How many LOOOONG time Nasties here now? Remember when we were filming in our first apartment in Korea, back in Bucheon? Do you remember this really old video of ours explaining Korean Hand Gestures?

Whoa, that’s an old video. So, we’re not going to talk about the hand gestures for politeness. We’ll make you suffer and watch that old video. Buahaha! Oh man, we were so uncomfortable on camera back then. I can’t even watch that video it’s so slooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. We’re far more shameless now. And Martina looks so…professional in that video! Now she is happily pink haired and channeling 80s rock bands. Ah…where did we go wrong?

Anyhow, there are just a few more hand gestures that we want to talk about. The first is a fairly self-explanatory one, the Perpendicular Forearms of DOOM! Oh? You don’t know it by its name? If you visited Korea before, and you aren’t Korean or Asian looking, you probably have seen people do it to you when they want to say that they don’t have something in stock or that they’re not open. They’ll cross their arms in order to say no. Not sure why they just don’t say no, and why the arm gesture is necessary, but you’ll see it in Korea a lot and we often chuckle about it. We chuckle about it but it has become part of our normal hand gesture movements now. So even when two foreigners are talking to each other, we’ll often throw up the huge X sign without even knowing it. It gets rather embarrassing when you visit back home and you’re throwing up X’s to unsuspecting people just to say “no”. Do you want whipped cream on your hot chocolate? “NO thanks!!!! *giant x*” Slowly creeps away…Korea will change you man.

Another gesture we wanted to mention was how the typical handshake has changed in Korea. The placing of the left hand on your right wrist or forearm for politeness (which we actually mentioned in our old hand gesture video) is awkwardly used when shaking hands with someone. This is something I really had to teach my students to not do. Shaking someone’s hand is something people don’t really do in Korea, they usually just bow or do a polite head nod. But if they’re meeting with foreigners, especially in a business situation, the handshake hand might have to happen. But it often comes out with an awkward left hand place on the the right arm while hand shaking. It’s like the polite drink pouring meets the polite object giving mushed into a handshake. If you’ve lived in Korea you’re totally used to this, but if you aren’t from Korea and someone does it to you it gives you a kindof weird first impression, like you’re caressing your own arm or closing up in fear. Even for us when we shake hands with someone in Korea it’s hard to break that habit because we don’t want to insult them by NOT including the hand but then again, it was never supposed to be there to begin with. So we’re kindof in a sticky situation! For some of you that have met us before in Korea, we 100% did the awkward pigeon head bob of “nice meeting you” that comes with living in Korea (and I’m sure Japan) for a while.

On the cuter side, you might notice the way Korean people pose for pictures includes a lot of hand gestures. There is the “V” with your fingers that looks like a peace sign but it doesn’t actually mean peace. I heard it’s V for Victory kindof stolen from manga and anime posing after a victorious battle but I’ve also heard lots of other stories to explain it. One that might seem baffling is what I call the hamster pose. You put your hands into fists and jam them up against your cheeks like you’re trying to dig out secret nuts and seeds. ლ(╹ε╹ლ) It’s called “BuWING BuWING” 뿌잉뿌잉 and although there isn’t a “W” in that word you kindof of say it quickly so that it sounds like “BOOINGBOOING” or “BuWINGbUWING!”. I personally can’t break the habit of using as many hand gestures as possible when in photos because, gosh darn, it just makes them look so much more fun even if it makes me look like an idiot. Note the attached photo of me looking like an idiot.

IMG 5929

It’s supposed to be a very cute gesture but I theorize it is popular because many young Korean people like to cover their cheeks when they take picture in an attempt to make their face look smaller. This bizarre “my face is so big and your face is so small” concept really confuses me because Korean people have lovely small faces. Yet I’m so often said to have a small face…and they jam their fist into my face to prove that indeed, my face is the size of a fist. Oh OH we totally talked about that YOUR FACE IS SO SMALL fist to the face along with the ORRRRIIGOOOONNALLLL hand slapping gesture that Simon learned from his students in a different TL;DR!! If you haven’t learned about those two, you can view it here.

So that’s it for some of the gestures we’ve seen. If you can think of anymore that we haven’t mentioned please share in the comment section! Also, I want to know your country’s hand gestures as well because there are so many that overlap and so many that are TOTALLY different!

  1. In Israel (and possibly Eastern Europe as well) the pulling down below your eye means “bullshit”. Like “Oh, you’re bullshitting me *pull down below eye”. Usually though we do this with a knowing look on our face as opposed to sticking our tongue out…

  2. Shinhwa was on Gag Concert and Minwoo did a hand gesture of an upside down okay sign over his heart. What does that mean?

  3. Raine

    You know how people (idols) will make L’s with their fingers and then place them on their chins? That means “lesbian” in ASL (American sign language). It makes me giggle. And proof: http://www.signingsavvy.com/sign/LESBIAN

  4. MY FACE IS UNEVEN!!!!!!!!oh Martina. I remember that tldr.

  5. hellooooo ^_^ My question may sound a little strange, but I’d like to know about funerals in Korea and what are the differences between American

  6. I think what SooZee said is correct because when I watched Level with Me Nicole talked about doing that tongue nose thing to get rid of the pins and needles when you legs fall asleep:


    at the 9 minute mark

  7. hellooooo ^_^ My question may sound a little strange, but I’d like to know about funerals in Korea and what are the differences between American

  8. I will post this everywhere! Bwahahahaha!!

    Can you do a TL;DR on loan sharks and loan debt in Korea? It seems every
    drama brings up the topic at least once on the poor character thinking
    or needing to pull out a loan in order to get by. Is that common? Are
    their really these gangsta loan guys lurking in villages ready to beat
    someone up for money???

  9. Hey a suggestion for the next Tl:dr:
    How are transfer students treated in Korea, what if your a foreigner moving to S.Korea or an Asian that has been living in a foreigner country? How are you treated and everything else,like friends, communication,etc.
    Thank you for reading! o<

  10. Did you ever go ask Soozee what “my face is uneven” was supposed to mean?

  11. What are some Korean myths? I’m just reaaalllyyyyy curious because every country has their own myths and I just wanted to know about some in Korea~THANKS!! :3

  12. I’ve only seen kids (middle school and some high schools boys) do this, doesn’t have a name and it doesn’t really mean anything but if you look at it they’ll make fun of you. Does this mean anything anywhere else?

  13. you guys are psychic, the newest episode of 1994, episode 9, had one of the hand gestures. The telephone hand gesture, looks like..haha!

