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My Favorite Video Games!

July 30, 2014


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Well, since we just came back from Narcon, this topic seems highly appropriate, especially after Martina’s TL;DR on her favourite Animes, Mangas, and Manhwas. I didn’t get a chance to talk in that one since I had a migraine at the time. Martina was sick for this week’s TL;DR, so it seems about right that I take over and do this topic. Woot!

You know, I’ve always been into video games, but I never really thought of my place in video game culture, or on how it’s impacted me. I’ve always just thought of video games as awesome. It wasn’t until we went to Narcon, though, that I started to think of the role of video games in my life, and I started to remember things that I had totally forgotten. Namely, I was the only one of my friends who was into JRPGs. With them I played a lot of Mortal Kombat, NBA Live, NBA Jam, and Madden. But none of them cared for single player games, really. That was something I really kept to myself. The one time I showed them scenes from Final Fantasy 7 they laughed. I didn’t really share or talk about JRPGs with anyone since then. It was with Martina that I started getting more open about my interest in video games.

Anyhow, enough talking about that. Time for some more of my favourite games that I’m shocked I forgot to mention!

Kingdom Hearts

Holy shoobies! How did I forget Kingdom Hearts? What a glorious franchise! But, umm, I’ve only played two of them on the Playstation. I didn’t play the handheld versions. And I didn’t like the second one as much as the first one. The first one was lovely. It was such an original concept, and the fight mechanics were really freaking cool. The second one was similar to the first, but the plot at the end was a giant mess of WTF just happened?

Anyhow, for me, this was the next big step into the JRPG world. Final Fantasy was the start, but I was more loyal to the brand than the genre. Once I started playing Kingdom Hearts is when I really started to love JRPGs as a whole.

Chrono Trigger/Chrono Cross

Jebus greebus! Why didn’t I remember this as well? Now, here’s the weird thing: I got into Chrono Cross before Chrono Trigger. I didn’t know Chrono Trigger existed. I just played Chrono Cross and liked it. It wasn’t until many years later that I heard about Chrono Trigger. I played that, and freaking loved it. Then I played it again when I got the Nintendo DS a couple years ago, and loved it again. But I played it so long after Chrono Cross that I can’t really compare the two, because I can’t remember much about Chrono Cross apart from looking for Rainbow Shells. Either way, both were great. I just wish I could appreciate the connection between the two.

Legend of the Dragoon

AH MAN! No, I take that Kingdom Hearts comment back. This game here was my second big game after Final Fantasy. Well, it didn’t really get me into JRPGs as a whole, but damn I loved that game. I don’t really remember what I liked about it. I remember how terrible I was at the timing of the combos. I’m just not good at rhythm based games. Not good at them at all.

Dragon Age (but not Dragon Age 2)

Dragon Age 1 is a damn near perfect game for me. Perfect. I have no complaints. The fight style, the story, the way your choices impact the storyline, the customizability. It’s awesome. Dragon Age 2 sucked donkey balls. I’m really hoping Dragon Age 3 will redeem the second one, because WTF was that about. Jeebus.

Ok, that’s all I can remember for now, because the jet lag is kicking my ass again. Please: let’s talk video games in the comments. Help me remember the parts of my childhood that I have forgotten. Let’s bond over dorkiness! Hooray!

Lastly, click on this pretty button below here to subscribe for more TL;DRs. I don’t think we’re gonna have one next week because next week is the opening of You Are Here Cafe, and we’re doing lots of final touches lately, but we’ll get back to em the week after, for sure! We’ll be having some more coffee shop detail videos as well. Hopefully you won’t mind :D



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My Favorite Video Games!


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  1. Dragon Age is my favourite game of all times. I really love it. I suggest that you try Mass Effect as well. It’s pretty awesome, too.

    1 year ago
  2. harvest moon .. my fav .. till now .. I never had any ps, so .. i used to use my (ex) boyfriend’s .. but now we’re not together … I even download a “tool” to play ps on my desktop or my tablet .. so I can play harvest moon .. hehehe ^_^

    2 years ago
  3. Did someone say video games? I have a lot and I’m just going to say my top five (Series or Game Companies) to keep it short:
    -Any Blizzard Game
    -Any Bethesda Game
    -Any Valve Game
    -Indie Games

    2 years ago
  4. A game I cannot highly recommend enough is Psychonauts. It’s pretty old now, but has been re-released for steam (and possibly for download through XBox Live and the Playstation network, but don’t quote me).
    It’s a laugh out loud awesome adventure game, that pokes fun at itself, and has you going between different worlds, that are actually the inside on fellow psychics brains. So there’s a heap of random things to do.
    When you have to deal with telekenetic bears, 70’s style dance/training studios, and secret agents pretending to be milkmen, you know you’re onto something. Also, getting to be a Godzilla sized creature as you wreck the downtown of a lungfish city is pretty ace!!
    It’s a Tim Schafer creation, from 2005, and worth every second. It has to be one of my favourites.

    3 years ago
  5. You definitely have to play the Fallout 1 and 2 (post-apocalyptic theme)one of the best rpg i’ve played.
    Also don’t miss child of light, a recent rpg for pc that resembles a lot to Chrono Trigger.

    Good old Chrono Trigger, i still have Frog’s Theme as my clock tune!.

    3 years ago
  6. I second the final fantasy tactics. The game is ancient but infinitely replayable and immersive. I even love the old time graphics! Still, my soul is owned by league of legends these days.

    3 years ago
  7. Have you played Legend of Mana or FF Tactics? What about Lufia II? Lufia II is probably one of my top 3 favorite, and definitely one of the best SNES games ever made, in my opinion. If you’ve never played it, try it – it’s a lot like FFVI (or FFIII, depending on how you’re counting). You won’t be disappointed, I promise!

    3 years ago
  8. You’re getting into Zelda? That’s great. Love the selections that you chose, Hyrule Warriors, Wind Waker, both great games. Here’s the thing. You MUST play ‘Ocarina of Time’ to really immerse yourself in the spirit of link. Known by a huge amount of the gaming community as arguably the greatest game of all time (seriously), I personally believe it is pure perfection. The game is, however, quite old but I believe there is a HD remake on the Nintendo DS or something rather. Anyway, trust me, it’s beautiful.

    3 years ago
  9. Hey Simon and Martina :D
    I’m not sure if you have made a video about this before (as I am relatively new to EatYourKimchi), I think you have some points about it on your blog but I would really like it if you could talk about them in more detail in a video. I’m really interested in what the Mannerisms are in Korea for example bowing. (also about formal/informal language – who you would speak it too). Thanks :)

    3 years ago
  10. Most of my favorite games are either really well rated or their part of super famous franchises. I love the Zelda games, Mario Kart, Smash Bros., Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2, Resident Evil 4, Dead Space, Mass Effect, and Madden. There’s one game that I love though that isn’t very well known at all unfortunately, and that’s Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem. This game is absolutely incredible. It’s the best horror game I’ve ever played. The best part of the game is that your character has a sanity bar and once that bar is depleted the game uses “sanity effects.” For example, the game will make it look like a fly landed on your TV screen and is walking around on it. Naturally, you notice it and try to get it to leave the screen. Right about the time you realize that there’s not actually a fly on the screen your character will realize he’s losing his mind and starts screaming. It’s a bone-chilling effect. It’s absolutely brilliant. Unfortunately, it was a Gamecube game that didn’t get a lot of fanfare, so I don’t know how easy it is to find, but I hope every fan of horror games gets to play it one day.

    3 years ago
  11. I like JRPGs very much.
    The games I play or played:
    Pokemon (DS)
    Pokemon Ranger (DS)
    The legend of zelda (Wii or DS)
    Kingdom Hearts (3DS or DS)
    Dragon Quest (DS)
    Inazuma Eleven (DS and 3DS)
    Final Fantasy (DS)
    Professor Layton (DS and 3DS)
    Naruto (DS and Wii)
    Mario Kart (DS)
    Sonic (Wii)
    I think more, but I forget XD

    3 years ago
  12. So, game wise I always played the Pokemon games growing up. I’ve played some of the Zelda as well. I think the first game I ever beat was Dragon Quest 3? If not, probably Pokemon Blue or something. I loved Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance and also enjoyed the Golden Sun games. I definitely tend to be an RPG player – never been big on fighting/shooting/sports games. Right now, though, my favorite games are probably Persona 3&4, Tales of Vesparia (I need to play more Tales games >.> That’s how much I love those games ><

    3 years ago
  13. I’m always so late to these oooops
    I can’t say I play too many video games, but the one’s that I do I get really in to.
    I loved Telltale’s The Walking Dead Game, it’s much more of a story based game though. It’s a lot of choosing dialogue and not so much action, but the story is really beautiful. (infinitely better than the show) There’s a second game being released by episode right now, but I didn’t get so into it like I did the first one.

    Jet Set Radio Future is a really, really great game. It’s for the original xbox and basically you rollerblade around and spray paint different areas of Tokyo to make it your gang’s territory. You race and fight other gangs but the main villain is the police. The graphics are really cool and colorful and it’s just a really fun game without being super difficult (which is good for me because I am AWFUL at video games)

    Eternal Sonata is really good, it’s a jrpg that started off being for xbox360, but it was re-released for ps3 with some extra dungeons and 2 new playable characters. It’s hard to explain the storyline of it while making it sound like a genuinely cool game. Basically you play as character’s in Chopin’s (yes, the old Polish piano composer, that Chopin) dream on his death bed. You even get to play as Chopin himself. You get to fight monsters as Chopin. It’s amazing. Since it’s centered around Chopin, literally everything in the game, all the weapons and names, are related to music so it’s like any major music geek’s wet dream of a game. It gets really cheesy at times and some parts of the story gets slightly preachy, but other than that it’s a really fun game that is challenging at times but not too bad to where I could never beat it (again, awful at video games) and visually the game is so beautiful and colorful.

    Mirror’s Edge is really fun, it’s for the ps3 too. Lot’s of parkour and whatnot idk, I really like it. I could never beat it though because it was too hard for me. (I was told it was a somewhat easy game to beat though- awful at video games)

    Another game I never beat, not because of the difficulty but because I just never found the time to pick it back up again, was Dreamfall: The Longest Journey. I never played The Longest Journey, but I didn’t find myself confused with Dreamfall’s story. It’s an old PC game and the storyline is really interesting. Supposedly there’s a 3rd game being made currently, so I’m super excited and should probably beat it before that happens.

    I love Katamari too though! And I was more interested in Kingdom Hearts’ storyline rather than the actual game, though I did play it a few times. (But never got far wow I am so bad at video games)

    3 years ago
  14. Simon…OCARINA of TIME…The fate of the forest, nay, the world, depends upon thee! And if you like, nay, love it then Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword and I could go on and on (check the avatar people). Thank you for all of the awesome recommendations – my husband and I are such nerds that we bought Ni No Kuni and we don’t even own a PS – I know :(

    3 years ago
  15. Hey guys! I have a question. You know how in English speaking countries people say “excuse me” when they belch and “Bless you” when someone sneezes and stuff like that? Are there equivalents to these phrases in Korea, or do they do something different?

    3 years ago
  16. Hi Martina and Simon!
    I really want to visit Korea one day, but I’m a frail Scandinavian flower *cough* so I don’t handle heat along with high humidity very well. E.g. this year the Danish summer had temperatures between 25 and 30°C some days and I was useless during those days. For people like me, which time of the year would you suggest for going to Korea?

    3 years ago
  17. Hi Simon and Martina!
    I’m planning on studying abroad in Korea next March, and I was wondering if y’all could do a TL;DR on what kinds of gifts I could bring from North America to give as presents to people I meet? Also, what are your suggestions for items that I should pack from North America that aren’t good to get in Korea, and items that I shouldn’t pack because it’s better to get them in Korea? Thank you!

    3 years ago
  18. Oh my gosh! If you haven’t you need to play the Tales series. Tales of Symphonia, Tales of the Abyss, Tales of Vesperia, and the list goes on and on. But they are AMAZING!!!I would definitely recommend Tales of Symphonia over all though. :3

    3 years ago
    • Totally ditto to this!!! I’ve only played Vesparia and watched the gameplay for Xillia but I want to go back and play some of the previous ones. I also suggest the Persona series :D

      3 years ago
  19. What, no OKAMI anyone? That was such a beautiful game! And a very nice cultural tribute to Japanese lore. I could play that that game over and over again…well you have to because of the time travel elements. (^___^)

    Cmon Simon, we’ve seen your gaming skills. Martina beats you every time, god-level san.

    3 years ago
  20. Have you played any of the “tales of”-games Simon? They are wonderful as well!

    3 years ago
  21. That R.Kelly tho

    3 years ago
  22. I remember renting Final Fantasy I for the 8bit Nintendo. They handed me the game and a folder containing the manual and maps and I don’t even remember what else, but it was like nothing I had ever seen. I have so many memories tied to different Final Fantasy games!

    I’d like to give an old school shout out to some cool games: Star Tropics for the 8bit Nintendo and Soul Blazer, Lufia & the Fortress of Doom, Secret of Mana for the 16bit SNES.

    Role playing games are my absolute favorite, but I also LOVE Tomb Raider. Tomb Raider was the only reason I bought a playstation, though I got lots of games for it later.

    I completely agree with your take on Kingdom Hearts, but I do love it. In fact, I named my daughter Kairi.

    BTW Simon – I would totally smoke you in Mario Kart. <– see this period? I don't even need an exclamation point when I make this statement. Its just a fact.

    My Wario and I would make you and your Toad cry.

    3 years ago
  23. Hi, I was wondering if you could do a TLDR about how you feel/think of Kemy’s diss rap?

    3 years ago
  24. YES! GEEK MODE ACTIVATE! LONG POST AHEAD! Okay, admittedly I haven’t played a lot of video games since entering college due to these weird things called responsibilities, but I have a LOT of video games that I grew up on and truly cherish and get all nostalgic about. As a girl gamer I often get weird looks about my love of video games, but who needs those people, right? Right? Lol
    Pokemon series: this was my first introduction to video games, and I thank my dad for it. He had the original Gameboy (not even Color) and I tried playing some of his games but I wasn’t really interested in those, although I did like gaming in general. It was when he got me the Gameboy Color along with Pokemon Blue and Yellow that I was hooked. Since then I have gotten at least one Pokemon game from every generation, and now with the 3DS remakes I am super looking forward to Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.
    Legend of Zelda series: I’ve played A Link to the Past, Wind Waker, Minish Cap, Phantom Hourglass, and Twilight Princess. I love all of them and highly recommend all of them, but my all time favorite is Wind Waker, so I hope you enjoy that for the Wii U!
    Assassin’s Creed series: when I was finally old enough for my parents to buy me more violent games (lol) I tried Assassin’s Creed II and absolutely loved it. Since then I’ve played every game in the series except for the first one, ironically. I think it also helped me pass my AP history exams!
    Kingdom Hearts: I love this series but I’m currently annoyed by all of the remakes, and lack of a KHIII. Harumph.
    Multiplayer games: I only got into some multiplayer games due to my guy friends who love COD and Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart, etc. I like all of these a lot but I don’t own any myself, so I only play at others’ houses.
    And finally, my current obsession! Animal Crossing New Leaf! I absolutely love this series. I had the original for GameCube and I must have clocked several hundred hours on it after school. Since then, I have gotten every installment, but nothing had the same charm to me as the original until ACNL for the 3DS. I absolutely love this series. It may seem mundane and aimless, but it is precisely that lack of a definite end that makes it so interesting. There is always something to do, and I learned a lot from playing it when I was younger. I know way more about bugs and fish and dinosaur fossils than I would have otherwise learned; it also taught me the basics of how loans and saving money works, and how it is important to take care of your money correctly. But most of all, I love how it taught me a lot about community. You form bonds with these silly and adorable animal villagers. You do favors for them, send letters, find gifts for them, etc. As a shy kid, I loved this. You as the player can either build up your community or tear it apart with your actions. It’s an important lesson to learn, I think.

    Okay I’ll shut up now because I can go on for days, but these are some games that I truly love and I hope you would too! :)

    3 years ago
  25. I totally got addicted to skyrim and metal gear solid, but I usually play horror games like amnisia and corpse party…

    3 years ago
  26. Shadow of the Colossus is one of, or maybe even my brother’s favorite game of all time. He would spend hours running around and collecting salamanders(?) for extra grip and he always dreaded doing the water colossus. He liked the super tall one on the giant platform that you had to run up his sword to get to the vital points.

    3 years ago
  27. Wow, so many familiar video games you’ve mentioned that are near and dear to me! I didn’t get into video gaming until recently in my life, as my parents never bought me any consoles growing up except for the GameCube and DS until I started my first job and dove into it. Even with the GameCube and DS, I had heavy parental restrictions on them :P JRPGS have pretty much been the only thing I’ve been playing, and since I’ve been in college I’ve taken to watching walkthroughs as a vicarious way of playing games I don’t have time or money to buy!
    As for video games that I didn’t see mentioned and highly recommend, have you played the Tales of series? Like the million other people who have been recommending it, it really fits the JRPG anime style moniker to a T. You’ll find that the animation budgeting isn’t the highest (not like in Final Fantasy) but the anime-style characters are endearing and there is SO. MUCH. CONTENT. You don’t need a walkthrough to get through it, but there are so many sidequests and bonus dialogue/items/quests that enhance character relationships and stats that you DO need a walkthrough, and multiple playthroughs are a must in order to get everything. The games are generally very long, and have lots of content, and while animation isn’t the most cutting edge quality, the characters themselves make up for it. The slight downside to Tales games is that their plots are generally similar across the board, and you can always expect a character mold to happen, but even then the different elements surrounding the plot make each game unique and refreshing itself. I’d highly suggest trying at least one (Symphonia seems to be the all time fav and Vesperia too, but Vesperia was paid to be an XBox exclusive for the English version. Xillia and Graces f are PS3 as well, all really fun) and then trying more after that!
    Another game I’d suggest, as have others, is Journey on the PS3. It’s a $15 USD game made by third party developers, and it’s a really short and simple but incredibly moving game. There are no voices, just the chiming noises that you and a partner (randomly picked while you’re playing via online connection) of whom you don’t know. It’s magical, getting to play with these people you don’t know but are there to act as your support and go through the journey with you, and you get to see who they are only at the end of the game. The music is great – it was even nominated for a Grammy! You play a character who is on a journey to reach the top of a mountain in a seemingly post-apocalyptic war torn civilization, and the lack of voices plus deep, moving music make it a silent but powerful play. You can finish the game in 2 hours if you go through it without exploration. Graphics, music, story – all of it is just sheer perfection.
    Well, hope you enjoy Child of Light (loved it!) and many more games!

    3 years ago
  28. I’ve been playing video games pretty much my whole life. My mom told me that when she was pregnant with me, she would compete with my dad in Donkey Kong to see who could get the higher score, so I was basically born with a controller in my hand. hahah XD

    First off, I love Final Fantasy, too! It’s definitely my favorite series. As soon as the re-mastered HD version of X/X-2 came out, I pre-ordered that shit ASAP. I started the FF series in middle school by watching my friend play it on the original PS, but didn’t actually get to play for myself until 10 came out on PS2 (cuz I didn’t have a PS1), so it has a special place in my heart as the first FF I played myself and beat. Later on I was able to go back and play earlier games like 7 and 8 for myself. 8 is definitely super amazing, too. I like 7 (and I LOVED Advent Children) but not as much as other people…lol. I also went back to play Tactics, and FF4-6. I own 9 but I didn’t really play it much.

    I also love the Kingdom Hearts series! I haven’t played them all, but I played 1 and 2, and a couple of the DS versions. I really wish I could play them again T_T (no PS2 anymore)

    Dragon Age Origins was AMAZING!!! Seriously, it’s one of my all time favorite games. I am so excited for Inquisition to come out later this year. It’s gonna be awesome.

    I am also playing Child of Light right now! It’s quite good! I love the art style. I didn’t know how I would feel about the narrative being in rhymes but I kind of like it.

    I bought Ni no Kuni after I asked you, Simon, if it was any good when you guys had the pop-up store event. I had heard and seen stuff about it but wanted a first-hand account. It was great in terms of animation and story, but i HATED the fight mechanics. I absolutely hated it. It totally ruined the experience for me and I had to stop playing. As much as I love Ghibli I just couldn’t play that game anymore.

    Another series I played is Assassin’s Creed. I haven’t played Black Flag, but I’ve played the others and I really loved Ezio’s trilogy. SOOOOO GOOOOD!

    I don’t typically play shooters, fighters, or racing games, but I do on occasion when circumstances arise. For example, I, too, am an avid Mario Kart racer and Smash Bros enthusiast. I am not that great at SSB, but I’m pretty good at Mario Kart. I played Mario Kart 8 in an arcade in Akihabara, Japan and it was SO MUCH FUN!

    I could go on and on but I think I have to stop there lol

    3 years ago
  29. Next to Final Fantasy games, I LOVE the Kingdom Hearts games. The handhelds, they remade some of them for ps3. They were good, but not as good as the first. And DID YOU HEAR about the recent rumor that square enix is finally settling in to do the FF7 remake? I mean, these rumors are common, so I can’t believe it 100%, but they say it came directly from an inside source. Who knows. I would love to see it though.

    3 years ago
  30. Don’t mean to spoil the game rant session but I have a TL;DR request. Could you please discuss the K-pop industry like idol training and your feelings on it?

    3 years ago
  31. I used to play a lot more video games when I was younger. Now I don’t play a lot because I just recently (late last year) bought myself a 3ds. That’s all I have. So far my favorite game of all time for the is Fire Emblem: Awakening. If you guys have a 3ds or have the chance, you really should play the game. It has an awesome storyline and I really like the art. It’s all about battling & strategy. You can pair people up for the battles, choose what they take into battle, and even change their class (for most of the characters). I might be a bit obsessed with leveling up. o.o The highest level each person can get is level 20. When I hit it with my character, and it said max, I was like O.O they really made a max level? Found out, if you have a Master Seal, you can change that class (have to be above level 10) to an advanced class, and that gives you a chance to level your characters up more-only to 20 though.

    Besides that, I grew up with Playstation (mainly 1, and we still have it back home) and Sega and my cousin had a Gamecube. For Playstation, my cousin and I were obsessed with the different racing games. The one was super hard on two-player and we would spend hours to get past the first 4 races of the championship. We only moved on like 2 or 3 times. I think it was one of the Test Drive games. We also had Test Drive Offroad 3 which was way better in terms of being able to actually get anywhere. We also had Driver 1 and 2 which were only fun when we took turns on single player. We also LOVED the Spyro games. We had the first 3. The third one (Spyro: Year of the Dragon) was by far the best one. We completed it and played it so many times.

    On the Sega we mainly played Sonic. It was one of my favorite games. There was also this Mickey Mouse game that we played 2 player on, and we kicked ass at that game.

