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Eatyourkimchi in the Netherlands: Day 1!

October 22, 2013


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Woohoo! We’ve got only a couple more days left in our European Tour video footage. Here’s Day 1 of us in Amsterdam, where we had not one, but TWO meetups! The first one sold out, and there were so many more people that wanted to come, so we decided to open up for a second one. TWO IN ONE DAY! Booya!

Before we carry on: let us take the time to give a big round of applause to Hallyucon. They got such a freaking amazingly gorgeous venue, and made an awesome intro video of us, and had a load of super fun things for us to do. Instead of us just rambling forever and ever, we played some games and interacted with you guise, and they definitely helped us feel less awkward than we would naturally feel on stage. Nothing awkward about tying a string around your waist, putting a nail at the end of the string, and trying to lower the nail into the mouth of a wine bottle. Nothing awkward at all! And dancing to Abracadabra and Intoxication, and jumping in the air to bite cakes off strings without using our hands…totally natural. Ha! No, but seriously. We had so much fun, and met so many awesome people, and if Hallyucon ever asks us to come back we will GLADLY say yes.

Side note: you people are TALL. Like, really freaking tall. A couple came on stage to take pictures with us during picture taking time, and both the guy AND the girl were much taller than me. We met lots of really tall girls. REALLY tall girls. It was amazing. I didn’t experience looking up to a girl in like, ever in the history of foreverness. Even when I was born I was taller than my mom. Ha!

Also, umm, everyone’s freaking gorgeous. Holy shit guise. Like, model gorgeous. I looked at some people and thought “why the hell are they watching our videos? Shouldn’t they be laying on a beach somewhere and having people throw money at them?” If I had money to throw I’d throw it at them, right in their really beautiful faces.

And, another thing: there were a lot of guys here! The most guys out of any of the events we did. Totally amazing! It’s true that the male Nasties on Eatyourkimchi aren’t as plentiful as the female Nasties, but there were so much more here than what we’re normally used to. So cool! And so many people of different ages. We saw one family that came up with two young kids, really young, and they both had Eatyourkimchi shirts on. The parents told me that it was the kids themselves that discovered us. Totally awesome! I got all choked up from it. YES I GET CHOKED UP EASILY SHUT UP!

Ok, that’s it for now. Check out the pictures from both events here. We’ve still got one last day to post. It’s almost done. We should put it up on Tuesday along with/before/after/somewhere around Kpop Music Tuesday. We usually tough it out and edit Music Monday up until 4AM, but it’s 11PM now as I write this and WHOOOOAAA SLOWWW MOTIONNNN SLEEEPY NAOOO PLEEEEASSSEE.

Make sure you don’t miss any of our videos by clicking on the button below, right here. And, because it’s in this post, if you click it, it’ll make you taller. It’s the gift of the Netherlands.



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