  14. FYI and as a person who have work in the cafe, the Perpendicular Forearms of DOOM was used when we are not allowed to directly say “no.” For example, I was taught to use this sign when I was working in the cafe and making the coffee simply because 1) my spit can go into the coffee that I was making during the conversation, and 2) saying “no” usually sound quite rude but I was not allowed to spend much time to explain the reason. :)

  15. hermergersh!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was just watching the latest episode of reply 1994, and one of the characters was going to do the really rude sign to mean she wasn’t lying, (it was mentioned that a girl shouldn’t know what that was haha) and I figured it out and it made sense!!!! I did a happy dance! thanks you guys!!! wasn’t expecting to be able to use that knowledge right away but I did! :D I feel so accomplished. ^^

  16. Germany: the pulling down your eye indicates that the person that is speaking doesn’t believe what they are recounting. the *rude* gesture “thumb in mouth and pinkie on forehead* is something which is strikingly similar to the ed pose of a hand gesture for *give me something to drink* or * let’s go drinking’ or basically anything that you can signal by suggesting you need a bottle to drink from, signifying *one shot* from a bottle* (*auf EX*). In fact I do use that gesture normally..so I should make sure I didn#t freak out any of my Korean friends with that O.o :P

  17. My comment was just deleted? D:
    said: why Korean girls cover their mouth when laughing loud? especially talking to men. Did makes their look adorable or is just a gesture of respect?. And other nonsense. Why cover their legs with blankets? Why would wear ridiculously short skirts then?

  18. Kira

    My friends and I make a heart with our hands and hold it up to our chest to show that we care about each other! We also do a “hang loose,” symbol which is keeping the finger next to the pinkie and the middle finger folded while the pinkie and index stand out and the thumb just does it’s thing. People do that a lot in photos, idk if it is just a west coast US thing but I see it in photos all the time.

  19. So what do koreans think of other Asian cultures? Like, do they have any old ill feelings towards each other or any racism?

  20. When I went to Africa they also did the same handshake you described above. We were told it came from an old custom to show you were coming friendly and that there was no weapon in your other hand. Is this maybe the same in Korea?

  21. The “okay” sign is very offensive in Turkey and it means you are gay.

    I wondered why and searched about the meaning. Lol the okay sign refers to the…ahm…dirty body part and it means that you used it so much (means: two men have sex) that it’s already so big.

    i hope i could explain it well and you understand what i mean (since my english is not that good)

    edit: “In Venezuela, as well as Turkey, it is a very offensive gesture, regarded as a reference to homosexuality, and reflecting a wider than usual (due to anal sex) anus of a homosexual man.”

  22. With my personality though, there’s no awkward handshake of doom. When I meet my friends from my Korea for the first time, we hug, yell and hit each other lovingly like we are brothers and sisters. Most of my friends of my friends from Korea are guys that have known me for years so it’s ok if we do that! LOL. xDD With my more quieter and polite guy friends, a simple hug is all that needs to be done. ^^ The last korean guy that gave me a handshake, ended up being a stiff butt hole. Omfg. I don’t behave well with stuffy guys. The whole bbooing bbooing thing confused the hell out of me. Like wtf. It got increasingly popular when Secret Garden got popular so I figured it was an SG thing. But when one of my friends told me, I caught on. Don’t worry Martina. I look equally stupid when I do it ROFL. I never get the small face thing. I always get told that I’m very tall. I guess being 5’6 is pretty tall for a girl. xD

  23. Erika Kalkofen

    Something I saw in Japan and Korea is putting the peace or “V” sign in front of your mouth. Girls do it to be cute, but I wanna tell them it means that they are “eating out” a girl…… please stop, it makes me cringe.

  24. lmao. Oh my god. One of my Korean friends, when he was studying abroad in America at the time, was saying how small my face was and I’m like I think it’s normal and he’s just like “No! No!” and insisted it was smaller and then proceeded to put his hand in front of my face to prove his point. I don’t understand this test… I’m pretty sure there is hand out there that will cover your face, you just gotta believe. T^T

  25. A face smaller than a fist? To whose fist is it compared to?? That is so confusing!!

  26. The funny think with Korean giant X is I do kinda the same thing but smaller version – just with my palms, and that giant X when someone is really stupid not to understand the smaller one! LOL
    …but I have no idea if it’s a common gesture or it’s just me doing that (I’ve been doing it long before I got into KPOP as well as nodding while greeting ppl XD)

  27. are there got a friendly halal/muslim restaurant? are korean open up bout muslim halal food/restaurant?

  28. the thing with the last finger in Greece if two people doing this and wrap the two fingers together means that they are best friends for ever …. so funny ..

  29. Hi Simon and Martina!

    I’ve been a viewer for your blog for some time and a short while ago I realised I was missing out on a great opportunity. My plan post graduation has always been to go into teaching but courses over here want me to have more classroom experience, I also have always wanted to see Korea. After about 6 months (yes I know, not the sharpest tool sometimes.) I realised I can kill two birds with one stone.

    So from my research so far I’m hoping to apply for a public school just as soon as I finish my 120 hour TESOl cert. We’ve found potential work my partner can do over there, and that’s the biggest hurdle for us if I’m honest and I’ve hit a dead end on a couple of questions, I know you’re very busy people but you seem to be quite honest and honest answers are what I need!

    TL;DR from here:

    Would a public school be happy for my partner to share the accommodation with me?/would the accommodation even be suitable or would we end up with having two properties?

    If my partner doesn’t get a job right away (as obviously he will be finding it more difficult) is he likely to be refused re-entry on a tourist visa if he can prove he doesn’t need to work because I can support him?

    At the moment the plan is I get a teaching job and he job hunt around where that is, would it be worth us doing this the other way around so he applies and I look for teaching near his work?

    We have guinea pigs, It looks like we can bring them over and take them back but is a bit of a mission and I am undecided if I want to put them through this, If we do would a public school let me keep guinea pigs in my housing? and also have either of you ever seen anywhere where we could buy food for them and hay?
    Apologies for the comment Hijack for Personal gain, but I don’t think moving halfway around the world should be taken lightly!

  30. I’m not sure is everyone in Finland even knows this one: you need to touch you ear with your finger, in finnish it means “kosken korvaa” and it’s also the name of finnish vodka! so basically it mean you want to drink vodka ;)

  31. what does it mean when in dramas the girl sometimes make this thing (pic below)? do people use it in real life often? I know you do Martina :)

    • it’s means something like “hmm…what am I going to do now?” or if they are embarrassed to say something like “eeh…there is something i want to tell you/him”

    • When your doing this in Germany its also understood as signal for homosexuality (when you do this in front of guys its kind of an insult), thats what I have been told not so long ago and was really surprised (I’m german and didn’t know about this at all).

