Whoa! We always feel bizarre whenever we shoot a video at home. We used to do it so often, but then we moved over to the studio when we realized that our film life/personal life balance became overrun. But shooting back in our home now gave us a bit of a nostalgic feel. And without makeup! And without showering! Without proper mics, also! Not even with good lighting! I feel like a newbie again!

Anyhow, we wanted to share what our morning routine was like. I don’t like using the phrase “New Year’s Resolution” often, because those are always destined for failure, from my experience, but our resolve to be more active definitely started in 2014. When we were in Canada and didn’t have much to do, we went to the gym all the time. And we loved it! We wanted to bring that back with us to Korea and to exercise more regularly than before. We’re doing that here as well, even though the gyms here are a lot less equipped than what we’re used to, but – still – we’re using it more than before.

Also, our morning routine has changed a lot since our Day in a Life video. Our breakfasts now have changed quite a bit. I know people say that you should eat a big breakfast because it’s better for you, and you eat less throughout the day as a result, such and such, but we don’t really do that. Since we work out in the morning, we find that eating a lot for breakfast really makes us more sluggish in the gym. So we just eat powerballs and protein shakes and coffee and juice, really. Once we’re in the studio is when we eat a bigger meal.

One of the things we cut out in the video is my ramble about the importance of water. That’s really the first thing I do in the morning. Wake up, go right to the fridge and down a big glass of water. I’ve read so often lately about the importance of hydration, and about how drinking more water makes you sharper during the day and less piggy-ish when you’re eating. Having water right away in the morning gets your brain juices flowing and your metabolism firing, so…I do it.

Afterwards is when the preparations for Martina’s awakening take place. Another thing you didn’t see in the video is that I’ll make the coffee, and then pour a mug for Martina, and I’ll wake her up by going over to her sleeping in bed and blowing the coffee aromas at her and trying to wake her up that way. Go ahead and puke rainbows! I’m a caring husband! Mornings are really difficult for Martina, not because she’s a lazy fartsucker, but because sleeping is really painful if you have EDS like she does. She wakes up a lot more when she sleeps than most people because she has to relocate her joints, so she’s never really had a full-night’s sleep. I’ll do what I can to make her mornings as easy as possible. Coffee helps transition into her awakening :D

The Powerballs we make are lovely and we highly recommend you give them a shot. Here’s our recipe for them


First put the coconut in the oven to toast, then do all the other mixing.  But don’t forget about it and burn it like I always do.

- 2 cups old fashioned Gluten Free Oats
- 1/2 cup ground flaxseed
- 1/2 cup chia seeds
- 1 cup slivered almonds
(or Instead of a full cup of almonds, add half almonds, half protein powder)
- 2 Tbs goji berries
- 1/4 cup Cacao Nibs
- 1 1/2 cup toasted coconut flakes

In a giant bowl, mix all that dry good stuff together. Once it’s all evenly distributed:

Blend In:
- 1/2 cup honey
- 1 1/2 cup peanut butter
You can use other butters instead, like almond butter, peanut/pecan butter, etc

Mix the dry stuff with the honey and butter until the whole thing is solid enough to make a ball that won’t fall apart. You might find that the mixture’s too dry, in which case we just add some more honey until it becomes more solid.

- Handful of raw sunflower seeds
- Handful of green pumpkin seeds
- Handful of chocolate chips

We usually put these three into one of those Magic Bullet thingies and grind them up into a powder. We use this to coat the balls.

That’s it! The chocolate chips are on the outside rather than mixed in, so that the first thing you taste is a bit of sweetness.

The powerballs are very dense and require a lot of chewing. They’re delicious, but they don’t dissolve in your mouth like junk food. We wash down each bite with some coffee. We also take these to the studio with us so we can have a quick snack from time to time.

Yeah! So that’s our Powerball recipe. They’re great. Hope you like them as well!

Anyhow, we also make different juices in the morning, as you can see. They’re mostly mixtures of Spinach and lemon with different additions, most of the time apple and ginger, though we oftentimes use oranges and carrots as well. We use a Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer and we really love it. We wanted a juicer that could juice green stuff, like spinach, and we didn’t realize that not all juicers can do that. So if you’re interested in juicing greens, this is the juicer for you.

A while ago, Martina went to this health food class in Toronto in which she learned about the Spinach/Lemon/Apple combo, but – back then – it was done in a blender. Meaning, you ate as much as you drank. We did that for a while, and if you don’t have a juicer putting that all into a blender with a bunch of ice water makes for a healthy drink as well, it just wasn’t…great. We just prefer something easier to drink that doesn’t fill us up as much as the bodies of lemon, apple and spinach do, you know? Though, we sometimes take some of the spinach pulp from our juicer and mix it in with our juices if we feel we aren’t getting enough fibre. Not all the time. We’re torn. Let us know what you think!

EDIT: Martina here! I wanted to add that I found a recipe online for taking the veggie pulp and making flaxseed veggie crackers! I’ll let you know how it is once I do it! I already used our juicer to make homemade tofu and soy milk!!! Amazing right?!!

Another thing I know some people might get confused by: our coffee is a French Press, but we call it a Bodum. That’s like calling a tissue a Kleenex. You can use any French Press you want, of course, but we like using the Bodum. We’ve used other ones before and we find that the metal warps over time, and then you get coffee grains floating in your coffee after a while. We haven’t had that issue with the Bodum. We still hate cleaning it, though. Getting rid of the grinds you can only do with water, but I don’t want to dump all the grinds down the sink, so we have to go to the bathroom, fill the bodum with water, and then toss the water with the grinds down the toilet. It’s the only dish we have that can’t be washed in the kitchen. Blarrrggg!

Lastly, we didn’t share our workout routine because that wouldn’t really make for a good video. We see on the front page of Instagram all the time these videos of superbuff people with giant boobs doing these insane workouts with smiles on their faces. We’re not that fit. Working out for us is gruelling with lots of sweat and not enough air to breathe in to form sentences. We don’t do Crossfit; if we did, you’d hear us talk about it all the time ;) But I started getting into running, and run 3-6 miles per run, 4-5 times a week. I’m not by any means fast. I’m sweaty and sore most of the time, but I’m doing my best to get good at running.

So that’s it for our morning routines! Hope you weren’t too bored with this little slice of our lives. You see us most of the time going out and playing around in Korea, but you never really see what we do for the first couple of hours of our days. Hope you found it somewhat interesting, and you can see a bit more of what makes us tick :D

If you liked this video and more of our personal vids, make sure you subscribe to our Open the Happy channel, which doesn’t really fit any schedule. We just put videos up there from time to time. Don’t miss out on any of them by clicking on this button here!

  1. CupcakeGremlin

    I noticed Simon wears a fitness tracker (Jawbone UP?). Will Simon ever review it/talk about how it fits into ya’lls healthy lifestyle? Does Martina have one as well?

  2. Omg, where can I get a honey senpai mug?!

  3. Missy Franz

    I’m a bit late on this but I’m a new fan and so in love with you both (specially because I move to Korea in 3 weeks! gah!). How many power balls do you each eat?

  4. I made these today and they were yummy! Im curious to know how many calories are in each ball though

  5. Holy Smokes! the power balls are indeed delicious! I told my mom about them and we decided to make them together. and she totally love them aswell! thank you!

