more DW

  3. i love you gys by the way im planning to come live in korea for ever but my parents are against it what should i do i feel so bad where i live because literraly no one knowsssss korea here :’(

  4. Tangka

    i demand a proper introduction to DW!

  5. thats amazing. I feel like randomly doing that outside lol

  6. Eric SpicyEnchilada Young

    “My balls have run back up into my stomach!”

    OMG that made me laugh so hard.

  7. 맛있다 is the right spelling for yummy~~:D

  8. An introduction/initiation video is coming! Or it needs to for ze part timer~v >w>

  9. LOL, I love it. Wouldn’t it be awesome if S&M did a Canadian location spotting…kinda like the Traveling Gnome from awhile back. That would be priceless just for the surrounding reactions. Please…please…please…

  10. Aaah choopta! ( i read this and only thought of tony choppa from One Piece)
    And i see great potential in DW! :D Welcome to the screen part timer of Awsm Eyk Crew aka AEC!

  11. I just read Dongwan (as in Shinhwa) when I saw ‘DW’ so I had to reread and realized it was ‘just’ DW. Anyways.. Kudos for you to crossdress.. and.. now I have it in my head.. nonstop.. x’D Thanks. A lot. ._.

  12. I DIED watching this. I replayed and replayed and replayed this video. I died EVERY TIME I watched it. ROFL!!

  13. lol I’m Korean and I’ve never noticed that….but come to think of it, I do that too!

  14. Omg I work with international students visiting Hawaii for my part time job and literally its the same thing but “hot” I hear “atsui!” and “teopta!” soooo often haha

  15. Holy fart sucking batman

    Ummmmm…. What did I just watch?

  16. This was magnificent.

  17. as a beauty dongwoon is the only name i read when i see DW :P anyways welcome to the eyk family!

  18. The guy (called DW I think, does it stand for something? I’m guessing it’s DaeWoo, but it’s beside my point :x) he looks like Eric Nam OuO <3

  19. Ahah I couldn’t stop laughing. I loved it :D Just epic.

  20. Although I’m thinking “Yay, korean male”, when I read DW all I can think of is Arthur yelling at his sister.

  21. I could waatch this video over and over again :D

  22. AHAHHAHA i lurve how u guise dont care bout da public

  23. thisisjustforfunval

    Hilarious guys! It’s wonderful when ya’ll run free with the crazies and bring along someone to it with you. Hi DW! Simon, you must be enjoying having some extra testosterone in the office (WTH office?) studio now that there’s another guy there. And I agree with everyone formal introductions are required to the newest EYK crew member. ^^

  24. this literally brighten up my day!! (^o^)…… its chilly here in Taipei now too :)

  25. Happyjoy2

    I couldn’t stop hysterically laughing at this. It’s way more hilarious since I can relate and know what you are talking about since I live in Korea and hear that all the time! There are so many Yoja birds in my area. Lol.

    Welcome DW to the EYK crew! I don’t know if it’s just me or if anyone else thought of Arthur’s younger sister (that PBS cartoon) when they read the name DW. Anyways, welcome!

    P.S. I really wish I could work for EYK. Someday, someday I will.

  26. omg i’m korean too but even though i live in america i ALWAYS say “choopda” or “chuwa” whenever winter is coming too LOOOOOL i just laughed so much i say it with my friends all the time i never even noticed it was a weird thing

  27. Hi S&M, hope you are doing fine! Oooohhh you sooo nasty!!!!
    Can you tell us about how the Koreans view someone who is handicapped?
    I noticed that most of Asian countries does have some stigma going on about disabled person and as an Asian living in an Asian country, I can pretty much say the stigma IS going on in my country. I just want to know whether Korea view things differently since they are so advance in terms of technology. Thanks

  28. Pffft.. This video made my day.

  29. This made my day XD

  30. This should be a Wonderful Treasure Find… Cause it really does make me go WTF… xD Awesome job guise! HAHHAHAHHAHA

  31. I heart this video soooo freaking much. I needed this today!

  32. The red haired Yoja bird would make a fine mate for Mordney Present. >.<

    But anywho…DW? I wanna see more of him! Can we get to know him too!?

  33. Hahahaa! I love you! And welcome DW! Good job being in one of the most random videos of eat your kimchi :D I hope to see more of you, and how your normal self will slooowly melt away from all the naaaaasty craziness <3 Good luck.

