Final Thoughts on Amsterdam

This is it, ladies and gentlemen, the last day from our European trip! We only had four hours or so the next day in Amsterdam before we had to catch our flight, so we couldn’t do as much as we wanted to do, but we did get to wander through the streets and look at a lot of your pretty buildings and canals. We didn’t smoke any funny smelling cigarettes, though. People are surprised when we tell them that it’s not really our thing, that we’ve never actually even TRIED it. Yes, we look and act like druggy hippies sometimes (or all the time, depending on how much you watch us), but…yeah! That’s not for us :D

We also posted a bunch of pictures from our time in Amsterdam, which you can see here. Ooh so pretty!

Goodbye, Europe!

Ok, so we talked a bit about this on camera, but we’re totally amazed and overwhelmed by this entire experience. We did events in four different countries to around 1700 people or so. People flew and drove in from countries OUTSIDE of the event so they could attend. When we went on stage and fumbled around awkwardly for a couple of hours we didn’t see judgmental faces from people who demanded their money back. We saw people smiling with us, laughing with us, talking with us. You’re – this is gonna be odd to say – you’re humans, not just text in the comment box. You’re real people and we got to meet you, and you were all so supportive and caring and fun, and we couldn’t be more flattered.

I don’t know what to say. Really. We live most of our lives online. We spend the majority of our days hermitted in our studio, sitting by the window and looking at the world outside, typing out words for blog posts, clicking on video editing tools, responding to comments online, and it all doesn’t feel real to us. It’s all digital. But at these events we saw faces, we saw people, smiling people, crying people, happy people, who are in the real world, in flesh and blood, affected by our videos. It’s a responsibility and an honor that’s way above our heads that we’re trying our hardest to not fail at.

We’re not trained to be entertainers on stage either. I know people run on stage and say stuff like “NEW YORK LET ME HEAR YOU MAKE SOME NOISE!” and then everyone shouts and the performers start doing sexy things and giving everyone a fun show. We go on stage like deers in headlights. We see so many people and we stutter and errrgh and ahhhh and feel nervous, but after seeing you all smile at us we get a lot more comfortable. It feels like we’re just at a big dinner table talking to our family, telling stories about what we did in Korea. We don’t feel like we’re being introduced to you, but reunited.

Thank you, everyone, for doing this for us. For inviting us to your countries. For inviting us into your spaces and into your lives. For coming on stage and sharing hugs. For taking pictures with us. These are memories we’ll save forever.

Thank you to all of the organizers for making this possible. We can’t just fly down somewhere and meet people. We don’t know how to set up venues. We don’t know our ways around the city. We’d be totally lost if it wasn’t for the people at Omona, Kpop Nonstop, Koreon, and Hallyucon who put this all together.

Lastly, Martina’s a Cheater McCheaterson for Bingo. First person to Bingo wins Bingo. We’re adults, not elementary school kids! If you want to play Bingo yourself, you can get our Bingo Sheets here! They’re PDFs, and you can’t really edit them unless you do something with them with Photoshop. Also, they’re both the same layout, so my sheet isn’t much different than Martina’s, only the names on the sheets are different. Yeah!

Otherwise, that’s it! Thanks again everyone for watching our journey, everyone. We hope this wasn’t too boring or off topic for you. Now, back to our regularly scheduled programs!

  1. I’m glad you guys had tons of fun in the fanmeets :D I can’t say much since I’m not even in Europe.. so yeah.. >>”
    But what I CAN say is: I totally love the Bingo game you guys played throughout the whole Europe tour. And what’s better is that you guys made it by yourselves!! That’s like so creative haha xD I’m gonna “borrow” your idea if I ever go on a trip with my friends or something, it’ll make things so much more fun :3

  2. i looove Martinas shoes!! they look like big socks :D love them!!

  3. Guise…. I know it’s kind of weird and it doesn’t feel real talking through comments but it’ll always have a bitter-sweet feeling… you and your fans… you see all of your fans as a whole… and of course it can’t possibly be on an individual level… bitter-sweet…


  4. OMG, I’m watching this video for the first time (late, I know, sorry) – and IS THAT THE TEMPER TRAP??!!! xD

    Oooooooohhh I’m so happy!!! Aren’t they awesome??!! :D
    Did you already know of them? Ryan said he liked them even before I gave him the cd lol (HIPSTER ALERT!!) Anyway.

    Lol. Martina’s pink hair is awesome. When I was waiting for you, I told the waitress that my friend had pink hair, so she actually spotted you before I did!

  5. Hi Simon and Martina! I just found your website a month or so ago while googling about teaching in Korea. When I a saw that you were traveling to Europe for a fan tour, I waited patiently for your trip videos. What a fun time you must have had. And, while I waited for your next posts,I delved into your archived videos. Thank you for putting together fun and insightful videos!
    I’m thinking seriously about taking a break from a career I love to give wings to a deeper dream of traveling to an unfamiliar country to finally use my first degree (B.A. In English) to hopefully inspire a love (or even an interest) for learning a new language. (I am a career-changer myself with a travel bug just itching to explore). For helping me see that I could dare to dream outside of my box, and for being so fun, Thanks. (And even though I can’t spell it in Hangul, I’m saying thanks in Korean as I write it in English – as learned from just a few k-dramas…).

  6. Technically Simon won Bingo, if he called it first.Your first day video of your Euro. Tour when the bingo cards were introduced contained no such words of whoever fills up the most wins. Sorry Martina, Simon got ya this time XD

  7. Guyz, I have a solution to your problem of who wins games. Next time, you should explain all the rules on camera before you play them so that when one person disputes the rule you have evidence. =P

  8. I feel selfish for wanting you to upload all of the bingo score footage…

  9. im traveling to south korea soon!!! can you make a south korea bingo version???