  6. OMG I have the same kettle as you guys!

    That is all. xD

  7. Great choice! I can see you read a lot about juices. I’ve got a very similar juicer, it’s got the same “grindig system”, When I do the juice with carrots, apples and lemon I usually use the polp to bake a cake. you need to be carefull when you eat it because it brakes easily but the taste is great! Try it out!


  9. Martina – would you consider showing us some of your fun new recipes (especially the cauliflower pizza crust!) in your cooking segments? I know it’s not really Korean culture related…but I’m curious :3

  10. does anyone know how long the power balls last if kept in fridge?

  11. i see everyone freaking over the cost of that juicer Kitchen Ninja can do all that too with less waste , you can make almond milk in it too or ice cream too I think the newer ones are even more high powered ,,,plus it has food processor it too. Anyhow them power balls sound good ….

  12. HURRY CLEAN THE KITCHEN DON’T LET THEM SEE HOW SLOPPY WE ARE OH GOD! <– That is so my Mom whenever we're having company come over haha! Also, Martina, my friend brought to my attention that we're very close in age and I must say it's awesome to see someone else my age still sleep with plushies. I'm not alone! YAY! :D Yay for being big kids! :D

    I don't really have a 'morning routine' as much as an 'afternoon routine'; Yay for working the night shift with hours well into midnight! XD I usually get up literally an hour before I have to be out the door, shower and all that good bathroom stuff, dress and get ready for the day and grab a protein bar, vitamins and bottle of water to eat before work, grab a Slim Fast shake for lunch and leave for work. On weekends, I usually get up and get online right away haha!

    I have more of a 'routine' when I get home though; I usually grab some super late dinner, check stuff online, workout, wash up and then sleep. XD

    I totally agree with your views on working out! I started working out a week ago and I've noticed I've been so much more energized! Even at work, when I'm usually really tired and not wanting to work, I feel so energized and ready to go. Eating healthier helps a lot too! That's why I've taken to protein bars and vitamins before work, slim fast shakes at lunch and a healthy dinner when I get home. And tons of water. It gets so hot at work, so I down 8 bottles easily. XD I also usually wait an hour or two after dinner before I work out and it feels good! I'm already full on adrenaline from work, so coming home, I'm ready to go! Eating fruit when you get hungry between meals really helps too. Strawberries and green apples always kill my desire for something sweet. :)

    I really want to get a juicer now! I'll have to look into the one you guys have and give it a go. :)

  13. Hi Simon and Martina! I really like the videos that show off your personalities. I love juicing too! My favourite combo is beetroot, carrots and tomatoes. Love the rich red purply colour. With all that pulp leftover from juicing and the coffee grinds, why don’t you try composting? It will save you unnecessary trips to the bathroom too ;P

  14. This is a bit late, but since I am going to try making powerballs in the next few days, I was wondering: do they need to be kept in a fridge/freezer? And if so, how long do they keep for? Thanks for posting awesome videos! I thoroughly enjoy each one of these :)

  15. In case anyone is interested I compiled a quick breakdown of the nutrition info on the power balls recipe :3

  16. Mainy Åkerman

    I’m relieved to know I’m not the only one who wakes up early and works out in the morning. I’m actually not a morning person AT ALL, but two years ago, I promised my best friend that we’d get fit together, and to this day that promise is kept…Except during winter. Neither of us like working out when it’s cold outside. We also don’t do it on weekends. I have about a week or two left before I get to say bye bye to waking up late and not working out. orz;;

    I get up at 8 during spring and fall, and 5 in summertime. I usually have almond milk, homemade oatmeal with strawberries and blueberries (and other fruits), and of course water! If I feel like putting in the effort, I’ll make blueberry oatmeal pancakes. After breakfast I drive to my friend’s house and wake her up. Then, I workout for about 4 hours–yes, 4! Nothing is too intense, however, so I’m no WWE wrestler. x3 I lift weights for 30 minutes while walking on a treadmill, then 30 minutes again without the weights, then I usually play tennis with my friend for the remaining time OR go swimming. Then, it’s shower time and we leave to get a big lunch and cry over Attack on Titan.

    By the way, that recipe sounds delicious!! I’m gonna try it on my first day of spring workout. u<

    Oh! One more thing, your house is adorable! It's modern and so cute and purdy. All the furniture looks so adorable; it fits you two a lot! ouo Two adorable people living an adorable life. <3

  17. Hi Simon&Martina!
    I have a question for your open the happy: Do you guys watch any other vlogs? If so what do you recommend? :)

    Btw, you guys are the cutest couple I know, your relationship is so amazing and inspiring! <3 It is so much fun to watch you have fun together ^^

  18. I honestly love these kind of videos thanks for posting! I’m gonna try those powerballs! I really like it when you guys do stuff about cooking, I’m living in my first apartment this year and still learning my way around the kitchen. Would love more!

  19. Hi! Stumbled across the video on youtube. Out of curiosity, how many power balls are considered a serving– and is there a substitute you’d recommend for the coconut? I have an aversion to coconut like fish to air. o0

  20. The powerballs look so good! Do you think putting extra almonds and oatmeal instead of the coconut would work?

  21. Hiya! Love your videos!! I just noticed as I watched this one, that right behind your lovely juicer, where Simon is making his beautiful juice……it’s lined with alcohol!!! Bailey’s, Jim Bean, Maker’s etc… I mean I’m not saying your a couple of lushes or anything, but the contrast between the two is very amusing!!! We love Meemers and Spudgy!!! Love from Utah!!

    • Kekek. Yes that’s our bar! That Bailey’s is from our last Christmas party…last last year…so old…but the bourbon we just started to get into! We’re trying to avoid drinking sugary mixed alcoholic beverages, so we’re learning out to build our bar and make drinks that don’t rely on tonic, sodas, and juices. Fresh orange, citrus zest, or freshly juiced apple ginger mixer? Sounds great! :D

  22. discombobulated, yes?

    Trying to make the Powerballs today! Lord have mercy on my kitchen. Also, Simon, don’t kill your legs with running. As an (ex)competitive runner, DO NOT SCREW THEM UP danggit. I went from setting records(hee good job) to having foot problems that interfere with my dancing all within the space of 3 years, and I’m not even out of high school yet.

    • I’m doing my best to learn how to run without destroying myself. My first two weeks of running I had inflamed my hip. Then I got plantar fasciitis. Then my knee started hurting. Then I said “Screw this shit I’m done” and took a few days off. Now I run more moderately, only 3-4 times a week rather than 5-6, and I feel a lot better. I’m still slow as hell, though, and won’t be setting any records any time soon…

      • discombobulated, yes?

        Oh my. Ice that shit. Are you on any specific training program? Or do you just run however (Well not feeling it today so let’s do a lap around the trashcan). There are some really great ones out there, and ones just as bad. The good ones (I can’t recommend any good ones, the one I’m on is currently crap) really do help get your legs progressively stronger and improve your endurance, duh, but the bad ones (exp. PAAVO) overwork and wreck you.

        • I just use the Nike Running app. It has a “Coach” function. You say what distance you’re training for, and it gives you an eight week program. It tells you what days to run on, how long to run, and whether to Fartlek or Stride or stuff.

          I found that, after doing it for 5 weeks, I greatly improved my speed in running 5k. I used to run at 10 minutes a mile. Now I’m at, like, 8:40 or so, which still isn’t stellar, but a lot better than before, and I feel better running, apart from the knee :D

        • discombobulated, yes?

