A couple of weeks ago we went to Sweden for NärCon 2014 as guests of honour, for some reason. Us? Guests of honour? That’s silly! But we’d never turn down an invitation to go to Sweden, because Sweden is awesome and we want to live there forever and ever. So we agreed, and started getting everything ready for the event.

NärCon is a cosplay and anime convention for East Asian pop culture. It was the first cosplay convention I – Simon – have ever been to, and the first time I’ve ever cosplayed, so I figured it’s best to try to not half-ass my costume. I decided to go as Honey Senpai from Ouran Host Club…20 years later. Honey can’t seem to graduate because he’s so bad at math, so he continues to work for the Host Club, even though he’s way past his cuteness prime. Cakey gotdamn cakey!

Martina had her dress custom made by Priscilladawn – a dress shop that she’s been shopping at since 2012 – so she could look like one of the girls that attend the Host Clubs. Honey wasn’t really that good at being a host anymore, though, so he kinda neglects her. She won’t take no for an answer, so she sasaengs all over the place. Yes, we were kinda inspired by Kpop. Ha! Simon’s Ouran Host Club uniform patch was made by anruiukimi and was totally perfect! We also got an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D patch and it was flawless too.

Anyhow, we’ve got a bunch of pics from the event as well, in our pretty galleries that we love putting up whenever we travel. Yay for pictures!

If you went to Narcon and attended our signing event, first of all, thank you for waiting so long in the heat! I’m sorry that it had to be rushed in the end but we went way over the allotted time. If it were up to us we’d stay there with you all day. Secondly, if you want your picture, you can get them here!

Lastly, we’re getting back to doing coffee shop stuff. AYEEE!!! The grand opening is less than three days away! We’re getting everything in order, but we’ve still got videos going up tomorrow and Saturday. Click on the pretty subscribe button below so you don’t miss out!

  1. It was so hot EVERYWHERE! But still fun to see you again. I was one of the smart people hiding in the shade btw ;)

  2. Thank you for coming! It was awesome! :D

  3. Your costumes were awesome. After you posted the photo of your costume, I started watching Ouran HSHC, thanks for turning me on to such a great anime!
    Martina, how do you get your makeup to stay put in such hot weather? If you haven’t made a video about that, please do. I love your makeup tutorials.

  4. First of all, thank you so much for coming to NärCon, you guys are awesome and you had me laughing non-stop! *__* And I was SO inspired by the talk show you were in, about geekdom and stuff~ ^_^
    I hope you had a fantastic time, and come to Sweden again soon! <3
    (Don't know if you remember me, but I was second in line for the signing, with a Japanese yukata and an eye mask-thing & I gave you guys a drawing :D!)

  5. Honey senpai, why you do this to me!?! -Jealous fangirl- X’D

  6. Noooooooo! ;A; I was at Närcon but I had no idea you guys were doing a presentation! Oh my gosh I’m going to cry! I….DAAAAMN IT!!!!

    Well, I hope you guys had fun at least. ;n; *runs off to cry 5eva*

  7. I like the pictures a lot <3 they are lovely <3

  8. This was totally awesome to see and fun to watch. Both of your costumes were amazing!

  9. Martina, your dress is stunning! Simon, you somehow pull off the sempai wig!

    …heh, Gross Butt Gym. :)

  10. I just watched the video of your performance at Närcon. Something that really fascinates me, is that you two seem so natural while talking to the audience even though you say afterwards that you were in fact extremely nervios. But I guess that is EatYourKimchi´s charm – that naturalfunnydorkey side of you.

  11. So am currently having a Anime marathon on netflix which several from your list are on

  12. what? no picture of me? *sad face*

  13. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D patch! *Runs to anruiukimi* >_< No more! Drats. Well hopefully next time. They look really awesome.

    Great Cosplay guys. Glad you had so much fun with it. Especially you Simon since you've never cosplayed before. Neither have, unless thinking I was a vampire my teen years counts… I love your photos!

  14. Looks like you guys has so much fun. The video reminded me of the first k con and made me super excited to leave tomorrow. Good luck with the coffee shop opening!

  15. Thank you soo much for coming to NärCon! It really made my convention so much better! And Simon if you had released the Video Gaming video before the con you could attend to either the Video game contest in Smash Bros Melee/Brawl or the Mario Kart DD/8!! Next time you are challanged in Mario Kart DD or 8! Becouse I’m the king of MK ;P

    I hope we see you again next year in Sweden <3<3<3<3<3

    Much much love

  16. This was so much fun to watch! I was really excited to see what you guys did at the convention!
    I loved your cosplays (even though I still have yet to watch Ouran – don’t hurt me!) Martina looked super cute!

    If you guys are going to end up back in the US next year you should try to hit up Anime Expo (California) or my hometown convention Anime Central. I don’t know about Anime Expo but Anime Central has a growing Kpop scene and while the main focus is still anime, a panel by you guys would be HUGE!

  17. Too bad you never got to taste that surströmming xD

  18. it was still worth waiting in line anyway! And it was nice of you and them to lengthen the time so that everyone got their signing/picture with you guys ^o^

  19. ahahahahah Simon as Honey Senpai is both disturbing and hilarious!! “cakey f***in’ cakey!”

  20. LOL! This was so cute ^o^ Martina Senpai did you stalk Simon Senpai too and win him over with cake?

    PS: I absolutely love your nails Martina :D

  21. I love that you two did this little skit even though your schedule must have been swamped. We really appreciate all the hard work you constantly put in to provide us needy nasties with a steady stream of fun videos!
    Haha, trust you to make ‘sasaeng’ a verb- that was brilliant. HONEY SENPAI IS MINE indeed. I imagine Martina’s character to be a super long-term stalker of Honey senpai- like, 10+ years of trying to get him to notice her. And she flunks her classes on purpose so she can attend school with senpai forever. SOMEBODY WRITE THIS FANFIC!

  22. Oh myyy ! It was creepy ! It was like lots of color and stuff but I clearly see it was a short horror movie ! *shiver*

  23. Ahahaaaaaaaaa it’s funny because you said “thanks for partaking in our skit” and skit means shit in Swedish hahahahah sorry languages amuse me to no end

  24. haha adult honey senpai! I love Martina’s acting. I give y’all two thumbs up for your costumes. I think you need to get Lee and Soo Zee costumes too and do a eyk crew video.

  25. I just…I don’t…um…I dunno…*sigh*…you guys are crazy. And by crazy, I mean awesome. I neither figuratively nor anatomically have the balls to pull off any of the sillyness that you guys do. Kudos! ^_^ Now I have to watch this, what is it called, Ouran High School Host club? Ah, yes. P.s. Did those contacts hurt your eyeballs?

  26. Simon looks really handsome in the pic where he’s holding his iPhone. :D Aang!

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