  34. Since when is Jon Snow a reporter for National Geographic? Hehehe I actually thought you were gonna talk about an actual bird until i saw the blog post and the “chupta” xD I want a full Nu Disco Electronic version of that song! um tss um tss um tss CHUPTA!

  35. I’m so done with you guise xD

  36. What did I just watch?? LOL

  37. Good work DW. Good luck fending off the fan-girls :p

    • i was just thinking the same thing. Simon and Martina should have known better than to put a korean dude in front of the camera with this crowd. thes best part was the dudes crackin’ up though.

    but omggg dw should be on camera more :DDDD

  39. ANOTHER NASTY CREW MEMBER? ahhh can’t wait to meet him!

    Also, this video was hilarious.

  40. Bwahahahahha I love when videos like this pop out of the blue.
    It was so funny how DW – hello there new EYK Crew member! – had that completely embarassed smile on his face while Simon seemed almost unaffected… Business as usual ;) But what really cracked me up was that remix at the end. LMAO!

  41. Annie

    When the beat drops and its cold…

  42. “My balls have run back up into my stomach!” “I could cut glass with my nipples” LMAO
    I’m Korean so I’ve never noticed this as something different before, now I notice it haha
    Different languages have different ways to describe things. Honestly I feel like it’s the other way around, that there are more ways to say things in Korean than English. For example the word white, there are so many ways to describe something white but here it’s just white or snow white or bright white. Bleh.

  43. I could have peed my pants from how hard I was laughing xD
    Poor DW he looks so embarrassed but still having a blast, when are we learning more about him? :D

  44. New member of the EYK Crew!

  45. Introduce your part time staffer! :D :D

  46. unicornsgalaxy

    What did I just watch! LMAO!!!! I’m seriously sitting here waiting for my day at work to end and I decided to watch this real quick and now I have this dumbfounded expression on my face!

    *pats your part-timer* It’s ok… this isn’t even nearly the most crazy thing they will have you do. Now that you are known to us, expect more and more crazy things…


  47. I randomly started reading DW out as DongWoo. It’s the only Korean male name with those initials that I know and I don’t like pronouncing acronyms so it’s probably going to stick in my brain forever.

    And I concur with everyone else: Please make an introductory video for him!

  48. LOL Awwww this made my day

  49. I’m not sure what I find funnier: the fact that most people walked by just plain ignored y’all, or if they would have stopped and stared at you like you were crazy…

  50. What…what the hell did I just watch? Ahahahahahahaa!!!!

  51. DW needs a formal introduction. Also, is DW short for DongWoo by any chance?

  52. Whhhhattt!!!??? 0.0 That was hilarious lol, it reminded me of those scenes in Family guy that go on and on lol. Also yes to Simon for now finally having a male friend at the office to bond with! First order of business let’s dress up like women and Choopta it up on the streets. Haha gotta love EYK :)

  53. Ha ha, very funny. ;)

  54. LOVE IT!!!! You guys ROCK! I agree with those that have requested ringtones and a full-length music video!

  55. Best thing I’ve seen all day.

  56. There’s another man in the eyk crew and you’ve been hiding him from us?! oh the horror!

  57. I have a question! I just recently learned to read hangul and you wrote 맛있는 as too read it like this -> (ma-sheet-da) but I read as ma-shee-ss-neun xD
    SOOOOZEEEE what am I doing wrong here!? xD

  58. Ok I watched it without my glasses, I thought they were true korean girls…

  59. Welcome, DW~~~ He definitely needs a official intro to the Nasties!!!!

  60. And I die of laughter >.<

  61. Hey guise I just noticed a mistake that you may want to correct!
    In your second last paragraph, you wrote “…variations on the word delicious 맛있는 (ma-sheet-da)”
    I believe it should be ‘맛있다’, not ‘맛있는’ (ma-sheet-neun) :)

  62. I favor teh FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU reaction to the cold…

  63. I use phrases like “mind numbingly cold”, “balls shriveling cold”, or “who turned the weather down to arctic blast?!?!?”. Winter started early hear in NYC and it is too cold too soon.

    Welcome DW! Now get ready to have your own group of fangirls. I’m sure there will be comments asking for you to have more screen time.

  64. Brielle Christina Beaver

    As glorious as this video is… I have a sneaking suspicion that the comments are mostly going to be about, partially pertaining too, or in vague reference to Mr. DW. Me thinks y’all are going to have more ‘splanin to do.

