Ok, so this is a bit different than our other FAPFAPS. This isn’t really fully Korean food, or even a cute Korean spot. It’s just something we were inspired to do when we were in Singapore. Namely, we were surprised to see different kinds of food at the Starbucks in Singapore. Much different than what we have in Korea, which is also much different than what we have in Canada (Oh Ginger Molasses cookies how I miss you!). We also remember when we were in Japan they had some different stuff at McDonalds. So, we figured, maybe some of you are interested in what Korea has to offer. Maybe? I don’t know.

Another thing that really fascinates us is going to supermarkets in other countries. Seeing all the different name brands, some of which are extremely popular and all over the store yet whose names we are totally unfamiliar with. That’s really fun to see, in our opinions. I remember being in Poland a long time ago and seeing a chocolate brand that’s as popular as Nestle in North America, yet I never heard of that brand, and it really intrigued me how some people have giant companies that are parts of their everyday lives, yet those brands are meaningless elsewhere. Then that made me think of fame and relevance, how some people are mega stars in one country yet are utterly nameless in another.

Sorry…I’m getting too deep and philosophical here. Here’s some gortdamned Korean Fast food. It’s different and special. My advice: stay away from any fast food that has Bulgogi in it. Not…that…good. We like Bulgogi otherwise, but this…this is some weird bastardization. I think fast food bulgogi just translates to “meat with sweet sauce.”

Also, we got to play with the magic stick again. YAY! MAAAAGIIIIC STIIIICK. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, we got it in our Last Day in Singapore and have loved it ever since. We put our iPhones on it and can walk around with it and get decent footage. Small problem, though: our audio kind of malfunctioned today (BARGH!) so our mics were useless after all. Totally sucks! So, that’s why we cut out the Starbucks footage and left it in the blooper reel, because the audio there is totally different and noticeably worse, but you still get to see something different. More importantly, you get to see turtle sex. AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH. FYI, if you don’t know what I’m referring to by Turtle sex, Google a video of it. It’s hilarious.


Anyhow, if there’s anything from your country that you notice is different, please share, because these kinds of things fascinate us to no end, because we’re nerds who are very easily amused…

  1. AFMike

    Best burger I had in Korea was Ms Kim or Mr Wan burgers. They were fried in front of you from a cart and you could get kimchi and fried egg as extras. Also the would have runners send them to you if you were going some place with in two blocks

  2. AFMike

    The one big difference at McDonald’s sells beer in Germany

  3. hmmm let’s see, here in Costa Rica they change the names of things quite a lot, like in Germany a chicken burger is a chicken burger and not a Hühnchen Burger but in CR it’s called McPollo (pollo=chicken)

    also, you can get gallo pinto in every fast food chain, which is like the national food of Costa Rica, it’s basically just rice mixed with beans but hey who said national foods must be creative or inventive

    I very rarely eat fast food, too expensive, so I can’t think of anything else atm but I think I will be visiting those establishments in the near future for research purposes
    oh one more thing I remember, those hot apple pie (?) thingies you get at McDonalds? they have them filled with pineapple here, makes totally sense

  4. A few years ago, Mcdonalds in Hong Kong came up with a new burger called the ”Fantastic”(Coz ”fan” actually means rice in Cantonese) This ”fantastic” burger was just burger with the bun part replaced by rice……….and obviously, it was a huge failure, taste like hot sushi……
    Now, Mcdonalds in Hong Kong recently started selling beef (or chicken) with fried rice combo (dude, u r already ruining burgers don’t do the same to rice……)and taco with rice and beef/chicken in it. Taco with rice in it sounds weird, but this one actually taste pretty good.Around spring, They would sell like ten different kind of chicken nugget dipping sauces (sweet chili, curry, honey garlic, cheesy bacon, etc.) but most of them taste funny. Anyways, they r pretty creative and really make eating at macdonald more interesting than just junk food.(even though they r….) BTW, Hong Kong Mcdonlds do 24hrs free delivery.(EVIL!!!) They also turn a small section within some of the mcdonald restaurant area to ”Mccafe” in HK.(very starbucks like, sells nice coffee, tea, scone and cakes even macaroon.better sitting area as well)

  5. Well, right now Starbucks is having a special on Frapuccinos. You get to specialize them however you want. Does that count?

  6. We recently got oatmeal porridge on the McDonalds breakfast menu, I don’t think they have it anywhere else?


  7. Cassie


    I boast…but I only got to eat one when I was visiting home in march. Sad face.

    But you know what’s easier and just as good? make taco salad with cool ranch Doritos. Have some north American nasties send you a packet of taco bell meat seasoning and cool ranch doritos and you’re set. just go out and buy the veggies and meat. BOOM. deliciousness.

  8. Hahaha I loved the sexy foodtime music when you ate that burger, laughed so hard :D I don´t think there is to much difference between mc donalds in US and here in Sweden. But I think I found something from the “breakfast-meny” that I think Sweden is quite unique with- please correct me if I´m wrong. http://www.mcdonalds.se/content/dam/sweden/Bilder/Maten/Stor_produktbild/grot_444x507.jpg and yes..it doesn´t look tasty but it´s porridge, with lingon-jam and milk.

  9. I think in Belgium people who yearn for some fastfood are more likely to go to a ‘frietkot’ to get some real Belgian fries rather than to go to McDonalds (we don’t have Burger King or KFC here). There isn’t one single village without any ‘frietkot’. I feel a lot of people dislike mayonaise but it’s really good (maybe they make it differently elsewhere?) add a ‘curryworst’ and there you have it: a real Belgian meal, there’s no one who dislikes that here in Belgium!

  10. indie

    Well I’m from Mexico and tacos here are different, Taco bell is not famous like the tacos in the corner of everywhere ^^
    We have “Tacos de guisado”, “Tacos de canasta”…etc.
    Of course I love Carl’s Junior Hamburguer is yummy for me

  11. When I was in Taiwan, they served milk tea. I love milk tea :}. Bow before Milk Tea! >=[]

  12. Hawaii!!! Taro pie, haupia (I’d describe it as coconut pudding) pie, spam and Portuguese sausage breakfast platters! yummm

  13. I know you don’t want any American commenters but did you know that at McDonalds they have something called a McGangBang It’s a sandwich made from a double cheeseburger and a McChicken sandwich — where you put an entire McChicken sandwich inside a double cheeseburger.

  14. you know currywurst? a well known food in Germany,McDonalds tried to sell them as the Mc CurryWurst. But they failed ,as you can see in the second picture. after one month, they take it out from the product line. An original CurryWurst is soo much better! did you discovered something like currywurst in Seoul?

  15. I liked the mcdonald’s bulgogi burger.
    But maybe that’s because I haven’t been away from fast food as long as you guys have.

  16. so I was in Jordan for a day and everyone was complaining that the chicken and meat in McDonalds and KFC did not taste good because they used real meat. Since there are many Muslims there, they had to use actual halal clean chiacken and meat, and people wanted the fake McDonald’s stuff we have in America

  17. IN hermosillo sonora Mexico we have HERMOSILLO SONORA STYLE HOTDOGS here is a video of cbs about them https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nXBSzHm8Qxw&feature=youtube_gdata_player

  18. So I’m from Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada and they just recently released Frappes in McDonalds and a whole bunch of new stuff at Tim Hortons. they have iced mocha, iced latte, and supreme iced latte, plus they have panini

  19. Why oh why did I have to google “turtle sex” after reading this post? Thanks, Simon….. :<

  20. started watching this – realised I was on a diet – tried to keep watching – died inside….

    sorry guys, promise to watch this video fully when it can’t hurt me anymore :) x

  21. Why didn’t you guise try the McSpicy in Singapore!!! It’s a super spicy deep fried chicken thigh. It’s as delish as it is sinful. Sooooooooo glorious, I tell you. Seriously.

  22. From Venezuela – arepas in the morning!

  23. I’m from America, but our fast food restaurants in my state (New Mexico) actually have a few regional variations. Specifically, you can get green chile on anything anywhere. (This even applies in places you wouldn’t expect, like Vietnamese restaurants having green chile pastries) McDonalds has green chile double cheeseburgers and because I worked at the one in my home town last summer I can tell you that it was definitely in the top 5 menu items in terms of popularity (I never once ate there though). We also kept a box full of green chile to give out as a condiment and had to refill it multiple times a day. We’re obsessed!

  24. The BEST burger ever. No BS.

  25. Yeah It never looks as good as the picture (as with all fast food) but supposedly it’s pretty good… I don’t eat fast food, so I’m not sure. Well that’s a lie. I have eaten at IKEA (Swedish Meatballs!) which is technically crappy fast food.

  26. Kayla Bechtel

    You can get green tea fraps in North America too, it just doesn’t have red bean paste on top…they don’t even put them on the menu…you gotta ask lol.