  32. Hm… I hope i describe it well…
    So, in Croatia:
    ¤ the middle finger means the same insulting thing ( f*** you )
    ¤ the hand gesture which, Laura Pinto mentioned in a comment , means the same thing as the middle finger ( and some people may use the middle finger instead of the first )
    ¤ when you rub your thumb with your index and middle finger, it’s like a sign for money
    [ example: " My grandmother is comming tomorrow " *does the gesture* - I basicly told you that she's going to give me money]

    ¤ the thing Simon and Martina did with their eyes and index fingers is like mocking the person next to you that they lost and you won something
    ¤ when you form your hand into a fist with the thumb up , it’s basicly good ( similar thing is when you make a circle with your thumb and index finger and the rest of the fingers are stretched-out -> it’s like ” ok ! / good ! ” )

    ¤ when you form your hand into a fist with the thumb down, it means “fail ” in a way
    ¤ the peace sign means peace…I guess…
    ¤ when the palms of your hands are open and you shrug with your shoulders, it means ” I don’t know ”
    ¤ there is a motion with your hand and chin : if you move your hand down your chin ( kinda like an old man is going with a hand through his beard ) – it means something along the lines of ” (it’s) a piece of cake ”

    [ example: a friend asks me how my exam went and i do that motion, it basicly means that it went smoothly ] – you do it once thou…
    ¤ there’s the fingers-crossed gesture
    [ example: *does the gesture and mumbles or thinks* " please don't ask me , please don't ask me, please don't ask me ,..." ] – i used it alot back when i went to school…

    That’s all i can think of…

  33. I saw that country doesn’t count the same way with their hands.

    look here for the explanation :http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Finger_counting#Cultural_differences
    and there for the picture : http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Compter_sur_ses_doigts

  34. licking your finger and touching your nose is for cramps and when your legs are asleep its something moms tell their kids to do when they have cramps so when they’re waiting for the saliva to dry off of their nose (ick) and ignore their legs for a moment the cramp will disappear in a matter of time and the little kid will believe it is because of the magical saliva! it also means if a grown woman does that while they are sitting uncomfortably while their mom scolds them “please stop talking im getting cramps from sitting like this.” i’ve never seen the other hand motions though.

  35. Did you guys know how to speak some korean before you went there? Me and my husband just got sent to south korea for his work. We had 3 days notice so we don’t know the language at all and we’re in geoje so no one really knows english. We’re starving, lol.

  36. I love the ear-grabbind hand gesture in Korea. When you pick something up that’s too hot, you’re supposed to grab your ears. Not sure why, but it’s super cute!

  37. In Norway(and most likely elsewhere too) the pinkie-only gesture is used to degrade or imasculate men. It means things like they have a small penis, they’re weak or cowardly. Tell that to the guys that go round banging their lovers and telling their friends about it afterwards 8)

  38. Yeah, in Turkey it tottaly means, that you are accusing someone of being a homosexual and is considered very bad.

  39. Why Korean girls covering his mouth when laughing? I always see that in interviews

  40. Martina, that photo of you is so cute!! And lawl at “Nani nani boo boo” ><

  41. I do a one handed buing at work a lot. Or the v bunny ears. Because I drink WAAAAAAAY too much espresso while at work and get bored and random.

  42. Sticking the pinkie straight up while making a fist with the rest of your hand is the universal symbol for “I have to pee” in the Indian subcontinent.

  43. Jase Aaron

    Amber’s buing buing is my favorite xD

  44. Halophila

    This could come in handy if you travel to Mexico again.


  45. I do the whole ‘buing buing’ and V-sign with my hands when I’m in pictures and now my friends look at me like i’m some weirdo XD

  46. In Mexico, if you do a fist with your right arm and you throw it back, that means like “f*** you”

    • Halophila

      My cousin from Mexico points up her index and pinky fingers (folding the other fingers down) and throws it back while saying Cuernos (horns). Is that kind of the same thing?

      • Actually, the Cuernos thing is like saying “don’t talk s***” in a sort of playful way like
        Guy 1:”So bro, I’m dating this really hot girl.”
        Guy 2: “Cuernos!”

      • The cuenos thing actually mean like “stop saying crap”
        “So bro, I’m dating this really hot girl!”
        “HA! Cuernos! *hand movement*”

  47. Ahhhhh now I know what the hand eye pull gesture means :)

  48. my mum told me the finger crossing in vietnam means vagina

  49. United States and Turkey, Brazil ones are bad in Korea. Thailand one is good or best, France one is Okay or money, Britain one is just for taking photos.
    be careful when you do ‘I got your nose’ :)

    • VERY HANDY OMG….THILAND, FRANCE, VIETNAM are easy to offend since these gestures mean good things in a lot of other countries lol and Greece…isn’t it a little too easy do do that hand gesture? how do you raise your hand in class?

    • I don’t know where this comes from, but the “ok” sign is absolutely not obscene in France!

  50. Hi Simon and Martina. I know this is a totally random question but I was wondering, do you get calls from tele-marketers? Here in Australia we tend to get at least one a month :p Sometimes the calls are from foreigners, sometimes from other Ausies. So what is the tele-marketer situation like in Korea? and if you do get calls from them how do you deal with those calls?

  51. Catherine Schafer

    I’m a big fan of the z-snap. I have this mental image of Key doing it after he pulls off a sweet dance move.

  52. I’m a big fan of the z-snap. I have a this image of Key doing it after pulling off a sweet dance move.

  53. oh I dunno if that’s actually true in any place, but I think (JUST THINK) that in Russia when you pull down your lower eye lid (?) and make like a >_> face it’s like “please…” like you know “oh shut up stawp talking bull” sort of annoyed sarcastic sort of gesture/face. Also that’s super random and not really related (I actually wonder if there’s something similar in Korea) but you know how Italians are “known” (stereotyped?) to hold their fingers together while they talk? In Israel that’s the gesture for “wait just a second” I remember when I moved to Russia and did that to my friends instead of calling out “wait a sec!” they would totally ignore me and I’d be like “wtf maaan? I gestured you to wait!” and they were like “wut?” so yeaaa. Is there a similar gesture in Korea? I know that same gesture means a bad word in like Thailand or Singapore… *doesn’t know her gestures well*

  54. Diego Farfán Linares

    I have been to korea because of those first videos. Thank you for still being there. Best regards from Lima Perú :)

  55. OMG my checks hurt from smiling!!! Loved this video, needed it today, one long hella of a day ><

  56. In Trinidad the ‘eye pull’ gesture (minus the tongue) is used as a sign of disbelief, especially if the story was really ridiculous. Best if coupled with an incredulous “Eh heh?” Lol :)

  57. At my high school (in the US), when you experienced something awkward, you would tug at the front of your shirt (just with two fingers), like it suddenly got warm in the room and you’re trying to fan yourself, I guess? I never saw anyone do this outside my school, and haven’t seen it anywhere since. Everyone else just did the Awkward Turtle.