    For the Gamecube, we mainly played Animal Crossing. It’s fun and we might have used to be rich because we all went on it and stuff. I ended up getting Animal Crossing: New Leaf for my 3ds. It’s pretty fun but the time stuff sucks when things close because I’m normally not able to play it until at night.

    When I go to visit my cousins, I end up playing their PS3 or Wii (mainly Wii Sports or something) a lot. I really like Assassin’s Creed, any of them, really and play that a lot when I’m there. I’ve also played Skyrim when I’m there but I’m not there enough to actually get into it, especially because we do other things than play video games. There’s also this one game that I can’t remember what it’s called. You are some sort of like stuffed animal/doll/stitched up things…it’s fun with two people. There are the obstacles and stuff. I think Planet is in the name?

    I really don’t like xbox that much. The only thing I really did on their xbox and enjoyed it a lot was Minecraft. xD

    Of course, we also grew up with Pokemon. I think that’s common nowadays. I have Pokemon Y for my 3ds but I haven’t played it much because when I got it, I ended up getting reaaaaally busy. And then I bought a new game because it sounded awesome (and it is–Fire Emblem). I’ve also thought about getting one of the Shin Megami Tensei games. I think it’s the 4th one for the 3ds?

    3 years ago
  32. I love Final Fantasy! If you want to play a visually stunning game with a beautiful story, then play Journey. It’s an absolutely beautiful game, and after that play Flow. YOU MUST!

    3 years ago
  33. I made an account just to comment. Thank you for making this video and sharing your love of video games with us. I started my love for gaming from Final Fantasy too, but I started a bit later with FFVIII. Only after beating the game did I go back to play and beat FFVII. I’ve tried my hand at playing a game from the Kingdom Hearts series. I like the gameplay and all, but until now I can’t fathom the convoluted storyline.

    Since you like JRPG, I’d like to suggest you check out “Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4”. The original game is an RPG game for the PS2, but they also released a new version with extra characters and scenes for the PS VITA, called “Persona 4 Golden”. I myself have only played the PS2 version, but I really like it and I’ve heard that this is the best game in the series. There is a fighting game rip-off, but I won’t talk about it since it’s technically not an RPG.

    Other RPGs that I encourage you to try are Tomb Raider & Sleeping Dogs. Tomb Raider needs no introduction. The recent re-boot is very enjoyable to play. Sleeping Dogs, despite the funny name, has quite a good story: you play an undercover cop infiltrating the Hong Kong gangster clan (or what I simply call the Chinese Mafia).

    Other great games to try: Batman Arkham Origins, Batman Arkham City, Batman Arkham Asylum, Hitman.

    If you feel like trying out a Strategy game, I recommend Civilization V (PC).

    Again, great video. I hope Martina gets better soon.

    3 years ago
  34. We have a really similar taste in JRPG’s (FF7 was also my first, now I love them in general). That bit in 7 when you finally leave Midgar and get on to the world map just blew my mind. I couldn’t believe how big the game was! I remember my jaw dropping because I was so amazed! out of interest, have you enjoyed the FF13 games as much, seeing that ‘level grinding’ doesn’t really exist in the same form as before??

    Have you ever played Okami? Because you really should! It is the most freaking beautiful game EVER. Not to memention, the story line is fantastic and the mechanics are original. Seriously, check it out. It’s my fave game ever, I think, and it really needs more love!!

    3 years ago
  35. I quite agree with you Simon Dragon Age: Origins is one of my favorite games, so naturally I wanted to play its sequel, but all I got was a huge let down. I mean in the first game you are allowed to pick between three races, but in DA2 your stuck being a human. Plus no matter what choices you made the outcome would still be the same save a little differentiation in dialogue; don’t even get me started on the reusing of the same dungeons. All in all I think the game could have been better executed. Though what I’m seeing so far with Dragon Age: Inquisition I don’t think you will be disappointed.

    Also if you enjoyed Final Fantasy Tactics have you ever played any of the Fire Emblem series? Its a strategy based game, the most recent one is Fire Emblem Awakening which came out for the 3DS. I personally recommend it; though I’m more of an RPG girl myself this was one of the few strategy games I enjoyed.

    3 years ago
  36. Hyrule Warriors isn’t a “pure” zelda game since it’s based off Dynasty Warriors, so it won’t be like the others. (just warning you!) However, I would definitely recommend Wind Waker as well as Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword, and if you’re willing to put up with the graphics, Majora’s Mask and Ocarina of Time are classics. These are the Zelda games that really struck me as beautiful and I got much more into the story in these than in the hand-held games. I’m not saying Phantom Hourglass was bad–I’m saying that if you liked PH you’re really going to enjoy Wind Waker. :)

    Another recommendation would be…Chain of Memories (for Gameboy). What I loved the most about the game was the gameplay. The fights are so fast paced! The moves and your moveset are based off a deck of cards! And everything is pixel-y and adorable! And did I mention you get to play as kid-Riku??? (not angsty-Riku???)
    Sorry, one last thing (no actually two things):Chibi-robo (for Gamecube) is a really touching and quirky game that deserves more attention, and Kirby and the Amazing Mirror is really fun to play with other people and has great music.
    That’s it I’m done I promise!

    3 years ago
  37. I highly recommend playing Secret of Mana. I grew up watching my brother play JRPGs, and when he went off to boarding school, I commandeered his PS and began my journey and addiction into Final Fantasy, Chrono Cross, Legend of the Dragoon, Soul Calibur, and Kingdom Hearts. I recently started using an emulator app to play old SNES classics. I remember watching my brother play Secret of Mana as a kid, and I have replayed it myself and absolutely love it. I played the DS version too, which isn’t bad either. I actually am in the same boat as Simon, and am slowly but surely covering my body with gamer tattoos. I have sailor moon moogles and tuxedo chocobo, and I just got my Secret of Mana Tattoo of Flammie the dragon and the main characters flying. I am planning on getting another SOM tattoo and a Chrono Trigger tattoo, and potential a Chrono Cross tattoo… and probably a lot more. I think it’s rad cool that you enjoy pretty much the exact same genre of RPGS as I do. I recommend trying to play any games by Quantic Dream. They are amazingly beautiful. I have started with Beyond Two Souls, and I have Heavy Rain, which has a beautiful score too it. The control in beyond two souls are a bit iffy for me, but that could be because I have tiny ass asian hands. Okay that’s all of my rambling! :D

    3 years ago
  38. Final Fantasy is one of those series where if I’d played them as a child, I think I would be a big fan of them. Instead I grew up playing Zelda and Mario. I suppose sometime in the future I’ll get round to playing a FF game. ngl I really love the art style of the series. And I wanna play KH too! A zelda game I recommend playing is Majora’s Mask. It’s a direct sequel to Ocarina of time but you don’t have to play Oot before playing MM cos Oot is looooong. Heck all zelda games are long! But you can play MM without playing OoT, the storyline to MM is completely different to the overall concept of a zelda game. It’s so different it’s considered the black sheep of the series. But it’s a really fun and intense black sheep! Also your mario kart comment, I beg to differ so I challenge thee to a race! >:)

    3 years ago
  39. Tia

    Hey Simon and Martina! I was just wondering, since you guys travel in between Canada and Korea to visit your families often, Do you find it easy now to get the best rates on flights and how do you go about finding the best times to travel? I’d like to plan a holiday to Korea sometime in the future but there are so many options. x__x What do you guys recommend? Thanks in advance~ P.S. you’re both looking fabulous! Best of luck with the coffee shop!

    3 years ago
  40. SIMON YOU ONLY TALKED ABOUT METAL GEAR FOR LIKE 0.1 SECONDS. It is probably my absolute favourite video game series of all time; you can’t just tease us like that! What was your favourite of the series? I haven’t played Rising: Revengence either, but MGS1 and MGS2 are probably my favourite because I just have so many memories of failing so badly at stealth and having my brain screwed around with the plot lines. I actually really love the Metal Gear plots– you can tell that the creator, Hideo Kojima, is a big cinephile. He just loves those climatic plot-twists.

    MGS3 was also so much fun because you just CQC’d the crap out of all your enemies. Nothing felt sweeter than getting a full alert, then five minutes later scooting away from a pile of unconscious bodies. Did you play Ground Zeroes? I actually had a wicked fun time with it but was (as many people were) disappointed with the length of the story of the game. I replayed it several times already and think I’ve gotten used enough to the new controls/mechanics (gotta love abusing the HELL out of that helicopter). Really I just want the full-length Phantom Pain out soon. I was never a huge Big Boss fan since I grew up with Solid Snake, but the story looks so dark and depressing it might take my place as new favourite in the game.

    ALSO PROPS FOR REMEMBERING LEGEND OF DRAGOON I’ve probably met only one person (aside from my brother) who has played that game before and that shit was really fun. LAVITZZZZZZZZ

    3 years ago
  41. I am personally not a huge gamer, mainly since I suck really bad at combat and using a controller- BUT that didn’t stop me from playing a bunch of awesome single player games in college with my friends. (We would all try and figure out the puzzles together, and switch controls after each level). So together we played Shadow of the Colossus, which is the prequel to Ico. You really should play it if you like Shadow it’s sooooooooo goooooooooood. Ico takes place in the same universe about 100 years after Shadow of the Colossus and it is also SUPER PRETTY and really puzzely. It is one of my all time favorite video games.

    3 years ago
    That was my partner asking you good sir. Also, all your claims about MK and Smash Bros. sound like a challenge. There needs to be competitions or something to verify these claims.

    Oh, and please go back and play Legend of Zelda. I recommend pretty much any game starting with Ocarina of Time (DUH) or Link To The Past, but if I had to choose one that is a must play *besides* those two it would have to be TWILIGHT PRINCESS. PLEASE DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND PLAY TWILIGHT PRINCESS. That game is beautiful and that story…. it hits you in them feels….. :’)

    3 years ago
  43. Have you ever tried some POKEMON? My favorite was White 2, the story was really reallycool (I didn’t play Black or White, but I know the story is also really good… oh… the past <3)

    3 years ago
  44. Rei

    My very first video game was the first Kingdom Hearts followed quickly by Final Fantasy X. I also tend to play more JRPGs than any other type of game. I would recommend playing the HD remixes of Kingdom Hearts for the PS3 because they combine all of the other games and will help understand what’s happening.

    I’m also super into the Legend of Zelda games, which I HIGHLY recommend. If you have a wii, you should also pick up Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword. Also, there’s this one game I haven’t played, but I watched a playthrough and it was just GORGEOUS. It’s called Journey, and I think you guys would really enjoy it if you liked Child of Light. Okami is also a pretty good game (PS2).

    As for handhelds, there are sooooo many underrated games I could give, but to name a few, I really liked The World Ends With You, Avalon Code, and Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor. (I can probably list a lot more, but I can’t remember them right now…)

    I’ve always wanted to play Shadow of the Colossus because so many friends had recommended it, but I think I will def. go out of my way to get a PS2 copy of it since I’m broke and don’t have a PS3 or PS4 *sobs*

    3 years ago
  45. I remember playing Crash Badicoot and Spyro when I was about 4 yrs. I didnt get to play video games because my hands were too small to fit a controller but I used to watch my sisters play and I remember Ape Escape, Jak and Daxter. Final Fantasy and Metal Gear were like my parents! I remember them the most. one I understood video games a bit more when I was like 6 I played Kingdom Hearts which is my favorite game ever! Kingdom Hearts helped me expand my imagination and it was a comfort When I was stressed or bullied. I know its cheesy but I have really good memories with Kingdom Hearts. I’ve played almost every game and I’m so glad I understand the story! other than the childhood games Final Fantasy 12 is my favorite FF. Yuna Is my favorite FF character of all FF! but I’ve also played Bioshock, Assassins Creed Fallout 3 and New Vegas, Mass Effect, Dead Space, Metal Gear, Resident Evil Jak 2, any Sims game! I can go on! Katamari I actually have ALL OF THEM! We Love Katamari is my favorite. I mean C’mon We Love Katamari! the love is in the title! Im actually glad I’m not the only one that just grew up with a playstation. that was all we had and could afford but I still have wonderful memories! thanks for the video it was awesome!

    3 years ago
  46. I grew up on final fantasy. I would stay up late every night and play on my play station. I would do the exact same thing simon, I wouldn’t advance in the game until I capped out every ability for each character. I played final fantasy 11 I really liked it. There were lots of glitches and bugs to work out in the beginning stages but playing and leveling with people around the world was an awesome experience. I would recommend you try it at least once. We would also play on our Nintendo 64 perfect dark or golden eye 007 shooter game. Having 4 players in a area fight either playing king of the hill or catch the briefcase was always a great time. Plus on 007 if you chose
    Odd job you were shorter than everyone else so you could shoot people from behind and they never had enough time to lock
    On you with the target to aim down. Hahaha. We also had a Sega so I played sonic the hedgehog , my fav char was tails because he could fly just incase you miscalculated a jump and were going to fall. It was also tons of fun when you would find the bonus levels and would walk across this globe and only hit the blue… Or red balls can’t remember but the further you got the faster you went. It was pretty much like being inside a pin ball machine once it got going. Me and my brothers also played duck hunt on the old Nintendo with the gun. My parents told us to throw it out but we never did hahaha we played in secret . For 1st person fighting games I was pretty good with tekken. I would play that for hours, give me eddy or Nina and I could kick your butt. My favorite move with Nina was bitch slapping people hahaha.

    3 years ago
  47. <3 Kingdom Hearts. KH:3DS was soooo fun. And you get to play as Riku AND Sora. Tales of Symphonia and Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World are really fun games. Though I would suggest getting Tales of Symphonia Chronicles for the PS3 (has both games) rather than buying both games for the GameCube. Unless you'd rather play both games on the GameCube. :) I also like Tales of Vesperia. And Harvest Moon. ALL of the Harvest Moon games. Don't ask me how many there are, because I'm not completely sure. Animal Parade is probably my favorite, though. In Harvest Moon, you play as a male or female (depending which game you buy; some you can choose which gender you play as where others are strictly male or strictly female). Your character owns a farm, so you have your character plant crops, take care of animals, etc. And you give gifts to people. If you give gifts to people of the opposite gender who are eligible, you can marry them by giving them a blue feather. Yes, a blue feather. Idk how that indicates marriage, but apparently it does. There isn't really action in the Harvest Moon games (unless you get Rune Factory which is practically the same thing). Animal Crossing can be fun, too. It also isn't action-packed. :P Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is a reeeeeeally fun game. It has TONS of action (as opposed to the last few games I've mentioned). A couple of things I like about this game: You make your character. You can be male or female. You can be an Elf (not one of them cheery Christmas elves; more like a Lord of the Rings or World of Warcraft Elf). There are a bunch of different weapons you can use. You can specialize in Might, Finesse or Sorcery. Or a combination. Ooh, and CHAKRAMS. You can fight with CHAKRAMS. You said you played Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2. Think of Axel's fiery spinning weapons. You can use those. Though they might be frost or lightning chakrams instead. So so fun. It's kinda like World of Warcraft, only you don't have to pay $15 every month for an account. And it's not an MMO. Just an RPG.
    I can't think of anything else at the moment. Ooh, and Murdered: Soul Suspect is a pretty good game (though I haven't beat it yet).

    3 years ago
  48. I also love Chrono Trigger! … And apparently so did people at my highschool because every-time I got a copy of it for my DS someone would always steal it. :( Anyway, if you like Kiingdom Hearts you shoudl try out The World Ends With You. It was originally made for the DS but that version has been out of print for years. Luckily you have an iPad, so you can get the iOS port.

    3 years ago
  49. Oh Simon. Your geek level on this is just too precious! I wish I had as epic of a list for you as I did for Martina but 1- I’m a casual gamer..like..twice a year I may play a game; 2 – I mainly play the 360; and 3 – we have very different tastes.

    I really like puzzle slash and hack games like God of War, Bayonetta and the Batman Arkham series. I’m not very good at strategy but having to learn where to put something or button mashing (yes, I admit my sin) til I win is just greatness.

    Anyway! Thanks for sharing! Hope the other nasties out there can be more helpful than I am.

    3 years ago
  50. Simon, Oh my god, you I and have exactly the same taste in video games. I’m gonna suggest the Tales of series to you. I think you would really like them.

    3 years ago
  51. Oh my goodness! I loved the manga topic but I definitely am way more excited that you did a video game tl;dr. When I was a kid, I was the only girl in my neighborhood that played video games. No joke. I got picked on a lot for it. And we were the only house that got a 64 when it first came out so we were the place to be on the weekends. And the first game I ever played on my own without watching someone else first was Ocarina of Time. The Zelda series is my all time favorite and there is only one that I don’t care for. (I’m talking about you Spirit Tracks) But if you like hand held games you HAVE to play A Link Between Worlds. It’s the newest in the series I believe but it has that nostalgic feel like you’re playing the classic games for the gameboy. But Hyrule Warriors, though it looks magnificent and I can’t wait, isn’t really part of the Legend of Zelda series. It’s just a Dynasty Warriors remake with Zelda characters. If you like Skyrim, then Twilight Princess is perfect for your first main game Legend of Zelda. It’s my absolute favorite in the whole series and I recommend that and Ocarina of Time to anyone who is just getting into it. However, Skyward Sword is a bit more fun because you play it like you’re actually using a sword. Oh man, I can ramble about Legend of Zelda for hours.

    As for the other games, Metal Gear Solid was a game my brother and I fought over to play for years. And Kingdom Hearts has one of the best storylines I’ve ever seen. I’ve always tried to get into Final Fantasy, but I never finish any of them. I suppose it’s because I always get the urge to play them right before I get busy with real life. Skyrim is great, but Oblivion will always have a place in my heart.

    Have you guys ever played Harvest Moon? Or Tales of Symphonia? A lot of my friends loved those and they were fun to watch. Oh, and of course Pokemon.

    3 years ago
  52. If you ever feel like doing a livechat while streaming some video games, I suspect that’d be something people would be interested in, if only as a fun one-off. (via Twitch or something? I don’t know.)

    3 years ago
  53. We are very similar in our gaming taste. I’m also not into FPS or racing games. I played FF 8,9,10,10-2,12,13, & 13-2. I was only able to beat 10-2 and 13 though, school and responsibilities got in the way. I tend to get stuck and just give up more than half way through. Maybe I should do more level grinding like you! I loved Kingdom Hearts, never got to the sequel though. I loved Skyrim, although it makes me jump like no other with dragons coming out of nowhere. That’s another game that I unfortunately got stuck in a dungeon and couldn’t get out cause I couldn’t beat the boss. I played A LOT of Guild Wars in high school. Loved that game like no other. Played a bit of Guild Wars 2, got to max level and started having computer issues every time I played it. I’m also a huge fan of the Sims games. Probably not up your alley, but Sims 4 will be out in September. Civilization V was also a really awesome game. I can’t wait for the space version that comes out this fall as well. I’ve always wanted to get into the Zelda games, but never had the right systems or money. Prince of Persia was also a really awesome game. One that I actually beat. There were a couple games you mentioned that I didn’t know. I’ll have to check them out. My boyfriend is really into games as well. He’s currently playing Child of Light too. Our “bonding” game is Rayman: Legends. Awesome two player game. Do you think FF7 is worth going back to play or do you think the graphics will be too old to stand? Do they have a remastered version?

    3 years ago
  54. Aww man I want to play child of light but they don’t have it for mac. I would recommend “the world ends with you”, it’s an awesome game for the ds with amazing art. I also love the Phoenix Wright series as well as the Professor Layton. I think Ragnarok was one of my prime online games back in the day as well as gunbound.

    3 years ago
  55. I don’t play a lot of video games but when I was in high school i would play SmashBros and Super Mario kart on Wii. When i was a lot younger I would just sit and watch for hours as my older sister and brother would play their playstation and nintendo 64. They would play twisted metal, Mario bros and lot of other games. Being the baby of the family wasn’t allowed to play but I had fun watching them. This was a cool topic.

    3 years ago
  56. I’d like to recommand the Tales of’s series ~ it’s JRPG and all of the games are really awesome !!! In fact, I played Tales of Symphonia 6 times and I’m completing a 7th one hahahahaha
    I wish I could explain more about them but French gaming words and English ones are probably different, I don’t know them D:

    3 years ago
  57. We are gaming soul mates. Seriously. If, at any time, I was required give a presentation on how to do something or simply introduce a topic…it was playstation, baby. One of my speeches in high school was how to hook up a playstation, which, I followed up with kicking newb butt using Ling Xiaoyu.

    3 years ago
    • I was so excited that I did not proofread this. My bad. Simon, you and my hubby are one in the same. You both love, and have the loved, the EXACT same games and gaming franchises. You should probs hang out, drink beer, and play vids.

      3 years ago
  58. I wonder if they have played Hatoful Boyfriend. . .Hmmmmm. . .

    3 years ago
    • Ha, I bet they’d love that. I’m eagerly awaiting the Steam release of it currently…

      3 years ago
  59. The Souls series. Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls, Dark Souls II. Dooo eeeet.

    3 years ago
    • I know I’m a bit late on this.. BUT(!!): I can only agree here! Dark Souls is such a perfect game!! Gorgeous looking, the atmosphere is great. It is quite hard but incredibly rewarding at the same time! Hands down the best rpg I can think of! You should def pickit up Simon! :)

      3 years ago
  60. I’m not sure I really have the authority (?) to contribute because I mainly watch let’s plays of games as opposed to actually playing the game (mostly to save money) but:

    Lately I’ve been really into freeware jrpg-style horror games; games such as Ib, the Witch’s house, Mad Father, the Crooked Man, Ao Oni, etc. And, though it’s not a horror game, To the Moon is by far one of my favourite games so far!

    As a child, my favourite game was MapleStory but it’s evolved so much that I hardly recognize it anymore… But I do remember absolutely hating grinding. How do you guys put up with it??

    3 years ago
  61. Tetris and otome games are definitely my favorite games! KINGDOM HEARTS FTW!!!

    3 years ago
  62. Oh, Simon you’re so funny. I’m so glad this video finally went up. I’ve been curious about which games are your favorites. I’m sad that you hated Dragon Age 2 so much although I wonder if that’s because you’re such a level grinder. I’m not one of those people. I’m pretty much a player for the story line and leveling is just too much work. I loved it but maybe it’s because I played it before I played DA: Origins. I’m currently playing that game and I’m not really enjoying myself it seems like a lot of work. I’m not really enjoying it. The different story lines and gameplay are awesome though. I think you should definitely try the mass effect series those are some awesome games. I also like the Assassin’s Creed games. Those are not shooters and I think they have a very interesting story lines. The Portal games are also games that you should try if you haven’t played them and you like puzzle games. They are awesome. Although, if you pretty much stick to JRPGs you might not like anyone of the ones I mentioned.

    3 years ago
  63. Did you play the game ‘Rule of Rose’? It’s on the dark side and it’s heavy in symbolism. That game stays with you for a while and banned in some countries D :

    3 years ago
  64. I am unbeatable at Mario Kart 64 (with Toad, of course) but I seem to suck at all other Mario Kart games. Maybe it’s just because I’ve had 17 years of training on the 64…

    3 years ago
  65. If you like Dragon Age you should definitely try Mass Effect, also made by BioWare. I don’t really like shooters either so I put off playing the series opting for DAO instead but the games are SO GOOD and the story pulls you in so deeply. There are three games (with a fourth on the way!) and I binged played them back to back because I just couldn’t stop.