  27. McDonald’s in the UK has the banana milkshake.

  28. I don’t know exactly how many states are doing this – if it’s all across the country, or what – but in California, they’re adding the Egg White Delight to the breakfast menu at McDonald’s. And now you can exchange the regular fried egg and cheddar cheese on any breakfast sandwich for egg whites and swiss cheese.
    I’m sure it’s not that much healthier, but to me the egg whites and swiss taste better and less greasy, so I’m pretty happy with the change. It’s useful on those rare occasions when I egg McDonald’s breakfast. ^^

  29. I don’t know if this is in just in California, or some states, or all across the country, but McDonald’s is doing a new thing for breakfast the egg white delight. You can also exchange the regular eggs and cheddar cheese on any breakfast sandwich for egg whites and swiss cheese.

    I’m sure it’s not that much healthier, but it tastes better and less greasy to me, so I like it on the rare occasion I eat McDonald’s breakfast =P

  30. Oh Canada….and McDonald’s that has poutine! How I love poutine! I want some….now!!!

  31. Well, here in Mexico we don’t have Taco Bell, which i think is freaking amazing! but we do have McDonald’s, and for breakfast they have these McMolletes (mollete is made with bread, spread with beans, and topped with chihuahua cheese. Then it’s grilled in an oven until the cheese melts.) So i think they only sell McMolletes here in mexico.

  32. Cara Rose

    Till recently in Townsville, Australia you could get the Taste of America: the Texas, the Cali and the NY burgers! the Texas has smokey BBQ sauce, the Cali has a chicken patty…. but I have no idea how you portrait New York as a burger…? pizza flavored?
    being from Oregon I’m just waiting for the Hemp burger…

    • Cara Rose

      ps. tried that AU Lamb burger mentioned on here…. it looked like your Bulgoli burger – drowned in greasy sauce after being slapped together by a 2yr old.

  33. I don’t know if its just me, but I’m European and I have no idea what European fresco burgers are supposed to be.

  34. In New Zealand McDonald’s has the Kiwi Burger and Georgie Pie

  35. I remember in the Middle East, they had a McFalafel. Did not taste like a Falafel XD

  36. I don’t know if anyone has already written about German Fast Food in Mc
    Donald’s. (Almost 300 comments are a bit too much too look through all
    of them: How do you keep up with all this feedback, Simon&Martina?
    O.O Wow)

    But we have sometimes really funny Burgers (just for a
    period of time…like ‘exclusive’ Burgers or something-Special Edition

    Burgers with…’Nürnberger Sausages’…or with ‘Leberkäs’
    (some well known meat dish – if one can call it a dish; I am not much of
    a fan of it) or with Cordon Bleu…some weird and really funny mixes,
    but I have heard that they taste not that bad ^^
    (though there is pretty much more fast food that one can get, especially in the bigger cities…Mc Donalds has the weirdest)

    Hope these German words don’t confuse anyone…

  37. I actually had a bulgogi Burger at a McDonald’s in Gyeongju (I really, at least once wanted to try it out) 2 years ago…it was alright (not as bad as the one shown here, it actually looked eatable and i was hungry) but next time i’m craving some bulgogi i’m gonna get the real deal

    on a side note, i realized that everything foreign, even in western restaurants doesn’t taste authentic…like they made it so it would suit the taste of Koreans (just like the typical Asian food you can get in some western countries mostly can’t be found in Asia at all). For example, I as a German really love my bread but all the bread in Korea tastes awfully sweet and is all really chewy…i was wondering, if there really can be found any authentic western food at all (and for a reasonable price at that?). Next time I’m gonna stay in Korea for over a year and though i love Korean food, i would also love to have some western food at least from time to time…do you know any good restaurants that specialize on western food…I mean – authentic western food?

  38. martina goes for the toys.. singapore macs is offering hello kitty right now! super cute

  39. as an American I actually think that American fast food chains in other countries are better than they are here -_- It’s the same gross stuff all the time and they are all dirty!(or maybe that’s only because I’m from NY) I went to a McDonald’s in Colombia once and the meat tasted more “real” than it did here!! They also had an arequipe (kinda like caramel) mcflurry that I have never seen here =(

  40. Klara Lucilla Momo Romigioli

    Italy XD pasta salad

  41. It’s BUL-go-gi guys :) Accent on the first syllable. Do they have the regular menu stuff too, like the usual cheeseburgers, and do they taste similarly to the ones in North America? What about breakfast items like the Egg McMuffin?

  42. Here in LA, Korean/Mexican fusion is all the rage. People look out for and follow the Calbi Food Truck. Calbi tacos, kimchi quesadillas are just a few menu items. Korean’s own the trucks and a lot of times Mexican’s serve and/or cook the food.

  43. lotteria is great, if only because they have awesome cheese sticks.


  45. KFC in Malaysia has this glorious thing called green curry chicken and it is a-maze-ing-lee delicious in my opinion.

  46. while in australia…

  47. In Romania we have (as of 1st of May 2013) McMici lol. I find this hilarious. “Mici” (plural) or “mic” (singular) is basically minced meat shaped like a long marshmallow (?) and then grilled. It’s delicious but also one of the most common dishes here. Whenever there’s a festival or public holiday there’s “mici”. I haven’t tried them yet and don’t know if I’ll ever do (I’m not a big fan of fast food).

    • Also, I forgot to mention, “mici” or “mic” in Romanian means “little”. Here’s some photos of “mici” so you can have a better idea.

  48. Starbucks recently closed most of its stores in Australia cause they werent making money lol
    i love how burger king is called “hungry jacks” here since somebody had the trademark on it
    also Wendy’s is a ice cream place that is in malls not the american version at all

  49. Here is a mexican sushi with beef meat and chorizo

    • Whut the?! Where is this from?

      • Actually, in mexico, Sushi restaurants sell the “original” sushi, but they also sell sushi with beef meat, and cheese and chicken… totally different from the original sushi!!

      • Unbelievable right? LOL it’s from Mexico, we do have the normal sushi, but as always we had to mexicanize things.
        My teory is that because boyfriends/girlfriends don’t like regular sushi the restaurants create this new versions in order to not lose costumers, at list tha’s what I’ve seen in my city, every time I go to a japanese restaurant the ones that order a meat sushi are people who don’t like the original sushi.

  50. “You’re embarrassing me!” Pretty sure that’s just marriage. Hehe. :)

  51. in Indonesia McDonalds is actually more popular for their chicken & rice than their burgers!

    • Haha coz rice is our main course, not bread! And that makes me remember when AJ was in Columbia and getting hard time in finding ‘delicate’ rice. XD

  52. Here are some of the mexican version in McDonalds, Burguer King and Starbucks, mexicans prefer BK over Mc in most of the citys, and sometimes Carl’s Jr beats both of them.

  53. Oh, Here in Singapore we have a new flavor of ice cream! Tada~ the durian McFlurry! :S Personally I’m not a fan of durians so I wonder how that will taste.

  54. Here in Finland we have rye bread burgers. I don’t know if other countries have them as well (probably they do :D) but as a person who generally doesn’t like fast food I just can’t help loving the rye bread ones. I find them a lot healthier too :)

  55. In NZ, McDonalds has the kiwiburger which consist of beef patty, grilled egg, beetroot, tomato, lettuce, cheese, onions, mustard, and ketchup on a toasted bun.

  56. you get a like for that ending! workin’ on mah fitness!

  57. Japan has banana milkshakes (unfortunate discovery when I ordered vanilla), MEGA Potato (almost 1lb of fries), and a bunch of MEGA burgers: mega muffin, mega mac, mega teriyaki.
    There were also limited edition mega tamago and mega tomato.
    The limited edition burgers a couple years ago were the “BigAmerica” series: Texas, Miami, Idaho, and Manhattan

  58. When I was in Japan I went to a fast food place that sold burgers but instead of bread the meat was sandwiched between rice. It was really interesting – and tasted so much better! the meat sauce went perfectly with the rice… the meat I had was different too because it wasn’t a patty, but was in strips. Yakiniku rice burger yum~ I’d upload a photo but I can’t find a yummy looking one!

  59. Banbanbana

    I live in Canada, but when I went to Greece in 2010 the McDonald’s had spring rolls on the menu, and Starbucks had a Pina Colada frappuccino AND IT WAS AMAZING I STILL THINK ABOUT IT.

    • That Pina Colada frap sounds AWESOME! At Barnes and Noble in the states, their cafe which is a “We Proudly Serve Starbucks” has a lot of off the menu frappucinos. My favorite is the “Butter Beer” which tastes like melted butter pecan ice cream. I haven’t tried to order said drinks at an actual Starbucks yet though.

  60. In Japan, I ate the black squid whopper from BK. It was not that great.

  61. You should do a comment commentary video where you go through different
    comments for each week on each video and have like a chat session, that
    isn’t live. It’s kind of what like @sourcefed does, check their schtuff
    out! Not saying you should COPY them, but it would be cool to see you
    guys pick out different comments from different people from different
    countries and have that in like a, video week wrapup format! :D *hops

  62. Oh gosh this reminds me of Quebec’s McPoutine & Beer combo

  63. mmmmmm those cool ranch tacos

  64. KATHyphenTUN

    The green tea fraps are delicious!!! i can’t imagine the deliciousness with the red beans on it too!
    The one thing I really want are the green tea Blizzards from Asian Dairy Queens!! I’m obsessed with green tea :P
    This was interesting to see! glad you decided to shoot it!