  10. AnyDR.WHO, loved the duck scene in this video. I also like ducks :3

  11. I met you guys in Melbourne, but you wouldn’t remember me because I came with a giant group of friends! >~<

  12. Definitely help us! We’re working our hardest to get this set up!

  13. Verodora77,
    I’m a diehard Chicago Nasty but I don’t have facebook for… reasons. I’d love to help organize a stop in Chicago for the US tour and I have a venue and a time and crew to make it work. I’d like to get in touch with you and the other organizers so that we can try to get the ball rolling. If you could reply to me with either your e-mail address, skype acount name, or just a private message so we can talk that would be awesome.

  14. EYK! Please join all of the facebook EYK groups to see what we’re all trying to plan! (I’m in the purple group-NY/PA zones)

  15. I have to admit that my favourite part of all of your non-Korean adventures is that when you come home, you film the happy Spudgy. Good job guys.

  16. One of my favorite parts of your coming home videos is seeing spudgy ahahha…he’s always so happy

  17. Oh my gosh Simon, when you were doing that impression of the English girl you totally sounded like the worm in Labyrinth!
    Anybody? I grew up on this film!

  18. I’m gonna make you lose my new victory cheer. “Yoooouuuuu loooooooooseeeee!”
    And ducks. Who doesn’t like ducks? :3

  19. Those video were so much fun ! I loved it. I’m glad you enjoy your trip and that everything went okay. You worked like crazy for the past few days, I hope you’re getting some sleep. Anyway, thank you for all the videos !

  20. LOL Mummy that Lady has Pink Hair LOVE It!!!!!
    WE are glad you guys are Back Safe and sound, you guys look like you had a great trip to all them new places!!
    I love Ducks there the best unless the decide to poop all over you then we will have to Talk!

  21. Meeting you guys was such a great and overwhelming experience too. I’ve been following you for the past three years, so to actually see you with my own eyes as real people was somewhat mind blowing. Thank you for such a fun time in Norway and thank you Martina for complimenting my nails :3 That’s memories for life.

  22. It’s funny that Spudgy is like “Mom! I miss you mom! *snuggles* ” and Meemers is like “Ah…You’re back. Pet me. *licks paw* ”
    Hahahahah! XD

  23. you guisemake me laugh. so much. thank ye.

  24. Simon definitely won. Sorry….but Martina is totally a cheater! I would know, having grown up with an older sister who is also a tricky little rule bender.

  25. I just have to respond to one of the things you said “You’re – this is gonna be odd to say – you’re humans, not just text in the comment box. You’re real people and we got to meet you,”.
    I think that all, or the majority of Nasties could say the same. Well at least I can. We watch your videos, comment on them, etc, wait for new ones to come out, support you, worry about you, etc. but until we meet you, you aren’t 100% real (I’m not sure if I’m making sense here…) .
    For me you were idols those I looked up to. Now you are People those I look up to. People those I’d love to hang out with. And this no longer seems just like a delusional dream.

    yeah. wanted to share these thoughts of mine…

  26. We are on it, this is our page in FB https://www.facebook.com/usnasties for anyone who lives in the US and want these amazing, marvelous, spectacular people in any state of the US

  27. Thanks for posting so many videos at once! I was really missing your videos, but finally getting to see your awesome trip was worth the wait! Also, the bingo was totally my favorite part! Sooo funny! In terms of who won, normally it would be who gets bingo first, but if you agreed ahead of time that it would be who gets the most, and you both got the same amount, then it’s definitely a tie.

  28. Nearly died of laughter when Simon did the “Mommy, that girl has pink hair”. LOL! Also, it was so sweet to see how excited Spudgy was to see you (and how he cut in front of Meemers to get more attention).

  29. “Uuuu-lose!” Needs to be a gif. I would make it, but my gif making powers are not sufficient, yet.

  30. From what I can gather, there were rumours there might be another Oslo 2014 for you two, but since I am not one of the organizaers, this is only from what I heard not what I know… trouble for me is… I’ll more than likely (providing I can get into the university) be in Shanghai at that period of time. Grrr…

    But still, so happy you liked coming to Europe, to visit our glorious part of the world… (I sometimes feel like we’re more and more forgotten within this global world, unless you count history books :( )

    And I seriously hope you did receive this: http://popcorn-cloud.deviantart.com/art/An-ode-to-Eatyourkimchi-405821817

    If not, I am going to be a sad panda myself. (This is the official link I wrote either on the back of the art, or that very sleepy letter I wrote 7am on the train *yawns*.

    Ps: Simon won that Bingo sheet…

  31. I’m actually surprised you (Martina) haven’t tried the funny smelling cigarette, not for fun but for your chronic neck and joint pain (in tiny medicinal doses, not I’m-so-stoned-I’m-gonna-eat-this-entire-bag-of-Pepperidge-Farm-cookies doses)! I just have a few friends with herniated discs and knee injuries from sports who actually do benefit when plain old Advil and Icy Hot don’t cut it. Although obviously there are loads of ways to deal with pain, so whatever works, haha.

  32. ‘Mummy, that lady has pink hair! HAHAHAHAHA!!! Simon, this has got to be a new character voice for something! It’s absolutely FANTASTIC BABY!!!

  33. HAHAHAHAHA. Very, very important difference between stompot and stamppot. Big difference :D

  34. Errr… sorry to burst your duck bubble, but that was a coot, not a duck… Although coots are epic as well; they have hilarious massive feet :D. You guys need to come to England! The city of York has tonnes of ducks!! My university campus has a lake, and the highest density of water birds of any campus in the country. You’d love it!!! And I’d get to meet you! Which’d be even more epic than ducks!!

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