    3 years ago
  66. I am not that much of a gamer BUT I do have one game that I love – “Heroes of Might and Magic”. Unfortunately, I couldn’t finish the latest one. I played so hard that it fried my computer…… I’m immersed in grief.

    3 years ago
  67. The perfect games for you Simon are the PERSONA series. Without a doubt PERSONA 4 GOLDEN on the vita is a must play for anyone who loves JRPG’s or any gamer in general. You will not regret it, and i’m almost positive you’ll add SOMEONE from persona onto your arm tattoo that youre planning hahaha

    3 years ago
  68. Another visually stunning game is the Drawn series. In the first one (Drawn: The Painted Tower), a little girl named Iris is locked in a tower and the player has to rescue her.


    3 years ago
  69. I only had a PC when I was growing up so most of my favourite games are PC. A friend had a Nintendo 64 so I got to play Mario Kart, Mario Party and Goldeneye and I think when I was really little I remember playing on an Atari console with the joy stick (dating myself there a bit)

    The following games are brilliant and made me a happy child
    Abe’s Oddysee
    Abe’s Exoddus
    Baldur’s Gate series
    Icewind Dale series
    Nancy Drew series
    Doom 1 & 2 (my dad has still not forgiven me for telefragging him when I was 5)
    Myst series
    Duke Nukem 1, 2 & 3D
    Eye of the Beholder I,II & III
    anything by Amanita Design, Colibri Games and Daedalic Entertainment I will devour (Botancula, Machinarium, the Tiny Bang story, The Inner World are all amazing and you should give a go if you like Child of Light cause they’re all beautifully drawn with amazing soundtracks)

    I also loved the following educational games
    Where in the world is carmen sandiego
    where in time is carmen sandiego
    treasure mathstorm
    gizmos and gadgets
    zoombini’s logical journey
    albert’s house
    bit bot’s maths voyage

    Also I will give a cookie to anyone else who has played Mystic Towers. If you never played it I HIGHLY recommend getting DOSbox and playing it – It was a game released in Australia in 1994 and you are an old wizard who is trying to save villages from the towers that have sprung up that are full of traps and evil things. He is like Gandalf, if Gandalf was constantly high, picks his nose, scratches his butt, gets drunk on the job and walks around in a green robe with no underwear.

    horaay to anyone who got to the end of my comment :) TL;DR play Mystic Towers

    3 years ago
  70. Growing up, I loved the Super Mario series (the third one was my favorite), Sonic the Hedgehog, Tetris and Toejam and Earl.

    Nowadays, I like hidden object/puzzle games. I am a huge fan of the Dark Parables series. It was inspired by the comic book series Fables. Each game in the series (there are seven, so far) focuses on a specific fairy-tale, so they have titles like The Curse of Briar Rose and The Red Riding Hood Sisters. The player plays as the Fairy-tale Detective who is dispatched to exotic locations to investigate reports of disturbances of suspected/confirmed fairy tale-nature. I actually discovered the third game (The Rise of the Snow Queen) before I realized it was a series.

    Towards the end of each game, and after the end credits, there are always hints about what fairy-tale will be featured in the next game.

    Preview of Rise of the Snow Queen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1hS81Ub2hc

    3 years ago
  71. If you like grinding and JRPGs AND you own a vita, you have to try Persona 4 Golden!! Best gaming experience I’ve had in recent memory.

    3 years ago
  72. ‘Okami’ is just, yes. You need it in your life, so freakin much. If you like a good story paired with great art, as i think you do with the Final fantasy brand, you’ll love okami. The gameplay is kind of like a dream, it’s one of my favorite games ever. And they have it on the Wii :D

    If you like the single player games I would reccomend ‘Alice: Madness Returns.’ It has a beautiful, if slightly twisted storyline. And the artwork holy cow it’s amazing!

    3 years ago
  73. I doubt that you whup ass in mario kart 8 and super smash!. I’m a bit sad that you didn’t mention(or play) any of the Tales game. It’s like the real time fighting version of FF. Or sonic…or crash bandicoot, or spyro the dragon… or borderlands… or bioshock…

    3 years ago
    • I only recently got into tales of Xillia, and it was great! So much better than ffxiii-2 which was a mess. The storyline and the voice acting was lovely :)

      3 years ago
  74. -begins to type- “my fav games are kingdoms hearts and dragon age- EYK WHY U STEAL MY FAV GAMES?!

    3 years ago
  75. Sorry for the duplicate comments. It won’t let me delete one. ‘^^

    3 years ago
  76. Oh man, I have to say some of my favourites (I watch Let’s Players, I don’t game myself…. I follow quite diligently though, and if I were actually adept at gaming and didn’t such so much at it, I would definitely play them) are Journey (a game on the play station) is absolutely gorgeous and breath taking, with it’s simple game play and story, just a stunner. Heavy Rain is another, for it’s intriguing story line and various characters you play, it’s an amazing game. Bioshock Infinite was such a visual delight and the game play and powers looked great to play (if only I didn’t suck so much QQ) and oh man the story and characters was great! Another game that was just killer from last year was The Last of Us, again gameplay and story, visuals, characters, everything was absolutely lovely. One last one is The Cat Lady, the art style is unique and eerie and oh boy is this game ever dark… it’s an amazing narrative though, and just so engaging. It’s a little slow in the hospital bit in the beginning, but beyond that it’s just astonishing. For a light and sweet game with charming art and lovely music, Botanicula is a game I was actually able to play. A point and click puzzle game, everything about it was adorable and endearing, characters, music, puzzles, all of it amazing~! Anyways, those are some of my favourites, I do hope you get to check them out at some point!

    3 years ago
  77. I LOVE video games, and Skyrim is actually the game that really got me in to gaming. Fallout 3 is fantastic and I am so super excited for Fallout 4 (even though the only thing they’ve announced about it is where it is going to take place). My all time favorite game is a first person assassination game called Dishonored. It is a phenomenal game with a great story (though it can be a little depressing) and I love how it gives you the option to be good or bad. Every time I mention it to a fellow gamer, they never seem to know what it is. It’s a great game, but no one really knows about it. It’s definitely worth looking in to.

    As a girl gamer, I always feel like I have to prove that I know video games. It’s really irritating. It is funny, however, when I mention that I’m a gamer to guys. For example, in the dorms during my freshmen year of college, my neighbor was this guy who was nice, but we didn’t really talk a lot. One day, he asked me what I was going to do for the weekend and I mentioned that I was going to play video games. His eyes lit up and he started asking me about the games I play. Then he gave me his number and said that we should hang out more. Though it is entertaining, I don’t mention it to a lot of guys because I don’t want to sound like I’m just trying to get attention, which I’m not.

    3 years ago
  78. I wasn’t much of a gamer growing up but the games I loved playing were: Spyro, Final Fantasy 10-2, Mortal Kombat, Mario,Pokemon Stadium, Gundam (don’t remember which one^^’) and Kingdom hearts. The game I’m working on now is Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days and I would have to say that I’m obsessed with this game cause I could play it all day without stopping. xD

    3 years ago
  79. You didn’t play ANY Sonic games at all Simon? I figured SEGA was still a big thing when you were a wee lad. SEGA was already pretty dead when I actually started gaming (but I did have a time when I was obsessed for a short while)

    As for me, I got into video games at a young age because my parents had an interest in them. Both my mom and my dad owned a original Nintendo (and later a Super Nintendo), Atari, and playstation. I remember when I was younger my mom bought herself a ps2 and a few games. Kingdom hearts was one of them. That is why I am a die hard fan today. When my mom struggled to find time to play it, I would pick up the controller and play it for her. KH is very nostalgic in my eyes. My mom also bought a game called Oakage Shadow King, which was a very quirky and long forgotten RPG game that I picked up in replacement of my mother. Its sad how my parents stopped playing games. Now every time I try to get my mom to play a game she complains about the camera moving too fast that it makes her sick lol. She still plays some Nintendo games like Mario Kart 8 and Mario Party with us though. And shes a real fan of Animal Crossing, its adorable!

    3 years ago
  80. No Street fighter!? :o and Simon you should start a gameplay series!!!

    3 years ago
    • Yeah, I played a bit of Street Fighter. Mostly just 2 and Turbo, though. I wasn’t that great. I always had trouble doing SHOYUKENS!

      3 years ago
  81. I’m not much of a gamer, but I remember playing Ready 2 Rumble ALL the time. I also played Sly Cooper and Diddy Kong a lot too.

    3 years ago
  82. Simon, I literally made an account (with Kairi as the Avatar) with the sole purpose of commenting on this about Kingdom Hearts.

    Kingdom Hearts II was so confusing because they purposely left out so much info so that they could keep us satisfied with side games until KHIII could be released. I would definitely recommend playing all of them! Kingdom Hearts 1 is still my favorite, like you, but seriously there are some close competitors in the side games…

    I’d think about buying the 1.5 HD Remix of Kingdom Hearts 1 Final Mix, re:Chain of Memories, and all of the cutscenes from Days! Personally, I’d also play Days for the DS, but if that’s not a plan of yours, then this game for the PS3 is amazing. 2.5 HD Remix is coming out later in the year which has KH2 Final Mix, Birth By Sleep, and the cut scenes from re:Coded. Then, you’ll have the entire series minus one game (Dream Drop Distance) for the PS3 and you’ll be up to date! If you have time, I’d definitely recommend playing Days and Coded instead of just watching the cut scenes because they’re pretty fun games! I was super into Days the latest time I played it.

    Then, of course if you have a 3DS, I would get Dream Drop Distance. I am obsessed with this game and I replay it all the time. It’s a seriously amazing game, and it most closely resembles what will be the battle mechanics for 3. It also sets up the entire story line of 3 and recaps the series for you!

    I’d recommend playing all the games, honestly, but hey, it’s up to you. If you’d rather just learn a bit about what’s going on with KH and the plot, there is an awesome Kingdom Hearts Timeline video on YouTube I’d check out! (http://youtu.be/xm-NoyqzGkY) It wraps up everything pretty nicely if you have no interest in getting the other games. Also I’d check out r/KingdomHearts on Reddit or the Kingdom Hearts Wiki to really get a grasp on the story! It’s still kinda confusion, but it’s definitely more enjoyable to figure out and think about when you know all about it.

    As you can see, Kingdom Hearts is by far my favorite game and my favorite series. I’m even a Kairi cosplayer!

    If you can, I’d love it if you let me know what your plans are about the other side games (or getting the HD remixes) and even if you’re excited for Kingdom Hearts 3! Let me know if you get the chance because I’d love to know!

    3 years ago
    • lol I like your explanation better than mine,

      So… I was wondering what was your first KH game you played?

      3 years ago
      • Me or Simon?

        But for me, I got Kingdom Hearts 1 when it was first released! So I have been playing since release day!

        3 years ago
  83. Growing up my favorite games were:

    Double Dragon
    Street fighter
    Mortal Combat
    Final Fantasy VII

    I just realized that they may have been by favorite because I use to play them with my brother. My brother would drag me with him to the arcade so he could play video games and I use to hold his quarters. He never really needed them because he won a lot. Years later when Play station came out, i would come home from school and watch my bro and his friends play. Sometimes they let me play and one of his friends would get back because i would cheese him into a corner in Street fighter. They doubted I could play because I was a girl, lol. When I won, they cut me out of the loops, because of their pride.

    As i got older I became a member of the cult of Sims. I have had just about every single version of the sims.
    – The Sims and all the expansion packs
    – The Sims 2 and all the expansions packs
    – The Urbz
    – the GBA version of the sims
    – the Sims online
    – gamecube version of the sims pets
    – The sims free play on iOS and Android
    – The Sims 3 and I think only 3 expansions packs.

    I can’t wait to see what is new in The Sims 4. Now these days, most of the games I play come from Steam, iOS, or Android.

    3 years ago
  84. Ada

    I am more into the RPG than anything else, theres a few racing games I like and a tiny amount of shooter games (I really suck at shooters, and get freaked out/mad at them really easy unless I play with friends). Now I actually did not grow up with Video Games, I was a weird child who did Renaissance Faires when I wasn’t pulled out of my school day for them, and a lot of my spare time, was either Pokemon, Yuigho, playing with my toys, or prep for Faire xD

    These are the non-handheld games I like:

    Halo (when played with friends): I actually enjoy the game and still have the original X-Box and Halo 1, but I do not like this game when I have no one to play it with. (Preferably people who know what to do, which isn’t hard to do in my case)

    Dragon Age: Origins :This is the only Dragon Age game I’ve been able to play, but I freaking love it. I will play that game over and over and over just to try and do something different with my character relationships. My absolute favorite way to play is as a Female Rogue Free-Elf.

    Mario Kart: I am fair at it, I do best on the rainbow course.

    Kingdom Hearts: I have only been able to personally play the handheld 358/2 days, I’ve watched others play the rest, but I love this game from the graphics to the music to the story.

    Super Smash Bros Brawl: This game I’m not very good at but enjoy when I get the chance to play it, maybe I would be better if I actually owned the game.

    Myst: Challenging and fun puzzle-like game.

    Dungeons and Dragons Warriors (played with friends preferred): an X-Box game that I enjoy playing, my favorite character is an Elf.

    3 years ago
  85. I am SO glad you mentioned The Legend of Dragoon. I started playing that game with my dad when I was about 4 years old and in have beaten it 3 or 4 times over the years. I have such fond memories of that game and destroying all the bosses with Rose and Meru. The only thing is that the wild encounters were a little to frequent, especially when trying to get something done, haha!

    3 years ago
    • God, tell me about it. I remember mockingly singing the battle music because I was so sick of fighting low-XP monsters that died in one hit, but knowing that the boss was going to knock us all dead within two rounds if we didn’t bulk up. The level grinding in that game got REALLY frustrating at times, but it was fun because the boss battles were always nail-biters!

      3 years ago
  86. The last game I played was God of War 2 when it came out and then later World of War Craft on the computer. But even that was 6-7 years ago. Till that time I really enjoyed playing a few games. Kingdom Hearts was my favorite. Still have it and the PS2, but they just sit in a drawer unplayed. I was big on Tomb Raider, Silent Hill, Resident Evil and Dark Cloud also. As a wee child, I loved Mario Bros. 3, and had a very strange love of Mario Bros. 2. Most people don’t even like that one, but I loved it. Oh and Pitfall, on the Atari ^_^ That was my first game ever, I loved playing it. Your vlog has me slightly tempted to break out the PS2.

    3 years ago
  87. No pokemon? The shock!

    3 years ago
    • I played it on the DS and HAAAATED IT! Seriously: why is everyone challenging me? I’m trying to get important stuff done, and some random dude in the bushes pops out and says “we should battle.” I want to say “EFF YOU! I don’t have time for your crap! I’ve got like three potions left and I gotta go save someone! LEAVE ME ALONEEE!!!”

      It was quite frustrating :/

      3 years ago
      • I love Pokemon but the games have lost their charm. They need to make a Pokemon MMO or action-adventure or something…

        3 years ago
        • Twitch Plays Pokemon (Blue) was a magical, wonderful, awful MMO experience. Given the number of trolls present in it though, I’m not sure how well a more conventional MMO would work. The demand is certainly there, though…

          3 years ago
  88. Oh Simon! Kingdom Hearts 2 was probably really confusing with the story plot around the end because the handheld games played a pretty major part to it. Oh but please play The World Ends With You by Square Enix! It was honestly the best DS game I’ve ever played and one of the most unique and cool ost. It’s very modern which I liked.

    3 years ago
  89. GRAHHHH made an account just to say this. Play the Dark Cloud series. I don’t know what it is about it but it will blow your mind. Real-time fighting system, huge character diversity, an ability to design villages, awesome storyline, a simply beautiful soundtrack…it packs so many things without sacrificing anything. (imo)

    It’ll probably be hard to get now since it’s only on the PS2 :(. If you liked Kingdom Hearts, Ni no Kuni, Final Fantasy X, and Shadow of the Colossus, I guarantee you will enjoy this game.

    Also the first Dark Cloud has a darker tone than the second one but both are equally amazing.

    So pleaseeee everyone, try to get your hands on this game! I want Level 5 to make a Dark Cloud 3 but there’s a pretty small fanbase :/

    3 years ago
  90. OH GOD YES LEGEND OF DRAGOON AND CHRONO TRIGGER MY TOP 2 FAVOURITE RPGS OF ALL TIME next to Heroes 3 of might and magic. Oh god I remember growing up playing Street Fighter 2 and House of Dead with my dad and playing Columns with my mum, it was Streets of Rage and that Alien Attack game I cant remember the name of and and Sanic with my brother. Other jrpgs I loved were, Azure Dreams, Legend of Legaia, Ar Tonelico, Wild Arms, The Tales series, All the Phantasy Stars, the Shin Megami Tensei series, Fire Emblem, all the dang Final Fantasies etc ETC URGH TOO MANY GAMES WOW I CAN GO ON FOREVER

    3 years ago
  91. I made an account to comment. (Mostly in hopes of making a friend or two)
    My entire childhood was Pokemon. Yellow, Silver, Gold, Red, then Leaf Green (My favorite), and Sapphire, then Diamond, Soul Silver, now Y. Which I have to say is WONDERFUL. Especially Pokemon Amie, it’s just so fun to be able to pet your Pokemon and feed them. Like I want to do in real life. /cries because Pokemon aren’t real and I couldn’t leave when I was ten/ //wants to be a Pokemon master// ///someone go find Pokemon so I can actually have a life/// I’m also a level grinder. (Over 200 Pokemon and I have to get them all on the same level before I can move on)

    I also love Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Zelda, Spyro (But only the first few), Donkey Kong, Mario(Party and Kart, and Bros., respectively). I also love Super Smash Bros. I don’t even play cheap, I always switch up who I play with. Still beat everyone.

    Also, FIRE EMBLEM. I really love tactical strategy games. I don’t wanna play easy so my characters respawn, but I cheat and turn my game off if they die so I can start the battle again. Heh.

    And Disgaea.

    I like Final Fantasy too, but not as much as Kingdom Hearts. My brother, on the other hand, has beaten almost every one and also beaten EVERY ZELDA GAME. He’s 15. He also plays Shadow Hearts often. I’ll watch him play all of these games, and play them occasionally. Oh, but I love Crystal Chronicles.

    Love Skyrim. League of Legends. Dark Cloud. Tales of Symphonia. Harvest Moon. Guild Wars.
    (I only like MMOs if I can play with real friends)
    Also, only shooter game I like is Left 4 Dead. I don’t know why, but this game is so fun. I’ve played COD, but I played with my friend, and we made our characters be gay together. So.

    Nintendo 64 is my baby. Pokemon Stadium, Stadium 2, Snap. HEY YOU GODDAMN PIKACHU. BEST. Kirby and Paper Mario. Oh I forgot Paper Mario. Looovvee.

    But, my current obsession is Pokemon Y. I love that they include all generations of Pokemon, because I only like up to Johto. I won’t watch any of the episodes after that either. I don’t like that they made Azumarill fairy type. Or Ralts. NOT FAIRY. STOP.

    Oh, and Starbound and Diablo.
    I also feel like I played another Playstation 1 game a lot, but I forget what it was. Might have been Ratchet and Clank. Or maybe Rayman. I like those too. I got Rayman Legends for the Wii U. I will admit that I like newer games better, because I’ve always appreciated nice graphics. (Like I used to think Spyro Ripto’s Rage had the best graphics. I have played that game about 20 times throughout my life.)
    Not that I don’t appreciate the older games, I still love me some Pokemon Yellow.
    (My username has Vanilla in it derived from Vanille in Final Fantasy because I love her so much. Sunny because I love Sunny and she is my hero and I never want to meet her because I would cry a river and she would hate me.)

    3 years ago
    • AWESOME! My childhood was also mostly Pokemon, and it’s still one of my favorite games ever. Love Pokemon Y, It’s really great right?! Lately though Fire Emblem Awakening has been one of my favorite games ever I’ve really taken to level girding while playing. My Lisa character has a 280 rating, so fun! It really made the 3DS a good buy.

      3 years ago
      • P.S. I just made an account to replay to you and your great comment
        P.P.S Can I be friend number 2? :)

        3 years ago
    • Hey: I’ll be your friend!

      You know, I keep on hearing about Fire Emblem. It makes me want to get a 3DS to play. My only exposure to it is through Smash Bros, but that’s not really too authentic an experience :D

      3 years ago
  92. My first introduction to the world of video games was Nintendo64 (e.g. super mario, 7up, and I even remember power rangers? and many more). But the ones that stay with me are Suikoden series, Kingdom hearts series, FF series, Dissidia FF (both series are great for me), pokemon series, harvest moon (although nowadays I prefer rune factory simply based on the facts they got more storyline), ace attorney series, professor layton series, devil survivor/shin megami tensei and persona series, and MANY MANY more… Phew… :)

    3 years ago
  93. Oh goodness, I’m just going to list some of my favourites Games/Series:

    – The Zelda Series.
    They’re just always so enjoyable and I love the created mythology in the series.

    – Knights of the Old Republic.
    An old PC Star Wars game that was made by the team that created Mass Effect. Really the only game I’ve felt like a Jedi in.

    – Harvest Moooonnnnn.
    Farming. Marriage. Pets. So much fun.

    – Professor Layton
    Lovely animation, fun puzzles, interesting plots.

    – Final Fantasy XII
    Penelo all the way.

    – Pokemon
    Because: Pokemon.

    – Hotel Dusk: Room 215
    A noir-style puzzle game for the DS.

    – Age of Empires
    Flying purple hippo.

    – The Sims
    Don’t judge me.

    3 years ago
  94. I loved pretty much all of the games you mentioned when I was younger. I was obsessed with the final fantasy series until XI. I also fully admit that as an immature kid I enjoyed changing the names in the game to things like ‘stench’ because it made the conversations in the game a little more funny (especially in final fantasy IX). I liked games like Chrono Cross and Diablo, but had a hard time finishing them because I have older brothers that would take over saying that I was playing them all wrong (dang brothers). I also enjoy some of the cutesy type games (because my brothers didn’t) like Legend of Mana (for playstation 1) where you could chop cute little bunnies with your sword, and Atelier Iris (the first two, not the third). I also really like some of the old pc games like Monkey Island, Kings Quest, Simon the Sorcerer, and Day of the Tentacle. Seriously, time portal porta potties is the way to go :)

    3 years ago
  95. If you have some of the older consoles around you should check out the Tales of… sagas. I grabbed Tales of Symphonia for the GameCube and even to this day it is super high on my list of favorite games. If I had to pick my absolute favorite JRPG I would have to go with the playstation 2’s .//hack G.U. That game was so epic, it came on 3 discs and had an anime series(.//hack roots). Not to mention it was made into a manga and had it’s own OVA.
    I also think everyone has to have an artsy fartsy game they enjoyed. And Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean (whoa, what a mouthful) is mine. It pushed the GameCube to it’s limits and even with the clunky combat system I found it a very wondrous game to play.