  65. OMG LOL simon’s turtle face XDDD
    we have that green tea creme frap in america too but w/o red beans T~T

  66. Do they have Burger King in korea?

  67. In Australia we have this burger called the lot and its like the standard burger but with beetroot and pineapples in it. it doesn’t sound that it would work but its amazing and in McDonalds which we call Maccas we have speciality burgers like the Mc Oz which is really cool. We don’t have taco bell in Australia so in I can’t say anything. I’ve only been into Starbucks once we don’t have a lot of Starbucks in Australia. I’ve only noticed 2 in the whole of Sydney. They kind of when out of business in Australia a few years ago and closed a lot of their stores. I have noticed there is no standard american drip coffee and this is not just in Starbucks its everywhere you go you won’t find drip coffee. Instead most of our coffee is different forms of espressos like long blacks, flat whites and etc.

  68. I actually googled turtle sex the other day when i realized that i had no idea how they did it. then i felt kinda ashamed of myself lol

  69. Not surprised. The whole point of koreanized fast food (and other countries with american fast food) is to give the customers the food that they’re accustomed to while providing a quick served meal. Like the McDonald’s in Japan, they have a Teriyaki Burger, Shrimp Burger, and a burger that they served only during fall season to celebrate the moon. And in the Mcdonalds in India, they don’t serve beef and pork, but they sell chicken sandwiches, various kinds of veggie burgers, and even have this sandwich that has a potato (mixed with some other veggies) patty. It’s pretty interesting to read. The travel channel also did a special on this as well which is where I found out about this. They also went to a McDonalds in Hong Kong.

  70. Kahu Pohatu-campbell

    Here in New Zealand we have a kiwi burger which doesnt have real kiwis in it… and not kiwifruit either. its just got an egg and some beetroot. yeah, we have pretty bring food. but we dont have taco bell! I want to try it

  71. The visual cues on Korean pizza are disconcerting. That’s not tomato sauce, it’s red pepper paste. And that’s not a ring of cheddar cheese around the crust–it’s sweet potato!

  72. Maria Inês Rodrigues

    ERMAGGAAAAHHDD, why can’t you guys eat your fast food like a man?

  73. We have poutine in Montreal! Not sure about the rest of Canada :D

  74. I Hawaii we have some different stuff sometimes at mcdonalds we have the McTeri Burger, Haupia pie(coconunt creamish pie), Taro pie and spam with breakfast(burger king serves it too), at Taco bell we have POG (passion orange guava) slushies and sometimes Kalua pig burritos/quesadilla

    • Oh god that looks good. When I move to Hawaii I’m going to get this at least once. ( If I manage to get there ;-; )

      • They don’t have it all year around same with the Taro pie which is my favorite Q~Q but when they do have them I get them with some ice cream :3 sooo good

  75. Stephanie

    McLobster. Who needs foreign McDonald’s curiosities when Atlantic Canada has McLobster. Speaking of which… it should soon be that time of year.

  76. OMG, turtle sex is eek!!

  77. In Australia im pretty sure it s very similar to american menu’s but atm (i work at maccas) we have crunchie mcflurry, started to do wedges (new thing for us) and have McFloats for green slushie (which i also know other people do) but another thing that is different is that especially around a big sport event such as state of origin (Rugby league game between two states in aus) and cricket we sell cooler bags (you the thing you put cold drinks in) and you get a free one with every large meal. One time i had some korean customers trying to buy a mcfloat but because its a little hard for them to pronounce ‘f’ (well it was for this specific person) i couldnt understand what they wanted and i felt terrible! haha.

  78. Anybody else got angry because of all of that food waste? No, just me? Oh well, my mistake, guess I shouldn’t watch FAPFAP’s…

  79. Magic Stick? It had a totally different meaning when Rain was singing it….

  80. Haha, I’m like you guys, every country I’ve been to I HAVE to try the McDonalds. My favourite was CURLY FRIES IN VIENNA (but there is also McBeer all around Europe and I’m a fan). The wonky sexy food music was a nice touch, I was laughing so hard.

    Where I live (Newfoundland) there is a lot of specialty foods… Fish n’ Brewis (or any cod dish for that matter), Jigg’s Dinner, Hard Bread… Anything from the Purity factory and Patridgeberry and Bakeapple desserts… All ridiculously unhealthy, but addicting (especially cream crackers and Purity syrup, yum).

  81. We also call our McDonalds “Maccas” in Australia

  82. We dont have Taco Bell in Australia (Not that I know of) but we had frozen passion fruit drink and a pavlova mcflurry at Mcdonalds (out of sale now) we also had an American range of burger (Smokey Texas, NYC Classic etc) that was very popular and we occasionally sell fish and fries
    They are the things that I can remember, we also had a Lamb burger and wrap (Very popular) but we stopped selling them as well

  83. Nicole Parrillo

    Dude, seriously, every time someone talks about going to the gym I do the same thing – sing that Fergie song lol. No lie, every time.

  84. i love a whole bunch of Portugal nasties came together over the topic of weird (for us, common for them) food at their local McDicks! Simon and martina, making the world a little less small ;D

  85. Barbados is one of the few places in the world that McDonalds has ever failed in. One opened back when I was a kid over 20 years ago and closed down within a year. We do have KFCs though but I find that the menu isn’t that original. And we just had a subway franchise and a Burger King open up recently and it was rather a big deal. Our Burger King does chicken as well, because the Barbadian public are more chicken sorts of people. I don’t eat at those places though.

    We have a local fast food franchise called Cheffette which was designated as one of the best chains around the world because they have Roti on the menu ( the Bajan kind) and also have a family dining section that does actual Bajan platters with grilled fish, steak and a full salad bar.

  86. I live in Colombia and in almost all the Mc Donald’s franchises they
    have a McCafé inside (obvious reasons), In the breakfast menu, they have
    traditional options like eggs with arepa ( flatbread made of ground
    corn dough or cooked flour) or eggs cooked “in the colombian”
    traditional way. We also change McFlurry flavors a lot, we have had Milo
    Mc Flurry, specific cookies and chocolate brands McFlurries (jumbo jet, lecherita..). And some
    hamburgers are seasonal like pineapple Mcchicken, McRosti, Meat hamburger with Hogao (kind of a tomato based sauce). Also, i remember years back we had a delicious soft serve cone with chocolate coating.

  87. In china, the burgers in McDonalds are almost entirely Chicken burgers! Only the bigmac is beef! Also, they don’t have apple pies, instead pineapple or taro flavours~ Can’t remember what else XD KFC also had some different stuff, like Japanese style curry and fried rice :) And like another poster said, they’ve tried to elevate the status of Pizza hut here too, with “escargot” etc. on the menu too :PP

  88. Eh, what are you talking about, bulgogi burgers are surprisingly good honestly… I mean, they look terrible but they taste pretty alright honestly…

    • I agree, they are good….and you guise have lived there for 5 years and have never tried a McBulgogi?? I find that hard to believe since you seem to love trying new things!

      • They said they like bulgogi, I’m guessing they’re just spoiled on the good stuff. This looked really.. bad.. like seriously. Maybe they just got some sub-par food this time, but it did not look pleasant.

  89. I hate fast food. I feel so crappy after eating it…. except for pizza! Pizza is good haha.
    I’m from the U.S. so I don’t have any awesome food to share :(
    HODOR HODOR hahaha

  90. I know in the Philippines you can get fried rice + egg + longganisa (type of sausage) or tapa (like beef yakiniku) or tocino (like char siew pork) for only like $2 or $3. Plus the fried chicken can come with either Spaghetti, or rice with gravy.

    Lastly: Do you guys have Coke Floats in Korea? I was just wondering because on an episode of Happy Together, someone presented a Coke Float and the celebs didn’t have a clue as to the concept. And also, is there a nickname for McDonalds in Korea? Here in Australia we call them Maccas, and in the Philippines we call them McDo.

  91. I love the distorted sexy food porn music for the McDonald’s bulgogi burger, lol. It fit perfectly with your expressions. Honestly I wasn’t expecting the bulgogi burgers to look like patties….you did order the bulgogi burger, right?

  92. ShimizuChiharu

    When I went to Mexico (actually a little island off of Cancun) I found these 3 burgers that had the cheese inside of them. One of them had goat cheese, which I thought would taste bad, but it tasted really good.

  93. I don’t know if this is just in the UK, but at McDonald’s every year they have a “Great Tastes of America” promotion. Each week, they release a new version of a burger based on something in America. I just looked it up and one week was Louisiana BBQ which had BBQ sauce and onions on a cheesy bun. One was Chicago Supreme with spicy tomato salsa and cool mayo on a chilli, chive and sesame bun. Week three was Arizona Nacho Grande with “nacho-style sauce” (I don’t know what that means…), nachos, peppers and, you guessed it, pepperoni? Week four was California Melt which just seemed to have cheese sauce. And the last one was New York Classic which had red onion rings and the holy trinity of ketchup, mustard and mayo.

    I am thoroughly grossed out right now.