  58. In Brazil we don’t use any of these gestures, but the famous “OK” gesture in Korea, has a completely different meaning. Here is a curse. And a very bad one. It’s like you are telling the person to go f**** herself and by making the gesture you are showing a specific body part..like.. where to do it. (I don’t know who to make more clear without cursing).
    In fact, the kpop idols that came to Brazil were warned about that. There is even a Beast (Batooooost!!!) interview on Win Win where they say this.

  59. The “original” motion means the same in Brazil… I actually got a little scared when Simon started doing that motion ahhah

  60. I’m from the US, but my Italian side of the family uses a few “naughty” hand gestures.

    1. The sign of the horns (or metal fans might know it as the “maloik”), when pointed at someone is supposed to bring them bad luck. Though it is also supposed to ward off evil when not pointed at someone.

    2. Flicking your hand forward under your chin is more or less “F*** you.” My family usually uses it in conversation after the other person says something they don’t like. And is also sometimes accompanied by the actual Italian word for “F*** you” for more emphasis.

    3. Placing a hand on the inside of your elbow and moving your forearm up is basically “Up yours!”

  61. pierrotinlove

    Bbuing bbuing started from Krystal I think in high kick 3 ^^

  62. India has a few interesting gestures:

    -Holding your fist up with the pinky finger extended means you have to pee.
    -Rocking your head side to side (ears towards the shoulders) means ‘okay’ or ‘agreement’ or ‘I understand’
    -Doing a thumb’s up and wiggling your thumb side to side means you’ve pulled a prank on someone and you are mocking them with the thumb wiggle. Or it means something is ‘no good’ or hasn’t worked out.
    -I haven’t seen this one used in a while, but people used to put the the tip of their thumb behind their front teeth and flick it forward as an f-you gesture.
    -Twisting your earlobes is a childish sign that you’ve done something wrong or you are being sincere about something.
    -Touching someone with your feet is considered disrespectful. If you do so accidentally, you can take back the disrespect by touching the spot your feet has touched (or nearby limb) and then touching your forehead or your chest.

    • Ah! I’ve seen the head shake in a few movies and wondered what it meant. Also I initially read the last comment too fast a thought it said “then touch you forehead TO you chest.” I was like “…How?”

  63. -In Puerto Rico, when you shake someones hand and they tickle the palm of your hand with their finger it means they want to have sex with you! (or if they just grab your hand and do that)

    -Also when you sweep your hand forward from under the chin it means F *** off or F**** you!

  64. In Japan, the pinky (minus the wiggling) means your wife/girlfriend/any woman you’re having a romantic relationship with. For example a guy may turn down his mates for a drink, and he’s excuse would be to show his pinky and his friends would know he was off to see his lady *wink wink

  65. Rent 2 PWN

    I have a question for the next TL;DR. What’s the deal with the “missing the last ferry” thing in k-dramas? Is this a common excuse for not coming home at night and thereby implying one was out “hooking up”? – Just curious…
    BTW. The touching tongue nose thing was taught to me at a very early age to get rid of pins and needles when my foot would fall alseep. It’s as Korean a fan death!

  66. Dear Simon and Martina!! <3 I would like to ask you about korean music television programs like music bank, M! countdown… how big they're in South-Korea, is it affordable and filmed in Seoul? I'm basically curios about everything you know! Have you ever been to one? Thanks :)

  67. my mom tugs down on her eye when she warning me no to do something. like “you just try and do that thing you know you’re no supposed to do. just try it. i dare you. i’ll kill you.” so basically a “I’ve got my stretched-out-eye on you” move. it’a a very threatening gesture to a child :P scared the hell out of me as a kid.
    i’m from Algeria btw but I’ve heard this gesture is common in most Arab cultures

  68. I read that in Brazil and Turkey (at least I think it was Turkey) Doing the ‘OK sign’ (When your thumb and index finger form an ‘O’) is offensive.

  69. Actually, I’m not sure it is the same in Canada guys, but the gesture Martina did at 5m16s is actually “kinda” rude/hilarious around here xD (Portugal) hmmm how do I explain it? Well basically kids do that gesture and tell you “LOOK LOOK” and if you do you get smacked across the face and get told “YOU LOOKED…!”. I think this interaction, as a whole, has a dirty meaning. Lol.

    Concerning the pinky finger gesture, I think that many people around here use a gesture that is very similar to that one (with the palm open towards one side and not up) together with a specific expression, namely “I’ve got a little finger that guesses” – you do/say this when you guess something by chance (and you weren’t expecting it).

  70. I kinda recall this one Korean hand gesture. I watched it in a Korean movie. So when you tell something to your friend and she/he doesn’t believe you, you make a hand gesture of you cutting off your ear. I guess it means “You can cut my ear if I lie.”. But do tell me if I’m wrong.
    Anyway, in my country (I’m from Indonesia), if you imagining bad thing will happen to you like “you won’t get married” or “you will suffer your whole life” or anything bad like that, you have to find a tree or any wooden thing (table, chair, etc) and knock it 3 times. According to the myth that people in my country believes, it’ll block that bad imagination from really happening.

  71. Just thought I’d let you guys know that the sign Martina did towards the end, actually means asshole in sign language XD

  72. Idk if this one is already mentionned but.. Its like the “V” sign but mouth is “Inside” the V. I saw a lot of Asian people doing this in picture and was like ” oh god”. I think its a cute pose for them (I hope!) but actually, here (Belgium et certainly a lot of others country) that’s mean “I wanna l*ck you” and its generaly boys who do that or girls who likes girls hehe. Hope that’s clear :x.

  73. Does anybody know what this hand gesture mean? I’ve seen kpop idols doing this sometimes (especially Hoya) and at first I thought it mean’s “Give me the money!” but I guess it’s wrong :D

  74. Well,in my country (i’m from Italy) we have a veeeery big gestuality colture! We use hands and finger’s motion for every kind of situation, especially when we use our dialect (i’m from Apulia, guess u have an idea lol). This is such a funny thing,i think, and a person who have a trip here, can even avoid to know the actual lenguage!

