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Meemers and Spudgy Videos!

February 27, 2013


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Ok, so here are a couple of Open the Happy videos of our animals! We still have animals! We haven’t been showing them often in our videos in the studio, because we were still trying to ensure that the studio was safe for Dr. Meemersworth, but now that we’re all settled it seems like we can bring both animals in here just fine. Woohoo! They were with us yesterday for our filming of Kpop Music Motuweday, and they’re here with us again today. Yay!

So, here are the vids. One is an old one of Meemers when he first discovered his love of water, in our apartment in Bucheon, back in August. AW! He was so tiny back then!

The second video is in the playlist above. If playlists don’t work for you (mobile users, for instance), here’s the video on its own:

So, if you can’t tell by the look in his scraggly face, Spudgy is getting really old now. He’s around 9 years old or so. The Dr. predicted he’d live to 10 because of his heart condition. So, we’re doing our best to be extra cautious with Spudgy and to take the best care of him possible. He’s got a lot of heart meds, for example. The other thing we’re supposed to do is keep him very warm when he goes outside. Dogs with heart conditions can die when peeing outside in the cold, because their bodies lose a lot of warmth through peeing, and that can cause a heart attack or something.

All this results in Spudgy dressing up in outfits he clearly hates. We can’t express to him the importance of wearing these outfits, so we just have to suffer his dirty cut-eye. SPUDGY! If you’re reading this, then please forgive us! Also, if you’re reading this, how did you get access to the internet, you bizarre dog you?

Last video is of Dr. Meemersworth getting sticky rolled. Not sure why he likes it so much. Meemers likes a lot of weird things, like tap water, sticky rolling, and – we just discovered this – bubble bath bubbles. He’s utterly fascinated with the bubbles. Maybe a video on that later. For now, here’s our silly cat.



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