    • You aren’t the only one… The executives of those British Mickie D’s must think ill of us Americans if they’re promoting that kind of stuff as “great” tastes of America XD

    • irritablevowel

      I’m trying to figure out how tomato salsa, mayo and chili, chive and sesame seed bun convey Chicago.
      As for the Arizona Nacho Grande, wouldn’t “nacho-style sauce” be salsa? I mean, that’s what you put on nachos. Pepperoni???!!! What does pepperoni have to do with nachos??!! I think you should revolt against any McDonald’s that tries to convince you to eat such scary things!

      • British people know what salsa is, though, so that’s why I can’t think of a reason why they would call it “nacho-style sauce” >_< And I actually grew up mostly in the US, so I know a good nacho, and I have never heard of pepperoni. McDonald's is a US based company…they should know when to not.

  94. Not sure if you guys knew this, but Canadian fast food has a much higher salt content than others (even compared to the US). That’s also probably why you can’t stand the fast food here. It was big in the new a little while ago (CBC did a report on salt in our food) but it doesn’t seem to be changing at all =(

  95. Here in some Mcdonalds in Germany, you can get a beer with your meal xD And they have McCafes with fancy drinks and cake (Germans LOVE their coffee/cake time) They also sometimes have like McCurrywurst (it’s like sausage with curry ketchup) and they have specials like “mexican burgers” or “big american” burgers. Also the sizes are wayyy smaller.

    One of the strangest things (coming from America and seeing in Germany) is CORN IN ALL OF THE SALADS. For me personally, it was weird xD

    Here’s a pic of the McCurrywurst xD

  96. The “Kiwiburger” at the New Zealand McDonalds has egg and beets – BEETS! I swear it used to have shredded carrots too when I was there 15 years ago, but it doesn’t now, so maybe I just imagined that;)

  97. I used to live in Hawaii, and they have a lot of different things there at McDonalds that I haven’t seen anywhere else. Like the spam, eggs, and rice platter for breakfast (and there’s one with Portuguese sausage too, if I’m not mistaken), the taro pies and haupia pies (like the normal apple pies we get here in the US/Canada), and I also saw that they have saimin now there too! (Saimin is like ramen, noodle soup. What a surprise seeing that’s offered there now, haha). I haven’t been in Hawaii in a long time so I don’t know if all of these things are still being offered (they probably are), or if anything else uniquely Hawaiian was added to the menu ^^

  98. I vist Germany a few months ago. I mc’donald there was a burger with mozzarella and jam:P my sis tried it and she said it was disgusting XD i think its bc the mozzarella havent melt yet~but i tried another one.. i dont rmb what was in it,but it was sooo yummy:3
    I envy ppl for living places where they try out news things etc~here where i live its just the same boring thingT.T

  99. Marzia Matalone

    Ah, yes! About fast foods, the Italian answer to McDonald it’s the “Eatitaly” humburgheria… it was born from a slow food project (it uses local product to make what you usually find in fast food) but it actually uses high quality product to make it…If you ever visit Italy go try it out in Turin!

  100. When it’s Christmas time in France, I remembered they (I think it was Quick ?) made burgers with foie gras 0___0
    But I didn’t dare to try it !

  101. Marzia Matalone

    Guys, I think that if I’ll ever be able to visit Korea food will be a big problem to me…Italian people are very very picky about it (come to South Italy and you’ll understand what I mean)…well, it’s our nature, but I do admit that I’m really curious about kimchi…^___________^

    • Same, but for different reasons! I’m a vegetarian, and I’m kind of scared that there’s not much I can eat. Hidden fish in stuff, etc. And I’m totally curious about kimchi too! There’s hardly any Asians at all in my area, so not any demand for Asian foods in the stores, and I refuse to eat the cheap store-bought kimchi if I find any. I want the real thing!

      • Marzia Matalone

        Same here! If I’m able to, I’d like to try the original Korean Kimchi! I know that the local food is always different from the one you buy in foreign countries…it’s just the same with italian Pizza and Pasta…you have to try the real thing to really understand what they are like! ^_^

      • Most kimchi has hidden fish in it – it’s made with small anchovies. My roommate here is vegetarian and she doesn’t eat kimchi.

        • It can be made without fish sauce. I’ve never heard of kimchi being made with actual pieces of fish, but.. there’s a -lot- of ways to make kimchi besides the most common. Same with ddeokbokki, it can be made with vegetable stock instead of anchovy ( or whatever ) stock.

        • It definitely can be, but the standard baechu kimchi you are served in restaurants here in Korea generally contains some kind of jeotgal, whether with saeujeot (shrimp) or myeolchijeot (anchovies). It can be difficult to find restaurant kimchi that is 100% vegetarian.

  102. Efra Izquierdo Rodriguez

    Actually i think bulgogi burguer is quite good!! But that’s maybe because i love bulgogi hehehe People going to Korea, you must try bulgogi at least once ;D.

    By the way, here in Spain we have Mc iberica burger… a disaster trying to use spanish typical ingredients as cured ham and olive sauce…. so disgusting

  103. Hmm Dutch fastfood.
    Actually not many would think of it but the Netherlands has a lot of dutch fast food snacks.
    We really don’t need mac donalds or anything like that in order to eat fast food.

    We have typical dutch fastfood like the following things:
    Kroket/bitterbal (croquette) is a snack with thick meaty ragout with bread-crumbs at the outside. And can also be bought at the mac Donalds as a hamburger.
    Frikandel: Well that is rest meat from different kind of animals mixed up. And it looks like a sausage.
    And you can find these snacks in snackbars, restaurants and even in bars.

    French fries:
    We eat french fries in many ways.
    For example french fries with mayonnaise, curry, ketchup or with a peanut sauce.
    Well we even have combinations under names for example:
    French fries war (French fries with mayonnaise and peanut sauce)
    French fries special (French fries witch curry, mayonnaise and unions) This is my most favorite one!

    For the rest you can pull dutch snacks out of the wall for when your hungry but don’t have time to sit and eat. ^_^

    • Mayonnaise and PEANUT SAUCE WTF. @_@ That sounds terrifying! I’m scared of Dutch food now. ;-; ( But I still <3 you guys with your awesome language skills, ik hou van je! )

      • It taste better then it sounds. ^_^ And Dutch food/drinks may sound scary but is in most cases actually really delicious or sometimes not. Two things that foreigners don’t really like is liquorish and haring.
        (Netherlands has lots of different liquorish from sweet to salty to hard to soft)

        Haha language skills I hear that a lot lately. ^_^ Kinda reminds me of this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aXUmxIqqn0Y

        • That is HILARIOUS! I’ve gotten that treatment myself ( and I imagine a lot of other Americans have too ). I speak limited amounts of several languages, but they just go on like those guys in the video.

          I’m not a fan of licorice in the first place, so I can’t say I would be trying it. I only know the horror that is salmiakki ( is there another word for this in Dutch? )

        • sannetussch22

          Yeah I could imagine it. But I think anyone could have a treatment like that. But yeah I think you could get all kind of treatments in foreign countries. You have countries where they learn English but refuse to speak it.

          Liquorish is “drop” in Dutch (I kinda have an addiction for liquorish)
          salmiakki is “salmiak” in Dutch (Not much of a difference)

  104. McDonalds in Colombia , it’s really good and it’s really different from North America , the meat and the chicken is totally different and it doesn’t look gross , the vegetable looks very fresh and of course you can find on the menu different things , for example McChicken with pineapple sauce , peasant potatoes , sundae of Yellow fruits , McFlurry dark forest etc!

  105. McDonalds in Colombia , it’s really good and it’s really different from North America , the meat and the chicken is totally different and it doesn’t look gross , the vegetable looks very fresh and of course you can find on the menu different things , for example McChicken with pineapple sauce , peasant potatoes , sundae of Yellow fruits , McFlurry dark forest etc

  106. This is the first FAPFAP I’ve watched and wished I WASN’T eating at the time. Those food porn shots grossed me out.

  107. Blueberries

    Mcdonalds looks like Mcdonalds here in Finland (god I hate the change T_T). I don’t think we have finnish hamburgers either here… I mean nacho burger can’t be finnish invention, no way! They should make hamburgers with sausage beef and stuff like that. I wonder why we don’t have anything specific for our country :(

    • They could totally serve lingonberry ( puolukka ) pies instead of apple. Or reindeer burgers! Someone already mentioned you can get burgers with rye bread in Finland.

      I have a question – do only the older people in Finland call pulla “nis(s)u / nisua” or is that not in use anymore? I’m Finnish-American, but not from the Great Lakes area where most Finns are. I only have my grandmother’s recipes and how she called it, which was nissu to her.

      • Blueberries

        Some older people call it “nissu” but it depends what area you live=what dialect (murre) you use :) My grandmother calls pulla “nissu” but everybody calls it pulla where I currently live ^^

        • Ahhh, okay. Thank you! I call it “nissu”, it’s apparently a common American Finn thing. I sadly don’t speak Finnish, my grandparents did not teach my father. My grandmother only spoke it on the phone and occasionally to me.