          Congrats, dropping 2:20 is great! That app sounds extremely dandy….but I happen to dislike Nike for anything running-related except for maybe their spikes. Maybe I’ll try it out…someday. Do you run with a knee brace? KT Tape works wonders too. Also, those Powerballs are good for pulling all-nighters.

  23. Sorry if this info is already here…I didn’t read all the comments. This kind of juicer, called a masticating juicer, is also meant to be used for juicing greens, such as wheat grass or spinach: http://www.omegajuicers.com/juicers/juicer-8004.html It will also do carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, and many other things. It’s still a bit pricey, but not as much as the Kuvings. And no, I don’t work for them nor am I in any way associated with them. I’m just passing along information. :)
    Anyway, those Powerballs sound delish and I’m going to write down that recipe and try them. Thanks for sharing that! Keep up the good work, guise!

  24. Lindsey Miller

    I live out in Sejong and I was wondering where you buy your ingredients for your powerballs? because I would like to start making them!

  25. Just thought I’d mention, I made the powerballs today! Well, they weren’t quite power ‘balls’, as I couldn’t get the consistency quite right (didn’t wanna add too much honey as I don’t want to be able to taste it… not a massive fan of honey, though I do use it a lot in baking). Anyways, I made mine kinda into a giant flapjack type thing, threw it in the fridge and will hopefully be able to cut it up into bite-size pieces in the morning ^_^
    Taste test wise, I actually think it’s really yummy, I don’t really like many of the ingredients in it, but somehow they all work together! Yum!
    Much love x
    p.s. My consistency issue might be due to the fact I subbed cacao butter (can’t have peanuts and didn’t have anything else to hand), plus I popped it all in a food processor!

  26. Meemers and Spudgy are so cute!!!!!! :3

  27. Shock! No espresso machine?

    Last time we were in Japan we brought back a boiler. Most people we know there seem to have ditched kettles in favour of boilers as they hold the water temperature (saves energy) and always available. Ours cost nearly nothing but can be set to a specific coffee orientated temperature. Aren’t these things popular in Korea too? I’d have thought EYK studios must have one.

    Our kettle is now retired as it was competing for space with the IH Rice Maker.

  28. i missed your house!!! …and..ummm…. WHERE DO I FIND A HUSBAND LIKE SIMON!!!
    the guys in our family dont even lift a finger!!! they just sit in one place while the ladies bring their food, their tea, their clothes and then they sleep and go to work….the house just moves around them. its really really tiring. martina you should be sooooo grateful to simon, he is the best! my mum is like a korean ahjumma and if i told her that simon does all the housework while martina sleeps. she will just be O___o
    …..plus, here blenders come with juicers so its not a new thing, GREAT MORNING ROUTINE, you guys are great!!

  29. Love your at home videos!!! they are awesome! you two are such a cute and quirky couple!

  30. omg this reminds me of me and my husband.

    legit. my husband after we watched this video said “lets buy a juicer.”

    so guess what we did over the weekend? yepp. we bought a juicer. he hasn’t had the patience to make juice on a daily basis cause i get on to him about cleaning it. but we did make juice. we used apples+spinach+pineapple. we bought mangos too. i put mangos in mine. cutting up the fruits and veggies are a painnnn though. lol. and guess who had that job? the wife. yepp.

    but yea, i’m NOT a morning person. at all. during the week i get up around9 or whenever the cute adorableness in my picture
    <—- wakes up. on the weekends when hubby is home from work he gets up first so i can sleep in. til. like……nooooon. ok no more like 11. he's been jumping in bed occasionally and lets the baby climb over me and pull my hair until i wake up lately though….

    notttt a morning person. at least not without coffee. i need coffee. on my worst mornings, i need an energy drink. yeppers.

    soooo martina – i feel your painnnnn.

    • Congrats on your juicer! Okay, so here are some fun things we do: if you drink (or don’t) juice a whole bunch of apples with half lemon (to keep it from turning brown) and some ginger. Either drink it cold with a dash of sparkling water OR heat it on the stove with some cinnamon and nutmeg for an instant cider! OR add some spiced rum or bourbon for an amazing simple cocktail! :D

      Also, after we come home from grocery shopping, we make a pre-prepping veggie/fruit deal that helps us move faster in the morning. Do it right away or while watching a TV show or movie! For example: one person washes all the spinach, once person spins all the spinach dry, one person packs the now washed spinach in containers for ready to go juicing. We prep a lot of our fruits and veggies that way! Clean and hull strawberries and freeze them for smoothies, peel bananas and cut them in half and freeze them for smoothies. You could do the same with mangos and pineapples too! :D

      • omg that all sounds amazing!
        i’m definitely gonna have to try the cider!~ Thanks for the tip!

        http://rawjuiceguru.com/our-raw-juice/ after i posted that comment, i decided to go searching for stuff. found this pretty neat website.
        i wouldn’t say that i’m a raw food junkie – i just like food and i try to find cheap and healthy alternatives to different things. after i made some juice in the juicer, the day after i had regular store brought orange juice and i was almost disgusted at how much sugar i tasted in it! i never noticed the sugar until after i made homemade juice. so it was a bit more motivation to use the juicer a bit more~

  31. You guys are so lovely. Best couple award, ever.

  32. Just some quick advice to anyone who wants to try juicing:

    ― Do not juice vegetables in a blender. Yes, there is the consistency issue, but you also lose most of the nutrients when you blend vegetables which is why having an actual juicer is so valuable. Fruits are okay to blend because you don’t really lose much.
    ― No matter if you use a juicer or a blender for fruits or vegetables, you need to consume the resulting juice or smoothie as soon as possible. The more time that elapses, the more nutrients you lose from the juice. You should not make juice in the morning to drink at lunch time. It will still taste great, but will not really have any nutritional value for you.
    ― It is totally worth it to buy a masticating juicer like the one Simon and Martina have, if you can afford it. Non-masticating juicers help with the consistency issue of vegetables in juice, but not really the nutrient issue. Masticating juicers help preserve as many nutrients as possible.

    Happy juicing!

    • Yes, I prefer the slow juicer(masticating juicer) than blender because of nutrient issue. blender or high speed juicer hard to keep nutrition because of heat by high speed operation and cutting by blade. Juice made by slow juicer preserve taste, flavor and nutrition , so I love to juicing with it:)

    • For your first point, I really need to say that I feel like you are misinformed. The issue with blending vegetables and fruit is the oxidation that occurs when the blender spins causes the air to enter the( now broken cells) of either. This doesn’t really hurt the over all quality, since they will be consumed in a matter of seconds. The other problem is that heat can destroy nutrients, but you aren’t blending for more than a minute at a time, so I doubt that really has any merit. I don’t see how juicing it makes it more nutritious, since it seems to go through a similar process of being cut up and pressed. Anyway, that’s all I wanted to say about it. http://www.incrediblesmoothies.com/faq-questions-answers/qa-does-blending-green-smoothies-destroy-90-of-nutrients/

  33. kawaii_candie

    hiya guys! it’s really cool to see you being so healthy nowadays! very inspiring!! Also Martina, I feel your pain, i also have something which causes me to wake up many times a night and so i never ever get a full night’s sleep… *sigh* I’m terribly jealous that you don’t seem to have perma-bags under your eyes like i do…… *grumbles* … i can only hope to ever be able to find a guy as sweet and devoted as Simon!!! about the juicing though, it *is* healthier to drink smooties, as you are losing a lot of the vitamins and fibers when you juice instead, but honestly, if you can’t handle the texture, juicing is still better than nothing at all!

