Woohoo! We’ve got only a couple more days left in our European Tour video footage. Here’s Day 1 of us in Amsterdam, where we had not one, but TWO meetups! The first one sold out, and there were so many more people that wanted to come, so we decided to open up for a second one. TWO IN ONE DAY! Booya!

Before we carry on: let us take the time to give a big round of applause to Hallyucon. They got such a freaking amazingly gorgeous venue, and made an awesome intro video of us, and had a load of super fun things for us to do. Instead of us just rambling forever and ever, we played some games and interacted with you guise, and they definitely helped us feel less awkward than we would naturally feel on stage. Nothing awkward about tying a string around your waist, putting a nail at the end of the string, and trying to lower the nail into the mouth of a wine bottle. Nothing awkward at all! And dancing to Abracadabra and Intoxication, and jumping in the air to bite cakes off strings without using our hands…totally natural. Ha! No, but seriously. We had so much fun, and met so many awesome people, and if Hallyucon ever asks us to come back we will GLADLY say yes.

Side note: you people are TALL. Like, really freaking tall. A couple came on stage to take pictures with us during picture taking time, and both the guy AND the girl were much taller than me. We met lots of really tall girls. REALLY tall girls. It was amazing. I didn’t experience looking up to a girl in like, ever in the history of foreverness. Even when I was born I was taller than my mom. Ha!

Also, umm, everyone’s freaking gorgeous. Holy shit guise. Like, model gorgeous. I looked at some people and thought “why the hell are they watching our videos? Shouldn’t they be laying on a beach somewhere and having people throw money at them?” If I had money to throw I’d throw it at them, right in their really beautiful faces.

And, another thing: there were a lot of guys here! The most guys out of any of the events we did. Totally amazing! It’s true that the male Nasties on Eatyourkimchi aren’t as plentiful as the female Nasties, but there were so much more here than what we’re normally used to. So cool! And so many people of different ages. We saw one family that came up with two young kids, really young, and they both had Eatyourkimchi shirts on. The parents told me that it was the kids themselves that discovered us. Totally awesome! I got all choked up from it. YES I GET CHOKED UP EASILY SHUT UP!

Ok, that’s it for now. Check out the pictures from both events here. We’ve still got one last day to post. It’s almost done. We should put it up on Tuesday along with/before/after/somewhere around Kpop Music Tuesday. We usually tough it out and edit Music Monday up until 4AM, but it’s 11PM now as I write this and WHOOOOAAA SLOWWW MOTIONNNN SLEEEPY NAOOO PLEEEEASSSEE.

Make sure you don’t miss any of our videos by clicking on the button below, right here. And, because it’s in this post, if you click it, it’ll make you taller. It’s the gift of the Netherlands.

  1. You guise are amazing… two meetings in a day… crowds just drain my energy so after one day of shopping or just going where some people(or a lot) of people are… I’m dead… I want to go home and sleep.

    “…it’ll make you taller. It’s the gift of the Netherlands.” – that sounded somewhat Lord-Of-The-Rings- ish :))


  2. How can I download some of the group pictures from the site?

  3. Thank you so much for coming to the Netherlands and certainly for doing the second event! I had a really lovely day in Amsterdam thanks to the event. (everytime I visit, I feel like a tourist in my own country :b). We walked around with a group of awesome people, went to a bubble tea shop and in the evening we ate at a Korean restaurant: bbq style! :D One of us, not me, asked Martina for bbq tips.
    I’m curious though: what kind of Dutch dishes did you taste, aside from the ones at the fanmeet?

    It was really weird seeing you guys in person, like: omg, they actually exist! :D The fanmeet was really fun: too bad that it was kinda short, at least that is how it felt for me ^^ , and a bit rushed at the end. But you always can come back and do another event. :D

    (I was the one with the pinguin hat at event from 13:00 – 15:00. I call my lucky hat now. XD I’m thinking of sending you a package with hats like that. (I don’t know exactly when yet.) You can choose from: monster, owl or striped owl, werewolf, mouse, panda or monster(?) panda, leo cat, monkey or colour monkey, marled bunny or pinguin.)

  4. Well, for the kpop fangirls, if you don’t marry a kpop star, maybe a Netherlander (?) is the next best choice. Like holy freakin smokes, that guy at 4:30 was hott. lol. No pun intended

  5. Yes we are very tall :P. For us guys it is about 182 cm or 6 feet, the same height I am. The girls are around 171 cm or 5 feet, 8 inches.
    I knew that was the first thing that Simon said was “Wow you people are really tall here. I really feel normal with my length here” :P.
    It was also very fun to help Martina with “koekhappen” (Jumping up and down to bit of cake of a string), sadly you lost Martina ;), but was very fun to help you koekhappen. Also really fun to help you pronounce the other game “spijkerpoepen”, you almost had it right hahaha.

    You guys are even more great in real life and I had lots of fun with you. It felt so special that you would talk to everyone and hug everyone that was really nice :).
    Good luck with all your videos. I’m anticipating them all and I secretly hope you still remember me very well and that you liked my fanletter that I gave to you :D.