  108. The Dutch McDonalds has something called a McKroket! Love it, one of the first thing I have when I go back XD

  109. I,m the same. First thing in foregin country that I do is going to store and looking what strange food the have. But after, I buy everything which is starnge for me, and try. I never buy suvenirs, I always bring back home tons of strange food. ^^
    I didn’t see TacoBell. And I never was in Starbucks (I live in north east Poland, we don’t have there many thing). I know McDonald, KFC, BurgerKing.
    We have polish burger (I think) in MCDonald – WiećMac
    It’s with grilled meet, polish people love BBQ.

  110. Ohhhh I totally understand Simon’s reaction to the Green Tea. I’m a Starbuck’s addict but that’s the only drink I hate, I wanted 2 throw up after I tried it. The sexy shot of the Starbucks drink did not look good to me at all, I’m traumatized by that drink and I just realized it lol. Anyways loved this fapfap. I knew that popular fast food chains had different menus depending on the country and I always wanted to see exactly what some of those different types of foods were. Thank You guys. ^^

  111. my brother was in HK and in the MC.D for breakfast you can get macaroni like really just macaroni lol

  112. A few years back in Hong Kong (I don’t know if they still do it) McDonald’s ran a special where you could get seaweed packets and paper bags with your french fries. Then you’d stick the fries and the seaweed in the bag and shake, making your own seaweed flavored french fries.
    I also liked that Starbucks offered coffee-flavored mooncakes during Mid-Autumn Festival.

    P.S. I had a Ginger Molasses cookie and a cafe au leit yesterday…

  113. I’m French and here is the Mc Donalds special burger made with our famous baguette! But there are no Taco Bell in France so I don’t even what are the normal things there.

  114. Me and my best friend always get happy meals if they have Hello Kitty toys…..no shame in our game hahahaha :D

  115. Lotteria is the worst place ever. I would never willingly go there again. I love Taco Bell in Korea because you can get most of the things that you can get in America, but Korea has french fries belgrande whichhhhhhh is so much better than nachos belgrande!!! I agree, bulgogi burgers are disgusting. I like the Shanghai burger @Korean McD.

    Simon & Martina~ Try Mos Burger!!! They have branches in Kangnam & Jamsil.

  116. Very informative! :) And slightly stomach-turning – I hope you guys have plenty of Pepto on hand. =_=

    I went to Pizza Hut when I was in China and discovered a completely different approach to the salad bar. Customers were only allowed to visit the salad bar once (I think you had to pay extra otherwise), but they could take as much as they wanted as long as it fit into one dish. People would create a framework with carrot and celery sticks and build a salad that was five times higher than the bowl and could feed everyone at their table. It was seriously impressive. :)

    • So it’s not a way to save money as much as it’s a way to force the customer to work for their salad and embrace the challenge? =P

  117. Nope nothing special on the menu in Belgium at Mc Donalds. We don’t have that much fast food chains here. There’s no Taco Bell, no KFC, no Lotteria (I’ve never heard of this chain before), no Burger King but since 2 years I think we have Starbucks in Antwerp. But it could be that there are special burgers in Mc Donalds but I wouldn’t know because I haven’t eaten there since I was 10 or so and that was nine years ago.

    Last year I think I saw special Mc Flurries with ‘speculaas’ (a cinnamon biscuit) and one with ‘neuzekes’ (translates to ‘noses’ and looks like the picture I added). That’s literally it… They often skip Belgium… At least I don’t get tempted to go there and I don’t get fat (hahaha I’m lying because we have the best chocolate)

    • Lotteria is a Korean chain. It’s only in Asia.

    • Same here! I’m also from Belgium and haven’t been to any fastfood restaurant for a while. We do have Quick here but I thought it was French. The most exotic thing we have here is the McFlurry with Couberdons/’Noses’.

      Nice to meet a fellow Belgian by the way!

      • Dag Esther! (Nederlands?) Belgian nasties ftw! (no no I appreciate all nasties) ^_^

        • Ja! Dat komt ge ook niet vaak tegen op het internet want meestal spreekt iedereen op internet toch in het Engels. Ik weet niet hoe het bij u zit, maar ik zit midden in de examens en ik kijk in de middag of ‘s avonds eens op EYK en Allkpop en zo als ontspanning, echt fijn! Als ge ook examens zou hebben, veel succes en daarna een fijne vakantie! -loopt snel terug naar haar boeken met de grootste tegenzin van de wereld- ^^

        • Ik zit nu in de bib te studeren (wa doe ik hier??) Even een kleine pauze nemen van DNA en eiwitten. Gij ook veel succes en niet opgeven! Laat EYK u moed geven haha ^_^

        • Maandag heb ik er een gehad dus nu nog 2 te gaan, en de 26e kan ik eindelijk aan mijn vakantie beginnen en alle filmpjes van EYK beginnen bekijken die ik heb gemist, ik kan niet wachten!
          Snel nog eens de EYK versie van Gentleman bekijken en ik kan er weer tegen :)

        • nog véééééél succes Esther! Hahaha Gentleman van EYK crew is awesome! Ik ook nog 2 examens en ik ben er vanaf! :D Laat de zomervakantie (bijna) beginnen!

        • ik heb ook examens (nog 2 te gaan!) en ga bijna elke dag naar de bib. Dus kan ik ni even een pauze nemen en naar EYK kijken :P
          Gij ook veel succes! ^_^

  118. Been trying to figure out a way to send the Doritos taco shells to Simon for a while. can’t seem to come up with a solution to this problem. Are there any Kpop Cons or youtube things going on in L.A. or NYC that you guys could jump on? If only they sold the Cool Ranch Taco shells at Walmart like other taco bell stuff.

    • Epic amounts of bubble wrap. Really though, you could just make sure it’s packed in a box with paper or something packed around it so it doesn’t move, then bubble wrap around the outside, then in a normal box for shipping. They’re so easy to break I can’t really imagine doing it otherwise. Kind of how you might ship one of the big bags of Doritos or other chips.

  119. Ugh, I feel gross just from watching that… I remember how much I used to love fast food when I was like 10 and it boggles my mind.

  120. I’m Canadian (Stay with me here!!) and have two fast food things to talk about.
    First; In Chile every fast food I passed had an “Italiano” version of their burgers. I got really confused and kept asking “What makes it Italian?” because the main feature of this version is Avocado. Turns out they call it “Italiano” because it matches an Italian flag (Red = Tomato, White = Mayo, Green = Avocado) I ended up getting a McPollo Italiano after that :) yummy!
    Second; being in Toronto I miss the seasonal McLobsters back home in Nova Scotia <3 They are only available in the Maritimes and apparently Maine.

  121. :O is that red bean on top of green tea…?

    Wow those are one expensive fast food restaurant’s foods. I’ve ever seen before. It cost 6500 Won for the taco which is like $1Dollar here :/

  122. Ray

    I imagine if you had this Simon Would never leave the place if you have them i hope u like it
    this is from TACO BELL DORITOS LOCOS TACOS …original and COOL RANCH

  123. Corn is relatively popular in England! I personally don’t like it, but I know people who do :)

    • Wow I never knew that! I just thought it was an Asian thing.

      • I had corn in my veggie burgers there, it was the weirdest thing. We don’t really do that here in the States, that I have experienced. I didn’t see any mushroom-based veggie patties when I was in the UK, which is much more common here.

  124. Oh Simon, that cough still hasnt gone? Poor you. We have nothing particularly special in Britain, but I prefer the smaller non-chain cafes. We are the home of Fish and Chips though, so that has to count for something! And in Scotland they have fried Mars Bar. O.o . I live in the South-West, deep in the countryside, so there is a travelling Fish and Chip Van that calls at our local village, that is the extent of my fast-food. If you don’t count the noodle bar in our local city…

  125. In Romania we have had at McDonalds a month of “romanian style products”

    pork and horseradish sandwich
    blueberry pie with ice cream
    a mustard and minced meat patty sandwich
    cabbage salad

    -it didn’t actually reflect the reality of the tastes….but…let’s say it’s different from what i’ve seen before at McDonalds

  126. Shelley Beh

    Just wanna say haaaiiiiiiii! And lol I loved the tweaked food porn music when you guys were eating the double bulgogi burger. .. Oh and Simon you need to dye your mow-hock.. It looks so said and droopy and short haha

  127. Not surprised the food at McDonalds was bad every time I have gotten food from there since growing up its made me very sick. not to mention I’ve seen bits and pieces of the documentary super size me. I will never eat there again.

  128. In Norway, you can get whole grain buns on two different burgers. Whole grain McFeast and whole grain McChicken. I don’t know if they have it in America or not, but I just wanted to point it out. c:

    I don’t really want traditional Norwegian food to appear in my fast food. It wouldn’t fit in..

  129. I’m from Canada and I just recently got back from backpacking around Italy and I never usually eqt McDonalds like ever, but my friend and I kept seeing posters outside of the buildings for a ‘snack pack’ of chicken nuggets which included 15 nuggets total; 5 normal, 5 pesto filled, and 5 cheese filled!!!! It was heaven! Even though my tummy hurt afterwards :( also we tried their nutella mcflurry haha that was good too! Another thing I noticed was that in Rome and some of the other larger cities we went to, they had placed signs throughout the city that would say ’2 minutes’ in that direction or 50 meaters that way, referring to where the closest McDonalds was; that was pretty interesting.

