It’s time to watch Martina flail awkwardly while she attempts to show you a hair tutorial! Yeahhhhh!!! This time I’m doing what I think is called the Milk Maid Braid using a dutch style braid, but I don’t really know if that’s the right name for it. It’s the braid that looks like a headband, kind of wrapped around the top of your head, but I’m pretty sure I’m cheating by making two separate braids and making them just LOOK like one braid. My hair is quite thin, so I’ve seen this hairstyle on other people with thick or curly hair and it looks a lot more puffy and full and lovely, but with my thin hair, this looks a lot less bohemian. Oh well.

One thing I didn’t mention in the video: braid hairstyles work best on dirty hair, so I often save my braid hairstyles for the end of my hair washing cycle so that I don’t have to wash my hair and wash out my pink dye. Oooohhh I’m so nasty. But if you want to do it on fresh hair, I recommend gel and hairspray to make your hair heavier and less fly away. That’s really about it. I guess my last piece of advice is don’t give up if it doesn’t work the first few times. It took me a while of consistently trying to do crazy braid hairstyles to get the hang of it, and I still screw up. Now I can finally do french braids, waterfall braids, four strand braids with ribbons built into it and I’m constantly going online and trying to find new braids to learn. Please post a picture or response video if you try it out! I’d love to see the results.

  1. I said I was gonna watch this, I can’t believe its been 2 years. Oh well, your hair has grown a lot! Still a good tutorial.

  2. I tried this, but since my hair is thick, it kinda puffs out at the bottom of the braid. So I tried it again but instead of doing a normal braid straight from the beginning, I did a tight french braid at the base. It kinda ups the difficulty, but it helped the puffiness ^^

    Thanks for the tutorial Martina! Your’s feel so much more accessible (for lack of a better word) than the majority of other make-up/hair tutorials out there.

  3. My name is Brittany and I’m a huge fan of your guys’ videos! But just to let you know because I watched this video it caused me to procrastinate on my college work! >.<  Thankfully my hair was easy to do and it looks really cute. Thanks Martina! (Oh and P.S. I didn't copy your hair style I have been doing this for years and it was originally purple it just faded to pink) 

  4. Martina, please don’t put flowers in your hair, because if you don’t already
    know, in Korea, putting flowers in your hair is considered the first
    sign of insanity (compared to talking to yourself in western countries). Not trying to be a hater, I still like it!

    Keep up the awesome work of uploading videos!

    From Daniel (박효식) in Brisbane, Australia

  5. This is so fast and easy-ish. Too bad I just cut my hair into a bob :(

  6. You are crazy but I love you!

  7. You are crazy but I love you!

  8. Im watching this even though im a guy… I like you guys too much…

  9. The “SHINee serenading part” is reeeeeally really important, I’m sure! :P

  10. Could you show us your hairband collection cuz I really want to see them….  Thx

  11. I will SO try this on my lil sister’s hair! She is digging the ‘braid in front of the head’ thing, but I can never do it right for her. This way would be more foolproof wouldn’t it? Thanks!

  12. Uuuuh you were singing Tablos “Bad” song just with “Sad… uuuh you so. Uhm. Creative actually. :D
    Love the braid. Thank you! :)
    Hmm… maybe I will try this tomorrow.. If I have the patience in the morning at 4:45am.
    Best regards from Germany~~

  13. I feel like I can never find bobby pins when I need them but they’re sprinkled all over my apartment. Take out a purse I haven’t used in a while, 20 bobby pins! Pull out a chair to sweep, 7 bobby pins! Behind the toilet, in the couch, around my bed, in my laundry basket, in my jewelry box, in my wallet, on the dvd shelf…. EVERYWHERE!!! I like to think this is something that happens to most females. I feel less unorganized this way.

  14. It’s called a “dutch braid” because in the Netherlands, we do things a little backward…

  15. What does Martina’s tattoo say? 
    The hair braid tutorial was awesome! But I’m not sure if my hair is long enough for the two braids to connect at the top of my head (I have thin hair like Martina). :'( I’ll try it when my hair grows a bit more.

  16. I did this and my dad asked me if I was going to a Renaissance Faire.

  17. My hair’s too short for this. :/

  18. Oh, my! Simon was bad in this video!

  19. Can this work if you don’t have bangs? My bangs are as long as the rest of my hair.

  20. does anybody know where the “sexy hey” line and “super slow motion” lines are from. Simon and martina say them in a few videos so i was wonderin what songs they were from

  21. my hair is thick like straw, and i have ALOT of it, so i am gonna try it and hope it works :) THANKS! =D

  22. Great!! Now do the hair bow!! :D

  23. Can you show us how to do the bow hairstyle! 

  24. Will have to try this look, but at my age and grey hairs (hmmm time for Ms. Clairol to come visit) I look like I stepped out of the 1960’s. Dancing around singing Aquarius…Peace, Love, and some Tablo..

  25. Martina, your hair is so pretty. Like, it’s soft and shiny. I want. XD

  26. Thank you for that  tutorial, I always love watching them because they are so easy to follow, definitely trying this out on my hair that I just messed up a couple of days ago, I need to hide the extra short part that looks totally weird.

  27. You should do more hairstyle videos! I absolutely love all of your hair styles!

  28. You’re sooooo pretty Martina :D Thank you for this hair tutorial, you should try to make a make up tutorial too, it would be great! ~~ <3

  29. i tried it out and it turned out pretty well but its just one side was longer and couldn’t hide the elastic, its just i didnt use hair spray >:D

  30. for the curling your hair with a tshirt. ( I WAS IN PLAYLIST MODE) will it work with cleaning rags? clean of course, or do you NEED to use a tshirt. I dont really have any cheap shirts….

  31. I just tried the Maid Marian hairdo, it came out pretty well :D
    Thanks for giving us easy tutorials!

    Btw, am I the only one who got that Tablo reference? Epik High anyone? No? Seriously?
    ……….feeling kinda lonely here D:

  32. I love how Simon pulled a Martina face after he mentioned the bit about kittens purring when you kiss them. XD
    You two are so adorable. ^^

  33. it can! I did the braid (a little different with the rest of the hair, but it worked out! (fyi i didn’t use hair spray or gel for the flyaways, but if you do it’ll look great! ^.^)

  34. Ooooooh~~~ I wanna try this =D *runs off to try* Onward!! /(^o^)/

    Ps. Martina!! You shouldn’t worry & definitely do more hair tutorials! <3!! Because you're so easy going with them they seem so much more achievable xD

  35. you need to add Meemers into the intrro!!

  36. Wow so I’ve been dutch braiding this whole time? I thought going under WAS normal

  37. So cute!! Totally going to do this to my daughter’s hair for the first day of school :)

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