    You can make an idea, watching this picture XD

    • Hahaha the pics are funny~^^
      We have some of those with the same meaning!

    • OMG I laughed so loud.. In Argentina we used almost all of them too, but of course, that’s because the Italian community is enormous here, every person at least have one italian in his family tree ^^

      • That’s gorgeous ** hehe maybe we could be kindred some how XD

        • OMG it would be hilarious xD

        • Claudia Lupoli

          HAHAHAH it would really be! XD i live in a small city and some how i have cousins everywhere! XD
          like “oh so she is your mother? oh! my mum and your are 34235th cousins! WE ARE A FAMILY! I WILL GIVE YOU A KIDNEY CUZ U ARE MY COUSIN! ” and i always be like “yeh…oookay..PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE.”


        • LOOOL yeah, the town from where I am its the same.. Maybe we’re not famly, but everyone knows each other. My grandma says hello to a thousand people everytime we go out, its crazy!
          Im talking about, I dont know, a friend called Maria, and she’d be “whats her last name? Oh! her father is Franciso? yeah, I know them..” CRAZY! hahaha

        • Claudia Lupoli

          HAHAHAHAHHA that sounds like a joke XD but here is the same XD or that kind of situation,when your mum or grandma says “aaah i know about Maria who..”
          “Maria?isn’t her the second’s-grade cousin of the best friend of the sister-in-low of the uncle of the youngest sister of TINA?!!! ”

          and then, you should consider yourself luky,if your grandma remember WHO THE HELL IS TINA! cuz if she don’t remember,the story will keep going on! and then, “tina” will beh,somehow, the Charlemagne lost twin.

        • yeah.. grandmas and their memory LOL

    • In Brazil there’s a really big italian community (specially in my city São Paulo, even my school was founded by italians) the signs used in the language are VERY noticeable, when someone didn’t know how to make a presentation in italian classes or anything like that they would start flapping their hands around in an attempt to sound “more italian”. Funny how that actually worked out haha

  75. Gina-gina Maye

    waving your hand back and forth in front of your face to signify “no” “thats not it” etc…
    in north america seems like i’m saying “it smells bad”
    i think its mostly used in japan, is it used in korea?
    i picked up the gesture from my international friends and from watching a lot of drama. but when i use it in american company i get weird looks lol

  76. In Poland this pulling your lower eyelid thing is usually used while saying “Do I have a tank driving?” or something like that i.e. “Yeah, right. And I have a tank driving under my eye.” Basically it’s used to show our incredulity about what somebody is telling us. Another one is the so called Kozakiewicz gesture. And that is also the reason I positively love TVXQ’s Mirotic MV. Okay, I just read that this gesture is know internationally. With the very same meaning. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bras_d%27honneur That just makes it all the more hilarious.

  77. Do know this hand motion, when you move one finger on each hand and let the collide and this again and again. I have seen it in some animes, when a character is thinking or shy about something and doesn’t want to tell it. I used it sometimes and just recently i was told, that its a gesture for homosexuality (in a insulting way). I don’t know if its just in Germany or in other countys as well.

  78. Gemma Deacon

    I haven’t come across any of those hand gestures that are in the video. They are all completely new to me. At least I know what they mean now hehehe. I can’t think of any out-of-the-ordinary hand gestures that I know of but when I see people posing in pictures with the reversed peace sign, I think they’re swearing at me lol. I don’t know if that’s a swear gesture anywhere else but in the uk you do not wanna hold up a reversed peace sign.

  79. In my country the whole “eye-pull with tongue out” gesture means you watch too much anime… Also, that “feed me” gesture reminds me of Simon’s Cat: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w0ffwDYo00Q

  80. the handshake is like something I experienced here in canada! (I’m in hamilton WOO!) but like, I never knew the lady who owned the Baskin Robins down the street from me was Korean until I went to get Ice cream there for the first time ever (after years of it being there XD) and she gave me back my change with her hand over her arm and at that moment I was like *GASP* KOREAN!!!!! *fireworks and streamers everywhere* but then I kicked myself soon after for not realizing and returning the gesture :/ my chance was gone~

  81. Isabel Ruby

    lol japan uses the X thing too, and i’ve been doing it at people in america like hella cuz i find it so obvious in its meaning….. plus it’s just fun to whip out an extreme over the head X and be like NOOOOOOOOO at your friends wwwww

  82. Oh memories… about the time you guys started making videos I started getting into Kpop. I remember that vid :D

  83. It is really interesting to compare your older videos, to videos that you are doing now. It’s like comparing apples to…..something else.

  84. In England in the seven year long war between them and France (I think it was that) the archers paid a huge role to someone’s win, that’s why England started to cut off those two fingers that you use to make the “V” sign on all the French soldiers they captured. The Englishmen then started to make the “V” sign as victory, because it was a kind of like “HAH I HAVE MY FINGERS” kind of thing…. That’s what my father and teacher told me at least.

  85. How is it
    with allergies in Korea? I have gluten intolorance and I live in Sweden
    (you were awesome at tha fanmeet btw~) and pretty much everyone know
    what it is and waiters are like “Oh, you have gluten intolorance? We’ll
    get something else for you!” and stuff like that. In Japan, it was the
    total opposite. I tried to explain and everyone was like “Huh?”. I want
    to know how it is in Korea. WHY CAN’T I EAT NOODLES. IT SUCKS.

    • Oh man me too! I’m terrified of traveling because I’ll get sick if I eat it, but then again you’re supposed to experience new things when traveling, so… It’s hard enough to find places in the US that accommodate gluten allergies, though it is possible… (I miss asian foods of all kinds. It’s hard to find a place that doesn’t cook with soy sauce.)

      • I can actually eat soy sauce, because I can handle gluten to a certain amount I guess I was lucky in the unlucky things! Everyone talks about how fun it is to just go order something random from the menu, so that’s something you can’t do with allergies (which sucks)

  86. That hand gesture you’re using at 5:17 means @sshole in ASL if you put it to your chest. I thought it was pretty hilarious to see Martina saying @sshole so happily!!!! ;P Keep up the most awesome work you guys!!