  130. Mc Baguette from France guys !

  131. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Ranch at all in England, sorry Simon! I really want to try some though ^_^

  132. thisisjustforfunval

    I’m so jealous of the foods people are mentioning at their McDonald’s, Taco Bell’s and Starbucks, especially the veggie options at the McDonald’s in India! Even though I live right next to Mexico our fast menus do not differ from the standard US menus. I rarely eat at these establishments as well, minus Starbucks. McDonald’s I get Chicken Nuggets with Buffalo Sauce (the only way I like them) and Taco Bell, well I don’t eat at Taco Bell…it’s an insult to my traditional Mexican food pallet as well as my stomach :(

    • Same here. Though for a while, the local Dairy Queen served veggie burgers straight off the menu ( sadly, no longer ). I’m a vegetarian, and most fast food is just not veggie-friendly. There is a “fast” food place here that serves veggie burgers off the menu and that won’t change, but it’s not a mass chain, just a local place.

      • thisisjustforfunval

        Glad you found at least one place that has an option for you, even if it’s off the menu. Recently for health reasons I went vegan for three months and it was impossible for me to find vegan food. Vegetarian is hard to find here also, but man to be vegan in my city is killer. Well unless you want a bean burrito, that we’ve got lol. Now I’m bordering between vegetarian and eating meat again. Still can’t decide, but I’ve kept my diet mostly vegetarian.

        • Persephone Basilissa

          You can be flexitarian — eat just a little bit of select meats. My sons & I eat only white meat chicken & turkey in small amounts when eating out or during family holidays. It’s a *lot* easier to find things to eat at restaurants, but is still quite healthy.

        • thisisjustforfunval

          Thank you for giving me a title to what I’ve been doing ^_^! I didn’t know how to describe it. Since I’ve had surgery I’ve tried eating meat again but don’t enjoy it like the fresh vegan meals I was eating prior to it. I have found though that I have strong cravings for grilled chicken and fish, so I’ll indulge on those when the craving hits, especially when I go out to dinner.

      • I was at a Wendy’s with my cousin and she ordered a veggie burger. They were out of veggie patties so they put a slice of lettuce and a slice of tomato in a bun with mayonnaise and gave it to her all wrapped up so she didn’t find out until she sat down. Luckily we weren’t doing takeout so she went back and demanded a refund. Sad.

        • Woooow. Not even the courtesy of telling her they were out before doing that? Assholes. I personally hate sliced tomato, so I would be pretty pissed. I understand being out of certain items, and I wouldn’t be upset if I was told it wasn’t available, but damn… ><

        • I know. And they tried to charge her for a veggie burger too!

  133. LongClawTiger

    At first I was like chanting “Meat, meat, meat!” as you guys were ordering. Then I saw the food and was like, “ok, I will give you guys a pass if you can’t eat that…”

  134. What about Russia, I don’t often go to such places as McDonalds, but I know about our national burger. It calls Beef a la Rus, and, as my friends say, it is really tasty, but not so popular, as other conventional burgers.

  135. Cyber_3

    I really liked this video, it was entertaining and informative but……..two teeny tiny little things could have been better:

    a) I really like the camera stick but the steady-cam nature of it sometimes makes it look like you’re swaying and floating, maybe you could just use it for selective shots? I know that a tripod is a pain to carry around but it is less distracting at times.

    b) I always hear from foreign friends how different the meals are at fast food joints, I’m not talking about special local additions to the menu (even McDonald’s has a McLobster in Nova Scotia that you can’t get any where else ;_;) but the even regular items like a BigMac are made/flavoured differently so I was a little disappointed that you didn’t explore this aspect of it as well given your range of experience.

    Cyber_3 – just watching that made me want to go work out ;P

  136. When I went to Egypt, they had a McFalafel sandwich. Really wanted to try it, but didn’t get the chance.

  137. Not-Really-Normal^__~

    So many kpop song references :P

  138. in germany we have hot fried Apple and Cherry Pockets (mhm tehy’re soooo delicious) and burgers with sausages… like 3 lillte sausage inbetween 2 buns (but i never tried it…) Also we have Currywurst witch is just a sausage with a special Curry Sauce (but i haven’t tried this either)

  139. in germany we have no difference with american burgers (maybe not soo many fat and more fresh increndients ) but nothing more. we also have a happy meal with fresh milk,apples,carrots for children. maybe becausse germany really in this ” eat healthy way” mode. and i live near dusseldorf, so the town with an own japanese corner, so theirs many different kind of food anyway :) but on “special weeks” we have in mc donalds an ” asian week” ” switzerland week” “bavarian week” and all like that xD sometimes weird XD

  140. Well in Malaysia, we have Korean Burger and Chicken from KFC. Lol although we’re not korean or anything but here in Malaysia ,everyone is high on the halluyu wave! You should see the commercial. I face palm everytime when I see it. But its torelable because the dude looks alot like KevJumba! The kevjumba korean chicken CF :http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-3YgoAOImM

    The girls version: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Ka-5cF46dK0
    I think they are channeling SISTAR and SECRET

    Lol at the top comment. If you eat the KFC Burger automatically you’ll get bling out and sparkly clothing…..BUT YOU’RE STILL FAT! xD

  141. Oh man, I’m gunna go off base tomorrow and take pics of some of the hamburgers you can get here in Japan. I just don’t understand why they do this to poor hamburgers. lmao Oh side note, at DisneyLand you can get rice balls and miso soup from the vendors haha

  142. At the Mc Donalds here in Switzerland we don’t have country-specific burgers on the regular menu. But we had some special editions like the “Mc Rösti” which had a rösti (=Hash Browns) in them and some others I don’t remember. And of course as Switzerland is like “the cheese country” we had a few special burgers with different cheese, like the “Mc Raclette”, “Mc Fondue”, “Mc Gruyere” & “Mc Emmental” etc. :D

  143. lady_kire

    From my travels:

    I’ve been to Hong Kong McDonalds. It’s 10x better than the ones in Canada. (I’m from Vancouver.) It’s a bit different from McDonalds in Mainland China. They have fried chicken wings and drumsticks for lunch and dinner. They also had this beef burger that had lettuce and this sauce that I don’t know what it is. For breakfast, they have some really delicious macaroni soup. It’s macaroni in a soup (chicken stock?) and it has an egg, some veggies, and ham or sausage. It’s considered comfort food in HK because anyone can get it in HK cafes, and most have eaten it as kids. The McCafe’s there also sell stuff like paninis and cheescake and have a better selection than McCafes in the US and Canada. They have gourmet coffee there. I heard they have these new burgers at MCD called the Black and White Burger. The black burger bun is infused with squid ink. I’ve also seen interesting drinks. Once I saw a lychee mango(?) drink.

    Also, Starbucks in Hong Kong had cheesecake. They had some frap drinks that had grass jelly and I had a strawberry lemonade smoothie. My mom even bought mooncakes from HK Starbucks as gifts.

    I’ve seen the KFC menu in HK. They have egg tarts, fried rice, and a different flavoured chicken. Last time they had Ume Dare chicken. It looked sooo much better than regular fried chicken. Also KFC HAS BREAKFAST!!! They had macaroni soup, scrambled eggs, sausage patties.

    Taiwan McDonalds had a limited edition fried shrimp burger (at the time I went). It was a shrimp patty that was deep fried. It also had these shrimp cakes. Never eating that again. They had soft serve with that flavoured syrup that makes your soft serve taste like strawberries, root beer, etc…

    I went to Australia as well. They had that angus burger, but I never tried it.

    This is one example of what macaroni soup looks like: http://lh6.ggpht.com/_V0CoK16CILc/TRxwH1pqzBI/AAAAAAAAJVs/DUWsPQyVa1A/s800/火腿通心粉%20Macaroni%20Soup%20with%20Ham%20%26%20Peas01.jpg

    My bf is from China and this is what he told me:

    They dont have macaroni soup in China MCDs…
    China Pizza Huts have wine and escargot. They are like 5 star dining almost… (shocking)
    KFCs in China are almost identical to HK KFCs

    • American here. Sadly haven’t traveled out of the country yet, but I have seen commercials for the KFC in China featuring asian style curry and a shrimp patty burger.

  144. Mckroket. Google it.

  145. serious lamb burger, and the MIGHTY AUSTRALIAN ANGUS BURGER YUMMMMMMMMMMM!!!

  146. Akira Miyashi

    In Malaysia, we have like a breakfast menu, a lunch menu and a dinner menu for McD. People usually wait for the menu to change for cheaper pricing. :P Also, during Chinese New Year, they have the special ‘Prosperity Burger’. No pork served here. For KFC, we have some sets that serve rice. Pizza Hut has some local flavors as well.