  65. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…I have to admit, I have been known to use the call of the Yoja bird. You guise just made my day with this video, I have the biggest smile on my face right now! :D

  66. You wrote 맛있는 and romanised it as 맛있다. I’m sure I’m not the first to point that out.

  67. Now im going to have this stuck in my head all day. “Ahh Choopta” over and over and over again!

  68. AoiHitomi

    looool what did I just see??
    Anyways, I loved it haha
    Now the words are stuck in my mind….

  69. LOL, So cute even coming from 2 manly men. And thinking of Ned Starks saying a AH Choopta over and over again made me laugh hysterically. Great Poster! Can’t wait til the new season of Game of Thrones.

  70. Haha! I’ve been walking around on campus the last couple of days and noticed this coming from so many people who I walk past! I have not realised what they have actually been saying before know, though. I can not use the word because that would be lying. I have no issues with the cold. The good thing about being a Norwegian I suppose.

  71. Welcome to the EYK crew DW!!!!!! Now i’m expecting an introduction video for the people!!!! :D

  72. I would say that you all had too much time on your hands…buuuuut I know that it not true. :) I love it!

  73. LongClawTiger

    My initial reaction based on the title and the cold look was maybe this is something girls do to be all cute and not so subtly tell a hot guy “come warm me up!” After reading the blog post, I am now wondering if that is not too far off track?
    Oh, and DW needs an intro video! You guys did that quiz show segment for Leigh and SooZee when they were first introduced to us. Can you put something together for DW?

  74. Winter is coming !!!!!

  75. “Pretty” for grilling meat, “ice” for her jewellery, and “fire” when she’s angry? I’m sorry, but I beg to differ. I’d love for Martina to teach me Korean because that’s hilarious.

  76. haha that was soo hilarious!!!! Now it keeps repeating in my head “CHOOPTAAA”! THanks for making my day :)

  77. The Shiny Pretty Mushroom

    This is HILARIOUS. You guys should do more stuff like this

  78. How Come he didn’t get a intro video hosted by fangurilla :P I kid but Seriously this video was hilarious. Poor guy first time on film and he’s dressed like a girl. ^^

  79. Haha DW? Reminds me of D.W from Arthur :)

  80. My instinct is to screech “CHOOWUH!” when I leave the house. My mom always laughs at me.

  81. I was playing this video but my husband is in the other room and he yelled out, “WHAT THE HELL IS THAT??? IT’S SO ANNOYING!!!”

  82. “FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU” Yes, that was me yesterday waiting for all my buses when the wind picked up. “Oh hey it’s not that bad SWEET JESUS THE WIND JUST BLEW THROUGH ALL MY LAYERS SHIT SHIT SHIT”. All internally of course, don’t want to offend everyone around me. XD

  83. Best video!ahahaha loved it!Welcome DW!

  84. tatiana lopes

    omg somehow this game me a Monty Python vibe, especially the beginning with Martina intro. No? Anyone?? …. I’m pretty sure they have a skit similar to this one. This was really funny guys!

  85. kawaii_candie

    oh no… you have a new member to the EYK crew… who seems to be a relatively attractive-looking young man… bring on the fangurillas!!! *dies laughing*

    funny vid though ^_-

  86. I think this is DW’s initiation.

  87. Hilarious! I have a feeling DW will be very popular with the ladies. ;)

  88. Looks like the new guy’s initiation ceremony went well:)

  89. PunkyPrincess92

    haha i thought Simon was actually a girl at first!!! and whoa, new dude!!!

    ahahahahaha i noticed Koreans using that word a lot too!!!

    bwahahahahahahhahaha that remix at the end!!!! ahahahaha!!! it needs to be officially released and longer!!

  90. Wow, I laughed through the entire video, the entire time. I need to remember this video so whenever I’m sad I can use it to cheer me up.
    And Hello DW! I didn’t know you guys had a new employee. I’m curious as to what he does.

  91. Bahahaha I laughed so hard! Welcome DW!!

  92. So…..when do we get introed to DW officially? =)

  93. You DID NOT just do this…. BAHAHAAAAAAA!!! You’re crazy……. <3

  94. Dina Panda-Chan Kitiara

    OMG!! so true, i totaly do it now since i came to korean…^^

  95. ooh, are you gonna introduce DW officially some day? :3

  96. I want to make this my ringtone. Can you put up the mp3? :p

  97. Just about died laughing at this. Oh my, so freaking funny. I love random videos! Also hi DW! The EYK crew has another boy! Simon must be so happy ;)

  98. Funny how the thumbnail is labelled ‘open the happy’ but you guys posted this video on your main channel… A mistake or your intention? LOL

  99. Aaron Ho

    This is some serious underground rave potential in that. REEEEEEMIX.