  34. Yay! I’m so happy that you use the Iron Man and Honey-sempai mugs that I sent last year!!!

  35. Amy F ;)

    you guys rock :)

  36. Hey Simon and Martina. :D

    I see that you’re an avid coffee fan, Martina, Unfortunately, the only coffee I have in my house is that Indian coffee crap that my mum loves to drink for some reason, and as a result, I have lost all taste for coffee. Can you do me a favor and bring me back to dark side? You should show us all your coffee stuff!

    Also Martina, you have EDS, right? I feel your pain. Though I don’t EDS, I have SUPER WEAK JOINTS from being so tall since I was young (dunno how.) I’m 13 and I’m 5′ 10″. So though it might not be as bad as EDS, I still feel your pain, kinda-sorta?

    Also, for a future TL;DR, an idea, maybe? How do Korean react to Indians (like from India, not Native Americans xD) and other minorities? Are we at any risk for discrimination? (I don’t think so, but maybe if you addressed the question really quickly at the end of a TL;DR or something, instead of doing a full one on it.)


    (I just realized that I typed this huge frikin essay over here wtf.)

  37. Quick question RE:Powerballs. Any suggestions on substitutions for Almonds in the recipe? I’m allergic :(

  38. Hey, just thought you guys should know that the juicer you use is a masticating, instead of a centrifugal (which has that spinning basket of death) Just you thought I would share since masticating is so close to another word…

    Also just thought you might want to know that you are DRINKING CYANIDE! SInce you juice the whole apple you are juicing the seeds, which contain trace amounts of cyanide. In fact, apple juice you buy in stores juice the seeds, and contain higher amounts of cyanide than what is considered safe for bottled water. But the good news is that it isn’t much… I mean, you haven’t died yet.

    • http://chemistry.about.com/od/healthsafety/f/Do-Apple-Seeds-Contain-Poison.htm

      Question: Do Apple Seeds Contain Poison?
      Apples, along with cherries, peaches and almonds, are members of the rose family. The seeds of apples and these other fruits contain natural chemicals that are toxic to some animals. Are they poisonous to humans? Here’s a look at the toxicity of apple seeds.
      Answer: Apple seeds do contain a small amount of cyanide, which is a lethal poison, but you are protected from the toxin by the hard seed coating. If you eat whole apple seeds, they pass through your digestive system relatively untouched. If you chew the seeds thoroughly, you will be exposed to the chemicals inside the seeds, but the dose of toxins in an apple is small enough that your body can easily detoxify it.

      • I was half joking about the actual toxicity of the amount of cyanide in seeds. It’s in there to make the seeds poisonous but mostly unpleasant tasting, so animals don’t chew the seeds up, and pass it through their system. I still think it is worth noting, if it takes 5 seconds, why not just chop around the seeds before juicing? Especially if you are going on a detox cleanse (which Simon and Martina are doing in the video)

  39. Dude that sink pedal is so cool. I need one of those.

  40. Isabel Ruby

    alright, at last i have evidence that martina likes [or at least has watched] Austin Powers!! OMG how many times have i watched those movies!? they’re pure GOOOOOOLLLLLLD member…. >.>

  41. It’d be pretty cool if you guys sold like exercise versions of the shirts you sold now, or had them in tank top form. It’d be cool to show them off at a run or something.

  42. I noticed you skipped the 30 minutes of rubbing Spudgy’s belly.

  43. Powerballs and an awesome juicer! To think I just gobbled down a whole pack of ramyun, and now I feel bad for myself. I hope I become as disciplined as you guys! more power!

  44. Ah, you two are so fun. Thanks for sharing your morning routine. Simon, you are such a sweetheart and Martina, I just wanna hug you!

  45. The world needs more thoughtful people like Simon. Good job!

  46. Yay spinach! It’s not a strong flavour at all but so many people seem to get put off by green juices (in Australia at least). It is good to see the harnessing of the green.

    • I totally agree. xD

      People underestimate it, and shun greens because of what others say.
      (Spinach doesn’t taste bad, once you’re used to it. xD)

  47. bigbangfosho

    I read martina’s edit in the nerdy voice she does. Hehhehe and please show us more health recipies!!!! If you can, can you pblish a recipe montly? Make it like a new wegment or something

  48. It’s fiber..oh wait y’all are Canadian….fibre it is…

  49. Do you guys have a Pinterest? I would love to follow you on it if you did! If not, check it out, it’s super fun! I get a lot of my green juice recipes from it :3

  50. Bahahahahaha the Crossfit thing :P It’s all my brother talks about

  51. How far into Archer are you? (I want to be able to talk about it with you guise but I don’t want to ruin anything.)

  52. I loved this video. Watching it really motivated me to be more healthy, since I love you guys so much XD

  53. Mori Senpai is DA BEST.

    We juice in the morning too at our house! We still use the blender (we just juice the wheatgrass cause we can’t throw it in the blender) because we like the FIBARRRRR

    Our juice usually consists of
    spinach/wheatgrass juice/some korean herb that grows out back
    green apple
    boiled veggie juice/water


  54. Simon, you might want to be careful about too much running because it is bad on your heart, like it jiggles the cage and wears it down and can be very stressful on your heart… Also it is bad for your joints, and will tear easier the more impact you put on your knees. They suggest walking long distance, or hiking, as much better for you healthwise as well as burning more calories.

    Just make sure you have really good running shoes if you are not worried about your heart bouncing around but worried about your joints. As for the heart cage… There is no fixing that!

    And Martina I am very sorry to hear you have EDS and that it impacts your sleeping D: I have PTSD and traumatic nightmares each night, with the side effect of shivering/cold sweat plus my body gets all tense and then my limbs fall asleep and I wake up in the morning having to use one arm to move the other dead one… LOL! It is a lot more funny then painful, unless my neck twists in the night and I wake up all sore. They also say that for sleep pains you should not sleep on your belly (which is like my favorite way to do it sadly), because your back doesn’t get proper support… They say the best way is on your back or side!

    IDK I feel like you guys are my long distance pen pals and thus my friends so I wanted to let you know a few things <.< *crawls away embarrassed*

    • Yeah, my left knee is not doing so well since I started running. I didn’t have that pain before, but now I do. I’m in the middle of an 8 week running program and I don’t want to give up on it, but I don’t want to keep on battering my knee. I’m going to have to get it checked out soon if I can…

      • Do you have a bicycle? They say that bicycles can be really good for workouts and better then running. Oh I really hope your knee turns out to be okay, but if I was you I’d stop running after the eight weeks and find a new work out routine.

        • Update: my knee’s better now, but I dropped out of the running program. I was running so much that I didn’t have any time to do other workouts, so I’m trying to run a more moderate 3-4 times a week now instead of 5-6. And my knee feels better, too!

          We also own bicycles and use them on the weekends for our picnics (because our bikes have built in baskets. And they’re couple bikes. AWWW!)

  55. My favorite juice is apple, pineapple, kale, orange and mint. Yum!

  56. John Stewart, Key and Peele and Archer, OMG you guys! We have the same taste! I adore Key and Peele. Totally good for procrastinating.

    • I love Archer and John Stewart, too! While recovering from wrist surgery (I broke my wrist when I slipped on some ice) I’ve been watching my Archer DVDs during the day and John Stewart (and the Colbert Report) at night.