  6. Man oh man, I’ve got to go to the Netherlands some time – my Mom was born there, as were my Dad’s parents, but I’ve never visited. I’m about 180cm and in our area I’m freakishly tall (not enough Dutch people I guess!)

    I hope you guise will visit Chicago some time – I’ll make sure and come see you!

  7. It was so awesome meeting you guys. Thank you so much for this experience. You are so sweet and kind. And so funny XD Thanx for the autographes on my pants <3 Lots of love and huggles….from the other weird married couple people :P (That term will stick with us 4ever, thanx XD)

  8. Oke first of all, Thank you so much for comming to the Netherlands! secondly I found myself in the video when you went up the stage for the afternoon meet, I am left in the screen wearing a very yellow hoodie (around 4:02).

    When the staff announced that they pasted something underneat our chairs I was so shocked that I actually had the invitation to come on stage for the quiz. I was shaking, could barely stand and even dropped my marker…. I was the first to get on stage. The kinda tall girl (1,86m..around 6’1 I think) standing to the only guy contestant and said Simon could do hacky sack 10 times and Martina said I was crazy and way off :P

    Anyway it’s good to hear you have enjoyed yourselfs and I hope that I will be able to meet you again some day.
    PS: Someone said it befor but I really thought Simon would be a giant, but because I am used to tall people he was just slightly tall ;) and sorry for writing way too much, but I always say and write too much when I am excited about something

  9. Omg, I really want you to come to Italy next time çwwwç plsss, we love you!

  10. Omg, I really want you to come in Italy next time çwwwç plsss, we love you!

  11. Omg, I really want you to come in Italy ç__ç
    And, nope, European couples snuggle each other ahahah I thinks it’s just a Netherland thing òwò

  12. The Netherlands are actually the tallest country in the world! Followed closely by Denmark , Sweden and then Norway ^^ ^^

  13. Hi Simon!
    I really LOVE the multicolored-floral cap that you wore in these videos!
    May i know where you got it from?

  14. Quick Question, What camera are you guys using for this trip?

  15. what does the banana mean..

  16. Martina, you give such great hugs! Every time you hug someone I get a huge goofy smile on my face lol, I can feel your appreciation :D It makes me happy.

  17. Dang…I wish I were tall. Girls taller than simon?! Wow that’s crazy. A lot of them I bet are model status. All the tall genes went to the netherlands…

  18. Ah! These beds. Now you know why Europa’s demographic is plunging.

  19. How amazing it must be to feel so appreciated by your fans from all over the world.
    I wish that I had the opportunity to travel, eat, and make videos with my husband. But he’s not very video-friendly. And we’re not as interesting.

  20. I love the video glut :) I kept checking the webpage while you were in Europe…”are they home yet? Is there a new video” and now we watch ALL the videos…

  21. YEAAYYY I FEEL SO FLATTERED… (I’m delusional thinking they think I’m pretty… hey… a girl can dream) BUT like I tweeted before I really really thought Simon would be a giant.. but he’s pretty average. So that was a little disappointing.. because how is that going to feel when I go to Korea.. I’m as tall as Simon :( And afterwards I was really sad.. because that could have been the first and last time I will ever see them.. it just makes me so sad.. I’m serious.. so sad..

    I had such a good time.. when I was face to face with Martina I totally forgot how to English… That could have been very embarrassing but she was sooo nice and not as awkward as me! and that made it all right.. BEWARE: Their personalities are very .. bubbly in real life… it’s not just on Youtube!!! *HAPPY*

    I’m very happy and fortunate that I had the chance to sit on the front row and enjoy you guise in all your glory !!

    So.. does anyone think they will ever visit the Netherlands again? Or should I just be happy with what I have…

    • SIX FOOT FOUR IS NOT AVERAGE! That’s huge here! I’m one of the biggest people I knew in Canada :D

      • Oke oke oke… I’ll give you a bit above average… Hahaha this is funny because my father is about 2.5 m (6 foot 7) and I’m “only” 1.85 (so 6 foot). Maybe it’s because I was drunk with happiness that I don’t remember you being VERY tall.. just very funny and ..bubbly :) I also think it’s because I (and a lot of other Dutch nasties) had this idea of you being a “giant” :) So i was surprised when it wasn’t what i thought it would be. I also thought me meeting you guys would be awkward but that wasn’t the case either soo YEAY!! :)

        Thank you for responding! It will make my day tomorrow .. when I wake up.. (I was just about to go to sleep when I read your comment … now i’m too happy to fall asleep..) uhumm excuse me while I go try to dream of Meemers and Spudgy !!

        • I also live in the Netherlands and I know one reason why you won’t find Simon tall. That is because Dutch people are tall them self. You get so used to tall people that you don’t find 2 meters tall. I have a brother of 2 meter and I don’t look up to him eather like wow he’s tall more like just 2 meters. Only a few times I see Dutch people that are just insanely tall and really then I do look up but otherwise I never do. For a Dutch girl I’m small with my 1.72 m ^_^

        • (-_-“) Sigh.
          Almost everyone considers 2 meters tall. 1.80 is average for a guy, 170 for a girl. Im 175 and everyone says im taller than average. So you’re not small. These days, girls are more like 160 something x.x

        • Yeah almost everyone except for the people that are used to it. Of course when you think of it yeah 2 meter is tall but if you live constantly around people that are tall then it just get normal to see someone with 2 meters especially when there are enough people that are longer then 2 meters.