  100. Now that you’ve called him DW, I keep expecting him to say, “Suck gas, evil-doer!” XD
    Like this comment if you were a fan of Darkwing Duck.

  101. I think it’s obligatory to say now that I definitely want to see more of DW.

  102. HAHAHA that was so random! I would like to see more of these please

  103. Guys……….. i love you for this!!! hahahhahaa this is just so true!!

  104. One of the first things I noticed when I started watching dramas was how limited the Korean language is in terms portraying shades of meaning. I think this is why they so often resort to metaphor and simile when discussing anything complex, deep, or philosophical.

  105. …….what did i just watch

  106. Ash3070

    Was he the guy in your Gentleman parody video? :) x x x

  107. You’ve been hiding a male Korean part timer!?! Another! *breaks mug*

  108. Hahaha awesome!!!

    And welcome DW, Simon must be quite glad to have another man in the EYK crew

  109. hahaha wth :)) im crying lololol

  110. Oh god, almost died. Choked on my food. Ahahaha…. ack! X3

    • P.S. What was the reactions like as people passed them? Some of those girls gave them the “WTF” look. I know, they be jealous, and probably territorial. Competition! :’D

  111. *Stealthily retreats back into cave*

    Humans are.. strange creatures. *shiver*

    • On another note, I prefer to be ultra classy when describing how cold I am. Something along the lines of blurting out:
      “I’m so cold that even my nipples have nipples” in a very serious tone.

      It makes people feel adequately uncomfortable.

      • Same. I just casually mention that my balls and/or tits have frozen off / to death. I don’t have balls to freeze off though – they’re made of brass.

  112. hahahahhaha that was hilarious and so random!! I do normally swear when I’m cold (which it’s all the time now, it’s been a week since I last saw the sun!! there’s fog everywhere everyday) and say things like “mecagonlaputaquefríohace” or “my fingers are going to fall ooooff”

  113. …. this is why i love you guys ><

  114. I fear for your future children no, i really don’t. i just hope they can handle embarrassment well

  115. I have tears in my eyes (⌒▽⌒)


    • That song was kinda “ruined” for me even before this, because every time it’s cold my head starts singing “it’s cold as f*ck” to the melody of that song. I have no idea why.

  117. Nice to meet you, DW! ^_^

  118. The beat at the end was funny, full version with m/v needed!

  119. SO do you have a new part timer like soo zee???????

  120. … You guys must have a lot of free time on your hands, but hey I’m not complaining XD
    Anyways, I think that the new part timer needs to go through that ceremony and initiation thingy that Soo Zee and Intern Leigh/Lee went through ~

  121. On a cold day I was hanging out with my Korean friend and she kept saying 추워 over and over. She said it so much, now I say it. I hate her. (I kid.)

  122. Whaaaa??? Instead of trying to figure out what this was, I kept staring at the purple beanie! I see what you did there……shameless promotion. ;D

  123. ㅋㅋㅋ Wow, this is very true! All my female co-workers comment everyday on how cold it has become lately. Even if the heater is blasting, they still call out with the Yoja bird mating call hahaha Thanks guys for a great laugh :-) I am curious who is this part-timer? He looks like a really nice guy for EYK!

  124. That’s some really good camouflage you got there, Mustache Martina :D

  125. haruchi

    ahahahaa! :D Same in Japan, girls saying “samui~” or “samu!” all the time. Everytime they open the door to go out at the university they say that. lol

  126. hapagirl

    I should not be laughing so hard. Also hi DW, welcome to the EYK crew! I hope you’ll end up use to the craziness that comes with this place or at least tolerate it. Also will we be getting a video about him like we did with Soo Zee and Leigh?

    And I was thinking what you guys wrote before I even read the whole thing. Though I do say cold a lot when it’s cold along with other words that can’t be said here with kiddies. But you’re right, English tends to have more words to describe something compared to some other languages.

  127. This was so funny thanks It really made my day ^-^

  128. I noticed! But… I do it too…

  129. LOL I feel 2nd hand embarrassment from this video (don’t worry, it’s a good kind of embarrassment). Simon you really fooled me for about 30 seconds. And also, (because I know the girls want to know this anyway) who’s that guy you roped in? Is this the web developer you were seeking out??

  130. ah wth? so random XD

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