  57. Cece

    I am really confused with the power balls…how do you put coconut into a toaster? And how do you get it out? I am missing something here…

  58. Bianca Peccioli Nonaka
    Bianca Peccioli Nonaka

    Simon and Martina,

    Do you guys watch K-Drama … How about a top 10 or 20???
    I juice every morning … According to the nutrition expert who helps me with my diet … kale, apples, lemon and a pear should always be in your juice, but I like to vary a lot … Here are some of our favorite recipes

    (we make it for 4 people)

    1 bunch of kale

    4 apples
    1-2 pears
    1 Lemon
    This is the base of our juice, then we change everyday by adding
    6 oranges, OR 6 tangerines, OR 1 pineapple, OR water of 1 coconut, OR celery stalks (good for hangovers and as a liver cleanser), OR 1 cucumber (when its too hot outside) OR 2 beets, OR 4 Carrots, OR parsley stalks (to clean the urinary tract, once every two weeks), OR 2 passion fruits, OR I mix the above mentioned as I please …
    Good combinations are
    Beets with oranges and celery
    Oranges and carrots
    Apples with celery

    Hope you guys try it out
    Take care !!!

    (Bianca) Brazilian Nasty

  59. Apple seeds actually contain cyanide, your body can detoxify it, but might as well take them out. If you swallow them whole none of the poison is released but if chewed or grinded up the poison is released. I basically do the same recipe as well. I do miss it up and do the kale shake (aka the hulk turd shake) as well.

  60. I really love the power balls and want to try them at home! I was wondering, can I make them a little softer by grinding them or just adding more honey? My boyfriend has really bad issues with his teeth, and I want to give him something healthy but not as hard to chew (just something easy on his teeth). c:

  61. Instead of just posting the recipes on the blogs, I’d like to see videos of Martina cooking (healthy) things like the powerballs or her coconut muffins or how to make your own almond flour, etc…!!!

  62. What time do you guys typically go to bed/wake up?

  63. How long do the powerballs usually last? Like, how many weeks? Also, do you have to use goji berries or can i substitute it with a different berry?

  64. Wow … this is amazing and super healthy and great! I’m so happy for you two that you can do this.
    I wish I had the capability to do it too.. I’m sure I could. if I tried. Put my mind to it.
    But yeah.

    On the jucier: that’s awesome. I love it. y’all be pimpin’.

  65. Not-Really-Normal^__~

    I was so psyched to find out you guys are so health oriented. My family and I do our best to be as healthy as we can and most of my family is gluten free now. I’m trying to switch to gluten free to, but it’s really hard for me, especially breakfast. I don’t have a very big appitite in the mornings and I have a hard time eating breakfast before I have to leave for school. You guys are gluten free to right? do you have any gluten free easy morning food suggestions? The power balls are gluten free right?

  66. Martina what type of flowers are the flowers on your new tattoo? I wanted a flower like that but i dont remember the name…. o.o

  67. Gina-gina Maye

    oh, simon and martina, help!
    i just bought a coffee maker today :3
    but i need a coffee grinder too! i couldnt find any that were under like 100,000 won. T_T
    any recommendations?

    • I don’t know about korea, but some stores in america have coffee grinders in the store like you pick your coffee then grind it. it wont be as fresh but it will work till you can find something else.

    • If you have a favorite coffee shop, sometimes they can do it for you, especially if you buy it from them. Just ask! :)

  68. Uuugh, Archer in the morning is the BEST! I need Pam and Cheryl to function!

  69. I eat similar power balls things but ours had protein power so we call them protein balls! :p It’s very expensive but the Vitamix blender is amazing. Carrots, cucumbers, kale or spinach, blueberries, peaches, bananas, apples etc…it blends into a nice non lumpy or seedy liquid (without cutting anything before hand!). It’s amazing. A cheaper version is the Blendtec which is pretty good as well. I’m not sure if it’s true but I thought it was better to mix than juice because you lose nutrients without the ‘pulp’. So many conflicting stories!!! :p It’s great being able to have all these healthy things in one easy drink though isn’t it?! :)

  70. May I recommend some ground brazil nuts for your powerballs? They contain selenium which is an important nutrient. Oh, also hemp seeds contain lots of omegas in a good ration. I think I’ll try your recipe as I wanted to find a way to choke down chia seeds which are healthy but the texture is awful!

  71. Yay this was awesome! It’s so motivating. I really want to start getting healthy too and lose weight because I have been overweight since I was 12/13 and I’m 22. I had a dislocating kneecap for 9 years and finally had acl reconstruction last May to fix it and I told myself once I was healed enough to start exercising more I would! But I have such a hard time going to the gym because of the looks people give me.. people are SO judgemental and look at me like I don’t belong at the gym. It’s just nonesense… I am there to get healthy like everyone else..I am the kind of person gyms are meant for!!! Now that it’s getting warmer and the snow is melting( I live in MN and we had a brutal winter!!) I’ll probably start biking outside instead! Alrighty, I’m done rambling! Thanks for the video, it is fun to see a bit more into your everyday lives! :)

  72. As always a awesome video for a nice study break. I was wondering if you guys have ever though about adding a recipe tab at the top for the recipes you give us. Oh and how do you guys get North American T.V. in Korea.

  73. Instantly made the power balls after watching this ….. O_O so goooooooooooooooooood, homemade energy drink and power balls is srsly the best combo to help me get through the last three weeks of school <3 Thanks guys awesome recipe !

  74. Hey guys, I really enjoyed this video it’s kind of fun seeing ‘behind the scenes’. Anyway, one thing I had to mention, in your blog you say how you wake up and drink a glass of water that I’m assuming is chilled as you say that you go to the fridge. You shouldn’t be doing that! It needs to be room temperature, or even better, warm water with lemon juice. The cold water actually slows down your metabolism.

    • Lemon juice in water has a lot of health benefits, but in the long term it can damage the enamel on your teeth. The best way is to drink it through a straw (you can buy glass straws) so the liquid bypasses your teeth.

  75. Benedikte Knorr Jensen

    Martina can you pleeeeease do a coffee video and show us all your cool awseome coffee stuff? :DD

  76. Simon and or Martina, can I find that Juicer in Korea? Or do I have to order it online? I tried to find one that will ship to Korea but I had no luck :(

  77. Hey there! This was really interesting and makes me feel good about my routine too which isn’t too different. I’ve never really discussed mine with peeps so I’m glad to see that something similar to mine works for other people too. Unfortunately I’m a corporate IT wizard, so I have to save doing a real workout until after work, but I get a little half hour bodyweight workout in before breakfast AND IT TURNS MY BRAIN ON! Astounding! If I don’t, I work with the mental capacity of 3 1/2 amoebas until about midday. (Not good for fighting in the IT wars!)

    Do you guys tend to want to eat all the things at nighttime? I usually do bikram yoga or cardio at the gym after work, and it turns me into a ravenous pig, who craves utter utter filth.

    Thanks for sharing!

  78. You guys watch Archer! (the lot of you just went up in my respect-o-meter again) I’ve been introducing it to everyone and their great aunt. Really enjoyed this video and will definitely try the powerball recipe soon, thank you!

  79. Are the powerballs possible without the coconut? (As I hear a collective internet gasp) Because no matter how much I try it, I’ve never liked coconut and whenever I even detect it in anything I’m about to eat I lose my appetite. But the powerballs look really good and like an awesome idea.

    • We know from first hand experience that they’re possible without coconut. We made a batch once and couldn’t add the coconut because we forgot about it in the oven and it burned. So…we made it without coconut. And it was ok!