    Hope to see you online! I just got into Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. n__n

    3 years ago
    • Baten Kaitos awesome.
      Oh my goodness, is the .hack// G.U. game the one with the stomach dungeon thing? I haven’t played it in so long, but I remember I could not handle that place. Same with Jabu Jabu’s belly in Ocarina of Time.

      3 years ago
  96. My all time favorite games are Pokemon and Kingdom Hearts, though I do play other games but these two are my main loves. I’ve played a few Mario games and I play Smash Bros with my siblings I’m an okay player I just do a lot of button smashing since when I know I’m starting to lose and I start to desperately smash buttons in hopes something good will happen lol >->’

    3 years ago
  97. We’re a nintendo household. I think we’ve had every system from original to cube. Zelda rules. Windwaker is my favorite. I suck at smash brothers and Simon would destroy me instantly but I love it. It is just so much fun.

    3 years ago
  98. As a lifeling JRPG fan, I’m with ya on many of these games, Simon! Chrono Trigger is up there for me, and the usual Square classics, but they are all eclipsed by Skies of Arcadia. I got that for my Dreamcast oh so many years ago, and played it over and over and over. Then a slightly updated version of it came out for the Gamecube, and I was finally able to retire my silly Dreamcast. Skies of Arcadia was the total JRPG package: engaging fight system, an incredible world to explore, memorable music, a delightful cast, and SKY PIRATES. Yes, SKY PIRATES.
    It’s been a year or so since I last played Skies. Darn it, now I know how I’m spending the next couple of weeks.

    3 years ago
  99. Games!! I haven’t been into games as much since I didn’t grow up with any game consoles, but I now I have a 3DS. I’ve been really into Fire Emblem Awakening lately, and now I want to play some of the older games because the story for it is amazing so far! Animal Crossing is a cute game and I would be surprised if you haven’t heard of it. :p You should definitely try out the Shin Megami Tensei and Persona series because those are pretty awesome too.

    3 years ago
  100. Kingdom Hearts 2 was a biiiig meesss HOLY SHHHHT!!! but the 1st was amazing!

    3 years ago
  101. I was bouncing in my seat when you talked about all of these games because they are all my favorites, too, especially Skyrim! Skyrim now just came out with the greatest patch ever that doesn’t make it glitch (and freeze and be stupid) AND now you can fight while on your horse and now I’m excited to play it again.
    I think based on the games that you play here, I think you should consider looking into playing Zelda (I’ll even let you borrow my copies if you want to try them out!!) The best Zelda game is STILL Majora’s Mask for the N64- they should consider a remake but ‘it’s too scary for the kids’ blah blah blah. It’s ~perfect~, I think. It took me eight years to beat. But seriously. Superb. (Dude, like seriously, borrow it from me. You neeed this in your life.) Twilight Princess wasn’t bad, either, but that took me four days to beat completely so entertainment wise, those were really awesome four days, but… /four days/.

    (ALSO I challenge thee to a Mario Kart race. I haven’t lost YET EITHER!) Also, you didn’t mention Assassin’s Creed and it definitely lives up to the hype if you haven’t tried it. But seriously, I’m so happy you talked about this today and I’m geeking out hahaha. Kudos to you!

    3 years ago
  102. Oooooh games!
    I’m very much a Playstation person. The only system I’ve had outside of Playstations were Super Nintendo as a hand-me-down & my brother got a Wii for Christmas one year. Other then that it’s been Playstation all the time.

    So for older/classic games I have fond memories of:
    Super Mario World.
    Spyro (First 3 games)
    Crash Bandicoot (First 3 games)
    Mario Kart
    & so on.

    I actually was more into Playstation 1 then my brother was but because he was a boy he got all the games in the family so I slowly stopped having games for most of PS2.
    I did remember getting Okage & thinking it was awesome but I couldn’t beat it.
    Thennnn I dated my now ex who was really into games & wanted me to get into them so he got me into Call of Duty. Whiiiiich was a mistake for him because I got really angry while playing & became a nightmare. xD Luckily I played only one of them.
    So because of that I got a PS3 & found love in a few more games.
    Arkham series. All of them. I love the Batman Arkham games SO MUCH that I constantly keep them at the top of my game pile because I want to look at them. SUCH an incredible game series, especially from Rocksteady. I’m heartbroken Rocksteady is ending their line with Arkham Knight but it’s bound to be a super kickass game I can’t wait for. It doesn’t hurt that I have a super Batman bias….
    SPEAKING OF! I got really into the Lego games too! I played the Lego Star Wars game, the complete one & holy crap I was hooked. I love them. I honestly wish I owned more but I have the Batman Lego & Harry Potter & I’ve played so much more. I want them allllll. x___X;
    Since buying games is a big risk for my paycheck, I sadly haven’t been able to get as much games as I would like to own but I think one day I’ll have a collection as I once did with PS1.

    OH! & Journey on PS3….holy shiiiiiiiiiiiiii-most beautiful gaming experience I’ve ever had. That is a gorgeous game. I also played Flower by them, I haven’t played Flow but I’m EXCITED for Abzu. Oh my god though Journey. One of the best games ever. The soundtrack, the scenery, the gameplay, the visuals, just everything about that game is perfect except one thing – it’s too short. An hour of gameplay made me crave more. x___X;

    I think I’ve rambled long enough…

    3 years ago
  103. I’m a more handheld gamer, but I do play some games on my Mac and Nintendo consoles (don’t have a Wii U nor am I interested in it)

    My list of fav games

    Harvest Moon: I love the series and it’s very kawaii. It’s awesome, you can make friends and have a husband or wife. Recently I heard that Marvelous (the company that makes these games) is not having Natsume (the localizing company for this game) translate and localize for them. As a result, the next Harvest Moon game from Natsume has nothing to do with the awesome game series that Marvelous created… Guess I’ll just call it by it’s Japanese name…

    Animal Crossing: I can’t explain what I love about it… I just love the simulation and being able to befriend animals.

    Pokemon: Love this game and love turn based RPGs. My bf can’t play these games because he gets bored easily. I think it’s fun to play.

    Lego Marvel Superheroes: Playing this one right now, and I find the humor and voice work funny.

    Conception 2: I find this game to be good. Some females might feel disturbed by it (I won’t explain why), but I find it enjoyable and interesting. My only gripe is that Atlus localised it and didn’t give an option to choose between Japanese seiyus and English voice actors. The English voice acting in it is AWFUL.

    Touch Detective: It’s a great underated DS game where you are a detective and solve funny crimes. I like the stories and puzzles that are in the game. It’s available for IOS now, but I feel it is inferior to the DS version because the DS version allowed players to see what the protagonist was thinking about while someone was talking to her.

    I enjoy Paper Mario, but havn’t played the most recent one… I do like FPS games, but I am HORRIBLE at them. I just can’t control my weapon and move my person at the same time. How do people do it??

    3 years ago
  104. Omg so happy that you’ve talked about video games as they were a big part of my childhood especially JRPGs! FF7 was my first one as well and fell in love with it and decided to try all of them. Here’s a list of them that I absolutely love which haven’t been mentioned; Breath of Fire 2, 3 and 4, Wild Arms 1 and 2, Suikoden 2, Xenogears, Alundra (very similar to Zelda), Tales of Symphony, Lunar Story and Shining Force.

    3 years ago
  105. Yay! Video games! IMO you have good taste in games. ;D

    Simon if you love grinding, did you play pokemon? It’s cute and I the characters often have a lot of spunk (jokes are common), and each game has a storyline designed to give you an excuse to spend all your time grinding until you are a ‘poke master’!
    Oh also, since you like ‘Shadow Of The Colossus’, did you ever play ‘Ico’? It’s got a similar art style to SOTC, with puzzles and monsters. There are two main characters, Ico and Yorda, who work together to solve puzzles. (And also even though they’re kids play heavily into male/female stereotypes)
    They don’t seem to speak the same language so Ico calls to her like “oiy!” or he holds her hand and drags her about. Alternately you can have a second player control Yorda. Still, it’s a fun game.

    JRPG-ish game series is you may enjoy is Runefactory, it’s got fighting monsters and building up your characters stats, you can ignore most of the other parts of the game, but if you care for them it also fun fluff to do with the harvest moon world. (I’m sure you’ve heard of it, it’s part dating sim, part ‘grinding up your plants stats’ farming sim. — So Runefactory is half JRPG, half that.)

    For myself I love a lot of games, but Okami is definitely right up there, it may in fact be my favourite game to play.
    Okami is a mixture of a joke heavy story oriented game, and a fighting game (like a much cuter marvel vs capcom). Lookswise it’s a combination of traditional Japanese paintings and modern cartoons, with just a dash of cell shading. (If you liked the look of phantom hourglass you’ll probably enjoy Okami’s looks too. ^_^)
    All the characters, bosses, and story in Okami are based around Japanese fairytales and myths which I think really adds some depth and cultural connection to the game too.

    The Zelda series is definitely another of my faves, I enjoyed so many hours of Ocarina of Time when I was a kid. X) They did a remake for the 3DS, so if you have a 3DS it’s worth a playthrough IMO.

    Story oriented visual novel-games like the Phenonix Wright series are also incredibly fun.
    The game is practically 50% jokes, which is great for if you’re feeling kinda crappy and want a game to play that picks you up and makes you laugh.

    I was also always a big fan of adventure games, which started with Pitfall, Prince of Persia (Sands of time is excellent, also joke heavy, you may be seeing a theme in the games I love, my preference is for good writing especially humor.)

    3 games that are It’s FPS but because of how many puzzles there are, the the excellent writing, they don’t feel like an FPS most of the time. Tomb Raider: legend, TimeSplitters 1 & 2 (Excellent storyline, these games were for the gamecube and do not get enough credit for how fun they are.), Uncharted — the whole damn series is very well written and fun.

    Okay, too much to say on videogames, I’ll stop now. XP
    Happy gaming! <3

    3 years ago
  106. Guys I just got a profile so that I can comment lol anyway so KINGDOM HEARTS!!!!!!!!! I really REALLY REALLY LOVE KINGDOM HEARTS! For me it was the introduction to RPGs and Final Fantasy games~ I love how Sora is as a character and I find it so amazing to be able to work with Disney characters but Simon you- just KH and KH 2 OTL you are so young lol.
    ~Kingdom Hearts Rant~
    You see, KH has Re: Chains of Memories (PS2- theres one for Gameboy I believe but its called Chains of Memories), 358/2 Days (DS), Re:Coded(DS), Birth By Sleep (PSP), and Dream Drop Distance (3Ds). They are all important to the story so if you want to know more of the story then I say just go on Youtube and watch it~. But if you’re interested in the games play, Re: Chains of Memories was interesting…I at first HATED IT!!!!! You have cards instead of clicking the x button, and you can set them up but to hit the heartless/boss you have to have a higher number. After I FINALLY defeated the game (which wasn’t long ago) it’s not that bad and it explains KH 2. Then we have 358/2 Days on the DS, and to play they give you a panel and you have to put the type of keyblade and it’s abilities. You are limited to few spaces but as you level up you get to put more items or magic in your panel- I really did enjoy the games play! But the story- it’s just so sad, I just recently finished it so right now I’m trying to feel better lol. 358/2 Days is about Roxas’s Story and how he was in the organization and it explains A LOT about Roxas, Axel, and how Sora took forever to wake. Then you have Re:Coded, Coded was for the Japanese phone but then they released it to be for the DS hence the Re part. So this story I say was kind of boring you’re playing KH all over again and the only interesting part is till the end but I can’t say much since I’m not done playing it. I can’t even remember about the games play OTL but it explains the letter from KH2 ending. Finally BIRTH BY SLEEP!!!! The story focus on three keyblade weilders Aqua, Ven, and Terra, and it explains Xehanort and the whole plan of Dark Ansem/Xemans THE STORY IS JUST AMAZING!!!!! Oh and it shows Kairi, Riku, & Sora as young kids. So you get to play all three characters and their side of the story, each have their own techniques when it comes to abilities, and it’s just so much fun to play on the PSP especially if you have friends (I think you can play online too) you can go on the Arena and fight others as Aqua, Ven or Terra. It’s soon going to be in KH 2.5 which has KH 2 FINAL MIX, Birth By sleep, and Re:Coded (like a movie thing). I suggest especially anybody who is interested in the story/games play and has a PS3 to purchases KH 1.5 & 2.5 and then you’ll be caught up. Oh and I also forgot to mention about Dream Drop Distance- that’s for the #Ds and it’s about what happens after KH 2. I LOVED THE GAMES PLAY, running to walls to attack, using cute creatures for your party, it was just fun and I think it prepares you for KH 3!!!!!

    SO I REALLY love Kingdom Hearts, it’s fun! IN the beginning (Kingdom Hearts) it focus on Disney & KH characters but the more you play the more the story leans towards Sora, Kairi, Riku, Roxas, etc. OHH I also forgot to mention when you play BBS you get to see Axel’s and Saix’s somebody. I also recommend other people who are interested but don’t want to watch or play to read the manga. It’s funny, cute, and a lot more sad.

    Other games~
    As for final fantasy, I’ve just recently starting playing and I really didn’t like the games play for FF X and X-2, but I think it’s because I’m not use to it. After I post this, I’m going to play FF XIII, because i want to know what happens! I’ve played Star Wars Battle Front 2 and I really enjoyed playing with my cousin~. I think its a great game to play with somebody and I can’t wait for Star Wars Battle Front 3. I’ve also played a Sonic game I don’t remember what it was called but it was for the PS2 and I enjoyed it. I want to play The World ends with you since the characters appeared in Dream Drop Distance, I want to know more about them. As a kid I played Need for Speed with my cousin and that was fun, especially trying not to get caught by the cops. I’ve played Spider Man on the PS2, that was also fun but I’ve never finished the story. I had a Nintendo 64 and played this space racing game OTL I can’t remember what it was called ;A;. I had a game boy so I played Pokemon. I also have Uncharted 3, because it came with my PS3… so I’m going to play that soon.

    In conclusion lol, I’m dedicated to Kingdom Hearts and I want to be just as dedicated to Final Fantasy but I’m not sure how that’s going to turn out. I feel I’m more of a wonderer just roaming around trying to find new video games to play, and seeing the comments I do have new video games to play~. I’m just so used to KH, it’s games play, and story line. I’m just scared I won’t be able to find another game like that but I want to open up and try new things!

    3 years ago
    • Omg I loved your rant since I’m also a big Kingdom Hearts fan and totally can’t wait for KH3 to come out. I have almost all of the games except for Birth by Sleep since I don’t have a PSP but I’m hoping to buy KH2.5 ReMix and a Playstation 3 or 4 so I can play it and so when KH3 comes out I’ll be ready! :D

      3 years ago
      • I know 2.5 will be released in Dec 2 in North America and in Japan. I also think it’ll be released in Europe on Dec 8 (i think), I really want KH 3 to be able to play on PS4, but I don’t think that’ll happen. I think it might be a PS4 but I hope i’m wrong. I bought my PS3 just a couple months ago (because of KH 1.5 & 2.5- lol) so if KH 3 is just for the PS4 well then I gotta start saving OTL
        But KH 3 won’t be released any time soon so I think I”m good~Which one would you consider as you’re fave, so far?

        3 years ago
    • DUDE YOUR AWESOME, you got my support all the way KHS FOR LIFE!!!!

      3 years ago
    • Sorry for the long comment

      3 years ago
  107. Gaming channel? Please….

    3 years ago
  108. “Journey” is one of the most amazing and beautiful games I’ve ever played. I actually feel like I get something different with every replay.

    I have soft spots for Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon, and Harvest Moon! KH because I’ve probably memorized a few cut scenes with how many times I’ve lost on certain bosses. Pokemon and Harvest Moon because cute. I also approve of your including Katamari!

    I also absolutely love “Civilization” because something about managing resources, armies, and going to war with countries is more fun than an FPS. Kind of like playing Risk. But it’s also terribly addictive and I have a problem where I keep saying, “Just one more turn” and find that it’s suddenly three hours later.

    If you haven’t played it, I absolutely recommend giving the “Ace Attorney” series a try. It’s fun because the game doesn’t take itself too seriously so it’s rather comedic. But it’s definitely more of a visual novel game.

    3 years ago
    • You’ve played “Journey”? Omigosh I’m so glad I’m not the only one. If Simon likes beautiful design in games I highly recommend it. And the storytelling is phenomenal. I cried when I finished the game and it doesn’t even have dialogue (don’t make fun of me).

      3 years ago
  109. I love the Final Fantasy series too as well as Kingdom Hearts! Kingdom Hearts was the JRPG game that got me into JRPG games. Some of my favorites are:

    Tales of the Abyss
    Shadow of Destiny
    Tales of Xillia
    Tales of Graces f
    Tales of Symphonia
    Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World
    Shadow Hearts
    Fatal Frame
    Silent Hill

    As for fighting and racing games, I like those as well. Some of my favorites are:

    Need for Speed
    Gran Turismo
    Soul Caliber

    Other games I played, some when I was younger, include:

    Portal Runner
    Mystic Heroes
    Valkyrie Profile
    Ratchet & Clank
    Grand Theft Auto
    Kya: Dark Lineage
    Magna Carta

    I recently bought Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky. It’s good so far, and if I like it I will see about getting the rest of the series. I also recently pre-ordered Fairy Fencer F because the commercial looks good as well as Tales of Hearts R and Tales of Xillia 2.

    I read an article about Child of Light but was unsure if it was any good. From what you said Simon and other commenters, should I give it a try?

    3 years ago
    • Ooo, Shadow Hearts! Yes! I loved the first two of those games. The mixture of weird horror stuff, early 20th century historical nonsense, and bizarre humor really charmed me. The third one went too goofy for me; I never actually finished it. But the first two were gold.

      3 years ago
      • Yes! I love the first two more than the third as well. My favorite is the second. The battle system in Shadow Hearts is pretty unique and the story and setting different than the other JRPG games I played (which are mostly set in a fantasy world).

        It’s too bad it’s not as popular as the Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts series.

        3 years ago
  110. I’m just starting out gaming with Assassin’s Creed and I’m mad about the franchise, I love it and I played up to Revelation and now I have to upgrade my processor/RAM memory //sad tears//
    I used to game when I was younger tho with GTA and Fifa and Sims of god sims /facepalm/ and the lord of the rings the battle for the middle earth game which was SO AWESOME back in the day.

    3 years ago
  111. Child of Light is sooooo amazing! Its absolutely BEAUTIFUL. I might replay it after i finish replaying The Last of Us :D

    3 years ago
    Final Fantasy series right now is…meh. I don’t like Final Fantasy XIII along with two (FF13-2 and Lightning Returns.) that much because of the confusing storyline but my body is ready for FF15. A mafia style son! I’m ready for that!

    3 years ago
  113. Child of Light is SOOOOO beautiful, i absolutely LOVED playing it! :D the story is great and i’d love to replay it soon (after i finish replaying The Last of Us)

    3 years ago
  114. Yes! Video games! I have a lot in common with your choices! I’ve been a JRPG fan since Chrono Trigger… and then FFVII… About Tidus, he actually didn’t annoy me as much as Squall with his emo attitude;; and then his sudden personality change later on.
    You should definitely try out, as many of the other comments say, the Zelda series, Okami(BEAUTIFUL), Ace Attorney series, Professor Layton(if you like puzzles)- they’re all really great. I’ve also played Xenoblade Chronicles for the Wii which I highly recommend, I’ve played Tales of Symphonia which was pretty good, too. I currently have the Nintendo Wii U but no Playstation ;_; But when Kingdom Hearts 3 comes out I’m going to have to do something about it.
    OOh and Dark Cloud 2! I think not many people know about this game, but it’s really, really great- I don’t know if you can find it anymore(for ps2) but I spent so many hours on this one game just trying to complete things, fishing, golfing, taking pictures, leveling up my weapons, time travelling… so underrated. It’s actually a Level5 game before they became well known, I think.
    Aaand Gitaroo Man! And the Fire Emblem Series!(Specially the last one) And Bravely Default!
    Ok, Gotta calm down. I know there will be no end to this so I should stop now.
    I hope Martina feels better soon.

    3 years ago
  115. If possible, I love you and Martina even more <3 I have three suggestions from a fellow JRPG fan. Okami (there is an HD remake for PS3 if not the PS2 version…the wii was kind of wonky) the story, art, and music are unique. Everything is looks like Japanese panting with a beautiful traditional music style. Also Zelda Ocarina of Time (the original for the N64 or the new for the 3DS) This game is something me and my brother play again every year for nostalgia. Last one Zelda Twilight Princess for the Gamecube (the Wii one is also good but the game is flipped on its axis for right handed people so it kind of threw me off a little) This game is beautiful, the soundtrack is amazing and it will seriously suck you in.

    Thank you for making so many awesome and fun videos EYK <3

    3 years ago
  116. I have been ALL about the Assassin’s Creed universe lately. Literally hours upon hours spent on that series. Aaaand I don’t plan to stop anytime soon as I discover more and more things I missed on my initial run throughs.

    Before the AC games though, I played Donkey Kong and Zelda nonstop. Buuut that was on my brother’s N64, so, about 15 years ago now. I’ve not been too into games, obviously.

    3 years ago
  117. I highly suggest any of the Zelda series (Twilight Princess is my personal favorite) as well as Okami. Which is one of the most beautiful games I have ever played.

    3 years ago
  118. Good thing you guys don’t like online games, ’cause you should NEVER EVER play league of legends together! :D

    Super Mario Galaxy is and will always be one of my favorites. ;__; But when Super Mario Galaxy 2 came out and they got rid of the surfing stingray and replaced it with some bird I was rather upset.

    Has Martina ever played Harvest Moon? I feel like she’d really like that one. It’s all anime kawaii desu and everything.

    I love Pokemon, but the standard games can be kind of boring (well, not if you’re a level grinder, I guess), but Pokemon Mystery Dungeon was definitely a good one!

    3 years ago
    • League of Legends is fun if you play with a group of friends. Randoms are no bueno though. My bf and I used to play together a lot (my computer is a toaster so I can no longer play).

      3 years ago
      • Haha, I just feel like even if you’re playing with friends, there’s always tension when one player isn’t doing well. :__>

        But yeah. Depends on the friends you’re playing with :<

        3 years ago
  119. So I feel this thread may get even more comments than the other one, but I’ve got two games I want to comment on. First off, both of these games are JRPGs and are contenders for my all time favorite game ever. I HIGHLY recommend giving them a look, you will not be disappointed.

