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McDonalds vs. Taco Bell vs Starbucks: Koreanized Fast Food.

June 14, 2013


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Ok, so this is a bit different than our other FAPFAPS. This isn’t really fully Korean food, or even a cute Korean spot. It’s just something we were inspired to do when we were in Singapore. Namely, we were surprised to see different kinds of food at the Starbucks in Singapore. Much different than what we have in Korea, which is also much different than what we have in Canada (Oh Ginger Molasses cookies how I miss you!). We also remember when we were in Japan they had some different stuff at McDonalds. So, we figured, maybe some of you are interested in what Korea has to offer. Maybe? I don’t know.

Another thing that really fascinates us is going to supermarkets in other countries. Seeing all the different name brands, some of which are extremely popular and all over the store yet whose names we are totally unfamiliar with. That’s really fun to see, in our opinions. I remember being in Poland a long time ago and seeing a chocolate brand that’s as popular as Nestle in North America, yet I never heard of that brand, and it really intrigued me how some people have giant companies that are parts of their everyday lives, yet those brands are meaningless elsewhere. Then that made me think of fame and relevance, how some people are mega stars in one country yet are utterly nameless in another.

Sorry…I’m getting too deep and philosophical here. Here’s some gortdamned Korean Fast food. It’s different and special. My advice: stay away from any fast food that has Bulgogi in it. Not…that…good. We like Bulgogi otherwise, but this…this is some weird bastardization. I think fast food bulgogi just translates to “meat with sweet sauce.”

Also, we got to play with the magic stick again. YAY! MAAAAGIIIIC STIIIICK. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, we got it in our Last Day in Singapore and have loved it ever since. We put our iPhones on it and can walk around with it and get decent footage. Small problem, though: our audio kind of malfunctioned today (BARGH!) so our mics were useless after all. Totally sucks! So, that’s why we cut out the Starbucks footage and left it in the blooper reel, because the audio there is totally different and noticeably worse, but you still get to see something different. More importantly, you get to see turtle sex. AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH. FYI, if you don’t know what I’m referring to by Turtle sex, Google a video of it. It’s hilarious.

Anyhow, if there’s anything from your country that you notice is different, please share, because these kinds of things fascinate us to no end, because we’re nerds who are very easily amused…



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