    • Me neither, is it the texture for you? Because I just don’t like the texture but can cook with coconut oil…

      • I think it really is just the taste for me, because I’m not all too fond of coconut oil either, but I’ll still eat something with coconut oil. I just prefer something that doesn’t make my savory food taste, I dunno, so sweet? Coconutty? But I understand where you’re coming from with the texture thing, I have many foods I don’t like because of texture. First thing that comes to mind is mashed potatoes. I love potatoes otherwise, but they’re just too creamy for me and I always have to eat them with a bite of something else to have a more solid texture. Plus potatoes taste awesome in combos anyway :D

        • madelinemaureen

          you might have an intolerance to coconuts(like an allergy but with no visual/repository reaction aka you wont need medical attention but you wish you could turn your nose and/or taste buds off). I’m that way with peanuts and peanut by products. If I smell it I actually feel sick, but don’t have an allergic reaction.
          Someone put their peanut butter knife in one of the jam/preserve jars…i didn’t know this, and so when i went to put some jam on my toast and smelled the peanuts too late(i took a bite) i was pissed. no amount of teeth brushing could get my appetite back. I can’t go to Marble Slab (ice cream place that mixes the ice cream with toppings on a marble slab) because i can always taste/smell the nuts.

        • D: that sounds awful, because peanuts are in a lot of places. I don’t know if it’s an intolerance because I don’t really mind the smell or having a piece mixed into something by accident, it’s just one of those things that I honestly don’t like the flavor of it, and I’m sure everybody has SOME food that they just don’t like and won’t ever like. But I am lactose intolerant so who knows what other food intolerances I could have XD

      • Interesting. I’m the opposite, I don’t mind dessicated coconut etc but the smell of coconut oil, especially if its heated makes me want to hurl.

    • I’m sure there are plenty of power balls recipes online!

  80. I’m amazed you guys can get up so early to do these routines when you guys sometimes stay up late to finish editing the videos and posting them up. True dedication there.

    I really like these slice of life videos that you guys put up. It helps me see that we can implement these things in our lifestyle easier when we get to see it done so smoothly. XD

    The powerball recipe is awesome and I hope you get to make a video on making those flaxseed veggie crackers!

    P.S. I was wondering: do you guys flush all of the coffee grains down the toilet or the ones you can’t get out of the French press?

  81. Question for Simon; when you say you are running (and you live in the middle of Seoul) do you run in a park or on the sidewalk? and how does that work with not bumping into people etc? Are there many others running about in Seoul city or do you feel like the only strange foreign person jogging about while other people goes “omg what the h/%& is he doing? training for a marathon?” ^^sorry I just had to ask since I always feel like a jerk if I was to be jogging on a side walk with cars running by or jogging in a park where people are sitting on benches, resting. Lots of love from Norway<3 ^^Tina

    • suzieee murphy

      I think Simon goes to the gym to run, like on a tread mill (is that how you spell it?) or maybe an elliptical (again, probably not spelled, right), although I couldn’t say for sure. As a side note, is there no one running outside in Norway? Because, where I live, in Canada, people are always running along sidewalks, in the park, on trails and even on the road. Even during our winter I’ve seen people outside running, even though most cities have an abundance of gyms.

      • When I lived in the capital we had people running on the sidewalk or mostly around the parks that were there, but in the more rural areas we have alot of forrest with hiking trails etc to run on, so I always feel strange if I run along the sidewalk here (i somehow never get myself into the forrest, maybe i should) it usually only marathon runners or sports people that do that. Other poeple run on treadmills or in the forrests/nature.

    • I’m lucky that there’s a stream that connects to the river and flows by our apartment. I run along that. It’s busier on the weekends, but I never really bump into anyone. It’s only people on bikes I have to be wary of, because they zoom past often and NEVER use their bells NEVER EVER EVER.

  82. mrmr_

    good reason for me to simply do pilates (the soreness is worth it,ok?) xD

  83. Nice :D I might try your juice though I’m gonna make it on a blender, hope it’s not going to taste weird. I haven’t been regularly eating healthy and exercising so this video is a good reminder to get me back on track. Healthy living, fighting! :D

  84. Very cool i alternate between juicing and smoothies. I have a an omega 350 vrt slow masticating juicer and just love it.

  85. I LOVE my Aeropress. I prefer it over a french press, but I’m only making one cup at a time, so the Aeropress is perfect for me. I’m a beginner coffee snob, so I love trying new beans. When I make it out to Korea, I hope to meet up or drop off some coffee to you guys. I always have loved the coffee mentions.

    Also, I have a Breville for juicing. I’m going to slowly work it back into my daily routine. Great video!

  86. i dont use a juicer, i use a really good blender (black and decker). i use kale instead of spinach so its tougher but the blender gets it down to tiny little pieces. i like the mass amounts of fibre because i normally don’t get enough. the doctors recommended me fibre powders and fibre cookies but consuming it that way makes my tummy and insides feel worse. my smoothies with the pulp in it has been super good for my tummy (or more my intestines, but whatever).

  87. Martina, you mentioned in the blogpost that you once made homemade tofu? Do you think maybe you can do a tutorial video on it one day? i’ve tried making it before, but gave up bc i got frustrated lol. :D

    • Sure I’d love to! I might make it in combination with a Korean recipe, so you can have homemade tofu AND use it in a Korean soup or side dish! But one thing is that I used the juicer to separate the bean juice and . You can do it without a juicer but I heard it’s a lot more time consuming… :O

  88. who’s your favorite modern family character?????

  89. This video is great ^-^
    And I’d love to try the powerball *-* do you have a recipe with gram instead of cup? (In germany we don’t have this cup thingy)
    This would be great :)
    and OMG Simon it’s soo cute how you take care of Martina *-*

  90. No Colbert Report?

  91. Hi guys! It’s awesome to see more awareness on healthy living. I feel like we’re helping each other out even though I don’t you guys personally. I started a year ago but wasn’t too strict with it due to the fact that my family doesn’t understand why I’m doing it. I’m a poor full-time student and since I’m living in Singapore, I have to get a lot of stuff on Iherb(my holy grail) and I needed to support my own lifestyle which suck. So, I had to take a part-time job. Anyway, I wanna ask what kind of workouts do you guys do, (strength, cardio, HIIT, circuit, etc) and do you guys meal prep? Are you guys very particular with the vegan/organic/gluten-free aspects of your meals? Is there any future where you guys see yourselves going more natural in her body care/skin care/cosmetics and such? Thanks! :)

  92. martina! i just started lifting too! what are some of you favorite lifts? i really want to learn how to clean and jerk. love you guys :))

    • *waves* I just answered someone below about that! I think I might have to do a mini-workout vid about it b/c I don’t know the proper terms..hahhaa…I just know I started out with really really light weights and now my lightest free weight is 4kg and heaviest is 8kg. I can do 10kg for oblique exercise! I do 47.5kg leg press and 27.5kg hamstring curl thingy. I noticed a huge improvement on my arms, they’re getting toned and my triceps are flappy anymore! WOOHOO!!! What are your fav lifts?

      • oooo you should totally do a workout vid! ahah i never know the names, i always go “im gonna go to the… thing” and then frolic off. I just learned how to squat with the bar which is horrible but great? lol but my favorite day is back and biceps. so i do pull up and chin up (with the machine bc im a weakling) and then like crunches for your back on a thingy with weight, and all sorts of things. my friend is supposed to teach me how to deadlift soon and im sooooooooooo excited. also lookhuman has really nerdy cool workout shirts that i think you might like!

