Hurrah for adventures! We’ve been lucky enough to take part in some kimchi making adventures with a food TV show that is traveling around Korea exploring unique kimchi found in special regions. Isn’t it just perfect that eatyourkimchi should tag along? Eh? Eh? Guys? Right? Isn’t it?! HEY!!!

Secret Garden Cappucicno Scene


So, today’s adventure takes us to Pyeongchangdong 평창동 which is considered to be the Beverly Hills of Korea. Talk about gorgeous and ridiculously expensive homes! You know when you watch a Korean drama and you see the grass covered property of some rich family? That’s probably filmed in this area, one of the few locations in Korea where homes have lush grass covered lawns. Anyways, we digress. We went to “The Green House” which is a coffee shop/restuarant/wedding banquet hall for some unique water kimchi. Did we mention this is same place used to film the epic cappuccino kiss scene in Secret Garden? EIIII! We asked the owners if it was flooded with fans during filming, but they said they filmed in the wee hours of the morning. Ah, sucks for the actors and actresses. Anyways, back to life-saving kimchi!

In Pyeongchangdong, we tried mul kimchi. More specifically, a special recipe of Al-bae-gi mul-kimchi (알배기물김치) and it means we’re only using the sweetest leaves of the cabbage found on the very inside of the cabbage head, and making a watery kimchi out of it. So, basically, this is “Cabbage Heart Water Kimchi.” Sounds so badass doesn’t it? “Yeah, when I was in Korea, I ate raw Cabbage Heart. WHAT WHAT!!!!”

The very basic difference of water kimchi (mul kimchi 물김치) and other kimchi is that this kimchi is served in a vinegary brine, and thus loses the traditional red colour associated with kimchi. The kimchi we made this day is also unique because it lacks the traditional spiciness that usually accompanies majority of kimchis.



1. the heart of napa cabbage *evil laughter* (baechu 배추)
2. daikon radish (mu 무)
3. white onions (yang pa 양파)
4. brining shrimp (Saeu-jeot 새우젓)
5. Korean pear (배 bae)
6. red bell pepper/sweet red peppers (Paprika 파프리카)
7. salt (sogeum 소금 )
8. green onions (pa 파)
9. water (mul 물)

Unfortunently they didn’t show us the precise measurements, as this is a unique family secret, but if you really want to make this at home, we saw about 5 cups of pureed ingredients and 1 tablespoon of salt into the liquid. After that, you hand rub each leaf with the puree and fill the puree bowl with water, adding 2 more tablespoons of salt. This will be the final brine in which you leave the kimchi. After 3 hours, it’s ready to eat! It had a very unique sweet and salty combo happening, and it really reminded us of Spanish Gazpacho. YUM!

We’ll be going on more kimchi making adventures to show you unique kimchi and Korean scenery, so stay tuned for more :D

  1. Huzzahs for adventures in kimchi! You should have badges for each kimchi you film about, collect them all! Also, where did Simon get that shirt? I love putting stuff on my cat to ride it! The cat…not so much…

  2. chug chug chug chug chuggggggggg! awwwwwwwwwwwwww lick lick lick lick lickkkkkkkk! awwwwwwwwwwwwww

  3. I was like: OMG, the guy put the spoon in his mouth, and then in the bowl again and then to martina’s mouth… Gross!

  4. awwwhhh you guys are so cute! and that looks delicious!  you should go to more famous drama locations haha secret garden ftw! ( have i mentioned how much i love protect the boss btw? with you alll the way martina!).

    question: do you guys make your own kimchi?

  5. [performs: simon-splits-to-get-into-camera-shot-maneuver, while eating] 


  6. LOL… “omg… noodles” XD
    And…waeeeee,  is this why there was no TL:DR this week? you were sneaking off to Secret Garden filming areas?? 

  7. i work in korean restaurant in my town and ahjummas make it from korean radish and we serve it before the meal. everytime we (waitresses) eat the dinner with them and our boss so we had it too and it was soo delicious! they eat it with rice or mix with it.

  8. Oh Simon, aside from eating your kimchi you should watch your dramas(?)

    Ok, fail attempt of a joke, sorry XD

  9. Ah! My wife and I had a very delicious meal in the room with the mountain scene. Hanjeonshik. Lovely.

  10. Mul kimchi is really good, I used to have it at this place with sundubu (soft tofu soup) and it was really refreshing right after you took a bite of the soup. Sadly, they stopped serving it though…

  11. Martina, I love your dress!  It is so cute.

  12. This is like a dream trip. Eating kimchi and traveling to cool places. APPROVE. 

  13. looks totally delish! love ur video..like always :)

  14. Can’t wait until I can study abroad…. and eat this! 

  15. My mouth is watering while watching the video. KYAA~~ (*runs off to get my kimchi in the fridge) XP

  16. Secret Garden was a good drama, but had I been the producer, I would
    have made when he rides his car into the rainstorm with comatosed Ra Im
    the real ending.

    That kimchi looks good. Is there any real difference in taste/texture to Korean pears VS the kinds we have in Canada?

    • Yes, Korean pears are perfectly round and very big while the ones found in NA are curved. 

      Also, the Korean pears are generally more sweeter. 

      The texture is pretty similar however, but I feel that the Korean pears have more water content in them. 

  17. *drools
    i want some kimchi……owh man…..

  18. haha omg Simon having a case of stellar’s rocket ship eric’s indecisiveness, “hands in pocket? hands not in pocket? hands in pocket? or hands not in pocket?!” LOL

  19. Haha! Simon taller than the man’s “tall” hat lol

  20. I keep forgetting to ask what kind of camera you guys use…So…What kind of camera do you guys use? XD

  21. I keep forgetting to ask what kind of camera you guys use…So…What kind of camera do you guys use? XD

  22. Cool video! I love leaving about Korean food….yummm!!

  23. Haha! You guys should check out the bigbang parody of the capuccino scene.Hmmm.. why doesn’t somebody make a kimchi dictionary. There so many kimchis. Mul Kimchi is meant to be very refreshing. 

  24. HAH! The Secret Garden scene! XD  Martina, you rock!

    I’ve never tried kimchi (or any other Korean food), but I’m hoping to try some next week in NY. Since it’ll be my first time at a Korean restaurant, what dishes do you recommend? :)

  25. simon squatting to fit in frame was hilarious lol 

  26. My favorite part on dramas is when they make kimchi.  Didn’t they make kimchi in Jan Di’s house on Boys Over Flowers, when Gu Jun Pyo was visiting?

    And I had kimchi in a Korean restaurant in Texas, and thought it was delicious.  Then I came to Korea and had kimchi and…..it totally blew my mind.  I love it with rice.

  27. Ohhhh wish I could do it at home! o:
    Well… You guys have to eat a lot of it for us all who are diying of jealousy behind our Pc…..
    Anyway, your videos rock! :)

  28. Ohhhh wish I could do it at home! o:
    Well… You guys have to eat a lot of it for us all who are diying of jealousy behind our Pc…..
    Anyway, your videos rock! :)

  29. Ohhhh wish I could do it at home! o:
    Well… You guys have to eat a lot of it for us all who are diying of jealousy behind our Pc…..
    Anyway, your videos rock! :)

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