  87. In France the thing you did with your eye is like “are you kidding me?” or.. I don’t know but kind of stop telling me crap maybe ?
    For exemple your friend tell you something that you know it’s wrong, you can tell him “Mon œil !” (literally “my eye”) while doing the gesture ^^
    I don’t know if this is just my mom but I think everyone know this in France ?
    Sorry I don’t know if what I’m saying is clear ;_;

  88. thisisjustforfunval

    While I wasn’t around when you posted the Korean Hand Gestures video, I did watch it when I first found you guys like two years ago…whoa almost three. I’ve literally scene every apartment you’ll have had. Anywho, my Korean co-worker was attempting to explain that one to our co-workers a few weeks ago. Our office is the meeting of three cultures so we love to share differences. We have Korea, Mexican and American employees in my office alone. The rest of the company is even more divers.

    The other gesture with the hand under the arm when paying. The owner of the frozen yogurt place I frequent always hands back the change or cards back this way. Always makes me think of you guys when she does this.

    Now these naughty gestures, hmmm outside of dramas the only place I might end up seeing them one is the Korean store or restaurant I go to.

    Let’s see a gesture to share. In Mexico if you see some tapping on their elbow it means they are calling you or someone else cheap or stingy. For some reason I can’t remember any naughty ones.

    There is this one as well, it’s not used by everyone but my friends from Juarez, Mexico use it a lot and so do I. If two or more people are talking and someone says something you agree with you gesture your index finger up and down in agreement. Rest of the fingers are in a fist like position and you bend the index finger up and down. Gosh I hope that made sense.

  89. The touching the tongue then nose thing is actually true. In neuroscience, we learnt that when your foot turns numb, rubbing your tummy and patting your head can help as it transfer the attention of the nervous system. So I assume it is the same with the korena thing.

  90. There’s this arm thing that B.A.P did in killing camp, where one of them was on all fours and then three others got around him and made like….a left and right motion with their fists, but there forearms were straight out…I have no idea what that means, and i’ve been trying to figure it out for the longest..

    edit: If you feel like it, it’s at like 1:06

  91. In my country, when you’re holding hands with someone and the girl is caressing the guy’s thumb with her thumb, it means she wants to sleep with him. If the guy answers by rubbing the back of his middle finger against her palm (not the back of her palm, her palm, so it’s like the finger is between the palms I dunno how to explain it) it means he wants to sleep with her too.
    (☉ε ⊙ノ)ノ You are all welcome for the piece of naughty education I just gave you, children! kekeke

  92. In our country, when we are saying that we dont lie, we pool on our top teeth with the nail of the biggest finger :D

  93. Is the moving your shoulders up and down thing to say I don’t know used in Korea? I’m just curious because I would end up using it with knowing it.

  94. North America

    The scissors both hands hitting each other, sign for girl on girl sex. Putting your tongue between your fingers in a backward peace, sign for Oral sex. I’ve seen people do Fuck you in ASL(American Sign Language) even though they are not deaf. Hand facing toward your body, figures touch under chin with open palm, and then flick your hand forward.

    I do the biting thumb thing. Like from Shakespearean times, “Do you bit your thumb at me sir?” but that’s just to my friends who know what it means.

  95. I know only a few hand gestures ^_^
    From what I know is that we do have hand gestures like talk to the hand.
    Put your finger up in the air: I know what to do or I have an idea.
    Waving your hand in front of your nose: It smell’s bad.
    I love you:

    But in the Netherlands we do it more with expressions actually.

  96. cglyn

    “The eye pull down” thing, we have it here in Turkey, too. With the exact meaning :D

  97. haha, Whats with the horse noises when Simone made the Girrafe??!!

  98. This was great. The only one I recognized was the eye pulling down and sticking out the tongue thing. The other gestures I have yet to see before… weird…

    AS FOR A Hand gesture for where I’m from! (Minnesota)
    It’s the polite two finger wave while driving.
    Since your hands shouldn’t leave the steering wheel but you want to say hi to your neighbour as you pass them on the street while driving.. Or someone on the road! Or the mailman! Or you want to let some one in or something. (Really it’s probably used way too often…or i’m just over imagining things here) you just put up your pointer and middle fingers and maybe wave ‘em once? It is often accompanied by a head bob of sorts as well.
    weird Minnesotan thing… (i bet it used else where but I like to claim it’s Minnesotan, don’tcha know).

  99. actually this particular scene of this drama was how 뿌잉뿌잉 got really popular
    4:17 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KqsEv7IzTBk

  100. actually this particular scene of this drama was how 뿌잉뿌잉 got really popular

  101. Can you a tl;dr about social classes in South Korea? Also does SK have any welfare system in place and is there a high poverty rate.

  102. In Norway, when you show your little finger, it’s like “Throw your d*ck over the fence and pee.” I usually did it to dare someone as an younger… I can’t come on more now… maybe I do it later…

  103. Yay, my question got picked! I feel mildly important! Great success!

  104. omg it just came up with captions on the opening and it just says DADADADADA tuba synth music gos DADADADA

  105. KATHyphenTUN

    Lol I do the “X” thing with my arms all the time cause I watch waaay to many animes and dramas. Another thing I have picked up from them is waving my hand sideways in front of my face to disagree. It’s hard to explain a hand gesture….anyone know what I’m talking about? haha

  106. gaaah! I was lied to for a long time in that case! I was told it was meant to “prevent bad luck” or “thank your lucky stars you got out of a situation unscaffed” …. Thanks for clarifying this mystery in my life aahaha.

  107. hi Simon & Martina love your videos & blog but I was wondering if are you going to upload the shinee interview thanks xx

  108. What about that hand cringing they do on variety shows when something too cheesy or cursi is said? They even slap their hands to get the back to normal? what is that all about?

  109. haha i laughed so hard about the pinkygesture XD but actually the second thing you did with the thumb and pinky to your face means in austria “lets grab a beer/drink” or “wanna have something to drink too”. you will often see people doing this in a club or at crouded places. so please touristkoreans dont get offended by that :-) we only want to drink beer hahaha

    • In Peru it means that too… but is not exactly the same gesture, for us you wouldn’t put your hand on your face instead you would just shake it a little… kind of like the gesture u make when u hold a pint of beer

      • yes we shake it too. and we dont put our pinky to our forehead. i tried to make a picture but eeerm yes who wouldnt look like an idiot by doing that in a frozen position haha

        • quokkapuckie

          argh im sorry im posting this from my phone and it keeps looging me in and out. sorry i just wanted to put up ONE picture.

        • For us we keep our hand away from our face all together, more like from pinky down u flip ip up… I don’t know how to explain it… I wish I knew how to make gifs so I could show it T.T

        • Danique

          In the Netherlands we just act like we hold a glass and twist it quickly a few times towards your mouth, like you would do if you were drinking something.