    Tales of Symphonia – This game was one of the only Game-cube games to come on two disks. When I completed the game for the first time I clocked in a total playtime of 198 hours. I can’t say enough about this game. It was one of the only games to have a 4 player main game for the entire game. There were so many unique aspects to this game from it’s battle system, the dungeon puzzles, the extremely layered storyline, the world map, the soundtrack, literally everything was breathtaking. This is a JRPG you could play with the entire EYK crew. The battle system is 4 player real-time arena. There are about 14 playable characters throughout the game and the ability and item customization options are limitless. Not to mention all of the team combos you can unlock. There’s also an extreme amount of grind potential if that’s something you enjoy. I know I do. If you don’t have time to play this game you should at least check out the 12 episode OVA of the same name. It’s gorgeous. Here’s a clip of the opening cutscene from the game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KTUIbKANot8

    And here’s some gameplay from the PS3 remake. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZlsiIddrRA

    Disgaea – This is a turn based strategy game, similar to FF Tactics for the PS2. The storyline is decent, but the gameplay is spectacular. The characters are really well developed and have unique personalities. The game follows the young new demon overlord Laharl as he tries to gain control over the underworld with his #1 vassel Etna. Etna enlists the help of her servents called prinnies (penguin?… PENGUIN!). They are then faced with a rookie angel on an assassination mission to kill the demon overlord. Later on you also get to see humanity’s greatest hero Captain Gorgon and his sidekick Jennifer also enter the fray in the fight for the underworld. This game is primarily focused on comedy and has brought me to tears in laughter on multiple occasions. I feel this game fits your sense of humor very well and you’ll love the grinding potential as well. In addition to being able to replay previous levels infinitely to level up your characters and get new items, there is also an alternate reality in which you enter an item and fight through 10 levels of randomly generated monsters of increasing difficulty to improve the item’s stats. This is arguably the most challenging and fun part of the game for me as it provides limitless replay value and after years of playing this game I’ve still yet to beat the final secret boss. If you don’t like any of the main characters, then there is over 100 different options for designing your own characters. I also played this game during my birthday and resulted in my very first all-nighter having played it for 16 hours straight while my friends were asleep. I’ll post a short clip of the anime series here to give you an idea of the art style and characters. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1vXWfFaRqko

    Here’s a gameplay video as well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c02XtcDatAY

    Let me know if either of these interest you. I’m really curious what you think.

    3 years ago
  120. i’m not an xbox player either! never played on one before! for me it’s always been Nintendo and Playstation!
    I love adventure games so Spyro was a fave as a kid, Jak and Daxter (ESPECIALLY the first one), Ratchet and Clank, Sly, BANJO KAZOOIE!!!!
    also let me include Pokemon Snap!!

    i never played Metal Gear Solid but really enjoyed watching my older brother play the game ahaha!!
    oh~ i like Dragon Quest!!
    as a kid i loved playing Diddy Kong racing and Mario Kart! also i used to just play other racing games (like Need for Speed etc) for fun only!
    OOOHH fighting games!!! used to play them just for fun as well!! (yeah i played a lot of games growing up…) Marvel vs capcom was fun!! Street Fighter…Tekken…even a Dragon Ball z one!!

    now one of my fave game series nowadays is Professor Layton!!
    also like Touch Detective, Ace Attorney, Little Big Planet, Another Code and Animal Crossing! these are all i can think of right now!

    3 years ago
  121. WELP.
    The only game I’ve played (or seen played) on your list is Metal Gear and a bit of Final Fantasy.
    I’m not really into gaming, especially RPGs, it just doesn’t appeal to me. I’m into art though so I can appreciate character designs & backgrounds and things like that, but yeah.

    I grew up with the SEGA Megadrive/Genesis, which I still love to this day (I’m a retro game lover tbh) I loved games like Sonic, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, and 50 other games (Golden Axe, Columns, Echo the Dolphin, Aladdin, Batman, Lion King, etc) and I also played Windows 95 games.
    Then we got Playstation and we played games like Ape Escape, Bomberman, Oddworld: Abe’s Odyssey, Tenchu, Alone in the Dark (this game started my love for horror games) Crash Bandicoot etc.
    Then with the PS2 I enjoyed games like Dogs Life, Mortal Kombat games, DBZ games, Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Spiderman games, Medal of Honour, Grand Theft Auto, Eyetoy, Singstar, Fahrenheit etc
    After the PS2 I kind of fell out of gaming, my brothers are still very into gaming, I only like to play if I play with other people or just to pass time. I enjoy puzzle and horror games mostly (the scarier the better :P)

    3 years ago
  122. I dunno if I can really help you Simon because I mostly play strongly story based games but maybe later I’ll post more with my bro’s pro voice on JRPGs and other games.

    I really love the Ace Attorney games. It’s basically where you get to be a lawyer and solve crimes in court and stuff. The defense attorney games are the main and most popular story line and they’re under the name Phoenix Wright. The prosecution side is a little more interactive and detective-y. They’re under the name Miles Edgeworth. Again they’re mostly story based and courtroom/crime based so it’s fun solving the mystery but sometimes the courtroom part is a little tedious.

    Another strongly based story game I recommend is IB. It’s more of a puzzle game kind of like how in Zelda you have to solve puzzles to get through a dungeon. It’s also considered to be in the horror genre and it’s REALLY creepy. Which is actually why I’ve never really played it. ^^; I’ve only watched walkthroughs and they still freak the eff outta me. I’d say it’s a fairly short game depending on how good you are at solving puzzles. I think Martina might like this game because it also has a strong otaku fanbase.

    Also, if you’re planning on getting into the Zelda franchise I recommend starting with either Wind Waker or Twilight Princess. Maybe not so much Twilight Princess because I understand that some people think that its plot is a little tedious but I like it because of its creepy feel and art.

    3 years ago
  123. One co-op game that you and Martina should try (if you can find a copy) is The Adventures of Cookies and Cream. It’s not the longest game by far, but it’s one of the most enjoyable co-op game I have ever played.

    3 years ago
  124. I’m a puzzle gamer, myself.

    I love the Ace Attorney series, the Professor Layton series (amazingly stoked for the upcoming crossover!), most Mario games, and then some one-offs here and there like Pushmo and Rhythm Heaven.

    If you are in the market for a Zelda game, Zelda: A Link Between Worlds was phenomenal. I am one of those gamers that will explore every nook and cranny and get every single thing I can get and with A Link Between Worlds, there was lots to get which made it ultimately more fun.

    3 years ago
  125. Right there with you on Dragon Age 2, buddy! Man I hope Dragon Age 3 makes up for it.

    Considering our similar tastes in game genre, have you tried Persona 3 or Persona 4? I get the feeling you would really like those!

    3 years ago
  126. If you liked Dragon Age, you might like Baldur’s Gate! Dragon Age was meant to be the kind of spiritual successor to it. It uses older D&D rules, but I recently replayed it and still loved it. I spent a lot of time playing it when I was a child.

    Also, I adore Final Fantasy 10! It was the first game that I played that I just fell in love with, and after that I have played several of the Final Fantasy games as well (although not as many as you…).

    3 years ago
  127. Wild Arms was my first RPG. Prior to that all I played was sports and fighting games. A friend down the street introduced this genre of game to me and I have been hooked ever since. Final Fantasy 7 is a special game to me as well. I still have the original (not the greatest hits case) along with the strategy guide. I never sell any of my RPG’s.

    3 years ago
  128. Which is ur favourite band currently????

    3 years ago
  129. OMG KATAMARI is so awesome
    Simon you should play transistor i know the artist and the art in the game it FANTASTIC!!!
    also either
    Shin Megami Tensei series or Persona series

    3 years ago
  130. Juh

    KATAMARIIIIII~~ <3 <3 <3 <3
    Started to play Skyrim on my BF Xbox, but he tought that my save was one of his old saves and DELETED. gave up after that -_-
    The pokemon games are my addiction haha all started with pokemon red when I was 11~
    One game I LOVE is (as you can see) Legend of Zelda, not played ALL the LoZ games, but already loved since the 1st one!! Playing A link to the Past now!^^ HIGHLY recommend
    Portal 1 and 2 are great great games too, single and multiplayer. <3
    I love Tomb Raider since I was a little girl, used to play TR 2 and 3 on PS1. didnt know what I was doing, but payed anyway haha
    One game I really recommend is Gravity Rush for PSVita, really awesome!!
    Going to the nerd side, if you like puzzle games as I do, I recommend Professor Layton and Phoeniz Wright: Ace Attorney! I absolutely love ALL the games from these two series. And on Aug 6th they gonna release Prof Layton vs Phoenix Wright!! *pukes rainbow*
    Other one I like is 8bit game called To The Moon. It’s a really touching story. Be prepared to cry, A LOT. Cried like a little baby at the end of the game.
    Now I start to play online games, DayZ and Warframe. For DayZ, the gameplay is kinda hard to get used to, but what I like the most is that the game is really realistic at some points (excluding the zombies), you have to eat periodically, drink, you can be sick and have to take medicine, if you fall from a ladder you will broke your leg and so on~ Warfframe are space ninjas that fight monsters that want to take over the solar system. It's a pretty good for a free game.

    3 years ago
  131. Kingdom hearts. YES. Best game series ever made. I just finished the first one again, after a long time of not playing. And now I’m on 358/2 days before doing KH2 again :D Get Sora in with your tattoo!!

    You should play Assassins creed! I Love those games.
    And for computers, I would recomend FLYFF or Grand Fantasia (both download games).

    Another game that you may like: Prince Of Percia. I stared it a long time ago and I think I really enjoyed it, as I said long time ago since I started playing it, but yeah I stopped because of school and haven’t gotten in to playing it again but I will after finishing KH again.

    Oh and sorry Simon but I’ll beat you at Mario Kart. (But I’m talking Mario Kart wii). Got all them best pokals with them best rankings yeaah.And I never loose to others playing with me. never. so Let The Game Begin Beardman. 

    3 years ago
  132. Snake? SNAKE? SNAAAAAAKE?!!?!??

    3 years ago
  133. I don’t really play that much. But I’m really into the Persona series. I played Persona 3 and Persona 4 on the PS2. And I even managed to buy Persona 3 for the PSP. I haven’t played the other Persona games or any other games from the Shin Megami Tensei series but I plan on buying them later on for the PSP. And I also want to get the new Persona 5 even though I don’t have a PS3 :P

    3 years ago
  134. I love playing Skyrim, you talked about it once and also my brother really liked playing it and so I tried it out too. I ended up loving it and haven’t found another game I like that much, maybe except League Of Legends ( which is a online game but SO MUCH FUN). You should really try it like I tried Skyrim :)

    3 years ago
  135. OMG i am a FF fiend!! my favorite is FFix b/c the music is absolutely amazing! i went to Every Distant Worlds concert and even went to the A New World concert IT WAS GLORIOUS~~~ Another game i am really in love with and is one of my all time favorites is Okami i highly recommend this game b/c it’s just so amazing and fun to play.

    3 years ago
  136. Mannnn, Legend of Dragoon is super amazing. The gameplay is pretty unique and I suck at the combos really hard before I managed to master it (That good ol’times). If you are a big fan of JRPG, I suggest you to play Suikoden, especially Suikoden 1 and 2. That games was awesome. It has great gameplay, storyline and music. For the level-grinder like you, this would be pretty easy, I guess.

    3 years ago
  137. I’m surprised nobody’s mentioned Xenosaga yet…used to be one of my fave games, along with Pokemon, Kingdom Hearts, Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy, Gundam, Putt Putt… Also, DIRGE OF CERBERUS! Vincent Valentine forever!

    3 years ago
  138. I don’t play Skyrim (I mostly played computer games-Myst and Zork and the like) but I am a big fan of the youtube series Skyrim COPS.

    3 years ago
  139. I’m not a big gamer, but YOU MUST PLAY ZELDA!! I LOVE THAT GAME!!! I think I’ve played most of the versions and I love every single one! I was very simple growing up with video games. I liked my Super Ninetendo, Ninetendo 64 and Gamecube. Ahahaha. I played a lot of the pokemon games and mario related everything!

    And I must say, if I ever get the chance..I WOULD CHALLENGE YOU SIMON AT MARIO KART!! I don’t lose either.

    But another game I really liked is Soul Calibur 2. My brother and sister and I were obsessed with that game. We played 3 weeks straight and my parents got sick of us to the point that they took away the game XD There a lot more versions, but just never got into it.

    StarFox Adventures is another favorite. It was my brothers bday present and we bonded by playing the game LOL. Really fun game! The story and dialog is pretty cool.

    Thats about it,for me.

    3 years ago
  140. Wow, people are recommending some really good games in the comments. The only games that I could really recommend that have not been suggested already are Pikmin 1 and 2 and the Sly Cooper series. If you play the first Sly Cooper game, do not assume that the others are like it. Games two-four changed from the original game’s level based style. Instead, two-four each have 5-6ish open world levels with different missions for each character to perform that ultimately lead to a big heist at the end. Naturally, as a group of anthropomorphic animal thieves, there are a lot of treasures to collect and each character has set skills based on what type of animal they are. Sly-a raccoon who is agile, can jump around easily, and is the overall stealthiest. Bentley-a turtle who is the brains of the operation and come up with all of the schemes. Murray-a hippo who is the brawn of the team. It is probably one of my favorite game series.

    3 years ago
  141. OH MY GOD HOW DID I FORGET ABOUT GAUNTLET???! THAT GAME WAS THE BEST! It’s a classic arcade game and they finally started putting it on home consoles. i have it for PS2 and i’m pretty sure they have it for xbox.
    i always play as the green Archer but i could totally see martina rocking a Red Valkyrie.

    3 years ago
    • Circa 1999ish—”Blue Wizard is about to die!” over and over as my friend (playing the muscular warrior) stands in the back and throws axes while the wizard is out front punching hordes of ghouls in the face.

      3 years ago

    …Please tell me I’m not the only hardcore Zerg player out there.

    3 years ago
  143. So yeah, I’m not much of a player nowadays, I prefer drawing my own stuffXD But!

    I used to be a big Final Fantasy back in few years ago, but later became tired of all these overdone character designs…I mean, they’re not bad, it’s just I prefer more toned down ones.
    But I’ll definitely be in love with Kingdom Hearts FOREVER. So much feels this game gave meTT^TT

    As for games I grew up with…my favourite one – The Longest Journey, omgsofreakinawesome The Heroes of Might and Magic III, Tomb Raider series, Mirror’s Edge… recently I’m digging Assassin’s Creed series as well, but I wouldn’t call these games my favourites. Oh my, and the amazing Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, I cannot express how much I enjoy these gamesO__O So simple, yet so powerful. Their storylines are sooooo good!

    3 years ago
  144. SIMON IF YOU LIKED THE FINAL FANTASY GAMES YOU ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO PLAY STAR OCEAN!!!!!!!! I have Star Ocean 3: Til The End Of Time and it’s SOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOD!!!! and you might also like the Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. it’s my all time favorite (it’s originally for the super nintendo but i’m pretty sure you can get it on the wii).
    and if you liked Dragon Quest there’s a hilarious TV show somewhat based on it called Yuusha Yoshihiko To Maou No Shiro. it’s mega hilarious.
    oh yeah, and no mario kart will ever be better than Double Dash. that game was the best.

    3 years ago
  145. VIDIYAGAEMS!!!~~ :D

    I am PC Master Race~~ >:] My favorite type of games are fps x] I played quite a few free-to-play fps, but once I got Battlefield 3 I didn’t go back. It’s pretty awesome~~ 0w0 My favorite games are Battlefield 3, Portal and Portal 2, Warframe, Tomb Raider (re-boot), Mortal Kombat 9, and Garry’s Mod. I’m currently getting through Skyrim, Borderlands 2, Resident Evil 5, Dead Space, and Sniper Elite V2 (which is very satisfying because of the bullet cam XD) I’m also trying to play through some notable older titles like Half Life 2 and F.E.A.R., and I’m working on getting the PC remastered version of Resident Evil 4. Because I’m a PC gamer most of the time I end up playing online, especially with BF3, Warframe, and Garry’s Mod.

    Focusing on two-handed and heavy armor seem to work for me in Skyrim. Skyrim also makes for a good lockpicking simulator XD I love how the world is really vast and open. I don’t mind all the traveling since the scenery/graphics are really nice ;w;

    I was really satisfied with the Tomb Raider re-boot. I played one of the original Tomb Raider games. The idea was good but I wish I had enjoyed it more. I’m on my third play through of the re-boot and I really liked going through the entire adventure. Although I do wish there were more tombs throughout the locations (I hope there’s more in the sequel.)

    Warframe is my current obsession right now, especially with the newest update. It’s a free-to-play online game where you are a Tenno in a specialized suit (Warframe) and go across the solar system doing missions and fighting three different factions. Missions include things like defense, extermination, rescue, capture, survival.. You’re basically a sci-fi/space ninja~~ XDD You can do missions by yourself or with other people/friends. It’s my favorite free-to-play game x] I think it’s also out on the PS3 and/or PS4.

    I suggest Portal and/or Portal 2 if you haven’t played them yet–they also came out on consoles. You make your way through test chambers by making portals. The chambers become more complex as you go through the game. It’s a good thinker :] These two are other satisfying games.

    I grew up with the SNES and N64. Some of my favorite games growing up from the top of my head are Donkey Kong Country, Star Fox 64, F-Zero X, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Banjo-Kazooie, and Super Smash Bros :]

    3 years ago
    • I forgot one more thing about Warframe, which is another reason why I like this game~~ You can level up your Warframe and weapons, which allows you to add mods to them. These mods can be collected as you play through missions. They help emphasize their main stats or help to make a build that best suits your playing style~ :]

      3 years ago
  146. Loved this video! I’m a huge fan of the street fighter games and the zelda games. As for consoles, I’m either a playstation, nintendo, or pc person. I love playing MMORPGs online. But Simon, you need to do zelda. LIKE NOW.

    3 years ago
  147. Probably totally off topic, but I wonder if Simone is going to put Honey Senpai on his sleeve…

    3 years ago
  148. LOVED THIS VIDEO! I was dying for you to do one on video games! GAMERS 4 LYFE! Anyways, gushing aside, how awesome was Ni no Kuni? (Love the Purrloiner) I have Chrono Cross and Trigger for the Vita, but have yet to play them. Got caught up in replaying the Dragon Age series to gear up for the third one (I am way too excited for it).

    I didn’t hate Dragon Age 2, but I didn’t love it as much as Origins. Origins was fantastic, the characters were all developed, my mabari was awesome, everything about it. Dragon Age 2 had some interesting characters (you can’t say you didn’t love Varric), but I felt a lot of them weren’t as developed as they could be. And I really, really disliked Isabela. God, I don’t even want to get started with Anders. I liked the brief moment of seeing her in the first game, but in the second? What happened to her? Dang. At least… at least the teeth looked much better in the sequel ahahahahaha. Same with Anders. God, I don’t even want to get started with Anders.

    Have you ever played any of the Tales series games? Like Symphonia or the latest Xillia one that came out last year? It has one of THE best fighting systems for the JRPG genre and you can level grind a lot in that one as well. I don’t recommend Graces f… the voice acting in that is atrocious and I didn’t like a single character. The only reason I pushed through that game is because, again, their fighting systems tend to be pretty flawless. Vesperia was my favourite, but it’s only for the 360 (in North America anyways), and they have it for the PS3, but only in Japan. And I hear it’s expanded for that one. The stories are really convoluted (honestly, I think all JRPGs have extremely convoluted stories), but still really enjoyable. Another co-op game… I love my single player games, but when you can get an RPG that’s co-op, that’s double points.

    I don’t know if you’re into hack and slash games, but if you are… it’s out for the Wii and just recently ported to the PS Vita, I strongly recommend you get Muramasa: Rebirth. It is such a beautiful game… same people who made Dragon’s Crown (another great game and you and Martina can play it!), but with less… ridiculous boobs. The women are overly sexualized in Dragon’s Crown… but if you can get past that, both are really great games.

    And have you ever played the Mass Effect series? Another of BioWare’s popular games (I’m a huge BioWare junkie)… it is a third person shooter, but it has an amazing story (there’s a lot of divide over the story of the last game… but to each their own), great futuristic setting, and some really wonderful characters. I don’t normally like shooters, but I strongly recommend this trilogy.

    Another fantastic JRPG I would recommend is the Persona series. My God, that is such a great series. I started off with Persona 3… loved it. And I have Persona 4 for the Vita and it’s just as amazing.

    I have so many more I could name… but it would be such a long bloody list. I’ve been playing Child of Light and I’m really enjoying it so far! And have you played South Park: Stick of Truth? That game… is just so amazing. Great mix of humour, gameplay and all that jazz. Stories just like a great epi of South Park.

    I’m not sure if you or Martina are into point-and-click adventures, but if you are, the Monkey Island series is nothing short of amazing. It’s about a pirate who just can’t cut it as a pirate, and it’s one of the most hilarious series I’ve ever played. Another great one, albeit it’s a more serious series, is the Dreamfall series. Great mix of sci-fi and fantasy, great voice acting and the characters and lore are all really interesting. They only have it for PC (and Dreamfall’s sequel came out for the X-Box), but you can get it at http://www.gog.com (as well as an assortment of other great old school… and some newer games). They have another instalment coming out in November! YEAY! :D :D

    One more thing to mention before this post gets any longer… have you heard of Abyss Odyssey? Just recently came out, has a gorgeous art style, and I hear there’s a LOT of level grinding to do. Sounds like your cup of tea (also co-op), and it’s been getting some really great reviews.

    3 years ago
    • I also gotta say, I stole way too many cheese wheels in Skyrim. Seriously, screw health potions. It was all about hoarding cheese wheels and eating those in the middle of a battle.

      3 years ago
      • Okay, ONE MORE THING I SWEAR (probably lying), have you ever watched Co-Optitude on YouTube with Felicia Day and her brother Ryon? They play a bunch of retro games and it’s just hilarious because most of the time they’re pretty bad at it but it’s all in good fun.

        3 years ago
  149. I do enjoy video games. They’re awesome. I really think Simon would enjoy Ultimate Alliance. It is a RPG but with Marvel superheroes. It is one of my favorite video games ever. BUT NOT Ultimate Alliance 2, just the first one. Super Smash Bros. is also one of my favorite video game series. I only recently got into using Snake, but he is a really good character. And whoever edited the video on where it says “Sure…” When Simon was talking about the Kirbys, it is true. My cousin, little brother and my friends use that move where he sucks you in and jumps of the stage and spits you out. What I would suggest you do Simon is to learn a character such as Ike or Bowser so when that happens you can just take Kirby down with you.

    3 years ago
  150. I Bloody love Dragon Age but they keep delaying the third one!!!