  147. I’m Asian and I do live in the U.S, but I went to Malaysia for vacation a few times. The Malaysian McD had porridge on the menu, I kid you not. I didn’t try it though. They also had something called The Great Chicken Burger (GCB) for a while and the name was horrible but it was REALLY GOOD. It had like really spicy kind of teriyaki like sauce on it and the chicken wasn’t dry in anyway. I was honestly surprised :3

  148. I hate to say it, but your stick camera thing almost makes me nauseous while your just sitting in a restaurant. I liked the stationary camera a lot better. I loved the stick camera thing when you were walking around in Singapore — it provided stability in a moving environment — but when it’s a still environment, the camera motion is really… distracting :/

    But I know it’s easier on you. You probably have to carry a whole lot less equipment using that thing. Oh well, it probably just takes some getting used to.

  149. um………. sometimes burgers in Australia have beetroot on them. That’s the biggest difference I can think of.

  150. Simon, when I was younger I once described the taste of green tea as tasting like lipstick….now I’m addicted to the stuff…

  151. Awe man! I was actually looking forward to trying a Bulgogi Burger if I ever got the chance to go to Korea. My heart hurts u_u

  152. SIMON & MARTINA!!!! …. well in philippines every McDonalds meal is served with RICE and their fries are NOT fries they are chubby fries :( and the mashed potato and gravy put together to my huge sadness IT TASTED GROSS .. but the gravy tasted pretty good by itself…. BUT GUESS WHAT?.. they have a refillable gravy station… anyway too bad i live in Australia where we have all the normal stuff, and just adding the word”Aussie” in front of burger.. and presto we have our own burger :D i want to go to every McDonalds shops around the world and see the differences… sounds like an ADVENTURE!!! :P

  153. Y U ALWAYS POST FAPFAP LATE AT NIGHT???? i’m so hungry now

  154. The most interesting thing about McDonalds where I live in Australia…they only have One fish burger lol…and it’s terrible.

  155. I went to a KFC in Thailand once and they had American fried rice….with ketchup, cheese, and mini hotdog bits in it…really gross looking. I stuck with a normal chicken sandwich and was sick the rest of the day.

  156. The Grand Angus Burger, In Australia. A decent burger tbh. A thick and large Angus beef patty with the usual toppings or you can opt for Bacon with BBQ sauce. There are also numerous other burgers in a ‘Gourmet’ range.

  157. [IMG]http://i39.tinypic.com/mrxw92.jpg[/IMG]

    Grand Angus Burger, it’s pretty decent. A thick, above average Angus beef patty with the usual stuff, or you can get Bacon and BBQ sauce.

  158. In Czech republic we have two special burgers…..well…..none of them are my thing…I don’t like them at all. They’re called “Mc Křen” which can be translated to “Mc Horseradish” and “Mc Bůček” which is “Mc Brisket”

  159. Jacqueline Domrowski

    Where is teh Star of bucks?!

  160. Martina your face when your eating at taco bell is hilarious because while your making a funny face because its soo sweet, Simon’s just talking ahahahahahahaha.

  161. Hi!!

    I’m from Spain and here Mcdonalds offer another kind of breakfast. Our breakfast is light so most of us aren’t able to have an English or American breakfast, so if you go to Mcdonalds for breakfast you can have your coffee with a toast with tomato and olive oil, or you can choose between different kinds of pastries.

    • SO COOL! Awesome breakfast choice!

    • oooouh, pastries. Right now I am living in Portugal and pastries.. that is a whole new level of cult :D. Pastel de Nata is just awesome :D:D

      • And what do you say about the “pasteles de crema”? are better than the Pastel the Nata ;-). I’m hungry because is almost dinner time and I want to go to the pastry shop!!!

      • sunnyhill

        Pastel de nata was the first thing I tried when I came to Portugal and fell in love with this pastry right away :D
        And I still remember the smell of bacalhau in every grocery store :D

        • ouh yes, bacalhau :D It even has it’s own fast food chain :D

        • sunnyhill

          Really? o_O I didn’t know about it. Maybe I’ve seen it, but never went there. What’s the name of it?

        • um, I really dont know the name – I am quite bad with portuguese names/pronounciation as I am not portuguese :D But it has white/blue theme going on. Maybe it is just in Aveiro, don’t know really.

        • sunnyhill

          Haha don’t worry :) I was just curious and I don’t speak any portuguessince I’ve only spent 6 weeks in Porto last year on an internship and usually English was enough :P
          PS. I love Aveiro, it’s sooooooo pretty *_*

        • I’ve been here for almost a year :D:D But leaving soon actually, dont want to leave natas behind :D Did you try Ramonas at Aveiro?

        • Bacalhau (salted and dried cod fish) is very good and we joke that we have 1001 recipes.

      • Portugal has the best pastries haaaaaa :) I remember a really famous cafe in Lisboa (Lisbon) but I forgot the name… Anyway there was a statue of a famous Portugese author sitting on a bench and they served the best pastries ever…
        Pastel de Nata is so good!

      • I really miss portuguese pastries. But I miss the ones from Madeira Island the most, although Pastel de Nata is just awesome, and Bola de Berlim as well (sort of like a doughnut with custard cream).

  162. Taco Bell still isn’t mexican food! I heard about a restaurant in Korea called Dos Tacos. Have you guys ever been there? http://dostacos.co.kr/

  163. Hi, I’m from india…. the Mc Donalds here is not that bad, its heaven for students (cheap on pocket) ^_^. People here generally prefer spicy food, so they have introduced Mc spicy chicken & Wrap. Also there a quite a lot of vegetarians here, so for them its Mc Masala grill and Mc Spicy Paneer & wrap. Also the happy price meal includes various options like Mc Aloo tikki (Crap on content inside), Chicken Mc.Grill & Veg Pizza Mc.Puff (Quite good). There’s also favorites menu which includes Mc. Veggie, Mc Chicken and Filet-o-Fish (Very famous and everyone seems to like it…& also mostly unavailable! :P) & the famous chicken maharaja mac… (dunno how it tastes..looks too huge, but i’m pretty sure..its not what it looks in the images shown!)


    People here generally don’t prefer beef & Pork due to religious reasons.

  164. What’s special in Malaysian McDonald’s:

    1. Chicken Porridge! Such an Asian thing haha XD
    2. Spicy Chicken McDeluxe not sure if it’s completely exclusive to Malaysia but I’ve never seen it in any other country’s outlets)
    3. During the Chinese New Year we have this Prosperity Meal Set which is a beef/chicken burger with black pepper sauce and onions + curly fries + orange mcfizz (orange juice with sprite)! Its such a shame they only have this for a limited amount of time every year cause it’s pretty darn good!
    4. Chocolate/Strawberry Cornetto McFlurry/Sundae; Milo McFlurry; Horlicks McFlurry/Sundae :D

  165. Desiré van den Berg

    In Holland we have this: the McKroket. It’s the McDonalds version of a popular snack in Holland: http://www.bellobergen.nl/image/cache/data/warme_broodjes/broodje-kwekkeboomkroket-600×600.jpg :) I loved this episode, I always do this when I travel. In Russia, the Philippines, India, Jordan… I always go to McDonalds to see what other products they have! I remember in India they had more veggie burgers than “normal” ones with meat! Fascinating! And I love how you can order rice in stead of french fries with your meal at McDonalds in Asia.

  166. Also- you guys may have been in Korea too long…you’re starting to chew as loudly as the Koreans.

  167. When I went to Lotteria, the hamburger had so much mayonnaise on it I just couldn’t even eat it. The same thing at McDonalds! I had a Bacon Tomato Deluxe. AKA: Mayonnaise. Made me sad.

  168. When I was studying in France they had these bagel burgers so basically the same filling but using bagels instead of burger buns. The weird thing is that you can never find bagels in France, so it seemed a bit odd that they were using them at McDonald’s. Most people don’t even know what they are. Also, if you’ve seen Pulp Fiction, you’ll remember the guy talking about the cheeseburger being called a Cheese Royale – and it is! I just thought that was funny. They also offer these long burgers and pancakes for breakfast. :)

    Also when I had pizza, you could get it with a fried egg in the middle. I tried it in the EYK spirit of trying weird stuff… the taste of the egg did not go with the pizza. I do not recommend it.

  169. I heard on the radio that only here in the Philippines (not sure with rest of the Asia and the world) do we enjoy mixing gravy on our rice meals or even UNLIMITED gravy. I think none of them happens in Japan and China. Other foreigners even find it funny and weird about our Filipino spaghetti. Ours here is very sweet contrary I guess to the original or maybe even the taste of it abroad.

  170. I don’t go to fast foods really, so idk but I went with my friend to Arby’s a couple of weeks ago and she got this Hawaiian roll roast beef sandwich. I was like O_o.

  171. In France they have baguette mini burger ;)

  172. In Portugal you can get their traditional soup at pretty much any fast food place. And bifanas.. which basically are sandwiches with bread – meat-pork and bread on top.

    • I was about to comment that xD Ahaha but yup, I think Portugal’s the only country in the world where you can order soup at McDonnald’s. Ooooh yeah~ xD

      • Claudia Carvalho

        Nice to see some people from PT commenting here. I tried to get my friends interested in Korea but they just look at me like I’m insane xD

        About Mcbifanas, the first time I saw that I laughed so much. I never tried McDonnald’s bifanas so I can’t say if its good or not, but that is such a common thing found everywhere/easy to make, that I don’t think they can mess it up :D

        • Inês Pinheiro

          Portuguese Nasties unite~~~ Also, really, no need to waste money on the McBifana… Tastes awfull, just go to some snack-bar and get the real deal if you feel like eating one.