  93. KATHyphenTUN

    So I have a cold and all I want to do it is rub my face in the Meem’s fur. It looks so soft and snuggly!!! T.T

  94. I’m strangely fascinated on how you make coffee. It seems so fancy.

  95. hi guyss~ do you guys still in low-carbs diet?? and is it martina lifting weight at gym? what is your fav move martina? luv u guyssss~~~

    • We’re not doing low-carb anymore. We found it too difficult. We’re just a lot more conscious now of the carbs we eat, and eat a lot less than we did before the diet :D

    • Martina here: I do lift weights at the gym! I started with the very very lightest weights first (bc my EDS I can dislocate a joint with anything too heavy) and once that was too easy, I slowly went up. I do biceps curls then go up on my tippy toes and do a shoulder press while balancing on my toes. It works your abs because you’re using your whole core to balance while lifting the weights up. I think I might have to do a mini-workout video b/c I have no idea how to explain my moves to you! Hahahahah!

  96. love your morning routine! i also juice every morning but i blend it and drink it as my breakfast.
    have you tried adding kale? i used both kale and spinach! =) also cucumbers add a great taste and extra juice!

    about drinkng coffe everyday..i’m so torn! one day a study says caffein/coffee everyday is bad
    then another study says “10 reasons why drinking coffee is healthy”…
    idk what to believe hahaha

    i hope you do more vids like these in the future! =D

  97. lady_kire

    Nice to see what you guys do to stay healthy in the morning!

    My morning routine at the moment.. is basically me showering (most of the time) and heading off to school. Yeah, I get a lot of people who tell me I should eat breakfast, that it’s important, and how it isn’t healthy for me to skip. I have eaten breakfast before going to school, however I found that my body would get really sluggish in the middle of the day and at some point, I got sleepy. I do eat breakfast, but it’s the term I use to call my first meal in the afternoon.. then again, that might be lunch or dinner….
    I started getting healthy after I started living away from my parents for university. It mainly consists of limiting the amount of crap I buy (stopped buying fast food, greasy food, chips, iced tea, frozen crap), reduce the amount of meat I eat, limiting how much I eat, and eating less carbs. But it works, as my parents noticed that I got thinner (i was a little chubby entering university)
    As for exercise… yeah I’ll admit I really can’t stand gyms. Don’t get me wrong, I know all the wonderful stuff it can do for you, but I really can’t stand the smell and the equipment. So, I do everyday activities to get exercise such as running/walking to the bus stop and carrying huge amount of groceries in 2 reuseable bags. oh and kpop dancing

  98. “But my juice..” Too cute.

  99. Went to order a Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer. Saw price of Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer. Backs away computer.

    • Sara Napsey

      $430.00 on Amazon O.O

      • trinigurl77

        I like the size of the juicer, since I don’t have much space, but whoa!!! that price…i’ll keep it old school for now and just chew stuff lol.

      • if it’s something you use every day for multiple years it would be worth the price. it would turn into less than a dollar a day during the second year. much cheaper than going to a juice bar/shop every day. But it’s an investment so if you’ve never juiced i wouldn’t go for it just yet. But for people who have a juice every day it seems worth it.

        • Oscar_de_Jarjayes

          Just make a regular smoothie with a blender! Plus, you’ll get more fiber (esp. if you eat it during breakfast!)

    • @simonandmartina:disqus , PIMPIN JUICER YO.

    • Yea the same for me, thought like, that’s actually a good idea because now I blend all my stuff with dairy products and wanted to stop with that. BUT DAMN SON I think ill go for a different one xD

    • Actually, Amazon sells a really nice Black & Decker juicer for only $24.99. I mean obviously it wont be as nice as the Kuvings one bc it’s more $$, but according to the reviews it does it’s job and makes excellent juice.

    • Haahaha, I just had the same reaction. Looking at Breville juicers on Amazon instead. $100-$150 seems much more reasonable to me!

  100. I’ve been wanting to work out in the morning but didn’t know what I should eat to be energized but not too full at the same time. This helped me a lot! Thanks for sharing your morning routine :))

  101. I really like this video! It makes me all nostalgic about your older videos when you used to film at home more. Anyway, thank you for sharing your morning routine with us~ I’ve been trying to be healthier, so it’s very motivating ^^

  102. You two look like you are having the absolute time of your lives-all the time! To see how much the both of you have changed since the beginning of these blogs, while still remaining yourselves…crazy! So happy for you two, even though I don’t even know you. It is always lovely seeing you guys update. Seriously! So happy for you guys!!

    Also-the tattoo looks KILLER. It turned out awesome. Can’t wait to see what adorable summer dresses you’ll be pairing with it once its warmer.

  103. Loved watching your morning routine. The hubby got into watching a whole bunch of videos on Netflix talking about healthy eating and we started blending our vegetables but I found it way too chunky… It’s hard to chew your juice! He now uses the slow juicer, Hurom, I think it’s called, and tries to throw the pulp into his food. It tastes kind of weird in soups and omelettes so we might have to investigate something else! =P Funny thing about juicing, it’s pure nutrition so at the beginning, go slow, especially with wheat grass juice. We tried all enthusiastically and felt so nauseous we had to have Korean meat bbq to override it…. hahaha

    • HAHAHAH! I know! When we first got our juicer we juiced everything in the house. It literally juices everything. The Kuvings even has a second attachment especially so you can juice frozen fruit and it turns it directly into smoothie format. Juiced a frozen banana and it was like ice cream! We did every fruit and veggie just to try it…then we both got the runs. HAHAHAHAHHA! OH OH OHHHHHH….S&M running…

  104. Thanks for sharing your morning routine! I’ve been trying to get into the healthier habit myself and I’m always curious to see what other people are doing.

  105. I really enjoyed this! I remember the day in the life video and seeing how you guys have grow and changed is really cool.
    And you guys are super inspiring because you are so relatable. After seeing your first video I actually started to make those breakfast burritos because I really liked the idea of having a compact, filling, and semi healthy breakfast especially since I am also not a morning person. I’d make a couple the night before then I just had to microwave them and tada!

    And now I am kind of wanting to try juicing. I like a lot of fruit juices anyway so I mightvas well drink healthy homemade versions!

    Thanks for sharing your awesome morning!

    Ps -Simon makes an awesome hubby. I want one! Lol

  106. I’m fascinated by the powerballs :D how many does that recipe yield? and what’s the recommended serving size/portion/amount/whatever-the-word-is? lol

    • I’m not sure how many in terms of number of balls, but the recipe lets us eat something like 4-5 balls between the two of us every morning for a couple of weeks, plus a few that we randomly snack on throughout the day as well.

      • That sounds awesome. I’ll definitely be trying out the recipe ^_^

      • Have you all thought about adding some coconut oil to your power balls. It would make them less dense, and coconut oil provides a ton of health benefits in terms of improved digestion and stuff. I was just thinking, because your power ball mix is very close to the seed-nut blend I make, which I spread over fruit, add to yogurt, or sometimes add coconut oil and peanut butter to, to eat more like a bar. But now, I’m thinking some small balls for random snack-age would be cool and portable.

  107. thisisjustforfunval

    I’ve been looking for a new morning pick me up since I’ve given up coffee, not voluntarily mind you. Does juicing help give you some extra energy? For breakfast I generally have steal cut oatmeal or corn flakes with soy milk. I seriously miss coffee.