    3 years ago
  151. I’m not much of a gamer considering my brother would kill me, yes you heard right, kill me in all the shooter games I went up against him though I think it was mostly The Halo Series. Damn, Halo’s sniping points and me never finding him. I advanced some levels but not much. In fact I may never finish a game. On the old Xbox (not 360 or the Xbox One) had Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic and Kights of the old Republic: Sith Lords (KotOR rules!) that I played and I think with my brother actually finished or came close to finishing the game. We did race each other and the game is endorsed by Top Gear (original, UK) and we had this one racing game that I don’t think was Grand Theft Auto but you drove in Paris and DC I believe in cars you wanted dropping people off at certain points or just driving and terrorizing hte city. I have an X-Box 360 that is basically a glorified dust collector/DVD player (College days) now. I have some band games and completed the levels on that and arcade/board games turned video games. I do have Oblivion and haven’t finishes it and played some of my brothers Skyrim on my system. Along with a few odds and ends.

    Oh and my brother got me into the latest KotOR game which is only on the computer The Old Republic you are no longer stuck to being just a Jedi. You can also be a smuggler, soldier, and different races as long as you get a subscription or get to a high enough level.

    3 years ago
    • Ok,got the game Midtown Madness 3. I also had a few SIMS games for the x-box as well as my computer. One was the Urbz and the other one Sims Bustin’ Out. I do have few anime like ones, Phantasy Star Universe, Enchanted Arms, Fable II, and Kameo Elements of Justice. I also have old Sega ones like Sonic and one that has a lot of old Sega Games on it and has Echo on it. I like Echo the dolphin.

      Side note, could you think about adding an edit button for the posters comments so we don’t have to amend things by replying to ourselves? It will make it easier to correct a mistake after it is posted and they just realized it or wanting to add more to the comment it self.

      3 years ago
  152. Oh yeaaaah! So much Final Fantasy! I didn’t have a PS One or two when I was younger, I had an Xbox. There were some great games on there, the biggest probably being Jet Set Radio Future for me!
    I thought the Lego games were always pretty great, the Star Wars trilogy particularly.
    When I got the PS3 the first game I played was Final Fantasy 13 it’s brilliant! FF13-2 is pretty good and so is the online revamped version of Final Fantasy 14 A Realm Reborn. Ni no Kuni is also a great choice and is probably the closest I will to playing Pokemon so far.
    I used to have a game called M*A*S*H*E*D a racing game that was pretty cool because after you died you could shoot down your other opponents using missiles or something.
    Digimon Rumble Arena 2 is my favourite battle arena game but Persona 4 arena is also pretty good, although it’s a bit hard with all the control combinations.

    3 years ago
  153. I’m actually playing Persona 3 Fes while watching this and other Youtube videos. I’m not much of a level grinder but I am a competionist (It’s a hard life I know). Watching videos helps me get through some of the duller moments that come with 80+ hours of gameplay. Other games I’ve really become devoted to are Katamari Damacy, Earthbound/Mother 3 (not a big fan of the 1st game), Ace Attorney, Okami & Okamiden, Portal, Mortal Kombat, Faster Than Light, RollerCoaster Tycoon… I really became a part of the whole video game culture in recent years, so this list feels a bit small. The only good game I played growing up was NiGHTS: Into Dreams, because the sonic games for the SEGA Saturn sucked, and that was my main system.

    3 years ago
    • I’m currently ~80 hours into Persona 3:FES, and I’m pretty sure this game will get beaten within the decade, I hope.

      3 years ago
  154. Pac-Man….Paccie is the winner! All of Paccie’s grandchildren are just over spoiled in spandex.

    3 years ago
  155. HarvestMoon64 – I have played this game at least once every summer since I was 10 years old, and I’m 24 now… You get an idea of how much I love this game.

    Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance – Loved the story line in this game, the cut scenes are great as well.

    Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess – I played this over Christmas one year while I was in high school and I was sick with the worst cold ever. My brothers were not allowed to go anywhere near the Wii!

    3 years ago
  156. Glad you enjoyed Dragon Age! I was a huge fan of BioWare’s Baldur’s Gate and Neverwinter Nights series and ended up working as a designer on Mass Effect and Dragon Age. Since then I’ve helped make more action games (Sleeping Dogs, Tomb Raider) and mobile games but still enjoy playing open world RPGs like Skyrim and Fallout 3/Vegas, and Borderlands. My top games are: Baldur’s Gate 1 & 2, Neverwinter Nights, Company of Heroes, Team Fortress 2, Borderlands 2, Red Orchestra 2.

    3 years ago
  157. You seriously need to check out Okami it is the ultimate Japanese game! Beautiful art unlike any other game and huge story line with plenty of freedom in it also. There is also a ton of side challenges to unlock items or for fun and worth the time to play it again right after you beat it the first time lol. there is a good 50-100 hours worth of game to get all the side challenges done and after you beat it the first time the items can carry on into the new game if wanted so you can play it again faster and have even more freedom to unlock things you might have missed the first time. I promise you, you WILL fall in love with this game!

    3 years ago
  158. I’m more of an old school strategy game kind of girl. I grew up on Warcraft II and III(not to be confused with World of Warcraft), Age of Empires and Civilization :)

    3 years ago
  159. My first ever JRPG was Grandia II for the PC, and those of you who have played it will know that its AMAZING battle system has yet to be replicated in other games (well, as far as I know, anyway). I’m a level grinder too, and after Grandia II I never managed to get into any of the Final Fantasy games because the battle system just seemed so boring in comparison. I’d probably get into those games if I actually had a Playstation and not just a PC, but I still feel like Grandia II has spoiled my (JRPG) gaming preferences forever! Grandiaaaaaaa

    3 years ago
  160. My first ever JRPG was Grandia II for the PC, and those of you who have played it will know that its AMAZING battle system has yet to be replicated in other games (well, as far as I know, anyway). I’m a level grinder too, and after Grandia II I never managed to get into any of the Final Fantasy games because the battle system just seemed so boring in comparison. Right now I’m replaying Monkey Island II (the special edition) on my iPad because adventure games are the best!

    3 years ago
  161. RATCHET AND CLANK!! I would play that all the time when I was a kid. I’m so excited for the movie that’s coming out!

    3 years ago
  162. you should play Skies of Arcadia for the Gamecube if you haven’t tried it already, it’s a fun JRPG with a strong overworld exploration mechanic.

    3 years ago
  163. I would like to suggest Shin Megami Tensei games. Persona 4 is probably the easiest to get into, and then once you beat Persona 4, play Persona 3. After those two, play the harder ones like Nocturne and the ones that are just called Shin Megami Tensei. They can be pretty unforgiving and have mythology and religion ties in their games. All SMT games are RPGs save Catherine, which I believe is categorized as a puzzle platformer. They also have a fighting game based off the persona series.

    3 years ago
  164. I’m glad I’m not the only one who gets headaches from playing FPS games. And I’m glad you mentioned Kingdom Hearts in the blog post, I was almost disappointed when I didn’t hear you mention it. You should play the handheld Kingdom Hearts games, they’ve got good story.
    I like single player games, but I’m disappointed by the lack of (not online) multiplayer games these days, it’s great to be able to sit down and play with your friends/siblings/significant others and bond. Especially with games that not only have a versus type multiplayer but a multiplayer campaign, Army of 2 (although being a war type game and I get tired of how many of those there are) is a good example of a fun multiplayer campaign.

    3 years ago
    • Oh and I forgot to add, you didn’t mention Pokemon so I’m going to assume you haven’t played it Simon, but you like level grinding so it’s pretty much made for you.

      3 years ago
  165. If you REALLY like lvl grinding, I suggest you pick up the Final Fantasy 11 Complete pack. That’s 22 different jobs to getup to lvl 99, TONS of story, you can raise your own chocobo, make it compete in races, and it’s much more solo friendly if you have no prior friends on there. (but every one on Bahamut server is super nice~ Whut~<3)

    3 years ago
    • You know, I tried playing FF14, but I couldn’t, because it’s blocked in Korea. I wish I knew that before buying it.

      3 years ago
  166. Ahh I really want to buy my own Playstation >< but the gameplay is good and all the characters are musical puns :P which amuses me!

    3 years ago
    • Argh, it deleted most of my comment! >< but the gameplay is good and all the characters are musical puns :P which amuses me!

      3 years ago
      • It won’t let me post it T_T basically, play Tales of Graces, it’s my favourite JRPG of all time

        3 years ago
  167. They need to remaster Shadow the the Colossus for PS4. The story it told was one of the most beautiful and original stories I’ve ever seen in a game. It could be a book.
    Okami was my favorite game until Oblivion. I wouldn’t be mad if they remastered it, too.

    Elder Scrolls is always number one. I’d be so sickly disappointed if they only keep the series online from now on. Skyrim was boring because it was 99% plundering dungeons but Oblivion was so interesting with its crazy quests.

    3 years ago
  168. We have a lot of crossover in favorite games Simon. Have you played any of the Star Ocean franchise? I think you’d really like them. Also what race did you choose in Skyrim and is your character male or female? Its always interesting to know how people like to play. I’m a huge nord dude in Skyrim and I like to run with Uthgerd.

    3 years ago
  169. Katamari!! Yes! It sounds so dumb but Katamari was the game that prompted us to get our first gaming console…

    I haven’t seen anyone mention Steambot Chronicles yet (made for PS2). I have very little experience with RPGs but my brothers and I adored that game! The transition into English was particularly well done for the game, which was important since the bulk of the game is in its complex story line and character interactions. The game lay out is very beautiful which is amazing since it came from an era when most PS2 graphics ranged from meh to horrendous. The soundtrack is also amazing!

    Most recently I’ve discovered Dance Dance Revolution for PS2! They released like 9 different mixes for the US alone and they’re all super cheap on Ebay! (hint: that goes for basically any game made for PS2) Woo!! I SHALL BECOME THE DANCING MASTER!

    3 years ago
  170. I…have nothing to add to this conversation. I didn’t understand 98% of it. I’m an old lady who doesn’t play video games. All I know is that at one point Simon evoked the spirit of R. Kelly.

    3 years ago
  171. You didnt get into Zelda!! That makes me sad :< You should totally play Windwaker, it has that open world feel to it and the gameplay is great along with the puzzles for alot of the dungeons (SO MANY ISLANDS TO EXPLORE). Pretty big Zelda fan and have been ever since i saw it on the 64 (i was shoked on how great the graphics looked at the time).
    Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter were my first fighting games on the SNES, MK was my first experience with blood violence but it never bothered me. Ive also have fond memories of playing The Sega Master System and the Genesis with Sonic. I had older siblings and cousins so im very fortunate to have the chance to play alot of old games that were some of my first memories I had as a kid/baby.
    Pokemon along with FireEmlbem, Disgagea, and Kingdom Hearts all have given me great memories of stress and joy when it comes to level crunching. Also, they have remixes coming out for Kingdom Hearts that have two games along with a cinematic cut-scene movie for the third game. Its cool to have now that I dont have to buy a PSP just to play the games in between.
    Ive played Final Fantasy, but i never got to play 7 I did play 10 and 12 when I first got my PS2 and I FELL IN LOVE!!! Final Fantasy was one of the first JRPG's I played and I cant wait till 15 comes out! LOOKS SO COOL!!

    I never grew up with shooters either (i played Halo once until I was used as my cousins personal target which ruined shooters for me) but I have exceptions; Resident Evil I watched my cousin play mostly because I was ok with watching but i turned into a weeny when I tried to play. As soon as I got older though I started to play more horror shooters like Bioshock; 1,2, and Infinite have such awesome visuals and story my mind just… EXPLODES!! OMFG THE LAST OF US!!!!!! Third person shooter but SO GOOD!!!SO GOOD!!There are so many feelings to this game that I become overwhelmed!

    3 years ago
  172. What a nice coincidence, I found a TL;DR to watch on my Birthday with Simon’s topic. How nice and with only a small time difference hehe~! It’s like 7.28pm 30-07-2014 in Poland. Simon I noticed, that you’ve played almost all the games that my brother have finished hehe He played in so many games that I think I’d have a problem to count all of them now. He just recently finished playing the Child of Light. Don’t worry I won’t tell you how it’s going to end hehe. I myself don’t play too much, I rather watch someone else play :). Somehow I’m getting a bit lazy when it comes to solo gaming heh. The only games that I remember I liked to play are: Heroes of Might and Magic 3, Contra (oh those childhood memories:D), Need for Speed, Bloody Roar, and the rest mostly were the mmorpg type games like: Ragnarok online( this game I’ve played with my brother for about 5 years or more; it was a little bit addictive ;p), Lineage II, Rising Force, Cabal ect., but somehow I got bored after 2 hours of playing. I think I’ll have to start to play something decent now, but first I have to get my brotcher away from the PS3 heheh It will be tricky because he started FFX HD again hehe

    I’m not that much into games like into Manga and Anime ( sorry Simon ;p). Martina I hope that You’ll feel better soon :)

    3 years ago
  173. Hahah we are the opposite when it comes to the level grinder thing. I totally forget all about the levels and get caught up in the storyline of games, that’s mostly what draws me in. I also love mario kart and super smash bros though even though I suck majorly at them (at least I admit it!). When I was a kid all I did was watch my older brother play games like kingdom of hearts, final fantasy (he let me do the chocobo races!), GTA and other stuff. My ALL TIME favorite game series are the Half Life games and the Fallout games. I guess I just have a thing about post nuclear crazy shit happening :P. I do like to dabble in other consoles like playing pokemon on my 3DS/ halo with my friends on their PS3’s but I am a PC girl at heart. It often is the best when you’re like me and enjoy story-based gaming!

    3 years ago
  174. I must have spent about 200 hours playing FFX and a lot of that was devoted to playing Blitzball and getting the ultimate weapons for all of the characters — that chocobo race was the bane of my existence for a while. I haven’t gotten the remastered version for the PS3 but I will probably relive my college years by redoing ALL of FFX.

    I forget if you and Martina are South Park fans. If you are, then you should check out the game South Park: The Stick of Truth. It’s very RPG-like with sidequests and everything but because it’s South Park it’s silly and hilarious.

    I know you aren’t into PC games but I would love to see you do a Let’s Play of the game To the Moon, an indie adventure game. It’s pretty short and story-based so it’s not meant to be very challenging but the story is beautiful and sad and I bet you would love it.

    3 years ago
    • I got everyone’s ultimate weapon, except for the one in which you have to dodge 200 lightning bolts. I’d get to over 100 and then get hit and scream and rage quit.

      3 years ago
  175. Two words: Baten Kaitos. It’s my all time favorite rpg, and one of the most visually beautiful games I’ve played. Plus the main character’s name means “party” in Swedish.

    3 years ago
  176. I can’t play video games because I know I’ll get super addicted. T___T

    But I’ve heard sooooo many good things about Bioshock Infinite and The Last of Us that I’m really curious about how good these games are. Would you ever consider playing these games and posting gamer videos/reviews??

    3 years ago
  177. OMG GO PLAY BRAVELY DEFAULT RIGHT NOW! It’s a 3DS game, and it’s seriously the best RPG I’ve played in years. It’s old school, grinding kind of Final Fantasy 6 style, but with modern conveniences, (like adjusting the random encounter rate etc).

    It’s SUCH a good game; granted the ending got repetitive, I enjoyed it because of the grinding aspect. (Maxed out all of my characters in all job categories.)

    There’s a sequel coming called Bravely Second too.

    3 years ago
  178. im more of a shooter game player. My very first game was when i was like 6 years old, the game was called Resident Evil. OMG!!!! i was a beast in the game – still am.. hahaha. i have followed the Resident Evil series throughout my childhood. i love that game. my other favorite game was TimeSplitters Future Perfect. I played this game with my younger brother a lot too. i just love video games. YAY VIDEO GAMES!!!! \(^//^)/

    3 years ago
  179. I believe you said something about Settlers of Catan before and was wondering if you played other board, dice, or card games? And where do you find the time to you know actually play these games? If I can make a suggestion for a new game, check out Zombie Dice. The game is super fast and you can play it anywhere. Plus, you get to be a zombie. Eat more braaains!!!

    3 years ago
  180. I have played Dynasty Warriors Series, Chaos Legion (My First ps2 game), Odin’s Sphere (PS2), Disgaea (PS2), Prinny: Can I really be the hero (PSP), bujingai with Gackt (ps2), Bayonetta (PS3), pandora’s tower (wii), Kingdom Hearts (series), and whole bunch, but I haven’t played recently because of work… and I want to play Arkam Asylum because I just got it for ps3….TwT

    3 years ago
  181. Zoe

    I adored Spyro when I was younger and still do (but my PlayStation died on me WAAAAAHHHH *cries* ). I also liked Crash Bandicoot quite a bit so I always look out for the first three games or Crash Team Racing in second-hand stores. Finally, seeing as you’re such a level grinder, you must like Pokemon. Emerald’s my absolute favourite Pokemon game of all time, HeartGold/SoulSilver are second.

    3 years ago
  182. “You will never ever beat me in Mario Kart.”

    Really? I SMELL A CHALLENGE, SIMON. :P Have you played MK8 yet? Thoughts?
    (Rosalina is MAH GIRL.)

    I’m a fan of JRPG’s and fighters (SOUL CALIBUR). Ive ever been into FPS games, so that rules out XBox. Nintendo for life. :D

    3 years ago
    • I’ve been playing a bit of MK8. I find drifting a bit different, and the weight distribution is different on turns as well. I’m getting used to it, though, and then will proceed to eat everybody in sight :D

      3 years ago
  183. I’ve enjoyed Okami, Persona 3 & 4, Mana Khemia, Fragile Dreams, Pokemon and other games I can’t quite remember off the top of my head.I wasn’t really into the games back in the day because they were so expensive ahaha

    3 years ago
  184. I think every Skyrim player will mostly agree that we have used way too much time on the game ahem (over 150 hours). Kingdom Hearts… The game that my sister played when I was smaller and didn’t have a playstation. When I got one I borrowed it and played it to death! I have played all the Kingdom Hearts games I could (Chain of Memories, not available in Europe: thanks Square Enix for that by the way) and I don’t like the 3ds game’s plot. But I played all the others even though I might not own them myself.
    Okami! The besttttsssttstst game I have on the PS2! It’s a WHITE WOLF and it’s awesome!

    Child of Light is such an amazing game. (I was the little firefly thingy my sister Aurora, our kitty is called Aurora O.O anyways) My sister played it through in two days it was literally the only thing we did on those days. I kinda hoped or expected one of the Batman Arkham games since you guys are into that as well.. No really I just love the Arkham games (origins doesn’t count it’s not rocksteady) Arkham City is my all time favorite game. So excited for the Arkham Knight game!
    My sister played Ni No Kuni to death I didn’t like it that much because I didn’t like Oliver all that much and your companions die when you look at them too hard..
    I wish I could’ve played more Final Fantasy but I’m too young though I am playing VII and have played Crisis Core, Dirge of Ceberus and newer games. I understand how confused one can be about the ending of Kingdom Hearts II when one doesn’t know the basic story of Chain of Memory. But I find the story of Final Fantasy XIII after the first game much more confusing..
    SO MUCH to think about. It’s too exciting! *breathe* :D

    3 years ago
  185. FINAL FANTASY! YES! I still get embarrassed for my love of Final Fantasies since most of my friends are on the XBox FPS bandwagon. I’ve personally played through FF7 about 6 times…

    I’m so curious, did you ever get around to beating Ruby and Emerald weapon?

    3 years ago
    • Dude: I beat them both WITHOUT TOUCHING THE CONTROLLER. If you max your counter attack materia, final attack materia, a bunch of Knights of the Round materia, and a Phoenix material, you can link them all with Wizard Bracelets, wait for them to attack, and then destroy them. It’s so fun!

      3 years ago
  186. I started with a ton of demos for the original playstation at a young age. Some of them included Sheep Raider, X-Men (1992), and Spiderman (2000). Later I got into the original Spyro series, the Harry Potter series, and Syphon Filter. Now I play games mostly on the Xbox such as Skyrim, Fable (I know), Deadpool, and Minecraft ( ‘Cause I like building things).

    3 years ago
  187. Yay, love the topic!

    I too love games, my brother is the true gamer of the family though, and I got into gaming pretty late. First game that truly caught my attention, was pokémon at the age of 10/11. I saw the anime (since we pirated the British Sky One, muahahaha) and I got the blue version as soon as I found out they were sold in Sweden.

    I’ve mainly played handheld games for gameboy (the original), gameboy colour, DS and #DS. First games I ever played and managed to beat were Super mario and Kirby on the old grey gameboy (which technically was my brother’s, but I got to borrow it, and later he gave it to me. I also played a TON of tetris and ended up becoming the best in the family (lvl 21).

    Fastforward several years, I got into pokémon again when Black and White came out. I also have all the DS versions for Kingdom Hearts (as I don’t own the PS2, my brother did).

    But now I also play a lot on my computer, with minecraft being a base since 2011, and several smaller computer games. I also got my steam account from my brother, he’s so nice to me.

    I also love mario kart (though I am terrible at it, because I barely ever practise), sonic racing (which I am equally as bad at), and a number of strange stuff that my brother has introduced to me. When I grew up, one of the few times my brother and I would stop fighting would be when he tried to show me one of his games. I tend to watch a lot of playthroughs that way, because I used to watch him play games (monster’s scared me). I have some fond memories of me and my brother together in his room, while he’d explain how games worked. I am glad he did. I know some think gaming is nerdy, but to me it is all about fun.

    Though, mother wasn’t overly happy that one time we both said we were nerds. But oh well… I’d rather be a nerd than boring.

    3 years ago
  188. I had my younger brother watch this since he plays a lot of games.He recommends Rogue Galaxy for PS2. It’s a JRPG with a good storyline, gameplay, and soundtrack. Also, Tales of Xillia 2 comes out this month!

    3 years ago
  189. Dude Chrono Trigger is seriously one of my favorite games of all time. Easily a top 5 game for me. The story, combat, soundtrack, and characters are phenomenal. And yes, DA1 is leaps and bounds better than DA2. No contest there really. DA2 is missing a lot of the RPG elements that made DA1 great. Plus, the combat isn’t nearly as good.

    I totally understand how you feel about keeping your interest in video games private. I used to get a lot of crap in high school from guys who liked to make people feel insecure about themselves. It’s like that with me for Kpop now haha.

    3 years ago
    • But some of my favorite games that I grew up with are Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, Super Mario 64, Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Metal Gear Solid, Gran Turismo, Mario Kart: DD, Super Metroid, Final Fantasy 4, Shadow of the Colossus, Star Fox, Super Mario World, World of Warcraft, Halo series, and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (probably shouldn’t admit that one haha).

      3 years ago
  190. Hey Simon, the best level grinder game has to be Final Fantasy Tactics. I remember my cousin leveling up his troops for 2 hours in one battle. What was your longest time spent leveling up in one battle in this game?

    3 years ago
  191. I was both a PC gamer and a console gamer when I was young (and still am).

    I grew up with Sierra game, mostly, on the PC, and then some LucasArt too (mainly King Quest 6 and 7, Woodruff, Torin’s Passage, Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle) Me and my gamer sister still quote Torin and Woodruff as of this day. I use Woodruff “numbers” for password here and there too. I also played puzzle games like Myst, Riven and a few other after that (but the first 2 are the best), and then The 7th Guest, who was re-edited lately on Steam. It’s old school horror/puzzle game, with old school filming for the “cinematic” part. And then Phantasmagoria, and a bit of Gabriel Knight. Man, that was such a good age for PC game! Oh oh! and Warcraft 2!