        • Ok sorry, I thought you made it sound like everyone thinks like that =)

        • Six foot four sure sounds giant to me, but then, I’m short. And by “short,” I mean shorter than BoA. And she’s only 5′ 3″. Dutch people must be insanely tall.

  22. Oh my gosh, I’m in the video with a very fuzzy shot at 5:39. :P Remember me guise, the lady with the cake pops? I wanted to bring tons of food and cupcakes but I only had my little backpack with me. xD So if you ever come back, come to my house and I will feed you tons of foods for free!

    • OH GEEZ! Those cake pops were some of the yummiest we’ve ever had! They were so moist and delicious! I had two. I know there weren’t enough for two for everyone, but I couldn’t stop myself. I regret nothing!

      • *^_^* Yay you remember me and complimented me on my food. Thank you! It’s official, I will love you guys forever and ever, haha. Not that I wasn’t going already but you know..:P *fangirl mode* But yes, I saw you grab another one and I was soo happy about it. haha. In any case, I’m glad you both had an excellent event here in The Netherlands.

  23. I’m really really glad to hear that both of you enjoyed your time here in The Netherlands! :)
    It was an amazing night and to be able to see both of you up close still feels like a dream! <3 Thank you for the enjoyable night and wonderful memories: I'll never forget Simon who spinned the wheel of fortune to "Spin Again", both of you playing Koekhappen, Spijkerpoep, creating an idol group out of nowhere and dancing to Adacadabra! (Also your punishment of dancing to Macarena was amazing Martina! xD) I wish I could have taken a selca with both of you and I still regret for not having enough time to give a hug to Simon! :( But alas.. maybe next time! ^^ Please come back to The Netherlands soon. We "Dutch" Nasties misses Simon & Martina already! <3

  24. Male nasty here! I really enjoyed the second meeting :D Thank you so much for coming to the Netherlands. I had an incredible evening.

  25. I’m actually quite small, like 161 cm high. :O
    Anyway, I wish I went to your fanmeet but I live like 300 km away from it. Living in the corner of the Netherlands sucks. Almost everytime. Always. Well, hopefully I will be able to see you guys in the future! Yay!

  26. Yes, NL is responsible for adding some centimeters in world’s average height :)

  27. I loved meeting you guys! You were incredible! Dutch food is crazy huh? Very entertaining to watch from the front row :) I’m still smiling widely when I think back of it! Hope you can come visit again sometime!

  28. man u guise are so efficient! so many videos in 2 days

  29. Ahh it looks like everyone had loads of fun! I got tickets to see you guys as a birthday present from my friends, but I heard last minute that my driving exam was the same day. T_T I was so bummed out!
    Next time you come to the Netherlands, I’m gonna go! :D (Please come back soon ohmygosh <3)

  30. Hey Simon and Martina!
    Haha im glad you remember me and my boyfriend (the tall couple!)
    We had an awesome time :D
    Hopefully see you at the next Hallyucon event!

  31. Honestly, how do you guys do it? Fly out, meet fans, shoot, fly somewhere else, etc., come back to Korea, edit/upload… I’d be wiped out! How are yall not zombies yet?

  32. I need to get myself a passport…! There’s so much beautiful world out there, and I’ve never been outside the US. .___. Thank you, EYK, for continuously giving me sneak peeks of places I want to go.

  33. Wow, those fanmeetings were incredibly well organised.

    • I know! We were totally amazed at how much detail and care went into these events. We were so well cared for, and we felt so comfortable with the organizers and everyone in the audience. It felt like we were going to family dinners instead of events. It was lovely!

      • Toooooooo beeeee honeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeest.
        Apart from the fact they actually got you here. It wasn’t good organized audience-wise.
        For example I had a first (3) row tickets, and was the 3rd person in line, yet i sat on the second row all the way on the side behind some curtain and couldnt see everything.(I wasnt even in the video of the audience when you filmed us in the 1st meet) Some 2nd rank ticket people sat on chairs between the left and right side, first row. Also they were annoying about hurry up, we dont have time, sit down, dont whine about your seat. verrrrry annoying not at all friendly x.x

        Please dont think im annoying now, im very happy they actually organized this! =)

        Edit: ok woops you can see me ._.

  34. Thanks for the compliment on our beautiful faces<333!! And yes we are really tall, you know why: DAIRY I tell you. In our country we drink and eat so much dairy, we've become the tallest people on da earth. It was such fun meeting you guise <3 I hope you can come back soon.

  35. Guys, I had no time to go to Amsterdam~ You should come again so I can meet up with you and such D:
    This is unfair~
    Anyway I’m glad you had a nice time in A’dam, see you next time (hopefully)!

  36. Martina, where are you getting all of these adorable cat bowler hats?! (Your black one and your straw one!) I have to have one!

  37. Ducky how…? Haha. So cute. ^^

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