    • YES! We found a huge energy boost. I think because you can put so much stuff into one glass it’s like having a huge salad for breakfast. We also do a raw oatmeal thingy for breakfast sometimes, with uncooked oatmeal, chia seeds, chopped banana or strawberry, cacao nibs, and soy milk. Let it all soak so the chia seeds enlarge and it gets all thick. Also, I totally made homemade sugar free soy milk in our juicer!!!! :O

      • thisisjustforfunval

        Homemade soy milk! Sounds like I need to invest in a juicer! I have an evil posses blender that isn’t very good at its designated job. For the oatmeal breakfast thingy is it instant oatmeal?

        • Oscar_de_Jarjayes

          I’m wondering if you could also make almond milk with a juicer! After all, it’s the same process! Almonds are yummy!

  108. im eating junk food as i watched this Ou O

  109. Sooo I was going to go to sleep… then I saw this video and sleep went out the Window! Those powerballs make me think that they are a smarter healthier version of Haystacks. Which are like toasted coconut covered in chocolate. While I am far from south korea I got a little taste of it recently. I got to see and meet No brain and Glen Check at sxsw on thursday. Thought of yall, Got me thinking, would you guys ever be interested in doing a fan meet for this kind of festival?

  110. Hmmm my routines are waking up taking a shower and just surfing the web for like half an hour and off to school no breakfast because it just takes to long to cook, plus I would probably burn down the house while I’m at it. I hope when I graduate high school which won’t be for another 3 more years since I’m a freshman but I really want to have a morning routine. I would juice some fruits and stuff but my family is asleep at that time. I have to wake my dad so he can drive me to school… I wish I was old enough to drive. I would love to do all of those things but that would mean waking up even more early than I usually do and most likely waking up my whole entire family in the process.
    The sad life of a teenage girl.

  111. You guys have a huge apartment! Or at least a really large kitchen! My family’s kitchen in Hong Kong seems so much smaller than your kitchen, I’m a little jealous haha.

  112. I think that you can safely throw the coffee in the sink. In my house we do this to “keep the pipes clean”. I don’t know if the pipes are the same in Korea though.

    • Really? We’ll give it a shot, then. And if it backfires I’m coming right back here to the comments :D

      • ooo! If the plumbing in Korea is anything like plumbing in Taiwan, I wouldn’t pour coffee grinds down the sink …and maybe not down the toilet either. In Taiwan there is always a receptacle in the toilet room for disposing of used toilet paper. No one ever puts used toilet paper into the toilet bowl, as we commonly do in the U.S. The drainage pipes are typically narrower in Asia from what I know.
        I’m fortunate to have a backyard and I just toss the coffee grounds out over the fallen leaves where it all composts slowly. :D
        Loved the video and your routine. Good to see the personal, at-home, side again.

      • Oh oh…..
        Anyways, there are a lot of things you can do with used coffee


      • Ah I wouldn’t risk it. I know for a fact that I cannot do it at home (Montreal), nor at work (Starbucks). Though buildings here tend to be old so that doesn’t help. I clean my Bodum by filling it with water and then dumping it all through a sieve. Give it a shake then place over a bowl to dry a bit before putting it in the trash. You could also keep the grinds for gardening if you’re into that at all.

  113. I’ve been looking at different ways I can improve my health and energy, so reading what you guys are doing is a big help and inspiration!
    Your juices sound interesting! We don’t have a juicer, but maybe some time I will try that in the blender for a smoothie-like thing. ^^

  114. The powerballs recipe sound pretty good, actually. On the weekdays I get a granola bar (Costco’s choco chip ones are DELISH) and coffee with milk&carnation instant breakfast…and then running to class [because I slept in] is my exercise. :D If I have time I like to make brown rice onigiri with half a boiled egg inside or some other protein like tofu/leftover chicken/tinned salmon.

  115. I know yogurt is always great for a healthy diet. But I also understand (after living years in China) that Korea has their own variation of yogurt which is more for drinking and far sweeter. Does Korea also provide Greek Yogurts and stuff (it is horridly expensive in Shanghai).

    Though working out is great. My trainer once said going out doing a sport is also very helpful. Like play basketball or go swimming. Muscles adapt to new routines fairly quickly, but in sports you have the opportunity using other muscles and putting your work out into practice ;)

    Have you try switch spinach into kale in your juices? I quite like kale….

  116. As an avid juicer, just a tip… unless you have organic apples you shouldn’t eat the skin, the pesticides used on apples are some of the worst!! Alternatively, you don’t have to peel lemons! Most citrus fruits (oranges and grapefruit) are too much for the human stomach but most of lemon or limes nutrition is actually found in the rind! Happy Juicing!

    • True that. In Asia, a lot of pesticides are used, especially on apples (high demand) and berry like products.

    • lady_kire

      I agree with the pesticides on the apples. My mom developed an allergy to apples, pears, and peaches because these fruits have the most pesticides on them. She has fruit wash, which is designed to wash off pesticides, but she just avoids these fruits.

    • That’s why I always use some kind of wash on all my fruits and vegetables before I eat them, especially apples because I’m too lazy to cut or peel them, and I think they taste better when you bite right into the skin ^^

    • Thanks for the tip! Simon and I were debating about peeling the lemon, we tried it once whole and it was great. Just a little more lemony. We do organic apples for shizzle. It’s the only thing we buy organic!

    • I don’t know about the apples in your country but organic apples in my country (Netherlands) aren’t as organic as it looks like. I know someone that’s allergic to both the organic apples and the other apples in the supermarket because of the pesticides they put on those apples (fruit). But when he eats an apple from his own apple tree without all the poison he can eat it without a problem. So in other words nothing is as organic as it always seems to be.
      You better eat your own fruit in your own garden then all that fake organic stuff. >_>

  117. It’s hard to stick to a routine sometimes, keep each other going!!!! I love working out (sadly all by my lonesome) and if I miss more than my day off, I tend to get a little cranky…woops!
    Just have to say though….LOVING the workout clothes!!! This sounds stupid…..but when I find good (and cheap) workout clothes, I wear them to the gym for the first time and I feel like I have to break them in a LITTLE bit more….. :)

  118. Morning routines are so important!
    I’m between routines right now cuz moving and wedding and stuff, so we’ll see what new routine takes shape.
    Until then I’m sluggish and waste most of the day.

  119. I noticed that you guys use the Jawbone Up!
    How is your experience with that device? I’ve wanted something like that for a while, but I’ve never actually tried one…

    • It’s great. It’s really motivated me to be more active than before. I always try to get in my minimum of 10,000 steps a day, and I consciously make more effort to walk now. Also, it’s got a vibrate alarm function, so I can wake up before Martina does without an obnoxious sound that wakes both of us up. Totally worth it, IMO.

  120. those powerballs look like death :(

  121. can i just point this out

  122. I discovered lately that morning routines are important. I usually have a smoothie and green tea before heading off to work, where I’ll drink about a gallon of coffee throughout the day.

    Also, I’m pissed that I didn’t go to the Washed Out concert in Seoul. My friends went and said they met you there. Maybe I’ll run into you someday.

    • Aw! Too bad you couldn’t come. Baths played the week afterwards. We went to that show, too (it was better than the Washed Out show). Anyhow, we’re always in that area, so I’m sure we’ll bump into each other one of these days :D

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