    We only had a SNES at home for a while, but I played some early Mario too at friends house. But Zelda Link to the Past is a major video game I played and I think I never got around beating it. This one was long and hard (that’s what she said). And Donkey Kong, the first one mainly. One of my all time favorite is still Aladdin and SNES Mario Kart with the battle mode and the song and all the race. That was one of the greatest! I really got into N64 even if I only owned one after it was only sold in pawn shop and I was old enough to buy it by myself (aka living with roommates). I’m a huge Banjo Kazooie fan and also Conker’s Bad Fur Day.

    And there’s the Gamecube also. Zelda Wind Waker is, I think, my favorite Zelda out there. It’s so pretty and different from the other ones. But, one of my all time favorite game, ever, is Beyond Good and Evil. Gosh! This game is everything, EVERYTHING! I’m still waiting for the next one, if it ever gets done…

    I started to get interested in Playstation games just a few years ago but I’m really into it. I’m a big Assassin’s Creed fan because I’m kinda of an history geeks. I’m trying to get to the most recent FF, but I’m doing them in chronological order and I’m only at the 4th I think. I remember when FF7 was released because I use to like that boy that played this game a whole lot and the song were really good. I plaued with FF9 or FF10 too, but not long enough. I really liked it though.

    I got into Tales of Symphonia a bit back with the Gamecube and I’m also one of the hardcore Smash fan because I started to play with N64 and we had this Smash night with some friends, it was great.

    I want to do all the Fire Emblem too, but it’s kinda hard and very long so I’m not really that far into the serie.

    I really like to try anything most of the time anyway, but I’m not really into FPS all that much, except when there’s a great story and other things to do, like in Uncharted. That said, since I grew up during the N64 craze, I have those great memory of playing GoldenEye with friends. That was the good old days!

    3 years ago
  192. I’m old school or poor (you decide), so my favorite games are Top Gear, Killer Instinct, Mario World, Mortal Kombat, Mortal Kombat 9 (that only I only play because my brother in law likes to keep me busy so he can kiss my younger sister without me screaming EWWWW all the time).
    And Simon, please I have to say that your glasses are ULTIMATE WISHLIST MATERIAL, awesome, so awesome, but then this shirt….ow Simon this shirt, don’t do this to yourself please, you look like a cookie without the chocolate chips and that’s never a good thing…

    3 years ago
  193. DOOOOD. DISGAEA Series! Simon, if you want to grind, you can grind levels to like 9999 and you can do a similar grind on the characters equipment. YEAH.

    I prefer tactics games. Ogre Battle series was my fav – wish they made em again! Ogre Battle 64 was amazeballs. Disgaea series and the Persona series are also favs of mine. Fire Emblem series is also incredible – the new one on the 3DS is really good!

    I also play Pokemon and Animal Crossing, woot!

    3 years ago
    • I played a bit of Disgaea on the PS Vita and I found it a bit boring. I was in a classroom most of the time, and barely got out and did any battles. It progressed a bit too slowly for my tastes.

      3 years ago
  194. So many great games~! I personally love the .hack games (they have been great for coping with FF withdrawals), the Silent Hill games, ANYTHING having to do with Fallout- currently I am playing New Vegas and love it, Parasite Eve (1,2,and 3).Something recent I started loving has been Metro 2023 and STALKER. Last of Us was pretty great too. Rhythm games and cooking games seem to be my guilty pleasure when I am not playing something serious. Cooking Mama and Cook, Serve, Delicious are really great, Patapon is pretty good as well.

    3 years ago
  195. We got our first console when I was 6 (Original Playstationnnnnn!!!!) and for a while, I kinda didn’t understand how to play anything other then Frogger or lose badly at Gran Turismo. Then, I got a gameboy colour when I was 8 and started playing Pokemon and the original Harry Potter games and stuffs, and THEN I got into Crash Bandicoot, Spyro and Tomb Raider.
    Thanks to Pokemon, I got really into Japanese stuff (and it was hard to where I come from. There was pretty much zero diversity till I reached my late teens.

    But as I grew up and got into more and more games, and struggled with not having the same consoles as everyone else (I got a PS2 when we were 14, a PS3 in 2011)
    I really got into the Zelda Oracle games as well.

    Nowadays, I love Kingdom Hearts (I’d recommend getting the HD remix 2 when it comes out if it has BBS with it, seriously, it causes things to make sense!) I loved Ni No Kuni and Final Fantasy 13 (12 not so much. I couldn’t stand Vaan’s voice) and Dragon Age Origins. I admit, I had a massive femirection for Alistair, and then they made him look so weird in DA2.
    I also love Dragon’s Dogma. My boyfriend gets so annoyed, because I’ll let the beginning song play and he’ll just hear me just like “THE WIND IS PUSHING MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!”

    And Skyrim. Yes. Love it. Except for some of the DLC addons.

    3 years ago
  196. I wish I got the heart to beat the games like you guys. All the games I owned and played I have never beaten minus all the Pokemon games. I’m a huge fan of cuddly games. I guess I just don’t want to finish it and find out the ending. Like with you, I enjoy the grinding if I can help it, but otherwise, I just slowly progress in the game.

    Right now, I’m just playing JRPG since American RPG kind of sucks especially storyline wise, I love a good game with a good storyline so my all time favorites are Final Fantasy (Tactics, 10, 10-2, 12 Revenant Wings – which is a turn based RPG, Both Crystal Chronicles for the DS). I only have handheld version of the games since I’m not big on consoles. Of course I never beat any of them except for Revenant Wings. I just go as close as I can to the end and stop the storyline, then I grind like crazy just in case I may have trouble with the final boss.

    My other JRPG is Persona 3 and 4 for the Vita. Don’t really have a PS2 since I don’t have a TV to begin with. None of which I’ve beaten, but I’m close to the final boss. I found a very similar game close to Persona 3/4 called Conception 2 (never found 1). Gameplay is similar, but creation of “babies” as your warriors is kind of weird. Maybe you might want to check it out is anyone is interested in the Persona franchises.

    As I’ve mentioned, I’m a cuddly gamer so I played ALL THE POKEMON HANDHELD versions (yes, I’m a huge Pokemon Fan); from the Gameboy to the 3DS versions, Pikachu’s Adventure (Wii), big fan of Harvest Moon and Rune Factory, some Mario Games like MarioKart (DS), Luigi’s Mansion (3DS), Super Mario Bros (original to 3DS), got a reserve on the upcoming Super Smash Bros for the 3DS, Cooking Mama, and I don’t remember the rest.

    If anyone got suggestions on cuddly games like the ones mentioned above, hook me up with some titles. I’m still looking for new games. GAMES THAT I WILL NEVER EVER FINISH, EVER!! Except Pokemon games main story at least.

    3 years ago
  197. I’m a big fan of platform games, fighting games, rpgs (both western and Japanese) and puzzles. Recently I got into games that were made on RPG Maker like To the Moon (you WILL need multiple boxes of Kleenex while playing it, but it is a really beautiful game), Misao, Witch’s House (serious jump scares and a hell of a ending), and Mad Father. Play them, you will not be disappointed!

    I still play my old PS1 games when I get the chance, too. I’m trying to find some games that I used to rent like MidEvil 1 and 2, Bust a Groove (I even have some of the songs on my ipod), and this one game where the fighters turned into animals (I think the title was called Killer Instinct?). I would love to have a PS4 when I have the money since I’ve heard that some really good games are coming out.

    3 years ago
  198. I loooooovvveeeee The Elder Scrolls and it all started with number IV: Oblivion. I was really bummed when I realized that one of the things they failed to include in Skyrim was the “Acrobatics” skill. It essentially measured how big of a fall you could survive so the way you leveled it was was by jumping. It sounds kind of dorky but once you leveled it up a bit you could do these massive long jumps and it was way faster than walking/sprinting.

    3 years ago
  199. Shadow of Colossus is one of my favorite games as well. So gorgeous!

    For me, I am really into the Zelda games. So excited for Hyrule Warriors and being able to play as Midna! My favorite Zelda character evaarrrrr. And the next Zelda game coming out next year, open world goodnesss I NEED IT NOW.

    I also play a lot of Pokemon, Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart, Fire Emblem, pretty much I’m a really big Nintendo fan. I have wanted to play more playstation games, but I am too poor to buy anything past my PS2 right now. But Katamari, love it, Odin Sphere, Kingdom Hearts, are some I have really enjoyed. I’m excited to take your list of games and maybe try out some of the ones I haven’t played yet.

    I hope Martina feels better soon!

    3 years ago
  200. Wah I’m surprised Okami isn’t on your list! I loved Okami, and since I am a terrible player… It is the only game I have ever got 100% completion on. I’ve played it maybe 3 or 4 times all the way through. On PS2 you got used to the brush mechanics… I’m not sure about the Wii (I’ve only heard that the motion sensors messed up the brush techniques). But yes, the storyline is great, the graphics are amazing, and the side-quests are super fun as well. Plus, once you find all the stray beads, you get a special item that when equipped lets you beast through everybody. It’s awesome sauce.

    3 years ago
  201. Yo! really though, if you were to give one company’s game a chance it would definitely be Atlus for me. I’ve been through it all from the original Persona to Innocent Sin to a fan patch of Eternal Punishment to P3P & FES to p4 Golden, P4A, and already preordered P4U2 and Persona Q. and with that i find that the Digital Devil Summoner Sagas from ShinMegamiTensei are really great, still haven’t finished 1 or 2, but i really should do that before i start school in September. woops went on ranting about Persona; Really though i feel like there are a mass amount of J-RPGS that are extremely well made, but aren’t properly advertised or broadcasted to the public, on of my favorite games that i am sad that people don’t really know about would have to be God Eater. Its so well done, the games mechanics are really immerse from just grinding monsters to walking around. I remember there was this one game that was like a place in the sky due to some sort of disease or radiation and the mechanics of the game are so overly complicated by lining up shots and characters while also do flips in mid-air that is based on turn-by-turn with a party of 3 people 2 guys 1 girl and the guy has blonde hair and a red jacket. i think the game was called End of Eternity, i think, wondering if anyone else can verify that or at least give the name of the company thata worked on it.

    3 years ago
  202. I’ve been a gamer since I was about 6 or 7. My brother bought me a playstation (the dinosaur grey one) when it was brand new and I never looked back. I swore I’d never get an XBOX, but then in high school everyone was getting the XBOX360 because the PS3 was just too expensive, so I betrayed my allegiance to Sony. My own favourite games are also the Final Fantasy series. My entire XBOX360 was customised with a FFXIII theme, then my bf accidentally broke it -_________-

    Apart from RPGs I really like fighting and racing games. Street Fighter Ex Plus Alpha was my first when it came out. You know, the music for that game sounds like MR versions of Infinite’s songs (maybe that’s why I love Infinite, all their MRs sound like video game tracks haha). Then I got into Tekken and played it all the time and then people at school wouldn’t play with me because they said I was like CPU.

    I’ve had a Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS, but I only ever played Pokemon on them :/ Liked this video! I watched Martina’s last time, but I’m not at all into anime or manga/hwa, so I could relate to this much more :3

    3 years ago
  203. i’m surprised you didnt mention patapon or loco roco. have you played them before simon? i figured you might like them, you should try them if you have a psp.

    3 years ago
  204. Wahahahaa yes my favourite topic of all time. Well I wonder if you could count Pokemon but I think that was one of the very first game I ever played when it was still in black and white like Pokemon Yellow and Blue! It was only about a few years later that I finally got my very first Playstation and the first game I bought was Final Fantasy 9. That was when I got sucked into the world of Final Fantasy. Played 3,4,7,8,9,10,10-2,11,13,13-2 and 14. Can’t wait for 15 which is on the PS4 and that means bye bye my precious money. I also bought the remastered version of Final Fantasy X/X-2. Holy crap it’s awesome but I wished SquareEnix allowed us to change to their Japanese voices because seriously English voices are the worst !!!! :( About the tattoo, maybeeeeee Vivi from FFinal Fantasy 9? HAHAHA cause Vivi’s my all time favourite character XDDDDDD

    3 years ago
  205. I’m not a hardcore gamer, but pretty much all of the games I own are JRPGs. I’m an English major; storylines are important to me XD Although when I was a kid, I played the hell out of some Mortal Kombat and kicked both my cousin and my brother’s asses at it; button mashing for the win! Love me some Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts, but I also really like Okami (the art is just gorgeous!) and the .hack games. I saw a friend playing Ni no Kuni recently, and it looks so good! I really need to upgrade to the PS3….*hasn’t moved past PS2)

    3 years ago
  206. You have the a lot same favourites as my big brother has (we are also PS family)! haha I grew up watching him play and that’s why even though I haven’t played myself, I know their plots and find them awesome! :D Like Metal Gear Solid! As for Final Fantasy, my favourite is IX and that’s the only FF I’ve played and finished. I also grew up with games like Rayman, Oddworld, The Secret of Monkey Island, MediEvil, Tomb Raider and Beyond Good and Evil. (check them out!) Also Tekken which I’ve played myself too.
    As for my favourite game series: Ace Attorney! If you have not played it then you must get one now!! If the game sounds a bit boring since you’re playing as an attorney, you are so wrong! I can see that the humour in the game could suit your taste… It’s fun and interesting game! ^^
    Lastly, since you like jrpg have you ever played Mana games, like Legend of Mana or Sword of Mana? What about Persona? Chrono Trigger?

    3 years ago
  207. LOL the only video games I’ve ever played myself are Mariokart Doubledash and Wii, Super Smash Bros Brawl and Melee, Nights Journey of Dreams, a bit of Mario Galaxy, some Legend of Zelda here and there, and Pokemon. But I absolutely LOVE Kingdom Hearts and ESPECIALLY Final Fantasy! There’s just something about them that completely amazes me!

    3 years ago
  208. This was an expected (in a good way) great topic! I hope that Martina feels better, that neckless look is quite creepy, brrrrrr! I like video games, I just haven’t had the chance to play much. I got my PS2 back in the day so that I could DDR for exercise but before that, it was Commodore 64 games. We have a Wii now and I really like the Mario Galaxy and Galaxy 2 games and Super Mario Bros 2, because of the co-op part. Sonic Colors looks cool but it’s kind of speedy for my eyes. If I could afford something new, I would definitely get a WiiU and Super Mario 3-D World, that looks awesome for co-op especially. I’m not big into RPGs, they tend to take more attention/time than I’m willing to give a game, but that’s the only reason. Ni No Kuni looks interesting though…..

    I had to go back and check whoa! those 8 minutes just flew by! And I’m not even that into gaming! You kept it interesting, though I didn’t see animated Spudgy. Maybe he’ll get usurped by uni-Spudgy? ;)

    Cyber_3 – The only problem with co-op games is kids that enjoy seeing their parents screwed over for powerups or dying in the game more than they enjoy winning XD

    3 years ago
  209. Final Fantasy VI is my favourite! I’ve been waiting for Type-0 and I was so happy when they announced it at E3. Smash Bros. introduced me to the Fire Emblem series, and wow I don’t regret it at all! Fire Emblem: Awakening (3DS) is really good, but the older games are great as well, my personal favourite is Path of Radiance (GameCube). There’s also NieR (PS3 & Xbox 360) by cavia. The gameplay might get repetitive but the story is really worth it! I really liked the sidequests too, people tend to avoid them but you find a lot of things about the characters. And the soundtracks, ohmygod the soundtracks, it’s probably one of the best I’ve heard. Sometimes I would stand there at a place just to listen to the music. Getting all the music albums the game has is one of my life goal hahaha!

    3 years ago
  210. Simon, your taste in video games is awful! I mean, that’s what I thought until I saw you list Dragon Age and now all is forgiven. (Well, almost. :D) It’s one of my favorite RPG’s of all time which makes sense because (1) it’s made by BioWare and (2) Dragon Age is the spiritual successor to the Baldur’s Gate series which are the best RPG’s ever made IMO. I’d highly suggest anyone who likes Dragon Age or Skyrim to go back and play Baldur’s Gate 2. Even though the game is nearly 15 years old, the character development, storyline and gameplay are still miles ahead of most RPG’s today, including Dragon Age: Origins. I’m really looking forward to Dragon Age 3, and yes, Dragon Age 2 truly was god-awful; it was essentially a quick money-grab by EA and unequivocally the worst thing BioWare ever put out. Speaking of BioWare, the original Mass Effect was incredible; the sequels were a bit too action-y but still very good.

    I’m a PC gamer/master race elitist so stuff like fast-twitch button mashers and JRPG’s are the devil to me. I prefer strategic/tactical games such as Civilization or Starcraft and also Western RPG’s that really allow for freedom of choice and person development such as in Fallout or The Witcher. I did play console games when I was younger and enjoyed my action platformers, fighting and sports games, but once I got my first PC, it was over. Console games, particularly Japanese games, have always seemed way too linear and constricting to me. I’m glad to see PC gaming going through a renaissance recently; with the gaming industry starting to move away from consoles and AAA-developers and more towards the PC platform, independent studios and the free-to-play model, I really expect there to be an explosion of new and innovative technologies and ideas in the near future.

    I could go on and on about my favorite games of all time but there are three that stand out from the rest:

    -Baldur’s Gate 2 (Best RPG ever made)
    -Civilization IV (Still the best iteration of the classic empire-building series)
    -Heroes of Might and Magic 3 (Turn-based fantasy strategy game that is just way too fun)

    Honorable mentions go to World of Warcraft (for sucking more hours out of me than any other game), Seven Kingdoms (most underappreciated game ever) and MechWarrior 2 (simply for having the best soundtrack in video game history).

    The game I’m looking forward to more than anything is Civilization: Beyond Earth. Civilization…in the future…IN SPACE? Sign me up. We can only hope Firaxis doesn’t keep dumbing down the Civ series and maintains the same level of depth and complexity as in Civ IV or Alpha Centauri.

    3 years ago
    • Heroes of Might and Magic 3!
      That game is the best. I played it so much when I was younger and I still love going back and playing it from time to time. I have to be prepared to be addicted to it all week though. Because nothing else will get done.

      3 years ago
      • Heroes 3 really was the pinnacle of the HoMM series and it’s definitely held up very well over the years. The latter games in the franchise had improved graphics and new game mechanics but could never recapture the magic of the first three games. The original Heroes of Might and Magic was actually the first PC game I ever bought. I walked into the games store as a kid with hardly any money, saw the handsome box sitting on the shelves at the discounted price of $20 and the rest is history. Well, technically, it was the second game I ever bought since the first game (Dune 2) wouldn’t install on my PC because it was for DOS only, but who’s counting? Anyway, while the original HoMM wasn’t nearly as polished or balanced as its successors, it’s possibly the most charming game of the series because of its outlandish-looking characters and cartoonish battles scenes. I’d recommend anyone who likes Heroes 3 to also try out Heroes 1 and 2 if they haven’t already as they’re all quality games in their own right.

        3 years ago
  211. Go buy Wind Waker HD, NOW. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker is my all time favorite game. It’s fun and addictive. The HD version is even slightly better, because it fixed a few things like sailing. Sailing around was very tedious but they implemented a new sail that makes you go faster. The end game was really tedious as well, so they fixed that too. Menuing through your items is now done on your gamepad so you don’t even have to pause your game to switch. I might be a bit biased, because The Wind Waker was also my first Zelda game, but a lot of people will agree with me that you should play it.

    3 years ago
  212. Kingdom Hearts!!! I saw Sora on the cover picture of the video and was like “Omg, they are gonna talk about Kingdom Hearts!!!”. Yes, I’m surprised you forgot to talk about Kingdom Hearts too, but I am happy you wrote about it in your blog post =). Hehe, so yeah I think Sora would be an awesome character to integrate into your tattoo. I like playing Pokémon Stadium Mini Games on the Nintendo64 lol.

    3 years ago
  213. I love Dragon Quest 8 Its one of my favorite games. Kya is also a really good game, and I love Leagend of Zelda .3. and FF 10, I havent actually beat it, but omg Persona 3 fes and Persona 4 (and Persona four Golden) are amazing games, I love the Persona series. Dark cloud 1&2 are also two of my favorate game. THEN There’s Paper Mario which is another amazing game, and I alwasy loved both of the Pokemon Stadiums, I like anything with mini games, not sure why. I havent ever really beable to expand, since I only have a PS2 but I hope one day to.

    3 years ago
  214. Crash bandicoot was my favourite game when I was a kid but Kingdom Hearts is probably what really got me into gaming. I’ve played the first two, Chain of memories and Birth by Sleep. After beating KH2 I bought Persona 4 and fell in love with it! Though I only just recently beat the game (as in getting both good and true ending)… It took me, what, five six years maybe? I have Persona 3 too and I haven’t beat the final boss yet, though I know how it ends thanks to youtube hehe.

    For PS3 I have all of the Assassin’s Creed games that are available for it. From the first one to the pirate one. I’m sort of dissappointed with the upcoming games’ lead but I’ll probably buy the game anyway, since I just enjoy playing them, even if the protagonist or story aren’t always that great.

    I also love Shadow of the Colossus! Ico from the same creators is a wonderful game too and I highly recommend it if you haven’t played it yet. My other favourites are Portal (first and second are both wondeful) and The Journey, which is just so pleasing to your eyes and ears, and it takes like two or three hours to beat depending on how fast you go through it. I’ve also been wanting to play Ni no Kuni, and Child of Light is on my to-buy-list as well.

    3 years ago
    • I bought Persona 4 but haven’t had the chance to play it yet. I keep on hearing great things about it, though!

      3 years ago
  215. SIMOOOOON, we’re SO SIMILAR :D! I actually started flailing when you mentioned Dragon Quest VIII. I don’t know what it is, but this game is my FAVORITE. I have been obsessed with Skyrim, Wind Waker, SotC and the likes, but whenever it comes to actually SAYING which one’s my favorite, I always go back to Dragon Quest VIII. That was SUCH a lucky and coincidental buy back in the day *memories!!!* It was mean to BEEEE!

    And haha, I’m a grinder too! I’m completely OCD, with Pokémon as well. I used to set a fixed amount of levels I wanted to reach in a certain area and then calculated the amount of pokémon/enemies I needed to beat in order to reach it. I’m a lot more laid back now and emphasise on the FUN a game is supposed to bring. But still: I’ve never played throught he main story of Skyrim. Not even once and I’ve owned that game since February 2012. But now that I’ve got a kick ass HD-TV, I need to finally reach Sovengarde.

    As a last note: My brother and I always gamed together when we were younger, but then didn’t find the time anymore because I had to grow up, get a job etc… But then, MAGIC happened and Mario Galaxy 2 came out. Yup, we met up and played through it in ONE sitting. Yup, ALL the planets. We then both promptly fell into a coma on top of each other and slept for like 12 hours straight, hahaha :D!