      • yes we shake it too :-) but we dont put our pinky to our forehead. i tried to make a picture but yeah it looks kinda funny in that frozen position. :-P

  110. I just realized I have been using the “Perpendicular Forearms of Doom” when I teach my English classes. hahahaha No wonder everyone gave me this wtf look. I still think it works better than just wiggling your index finger from side to side.

  111. In Brazil The act of hitting the right hand closed on the open palm of the left hand means something like “you F****d up” ;A;

    • Bianca Peccioli Nonaka
      Bianca Peccioli Nonaka

      True! I hadn’t realizes that, when Simon did it, but it’s true!!! … and also in Brazil, the middle finger going through the palm of your hand GENTLY means I want to F**k you

    • Oh, in my country -in some places at least, I’ve met people who didn’t know it- it means to be fuck*d from behind, obviously not in a very kind way >.<

      • hahaha in Croatia as well! When you associate a name with it or say “your mom” “your sister” “your wife”, etc…it means “I F*** that person from behind”… cringe…

    • Hmmm… I’m brazilian, but I use it differently. Instead of “you f***ed up”, I kinda use it more like “you’re f***ed”, specially when trolling people over their failures. Like, a brother getting scolded, you do that.

  112. Cyber_3

    I grew up in an Italian immigrant neighbourhood and wiping the back of your hand under your chin and outwards towards someone is the equivalent of the middle finger, much more expressive though….and easier to pretend you weren’t doing it when your Mom notices….eheheheh……

    By the way, lately the blog posts have been even more interesting than the videos. Not that the videos aren’t great, but thanks for giving me TWO great funny and informative things to enjoy on the same(ish) subject ^_^v

    Hahahaha! About a year ago, my son started doing the “X” with his arms when he didn’t want something. I knew what he meant but I wondered where he got it from since he doesn’t watch anime – hah! too much Eat Your Kimchi! LOL!

  113. Well, in England, we have the V sign where we do the peace sign but with out palms facing to us and the back of our hand facing the people. This means ‘F*** You’ and is used quite a lot in light hearted jokes~ I’ve also heard of putting up your pinky finger and that means F*** You as well but that might have been a joke when I was little :)

  114. Oh and here is an awesome derp face! :P Sorry guise..had to share.

  115. In Argentina we pull down our eye too, but for us it means “be careful what you do because I have my eye on you.” My mom would do that to me when I was little and getting too rambunctious.

    We also do one where we touch all our fingertips together and wag our hand up and down. It basically means “what the hell are you saying?” That one is pretty rude, so you should only use it with your friends.

  116. PunkyPrincess92


    in Bangladesh the thumbs up sign means you call someone a frog, and it’s a really bad thing to do!

  117. In the UK the backwards peace/victory sign is rude, like the middle finger pretty much. Kpop idols do it all the time though.
    Taemin, that’s a rude gesture! Lol.

    • The famous “up yours”hahahaha See it all the time in Kpop.

      • Yep, that awkward moment where it means “up yours” in your own country but you honestly had no idea… So you use it like Korean Idols do… Needless to say no one looked at me the same again and most wouldn’t accept that I seriously had no idea T^T So many friends lost that day…

    • PunkyPrincess92

      ahahaha when i first saw an idol doing that i was kinda shocked!!
      but then i came to realise it’s not like that over there!!

    • I’ve seen that with someone saying “toss off”

    • Gemma Deacon

      Omg when I first saw pictures like this I was like “stop swearing at me!” lol

    • You just ninja’d my post, haha! The UK’s forwards ‘victory’ V sign supposedly comes from that photo of Winston Churchill during the Second World War, when he used it to say to the British public that we would win.

      I think now the backwards one’s becoming less common as more people from different countries where it means something different learn English, but definitely in the UK and I assume in Ireland too… yup. I do a small giggle inside every time I see a K-pop idol or other figure use it to say ‘Look at me, I’m awesome!’. Also, Martina you don’t look stupid, it’s a very aegyo photo and I love it <3

      • I thought it came from the wars in middle age, where the British and the French had different kind of bows: the British shot with these two fingers, and the French with… their middle finger. So, the British would show two fingers to significate they still had arrows, and the French would reply by showing their middle finger! But since the British won, I don’t know why it’s the French way that went global ^^

        • ^ Maybe that’s why Churchill made his V sign forwards instead of backwards, if it’s been an ‘eff you’ for so long :-) I just tried typing this into Google and there’s an entire Wikipedia page about ‘the finger’ xD http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_finger

        • Blueishyellow

          Yeh was the Battle of Agincourt, the French would cut off the first finger of captured Longbow men, so they couldn’t shoot their bows, the two fingered salute was “Fuck you we can still kill you!” …. what a geek lol

    • oh yeah! I remember being so confused when I first got in to k-pop. I was like ‘why is everyone swearing at me?’ lol

    • irritablevowel

      This picture is particularly great because of the happy expression on his face. I’m mentally adding, “F*** YOU!! TEE-HEE!”

    • Raine

      I always cringe when idols do this. I’m American, but I’ve been chastised in England before for ordering ‘two’ plates of something that way. My English buddies told me it was because it was a way back in the day to mock people. As punishment, archers would have their fingers cut off. So when someone flashed two fingers it meant “I got my fingers and you don’t so f*** you!”

  118. The gesture you’re doing with the nose, in my country (Spain) in you do it like an L talking about a guy, it means he’s tall but has a small member. But, if you’re doing it the other way, like a gun, that means he’s short but big size.

  119. Bianca Peccioli Nonaka
    Bianca Peccioli Nonaka

    The Ok sign here in Brazil, kinda means (free translation) to “Go *uck Yourself” (in Portuguese: Vai tomar no cu)!!!

    • tatiana lopes

      Really?? OMG I have to remind myself no to do that if I ever go to Brazil.

      • Bianca Peccioli Nonaka
        Bianca Peccioli Nonaka

        Don’t worry, we are very laid back here. Probably, you’ll get some giggles out of the person you’re talking to. I would not advise you to do so with an angry face, nonetheless!!! Where are you from?

        • tatiana lopes
          tatiana lopes

          Portugal!!! That’s why I was surprised. I’ve read another hand gesture thing you guys do, you do have a lot of stuff.

        • Bianca Peccioli Nonaka
          Bianca Peccioli Nonaka

          We do and I think because we had a lot of Italians coming to Brazil in the early 1900s … We talk a lot with our hands!