        • I am not portuguese but just wait your friends look at you funny know but when Asia takes over the world your going to be the one who is saved. i always till my friends South Korea will take over the world with there amazingness and since i can speak korean i can save myself but you laughed at me so you won’t be saved. lol

    • Jessica Nunes

      I was searching for burguers in Portugal too, I didn’t know that there were other portuguese people that are ‘nasties’ like me, so awesomeeeee. I found, not only the McBifanas, but 2 burguers that are part of the McLusitano that is made also with the bread, burguer, lettuce, tomato, some sauce and the diference between them is that one of them have cheese and the other one have paio (i don’t know the translation for paio ahah). for desert I remember see Sundae Doce d’Ovos (fresh eggs’s sundae maybe ahah), Sundae Maça e Canela (Apple and Cinnamon’s Sundae) and Sundae de Pera (Pear’s Sundae).
      Taco Bell doesn’t exist in Portugal
      here is the pic of the burguers http://diariodigital.sapo.pt/images_content/mac280312.jpg

      • I havent tried those and even bifanas at mc. Just at parties :D
        There are probably more nasties than you would think :D Someone even made a comment saying they are from pt as well :))

      • Let me help out with the translations xDD Paio it’s a cold cut/ smoked meat, made of pork, no english name. Doce d’Ovos is not fresh eggs (that sounded disgusting xDDD) it’s actually a kind of egg yolk jam, it’s thick and super sweet.
        Also, Mc Lusitano had typically portuguese sour dough bread and the Queijo one had Portuguese curated cheese, hence the name xD

        • Jessica Nunes
          Jessica Nunes

          Thanks Ines, about the Doce d’Ovos blame it on google translate!
          I was reading all the portuguese comments (we have a lot more nasties than i thought. anyone from Lisboa or Oeiras?) and I remember a very common phrase ‘ir ao Mcdonalds pedir uma sopa é o mesmo que ir às putas pedir um abraço’ (atention: this is a nasty phrase, translate it only if you have more than 18).

          I hope Simon and Martina like our comments and think that are very interesting (and funny) :D

    • Yeah Portuguese nasties and K-pop lovers! <3
      Never tasted macdonalds soup. No one goes to Macdonald's to eat soup…loool no, nope…not me! XD
      Dont forget the Pêra Rocha Sunday!

    • Portuguese fans! Yay! I’m portuguese as well! :D

    • I’m not alone :D Portuguese Nasties!
      I never tried the mcbifanas or the soup, but the apple and cinnamon sundae is really good.

    • In Portugal there is only one Starbucks that I know of, and it’s basically just for tourists. The coffee from Starbucks is like a bucket of water where someone washed potatoes, and in every other café it is a tiny super tasty cup, so, portuguese are not fans of Starbucks, plus it’s too expensive. No Taco Bell, reasonable amount of Pizza Hut, Burguer King, KFC in the shopping centers and MacDonald’s is pretty much everywhere. Never tried the soup, but that made me laugh when they started with it. Soup is very traditional in Portugal, and lots of people just have soup and a sandwich for lunch. Now, if anyone ever gets to go to Portugal, specifically Madeira Island, ask for a “prego” in any café, that’s a juicy beef steak, lettuce, tomato, cheese, ham, fried egg, sauce, in a trational bread “bolo do caco” and you will love it. Sigh, now i’m hungry.

    • Ahahah! Only food to make the portuguese nasties to come out!!!

  173. maybe I’m strange but I always go to Mc to eat Premium Grilled Chicken Salad, nothing else D:

  174. In Hong Kong we have the Black burger, and the White burger. One is colored and possibly? flavored with squid ink and has mashed potatoes in it. I’ve never tried it but I’ve seen the adverts and my friend tried it. She said it was gross, but she’s American so she has a Western palette.

  175. Boy, that Bulgogi burger from McD was really something… Fast food in England is pretty much the same as fast food in the US, just with smaller portions and less variety (not really selling my country am I?). Must say though, attack of the American fast food and restaurant franchises are rising pretty quickly here >.<

  176. I live in the states and well i actually don’t like fast food. the last time i have McDonald, and i was somewhat ripped off and i had an upset stomach. Also i recently was in Arizona and when to In and Out (they say its a amazing place) for me it was Okay, but i do make my own homemade burgers and they turn out AMAZING!!! (but mostly i eat noddles) lol

  177. maybe I’m retarted but I always go to Mc to eat Premium Grilled Chicken Salad, nothing else D:

  178. Silvia Cloe-Ai Pitková

    well im from slovakia, central europe and i dont really go to stuff like mc donalds or so here coz therey pretty idk..its just not my stuff plus im a poor student without any job, wa wa waaaaa :( but here is the best burger like “homemade” burger with fried cheese, its really delicious! with lots of vegetable and sauce on it, yummy. but in my ipinion burgers in donalds pretty much suck.

  179. What about Burger King, KFC or Pizza Hut?~ Well I guess even with just three fast food chains that was a lot to eat.

    hmm let’s see glocalized fast food? we have burgers that in stead of bread the patty in in between sticky rice. and we also have rice with spicy beef/pork salad (namtok) at mcdonalds. it sucks cause they use pattys in the salad when you can get REAL pork neck spicy salad on the streets (street for FTW!) let’s seeee…. oh and KFC has their own version of spicy salad with fried chicken as well as spicy chicken burgers. i mentioned this before in your korean pizza video i think, we had tom yum flavored pizza and wasabi with salmon flavored pizza. it didn’t stay in the menu for long though… green wasabi mayo was not delicious i tell you.

  180. Australia has the Grand Angus Burgers, not sure if their 100% only in australian but they are nice quality atleast where I live. Except…the lettuce is never…ever…in the burger lol

  181. When I was last in Japan I tried the Grand Canyon Burger from McDonald’s as part of their “All-American” line up. So it had a breakfast egg patty, meat patty, fried “onion”, American Cheese, and BBQ sauce. I did not feel well after that.

  182. irritablevowel

    I remember being in Italy and McDonald’s had Italian food on the menu, which blew my mind. I also remember going to a grocery store in Spain and finding Lunchables with chorizo, which I found amazing. If I were going to eat fast food, that Lotteria place looks the best. I rejected all major fast food establishments several years ago with the exception of Popeye’s (I just…can’t walk away from Popeye’s), so I don’t know what the latest fast food stuff is in the U.S. I have been tempted to try the cool ranch dorito taco, especially since people seem to have gone completely insane for it, but I have resisted.

    • irritablevowel

      Oh, oh! I just looked up the menu for McDonald’s Italy, and you can get cherry tomatoes as a side instead of fries, pasta salad, a focaccia and mortadella sandwich, parmesan and spinach or brie bites, parmesan cheese stick, and fried shrimp. For real, I want to eat at McDonald’s Italy.

  183. I did read that chains sell different things around the world. I read in wikipedia that Taco Bell has french fries. I was wondering if it does, I know the Taco Bells in Puerto Rico has french fries. 90% of the things sold in fast foods here are chicken and beef..Of course everyone prefers the stands with pork skewers.

  184. Did you guys tried McSpicy Burger in Singapore? It’s really awesome!

  185. In Finland you can get your burgers in McDonalds with rye bread instead of wheat buns… And convince yourself you’re eating healthy food full of fibre instead of fast food LOL


  186. I really really really really want a red bean green tea cream frappuccino. Do you think I could take some azuki beans to my local Starbucks and ask them to blend them in with the regular green tea frap?
    ….yeah, I didn’t think so. Maybe I could do it myself. Hmm….

  187. PunkyPrincess92

    well…..that was a terrible experience for you guys!!
    you guys accidently wrote Starbucks in the blog post title ahaha!!

  188. Is simon wearing lipstick? just saying.

  189. Camilla | カミラ | 카밀라

    I so agree on Lotteria being the better out of these three. xD Their ladyburger is actually quite nice, they’ve stuffed the burger itself with rice cakes.

    You’ll find McDonalds everywhere in Norway as well, but there aren’t any specials at all. It’s really boring. xD They do have offers for special sets once in a while though. Taco Bell doesn’t exist here, and we just got our first and second Starbucks! First one was at the airport a year ago I think, second opened two weeks ago in Oslo. Don’t really need them though, there’s like a bunch of other great coffee places around.

  190. Thailand has the SAMURAI BURGER otherwise known as THE MOST RACIALLY INACCURATELY NAMED BURGER. All those Samurai running around Thailand love it though, so I hear… It was delicious though, it was kind of like BBQ pork.

    Hong Kong had the Wasabi Burger which was pretty good.

    But the king of all was the MAHARAJA MAC I got in Delhi. Ohmygosh. It was unreal. All the pattys were made of like.. chicken tikka meat and had this crazy chicken tikka special sauce. So good.

    Also, since they dont eat beef, they had a chicken Big Mac. Not awesome.

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