    As for Zelda: I’ve played through almost all of them and I SERIOUSLY would recommend Minish Cap, if you’re looking for a handheld Zelda game.

    3 years ago
    • You know: I kinda cheated with Dragon Quest 8. Remember the casino? I would bet it all on a number on roulette, spin, and reset if my number didn’t come up. I did that until I got enough moneys forever :)

      3 years ago
  216. Love this post and the vid for this! I think the first video game I played was pokemon? I think totally unsure about that. I love kingdom hearts series! I played all the games so far but still have yet to beat Kingdom Hearts 3D for the 3DS, and I still have a little more to go with Birth By Sleep. BUT I love Kingdom Hearts! I am also not an XBOX kind of person. I play PlayStation consoles and handhelds, Nintendo platforms, and some PC games. I also love the final fantasy games! The game for 3DS, Bravely Default is similar to Final Fantasy Games, most likely because it was made by the same company. haha. I currently play Mario Kart 8, League of Legends (PC), Maplestory (once I get my laptop back, can’t play on my macbook), Fire Emblem Awakening (Love this game! 3DS), Pokemon Y (3DS, trying to build a new team for battling), Tomodachi Life (just for funsies, 3DS), and then I have other games that I still need to start playing like Wind Waker HD. I totally can’t wait for Hyrule Warriors and the new Super Smash Bros that is coming out! Also, Pokemon ORAS to come out! I am a total poke nerd/nintendo nerd. haha~ After seeing all the new games that will be released at E3, I can tell that I will be spending a lot of money on games this coming year… and I have classes when they are released… My college life will consist of studying, gaming, and of course food. HAHAHA! Love this post! First time commenting on a blog post! AND I wrote a lot… okay, peace got to get back to work…

    3 years ago
  217. It makes me real happy when someone gives some love to the XIII series. That game unfortunately gets too much hate. I’ve played a loooot of Final Fantasy, but I think VIII is my favorite. Once you learn how to manipulate the GFs and the junctioning system, you’re basically God by disc two! XD I know you play a lot of JRPGs, but have you played any of the Uncharted games or The Last of Us (Naughty Dog junkie here)?

    Alsooo, do you have a Steam account? If not, you should totally get one and wait a year for one of my games to come out! It’s a pirate dungeon-crawler revolved around the music of jazz…very subtle advertising, I know ;)

    Game on!

    3 years ago
    • I played a bit of Uncharted, but I gave up on it when it became a zombie shooter. And, no, not a Steam account yet. I don’t play PC games. I think because I work on computers so much it’s difficult for me to view them outside of video editing and blogging :)

      3 years ago
      • I remember the zombies ! Screaming in the middle of the night while my parents were sleeping! What an awesome memory !

        My favorite game eveerrrrr is Dragon quest ! omg that’s so fab ! All the soundtrack and all that stuff !! Did you play until the end ?
        Btw I’m a girl and I play video games since I’m 4 ! So if you have talk about video games here I’m ! I’m the biggest otaku/geek in the world !! MWAHAHAHAHA Lova u guys ~~xoxo ~~

        3 years ago
      • i have been a console game like most of my life, but ever since i got a steam account, its heaven! the games are cheap! dirt cheap! especially during the summer sales. if you dont mind waiting for a few months to a year after a game has released then steam is the way to go. a lot of console games are also available on steam and most of the games have controller support, you could just plug in a usb controller and you’re good to go.

        3 years ago
  218. I got a PS2 because of Kingdom Hearts! Previous to that, my brothers and I shared a N64 and a PS1, where my favorite games were Banjo Kazooie, Spyro, Pokemon Stadium, and Driver (basically a driving game where you fun away from cops and smash into things..fun stuff).

    I’m not a huge gamer anymore (mostly because I always have something else I have to do :c), but I still enjoy playing I can pick up at anytime without having to remember how to combo or the plot…so games like Pokemon (especially the newest one, X/Y), Katamari Damacy, and computer games like Minecraft and Diablo 3.

    As for JRPGs, you might enjoy Persona 3 or 4? That and Folklore for the PS3. I’ve never actually owned a PS3, so I’ve only played through the demo of Folklore (several times…) but it was really fun.

    Yup! :D Also, if I ever get a tattoo, I always wanted it to be a paopu fruit.

    3 years ago
  219. You have to play Morrowind if you haven’t already!
    I’m a massive fan of Skyrim but Morrowind is so much more interesting and the scenery is crazy alien and beautiful. I’d play it just to check out the sights.

    3 years ago
  220. Yay you remembered Skyrim! Do you like The Last of Us cause it’s another really beautiful game.

    3 years ago
  221. Oh ho Simon it would appear that we have similar styles of gaming. FF7 was definitely a game changer (no pun intended). I’m still trying to work my way through FF10, I prefer to level grind first as well, it just makes more sense that way. Yes Tidus’ voice, ah hell all the voice acting is shitty. Also, never owned or played an Xbox either. it was always the Playstation.

    Games of my youth: I had a sega first. So I played street fighter, mortal kombat, sonic the hedgehog, pacman and soo many others I can remember at the moment. Oh Gawd why can I only remember earthworm Jim O_o..

    Playstation- FF7 for sure! Resident evil, Xenogears was also big around my household at the time. Metal gear solid, Tekken, a little gex and Parappa the rapper haha, crash bandicoot, mega man. Never really got into racing games myself.. I really suck at them- except for Need for speed carbon. I really love drifting in that. Devil may cry… Gosh I swear I liked a lot more non- violent games too, but again the names are eluding my mind.

    As for PC gaming- I got into to Diablo for a bit. Then sometime down the road, World of Warcraft.. So basically blizzard entertainment games.

    And some where in all this Mario and zelda were around too. I need way more of them in my life than what is currently there :\

    3 years ago
    • Earthworm Jim! Yussss! I remember beating that :)

      3 years ago
      • Really!? Nice! I haven’t run across many Folk in my neck of the woods who know what it is. Earthworm Jim *forms rainbow* memories~

        3 years ago
  222. I agree with everything. I just do. I grew up playing JRPGS with my brother on playstation. The only non-rpg games I played were Sonic and Mega-Man. Have you ever played Mega-Man, Simon? That one was a classic! Not an RPG, but awesome. Just awesome. Legend of Dragoon was an amazing game. I remember playing that when I was 8 or so… I play old games like that even now. I never played Kingdom Hearts though because I have had this anti-bias against mixing my beloved characters from Final Fantasy in with Disney characters. Of course, I will have to just set it aside to just play it… I think my heart can take it now.

    3 years ago
  223. I LOVE Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy!! Zelda games are also some of my favorites. I’m a huge RPG junkie…I barely play anything else.

    Definitely give Wind Waker a chance. It’s really fun! You should also check out Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask. They’re really iconic. =) I found Skyward Sword to be fun too.

    3 years ago
  224. I’m glad you specified NOT DA2. Cuz holy crap that game…

    ALSO someone needs to play TLOU… *cough* No, seriously tho. The feels.

    Final Fantasy IX was my first JRPG when I was 13. I then played X, VII, and VIII. I haven’t really enjoyed any of them past X though. D; I also played Legend of Dragoon and Chrono Cross around the same time. Both amazing.


    3 years ago
  225. Simon you are so on! I’m awesome at Mario Kart Double Dash with Toad so I call him! :P
    Did you beat it all and even get the mirror setting?

    3 years ago
  226. Simon has got some awesome video game tastes! I practicly love everything on the list but the only thing I haven’t gotten into is Skyrim. Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy on the other hand I pretty much grew up with. But the Nintendo 3DS has so amazing games like Kingdom Hearts 3D (Dream, Drop, Distance) and the story alone with blow your mind! Not to mention the new fighting mechanics which you’re missing out on if you only play the console games.

    I only recently got into Zelda because I got Zelda: A Link Between Worlds as a gift and it’s was AMAZING. I had never played any Zelda before and I had played the First ever Zelda on Wii for virtual Console but I couldn’t get into the hype *don’t kill me Virtual Console lovers* but a link between worlds was a really lovable game, the soundtrack was what a game soundtrack should truly be, a complement to the game and for the pleasure of listening while playing and it was that and more. Truly one of my favorites now and the concept was done beautifully because the throwback to the bird’s eye view of the game from it’s virtual console days.

    Investing in a 3ds is so worth it! So many great games that I think Simon would love if he tried them out!

    3 years ago
    • Yeah, I’m thinking I should get a 3DS. I just don’t want to get it in Korea and have it tied to only Korean games. I need to find a NA version, somehow…

      3 years ago
      • I have a 3DS I ordered on Amazon or Walmart, I can’t remember which. Is it possible for you to buy one on there and have it shipped?

        3 years ago
  227. ok so im more of a computer Xbox and Ninendo gamer. i never owned a playstation so i only played a final fantasy games at friends houses. BUT the games i play/played a lot are many PC games such as World of Warcraft, Starcraft 2, League of Legends, Civilization 5. also like the BIGGEST game franchise is Pokemon. i play at least 1 version of any set of 2 pokemon games released the first games. Super Smash Bros also XD. but yeah im a huge RPG player so games like WoW, Guild Wars 2, and older single player RPGs like Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic and Fable are some of my favorites ^_^.

    3 years ago
    • oh wow i just read through that and my grammar is horrendous ._. i was typing to fast and i just woke up

      3 years ago
  228. Hey Simon, be sure to get the Kingdom Hearts Remix 2.5. It will have Birth By sleep(which is the best) and Recoded on it, which are two of the handheld with actual story progression. I wish Dream Drop Distance was on it too, but Oh well, might be included with the eventual KH3. : )
    Have you played Lunar 1 or 2? They are PS1 games, but you might be able to DL them on the PS3. Also Star Ocean is a great series. And I am obsessed with the Tales Series. Almost all of them. Especially Vesperia and Symphonia. Unfortunately my son ruined my PS3, so I have to wait until I can fix it to finish XIllia. Xillia 2 just came out and I’m sad I can’t play it lol.
    I Love the Zelda franchise. I grew up on it, watched my mom and older bro play it after school… I know it gets a lot of flack, but I really liked Skyward Sword. I had no qualms with it. I also liked the story and art style of Twilight Princess, but I couldn’t play it very ofenbecause of the color pallet they used. Made sense for the game, but made me sleepy lol. If I had one thing against Zelda, it would be the abundance of spiders they use. They keep getting more realistic looking, and I feel like I’m about to have a heart attack every time I get to the Earth Temple. D:

    3 years ago
    • Holy shit Star Ocean!!!!!! I forgot about that on the PS2!!! I out in many hours in that game. Many hours…

      3 years ago
      • Yes… Same, so many hours, so many save files. I wasn’t satisfied until I played all the given perspectives and got all the possible characters. -_-

        3 years ago
    • Often* : P

      3 years ago
  229. The 3DS really does have a lot of fantastic games. Fire Emblem: Awakening is incredible. And since you love KROGer, you should definitely play Bravely Default. It’s pretty much Final Fantasy since it was made by Square Enid. Also, the newest Tomb Raider. TR is so freaking good!

    3 years ago
  230. Also, I played Patapon and FFIIV: Crisis Core for PSP. I also had other games but can’t remember them all too well. :(

    3 years ago
  231. I had Pokemon Sapphire but I never finished it because it broke so I’m stoked that they’re going to release it again but a bit modified with all those Mega Evolution and such. I actually would also love to try playing Zelda. Sad thing is that it never Nintendo games almost never go on sale here in Toronto so I became more of PS player instead. I remember playing Crash Bandicoot in PS2 and I freaking love that game. Then I guess I started playing more matured such as GTA Liberty City, San Andreas. I also played FFX but I also didn’t finish it because I did not know I had to level grind so I got stuck at Mt. Gagazet fighting Seymour. Which is also why I bought the Remastered Version of it and still on my journey to finish it (LEVEL GRINDING TO THE HIGHEST LEVEL). Then, I got my PS3 and I started playing Assassin’s Creed and some Call of Duty (not proud of it but I just got addicted gunning enemies down, although I’m not one of those trash talkers online).

    Then there’s Uncharted, Battlefield, Beyond Two Souls, Heavy Rain, L.A. Noire, Yakuza 3&4, Naruto, Infamous, and Skyrim for PS3. Now that PS4 came out, I played Watchdogs which I liked but they could have done a better dialogue between the characters to make the player attached to them I guess?

    I also played Red Alert when I was younger though I didn’t finish it since my dad took all the time finishing both sides (Allies and Soviets). Also, there’s Starcraft which I finished. Then, recently I finished Starcraft II(Wings of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm) and Diablo III.

    Lastly, I’m still playing and haven’t finished The Last of Us, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Nino Kuni, Diablo III Expansion Set and Watchdogs’ side games. I would also like to try Dark Souls 2 and Metal Gear Solid.

    3 years ago
  232. The most recent game I’ve finished (which was almost a year ago since I don’t have access to any gaming consoles here in Korea) is Journey. HOLY CRUD it is a gorgeous game. Have you heard of/played it? It’s a shorter game, and there’s no voice acting or anything, but it is simply one of the most beautiful games I’ve ever played, and I’ve played KH and FF, most of which were gorgeous. I cried too, at the end. I think it only took me an hour to finish? Journey is one of those games where, if you want to take a short break from one game, you can play it, finish it, and then continue on with the first game.

    3 years ago
    • Also, I’m pretty sure it’s an indie game. So it might not be that well known.

      3 years ago
  233. About Kingdom Hearts, Simon, don’t worry about not knowing WTF was going on with the plot! Between 1 and 2 there’s actually two more videogames: “Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories”, originally just for Game Boy, that’s why many people skipped it without knowing, and “Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days” for Nintendo DS. For some time they weren’t even released outside Japan because portables are not that big outside Japan.
    If you has just played 1 and then 2 the plot doesn’t make much sense :/ Don’t worry, blame Square Enix. Oh, Square Enix! XD

    3 years ago
  234. I’m a hardcore grinder (not as much as Simon though), and I also started with FF7.
    JRPG’s are my favorite kind o game, but unfortunately FF’s went downhill after FFX for me.
    So I got into another franchise that got me really excited which is “Tales of” series.
    I started with Tales of Destiny 2 (for PSOne, then it was released later as Tales of Eternia for PSP)
    then I played Tales of Destiny (PSOne), Tales of Eternia (PS2), Tales of the Abyss (PS2 – Best One for me), Tales of Vesperia (XBOX360 – The Only reason I got a XBOX was this game), Tales of Symphonia (GameCube), Tales of Symphonia 2 (Wii – the weakest in my opinion). Tales of Graces F (PS3), Tales of Xillia (PS3) and soon Tales of Xillia 2 (PS3).

    3 years ago
    • Oh yes! I played Tales of Xillia recently and it was great! I didn’t play other Tales games but I really enjoyed the voice acting. Yoked out Bazongas!

      3 years ago
    • In the topic of gaming tattoos, I have a Tidus (FFX) in my right wrist.

      3 years ago
  235. Wow we got a Final Fantasy Fan over here! But y u no mention Assassins Creed ;)
    If you like Shadow of the Colossus you should definitely check out Journey for PS3. It has wonderful graphics and a one of a kind storyline (and some brilliant fanart, too) and you can play it either in single mode or with another person online (although I’d recommend single modus for the first round so you can experience the game.) I’d think Martina would like Journey as well :D

    3 years ago
  236. Ahhh why not get tattoos of your favorite character’s weapons too? That would be raddddddd !!!

    3 years ago
  237. Holy god Simon I saw this coming ! Your picks are awesome, your gaming standard is HIGH I would say ! Also you mentioned “Legend of Dragoon” which is really an underrated JRPG ! Give you a big thumbs up on your picks ! I would like to suggest some JRPGs for you too, “Bravely Default” in the 3DS, “Persona 3” and “Persona 4”, go get the 4G on Vita that version has more stuff in there (trust me if you want to live a life like a Japanese student you should play this !) And also you should try some Monster Hunter too they are intense and cool. Hey Simon why not try some indie games? Try out Transistor in the PS4 ! I’m not kidding this is the most gorgeous game I’ve ever seen ! Oh gawd too much stuff to jazz through a comment I guess that’s all ! Simon you rocks !

    3 years ago
  238. SIMON YOU PLAYED DRAGON AGE?? Reading that made my whole day!!
    What race and class do you like to play as? For my first playthrough I was a dual wielding city elf warrior :D
    And as far as Dragon Age 2 goes, I know it was really rushed, but I still love it anyways. I’m a huuuuge fan of Dragon Age, so I just took it for what it was and loved it (I guess I’m not that hard to please haha). I’m just really hoping that Inquisition is going to be EPIC because I read somewhere that they started working on it before Origins even came out. So excited!!

    3 years ago
    • I think for Dragon Age 1 I was a Mage with blood and arcane magic. It’s an unfairly strong build but I like being unfairly strong :)

      3 years ago
  239. I love RPGs and my favorite of all time has to be the Kingdom Hearts series. I can’t wait for them to come out with Kingdom Hearts 3 (it’s taking forever!!). I am currently taking a break from FF Lightning Returns because that game will be the death of me. Maybe I should redo the whole thing but this time limit thing to do all of your missions before the world end is killing me. I have never had any issues with the other FF games and I have played all of them. = (
    I am now working on Ni no Kuni and I love it!!

    3 years ago
  240. I don’t do many console games these days (Nintendo as a kid, I was boss at Kirby). Mostly I play Minecraft and Don’t Starve – I really like the survival games that have more replayability. But my brother recently got Transistor. It’s from Supergiant games, same people who did Bastion a few years ago, and it is gorgeous. If a good storyline and amazing art are your thing, go for those games. Stunning.

    3 years ago
  241. Martina, I feel you! My brother used to play Dragon Quest and my god, I hate that music now. I mean, it’s actually a good soundtrack, but I heard it so, sooo, sooooooo much that all the joy has been sucked out of it. I haven’t played a lot of video games, but I really want to get into it more. Right now I’m starting with the basics, I’m playing Pokémon Red on my GameBoy! The games I’d like to try in the future are Zelda, Super Mario, Final Fantasy and Ōkami. The last one isn’t as well know as the others, but it seems like a really beautiful game. Has anyone else played it? How was it?

    3 years ago
    • I actually played a bit of Okami but I didn’t get too far into it, not because I didn’t like it, but because I had something else pop up :)

      3 years ago
  242. Oooh. So many games. And all for console, which I don’t have because I’ve always only played on PC since I was 10 (I mostly play RPGs and PC lets me mod them more easily :D).

    Which doesn’t seem to matter as I’m currently somewhere in the middle of disc 2 of Final Fantasy VII (yay for summer breaks). Plus I bought The Last Remnant in Steam summer sale, but I didn’t have time to try it yet.

    Personally I am a huge Black Isle/Bioware fan. Not just Dragon Age (and I agree with you completely, Origins is a great game while DA2 is horrible) and Mass Effect (such a good series!), but pretty much EVERY Bioware game, ever. Baldur’s Gate series is my precious and Baldur’s Gate 2 is imho the best damn game ever made. Planescape: Torment. Icewind Dale. Neverwinter Nights. ALL OF THEM <3

    Also, Skyrim. I have 2 characters, both level Unholy Might, but I have no idea what the main quest is about. Not my fault that the Dark Brotherhood storyline is more interesting!

    3 years ago
  243. I loved this episode!! Probably because we like a lot of the same games. lol Playstation and Nintendo ALL THE WAY!!! No Xbox. Love the classics: everything Mario, especially the 64 games. Mario 64, Super Smash bros. Pikachu! and mariokart. Give me Yoshi and I’ll kick your ass. ;) You should definitely play the Zelda games though. The story line, characters and locations have really turned into a legacy. I recommend that you start from the very first one though, The LEGEND OF ZELDA and work through them in the order they came out. This doesn’t include the handheld games though. Think of those as extra stories and that’s it(in my opinion). LOVE KINGDOM HEARTS too! Did you beat Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts 2? He was impossible… :(

    3 years ago
  244. OH man I love my some Final Fantasy.
    YOU SHOULD PLAY MORE ZELDA SIMON. I really liked skyward sword, twilight princess, if you have the 3DS you NEED to do Ocarina of Time.
    Also, really fun relaxing games you should play – Flower, Echo, or Journey. SERIOUSLY THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL and Martina will probably like them too!

    3 years ago
  245. I know you said you don’t play many fighting games but do you play Street Fighter or Tekken?

    3 years ago
  246. I adore Animal Crossing! After a long study session in the library, I can go home and get immersed in my town, chat with my villager friends and go fishing. It really makes me relax!

    If you don’t own a Nintendo 3DS, you are missing something big!
    – Animal Crossing: New Leaf
    – The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D (remake of the Nintendo 64 classic)
    – Fire Emblem: Awakening
    – Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon (Luigi’s Mansion 2 in Europe and Japan)
    – The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds (the sequel to the Super Nintendo classic “A Link to the Past”
    – The Professor Layton series
    – Mario Kart 7
    – Tomodachi Life
    – Super Mario 3D Land

    For the Wii U, I will also recommend:
    – Pikmin 3
    – Nintendoland (My friends and I always have a blast with this game)
    – Super Mario 3D World
    – Mario Kart 8
    – The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD

    3 years ago
  247. We have similar Final Fantasy origin stories, cept I broke both arms playing soccer and ended up playing a ton of Final Fantasy 8. Woo! The only video games I’ve ever been good at are the Tony Hawk franchise and like, Star Wars Pod Racer (which I believe came with the N64). THPS2 and 3 have meant a lot to me though, gave me punk rock! Also played a lot of Super Mario and Donkey Kong as a youngster.

    3 years ago
  248. JRPGs are the best! Simon since you want to play some Zelda games, i highly recommend the snes one “Zelda : A Link To The Past” it’s my favorite of all time.

    I since you are a grinder/jrpg/tactic lover i recomment every games made by Nippon Ichi Software. (they also have NIS America under them). They are all super fun games. Plus most of their games have some weird/awesome system behind them. Highly recommend the Disgaea serie.

    3 years ago
  249. No Metroid love it can’t even get love from its own company! Ok rant over, bye bye *waves in a kawaii like fashion*

    3 years ago
  250. oh God! I loveee Kingdom Hearts! JRPG is the best! I played Final Fantasy 8,10 and 13. Maybe I should try playing FF7.

    3 years ago
  251. Wait. Dude. Nobody asked you.

    lol I’m sorry. Thanks for sharing :p

    That totally went over my head. Maybe cos I’ve never had a TV/console; I only played them at my friends’ houses (and at your studio). Did Leigh and Soo Zee tell you how I beat them at Marvel vs Capcom? And it was my first time playing. BWAHAHAHAHAHA

    I play computer games though….Red Alert, Red Alert II, Red Alert III, Warcraft, Warcraft II, Warcraft III…then I got into DotA, then Dota2…then uni gave me a kick in the backside.

    The end.

    3 years ago
  252. LOL I bet Simon was stoked to be getting a “Simon-themed” TL;DR. HAHAHAHAHA :D

    3 years ago