  120. There’s also the toothache pose, where they just hold their jaw/cheek to hide it.

  121. Akira Miyashi

    This was hilarious! Hahahahah! :D Great stress reliever and now back to my godawful assignments. @_@ #lifeofaunistudent

  122. If a person in Holland is suddenly waving their hand next to their ear, it means the food was yummy. :) Also, if you ever happen to go back to the middle ages, if you flick your thumb on your front teeth, it means fuck you! We did this a lot in drama class, lol.

  123. I was not at all prepared for that hand gesture that involves mothers, I had a mouth full of liquid at the wrong time & ended up spitting it all over my female cat Elphaba with she did not appreciate. I know we use this hand gesture in Australia & I think it may be used all over the world, you make a fist, stick your little finger out, curl it around & then wiggle it this means a man has a little penis ( can I say that word on here )

  124. the thing with the eye! in poland, you do this gesture to let someone know that you know that they are lying to you

  125. This is more my fault but my son now repeats the na na na boo boo

  126. Aaron Ho

    The level of aegyo-ness in Martina’s picture is too damn high!!! *faints from aegyo overload*

  127. So, I recently learned one hand gesture used in Brazil that means something bad but I was innocently using it as something good o_o ok, let me explain: you know the “OK” sign, right? when you touch your index finger with your thumb, just like Lee Hyori’s U Go Girl dance. Well, I thought it also meant “ok” in Brazil, even though I’ve never seen someone here use it, so i’ve been giving the “ok” sign for 4 years I think. Buuuuuuuuuut a few weeks ago, due to a scandal (??), people started trolling using this sign. The index-thumb touch means anus. I DIDN’T KNOOOOOOOWWWwwww TT.,TT

  128. Laura Pinto

    Here (Portugal) we have a sign that basically means “Suck it!” (watch the image below). If you turn to someone and do that, it can be insulting if you don’t know them or are in bad terms, but it can also be friendly if it’s with your friends when you win a game or something. it depends on the way you see it. Basically, it’s like the middle finger. Oh, and the guy in the image is a symbol of the portuguese working class and that mocked the powerful. The move is called the “Manguito” and his name is Zé Povinho.

  129. I know that in Greece we have this really specific one that basically means “f*ck you” or “you moron”: if you have your hand open (like showing the number 5) and palm-forward and you quite rapidly move it towards someone’s face, often simultaneously shouting “NA!”. See video for demonstration:


    It’s really commonly done. You mainly see it when people are driving, actually. Also, when someone says something really stupid it gets quite fun because you can make a joke out of it: put your hand in front of their face, fingers closed (like you do when you’re using your hand to imitate talking) and tell them “fisa” (which means “blow”). When they do, you do the gesture, screaming “NA!!”

  130. Also, Shout Out to all fellow long time Nasties who remember the polite hand gesture video! :D (Whats that Martina? TOP has a new single soon? When? Where? I need moar infooooo)

  131. There is one that apparently is a sign for sex where you put your thumb between 2 other fingers – basically the western “I got your nose!” thing we do with kids. BUT in Korea it means sex! I do it sometimes simply because it’s comfortable for my hand and I get scolded really badly. Don’t do that “I got your nose” thing in Korea…

  132. In my country, pulling down your eye thing means “WATCH YOUR BACK BECAUSE SATAN IS OUT TO GET YOU IF YOU MESS UP” so no pressure..xD

  133. Martina is really pretty even though she say she has a big face but she’s really very pretty simon is good looking too haha I didn’t forget about simon haha this tldr is so interesting but wouldn’t really use the bad hand gestures I’m a good kid just kidding

  134. I guess I haven’t seen enough kdramas to notice the nose lick thing. Are you SURE Soozee isn’t trolling? On a side note, I know a bit of American Sign Language. I’m not sure if the pinky wiggle means anything but I do know a couple kpop MVs that are giving out subtle messages via sign language. In Mirotic when Micky and U-Know are doing the rap and making an L with their thumb and pointer fingers and resting it on their chins, that in ASL is lesbians. Yup, lesbians. Then in Mazeltov by ZE:A (god I mention them so much, I’m sorry) one of their dance moves is holding one arm across their body, putting the elbow of the opposite arm in that hand (so now their arms form an L) and then moving the hand and wrist of the vertical hand. In ASL that means palm tree.
    So, that’s my random addition. If anyone knows ASL better than me, please add on to this.

  135. i know that when i was younger and went to an indian school (errr so hipster, i go to a british school now), if i wanted to tell my friends that they upset me (if they made a rude comment or something) i would just stickup my pinky and say “cut-ty” (no, not cutty like scissors but with an accent on the t and “ty” like tea) that would mean “im not friends with you anymore” but its kinda like a primary school thing. and if you become friends again, stick up the peace sign and say “dos-ti” which is like “yay we’re friends!” so i guess the pinky thing is kinda bad in india as well… more with the kids. i dont know if they still do it now since i was a primary kid ages ago *wobbles on cane*

    but what i wanted to know is that i sometimes see this in k-dramas where they say “merong” or something similar. i’ve never known what that means. anyone help?

  136. LongClawTiger

    I don’t know if this is in all of the US, but in my particular area, the eye pull down thing is a little more rude than just a “Ha Ha!” gesture. Here the meaning is much closer to “F*** you!” It is kinda playful though and used between good friends, so I would say it is more rude than just “ha ha”, but not quite as rude as giving someone the middle finger.

  137. The hand gestures are the most difficult habit to drop when you come back home! In Cambodia I took the habit of saying “thank you” while joining my hands, imagine the face of the cashier at a French supermarket when I thanked her like that! I also kept the habit of handing money with both hands for quite a long time, I had the feeling of being rude every time I would take it in one hand.

  138. I thought the pinky gesture meant the guy had a small willy.

    Ad from Australia:

  139. Izadora Mary Morag Leigh

    Axel Rose. I approve this message xD

  140. I actually did see that video of polite hand gestures before! But the weird thing is that I saw it while looking up Korean etiquette, and I had never seen your channel before. A couple of months later, I watched your KMM and after a few videos, I started browsing through your other videos and found the etiquette one! I completely did not recognize you at first >.<

    Anywho~ It's nice to see this topic revisited. The naughty gesture where you touch your thumb to your mouth and your pinky to your forehead is really close to the ASL symbol for beer (at least, from what I remember). Awkward…

    Perpendicular Forearms of DOOM! is really similar to what my cousins and I would do as teens to let each other know that we were horrified that they would even suggest such a ridiculous/stupid idea. An awesome face went with it. We should start doing that again and see if we can get a trend going.

  141. Sara Napsey

    I’m watching this instead of finishing a paper for my AP English class due in about…seven hours. Oops~

  142. woohoo! <3 first again?

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